PCA: Suspects in Andrea Bharatt murder were tortured

By Ryan Hamilton
October 16, 2021 – newsday.co.tt

Andrew MorrisTHE Police Complaints Authority (PCA) says its investigation into the arrests of the suspects in the Andrea Bharatt murder, and the subsequent deaths of two while in police custody, revealed that the suspects were tortured.

On its Facebook page on Friday, the PCA published a summary of its criminal referrals to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

“The evidence gathered by the PCA revealed that all of the suspects detained were the subject of torture and two suspects were subjects to acts of violence which culminated in their deaths.”
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2 thoughts on “PCA: Suspects in Andrea Bharatt murder were tortured”

  1. Gary Griffith is responsible for turning the TTPS into this ‘death squad’… and he has other questions to answer.
    But the bigger piece of the ‘puzzle’ is, why did Dr. Rowley nominate such a controversial figure for CoP… Or, did he do it under duress… and what was the AG’s role in GG’s nomination… We now know his role in GG’s re-appointment, but that too is a ‘puzzle’ with the PNM. Dr. Rowley claimed he wrote the commission and stated that he no longer has any confidence in GG as CoP….. But Al Rawi’s … anyway we go see how dat play out.

    BTW… Birdie… I think it is time allyuh wake up and call for Dr. Rowley to resign… you must agree… he created this mess for allyuh to try and defend.. lol..

  2. Balcon was a well know serial predator with a long list of female victims spanning 20 years. He was a skill operator who picked up his victims whilst working “ph”. He would then say he going to drop off some milk or pick up a child. In one of the lonely roads he will stop tie up his victim and make her lay low whilst taking them to his secret house when he would gang rape kill and dump or drop off his victim.

    Why has there not been a thorough investigation into the activities of Balcon, it is beyond me. Perhaps the simple reason being he was a protected criminal. 71 charges against him and he walked every time. Why no investigation on Trinidad most notorious criminal…immune to pain or torture.

    There are still issues to discuss and investigated pertaining to judges buying land and using the deed in exchange for money to assist criminals to continue their pernicious ways. Why no investigation into this? Criminals are protected especially these two men who were given the privileges of an investigation into torture.

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