Setting a Proper Example

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
November 16, 2010

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeI did not vote for the People’s National Movement (PNM) during the last national election. Like so many, I became so disenchanted with the positions and attitudes of the former Prime Minister that I could not, in good faith, support the party which I always supported and of which I am a member. I did not vote for the People’s Partnership (PP) either. Theirs was merely a throwing together of disparate elements whose only objective was to remove the PNM. They had no plans for the country, except for a provision of computers for our students and a promised old-age pension of $3,000 which they repudiated the first day they walked into office. They informed an eager population that it really was not a promise: it was a misprint.

The revelation that the former Prime Minister enhanced the capabilities of the Security Intelligence Agency (SIA) confirms the wisdom of my decision. Although this unit was “designed” by Patrick Manning and the PNM (1991-95) a UNC administration under Basdeo Panday (1995-2000) bought the equipment and selected the personnel to run this outfit while Kamla Persad-Bissessar was the Attorney General. If she did not know about this unit then it was dereliction of duty. In her capacity as AG she had every right to know or should have known about it. The SIA was not entirely the making of the Manning and the PNM. The UNC and the current Prime Minister were also willing culprits in its implementation.

A modern state must have a capability to detect the activities of those who wish to undermine the state. No one would have objected if a secret apparatus had detected the activities of Raffique Shah and Rex La Salle in 1970 or the movements of Abu Bakr and his men before they struck Parliament with such decisive force in 1990. A serious state must have a mechanism to detect and/or to deter those who wish to destabilize it.

The US spends $80 billion (US) annually, ten times T&T’s national budget, on intelligence gathering among its 16 intelligence agencies. It even hires private contractors to assist in intelligence gathering. James Clapper Jr., the new director of national intelligence, oversees the budgets of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. I am sure President Barack Obama does not know exactly who these agencies spy upon and everything they do.

It is entirely possible that the President may not have been a target of the intelligence network. He might have been speaking to a target (“someone of interest” in their jargon) and his name was picked up. Several names may have been picked up under similar circumstances which may account for the diversity of names on this infamous enemies list. Neither President Obama nor Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar should use their intelligence apparatus to go after political enemies or friends. However, we should not use the political hysteria of the moment to introduce legislation that is so draconian that the cure it is likely to be worse than the crime it’s supposed to fix.

There may also have been a touch of paranoia in Manning’s use of this network. Spying on the judiciary must have occurred—or certainly rose in intensity—when he attempted to remove Sat Sharma from his position as Chief Justice. Frustrated at every legal turn, Manning came to believe that the judiciary was a part of a judicial coup to overthrow him or at least to subvert his rule. He had to be on top of things. There may not have been any interest in Sharma’s wife and son. They might have been caught up in the sting as it were.

Manning was also obsessed with the activity of the media which he was convinced did not like him and the PNM. The role of the Newsday prior to the May elections and its transformation into a full-scale rag for the PP today after the election supports the latter position. People were leaking stories to the media. He wanted to know where the leaks were coming from and who the culprits were. In no way does this justify the violation of the privacy of law-abiding citizens but by then Manning had become a law unto himself. He was willing to use any means to achieve his despotic ends.

Manning’s quest for total power led him to call the election in May 2010. His being Prime Minister was not good enough. He wanted to be monarch of all he surveyed. His becoming Executive President was the primary vehicle to achieve his end. At least that is how he saw it. Consumed by a drive to control everything around led him to act in ways that were inconsistent with a developed society that his party sought to achieve and the transformation of T&T into a modern state by 2020.

Few persons would disparage such goals. Having no plans of their own, the PP readily adopted PNM’s development plans. They have continued CECEP; GATE and ETCK Camana Park. They stopped the Aluminum Smelter Plant and abolished the property tax. To the degree they have disparaged PNM’s prudent management of the economy they are now forced to respond to IMF’s assessment of our economy that predicts a dire future for our country over the next year. Inexplicably, the usual press conference that takes place after such missions are concluded did not take place.

One wonders what aspects of the IMF findings and recommendation the PP government wants to hide from the public. The Minister of Finance should share this information with the public to whom it belongs. While the Prime Minister is incensed about the secrecy surrounding the intelligence operations of which she claims she had no knowledge it is important that she shares the IMF Report of which is in her possession with the nation.

Secrecy and the breaking the law take place in different ways and under different guises. It can be the product of hubris (as in the case of Manning), the deliberate withholding of national information (as in the case of the IMF Report), or the outright removal of citizens from various positions and boards in contravention of the law.

Kamla may have scored a coup in exposing Manning’s extravagance to the nation. She needs to follow the law in small things as well (as in releasing the IM Report) and thereby set a proper example to the nation.

22 thoughts on “Setting a Proper Example”

  1. “The US spends $80 billion (US) annually, ten times T&T’s national budget, on intelligence gathering among its 16 intelligence agencies”..

    The Americans have to spend that much money because every Jehadi is on the lookout for American targets globally. The bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kenya, the attack on the USS Cole, the misadventures of several jehadis coming with shoe bomb and jockey shorts bomb on airplanes bound for America. All it takes is one to succeed. So the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

    The same cannot be said for Trinidad and Tobago. Spending enormous sums of money on security is an example of PNM wastage. SAUTT multi billion dollar extravaganza with nothing substantial to show. A million dollar blimp which was the political joke of the century. And now a spy agency carved from the mindset of Mugabe with their $15 million slush fund used to fund family vacations, and all the excesses that qualify them as nothing but criminals stealing badly needed tax payers dollars. To add insult to injury the murder rate for the first time spiralled pass 500 and kidnapping and extortion from business people rue the day.

    The virtual rape of the treasury in mindless exercise of spying on law abiding citizens is an example of a Prime Minister losing his scruples. The problem with Mr. Manning was that he became a law unto himself accountable to no one. A tin-pot dictator par excellance. Today T&T is facing the sins of past like a corbeaux waiting to feed on some dead carcass. Contractors who are now demanding all kinds of money owed to them, while the emporer engage in a building exercise that would rival the building of Noah’s ark. Clico billion dollar boondogle, the overpayment on projects (almost all projects went into millions more) to the Syrian cartel. Estimated cost over-runs in billions.

    The check and balances in government are now being restored under the PP. Wanton wasting of tax dollars, reducing excessive salaries, cut-off programs that do not generate goods and services (URP & CEPEP) etc. The economy will shrink but with clever management, greater accountabilty, T&T in the next two years can climb out of the hole made by the Manning administration.

    All economies moreso the U.S. economy is facing great uncertainty. The Brits did the right thing and slash billions in spending, other European nations are doing the same.

    T&T will have to go through a similar exercise to get the economic health in order. The good news is that oil is still king, but for how long.

  2. “No one would have objected if a secret apparatus had detected the activities of Raffique Shah and Rex La Salle in 1970 or the movements of Abu Bakr and his men before they struck Parliament with such decisive force in 1990. A serious state must have a mechanism to detect and/or to deter those who wish to destabilize it.Neither President Obama nor Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar should use their intelligence apparatus to go after political enemies or friends. ”
    Dr Cudjoe
    Great job on this one ,as usual, Dr. Cudjoe. You have touched all the salient points that needs reiterating , especially in the absence of any sound , objective, media voices , since most members are too busy ,either getting fired- or scared or so being- via the actions of obvious , vindictive ,closet criminals, political jokers-with selective amnesia as to their own undemocratic collusions- or excitedly leading the cheering brigade, of this idea deficient , ghastly ,and exceedingly dangerous bunch ,that we’ll unfortunately be saddled with for a few more years , unless of course Uncle Shah, and pal Rex L , decides to suit up again , or better yet ,the pseudo religious nut, Abu Bakr and his wandering ,’ Louis Farakonian miscreants,’ decides to take a shot at repeating their unfortunate 1990 beat down on the nation,that selective governmental , private beneficiaries- in and out of power- never deemed it necessary to seriously investigate.
    Let us continue to reemphasize the point, that one can love oneself, and tribe , and yet place a priority on our nation’s interest , and country’s needs, over anything else.
    Hey Khem,T-Man, Morougamax, and Jeet, are you guys taking notes? If so ,can you tribal apologist bunch,kindly relay the cry from a few of us globalist, remaining patriotic citizens, to your PP crew,for just think of the possibilities- not only for their chances of getting another mandate from the people , but our country as a whole.
    Long live the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and may the efforts of tribalistic, destructive barbarians , be kept at bay.
    I stand corrected.

    1. This seems to be an attempt to justify a position. No where in the past had proof been presented that Rex La Salle and Raffique Shah did anything unconstitutional. History shows that they were wrongly prosecuted for a misinterpretation of their roles in the T&T Regiment. Their roles were in defence of the country not to defend the rulers of the country. They saw no role for the Regiment in going onto the street in a civil disobedience. Another misinterpretation of the events continued to be repeated by certain people.

      There are many ways to maintain order in a country. Certainly spying on the citizens is one of them and there should be political and civil consequences to wrong doing in abuse cases. However, to move from trying to assigning blame for abuse to castigating a government is a jump into the bias abyss. If a political party cannot aspire to democracy within its own party how do we believe that such a party can aspire to democracy in a state.

      That has been the problem of the PNM from its inception. And it one reads through this article there are areaas where tenets of democracy would be crushed by this author because they represent another voice.

      The most know democratic principle is that even though you may be wrong I will defend your right to express your self. This principle must be maintained and not squashed by anyone or group.

  3. “To the degree they have disparaged PNM’s prudent management of the economy…”

    Hahaha I almost fell off my chair reading this piece of garbage. PNM “prudent management of the economy” Wow.

    Let us examine how prudent, the PNM was in managing the economy.
    (1)Every consumerable item increase under the PNM. Why is this important because it affected fixed inome people in a very negative way.

    (2)Almost every project undertaken by the Manning administration ran into huge cost over-runs, multiple millions. The worst was the Toruba stadium reaching close to $1 billion, next in line was the never ending Tobago hospital, millions thrown into this sink hole. The Syrian cartel alone raised over $3 billion in excess cost. Is that prudent management of the economy??? Ha

    (3)Billions spent in security with nothing to show. How can any government throw away so much money and not have any real returns???

    I could go on but the goodly prof is too much in love with the PNM to use any kind of real analysis or logic when writing about them. In his eyes they did nothing wrong. And that is understandble when you are in love…

  4. There was a time when Cudjoe’s word had an impact on T&T society. Those days are long gone.There is now an excess of intelligent, independent and educated thinkers littering the landscape of the island. As a matter of fact most with Ph.D.s no longer refer to themselves as “doctor”.
    As long as Cudjoe continues to show his eternal PNM bias in his articles,sometimes defying facts and logic, he will be ignored.

  5. “Having no plans of their own, the PP readily adopted PNM’s development plans. They have continued CECEP; GATE and ETCK Camana Park. They stopped the Aluminum Smelter Plant and abolished the property tax”

    Whenever a government comes into power there is always the temptaion to change programs. Same program different names. Eric started with DEWD (Dr. Eric Williams Darlings), that evolved into ten days (after getting bad media attention), then into URP. The Prime Minister has said there is no need to change the names, simply get rid of the ghost gangs, and the mismanagement.

    But I side with Dr. Cudjoe on this matter CEPEP has been an incredible drain on the economy, without any kind of goods and services being produced. The PM should have just ended it just like the PNM concluded Caroni, I am sure the Prof would have agreed. Over $2 billion has been pumped into CEPEP when that money could have been used to develop at least 7 industrial estates using Caroni lands. The nation would have benefitted from long term employment, it is not to late for the PP to adopt a strategy as I mentioned.

    I disagree with the prof in getting rid of GATE, it is still a program that could benefit ambitious young men and women. Again I would have to disagree with the prof. in getting rid of ETCK Camana Park.

    Getting rid of the Aluminum Smelter Plant was a good idea. Why??? it was unpopular with the public for good reasons. Stopping the setting up of a property tax system was good. The government was not showing fiscal responsibility with it’s massive spending habits.

    To surmise, my economic suggestion to the Minister of Finance get rid of CEPEP as Doc. Cudjoe has suggested, and instead think of long term development. There are massive markets for certain type of produce, Trinidad have a head start above or Caribbean friends. Meet with business and ask them to lead the way forward with an economic short term plan. The government does not have all the answers, good liason with business and other economic thinkers will push T&T ahead. One of the unexplored area (UNC did some of it) is the development of tourist destinations.

    There are thousands of Trinis living abroad who want to return to the mother land and spend hard currency, the banks and the Minister of Tourism should seize such opportunities. Also business can form joint ventures and build condomiums for retirees. There are a host of possiblities by engaging expats. Mexico recieves over $90 billion per year from citizens living abroad, India started Pravasi after it’s economy almost collapse. Indians in the Gulf rescued it by sending back home billions.

    The banks should make it easy for Trinis living abroad to set up accounts and transfer money and start businesses in T&T. Nuff said.

  6. “I did not vote for the People’s National Movement (PNM) during the last national election. Like so many, I became so disenchanted with the positions and attitudes of the former Prime Minister that I could not, in good faith, support the party which I always supported and of which I am a member.I did not vote for the People’s Partnership (PP) either….whose only objective was to remove the PNM. They had no plans for the country,”
    Dr Selwyn Cudjoe

    Dear Uncle Cudjoe,J’ambo, ’ as we often say in East Africa, where we were once Kings, ad Queens. I wish to ask you a few serious questions ,in efforts to clear the air , and in the interest of peaceful coexistence amongst the races , in our country. Tell me Doctor, which Hindu Prince did you murder in a previous life my friend? It is the only explanation I can conjure up ,to decipher why folks such as Khem, T-Man , murugamax , and such, have it out for you to this degree. What exactly are your sins one can ask? You are a globally respected author , and proud African, that has spent a lifetime attempted to instill some racial pride in African kids world wide, while simultaneously ,trying to provide a modicum of understanding amongst those that are different , and for that you are daily castigated. You could have remained abroad in the pristine quarters of American Academia ,and enjoy a good life , long into your twilight years , but instead decided to return home and make a contribution to the development of your country , and for this you are daily chastise.
    You’ve educated yourself in similar manner to Dr Rambachan, Dr Hamid Ghanny, Dr. Bhoe Tewarie ,Dr Deosaran, and Dr Nantambu, and for this you are lambasted for daring to address yourself as a Doctor.
    I have painstakingly over the past two years, while traversing this here information highway, read every one of your blogs,and would not be lying to say that you gave necessary praise, where it was due , and dish out your share of verbal blows , where you thought it warranted , to all citizens globally. As a matter of fact , if there were two words I can use to sum up your commentaries , it would be objective, and respectful. What exactly have you done dear sir, to stir up the wrath of these good folks, I might ask? Did you walk around Central, or other Indian enclaves ,raping their women at will? Not that I know of. have you spent a life time denouncing our Muslim brothers across the world in boring booklets , in effort to pander to the Nobel committee, and the rest of the Islamophobic , Post Cold War community , so as to get that elusive Nobel prize? I think not. Have you used every opportunity to denounce the people of the Caribbean ,even the country of your birth , while heaping praises on Europeans ,that only tolerated your race, and butt kissing kind ,simply because it suited their sinister purposes ? Some would say no, and I agree.

    Have you spent an entire lifetime pretending to be a spiritual leader within our country, but never once had a good thing to say of another race or religion , within the length and breath of this wonderful nation, but used every opportunity to create racial divisions , while spewing your putrid , insecure , self hating ,venom ? Again, I would say no.
    Just for the record , let me state the following in your defense . We the struggling masses do appreciate what you have done for your nation , and specifically for our young people indirectly. You by your actions have offered hope , by your display of self love, and display of dignity while enduring wanton derogatory ,callous , and demeaning attacks , by others not even fit to smell your shoes ,much less walk in them. Keep up the good work, in the knowledge that we the grateful folks across the diaspora ,do have your back. Let’s us the socially conscious ,continue to work together , in effort to help elevate our country into a cohesive nation . We should also never hesitate to give credit where it is due , while trying to emulate success where ever possible. Nothing comes to mind more vividly that the peaceful coexistence track records of Hindus and Muslims brothers and sisters , across our nation , as compared in the much lauded South Asian motherland. After all ,500 Million inter ethnic murders in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh ,and Sri Lanka, whereas in Trinidad and Tobago – a mere statistical blip on the radar screen, when compared. We are so proud of that achievement, and pray that destructive forces not get their way to change such a reality, or worst yet continue pitting our two continents of competing people, against each other.
    Let’s therefore continue to lead the way , and love country over tribe,for as globalist ourselves , we know that the consequences of doing otherwise are quite dire. In ending , let me indicate to cousin T- Man and company, that we do subscribed to democratic principles , and so welcome your right to ignore our good Doctor as you please, but do not expect to see a huge following . Your obvious hatred for the Doctor , and any that looks like him , says more about you ,and similar ilk than about the doctor, as it is quite obvious that he is doing something good and offers some unwarranted threat .
    Much luv, from de-global-political-animal, & voice of reason.

    1. Neal said “You’ve educated yourself in similar manner to Dr Rambachan, Dr Hamid Ghanny, Dr. Bhoe Tewarie ,Dr Deosaran, and Dr Nantambu, and for this you are lambasted for daring to address yourself as a Doctor.”

      My understanding is Doc Cudjoe got into the American University because of the affirmitive action intiative that required a certain percentage of black student to be given a placement in the University. Further to that the Profs were told to mark black student works at a level that would allow them to pass exams. Now I maybe wrong but affirmative action is alive and well in the U.S. And a degree does not mean intellectual assent. It simply mean that you presented academic papers and finished assignment.

      I tend to agree with you Nealos, the “Doc” title is a bit to big for uncle Cudjoe. His articles are basically boring and repetitive (take a look at what he wrote about Warner and the PM in previous articles). There are no real intellectual stimulation, just a confuse, mismash of lame hateful ideas. So I understand your frustration.

      In this article for instance he cites American military spending as justifiable cause for the SIA in T&T. He fails to understand the moral dimension of governance and the need for proper legislation to control the parameters of security operations to ensure citizens rights are not trampled. As an example the Doc says “There may not have been any interest in Sharma’s wife and son. They might have been caught up in the sting as it were.” Really??? What sting operations was being conducted against the former Chief Justice??? Who authorised that sting operation and for what purpose??? And why the interest in the conversations of his wife and son??? This is an example of a poor analysis of the situation and a silly conclusion at best. The fact is there was no LEGAL authorisation of this sting operation and therefore it was an IllEGAL ACT against the third most powerful office in the land.

  7. What a load of unsupported speculation!!!
    This article has so many ‘may(s)’ and ‘might have(s) that it loses all credibility to the reader.

  8. Always the crafty one ehh khem? That’s why I can have so much fun communicating with you my friend. Listen buddy , this affirmative action business when it come to African folks is a bit overblown as often the kinky head , thick lips, big butts kids , that really benefited from that initially ,are so minuscule that it ain’t worth mentioning any more. Remember, the guilty consciences of white folks have shifted considerably over the years, especially in the USA-not too sure about where you are in Canada, as not only Africans, but thousands of bare -feet South Asians Indians , are getting the benefit of the doubt, and undeservingly ending up into higher educational institution , as opposed to peddling haberdashery chinkets ,across Ontario for survival.
    The people who have made great strides re this problem in America however, are white women. Please do not ignore the evils of ‘de legacies’ that benefited idiots, such as G.W Bush and his rum drinking crazy daughters, or Al Gore and his clan. This has done more harm to America , than any Colin Powell, Condi RIce , Clarence Thomas, or- if correct- in our case Dr Cudjoe to gain from.
    Now to get back to the real point you sly fox, do you seriously believe that a certain unreadable writer, got into London over other numerous others , to study English , because his essays were much better than many others in his same class? We know you wish to dismiss this but the tribe is quite legendary for doing whatsoever it takes to give members of the family a leg up on the competition , be it in education, special job application, or any other affair where competition is involved. I can even bring you documentary evidence to show where historically , guys would bring their tame ,acquiescing wives, and daughters ,to sleep with their respective bosses to get ahead socially, in this beautiful Twin Island Republic , from within your special enclaves , my friend.
    Am I right, or am I right?
    Your call khem.

  9. Neal I am amazed how you can inject racism into any topic of discussion,the discussion started with Cudjoe trying to do a David Copperfield act of bending the truth and reality of what was going on in this Gestapo operation of Manning into it being the new government’s fault.I am sure that 15 million that was found is just the left over from all the Kidnapping ransom that is used to fund their secret operations over the years.How else could the Manning and his kidnappers launder the countless of millions of dollars taken from the hard working people of the country without drawing some kind of suspicion.
    Neal I notice how fast you blindfolded yourself and jumped of the cliff with Cudjoe like a sheep,you would agree with him no matter what he says.I feel sorry for you man,with a mentor like Codjoe you would end up no different from the local tugs that he(Cudjoe) encourage roam the street to rob and kill innocent people every day,like you and your Guru say “they have nothing to loose”except their lives which they place no value on anyway.
    This is the message you and your Guru Cudjoe preaching to the young black people in Trinidad and Tobago, to put it flat I don’t know why someone doh put some bull pestle on both of you maybe that would put some sense into you,plain talk bad manners.
    Maybe then Cudjoe could come up with a plan to save all the young black men that resort to crime as a means of acquiring their daily bread instead of the sweat of thy brow.
    Somehow I suspect you would just do your usual chicken dance around the issue and do what you do best which is to blame Indians for all your plight.

    1. You know , I am not too surprise that there are those such as cousin morougamax, that would read a few of my blogs ,and draw similar unfounded conclusions. They would ignore the numerous occasions that I choose to place a well aimed punch into the symbolic solar plexus, of one of my own brothers and sisters across the diaspora.
      They refuse to consider my commentaries about nation building, and pro patriotisms . They dismiss my efforts to juxtapose my wonderful multi racial , multi ethnic country, with others globally , and use my educational, and work experiences ,as well as global exposure to countries , and peoples in distant lands ,to show us who we are, where we are moving out of kilter , and ways of getting us back on track , so as to prevent the ghastly horrors that exist far and wide from repeating itself here.
      Some say I am calculating , others a sick, insecure character ,with unresolved psychological issues, while others still even claim ,that I am a pompous ,tribalist ,delusional fool, with some unwavering obsession with anything Indian .
      Not too sure , who ,or what is correct anymore ,or even care about the interpretations for that matter, except to say that I am a true patriotic citizen, that cares about my country.
      I am an ardent student of global history , and made it my duty to know ,and fully understand, every aspect of that which is applicable to my country . As such , I take distinct pleasure in highlighting our people in every aspect, and would not hesitate to extoll their virtues , via praise where I think they are warranted, but likewise , would not hesitate to poke others in the eyes, where it is also applicable.
      I have a theory as to why my country has failed thus far , even with it’s vast resources, and highly literate ,socially sophisticated people. I will not hesitate to try and nudge them in the right direction where I can , and hopefully pretty soon , would be able to do more than just talk , in effort to make a difference where it matters. Let me in ending just remind folks of Rainbow nation, that this task of nation building , will remain quite challenging, and requires us all working together in efforts to make this beautiful unpolished gem shine, since we are all responsible for the socio-economic com political quagmire we are presently in.
      Let’s make it happen – together!
      Warm regards ,to cyber joisting friends, and foe alike.

      1. Nealos said “Some say I am calculating , others a sick, insecure character ,with unresolved psychological issues, while others still even claim ,that I am a pompous ,tribalist ,delusional fool, with some unwavering obsession with anything Indian”

        Nealos you are all of the above. As the say the voice of the people is the voice of God, so God must be telling you something…….

        1. The difference between us both is that I can look within, recognize imperfections , and strive to improve where possible. The question is, can you? I suspect not.

  10. Cngratulations Dr. Cudjoe, this has to be one of the most mature comments on the issue that I have read. I have also said, that the sfety of a state depends on those in power knowing what those who would do it ill, are up to. Therefore a spy agency is neded. These agencies, however, often become a law onto themselves, and onviously this happened here.
    I am interested in HOW THE AGENCY WAS FUNDED. Unless there was a lump sum grant made in 1991, this had to be a line item on someone’s budget, some minister’s authority was used for the subventions that allowed this group to grow into the octopus it became. Did we not look closely enough, because some people targeted were not our friends? Possibly.
    LAst summer, I spent four weeks in Malawi. Up to that visit, i had thought Dr. HAsting BAnda a national hero. He led the country to independence, founded the University of Malawi, unified the arious ethnic groups, and allowed all who rn from the war in Mozabique to enter his country by crossing the road. But in his own country, I learnt that he apparntly ordered his enemies picked up by his personal bodyguards, and thrown into the crocodile infested Shire River. He was a dictator, they said, over and over. Yet, he moved the country forward tremendously. He moved the capital from Blantyre- the colonial cpital, to lillongwe, more in the middle of the country. So the people respect what he achieved for the country, but, having ben put out of the ountry at age 13 by the British Colonials, for being too smart, he saw enemies at every corner, nd it certainly affected his style of leadership.
    Goo men can turn sour when they are in power too long. Our ountry needs term limits not only for the Prime Minister, but for the party in power. A maximun of two terms if the people are satisfied with them.

    We need to put curbs on the surveillance agencies, but first we need to define what a privae citizen is. That to me, would hardly be you or me, because we expose our views in order to influence others.

    I have friends in the Middle East- Muslims with whom I correspond, and I have donated land that I owned in anoher state, to build an interfaith dialog center for the People of the book. It would not surprise me therefore, if my mail is scanned by both countries of my citizenship. If people would sleep better in their beds, I have no problem if they check my conversations with people of Muslim names. As a board member of an organization that supports international friendships and dialogue, I correspond with people with strange names, but always in English. I am not worried about stations in New Zealand reading this mail. That’s why I write in my best English- it would prevent boredom.. You hang in there selwyn, our people continue to need educating.

  11. Setting a proper example is very important especially for those that are in a position to influence the minds and behavior of people even if it is just one child.We should all own up to our personal responsibility of leading by example in our homes,community and in some cases the greater public.Some of us neglect or just plain oblivious to the consequences of our actions be it expressed opinion or ideas.Inciting vulnerable youth to go out and rob and kill as a means of “getting theirs”because they have nothing to loose is plain and simple insane.What kind of example is that?
    The way Cudjoe and others tries to manipulate misguided youth into terrorizing the public to satisfy their need for vengeance and then claim others are not setting a good example is ludicrous.
    The problem with some is that they cannot escape the mindset of living in the shadow of the white man,why do they feel the need to have a black equivalent to everything white,for example of Neal wanting Cudjoe to be the black Black Socrates and there are countless others of the black man living in the shadows of the white man.
    Neal tries so desperately to create the impression of being an honorary white or step higher than the average black man in the use of flamboyant language whenever he writes,which only help to reveal his inferiority complex and his need to compensate for his shortfalls.

  12. “Neal tries so desperately to create the impression of being an honorary white or step higher than the average black man.” Morougamax
    Now folks , do you see another perfect example of what I correctly refer to as an ‘intellectual pigmy?’ I give some props to an African brother , then I am suffering from inferiority complex , and playing white.
    I posted a link of a popular national kiaso,where the singer paid tribute to a hoast of global leaders across ethnic, racial, cultural,geographical, and historical lines , and this mad max fellow , did not acknowledge it , because it was not made by some Oxford educate , insecure , country hating fool, with only two single books in his entire arsenal that is worth reading ,as they were written when he still knew how to spell the name of his country , and looked favorably on his own women as worthy.
    What is even more frightening , is the fact that jokers such as morougamax , and the African hating racist ,Dr Goopiesing ,are also granted the opportunity to hold position of influence ,so that they can shape policies , with lasting impact,across our country.
    As such,if he gets a chance he would castrate , burn at the stake ,and personally murder , every blue color criminal across the country, that he claimed Dr Cudjoe encouraged to rape, steal from, and commit wanton genocidal acts against mostly defenseless , poor , and delicate East Indian brothers, and sisters , while sparing Africans.
    Of course ,the actions of HCU ‘s CEO crook ,Harry Harnarine, Basdeo Panday Airport /London banking bribe scandal, Gilman Hussain, and UNC corrupt financiers Ish & Steve, fight against extradition to the USA , he consider as just another walk in the white color crooked park.
    He tries to pin honorary white status on me , yet like most of his clan , cannot see merit in an individual, unless one of his superior blond hair blue eyed beings , gave the green light so to do.
    What is amazing is that jokers like this does not even recognize that it’s through their own self indulging stupidity,the seeds are planted that ca blossom into a Idi Dada Amin , or worst yet, Fijian , George Speight, as well as Frank Baininmarama of the world are created, or our good brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.
    What is so ironic , is that this joker seriously think this is about Cudjoe, Manning, Panday , or him and his drunken morouga buddies. No my friend, this is about my 1.3 million fellow nationals across the country. In the interest of national development, it is time comedians like your self, get your heads out of the symbolic sand, and look out for our domestic, and international interest, and why? No security , equals no peace,which translates to no long term development. Security is no longer limited to guns , bullets ,and such nonsense, but entails security of all aspects of human lives- from health,to education, food, environmental protections etc, capece?

  13. Thank you Neal for borowing “intellectual pigmy.” I know my words resonate with you. Would have been nice to acknowledge where you got it.Didn’t you research teacher teach you that in high school or college?

  14. You make no sense,you are like a man lost in the desert that takes a bath with the last of his water then tell others to do the same.
    Neal you and Codjoe are the last of a dying breed,people like you cannot see anything pass race.This issue have totally consumed your life causing you display a new level of insanity here when you list people like Amin,Speight and Baininmarama, inadvertently implying that Indians are responsible for their behavior and actions.The entire world have already acknowledged that these men are tyrants,yet you and Cudjoe are the only two left that uses it to support your racist agenda.
    Neal the date is November,22nd 2010 not November 22nd 1810,you are a free man,you are no longer a slave,maybe someone need to slap this into your head in order for you to realize this fact.Your race bases agenda will get you no where,look at Cudjoe do you believe anyone that possesses an iota plain common sense take him seriously?
    You talk about Goopiesinsh influencing and manipulating the education of the young to fit his agenda,what have your “agenda setters”been doing the past 50 years for the young of Beetham and Lavantille apart from bumping their gum together to create the same useless noise that you and Cudjoe are doing here,fine example you two are setting.

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