Statement from the President of T&T

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Statement by Her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes O.R.T.T., President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on Matters Pertaining to the Police Service Commission

PAULA SPEAKS: “There Was No Improper Interference In PSC, Top Cop Fiasco”
Breaking her silence on the entire controversy surrounding the Police Service Commission and the selection of a Police Commissioner, President Paula-Mae Weekes maintains she has in no way acted unconstitutionally in the process.

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  1. Griffith’s attorney: Rowley’s remarks unfair to my client
    “One of the attorneys representing former police commissioner Gary Griffith has responded to reports made by the Prime Minister that a letter was sent to the Police Service Commission (PSC) detailing a loss of confidence in Griffith.”
    “When contacted, Larry Lalla, one of Griffith’s attorneys, did not want to comment until he saw the contents of the letter but said the remarks made by Rowley were unfair and tarnished the reputation of his client.”

    1. So… If the PM sent off such a letter… and Al Wari walked the plank for GG to remain as ‘acting CoP’…
      I think there is a big stink in the PNM’s house…

      We wait to see…

  2. The merit list was given to the dear President and then withdraw the same day… whom and by what authority was it withdrawn…..
    I strong suspect Kian knows the answer to this. Hmmmm.

    1. Mamoo, you like conspiracy, because it makes for prolonging bacchanal and comess. Kamla does not possess the intelligence or aptitude to engage the nation in positivity so, being Trinis that we are, mauvis langue rules. The media could not ask for a better scenario. They run with every allegation, no matter how outrageous. Kamla knows this so, because she is incapable of of igniting positive and imaginative conversations into the national spotlight, this is the only way she could get the attention she so cravenously needs. Yes, thats my answer. It is so sad that she tries to take down the highest office in the land with her evil ways. Jezebel!!!!!

      1. What Jezebel for standing up to Rowley and his “matoot/ mongoose” gang. Kian you because of politics have alienated yourself from the truth just like Rowley.
        (1) Rowley I never saw the merit list. Hmmm of course you believe him.
        (2) Paula: the list came and within a few hours taken back.
        (3) Police Service Commission we did not take back the list that we signed to.
        (4) Justice Kangaloo deemed the position of Acting CoP illegal on both counts. Kangaloo ruled that the entire 2021 and 2009 Orders were unconstitutional thereby making the acting appointments of Gary Griffith and Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob null and void…
        (5) Justice Kangaloo unilaterally changed the order she gave. “I want to register our deep concern over the fact that the Court revised its Order after it received e-mails from the lawyers for the Attorney General, the lawyers for a dead Police Service Commission,” said Persad-Bissessar. “No judge should ever revise an order based on correspondence from one party alone. Both sides must be heard,” she said.

        As you could see Kian, they making it up as they go. Balisier juice drinkers are intoxicated with Kamla as they puke and stumble, defecate themselves…hmmm

  3. Political partisanship is clouding the judgment of many on this whole issue before us. I am using simple logic and layman knowledge of the constitution of T&T to offer my reasoning.
    It really can be boiled down to simple questions.
    Should the President participate or acquiest in a withdrawal of the merit list? No , she should not.
    Is this action a violation of the constitution? Yes. It is.
    Is the Parliament the rightful place to offer objections to names on the merit list? Yes It is.
    Has the PM used his influence or position to illegally interfere with the functions of the PSC? Yes, by his own implicit admission and disapproval of Griffith.
    Is Bliss Seepersad, chairman of the PSC complicit in this affair? Yes, The resignations of the other members of the PSC all point in that direction.
    This matter is no conspiracy theory cooked up by the Opposition. It is a serious string of misbehavior by public officials and violations of the laws of the country. The resulting collapse of PSC is no bacchannal.
    The parliamentary debate which will result from the motion to remove the President is especially essential so that the details of this imbrigilio could be exposed and recommendations to improve the constitution could be forwarded.
    No side should strive to gain political points from this debate but hopefully this debate would serve the useful purpose of improving the laws of the country.

  4. “Officials explained that if a complaint is meant to go to an investigative committee (such as the Privileges Committee) or a tribunal as in this case, at this point in the procedure there is no debate and all that is required is that the person proposing the motion reads into the records of the House the motion as filed.

    Therefore the longest part of tomorrow’s historic meeting of the Electoral College is likely to be the length of time it would take for the 73 Members of the Electoral College to cast their vote.”

    No debate on the conduct of the President. This motion will fail and the President will continue her mischief aided and abetted by the balisier juice drinkers. The President holds one of the highest offices in the land. And that office is now under suspect and is tainted. She will be a lame duck President unaccountable to anyone. Sad day for democracy.

  5. The Opposition Leader should be allowed to speak on the motion for at least 1/2 hr and then a vote taken. This is a very serious matter because the Constitution the Supreme Law of the land was not adhered to. Why the Speaker not allowing such?

    Parliament is suppose to be the Center of Democracy, a place where free thought is expressed. If the people don’t voice their concern, soon they will have no voice. They will have a CoP working on behalf of the Prime Minister, similar to Gary Mongoose Gang and Papa Doc Matoot gang. Dictators relish that power, it must not be given to them. Speak up before it’s too late!

    In the words Martin Niemoller: First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me….

    If Rowley gets to select the CoP, then TnT is a full blown dictatorship…..the blood of millions was shed to defend Democracy. Had they failed we would have been dead or speaking German. Time to speak up.

  6. From the Office of the Prime Minister.
    To all Opposition members .
    Please answer the following question and then proceed immediately to vote on the Motion of the Opposition.
    Please select one of the following choices to identify which category you belong to:
    A. Pimp
    C. Chimp.
    D. All of the above.

  7. It is accurate to say that the legal minds are congruent on the interpretation of the Constitution with regard to the debate question on the motion to impeach the President. The constitution does not specifically call for a debate , but it also does not state that no debate should occur.
    The decision to disallow a debate on the motion falls on the Speaker of the House since the poorly written constitution is ambiguous, allowing political manipulation.
    The decision of the present Speaker on this matter is politically convenient as a face saving devise of the government. It is undemocratic and dictatorial.
    It is the type of top down decision that a colonial master would have taken to suppress the slaves and let them know who is boss, stifling any rebellion.
    The country would have benefitted from a complete airing of this fiasco.

  8. The President won 24/47 as expected. She is above the constitution. Dictatorship in full swing. No one held to account for lying, violating the laws of the land. Rowley and the electoral college just flush the constitution down the toilet at balisier house… now it is open mongoose season..

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