Ramesh: Speaker upheld the Constitution

Ramesh: Speaker upheld the Constitution during motion on President

By Renuka Singh
October 26 2021 – guardian.co.tt

Ramesh Lawrence MaharajSenior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj has defended House Speaker Brigid Annisette-George’s handling of last Thursday’s motion by the Opposition to remove President Paula-Mae Weekes.

While the Opposition clamoured for the motion to be debated and attacked Annissette-George for refusing to allow it, Maharaj said the Constitution does not allow for a debate until the matter is passed by a two-thirds majority of the Electoral College.

The Opposition never got that far as the motion only received 24 votes in favour and 47 against by the Electoral College, around one-third of the votes.

“The Electoral College, therefore, is the body to decide whether an investigation is to proceed by a tribunal constituted to investigate the complaint,” Maharaj said in a statement.
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  1. UNC must return to drawing board

    By Harry Partap Former UNC MP Tableland
    October 25, 2021 – trinidadexpress.com

    Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar should hold her hand on any further no-confidence motions until there is an internal investigation within her party to determine how the UNC had it so wrong on the motion to impeach President Paula-Mae Weekes.

    Was she misled by the seven lawyers on her parliamentary team? Or did she ignore their advice? Is it that her legal team was sleeping on the job? Or, God forbid, was it a deliberate move to make her look incompetent and unfit to lead this country?

    Whatever the internal machinations, Persad-Bissessar and her hapless MPs were caught flat-footed by a Speaker who obviously studied the Constitution and took good legal and parliamentary advice.
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    UNC plans court action over ‘illegal guidelines’
    The Opposition is planning to bring House Speaker Bridgid Annisette-George before the courts for the “illegal guidelines” issued with respect to the impeachment motion against President Paula-Mae Weekes.

    1. Harry was drunk driving and blinking lights, come on Express you could better. He still has tabanca. Unlike the PNM who operates under Costa Nostra, these former UNC ministers operate under Mobeland.

  2. It is not a matter of votes but rather the heavy handedness of the house speaker. Ram must realise, you have to debate first before you can have a vote. Nowhere in the world would you have a vote without a debate in Parliament.

    A motion was presented, should have been debated and then a secret ballot taken. The ballot should have been counted before the house. The Opposition would not have won because the corrupt government blinded by power would protect a President who acted ultra vires.

    It is the moral duty of the President to step down to protect the office, that office is now under suspect. She is Rowley lap dog.

    1. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, is a long time “pappyshow” of a lawyer in Trinidad, on a leash much much too long, for the good of this $$$$ lawyer, to say nothing of the woe begotten place that Trinidad did become so long ago. As expatriate extricating himself from that cell of a place some 75 years ago, the pain from watching its continuing descent to a state of Nothingness is responsive to no anesthetic known. Submitted as information for those interested, at no fee.

  3. Delzin agrees with Maharaj, no debate was allowed in President motion
    Attorney Gregory Delzin yesterday agreed with former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj that a debate was not allowed at the Electoral College stage of the failed attempt to remove President Paula-Mae Weekes by the Opposition last Thursday.

    Senator Deyalsingh rejects UNC’s condemnation of Independents
    Independent Senator Varma Deyalsingh yesterday described the Opposition’s declaration of war against all independent senators as “unfortunate.”
    Deyalsingh said he reserved the right to vote according to his conscience and to respectfully disagree with the policies and opinions of both the Government and the Opposition.

  4. It is unfortunate that people who want to be taken seriously adopt a position of hate rather than one of reasoning. People are guided by rules, regulation and process in every interaction. Be it government, private or commerce it is imperative in other to attain a desired result without short-circuiting the process.
    The misconception and bullying of the UNC to remove a sitting president was totally wrong. They keep insisting that their preoccupation with conspiracy, perception, desire, rights and intent is all good reason their motion to be regarded as valid.
    Notwithstanding their atrocious behavior as attackers in a wolf pack in parliament, they still want to be accepted as ‘normal’.
    There are norms and practices thats considered acceptable in order for us to conduct our parliamentary procedures in decency. But Opposition Leader and her cohorts went beyond were disgusting and unapologetic even threatening the Speaker of the House. In most democracies, such behavior will not be tolerated and the combatants thrown out of the venue. But in Trinidad everybody think that acrimonious behavior is a right. We need to preserve our institutions and insist on dignity and decorum when those who seek change try to bully the process.

    1. “But Opposition Leader and her cohorts went beyond were disgusting and unapologetic even threatening the Speaker of the House. In most democracies, such behavior will not be tolerated and the combatants thrown out of the venue.”—Kian


      In case u think it was really bad in TnT Parliament, I have present a list for your tribal entertainment.

      1. Do you realize that everyone of your posts is reactionary?
        That means you have you have no fixed philosophy, just a reaction to other people’s values. I think it is fitting to remind you that you live in a world where your values are not considered predominant. Your posts have become more of an irritant rather than enlightening. It is for this reason I will no longer subject my time to your irritancy.

        1. What are you a psychologist? I am just responding to your load of crock… You are yet to address the issues of the President breaching the supreme law of the Land the Constitution.

          When are you going to address that instead of talking race and the UNC behaviour?

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