UDeCOTT board fired

UDeCOTT board fired
UDeCOTT board fired
Udecott board fired
The Government is giving itself two weeks to reconstitute the board of directors of State-owned Urban Development Corporation of T&T (Udecott). Well-placed sources made this revelation last night, after the Government sacked the four remaining members of the old Calder Hart-led board.

AG to UDeCOTT board: You’re fired
In a statement to the Senate yesterday, Attorney General John Jeremie announced that there would be a ‘reconstituted’ UDeCOTT board-save for its recently appointed chairman Jearlean John- and thanked the outgoing members for their services.

Cherry: Sacking of Udecott board reckless and unfair
At least one member of the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (Udecott) board says it appears to be a political act to replace all board members except for chairman Jearlean John. Anthony Cherry yesterday described the announcement by Attorney General John Jeremie to change the remaining four Udecott board members as “reckless” and “unfair.”

Ex-director defends axed UDeCOTT board: We did our best
Two former directors of the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago, Anthony Cherry and Wendell Dottin, said yesterday their resignations will not affect their lives.

Bye bye Board
AFTER much public disgust at the Udecott Board and its former head Calder Hart, we are relieved that the Uff Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Udecott was yesterday laid in the Senate by Attorney-General John Jeremie.

Sources: Hart to return Monday
Former Udecott executive chairman Calder Hart is expected to return to the country next Monday. This was confirmed yesterday by legal sources close to Hart.

ACIB working with Malaysian cops
ACTING Commissioner of Police James Philbert said yesterday officers of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau (ACIB) are working closely with Interpol officers in Malaysia as part of ongoing investigations into Udecott.

Ramesh on Uff Commission findings: Worse than O’Halloran scandal
Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj says he is not surprised by the findings of the Uff Commission.

‘…Minister must go too’
THE Uff report has revealed nothing new and held no surprises, says president of the Joint Consultative Council (JCC) Winston Riley.

PM has a case to answer too
It may not have been ‘the Calder Hart inquiry’, as the Works and Transport Minister once protested too much in Parliament, but the former UDeCOTT executive chairman emerges as the unquestionable superhero in the drama of public-sector misbehaviour unfolded by the Uff report.

Kamla: Too little, too late
PRIME Minister Patrick Manning should resign and call a general election immediately due to Government’s refusal to act on allegations against the Urban Development Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT), its former executive chairman Calder Hart and the company’s board based on evidence long in the public domain, advised Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Fresh probe into Cleaver Heights
Government is to conduct another forensic investigation into the Cleaver Heights housing project.

…Rowley: They’re out to get me
This is now the fourth investigation in Cleaver Heights Housing Project, Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley stated yesterday. Rowley said probes were done by forensic accountants Gerry McCaffrey, Robert Lindquist, the Uff Commission of Enquiry and all came to the same conclusion thing – that no money was stolen.

Uff: Chinese not better than locals
THERE is little, if any difference, between the performance of Chinese contractors and local contractors on construction sites, chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the construction sector Professor John Uff QC finds in a Report which will test the credibility of the Government’s attacks on the capacity of the local construction industry.

16 thoughts on “UDeCOTT board fired”

  1. What took them so long?Perhaps its time we appoint some competent WOMEN to these boards? From my list, I would recommend Dr. Rhoda Reddock of UWI, lawyer Lynette Seebaran,(I hope she is still in TnT- so many good ones get fed-up and migrate). Women take these responsibilities seriously, as they almost always envision their hildren being beneficiaries of what they do. MAny men,it seems to me, look out for themselves.

  2. Wasn’t the Minister of Housing responsible for Udecott, a woman,Emily Dick Forde?

  3. Be careful Ms L , for are embarking on climbing an unsubstantiated slippery slope. Remember that throughout history many of the crooks and bandits have done most of their acts on behalf of ‘loving women,’ or with their full knowledge , then in the end , the latter escaped the full effects of the guillotine /law ,due in part to the kind hearted men themselves, in positions of authority such as law enforcement positions.
    Simply funny, but ‘let them eat cake,’ nevertheless.Do you think for example that Uncle P would have the good lady aka better half , share a jail cell with him after the jurors comes back with an obvious guilty decision shortly?

  4. Is it not highly unusual for an attorney general to announce the firing of the directors of a state cooperation? And, in particular, this AG, J Jeremie, the fixer extraordinaire, the conspirator who was once sent into exile by Manning himself, and recently brought back to destroy Rowley, the threat to Manning’s leadership.
    This is the same Jeremie who was involved in questionable practices.(The Mustill report) in his attempt to carry out the wishes of the PM and his conspiracy against the Chief Justice. This is the same Jeremie who was condemned in a non-confidence motion by the Law Society.
    This man is the least ethically and morally qualified to be the top law enforcement officer in T&T. He has become the Prime Minister’s fixer. Udecott was the PM’s baby. Calder Hart was the PM’s savior. The PM not only frequently defended Hart and Udecott, but castigated those who dared to challenge the dealings of Hart and Udecott.
    Jeremie once again has become the PM’s front man on this file, as Manning tries to appear sanitized by rattling his election saber.

  5. I wonder what is Abu Bkar and our one time PM / Opposition leader’s legal counsel ,Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, ratings on the morality meter scale? Did he not spend most of his pre political life defending criminals against the death penalty , and his first act while in power , was to start popping selective necks , left , right, and center, including a close client?

    Let’s keep ‘dem’ honest, shall we!

  6. The most famous bandit of modern times, was India’s Bandit Queen,Devi was her last name; who survived rape and other attrocities as a child to avenge herself in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. She was elected to parliament and was being tried for multiple murders when she was assssinated, if that did not get her, the TB she contrcted in prison would have. That being said, she stands in strong contrast to Angela Merkel of Germany, Michele Bachelet who just turned over power in Chile, The female preident of Liberia,Ms.Sirleaf-Johnson, and many others who put country first. About the lady named Dick-Forde, I know nothing at all. She may have been ineffective, or a figurehead. I think of the junior minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,under Panday, who reported to office for four months after the votequake, and was given absolutely nothing to do. She had an empty desk in the corner of his office. When she threatened to resign from the colition, ANR moved her to a different ministry. She was the first to sound the notes of disharmony after 1986.- a woman. A few years later, the NAR was in tatters. Now, how do I know this? She told me so herself. I was a woman willing to counsel other women for free- just a person they could share with. Women are better suited to these positions, but not if they are weak and under the thumb of a male.Are tere any free thinking, professional women in TnT other than Dr. Rhoda Reddock, Lynette Seebarran-Suite and Wendy Fitwillims?

  7. I do agree with Linda Edwards.In my profession, during my working years, I recall that women colleagues excelled and made better cooperative leaders.

  8. Irrespective of how logical it is presented to me , I can never subscribe to any mindset, that supports the notion that a person’s gender, race, ethnic background,so called inherited IQ, or opaque culture ,holds the key to making them better leaders. If you detest the Indian Caste system , and the British heredity kings, then you are speaking with forked tongue today and showing your neo feminist bias Ms.L. In addition , you are too savvy to fall into the fake belated support trap, of the Canadian King of Sarcasm himself.
    NAR was in tatters from the day it was created , and we did not need the inside zepo from one disgruntled female Junior Minister to tell us so Ms. L. The reason for the government demise back then was simple, and I can save Dr Ryan , or Ghanny,the time to explain. It was created by untrustworthy, disingenuous ,political baggage laden neo-colonial power elites, whose sole intentions were only to defeat the PNM , with little concern as to how to run our country after this easy task was accomplished. Come on now, Ms. L , get real , former PNM vindictive AG Karl, in-secured Robbie the Tobago neglector, and ,or Basdeo the hate-monger, with your grandchild for 10 minutes , if you desperately had to use a toilet in Woodford Square POS,and if no as I suspect, then why our country?
    So you think Wendy Williams is a free thinker perhaps like Angela Jolie the all caring humanitarian globalist ,due to the fact that she too decided to make a baby out of wedlock, then in her case continue to grow him up alone without any male influence , while pimping him daily via the gullible media ,to push books sales ,and similar cheap self-aggrandizement publicity stunts, and gestures for a few bucks?
    Phony elitist characters like that are the ones putting women back thousand of years. I always find it amusing when women strut their romps around as sexual objects to gain initial notoriety via beauty pageant, then once successful, assume some morally superior high ground in ‘speeches verses actions.’
    Name one gesture that Angela Merkel made to advance Germany and the EU’s position in the globe when compare to the USA? Chilean Michele Bachelet like most South Asian women leaders was the elitist beneficiary of a well connected family. Whether she did anything during her term to halt South American machismo degrading treatment of women , right the wrongs done to indigenous people ,or outside of talk, did anything to finally bury the ghost of the US backed criminal Pinochet , is questionable. As for Africa’s first women president of Liberia,Ms.Sirleaf-Johnson,her grip on power is so tenuous that I won’t be surprise if she is overthrown any day now , as folks are getting nostalgic for the brutality and corruption of the recent past , so go figure. It is time to stop this double standards , and call it as we see it when it comes to the use of power , by the once disenfranchised and neglected.
    Many of the global female leaders , especially these three women depicted, would be considered dismal failures in your estimation, if any were males , who are we kidding?
    Please do not insult our intelligence by telling us that Hopefully the day would also come when we would stop making excuses for the females political failures as well, eh Ms. L? Can’t have it both ways. As you advise and Mentor young female , please tell them to assume their power position in the family as teachers to their boy children. They can plant thee seed of tolerance and respect for the other – particularly of the females persuasion.
    Let’s wish them well, shall we,? Trinidad -for obvious reasons -is not our problem any more, but theirs to hold , cherish , and make better.
    Regards. Love country.

  9. Sometimes, I do not know why I bother wih you guys. You have such narrow perpectives. I was giving you examples of women who are successful achievers, and you come up with “british Colonialism andthe Indian CAste system”Under that British Coloniaism, we had two of the longest serving monarchs- Victoria, and Elizabeth 11, whose steady hands saw the end of slvery, and the rise of Commonwealth status for former colonies. That Indian caste system, thouh still buried deep in many Indians, still gave India is current woman president.To see the world at Tnt,is to look at life through the eye of a needle. You miss so much.

    I am fully aware of the scrambled up party that the NAR was. Dookeran, on stage sitting next to Merle Stephen, Gloria Henry and Selby Wilson , the day before the Votequake, was overheard saying” I only hope my constituents from Central doh come here this evening. People will see how Indian this party really is.” Was he already playing with a few less marbles than most, or was he being reckless?

    Wherever women have held leadership positions, the society has prospered because it is not using its energies holding women back. Sweden is a case in point, but of course we in TnT know everything, and never compare to any other society, right?

  10. Now I know Ms. L is trying to either insult our collective intelligence ,or offer a bit of humor if she is prepared to use Queen Victoria , or The Virgin Queen Elizabeth 1 , as examples of fine stewardship by female leaders.
    Your point however is well taken with respect to President Pratibha Devisingh Patil, for even thought she might represent a selective , privileged ,educated elite in her country , she has done quite a lot together with her husband prior to holding high office ,to show that she cares about the poor and oppressed . I therefore wish her , and the millions of women still living in squalor almost in the stone age of a nuclear power , and emerging industrial nation well.
    Thanks for reminding us of such a wonderful example .I think we both achieved our objectives here for the moment via this discussion. In your case , ‘women are a force to be reckoned with,’ once given the opportunity so to do,which only a fool would disagree on, and in my case ,with respect to any assessments , ‘hold all leaders accountable to the same standards.’
    ‘Say no to elitism,’ and ‘let’s keep them all honest,’ shall we!

  11. Neal:I was talking of Elizabeth 11- the current head of the Commonwealth, not Elizabeth 1, who, truth to tell, was also a strong monarch, but played off one lover against the other constantly. You often get my statements wrong when they are staring you in the face.Too anxious to respond?
    Victoria regalaried the land grants of the Colonial MArines who settled in Williamsville, Moruga, and other Company Villages. It is the only land grant in the New World freely given to captured Africans. This gave Trinidad a landowning class of African people who could vote, because they paid taxes! Quite a breakthrough for Trinidad. It is one of the ways we are differet from the other islands.
    I know this for a fact, because The McNishes, descendants of Polydore McNish, still have their land grant document,signed on behalf of Queen Victoria by some colonial official; and I have a copy of it. The one given to Mingo Edwards , my ancestor, is lost, probably eaten by termites.

    1. It’s always good to hear from a descendant of the Colonial Marines – they were a courageous group of enslaved Americans who volunteered to fight on the British side after quitting their servitude, and then faced innumerable difficulties in Trinidad. However, even though I think they were quite a special community, they were by no means the only people of African ancestry to be given land in the New World. In Trinidad itself, many disbanded members of the West India Regiments, most of whom were in fact African-born, were given land in the area between Arima and Manzanilla, and most of the American refugees of the War of 1812 who settled in Canada were given land, a much larger number than in Trinidad. I think you will find many examples also in Spanish America. As for surviving land grants, I wonder if Linda has confused two cases? I have only ever seen a copy of the one given to Benjamin Burton (who just possibly was the second husband of Linda’s ancestor Lucy), and as a descendant-in-law of Polydore McNish I would welcome news of the survival of the McNish grant.

      1. Fascination begins..
        So I guess the history of T&T did not begin on the Fatel Razack.
        Somebody needs to tell that to the Minister of Food Production, Land and Marine Affairs, Vasant Bharath as he is about to write off African Farmers in his quest for food production (at least that’s what he thinks).
        They have been ‘educated’ that Africans lost their love for the land thru their slave experience. Strange how this phenomena only occurs where Indian Indentureship was ‘successful’. Not Barbados, not Grenada, not St. Vincent, not Jamaica, etc.

        You did well on the Radio bandwidth Iwer… Maybe it’s time to go after TV.

        1. As regards the American refugees who arrived in 1815 and 1816, it was precisely their experiences of rural slavery, with their own provision grounds, that led them to desire their own land and a life as independent farmers. Governor Woodford praised them for their production of ground provisions, and went so far as to say they made ‘good English settlers’, though given his racist perspective one can only assume this was meant to indicate how highly he thought of them. One reason for the introduction of Indian Apprentices in the 1840s was that ex-slaves preferred independent farming after Emancipation to going on working on plantations.

  12. A little chiding from you does not hurt one bit Ms. L. Thanks as usual for the fine history lessons, on both the present Indian President and now our good lady Queen V. I agree , that all the ladies mentioned did a fine job, compared to their respective male counterparts over the centuries.The present monarch especially should be applauded , for it was due to her that the system remain relevant unlike most of the rest of old Europe. As for tourism , the value to Britain ? Priceless!
    So you are part of the landed aristocracy in Sweet T&T, ‘eh?’
    Seriously Ms. L , let’s agree on one thing. It is imperative that the men of the day be encouraged to be also progressive thinkers ,that respects the rights , contributions, and leadership abilities of the women that are in charge, agreed? Certainly a factor with Elizabeth 1 and Queen Victoria, I think. Therefore as we mentor the female youths to reach their full potentials as human beings, efforts must not be spared to give some attention to the young males to appreciate the females as capable equals- and not the typical,always bare feet, pregnant ,’be seen and not heard,’ sexual objects, that is usually the norm in most backward societies.
    In short , empowering women without simultaneously changing a culture that sees them as threats , and scary rivals , as opposed to a compliments . To put it in Sweet T&T aka Rainbow Country context, this would mean that someone like Madame Kamla for example , would never get that chance to be a leader and shine , as the previous dinosauric , nepotistic, leadership of her party tried so desperately to prevent ,until publicly rebuffed, agreed?
    Warm regards.

  13. John (Weiss McNish)good to see you joining the discussion. The McNishes still live on their land in south trinidad, but since the death of one of them- a male, two years ago, I do not know how long they can hold on to their property. Edgar McNish had a copy of the deed signed by Queen Victoria, and he gave me a copy.

    The people who arrived in 1814-15 were not all enslaved people. Some were taken off slave ships bound for the USA captured by the British, who were blockading some eastern ports like St. Michael’s in Maryland.Some of the Williams in Williamsville still live on their lnad one of my great-aunts, named Saysay, spent all ofher 86 years on the same piece of land continuay owned by her people. She died in 1985. MAny of these people’s practices come directly from Africa, and in her case, I have only met one other person whose name was Sesay, he was from Sierra Leone, where he said, the name is common. Since John Hackshaw died, a lot of the work on this story has ceased, but there are old people who have handed down the old stories.Without an interest in the younger generations, they would become another set of disenfranchised Africans in the west.The United Empire Loyalists who went to CAnada from the East Coast, were white, and the underground railroad sent free blacks to Canada, where many of them setled in Nova Scotia, but I have seen no record of land grants to them as free people.If you know where documents are locared that can attest to free land grants to Africans in South America, please let me know.

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