Kamla is new UNC Political leader

Kamla is new UNC Political leader trinidadexpress.com
Kamla Persad-BissessarJoining Persad-Bissessar in the leadership rung is Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner who has won the chairmanship, also by a landslide. The triumph of Warner, who was essentially on his own, attests to his personal strength within the party.

Ready to work with opponents
Excoriated as a weakling incapable of leading and hiding a drinking weakness, Kamla Persad-Bissessar proved last night she had the political strength to beat two political legends.

Jack wins, hails Kamla
Warner thanked Panday for keeping the party alive and said that with the passing of the mantle yesterday, reality will eventually dawn on him. Warner said Panday has been the victim of people close to him who should have advised some time ago that it was time to bow out.

It’s not over, says Panday
Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday hinted last night that action may be taken by his supporters challenging the results of yesterday’s internal elections.

Boos for Bas
Candidate Basdeo Panday suffered the election day embarrassment of being booed and jeered as he left the Chandernagore Presbyterian School yesterday after voting for himself and his slate.

…Thuggery, says ‘sad’ Panday
Opposition Leader Basdeo Panday said yesterday that thuggery was present in the UNC internal elections.

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  1. Did you read the comments on the youtube clip? Another thing, why doesn’t Manzanilla beach seem as popular anymore? What happened there and why does the water seem polluted sometimes? What? When? Why?

  2. Curtis that pollution is from the blood of our fishermen that Chavez border henchmen arrest daily ,so as to eventually rape , beat to a frazzle , destroy their boats and catch , as well as interrogate Guantanamo style for daring to try and enjoy segments of the 10,000 Fishing treaties we signed with our greedy South American neighbors.
    In the mean time we spend close to a billion TT each year to purchase expensive ships and patrol boats for our Coast Guards , and cannot keep a Bajan flying fish oil speculator away , or South American drug baron out of our country.Go figure!
    Who is going to change this malady , care to guess?

  3. I don’t think Lord Invader got a cent from that one. So for the record..

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    Maybe Trinicenter can post a ‘condensed’ bio on Ms. Kamla… Kids, husband, political history.. doh have the time to do that research.. Thank you.

    Curtis.. Mayaro man. That’s where it’s at.

  4. I wonder what is the favored drink of choice these days,especially by folks who enjoy creating draconian laws aimed at sending under privileged kids, and frustrated adults away for long prison stretches for victimless crimes such as possession of a single marijuana joint , while they in turn do everything possible, so as never to serve a day in jail for their own criminal malfeasance, as well as that of their close high end pals?

  5. BBC and Yahoo states that Africans vote for PNM and Indians vote for UNC. And some Indian website laying claim to Kamla saying that her ancestors are from India…oh good Lord. And yuh know dem Indian from India doh even spit on Trinidadian Indians? Why these people insist on printing this rubbish? I not Indian nor African. And how they know how people vote? They went in an did a search on the ballots? How do they know that Harrylal and his whole family didn’t vote for PNM? These so-called journalist make Trinidad sound backward but they cannot even get the acronym PNM correct. Allyuh write ting allyuh actually KNOW about nah or else try the educated approach…. RESEARCH.

  6. Just point the media to the website that host this blog.
    But anyway,
    There’s a brown girl in the ring… cha la la la..
    She speaks a lot of sugar and plum… but show me yuh motion…cha lah lah lah lah lah..

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