Manning comes out fighting

SpyingSandy Hits ‘Manic Man’
MINISTER of National Security Brigadier John Sandy yesterday tore into former prime minister Patrick Manning as a “manic man” with “a sick mind” for the wiretapping of persons in public life by a secret spy unit that reported to Manning.

Manning comes out fighting (link fixed)
…says ‘spy’ bill will undermine national security

Kamla’s $150M Palace
Opposition MP Patrick Manning last night questioned where the money being used to construct the private house of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, which he described as “Kamla’s palace”, was coming from.

PM: Spy bill needs Opposition support
Even though the People’s Partnership (PP) Government has the constitutional majority required to pass the Interception of Communication Bill, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she would not want to do so without the support of the Opposition People’s National Movement (PNM).

PM threatens Manning with libel suit

…Kamla threatens court action over ‘defamatory statements’

Never again, says Sandy
There was no audit of the accounts of the Strategic Intelligence Agency (SIA) for the last decade, 2001 to the present, National Security Minister Brigadier John Sandy revealed yesterday.

Rowley wants Parliament oversight on security
OPPOSITION LEADER Dr Keith Rowley yesterday asked Government to let Parliament have oversight on national security issues, as he sought a bipartisan solution to the wiretapping scandal revealed last week Friday by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Rowley: It started with Panday
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday he found it very hard to believe Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s statements that she did not know wiretapping was taking place.

A distraction, says Panday
Govt’s revelation on spy agency

Kamla ‘small peewat’ under Bas

Ganga: SIA abused powers to spy
Former government minister Ganga Singh said yesterday that although he knew there were intelligence agencies in this country, he did not know the extent to which they were being operated and abused…

I was suspected of being a terrorist
Government Minister Jack Warner disclosed last night that he was monitored by the Strategic Intelligence Agency (SIA) because he was suspected of being a terrorist.

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    Yeah guys we are finally convinced that Africans are the most evil, undemocratic souls that was ever to emerge from the Garden of Eden . After all,black kinky head Cain killed his brown straight hair brother Abel,raped his white mom Eve ,then travelled into a distant land ,to find a yellow wife , all under the watchful eyes of a red papa Adam.
    Dis blond hair, hazel eye papa god,and dear father who art in heaven, is such an evil spirit to subject us to such a curse. Again we enquire folks , with citizens such as these , who needs enemies? Can I sell by citizenship to a desperate European tourist, or a similar suffering Caribbean immigrant ,that daily strives to be part of this experiment?

    1. A another foolish uneducated trini making stupid comments that has no basis. Go to school and get an education the only curse we have is people like you. LOSER.

  2. The article titled, “Manning comes out fighting ” is not opening. this may be the reason why there is no response

  3. It is high time that Mr. Manning speak out, because I suspect that a lot of people would prefer to have him silenced. Lets face it, he is the only competent Politician we have right now in Trinidad and Tobago, all the others are just trying to be. It`s amazing to see after six 6 months Jack Warner is still blaming Mr.Manning and the PNM for things that are happening at present,I mean, are the PP serious about running the country or just trying to make Mr.Manning look bad. Looking at news some nights ago, there was this Afro Trinidadian professing his love for Kamla, but I have news for him, the feeling is not mutual,trust me,so you and others should take the advice of the late Merchant, You better be careful. To Mr. Manning I say to you Sir we all have our faults, and you have been punished like so many before, for trying to lift the veil of ignorance of the Afro Trnidadian, if you had listened to Commander`s calypso,(Lizard and Crapaud) you would understand.`Lizard to Crapaud after the school children beat him up.(When you see children that is Syrian, Indian and Chinese you mus`nt run at all, they only studying Education and that is all, but when you see children of the Afican race they will come just so, and buss your face). While you were in power the average Trini believed that you should have been giving them a Thousand dollars every Monday, morning because the country had money and you were Alledgely letting Calder Hart steal it. The facts are yet to be ventilated.The truth be told, one can understand why the natives were after your head, you tried to do what past leaders failed to do,we still have who felt that we would still be riding donkey cart, and riding bicycle at this present time. I dare anyone yo widen a road in any congested area,but talk Rapid Rail, and some idiot wants to build a tunnel to Maracas, but thats their vision,Tunnel Vision.Come on Mr.Manning the Sun is hidden at times, but it returns even brighter.

    1. Is Rudolph Eversley a Manning agent or Manning himself?

      The spy who loved me
      THE HUMAN ELEMENT – SUZANNE MILLS Sunday, November 21 2010

      It began when I was writing my Friday column two weeks ago. I needed the name of Patrick Manning´s spirited away spiritual adviser, but couldn’t for the life of me recall it. A couple of decades back, my memory loss would have required a trip to newspaper archives. Nowadays, though, most information is a click away. I opened Internet Explorer and went straight to Google.

      Google, as any search engine, cannot do its work without human input of key words pertinent to the query. It can´t read our minds, not yet. I typed “Manning prophetess”– in searches you don´t need the possessive apostrophe “s”. Google did not disappoint. In a quarter second it generated hundreds of hits with the name Juliana Pena. Among them, on YouTube, the infamous 2007 video of Benny Hinn preaching about the “foolish PM of Trinidad and Tobago and the foolish woman he brought to him who called herself a prophetess and through whom God allegedly spoke.” An embarrassment no matter how many times you view it. Foolishness. There forever to TT´s shame. I´d rather watch Kamla dance.

      Before surfing Patrick Manning´s online legacy to our nation, I´d only a few days prior, remarked to a fellow journalist that I did not think there was a way to libel Mr Manning. TT´s former Prime Minister has no reputation, no name to defend, I argued. A man who walks around with a prophetess and tells foreigners that God is speaking to him through her, cannot seek the courts’ protection. He is decidedly unfit to lead.

      But was Mr Manning ever an effective leader? His flashes of megalomania were evident before 1995 and his return to power in 2001 was by default. He became PM again because of a series of political misadventures and misjudgments. Are we truly surprised that Mr Manning was paranoid enough to have his spies tap the lines of those he considered a threat to him? Anyone who claims to have a direct line to God will search for devils everywhere.

      I always wondered why Mr Manning got so hot under the collar when I started the No Red House for Manning series. I was one Sunday columnist, he was the Prime Minister. Where was the contest? Yes I regularly and roundly condemned his “foolish” spending of our funds, his attacks on TT´s democratic institutions but so what? He had the power, back then he still had many of the people.

      He should have ignored me, or at least have recognised my right to differ, yet he could not. Mr Manning is a petty man. Whenever he spotted me, he’d glare at me and he’d regularly dispatch his poodles and pitbulls with warning messages. He can claim his agents were acting on their own initiative. I believe little or nothing of what Mr Manning says. He can sue me.

      I´d like to share a secret now the spying cat’s out of the bag. Back in the No Red House days, every Sunday at midday in my inbox, lay in wait for me an irate email from a “Patrick Manning supporter” accusing me of bias. Now here’s the interesting morsel: the initials of the writer of the hate mail.

      They were identical to those in the Pena Guanapo church mystery: PM. I was almost certain that none other than Patrick Manning was sending those emails and he wanted me to know that he was the author. I responded once or twice but decided that anything I had to say to Mr Manning I´d say openly. I also considered it a waste of my time corresponding with him, if it was Mr Manning sending the notes. Why was he wasting his time writing them to me? Had he no more pressing business?

      And therein lay the key to his self-destruction: Mr Manning´s obsession with his “enemies”. He did not see journalists and judges and politicians and presidents doing their job. He was the only professional. With everyone else it was personal.

      That paranoia blinded him to those he should really have been keeping an eye on: the many ordinary Joes who were growing to hate him and his skyscraper economic policies and his indifference to their suffering under the yoke of inflation induced by his administration’s runaway train. Those were the thousands and thousands on whom Mr Manning could not or did not think to spy and they were the ones who daily exchanged jokes via email about him. Those were his foes. They were the ones who got him. He, in touch only with God, cut the direct line to them. He knew nothing about them, disdained them, which is why he was “foolish” enough to ask them for a fresh mandate.

      That was our Prime Minister: Patrick Manning, a man who believed that the way to everlasting power was through seer women, spies, spirits and spite. What a shame.

      1. T-Man , I am writing a play at the present moment , entitle, ‘De 3 Tribalist Clownish Stooges of Lala Land.’ It would naturally star delusionaL, self hating ,European adoring T-man, as lead actor, along with his sidekick, PP Apologists in Chief, Khem , and de clueless Ignoramus ,illiterate fisherman/lifetime drunk ,morougamax.
        Here you are, a seemingly intelligent man ,spending your precious time on this cold Canadian Sunday morning , quoting verbatim an article by some opportunistic , second rate , so called journalist, to prove some opaque point ,that only you in your twisted mind can conjure up,or even care about , as opposed to putting some concrete ideas on line ,that might spur on someone from within your government can start the task of trying to make this country a real economic regional, and political contender ,based on it vast resources, and abundant human capital potential.
        Do you jokers , really seriously believe, that any one with a brain cares anything whatsoever about the life and or stewardship of pro nepotistic ,megalomanic ,Patrick Manning , and his lifetime rival, and closet pal Bas, the ULF / UNC political fraud,hate monger , and tribalist social bandit of his suffering people?
        Get real my friend. It would be a very happy day for all 1.3 million of our citizens,when both of these two fools, are carried away in prison blues , so as to share adjourning cells at Cararra , for their misdeeds against our nation.
        I beseech you and others of your party ,to quit behaving like Lot’s wife secret bedmates , and deal with the pressing present ,and not over your collective shoulders, to the failures , of the Trini 48 years of PNM/ ULF/UNC, Sodom and Gomorra.
        Long live the Twin Island Republic of T&T, and may our people all emerge from the social quagmire intact over the next 3 years, while their kids inherit a more worthwhile future, yes?

  4. Manning faces contempt motion
    Government is moving full speed ahead to file a contempt motion against former prime minister Patrick Manning for statements made in the Lower House on Friday night about a house being constructed in South Trinidad by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

    PM: Manning trying to bring me into disrepute

    Kamla house project ongoing
    …but Phillipine residents complain about deplorable road

    Nicholas slams ex-PM’s allegations as ridiculous
    PRESS Secretary Garvin Nicholas yesterday described as “ridiculous” statements by former prime minister Patrick Manning that current PM, Kamla Persad-Bissesar, is building a $150 million mansion.

    Former president frowns on wiretap agency
    Pointing out clearly that while the nation’s security is of paramount importance, Robinson said the illegal use of the system is tantamount to an abuse on the Constitution.

    PM looking for new SIA head
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar who is also head of the National Security Council is now searching for a replacement to head the controversial Security Intelligence Agency (SIA).

    Volney: My phone has been tapped since 2005
    Justice Minister Herbert Volney says since 2005 his phone has been tapped.

    …’My plan to retire was leaked’

    …’I was a marked man’
    JUSTICE Minister Herbert Volney says his plan to retire from the Judiciary was leaked to the media after it was obtained during a tapped telephone conversation with his wife.

    Imbert: Present form of ‘Interception Bill’ a burden to judicial system

    Govt, Opposition on spy bill committee
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley agreed late Friday to establish a committee to consult with stakeholders and reach consensus on the new Interception of Communications Bill, 2010.

    …Govt, Opposition committee to meet on wiretap bill

    Mr Manning’s move
    San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning created quite a stir and consternation at last Friday’s Parliament sitting when he launched a series of attacks, at times quite outlandish, on the Prime Minister and the ruling party.

    Manning breaks silence
    For long months since the PNM formed the Opposition party, former Prime Minister Patrick Manning has remained silent in public discussions and absent from his party’s internal politics.

    Unasked, unanswered questions
    So, to whom was the Head of government’s espionage service, Nigel Clement, reporting? Juliana Pena? And more importantly, to whom had he been reporting between May 24th and October 23rd? And under whose instructions?

    Martin Daly: The revelations
    The Book of Revelation is the last part of the Christian Bible. In common with the testaments of many other major religions it deals with the struggle between good and evil.

    Lennox Grant: New Manning Doctrine feeds mass hysteria

    Ramesh Deosaran: Six reasons for an inquiry

    Who needs wiretaps when you have good ole-fashioned maco?

  5. ‘We will be guided by the Speaker’
    PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday disclosed that the motion of contempt against her immediate predecessor, San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning will be raised in the House of Representatives on Wednesday at 10.30 am.

    CJ asks Gibbs: Did they spy on me?
    Chief Justice Ivor Archie, through an attorney, has written to Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs requesting confirmation as to whether he has been the subject of spying by the Strategic Intelligence Agency (SIA).

    More rational thinking on wiretapping matter
    In its haste to express concern over the wiretapping issue, however, the Judiciary may have overstepped its role from the administration of justice to the influencing of matters likely to come before its own courts.

    Produce documents in Parliament
    Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning yesterday called on his successor Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to lay in Parliament all relevant state approvals for the construction for her Phillipine house

    …Kamla my dear, no thanks

    …Please clear the air, Madam

    …PM: I will lay out all the facts

    Jack: Manning must apologise to Kamla
    WORKS Minister Jack Warner said yesterday that San Fernando East Member of Parliament, Patrick Manning, owes the country an apology after trying to “assassinate the character” of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Friday in Parliament.

    Rev Teelucksingh: Exorcise crime and wiretapping
    Instead of exorcising unseen demonic spirits that are frightening schoolgirls, Presbyterian Rev Daniel Teelucksingh says there should be exorcism of crime, espionage and illegal wiretapping in T&T.

    My last term in Parliament, says ex-PM
    Manning bowing out…

    Manning, TT’s James Bond
    The news beat has been pretty hectic lately with all sorts of attention grabbing stories sparking debate. The year will soon end and one wonders what will happen next.

  6. After reading Neal’s post all I could say is,pass the chaser.
    Neal you really eh have no shame boi.

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