Who Is In Charge Here?

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
December 09, 2010

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeIt is one thing to win an election. It is quite another thing to govern a country. It’s good to rule by consensus but disastrous when no one is in charge and the leadership functions by vaps. It is exciting when a leader is guided by a sense of good will. It is frightening when such a leader is not guided by any core principles and the ship of state is adrift and rudderless.

In the run up to the last election the PNM had warned that coalition governments are inherently fractious entities that result in the smaller partners (such as COP) becoming irrelevant once the grand aim of displacing an implacable foe has been achieved. So that while all is love and togetherness at the moment of victory, bacchanal and vitriolic are the necessary consequences once the coalition settles down to rule.

Although the McClouds, the Warners, the St. Roses, the Daagas were prominent personalities prior to the election now that the Partnership is in power their once-powerful voices are stilled. This leaves one to ask how they are influencing the direction of the coalition and how are they figuring in this kankatan. It is almost as though the minority players are unable to keep up with the many maneuvers of the UNC, its senior partner.

In voting for the UNC-led coalition is seems as though the populace took a six for a nine. Initially, we watched Kamla with a certain degree of fascination as she tried to maneuver the mechanism of government. All her decisions, they said, were made by consensus. The selection of the entire ministerial core was the product of a generosu give and take among the various fractions of the coalition.

Then things began to break down. First, she snubbed Hilary Clinton, the United States Secretary of States, because she not yet named her Cabinet so she had to stay home and min’ baby. Once the Cabinet was named the excursions to different shores began. No Prime Minister in our short history has ever made so many trips abroad in such a short period of time but then these trips were deemed necessary to win friends, influence people and convince them about the credit worthiness of our country.

Such maneuverings were meant to distract and to take our eyes off the problem of governing. Lost in the bubble was the challenge that the new government said it would undertake: that is, righting the wrongs the previous government could not solve.

But then something happened along the way to Gethsemane: the murders kept on rising and citizens’ fears increased exponentially. Once our criminals used to kill chirrup chirrup; now they were killing by grap. Gradually, a few murders a day became the norm. The bright and shining star, called the Commissioner, who had come in from another land described such outburst an “aberration.” He did not know that he was in Trinidad and Tobago, the land of chutney, steel band and carnival where everything is a mirage and disguises and tricksterdom are the order of the day. That which may be an aberration in other societies constitutes the norm of our society.

The first lesson the Commission had to learn is that what you seen is not necessarily what you get; what you hear is not always is what is meant; and just when you think that you understand the society you learn that double-speak has as much validity as no speech at all.

Take the spectacle of the SIA which the Prime Minister encouraged you and your men to raid. Listening to the PM in Parliament one would have thought you and your men had done a wonderful job. The evidence was there for all to see. They found millions of dollars in cash and discovered that some of the most prominent personalities of the society were under surveillance. Not even the President of the Republic was exempt from the prying eyes of the state. The Chief Justice was not sure if he was also a victim of this massive invasion of privacy.

Sensing a political coup our PM read out to Parliament the names of the persons who were so affected by the misdemeanors and malfeasance of the former PM only to learn later that after all was said and done that more was said than done. We are not even sure whether a file existed at all.

When questions were raised about the legality of her having the files the PM declared that she never had the file in the first place; that the list was owned and controlled by the Commissioner. Then, to the surprise of all, the Commissioner declared that he had never seen the list and it was never under his care and protection. It belonged to the government. Pressed further, the Minister of Justice announced that the list was destroyed by Israeli men whose names and functions remain unknown.

Is this really any way to run a government which raises the substantive question: Who is in charge here and who is running this show? And after all of these wild charges were made and names sullied, is it normal for the Justice Minister to declared blithely: “There was a group of men from Israel who were here and they were thrashing all the files so that what we came across were empty folders.”

Perhaps it is too early to tell. But if one comes to the Parliament; reveals the names of agents of the state thereby putting their lives at risk; destabilize the entire apparatus that was set up to get a grip on the illegal activities that take place in the society; tells us that she does not know who is charge of the operation; and then tells us that some mysterious men, outsiders, have destroyed the lists without anyone really knowing who they are and why it was done, enquiring minds are forced to conclude that confusion pervades at the topper most rug of the state and no one is really in charge.

Competence matters. The ability to lead is of enormous importance to setting the direction of any society. Is it good enough that a coalition that is supposed to be the savior of T&T does seem to know its arms from its elbows?

Given such a state of confusion can they vindicate the trust the public has placed in them?

25 thoughts on “Who Is In Charge Here?”

  1. Certainly not the PNM. If the PNM was in charge the public would not have known what is going on. The People’s Partnership government has brought transparency and now the public is aware of the problems with dealing with a mess that the former PNM left the country. In any tranparent government there will be missteps and oversteps but that is because the public is aware and can complain or criticise their government. Trinbagonians are maturning daily under the PP. Under the PNM, the public was ignorant and unaware of any of the PNM doings. So, the PP will continue to be in charge until 2015 when their mandate comes before the people again.

  2. “In the run up to the last election the PNM had warned that coalition governments are inherently fractious entities that result in the smaller partners (such as COP) becoming irrelevant” (CUDJOE)
    The COP has not become irrelevant by any stretch of the imagination. Dookeran holds one of the most important portfolios in the PP government. Any warnings echoed by the PNM before the election fell on deaf ears. How could anyone take Manning and the PNM seriously especially after the complete and total mess they made?

    “So that while all is love and togetherness at the moment of victory, bacchanal and vitriolic are the necessary consequences once the coalition settles down to rule”.(CUDJOE)

    The PP is a democratic entity. Opinions vary. But so far there is no evidence to support the charge that “bacchanal” and vitriol are consequences.This is more wishful thinking and fiction.

  3. “Given such a state of confusion can they vindicate the trust the public has placed in them?”(CUDJOE)

    The only person aimlessly attempting to create confusion here is the literary fictional author himself.
    He is suggesting that the minority faction (Africans) in the PP government do not have a voice. How does he know this? This is a frivilous and provocative charge designed to inflame a certain segment of the population.
    He describes the PM’s failure to meet Hilary clinton as a “snub”. This is really an attempt to create a diplomatic crisis where one does not exist.The new PM had a right to attend to the affairs of state which demanded that all attention be focussed on setting up the new government.
    He criticised her travel abroad. If he examines and evaluates each trip, he would conclude that these trips were necessary and beneficial to the country.
    He delights at the prospect that the murder rate is not decreasing. Crime is not going to decrease overnight. Give the new Commissioner a chance. Give the new government a chance.
    The exposure if the SI scandal was not only essential to the democracy but legally required. The former PM was involved in illegal activities. The PP government with the cooperation of the PNM has introduced new laws to control and legitimize the entire surveillance problem faced by the country.
    If Cudjoe wishes to make charges against the government, he should get his facts straight, provide specific evidence to support his opinions,avoid gross generalizations,realise the dangers in name calling and distinguish between fiction and non fiction.

    1. TMan, other than the opiniated faction of his piece, I have read everythinmg Dr. Cudjoe has mentioned in the newspapers – the same ones that supported them. When facts are put together you may not like the developed poduct but if the contents represent actual situations then the only counter you and your fellow dissenters have is the vitriol of your disgust for putting together facts that constitutes a carricature of what you accept as an ‘enlightened government. If that is enlightenment for you then why are we in such a sorry state of affairs? Maybe we are heading for something so fantastic that wre are stupid not to recognise it.

  4. “The only person aimlessly attempting to create confusion here is the literary fictional author himself.”
    Yeah T-man,but when your one time Trini , country hating , self loathing, fake British, frictional tribal writer , regurgitate his disgusting anti African , every thing in India is wonderful ,virulently anti Muslim garbage ,over the years to deceive the globe en route to a useless phony Nobel prize , you as expected lapped it up as the truth , eehh?
    “He is suggesting that the minority faction (Africans) in the PP government do not have a voice.” Um, hmm T-Man,in 1986 ,Basdeo Panday, Ramnath, Sudama, Rambachan, Dookie ,and company, had much , much more power and control, and look what those bums did to the much maligned NAR under aw we bouy ANR.
    Perhaps it is time you characters begin to recognize that African folks are more constructive than you give them credit for , and often place the interest of the nation over the tribe – something that unmentionable others could learn, as in this case it is the only reason why this tenuous ,political house of straw, is being kept together.
    “He delights at the prospect that the murder rate is not decreasing. Crime is not going to decrease overnight. Give the new Commissioner a chance.” Oh ,so you want your million dollar Edmonton fake expert Commissioner Gibbs , to be given mucho tiempo , to stumble along ,while learning the ropes of policing ,your crime laden country ehh? Tell us how your twisted mind somehow come to the ridiculous conclusions that our good doctor, was ecstatic about runaway crimes in his country , by virtue of the facts that he is simply highlighting the clear facts. This is also that just pandering to the tribe, with erroneous explanations for crimes , then throwing aways precious dollars to every European foreigner , that presents a resume, while showing a total disregard for the foot soldiers at the front line of security in this country, since independence- while others were in a position , to be busy making dollars- is not going to be the end all solution. If I suspected that you creatures were remotely interested , then I would tell you the real reasons not only for escalating crimes in your old country, but your adopted one since 86, and the wider global community .
    It is so easy to despise these non patriotic , selfish country haters , but I won’t waste the energy.
    Way to go Dr Cujoe,I fervently agree, “competence matters ,” particularly in politics, and I concur that most coalitions governments, are colossal failures ,especially when it is some desperate concoction, aimed at power grabs. Speaking about failures , did our Justice Minister really tell the nation, about special secret sensitive ” list destroyed by Israeli?

    T-Man,would you guys just leave the good doctor alone , and give him a chance , just like you wish for your government my friend, as I have news for you, and it is that our country can only move forward , and sustainably develop when all hands are on deck.
    Can someone , anyone, please explain , and or answer the following, as we attempt to decipher where T- Man ,and others of similar ilk is coming from :- “With citizens like these ,who need enemies?”

  5. I am disappointed with this article, it is boring and lacking any sense of direction. It has the usual vail attack on the government but not intellectually stimulating. I think the doc needs to rest for awhile to recharge his political and social batteries before launching again into his regular tirade. With the PNM is a “befuddled” leadership struggle, without any kind of direction, there is need for a virulent and unrelenting attack on the government to provide a higher level of entertainment.

    Cudjoe must summon the ghost of Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammed, Farrah Khan and the black caucaus to rediscover his racist edge. Alas I think old age and a changing anatomy has gotten the best of the doc, a man I once believed would be the great black hope… A man who could provide ‘mugabe style’ commentary on the social and economic plagues facing our tribal cousins. A voice for the oppressed. But as a great man once said “life is a stage and we are the actors’ Maybe it is curtains down for the doc, but like a mahappepi he might be waiting for another day.

  6. “Cudjoe must summon the ghost of Malcolm X, Elijah Mohammed, Farrah Khan and the black caucaus to rediscover his racist edge.” It was this same Malcolm X,and don’t forget your African brother Stokley Carmichae,l that allowed Martin Luther King ,to appear more palatable to dominant white America , and so brought about true freedom , so that you too can eat a meal with your much adored white brothers and sisters in America Khem.
    Say what you want about the Black Cacus ,but when they were once relevant , it was their forceful pressures on their government and country’s business establishment, that encouraged some elements of Peace to evolve in savage ,racist, Apartheid South Africa, so that Mandela would not unleash his angry fellow Africans to burn the entire country to the ground ,or resort to Dada Amin tactics, and finally destroy the interest of your minority British,Dutch and South Asian friends and cousins, in their continent.
    We know that you and many others, naively believe that a certain bare feet lawyer’s ,peaceful salt marches , prays, smiles and supplications to caring Massa England , were the only reasons freedom came to India, or likewise that it was the benevolence of your European friends, that enabled Trini Africans to be freed, then kicked off the land ,with no compensations to this day, so that a couple thousands today in our country ,can bask in a life of peace , equality ,prosperity , and freedom, even as they forgot how it started, and who made it all possible for them to enjoy.
    There is absolutely nothing more despicable than an ungrateful , greedy people,but can someone, anyone ,please inform characters such as khem ,as to what historically occurred to those covetous ,selfish, four legged creatures,with grander aspirations ,not only to maintain the already large bone ,firmly fixated in their bulging mouths , but lustfully grab for all that rightfully belongs to others.
    You and similar others ,should keep pushing the limits of human decency, while continually maligning a loving ,and tolerant people,as well as our few, and far between ,remaining socially conscious heroes.
    If you folks feel threatened by , caring,nationalistic ,progressive, peace mongers ,such as Dr Cudjoe , then surprise , surprise, as to what might evolve in the hills , valleys, and flooded lagoons ,of the poor and desperate , not only from the East West corridor, but the left behind ,tribal barrios, and lower caste Trini enclaves, that elitist Basdeo , Sat, and the likes ,cared little about, from Couva, to Aranguez, Tacarigua, to Carapichima, ehh?
    Much luv to the Twin Isle Republic of Sweet, T&T, and may social and economic just soon evolve , as I shudder to think what might result other wise.

    1. “If you folks feel threatened by , caring,nationalistic ,progressive, peace mongers ,such as Dr Cudjoe , then surprise , surprise…”

      Doc Cudjoe is not a threat to anyone. In fact I enjoy his satire, I just expects it to rude, blatant, racist and egotistical. These are the ingredients for a good mental meal Nealos my tribal friend. A gentle reminder that the tentacles of victimhood along with the culture of victimhood is still alive. All I am saying is that those ingredients are there but in limited quantity these days. What would it take for the goodly doc to begin a barrage of racial defecations??? I don’t know.

      Yes I do find it threatening when he comes across as caring, nationalistic, peace mongering, or dare I say even progressive. He should continue to be the voice of the dispossed on Laventy or Murdavant. Those places where the genius of black culture still exist etched in the flood of blood flowing from the marauding gangs. Tell me Nealos who is going to represent their insanity in eyes of a nation in turmoil. Or are we to presume their voices are no longer important to the national discourse??? When is NEAP going to march into POS demanding more rights for these gangsters. Maybe you can take the tourch from the tired hands of the proff Nealos. Go ahead, just do it!!!

  7. Khem said,xxxxxx is some ” reminder that the tentacles of victimhood along with the culture of victimhood is still alive &…is there but in limited quantity these days.” I am not sure if you have any idea who you are talking to, and that this is not one of your many country hating, comedic Toronto , or San Juan/Croisee rum drinking friends khem, but I suggest you elevate your extremely transparent game my friend , as the only one you are deceiving is yourself.
    Just think where our country could be khem if Uncle Rex Lasalle, and Shah in 1970, or a certain two bit, second rate former Horse Police football goalkeeper, com Imam , that allegedly went to Engineering School in your Canadian Maple leaf land ,had similar recourse to media forums outlets such as this and similar others, just like Dr Cudjoe, ehhh?
    I will leave you to pretend to lament about the Lavantille ,Dr Cudjoe, and numerous African folks , in search of psychological catharsis, after enduring the tail end of European barbaric slavery ,years of neo colonial neglect- to appeasing, so call African leaders ,from Deffy Eric, to clueless Manning- and worst of all destructive , over competitive ,racially skewed politics as developed by Bas,and his spiritual mentor Sat Maharaj.
    For the record, I care absolutely narda about Dr Cudjoe , and his NEAP , or any similar, kinky headed ,unhelpful typical Trini ,self aggrandizement ,feel good pro PanAfricanist organization movement, that are destined to take us no where , any time soon. My principal concerns are for all struggling folks in my nation, including those that lives in our South Asian shanty barrios,such as Chickland, Oropuche, El Secorro, Arouca, and Chagurnas, that were misled by Panday , and fellow politically deceptive frontmen,into believing- even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary- that they have done better socially ,than opposite , competing , ethnic / racial counterparts, that escaped to the post slavery Brazilian favellas.
    Enough with these childish comical , condescending , cyber displays my friend as there is too much at stake. History is not on your side , so you should be more than discouraged from continuing this obvious stupidity.
    We have a nation to build, and your Queen K and her inherited gang are incapable of doing it all by their lonesome- even if they import all of Europe ,Canada , or America.
    Repeat after me my friend :- Time to “love country over tribe,”eeehhh?

    1. Nealos said “I will leave you to pretend to lament about the Lavantille ,Dr Cudjoe, and numerous African folks , in search of psychological catharsis, after enduring the tail end of European barbaric slavery”

      When Laventille moves forward Trinidad moves forward my tribal cousin. A man who can fall victim to the temptation to kill others is a weak man. He can use a gun, cutlass or bottle. The use of weapon is not important as the force driving him to use it. What is that force Nealos?. Is it the desire for revenge, power, hate or plain stupidity. You must not excuse such behaviour on slavery. All it takes is one generation to fix the past. Slavery was hard yes, but indentureship was worst. The indenture labourer was coming from a longer distance and spending more time on the seas, falling victim to sea sick and other ailments that can spread rapidly in a small environment.

      Slavery in Trinidad was not significant Nealos, know your history my tribal friend. The majority of Afros came to Trinidad from the islands, not Africa my friend.

      Indentureship presented it challenges with the difficulty of working the land, and yes there was a slave driver forcing the workers to work hard in the boiling hot sun. So the same force was applied but under a different name– indentureship. But where is the Laventille like expression of hurt, pain and anger within the Indo community? Where are they taking guns and committing acts of terrorism on other citizens?
      The strength to overcome temptation on my part came from my parents. Who said to me, “do not steal work hard and God will give you what you want”, “do not look at what the neighbour have, you do not know what they did to have it”, “trouble easy to come but very very hard to go”. But as you know Nealos when your leader say “you must take from Indians”, or “you must ….” Those were the wrong suggestions to give to a weak people. It put them on a part of justifiable self distruction.

      A nation needs the wealthy because the wealthy generate business and assist the economy and in turn help the poor. When the wealthy feels threaten they take their money, pack their bags and move to green pastures. Such is the case for Zimbabwe where the wealthy have fled and now angry black mobs rule the poor black masses. The poverty is excruciating my friend.

      In conclusion my friend I love the people of Laventille and wish them the best. As I said if they succeed Trinidad succeeds, if they fail T&T fails….

  8. I am glad you recognize that if Lavantille succeed,Trinidad will as well. I am however sad to know that our South Asian indentured brothers and sisters , suffered a worst fate in Trinidad , than those shiftless Trini slaves cousins ,that , did you say ,came from the rest of the Caribbean? Well I’ll be darm, but thanks for the history lessons brother khem.
    Now one good deed deserves another in return, so speaking about revenge, power, hate or plain stupidity, unfortunately it is not limited to the slave by products- that you somehow gets your rocks off disparaging-but also to the sons and daughters of indentureships, and since folks such as , power obsessed , hate-mongers Sat Marahaj , and others, are likewise still around and kicking,then it’s inevitable that the out come would be bleak.
    Hopefully , it won’t be one where folks are forced to hop on sailing boats , or quickly escaping planes,with only the clothes on their backs for . As your adopted Maple leaf land citizens enjoy saying , fool me once , shame on you, fool me twice , shame on me.

    1. “Now one good deed deserves another in return, so speaking about revenge, power, hate or plain stupidity, unfortunately it is not limited to the slave by products…”

      We must do good even when others do us bad. The principle of a better society surely cannot be rooted in revenge or self righteous conduct. Revenge is driving the murder rate in T&T to frightening proportions. While the self-righteous have insulated themselves from the pain of our tribal cousins on the hill. This culture of death has stained the hallowed halls of a once great nation. Someone said to me Trinidad is now no better than Jamaica, to which I hang my head in shame for a moment because they are right. Is this the future of a once great nation? While you have another drink in this season of festivity, some criminal is planning a murder. They are planning to destroy a home and take away a father or bread winner. Evil never sleeps rather it is lurking behind every bush awaiting it’s moment. And so to good must not go to bed while evil is awake. Rather good is more powerful than evil. Unfortunately some have been decieved into thinking the opposite. May your tribal brain always afford you the right to do good even when your cousins are practising self destruction. Peace.

  9. From your pitiful ,finger pointing, blame game, self adulating diatribes just mentioned khem , it is clear that there is some truism to the view that not only is “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,”but criminality, and causes as well, my tribal friend.
    You and your kind are therefore entitled to expect miracles, while scared,armed ,and barricaded , in your virtual prisons across our country. You are encouraged to also greedily grasp , and clamor, for every economic crumb, and socio -political spoils , that this country has to offer, while ignoring the needs of the poor, destitute ,and neglected ,in every nook and cranny of our nation -beyond race.
    It is your right to then in your typical ,country loathing style, agree with the Canadian idiots tourists you encounter daily on your Maple leaf /Labatt Blue / Molsen Canadian beer drinking binges , that borderline fail state, poverty stricken Jamaica, with their annual 5000 murders per year, is somehow comparable to Trinidad , as far as, social state, and overall standard of living-perhaps since because they can run a 100 meters sprint faster than most of us.
    For all of your idle talk , there is one thing I am absolutely certain you , your AG, Justice Minister, self obsessed religious pundits , and clueless pseudo intellectual talking heads , won’t dare do to clear the air. I am talking about to conduct, closely examine , much less publicly reveal to the nation the pervasive levels of destructive ,blue and white color criminal activities that were disproportionately committed ,by our Indo Trini population ,vis -a -vis , the much maligned Africans from 1962 to present.
    I have said it once , but it is worth repeating again. Each and every creed , class and race , in our country, has played a significant role in the ghastly state that we are in presently, and it would take all hands on deck to rectify it.
    Hopefully you too , as chief spokesman / apologist for this seemingly foolhardy, progressive policy deficient, political regime , would recognize this , sooner rather than later, as otherwise , we run the risk of loosing it all.
    In yours and similar others cases ,it’s the large bone that’s firmly fixed in that humongous mouth ,as the clamor continues unabated for that which rightfully belongs to the other.
    As for for the poorer caste within your own tribe, as well as the historically neglected from the Lavantille like Brazilian Favellas, not only a country ,but their entire souls.
    Repeat after me khem ” beware of a man with nothing to loose.”
    It is therefore incumbent on you , me , your PRESENT government,our many successful , yet selfish , greedy , business elites, conniving religious gurus, and everyone else ,with the means , and know how of fostering , meaningful growth , and positive changes ,to make a major difference ,and do what it takes to make the weak true stake holders, across our country.
    I wish you well.

    1. Neal said “From your pitiful ,finger pointing, blame game, self adulating diatribes just mentioned khem…”

      Nealos unlike you I do not have my head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. I call what I see without any qualms about what you or anyone think. All I would say to you is prove me wrong. I have not engaged in finger pointing or blame game, there is empirical as well as documented evidence aside from me to prove what I am saying to be true. Would you disagree that the culture of death has ruin the image of a once great nation?. Would you not agree that the murder rate in relative comparisson to the Jamaica population and land mass is cause for concern. Would you not agree that weak people commit crime because they have lost the will to resist such a temptation? Would you not agree with me that members of your tribe instead of encouraging intiative has made statements that incite thiefry and other kinds of lawlessness.

      The evidence is there Nealos, SAUTT equip and train by the Mossad, given the million dollar BLIMP and the SIA with a $25 million slush fund, while the Anti Kidnapping Unit was given a tape recorder and nothing else to catch kidnappers, rapist and the like. As you have said so many times “the chickens are coming home to roost”… And there is Hellll to pay. The cries of these people will not be ignored as the blood of the innocent soil the ground and continues to cry out for justic like Abel’s blood, even with the passage of time . Every one suffered from the PNM marazmee….But in the end my tribal friend the ultimate judge will give the final verdict. And we will all be able to say Amen.

  10. “Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning. One monk immediately scooped it up and set it upon the bank. In the process he was stung. He went back to washing his bowl and again the scorpion fell in. The monk saved the scorpion and was again stung.
    The other monk asked him, “Friend, why do you continue to save the scorpion when you know it’s nature is to sting?” “Because,” the monk replied, “to save it is my nature.”

    Just do the right thing khem, and for heavens sake , try and look beyond the tribe, since for every 100 criminals , murderers, crooks and bandits , you can show me that might be linked to the kinky head, thick lips, big butts, chocolate tribe, I can likewise find you and equal amount , from our more loving, caring , South Asian Indo Trini cousins.
    Any thing that you can point to , that’s revolting about our underachieving country, and even the blind can see that , no race , or ethnic group, possess any monopoly on it’s causes , and perpetuation.
    Whether you my delusional friend ,is convinced of this or not ,is totally irrelevant ,the facts remains that this is a reality.
    Let’s keep it real , eehhh?

  11. Brilliant,no matter what your detractors say, Selwyn, this is an incisive comment on what we could only call non-governing by badmind and bigmouth.
    Before the election I had suggested to some people who never listen to reason, that Mr. Manning should step down for reasons of ill health, two weeks before the election, and decide not to run in Sando East. That could have saved the country. I was reminded by those in the know how stubborn he was, and that he did not listen to anyone but himself, who of course gave him bad advice about calling an election, rather than let a vote of no-confidence go forward. I had also pointed out, or tried to, that being Anti-Manning was not a political manifesto, but the people were whipping themseles into a frenzy based, on, among other things, I think, the size of the house the PM was then living in, and the envy that generated.They were behaving as if he was a ehermit crab who would move the house on his back when he left office. This is the house the current leader said she would not occupy.Lie #1 She perhaps did have plans to move the capital to somewhere closer to her base, like Palmiste.
    Now, as my great aunt Nen Lilian would have said, “all is confusion” and we watch helplessly as women die in hospitals because the placenta stays in their womb, as well as other medical horrors designed to match the carnage on the road, and the murder rate.Satan is having a grand time, it seems.
    I can only pray, that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has not abandoned us totally. There is not a person I have spoken to in TnT recently, who seems to have any hope.
    I will not say “I told you so”, because I did not tell anyone, but this mess may well be a purgation of who we are.
    We must have hope, for without it we die.
    I used to enjoy reading the papers from home daily. Since the shooting of the Mayos in their yard on Reid Lane,Arima; and the death of that imam who was also a UWI professor, I find myself wanting instead to call just to see if my family is safe. That, is a radical change for me.Having known fairly well, two of the women who were part of the coalition of 1986, the silence of the minor partners is expected. Their role was only to help facilitate a UNC victory, and they have done that.
    May my people, if we survive, never make that mistake again.

    1. “This is the house the current leader said she would not occupy.Lie #1 She perhaps did have plans to move the capital to somewhere closer to her base, like Palmiste.”

      Dear Madame:
      I expect that our politicians would be stupid in pointing to the private lives of their opponents, but I certainly do not expect the same from members of the public. Everyone is entitled to the enjoyment of property as is enshrine in the supreme law of the land the Constitution. This he/said, she/said kind of talk is a reflection of the immaturity of people like you to engage in any meaningful public discussion. What the former Prime Minister did was morally wrong. Anyone with enough sense should know that, he is the one who like Eve believed the lie and perpetuated it much to the delight of the serpent. I honestly wish politicians would respect the personal lives of their opponent instead engage in this set inexcusable diatribe.

    2. Linda Edwards often has her moments of brilliance and experience on this site. This is not one of them.

  12. “Meaningful public discussion” deals with the issues Cudjoe raised, which I reiterated. A government founded on lies founders(means gets wrecked, like a ship. The lies being the rocks in a rough sea called politics). Or like my son says, Krma is a bitch.Attacking me, as you and others are wont to do, is a distraction from the main issue. Having clarified that for you, I invite you to comment on the real issues raised in Cudjoe’s piece. Attacking the mesenger, does not change the message. She lied. She Lies. She will lie.

  13. “What the former Prime Minister did was morally wrong.” This khem , is the only logical point you made in that last statement about what , I am uncertain. No PM should be allowed to thief his country dry like Bas did on that airport deal, and private London Bank account deal, then try to hide behind racial discriminatory persecution to save his hide from jail, while your selectively aggressive AG , and his boss ,play possum, with the law, and equal justice ,in our country today.It is time to lock Basdeo up , and throw away the key, as that is change we can believe in, yes?

    Obviously, the excessive sub zero cold,and over-guzzling of too much Maple Leaf syrups ,laced with Saskatchewan Vodka, must be getting to my wastefully passionate, neo tribal buddy khem,for what else can it be when he is resorting to trying to expand on some opaque thoughts of, was it his PM ,or back bencher on issues of no importance to the nation , our rather you and I , far away from the ghastly T&T Red-zone , firing line, ehhh?
    Don’t you have bigger concerns my friend? Pray tell us since when any one with a brain payed any attention to one action, or utterance in or out of the House of a PM ,or any of their gangs ,since 1962? “Money ain’t no problem,” “all ah we thief,” “attack with full force, or we the people of Tobago shall secede,” “Leave my Laptop alone, as politics has it own morality,” “blood would flow in the streets, if the PP don’t win dis coming election”? The list goes on , with faux pus , and bull crap.
    Give it a rest khem , nobody cares. Just enjoy the mayhem , and destruction ,that would be left in our wake after these square pegs depart, then get ready to see 20 years of suffering in the political wilderness , as is the norm , by your political pals, who never historically won a bag race on their own , but often tend to over kill, once in power,simply due to the fact that though individually intelligent, they as a collective, lack the political skills, to read the tea leaves, as it relates to Europeans they so adore, and their unfortunate fellow nationals ,that they so characteristically abhor.
    Warm regards my tribal cousin!

    1. Nealos said “This khem , is the only logical point you made in that last statement about what , I am uncertain. No PM should be allowed to thief his country dry like Bas did on that airport deal, and private London Bank account deal”

      I think you are again blaming, mischaracterizing the greatest PM T&T ever had, Mr. Panday. The airport corruption resulted in charges against the businessmen involve, I don’t think Mr. Panday got anything from them. There is no evidence of such. The only blame he carry is that there was corruption in the way business was done. Today, the airport is the pride of T&T.
      On your second point about money in a London bank account, I must say again you take the PNM propaganda hook, line and sinker. He was never charged for having money in a London bank account. He was charge for NOT disclosing it in the Intergrity Commission annual report forms that was submitted. Nealos hundreds of civil servants requiring to fill out these forms NEVER DID. Yet they are not charged!!! So basically he was singled out for this, which to me should have never happen. The money in the London bank acccunt was given to his wife NOT stolen. Please get your facts straigh Nealos.

  14. “Nealos hundreds of civil servants requiring to fill out these forms NEVER DID. Yet they are not charged!!”
    Are you really re reading what you are saying Khem , now you choose to equate, desperate , 18 year old, entry level,civil servants , with the PM of our country , who bears a higher responsibility to uphold the law? Yet you characters wonder why I am so fixated on keeping the heat on, as far as what elements , were responsible for getting us to this state?
    Need we say Gillman Hussain?

    “The money in the London bank acccunt was given to his wife NOT stolen.” You are sounding khem , more and more like one oh dem fast talking CNN , CTV ,legal journalist crooks , that would defend a Bernie Madoff wife, who was left with 2 million, while he siphoned away close to 2 billion to his ancestral home Israel.


    A word of advice to Bas , his wife ,and opportunistic daughter, “what ain’t meet you, ain’t pass you,” and “de sun could run/hide as much as it wants , but the day would soon catch up with it.”
    “Today, the airport is the pride of T&T.” Are you kidding me khem? Hey buddy , we are the richest country in the English speaking Caribbean region, in case you did not know.
    The only people that would dare think that this ugly garbage heap, call Piarco Airport, is an upgrade from what we had before, are the illiterate , Beetham Labasse , mang dwellers, or in your case ,mentally deficient Bamboo settlement scrunting ,flood lovers, across Central ,that naively think Bas the criminal,is some god ,from a distant life ,that really cared about them , my friend.

    1. “The only people that would dare think that this ugly garbage heap, call Piarco Airport”

      I have travelled through this airport a number of times, just a few days ago. It is amongst one of the best in the Caribbean. It is not a garbage heap like you are suggesting. The only problem, — not enough Indians working there.

  15. The only problem, — not enough Indians working there. Well , my friend your PP government can change that forthwith with the creation of another law. Still believe that the Maple leaf syrup, and stale Canadian Gin , has affected your mental faculties a whole lot, if you choose to still believe that the Piarco dung heap , we depend on for travels, is some envious specimen, when compared with the resourceless Bajans, Grenadians ,and borderline, fail state Jamaica.
    Got to elevate your taste , my friend,after all you have lived amongst better in the Canadian mountains, for so long after escaping your once beloved country T&T ,in 1986, yes?
    In contrast, when visiting , I would prefer to jump on a Miami, Hatian/Cuban fig leaf raft instead , than to come through the Piarco ,ugly , Agouti trap in Arouca any day my fiend, as I always feared that a plane might collide , or the roof will collapse , due to substandard work which was done due to the UNC boobols ,that was executed , under the close watchful eyes of Uncle Basdeo , and his business pals.
    I say no political leader, turned criminal ,should be allowed to cheat a country,and it’s people ,in such blatant fashion, and live to tell his Scotland grandchildren of his good luck for escaping the half blind justice system , don’t you think?

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