Cudjoe’s Indian Time Ah Come

Cudjoe’s Indian Time Ah Come Part 1

By Sat Maharaj – December 02, 2010

Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, Satnarayan MaharajWhen my friend Prof Selwyn Cudjoe invited me to deliver the feature address at the launch of his latest publication, Indian Time Ah Come In Trinidad and Tobago, my first response was that this was a set-up. Was Selwyn attempting to portray Sat Maharaj and Indians in general as a group glorifying in the political success of the People’s Partnership in a boastful way?

Were we being portrayed as people about to invade the national treasury and other state facilities because “our time ah come?” After reading most of Dr Cudjoe’s collection, I am now of the view that the title Indian Time Ah Come may be Cudjoe’s way of admitting that at no time did Indians enjoy equality under a PNM administration and that our time “ah now come for equal treatment under the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.”
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Cudjoe’s Indian Time Ah Come Part 2

By Sat Maharaj – December 09, 2010

During the life of the Race Relations Committee, Prof Cudjoe and myself differed fundamentally on several issues of race, history, politics, education, religion and culture in T&T. However, despite these differences we remained civil to each other and we never allowed our different opinions to become personalised. This example of our maturity as a people is not unique and is perhaps the only reason why there has not been violent racial conflict in T&T as there has been in similar societies such as Fiji and Guy-ana. So while others are shocked that Prof Cudjoe asked me to deliver the feature address at the launch of his book titled Indian Time Ah Come, others are equally amazed that I accepted. The title of the book is very deceptive and may be mischievously designed to incite racial tensions between the Indian and African communities here in T&T. It is conceived to mobilise Prof Cudjoe’s People’s National Movement African support against the ruling People’s Partnership Government. The title openly trumpets the long-held African and PNM fear of an Indian-based political party domination of T&T. Yet since the massive defeat of the PNM on May 24, not a government official, party member, Indian-based organisation or Indian spokesman or leader has articulated this sentiment of “Indian time now.”
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» Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe: Indian Time Ah Come

29 thoughts on “Cudjoe’s Indian Time Ah Come”

  1. Cudjoe is a dinosaur, from a different era. Time to move on. American whites have chosen a black president – that shows great maturity as a nation – a nation in which the goodly professor is teaching the young brilliant minds in Boston. Does his students read his racist drivel or is he taking advantage of their white guilt? Cudjoe is a hippocrite by trying to turn Trinidad backwards with his racist agenda. It worked once with Eric Williams. Race is the last refuge of the scoundrel. Notice how often he he talks about the breakup of the PP?

  2. What a sick joke , and obvious tragedy to have a lifetime elitist, neo – racist ,borderline octogenarian megalomaniac , who still believe that he is still some big time , socio -political player , as opposed to doing the right thing, and finally hang up his guns like pal Basdeo, and so give the youths within the tribe, a real chance to live ,grow , and help foster true development of our country , in unity with others.
    It is my sincere hope that this our country can evolve away from the likes of this and similar pseudo religious, frauds, that are destined to do more harm than good.
    I however stand corrected.
    Long live the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and may democracy , and freedom continue to reign ,as it obviously has , with few exceptional moments, since Massa England was given the boot.
    So no to all froms of elitism, and let’s begin with religious, yes?

  3. This man holds a position of power in T&T and we are poorer for the exposure and influence he has on the population. For starters in order for one to discriminate there must be clear intent to prevent or deprive an individual or individuals of an opportunity to prosper, enjoy or be part of something. As one who has some knowledge of the what some of the architects of the Trinity Cross went through to derive the name “Trinity Cross” it is pathetic and evcen sad to believe that the now powers that be can conclude that in the naming process they were misguided, purposeful and deliberate in leaving out the Indian (Hindu, Muslim or Christian). I dont see how one can reasonably come to that conclusion and Sat’s notoriety on this matter does no good for the furtherance of religion and race in this country. The other thing is his insistence on using the word “multicultural” as opposed to “cultural” the strategy here is “cultural” connotates a coming together to create a ‘oneness’ while “multicultural” while appearing to tolerate differences, it also encourage the groups to “maintain” and therefore separate us more than if we ever were to think of ourselves as working towards some form of cultural consciousness. He has subtlely sold his ideas to the powers that be and in their willingness to accommodate have given him full range to think of himself as an icon of the consciousness of culture as we know today in T&T. From my perpespective Sat has set us on a path of collision when it comes to culture and there will inevitably be some mis-recording of history and cultural heritage when thew dust settles on exactly what Sat means to us as a country.

  4. Surprisingly , you seem amazed brother kian, but don’t forget , asking neo tribal characters such as him and similar others to change, is like ” asking a cannibal ,to change the menu.” It ain’t happening, anytime soon!

  5. Neal you remind me of the folk tale called “how the agouti lost his tail”, someone need to examine your horns.

  6. Neal Kian I applaud your tolerance in attempting to talk sense to those whose perspective is shaped by centuries of caste preference beliefs. You have to understand that these people are nurtured in a difference concept of normal, balanced, fairness etc. In that context, explaining things to them from the concept of the Beatitudes is like speaking english to a fowl and expecting it to understand what you are saying.

    From the inception I nailed down what would be the tenure of the new administration, and the tenure of the tribalist in this blog who were making nice when you critiqued the administration of Patrick Manning. For me the the example had already been set in Guyana, and it was just a matter of time before the gloves would come off. The one good thing about this is that the voters who saw a wolf and convinced themselves it could be sheep are getting a rude awakening.

    Sometimes we have to go through these ordeals in order to finally accept truth. The significance of these trials, if we understand them, will bring us forth stronger by virtue of the experience.

    1. Well said brother Keith , and thanks for looking out. As I like to tell these miscreants, “if you always do , what you’ve always done , then you’ll always get , what you always got.” Time for political transparency, and equal playing field ,socio-economic justice, in T&T.
      I’ll tell you why some of us including cousin khain remain committed , even in the face of culturally drive illogical mantras , and neo tribal diatribes , by the self loathing , country haters. It is called patriotism my friend. I love my country over any leader, so called noble race, class, opaque religion, or ethnic group, and would use every bit of resource, and breath in my body to see (all note emphasis) 1.3 million and more of it’s people advance. In addition, I have a fair understanding of our people, and the exact state of our country , and why it has failed , and is destined to continue along that line for some time.
      Let’s just say “leadership matters,” and obviously we as a nation ,was unfortunately , deficient on many levels.
      In addition, I have a whole heap of cogent evidence/ data, from across the global community , as to what might eventually happen to a country like ours, that allows a few disingenuous, selfish , elitists, to pit the various competing tribes against each other,in the name of so call political progress- much against their desire ,and interest.

    2. “You have to understand that these people are nurtured in a difference concept of normal, balanced, fairness etc. In that context, explaining things to them from the concept of the Beatitudes is like speaking english to a fowl and expecting it to understand what you are saying.” (KEITH)

      Ignorant, racist comments like the one above do not advance the cause of your debate.
      Who are “these people?”
      “Explaning things to them.” To whom are you referring?
      “Speaking english to a fowl and expecting it to understand what you are saying.” (KEITH) Offensive, racist language which should be censored.
      How could this writer expect to be taken seriously? Ironically, he is on this info highway accusing others of having a racist agenda. Laughable!
      The only thing missing from your comment is a photo of yourself, decked off in your loincloth and holding a spear.

      1. “The only thing missing from your comment is a photo of yourself, decked off in your loincloth and holding a spear.”
        Nice one brother T-Man. Don’t ever hesitate to’tell em’ like it is. We extremely close cousins of the adored Caucasian/Europeans ,must stick together, so as to expose dem crazy ,violent, big butts, thick lips, kinky head, savages , with the opaque bead shaking , sungod ,colored flags religions, from the Dark Continent, yes?
        Now if this was all they were guilty of, perhaps we might still tolerated dem my friend, but it’s their unwholsome, insatiable, proclivity for raping our more delicate,and gentle women , that I like you, am most revolted by.
        Well , I take that back,as historic May 24th 2010,would not have been a possibility ,had it not been for that swing vote growng disgruntled mass,they help create through the decades, eehhh?

  7. “In that context, explaining things to them from the concept of the Beatitudes is like speaking english to a fowl and expecting it to understand what you are saying.”

    The European rationalization for slavery was very similar to the ignorant, racist comment above, made by some character called Keith.

  8. Imagine people like Keith, Neal and Cudjoe who bestow upon themselves honorary white status, a condition of mental slavery would have the audacity to come to this and other forums to promote their inferiority complex.
    To imply that they are somehow superior to Indians and deserve a bigger share of the pie because of their paltry status is laughable. These same paper tigers live outside of Trinidad where they are subjected to unthinkable discrimination on a daily basis simply because of their color, now believe they can inflict their pain on others. I say to these fools look at yourselves in a mirror, if you cannot accept the fact that the days of honorary whites are over then you are doomed to be a slave by your own affliction. In the words of the late great Bob Marley “until the philosophy which holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned there will be war”.

    1. “Imagine people like Keith, Neal and Cudjoe who bestow upon themselves honorary white status.”
      Hey morougamax , reverse psychology , chess playing , and script flipping ,ain’t your forte my friend, for when you were a hungry, bare feet, starving , runny nose 15 year old drifting around Morouga, still learning to spell your name in Standard 1, I was already perfecting these Cyber Machiavellian maneuvers.
      You just not convincing enough , for just do any survey across the globe , and see which people are more filled with self hatred , and or contempt of races ,they believe are beneath them , yet have historically kissed the butts of white Europeans , with every opportunity, as they think this would accord them some special privileges, and advantage . Care for a hint?

  9. Let me see….maybe it’s the race that lives in the shadow of the white man, adopted his name and religion?
    Maybe it is just some due to inferiority complex having a compulsion to be everything white or the equivalent there of?
    Yeah, at least when someone see my written name they can tell my ethnicity immediately, can you say the same? Heck for all I know you could be white(LOL), well at least you try very hard to project that image. Back in the days of slavery there was a special name for people like you who always report to massa whenever some field hand did something wrong.
    By the way the name is Moruga and not Morouga, shows how much you perfected your Machiavellian maneuvers.

  10. “Yeah, at least when someone see my written name they can tell my ethnicity immediately.” So true morougamax, you are spot on, and very convincing about your self love , and contempt of white folks , in addition to blacks like yourself. This is getting more pathetic by the day when , my view point according to the good mad max should only be given credence based on my race, or ethnic origin.
    300 millions of my folks were taken out of that continent , my friend , but the spirit would never be broken , by the weak that pretends to be strong.

    Speaking about deep concern about some of us striving to be white,or accepted as such ,pray tell me who you think of these two fellow nationals ,are trying to be more so? The first, was a proud , caring global activist , that was banned from his country, while the latter, despised everything about his country, even though unlike the former, he had even more to be grateful.
    As for the name Morouga, Moruga, in the words of my European brother William Shakespeare ,”what’s in a name,” and who cares? It’s still just another useless , neglected ,fishing village, social dump, were more of your desperate fellow villages , have spent too much time in Chavez, Venezuelan jails, for daring to breach imbalanced ,lifetime fishing /oil/ gas treaties , by allegedly drifting in their waters.
    Since there are no more fishes to catch in the environmentally unsound,dirty waters,in addition, we do not have to guess why some fellow constituents members and your leaders,were adamant , against clamping down on drug dealers in our waters , with long overdue upgrade patrol boats, that could have helped alleviate the problem.

  11. Morugamus there never was an African Aryan. It just like you guys always trying to pawn your links unto black people. In the human continumm of races, we Africans are on one end of the continuum and whites are on the other end. You, Khem, and your other PP brethren are actually the the progenitors of the white race. No amount of ignorance can refute or obfuscate that.

    We do not need to ponder your name in order to make an educated guess about your ethnicity. Your emergence after the Prime Minstership changed is the template of your kind. Your silly and fatuous attempts to shut us up by linking us to your heritage can’t work.

    The people in T&T who, like their ancestors and contemporaries have done on many occasions, choose to follow their whims rather than their gut, and the persuasion of a Jack Warner to cast a vote to their detriment are waking up. Again, we will come to understand the significance of this unfolding experience and come forth stronger because of it.

  12. Keith while you and Neal ponder on the make up of my DNA let me tell you that it is more complex than you can imagine. My father was born in Moruga his God parents are Africans, my oldest brother is half African, three of my brothers have African wives. If you can visualize my family gathering you would see a blend from both end of the spectrum. I do not believe that any one race should dominate any other in our cosmopolitan society. You and many like you find it very difficult to accept the fact that Indians are also true and real Trinidadians.
    In 1789, African-Americans were defined in the Constitution as 3/5 of a person for counting representation, and could not vote at all. (Constitution’s Article 1, section 2, and elsewhere)

    In 1865, following the Civil War, African-Americans were given the right to vote and the “3/5ths clause” was rescinded. (14th and 15th Amendment). The clause relevant to your question is the 15th Amendment, article 1: “The right… to vote shall not be denied or abridged… on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
    This is the same consideration people like you, Codjoe and others with the same mentality are trying to impose on Indians in Trinidad if given the opportunity.
    You feel threatened or betrayed when anyone oppose your racist agenda.If an Indian write or say the things that Codjoe says he would be labeled a racist and would face severe consequences but you hail your hero Cudjoe for spewing hate with such vitriol that would make even the KKK cringe.

  13. Please spare me the familiar “I have a black friend gambit”. No African is so backward as to equate his ancestry and decendancy with Aryans. You guys are known for your predispositions to hide behind nomenclatures that obfuscate your origins. You alone are caught up in this time warp that it fools aynone.

    Your expressed beliefs that no one race should dominate another is as credible as a 7 dollar bill. Please. You found your epiphany with the change of ethnicity at the head of political leadership in T&T. No amount of deceitful “I have black friends” can change that. The absolute hypocrisy among you Knehm, Tman and all the others who spent eons criticizing the PNM in this forum, and now try to silence criticism of the current regime and its leader with accusations of racism is astounding. But it shows us that tigers can hide their spots behind bushes, but once they come into the clear they become visible. Give me a break!!!!

  14. A long awaited, progressive move in education which will benefit those who are artistic, creative and “different” learners. It will benefit those who have difficulty fitting into the traditional educational system.More students will go on to graduation rather than crime.

    Twenty percent of the marks awarded in the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) Examination in 2012 would be based on a Continuous Assessment Programme (CAP) for pupils, Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh said at the post-Cabinet news briefing, Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s yesterday. He also saw the SEA as eventually including new subjects such as art, drama and music.

    Gopeesingh said the CAP mark would be made up of 20 percent of a pupil’s score in standard four, and 80 percent of his work in standard five, starting in year 2011/2012.

    By the following year, the CAP mark would be spread out between a pupil’s different forms. “From 2012/2013, we will introduce a further 20 percent in standard three. So therefore at the end of the academic year 2012, we will have standard three providing 20 percent of the marks, standard four providing 20 percent and standard five, 60 percent.”

    1. “A long awaited, progressive move in education which will benefit those who are artistic, creative and “different” learner.” Tell you what T-Man, both myself and the good Dr Cudjoe, will be soon drafting a long overdue petition to demand an emergency Security Council meeting, so as to drag dem Canadians scoundrels before the International Criminal Courts , for allowing you delusional ,Trini freaks ,access to their Maple Leaf syrup, that you jokers choose to repeatedly chase with your stored away ,Chickland imported Bush rum, you all just cannot do without so as to further deaden your brain cells. We know where the members of your tribe would get jobs, but please tell us where all the numerous educated folks, that would benefit from these lofty initiatives , are going to get jobs , when no plan is afoot to stimulate the economy, and address unemployment, when the page that dealt with such petty affairs were torn out from the PP manifesto ?
      “Gopeesingh said…blah, blah, blah, blah,…. starting in year 2011/2012.” If only there was a god of justice in the world , some , destructive , divisive , neo racial political opportunistic creature, would simply just be swallowed up one day under the earth in a special earthquake, for standing before public television in my country , and publicly proclaim to the world ,that as late as 7 months ago , Africans directed genocides, were taking place , on a daily basis ,in our country- and Indians were the recipients of such atrocities, only to have the audacity to stand up now, with never an apology, for such blatant lies, and prattle on bombastically about proposals for the future of this country. Do you jokers believe that this is the manner in which nation building occurs?
      You can treat an entire race of people with disrespect, possess nothing but contempt for your democratic country while out of power,by tarnishing it’s images abroad in true non patriotic fashion, then once socio- political fortunes changes, it’s let’s move on- thank you very much for giving us a chance to save the planet? Some day , when you ,along with similar apologist, and closet policy wonks, have the desire , I’ll explain what it takes to mold, and sustainably develop a society in a peaceful, fair , and progressive fashion, that we can all live to enjoy, as opposed to looking over our shoulders in hope of preventing another Fijian, Sri Lankan , 1970 Rex/Raffique/Dada Amin / Bkar like 1990 dilemma,in our part of the world.
      I wish you well.

  15. Keith I guess you are totally oblivious to the physical damage that racism does to a person’s body and mind. Your race based intolerance for your fellow Indian Trinidadians is shocking and appalling in this day of the 21st century. Please do a little research into the origins of east Indians, you may be in for a rude awakening.
    I firmly believe that no nation should have first and second class citizens, however “class” itself is not determined by ones race.
    If you look around the world today you would see many areas where some groups or community of people exhibit no class or morals at all. You seem to have lost all hope that people of different races can exist peacefully, well let me tell you Trinidad is a perfect example of such a place, despite people like you who will nor relinquish the bitter desire to see our nation divided.
    Keith, you Neal and Codjoe should “give us all a break” with your racist agenda that you all are so desperately trying to promote in our country. Face the fact that you are a dying breed, your Mugabe mentality will not be tolerated here, it is time to give it up for your own good.

  16. “Keith, you Neal and Codjoe should “give us all a break” with your racist agenda that you all are so desperately trying to promote in our country.You seem to have lost all hope that people of different races can exist peacefully, well let me tell you Trinidad is a perfect example of such a place.”
    Well, I be … and wonders never cease! Can you enlighten us morougamax , as to when exactly, did Trinidad become this peaceful ,tolerant haven , you ,Dr Goopiesing, Sat, COP pitbull AG ,Ramlogan, and your numerous neo tribal Trini -Canadian/Yankees/Europeans,suddenly returning,one time refugees , seem to recognize it to be such?
    Let me hazard a guess.It was May 24th 2010 , after Queen K , and her PP crew ,assumed power,in the only the second , fairly run , democratic election, ever held in T&T, for 48 years, and then instituted , long over due new laws, that ended decades of African directed ,Human Rights abuses of blatant discriminations, and acts of genocides ,against their ,extremely gentle, docile , Indo Trini brothers, and sisters, yes?

    Baba Ras Marcus
    December 09, 2004
    “There are some very serious lessons to be learned and we should widen our internal mental and spiritual faculties, and learn as much as we can. We can believe as much as we want to believe, but when we know, that is when we achieve knowledge. We must be very careful, that we are not teaching things to our people which we cannot prove; religion is a very dangerous weapon of minds destruction. Let your yes be yes and your no be no, words are very important, but the actions which we take are much more important than the words which we speak”.
    Codjoe, Neal and Keith please take note.

    1. What do you know , a totally disingenuous character ,called morougamax,in tangent with his various past and present leaders across this nation,forgot that we the astute , are quite aware , that they all sat at the feet of rabble -rouser in chief Sat Maharaj , inculcated all his virulent bile, and anti African peoples mantras for decades,then now having the temerity ,to tell us about the evils of religion, while driving on this here information highway.
      Tell me , is this some sick joke folks?
      Listen buddy , I do not know Rastaman Baba Macus ,from Jack Rabbit , neither do I care to, for anyone like him , and weed smoker Bob Marley, who can care to have Hail Silasse the despotic criminal,as a God , when the man was strutting around his Ethiopian Palaces, with gold plated toilet seats, when his people were staving across the country, needs to get their heads examined.
      I wish him well, and any other like hatemonger Sat, and you, one of his ardent followers, who thrives on similar opaque , feel good religions.

  18. Africans have no religious or cultural belief system that measures human worth based on race or ethnicity. You and your kith and kin are trying to pawn your heritage on to those who whose countries and neighbourhood you flock to. We have had more reason and justification to be intolerant than any other group in this world. But we have steadfastly remained the most tolerant of groups, opening the doors of freedom and opportunity to many who come and enjoy it while polutting the atmosphere with the residue from their nurturing and cultural belief systems.

    It is by no accident that every group are able to go into African Nations and communities and expect to make money. In fact that is probably our greatest weakness. This tendency to trust people who are undeserving of our trust, and who are clannishly partisan when it comes to truth and reason.

    I have no apologies for exposing the sacred cows of ignorance that makes itself manifest on these pages. More people ought to do it. It is our right and entitlement to define our history and our present, and to pay little heed to the crap from those incapable of seeing straight, much less thinking straight. You pollute this blog with your ethnic inverse proportional cheering, and talk about racism because the black man woman who takes you on is not the obsequious servant your psyche was developed to anticipate. Well wake up you span of an Aryan ancestry, we will not accept the dalit status in order to make you feel good.

    Racism is developed from cultural and religious belief systems that holds some groups as superior and others as inferior. Like I said, we have to links to that strain. Check yours.

  19. You see, Morugamax, there are a number of people like Neal,Kian, Keith and Ms. Edwards who will never accept T&T as a country with Indians at the helm. They are concerned about the image of the country as some sort of Indian democracy with “things’ Indian being recognized as representative of a Caribbean country.In short they are racists, parading around as champions of African people. Meanwhile those who actually live in the country are not in the least bit insecure about the so-called racial identity of the country. What they are forgetting is that Indians are Trinidadians also, who are accostomed to living with successive governments which were perceived as African and being allowed to prosper without fear. Nothing has changed.The people are always right in their selection of a government and Trinis will always coexist in spite of the old generation of haters and ethnic merchants.There is an excellent chance that the PNM will return to power someday and again no one will have anything to fear.Some of these Afro-Trini expats have been so affected by white racism in the countries in which they live that their perspective is always racial as they live in fear that there is a racial bogeyman looking over their shoulders.

    1. “You see, Morugamax, there are a number of people like Neal,Kian, Keith and Ms. Edwards who will never accept T&T as a country with Indians at the helm.”
      Yes T- man, we know that unless you folks have the Prime Ministership -as you did only twice in our 48 year history, because the people have repeatedly repudiated your kind of politics- then you do not think that you are at the helm.

      It is our hope that Queen K , when she is finished with the grandstanding gestures, so as to solidify the base, would then make strident steps to make transparency , both in government , and business ,a top priority, so as to eventually allay the fears of numerous non supporters, always concern about handing over too much power to folks with a scary cultural predisposition , of always placing the hands, feet, and neck ,too deep into the cookie jar ,as depicted by our classic example above.

      One of the fortunate situation we have in our country , is that most of our Muslim Indo Trini ,brothers, and sisters do not share this skewed ,entitlement ,caste oriented , impressions, of their country, and for that we are happy.

      Hopefully , a day would come sooner , rather than later, when ‘you alls,’ would realize the destructive force the fire you are playing with can be , before it returns to burn you.

  20. “But we have steadfastly remained the most tolerant of groups, opening the doors of freedom and opportunity to many who come and enjoy it while polutting the atmosphere with the residue from their nurturing and cultural belief systems.”

    Keith, your comment above hits at the central core of the problem in T&T. Africans like you have always believed that you “opened the door for Indians”. You openly show you sense of entitlement to govern T&T and to chart its course.
    Your comment about polluting the atmosphere with “their cultural beliefs” really shows your true colors. Once again your comment is reminiscent of the arguments used by Americans and Europeans to curb Black immigration.

  21. What a bunch of none sense. I cant believe that Trin and Tobago is going backwards. Remember no one wins with racism. If that was the case, many of us would not be here. Please you foolish people, we are too smart to have such none sense as headlines. What kind of people you want to be attracted to our beautiful Island. This knd of headline only attracts, evil, hatred, stupidity and racism. People, stop this none sense. We all have the similiar stuff under our skin. The same red blood , the same organs, lungs, instestine, etc. You foolish man, you make want to vomit. BAF, BAF..

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