Court rules both Griffith, Jacob appointments illegal

By Jada Loutoo
October 15, 2021 –

Gary GriffithAS of midnight, the country will, for the first time since Independence, be without a commissioner of police at the helm of the police service.

This is because the acting appointment of deputy Commissioner McDonald Jacob comes to an end on Friday, and the acting appointment of former commissioner Gary Griffith by the Police Service Commission (PSC) from August 18 was deemed unlawful hours before.

In a ruling on Thursday, Justice Nadia Kangaloo voided Griffith’s appointment as acting top cop.

She also held the two legal notices which gave effect to both men’s acting appointments were also unlawful and void.

The situation can put the police service in a tailspin as there must be a top cop to sign off on the provision of goods and services to keep the organisation running.
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15 thoughts on “Court rules both Griffith, Jacob appointments illegal”

  1. In the midst of the mess there will emerge a strong leader for the police service. It is my hope that the nominees sent to Paula will be send it to Parliament for debate. Whatever the PNM touches turns to ashes. Every institution has been contaminated by the balisier juice drinkers even the highest offices in the land has now been subjected to mockery and ridicule. The PSC dissolved, the President now showing an early case of Alzheimers forgetting it is her duty to consult with the Opposition leader. The Opposition leader was elected by the people… Even the senators supposedly independent are now showing signs of drinking balisier juice. Democracy has died a silent death in the honorable republic.

  2. Judge: Acting appointment was illegal
    Griffith’s out…

    Jacob goes to work as ‘Deputy Commissioner’, urges crime fightback
    Crime detection, deterrence and reduction remain top priorities for the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) as it continues to deliver on its mandate to Protect and Serve with P.R.I.D.E. (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence).

    Balgobin-Maharaj: A victory for citizens
    A victory for the citizens of T&T and the T&T Constitution. These were the words used by social media activist Ravi Balgobin-Maharaj yesterday to describe his legal victory in an interpretation lawsuit over the need for the Police Service Commission (PSC) to get the approval of the House of Representatives before appointing an acting police commissioner.

    Gary: It’s a frontal attack on democracy
    Former Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has described the series of events that led to yesterday’s court ruling, as a “frontal attack on democracy” and maintains that there was a calculated plot to remove him.

    PM: It is not without a solution
    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday that the current state of affairs in which the country is without both a Commissioner of Police and a Police Service Commission was not a “planned situation… but it is not without a solution”.

    AG: State will appeal if court does not correct ‘error’ in ruling
    Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says the State plans to appeal the judgement of Justice Nadia Kangaloo if an ‘error’ in the ruling is not corrected, particularly as it declared that the entire Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Selection Process) 2021 Order was invalid, and not just paragraph 4.

    Kamla: Ruling means AG was wrong and should resign

    Crisis of a headless Police Service
    The constitutional crisis that had been simmering for weeks has now exploded into the open.

  3. No I don’t think the sky is falling, nor do I think a meteorite is going to land smack in the middle of Trinidad and Tobago and wipe us all out and I definitely don’t think we are in the middle of a constitutional crisis as some wannabe actors whisper in hushed and frightened tones. Actually I think we have a situation that can be sorted out. The learned judge has given her opinion about the choosing of the CoP, the PSC has to be reconstituted obviously, and the constitutional process has to be followed. The choosing of a CoP has over the years been a controversial event. It seems like there are always people fighting over the outcome. But that is to be expected, after all the CoP is an important figure in our attempts to deal with crime, all types of crime, and crime is a multibillion dollar business here. That does not mean the process to choose the CoP is unworkable, if there are legal issues well then a judge deals with that issue, he or she interprets the law. And interpretations can be challenged, that’s how the process works. I think the main issue that the ‘crisis people’ are talking about is the question as to who was the person who was in the meeting between the PSC head and the President. Well that is a fruitful occasion for manufacturing conspiracies and conspiracy theories. Was there a green face man, or an invisible man, or a soucouyant or spider man in the room? I can imagine creative minds running riot. A constitutional crisis cannot be based on wild conspiracies. People are talking about the fact that we haven’t gone without a CoP since Independence, are they concerned with the fact that we have had an opposition leader who seems to be mentally absent for many years? That would be a greater cause for concern.

  4. Those who pursued this outcome about the police commissioner are now heralding the outcome as “a victory for the citizens”.
    The real question to ask is “who benefits by the never ending politics of choosing a police commissioner?”. During the five years and three months of the last UNC administration we NEVER HAD A PERMANENT POLICE COMMISSIONER. As a layman I am not privy to the constitutional process of choosing a police commissioner but I am certain that this “victory” is not in the best interest of “the citizens” . It appears that the supporters and politicians opposed to the process have “won” their case but what does it say about the Police Service? Police typically are responsible for maintaining public order and safety, enforcing the law, and preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal activities. These functions are known as policing. I am not sure the victors in this case really care about that. I see political control of the process as the goal of this exercise and the citizens are made less comfortable about our ability to use the services of the police service effectively. Whenever disfunctional crisis weaken our institutions, the citizens could NEVER be winners. It means that law and order will NEVER be the main function of our police again. While criminal behavior of the person is usually touted as the most distasteful act, there is billions of dollars worth of criminal acts committed by white collar operators. Unfortunately, many of the unfortunate “victors” do not consider that kind of activity as ‘crime’ because they benefit from it. Usually ‘the citizens’ are either uninformed by these underground criminal activities or are not powered to even understand them. The judge has spoken but we are no closer to nominating a responsible police commissioner to lead the police service. We know these same ‘victors’ will not make the process any easier, faster or more efficient. Prepare for more politics as usual.

  5. The President of the Honorable Republic of Trinidad and Tobago must be removed from office. She has demonstrated a lack of understanding in administering the rule of law. The Constitution which is the supreme law of Trinidad and Tobago continues to be ignored by the highest office holder in the land.

    She was supposed to take the merit list of those who are applying to be CoP to Parliament, that was not done. She was supposed to meet with the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to consult on the appointment of a police commissioner, that was not done.

    Under her watch the PSC has been dissolved as of midnight there will be no CoP, according to Justice Kangaloo ruling who understood and interpreted the law correctly. This vacant position can demoralize the policemen and women in this nation and endanger national security at a time when gangs are attacking and killing innocent citizens. Never in the history of TnT has someone been so unfit for office.

    The President must do the honorable thing and resign. She must before resigning come forward and explain the nature of the meeting between her and the Prime Minister. Was it a conjugal visit or did the PM attempted to corrupt her office by acting “ultra vires”. And instructing her to do his bidding. The Stench emanating from the President office loaded with balisier juice is one of the greatest source of national and regional embarrassment….today I hang my head in shame!

    1. You said, “Never in the history of TnT has someone been so unfit for office.”

      You also said, “The Stench emanating from the President office loaded with balisier juice is one of the greatest source of national and regional embarrassment….today I hang my head in shame!”

      How can you condemn President Paula-Mae Weekes as being so unfit without ever having shown similar, if not more, contempt for the former Prime Minister and now Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar whose conduct to date may be the major reason many are settling for the current PNM? What do you think moves you to such strong criticism to the extent that only today you hang your head in shame?

      1. Please I am not condemning the President she is condemning herself by failing to fulfill her Constitutional duties. As one of the three highest offices holders in the land, she has failed miserably and brought the office into disrepute.

        She needs to understand her role but unfortunately like the Chief Justice they are beholding to the PNM. Anyone can see that they don’t belong in TNT but rather in balisier house. They can do no wrong….hmmm.

  6. Seems like Kamla’s tirade against the President and exultation about the verdict is short lived since the judge has now corrected and explained her ruling. This goes to question the veracity of someone claiming to be Opposition Leader and an ex-prime minister at that. Why would we want someone of such shallow depth running the affairs of our country? Her reaction to the verdict was NOT as someone who understands jurisprudence but as someone all too willing to usurp illgained authority. Let’s look at some of her public pronouncements that runs contrary to her performance. She claims the Prime Minister is ‘incompetent’ – her performance as pm she literally transferred the security affairs of the country from an experienced military and security expert to a common desk clerk – Reshmi Ramnarine, is that competence?????
    As leader of the country she is unable to account for $29b missing from the budget. Is that competence?? ?? As prime minister she consciously allowed the ill-timed arrest of over four thousand young black men without due process. Is that competence??? These are only a few of the many national embarrassing performance of Kamla Persad Bissessar and she has the gull to call people ‘incompetent’. Incompetent is her middle name and she should be embarrassed to even mention the word because it is thoroughly befitting of what she represents as a leader. We are a young country and attaining the goals of a full democracy will take time to fine tune our laws and practices in order to be truly democratic but we need leaders who understand and are willing to shape our system to achieve the desired results.
    We don’t need rattle rousers. The judge grave an oral ruling and then corrected herself in the issuing of the verdict. I’m fine with that and as someone who wants to be seen as a responsible leader she should agree with the ruling of the judiciary. It is in moments like this we know who is legitimate and who is not. I’m not sure Kamla is the former.

    1. “As leader of the country she is unable to account for $29b missing from the budget.”… Kian. I have read you writing this over and over. Like all balisier juice drinkers you are messed up mentally. I suggest a visit to the psychiatrist will be in order.

      The record shows that the dear lady left $32 billion TT extra in HSF and foreign exchange was at an all time high. Please stop peddling lies Kian.

      Since 2015 the PNM spent over $300 billion with nothing to show. Whose pocket this money is going into. The dear lady can show where the money was spent. Couva hospital, 106 schools built, Point and Arima Hospital started, Diego Martin Highway expansion, Sando Teaching Hospital, El Dorrado Nursing Academy, UWI south Campus, over a hundred kilometres of road, Caroni Lincensing Office, NESC training centers (most shut down by the balisier brigade), over a dozen new police stations built and refurbished, a dozen interceptors for the coast guard (most are lying idle no diesel), an efficient sea bridge, new gas find, Galeota port, Carenarge Health Center, medicine was available, unemployment at 3.5 % laptops for children etc.

      Kian tells us what Rowley did with the $300 billion…this is the second time I am asking! Please explain why so many potholes in TnT, why people protesting for water, why no laptops…. What is the level of unemployment…… why no medicine in the hospitals.

      1. Mamoo, you belong to a club that peddles your own reality, akin to that of a very famous U.S president. Your kind of reality tends to subvert truth and invents figures to make it look authentic. Problem with your figures, it can only be found in your writing and your club promotes the Incompetent lady ex-prime minister as a savior to our country.
        I will re-iterate that when Kamla left office, there was only three days of operating funds available, an audit revealed that there was a deficit of over $29b and the report of these facts can be found if you want to find them. Furthermore, when one quote facts there is no need to “drink balisier juice” to accept them as you ascertained. The trouble with people who think like you, is that when facts fail, you find it convenient to call people names. I can call you names if I want to, but that is not in my caliber to replace intelligence with name calling. You don’t choose facts, facts are there to be ascertained or verified if you really want them. Kamla has NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE GOOD FOR TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. I do not doubt that the hindu population wants her, but they are not the country. She is a political obstructionist and would rather see the country in disarray under the present government rather than admit it’s successes. If you want an intelligent conversation and dialogue, I’m all in but if you want to address the issues with name calling, Im OUT.

        1. “Kamla has NEVER AND WILL NEVER BE GOOD FOR TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. I do not doubt that the hindu population wants her, but they are not the country. She is a political obstructionist and would rather see the country in disarray under the present government rather than admit it’s successes.”

          Another blame Kamla moment…the balisier juice you drinking Kian is not good for you. Rowley and his band of 40 thieves could do no wrong. Everything is in a state of collapse under Rowley…and it will get worst. The President has been made to look like a fool and brought the office into disrepute. The judge who ruled against the action of the government on the acting CoP has been made into a fool. She had to provide a counter ruling. Never been done before. The President said she received the merit list and it disappeared the same hour. This PNM government is the worst in TnT history. Supported by the balisier juice drinkers ass..ociation led by Kian.

        2. Why nobody except you know about the $29 billion missing in this audit? I am sure the pro PNM media would have ran headlines for six months straight, your buddy Roget would have dragged maniquin from Paltuvier to Palo Seco demanding answers. And Rowley would have demanded the Opposition Leader be jailed. Further Kublalsingh would have started a fast. Kian get some help fast.

          But you Kian is a member of the privy council only you privy to this info. The PNM with the liar PM needs to go…

  7. I think this article is worth looking at..

    It’s only a matter of time until this situation is tested.. anyway.. and it can slip out of control..

    The best solution may be for the one who created this crisis to resign (Dr Rowley) and a speedy solution is brought ..

    >”What happens for people arrested and charged under the health regulations? What happens to them? You will get a flurry of cases where they will allege that the arrest was unconstitutional because the person holding office didn’t have the authority.”

    She said in common-law jurisdictions, a de facto officer could be appointed to carry out normal operations of an organisation, but similar provisions were not available in criminal jurisdictions where people were arrested.<

  8. So here’s my recipe for cooking up a constitutional crisis. Take one constitution that has served us reasonably well over the years. Add a crazed opposition leader whose mind seems to be pickled in grey goose. Add 20 lawyers hungry for money, some of them on all kind of charges. Add 10 political commentators in the media who cussing the PNM from since they could cuss. Add the media, 3 dailies and 2 TV stations that seem to be turning into Fox news with their drivel. Add the UNC, a political party that is on its death bed yet seems surprisingly mouthy. Add some UNC fanatics full of the usual hate. Stir in some Trini bacchanal, mix it all up and bake for 6 years, what you have is a constitutional crisis that can be sorted out in two shakes of a pothound’s tail, except we don’t have nothing to do, Netflix finishing the Maid soon, and we really need some bacchanal to entertain we.

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