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HouseTHE EDITOR: The public, unscientific and unfounded notion/assertion by Finance Minister Karen Nunez Tesheira that “the majority of Trinbagonians support the Property Tax Bill’ flies in the face of the slightest scintilla of common sense and intellectual rationality.

Indeed, the population of T&T is estimated to circa 1.3m, yet one cannot find and locate at least twelve (12) persons on national radio and/or TV programs who have publicly come out and supported this draconian Property Tax Bill. So, the obvious rhetorical question to the Minister of Finance is: Who are the majority Trinbagonians that support this legislation? Could you tell me?

The salient fact of the matter is that the only Trinbagonians who support this Bill are the majority PNM members in the House and the majority PNM members in the Senate. That’s the final, scientific tally, Madam Finance Minister.

In other words, in this Calypso season, the ruling PNM government is operating under the sobriquet of the “PNM Property Tax Calypso Tent” with House Speaker Barry Sinnanan and Senate President Danny Montano as tent managers, Patrick Manning as the major attraction, Colm Imbert as the MC, Peter Taylor, Esther Le Gendre, Karen Nunez Tesheira and Hazel Manning as the tent’s “Property Tax Chorus”, Michael Annisette as the musical director and John Jeremie as the tent’s no nonsense bouncer.

The theme of this PNM 2010 Property Tax Calypso Tent is: “Magnum Est P.N.M. Et Pravalebit-Great is the P.N.M. and It Shall Prevail.”

The fact of the matter is that this year’s Calypso season comes to an end on 16 February 2010, ipso facto, if the PNM’s Property Tax Bill becomes the law of the land, then, the PNM’s season of governance will also come to an end at the next general elections.

The fact of the matter is that We the People brought the PNM-Manning government into office, but, however, We the People are sick and tired of being continually “bamboozled, hoodwinked and took” by this anti-people, anti-labour and anti-environment administration.

Let us be reminded that everything that is evil must come to an end. Manning’s PNM time is now up.

We the People cannot take any more of the PNM’s political arrogance, infra-structure inhumanity, police brutality, medical negligence, crime pappyshow policies, and downright incompetent governing of the country and its financial resources.

Now is the time for the democracy of the majority of We the People to supervene the “arrogance of power” of the PNM’s minority in T&T. Enough is enough. PNM has got to go, period!

Dr. Kwame Nantambu
Diego Martin

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23 thoughts on “Tyranny of the minority in T&T”

  1. ‘The majority of Trinbagonians support the Property Tax Bill’. This “PNM country” thing has gotten to the minister’s head, by meeting with PNM constituents does not qualify for much madam minister. But I thought the PM say all that is needed for one to be a minister was to have a level head and something else, anyway whatever. But I would always say that these kind of acts would continue so long as people ask “who we go put” and say that the PNM “is the lesser of the evils.

  2. Trinbagonians need to stop belly aching about every thing that can move the Country forward and United to make Trinidad and Tobago a better place for all now and in the Future… I support the Property Tax Bill. And anyone who doesn’t need to get there brains check…

  3. Where have you been for the past years, under a stone? Haven’t you been following anything, all the allegations of corruption that runs into the billions, cost over-runs on mega projects that deprive citizens from the basics? Daily, every talk formatted radio station is bombarded with complaints of water, bad roads, crime, and high food prices. When you label those who raise concerns concerning the governance of our country as “belly aching” you demonstrate you lack of understanding of governance. But maybe there is an agenda by those who do this. Most of those who are against the property tax has no issue with it in principle but are concerned with the integrity of this regime, which has squandered our resources to benefit but a few. There is no trust that once this tax is collected, it would be used to improve the communities. I too support the property tax and the TTRA for reasons already outlined in other posts, but I strongly suggest that you explain a bit more on why anyone should support this tax considering that we have a very corrupt government in office.

  4. It sound to me that you and some of the people want Mother theresa to run the country. well she is dead.. For one Trinidad is limited in certain skill set and to obtain those skill set the human resource of the country need to educate them self so it can be utilize at the local level, but since it has to be done from out side the country then the cost will go up, up and up for any thing you do. So let see if you and all those who are on a Daily basis, bombarded every talk formatted radio station with complaints of water, bad roads, crime, and high food prices. Be a little more Patriotic about doing something for the country other then complain. I would really like to challenge you and those of you are so big on complaining – let see how many Civil Engineer, Agriculture scientist, we can get to graduate from college. Lets see how many people we can get to come forward and provide tips to Law enforcement to curve the crime rate – because is somebody son, father or relative that is committing these crimes and we know them if they in our family. in closing what are you going to do to better the country… If I see a crime and I know who did it bet your last dollar I will tell the police.

    be a little more Patriotic… We all have a civil responsibility to our country…

    1. Ah, now this I can agree with you one hundred percent, I am not one who complains daily, rather I am one who bash the complainers, because they would complain daily about the same thing and on Election Day, they re-elect the very govn’t that has failed them. However I have an issue with your remarks about wanting Mother Theresa to run the country, it’s unfortunate that you see it that way considering the intellect that you are, you must understand that we must demand better from those we elect, especially considering that billions have been squandered by this regime. I really have no issue with your suggestions; they are in fact the way to develop a better country, when each of us do our part we contribute to a better country. But allow me to tell you about doing our part; on my way from studying one Saturday, travelling due to car problems, I was robbed in a maxi. All I was doing, like many others, was doing my part. Are you saying that I should not hold those who are charged with the responsibility to protect me accountable, or does my part mean going after the low life and kill him.

  5. “If I see a crime and I know who did it bet your last dollar I will tell the police.” How noble indeed TYrickyD!
    Tell me something however, are you concern as well for the white color miscreants like a certain unmentionable one time Prime Ministers ,that choosed to abuse his power and privilege, and is now doing everything feasible to stay out of jail- including possibly serving as a butler for Prince Williams of England , so that his grandma the Queen ,will keep the Privy Council here in T&T forever? How about those crooks and bandits that encourage containers to come into the country laden with drugs , small arms weapons, and similar destructive criminal paraphernalias , then pretend to be surprise/shocked when we start competing with borderline failed states such as Haiti, Jamaica, and Somalia, in terms of outrageous crimes?
    Don’t forget certain HFCU criminals that fleeced hard working Caroni workers of their pensions and well earned savings , then let loose their PR loud mouths parrots, to cry crocodile tears as they in turn make outlandish demands on the government to bail out the organization Obama style ,like it did for a national treasure CLICO – while they and their high placed friends spend the stolen loot?
    Now once you are prepared to go after these and similar bums that ripped off the unsuspecting , I will be the first to join you. If as I suspect you are only concerned with sending illiterate ,high school drop out idiots, that will stupidly rob Auntie Juanita from Carapichima of $10 TT on Charlotte St so as to face 15 years in jail,or that rum drinking, dope fein that decides to steal a chicken and a few tomatoes from Uncle Ram’s farm in Aranguez- then you are on your own. Equal rights , and equitable justice is our motto for 2010, and that applies whether we have a DPP for a month or a day, or the EU Courts becomes our final appeals court when all our citizens migrate to Europe in disgust.

  6. Patriotism is a noble thought in these turbulent global economic times. The world that we live in is evolving at a speedier rate week by week, month to month, year to year. It is natural that the cost and standard of living evolves.
    However, I think that we should ask the government to be a little more Patriotic by decreasing if not eliminating frivolous spending and poor decisions that decreases the average families spending power and economic resources.
    Yes we all need to do our part in improving our society, but the government must do its job in spending our hard earned revenue in a more cost efficient way that benefits us all. Look at all of the poor decisions made in 2009. New mansions, planes, cars, expensive globe trekking, summits, overpriced flagpole, and construction projects were the norm. What did the people receive from that. Perhaps if our government were to invest in “We the People”, we would have better social services, roads, more efficient police force, and a more productive society.
    Our government works for the people. Everyone knows that our country needs to be revamped from the ground up. With that being stated, we must start with our elected officials and remove the lot of them until we are left with humble social servants willing to dedicate their careers to the creation and maintenance of TNT. We need to be propelled into the future by innovative ideas, open minds, and cost effective technologies. We need leaders with vision for a prosperous and unified nation. Leaders like that are Patriots. Leaders like that don’t look at what their corrupt masters in Europe (more specifically England) and the U.S. with the intention and audacity to mimic every move without remorse or thought of what their constituents may think. We do not have proper representation in TNT. To hint that we should be more Patriotic and display some faith in the current administration in my eyes is an act of treason. Those pretenders acting as government don’t care about us or we wouldn’t be fleeing to Miami and Brooklyn by the hundreds.
    Our civil responsibility to our country requires us to remove ourselves of these tainted politicians and elect people who are grounded in community, humanity, and our society.
    We don’t need a plethora Agricultural scientist graduating from UWI to tell us that if we grew enough sugar cane, we might become less dependent on foreign oil. What we need first and foremost is a government that isn’t always trying to cut corners. We need a government that isn’t masquerading all year long as economically powerful allies to “Massa”. We need leaders that are humble enough to know that their salaries shouldn’t be compared to the salaries of leaders in wealthier nations, but rather to the salaries of the average citizens of our nation.
    Patriotism in this administration will come when they stop asking us to fund their waste. It (patriotism) will come when our leaders start representing our needs with more transparency and less back dealing trickery.
    Last, I want to just clarify that I am a patriot, but not to the wickedness of the government that is to busy pretending to be relevant to Europe or the United States. Yes wee need to tighten the belt, but it is the government that needs to feel not us. If these clowns want to be more relevant in global society, they would be investing in we rather than Pandering to others.

  7. MRAMPS——-
    am sorry to hear or know that you was/are a victim of a crime. I feel no joy for the low life who robbed you. And I will never encourage any one to take another person life. I think we should hold those who are charged with the responsibility of protecting us more accountable. but we have to Partner with them to go after those low life’s and convict them. Civic responsibility is everyone’s responsibility, not just the governments alone.

    With the current international financial crisis which hit the whole world happen not because of HFCU and CLICO. But because of Wall Street and the action of a few people. If there wasn’t a crisis we would have hail the leaders of those organization as hero because of the profits being made from the investments that they made. Now if you want to isolate T&T that’s your choice my friend. but we are living in a global economy and the action of people outside of T&T can impact T&T just like those within her borders. T&T wasn’t the only Country impacted but I think in your world that give you the right to make it a T&T problem. And instead of calling the youth of the nation illiterate and Stupid, lets find a way to turn that around by being better role models in our community to the youths of the day.

    Finally someone who sees the glass half empty instead of half full. I guest the nation leadership should host foreign leaders and business people in a little shack on Port-of-Spain wharf. To justify there appropriate governance of the nation wealth to you. Or maybe you find comfort in being a third world nation. People are not fleeing to Miami and Brooklyn by the hundreds because the government not caring about them. They going to America because that the land of milk and honey baby remember. they are going for economic reasons. Not even because of the crime rate, because in both place you highlighted so well they have more crime by the hour then T&T have all year. Maybe we can get the government to hug everyone so they feel cared about. or maybe we can get the government to give everyone a hand out instead of a hand up, you know a bottle of VAT-19 so they can stay drunk and stupid and sing Welcome to the Island I hope you enjoy your stay. I have sight seeing for $25 USD.

  8. Please explain how this tax will move the country forward and how one can get their brains checked(acquiring such information is worth spending tax payers money on).

    There is no lack of human resources in this nation. The government does not accept local scholars in any field since it would make too much sense. We do not have a medical professional as minister of health; an economist as minister of finance; a sociologist as the minister of social development; an agricultural scientist as minister of agriculture; a cultural analyst as minister of culture; an academic as the minister of education; a honest person as minister of information; a science professor as minister of science, technology and tertiary education; a criminologist as minister of national security;etc.

    The lack of opportunities and the underappreciation of our highly educated citizens is the driving force of the brain-drain phenomenon. We have all the resources we need and, arguably, an excess. It is logic that is lacking in our leaders. The government controls all the critical elements to develop the nation but they have their own agenda(which is why so many PNM elites have been kicked out to bring in a bunch of mindless puppets). I often hear this nonsense about citizens taking responsibility for our situation but even the mentality of the said people is influenced by the decisions made by the government.

    Suggesting that complaining is tantamount to being unpatriotic is being blissfully ignorant. I sometimes wish I were a fool but identifying the problems is the first step in finding solutions. Have you ever read a local newspaper? Have you ever listened to a debate in parliament? Why are you suggesting that people only complain but are not able to provide solutions? Is being patriotic a cover for pretending that nothing is wrong? I would love to hear your definition of civic responsibility. Instead of having your brain checked, I advise you to do some serious, relevant reading.

  9. Where in my commentary did I call the youths of the nations stupid TrickD? Perhaps your soubriquet is quite appropriate after all.What I described as stupid is someone who robs an individual of 10 TT Dollars and ends up serving 15 years for it since they cannot use squatting lands in Mt Dor, and John , John , as collateral for unscrupulous local lawyers – like some in other section of our society can .

    Compare this with more savvy criminal folks like HCU Group president Harry Harnarine, or Uncle Basdeo , UNC’s lifelong Commander in Chief , and the perennial convenient social victim of backward Trinidad and Tobago rum shop politics.
    That’s the way to look objectively at things TrickyD , blame everything on Wall Street for your CEO lending unsecured money to Costa Rican diplomats and using the interest to extend his Miami lavish Real Estate.
    15 UNC officials accused of siphoning off funds in the now famous Airport project scandal , is a mere aberration , or as you might prefer ,the tail end of greedy capitalist Yankee WallStreet meltdown, and not downright ‘Trini bobbol’ at the hand of conniving , corrupt folks , who has always used their political power, and economic clout as a crutch for more desired personal aggrandizement , then complain about phantom conspiracies when exposed.
    So you want “better role models in our community?”
    A certain high end former Cop , and now local Imam would say that was what he too was attempting to be prior to his 1990 attempted coup along his fellow rouge islamist . You remember him , when he returned from Canada and constructed a Mosque in Mucurapo on lands allegedly obtained from the DOC, and eventually snared the desperate , hungry, lost , and gullible that makes up the dregs of our society.
    Ah but I am wasting my time with this laughable character , for any respectable Trini who chooses to call them self Tricky dardian must be a fraud, and if caught by our sharp eyed immigration authorities , should be beaten daily with our world renowned ‘Cat-o-9 tail /bull pestle,’ in addition to serving 10,000 days in jail.
    Much luv, my friend.

    1. Hey Neal, you may have been a bit too harsh on the TrickyD, I mean the man probably just on tricks. Because I hear him eh, but he needs a bit of reality, I wonder if he resides hear though???

  10. “The lack of opportunities and the underappreciation of our highly educated citizens is the driving force of the brain-drain phenomenon.” What seems to be the proclaimed atheist mantra folks? Oh yes, the government this, the government that , they failed here , as well as there, and in every aspect of social policy since 1956 when our noble British masters decided to ‘exist stage right.’ Furthermore, even if they happen to be in power as expected for the next six decades , it would be the same results for a small disgruntled minority , more disgusting social policies aims at keeping this select group in alleged abject poverty , while they subsequently control and manipulate half the fortunes of our beloved country.
    I swear atheist, I am at a loss as to whether to throw up , or return home and make a profound public statement by jumping off either the POS Twin Towers , or the glowing down town billion dollar Marriott Hotel, with a sign around by neck stating how I despise my country. Enough already with the whining! A wise person once said , never try to destroy a bridge before you are prepared to construct an equally more effective one. Who out there in lala land are you ready to hand over the fortunes of your country to , then retire to a peaceful night rest, atheist ?
    Hey I can see you want to take the baton that was passed down and relished by the likes of Chairman Mao, Lenin, Castro , Maurice Bishop , and Michael Manley in his latter years- state control of every thing including all employment.
    Your idea is fine , Let our greedy business elites continue to feed us cheap products , ship all their profits abroad ,while investing very little of substance in their own country, that could lead to some semblance of sustainable development via employment , as it help ease the already overburdened politically narrow state machinery.
    The beloved Doctor Willy gave the country 5 days projects,and look what good that did especially for the grateful pan men perhaps we should get more of that , but now also for sociologist, economist , anthropologist, agriculturalist, or educational academics. With such delusional , naive thinking , perhaps it’s time to start believing in the ‘Raisin Black Sun God,’ atheist, as we’ll just have to pass. Too much is at stake my friend.

  11. I totally agree with all comments regarding the gross failure of our govermnet for not provide very basic needs of the people. Instead, it(government) spends lavishly on itself completely disregarding its citizenry. WE, THE PEOPLE, is an American term preceding their Independence. If we use this term(some have), then we must know the actual reality of its meaning, which is: that citizens must hold its leaders accountable in all dimensions, simply put, we the people will not tolerate any government that opresses its people in any form, be it financial, or otherwise. Then we must elect other leaders and give some new blood a chance. PNM has been a stale government for many years, with nothing new to offer its people. Open your eyes, people, We cannot continue in this century with such a useless government. We must elect new leaders and move forward to compete in this evolving world. I expect us all must stand up and be counted and vote for new leaders with new ideas for our country, otherwise we will fall so far behind in the world we will then think that we are ahead, like a slow jogger who sees a faster jogger coming from behind and when he looks back he smiles and thinks he is ahead.

    1. That was my point. The leaders in government seem to want to mimic the lavish side of Yankee politics without getting into mimicking the principles. They are elected officials and need to know that they can lose an election as well.

      1. Loose an election you say, dont let those blind party hacks here you nah, dem is PNM till they dead, they woild defend everything this corrupt regime does and call the radio to complain that they have no water. If only it was that easy, we would have a better country, if only people could undertsand what their vote means.

  12. Referendum and Recall – We need not kill the politicians but simply make them respect the will of the people. The problem is that a change in the constitution would require a special majority and the people who will have to make the decision already don’t care about the people who will benefit from it.

    That’s your answer, Neal. I too do not support any party in this country but unlike you, I feel that a few changes in the constitution will go a long way.

  13. I am just messing with TrickyD, cousin Mramps, and in essence, simply having a bit of fun at his expense . Hopefully ,he took my light hearted jabs in that spirit that it was given. As you might know Mramps ,one of the best way to gauge the credibility of a true 100 % Trini is to assess their sense of humor.
    Unfortunately ,some of us have choose to become so tainted after a few years international exposure, that we want to be more British than Princess Margaret , more Canadian than Pierre Trudeau’s grand children , and fake Yankees like half the world’s immigrants that want to be….well, – fake yankees .
    What a pity, so make of the long standing , and emerging new aged minority tribes in ‘our neck of the woods,’ would never change an iota of their cultural DNA, even if they lived here in sweet T&T for the past century , and planned to do so for five more.
    All they want instead is a fine piece of that ‘Trini economic pie,’ that has forever eluded most of the 1.3 million or more of it’s own citizens whose ancestors jumped with glee when the conniving Brits unburdened themselves by granting us independence .
    Let every creed and race find an equal place , ‘eh?’

  14. To all my bashers, stick and stones wouldn’t break my bones. I am proud to be a Trini as anyone else. all I am saying why complain. Where are your solutions to any thing? Why cry after spilled milk. We have made some mistakes and took some bad directions in the past true, but lets take it in stride as a lesson learn. Instead of wasting time, effort and energy complaining about it. All I am say is in my parent time. T&T was the land of steel band and calypso; in my generation T&T hosted world leaders in conference on topics of development, politics and economics for member states of the world. I hope in my kids generation we/they walk on the moon in Trini style. Yes that might be dreaming big I agree, but that’s where I want to set the bar for them, us as Trini’s. If they try and only reach the clouds that doesn’t mean they failed to reach the moon (We tried). But it means that each generation takes the country once step further then where it has been. Anyone who has been in a leadership role will tell you that you don’t have to be an SME in the area or industry that you are leader in, one of the most important skill set required are Human Resource Management ability. The ability to be a visionary, see the big picture, see the forest from the trees. Must be will to motivate people to buy into your vision and have them deliver on it. If you can’t do that it doesn’t matter how many degrees you have you will never be a leader. I would love to go to Canada or Britain one day. All these comments about failed states, etc. Trini hasn’t failed and will not fail as long as we understand that we are responsible for the direction of the nation just as much as the Government do and that we can do more and better if we partner and agree to disagree with each other at times but the end goal has to be something we all buy into that better the nation. I would like to say it is always better to deal with the devil you know rather then the one you don’t know. mramps see what you started you have Trini’s brain storming…Wow…I love this…

  15. Preach on TrickyD, but remember to never waste your admonitions on the already converted.
    As I examine your horns , it is still difficult not to have some deep suspicions about you , particularly if you naively think these commentaries are about you per se, and folks have decided to bash you with sticks and stones.
    So you look forward to the day when your kids can walk on the moon, I see.I say ,keep up the brain storming my friend.
    It looks like there is some hope in the land where most citizens within the competing tribal fronts could care less if ‘Good Friday falls on a Monday.’Now if only TrickD would share that same moonwalking desire for the poor Indo Trini barefoot kids from Central that barely survived death from the hands of their suicidal father, or the Afro Trini John John , Never Dirty Movant ones that must daily dodge bullets -en route to and fro an under resourced school – from rival gangs in the area since law enforcement bodies are too scared to do any thing , are sleeping politicians are unconcerned.

    1. Thank you, and I do hope you mean this in a good way, because my intention here is to stimulate the level of discussion that can lift the thinking of all, we have major issues here, but we also have alot that is good. I have always maintained that the spending ptiorities are all wrong, billions are expended and it’s not directly affecting the neediest, I am proud of the water front “tall building” but how does that put beds in the hospitals, give us proper roads, water etc etc. It’s unfortunate that we are seen as complainers, we must raise the issues with the hope that someone would here us and act to really develop the people.

  16. Mramps said that “we must raise the issues with the hope that someone would here us and act to really develop the people.” That’s where we part company my friend. You believe that some ‘knight in shining armor’ should emerge from some where , perhaps Pluto to save our people from whatever perceived degradations they are undergoing.
    Likewise , you think that these respective insensitive brutes that dominate the political scene since Masa said bye , bye ,actually could be bothered by a few of us concerned bloggers that possess a fuller understanding about what real political stewardship , and social development is all about.
    While we are on this subject, let me ask what are you prepared to do to make a difference , and how committed are you as far as serious pursuit of progressive changes? The easiest job in the world I often believe is that of being an articulate arm chair critic , fortunate to be locked safely behind what is felt to be a lofty secured fiefdom within the wider global village.

  17. Well first let me say that we need better Child Welfare laws to protect all our kids. But we need to hold parents specifically responsible for providing for their kids and not the gov’t. You say T&T have a gang problem then pass a law where you can go after the gangs, if one member commits a crime then the whole gang can be charge with Conspiracy to that crime instead of waiting to go after them one at a time… Do I really appears to have horns that needs examining. Lol. I hope one day we will stop trying to segment the population into this group and that group and be just Trini’s. I don’t believe Law Enforcement is afraid to fight the gangs, but if the people who are the victims of these Gang and that live between them don’t take them on they will always be around, The Gov’t don’t live in the community the people do and if the people don’t want to fight these Gangs how can they blame the Gov’t. these gang members didn’t fall from the sky. Someone know who they are and needs to help Law Enforcement defeat them or they can do nothing and live with them just complaining, who fault is it.?. I don’t think it is the Gov’t fault do you. In closing – why live in a house that is falling apart and all you do is complain about it falling apart. Get up and put a nail in the walls to keep it up, thats not the Gov’t responsibility to come and put a nail in your wall.

  18. Neal wrote on 08/12/09 – “Just continue to do what you have been doing Marlon, and ‘let the chips fall where they may,’ as it were. In short, give your honest opinions , and in the process,thy to elevate the discourse as hopefully in the end some suggestion can resonate favorably with someone that matters , and this can eventually hasten the development of this country that some of us still claim to adore.

    I am not looking for any ‘knight in shining armor’, rather I am saying that those who we elect must act in out interest. You also asked “what are you prepared to do to make a difference , and how committed are you as far as serious pursuit of progressive changes?” I am prepared to vote on issues, vote on policies, vote not according to how one looks, I am loyal to no one, I am not interested in any party base. But all this may not be what you were hoping for, maybe you were expecting for me to say that I am prepared to tune POS into a massive carpark, or to march to red house, or to burn tires, or to blow up somewhere, well I am not about any of that. I am no arm chair critic, maybe its time I make my exit.

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