Culture schols show up PNM links

By Andre Bagoo
December 02, 2009 –

Joan Yuille-WilliamsPERSONS who are members of, or have links to the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) are among the hundreds listed as recipients of scholarships from the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs.

The list was released last month to the Indo-Trinbago Equality Council under the Freedom of Information Act by the Office of the Attorney General on behalf of the Ministry of Culture. Among those listed are PNM Senator Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing, who received a total of approximately $500,000 in funding over the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 for the pursuit of an LLB in Law and Politics from the University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

In the year 2006 PNM temporary Senator Joel Primus, also a member of the PNM’s National Youth League, received a Culture Ministry grant of $15,000 for pursuit of a diploma in General Management from the School of Accounting and General Management St Augustine, as well as another $5,000 grant for pursuit of year one studies on a BSc in Computing and Information Studies at the same institution in 2004.

Former temporary PNM Senator Rain Newel-Lewis, who served as a temporary senator in September 2003, received a total of approximately $200,000 in funding over the years 2003 to 2004 for the pursuit of a Masters in International Business Economics at the University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

Kareem Allette, son of late PNM councillor Bert Allette, received a $63,000 grant for pursuit of a degree in quantity surveying from Jamaica University of Technology, Jamaica.

To date, the Ministry of Culture, which does not have a fully-functioning internet website, is yet to reveal the criteria used for the award of these scholarships, or to justify their awards.

The scholarships listed in documents provided to ITEC, but not yet made available to the general public, range from those for pilot studies to dentistry. For instance, a $40,000 grant was awarded to Afton Le Gendre for study at Université Rennes 2, France, in 2004. A $200,000 scholarship for “AB Initio Helicopter Pilot Training” was awarded to a student at Hummingbird Aviation Training Limited, Cocorite, Trinidad, in 2005.

Another student was awarded a $6,125 grant for “CXC O’Levels” at the Harmon School of Seventh Day Adventist, Rockly Vale, Tobago. Kareem Scoon received a grant of $20,000 for a certificate in business management at Scottsdale Community College, Washington, United States. Malika and Morineke Joseph got awards averaging $23, 000 for hospitality and tourism management studies.

Four students of the Pacific Lutheran University Wang Centre for International Programmes in Washington, United States of Amercia, got a $400,000 grant for the pursuit of certificates in “Caribbean Culture and Society”.

Public relations officers now employed with the State, such as communications officer for the Office of the Prime Minister, Paige De Leon, was awarded a $173, 640 grant for the pursuit of a masters degree. Wendy Campbell, then communications officer for the Police Service, received a grant of $5,428.50 for “mass communication” at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom.

There were also awards for degrees related to the humanities, like an $18,000 award to Keisha Donaldson for pursuit of a BA in English and Literature at the University of the West Indies.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Lezama-Lee Sing, an in-law of Louis Lee Sing, said, “can I call you back?” She did not.

Devant Maharaj of the ITEC yesterday wrote the Integrity Commission, calling for an “immediate and urgent investigation” into the award of the Culture Ministry scholarships over the years 2003 to 2007. He argued that Section 24 of the act, which calls on public officials to act impartially, may have been breached.

Maharaj also noted that while the list of scholarships was released only after the Culture Ministry conceded a court case brought by the ITEC under the Freedom of Information Act, the ministry has not complied entirely with the requirements of the Act, by not revealing the scholarship criteria. “We are pursing that,” he said. “They still have not complied with the entire application,” he added.,111861.html

Culture Ministry schols for computer studies, spa management
Joan Yuille-Williams was the Minister of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs from 2003 to 2007, when more than $46 million in local, regional and international scholarships were granted to citizens to pursue studies.

…Indo-Trinbago council wants probe
Indo-Trinbago Equality Council (ITEC) president Devant Maharaj is calling on the Integrity Commission to investigate the award of $46 million worth of State assistance to 466 tertiary education students from 2003 to 2007.

…Wade Mark: Something for the Fraud Squad
Opposition Senator Wade Mark has called on the relevant authorities to probe corruption with respect to the $46 million Government spent to award scholarships under the Culture Ministry.

Panday: Culture Ministry schols, ‘party patronage’
OPPOSITION Leader Basdeo Panday described the award of Culture Ministry scholarships as evidence of “party patronage”, arguing that the grants demonstrate the need for constitutional reform in order to make State bodies more transparent.

Behind the scholarships
The revelations about the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs scholarship awards now need to be fully explained. While these awards were kept secret from the country’s parliament, on the tenuous grounds of individual confidentiality, concerned citizens went to the courts, and under the Freedom of Information Act, were able to expose what Minister Marlene McDonald had sought to conceal.

Journalists, ex-senator got financial help

December 03, 2009

Yuille-Williams must quit as ambassador
Chairman of the Indo-Trinbago Equality Council (Itec) Devant Maharaj has called on Joan Yuille-Williams to resign as an ambassador in light of the revelation of the award of $46 million in “secret” scholarships, during her tenure as Minister of Culture.

Names of beneficiaries on Govt secret list
The Indo-Trinidadian Equality Council (ITEC), utilising the Freedom of Information Act, has been able to acquire a secret list of people who received State grants for education totalling $46 million from the Ministry of Culture and Gender Affairs during the period 2003-2007.

I got no money
Schoolteacher whose name appears on secret scholarship list:

SCHOOLteacher Meera Millington said yesterday the Government gave neither her nor the University of the West Indies (UWI) in St Augustine, where she studied, any money for her tuition. She said despite this, her name appears on the list of people the Ministry of Culture gave financial assistance to in 2004 to pursue tertiary studies.

…Senator must pay back grant, says Devant
Government Senator Laurel Lezama should be compelled to repay the money she received as part of the ‘poor people’ scholarships awarded by the Culture Ministry.

Ministry: No stopping help for needy students
The Community Development Ministry is claiming that people opposed to its Financial Assistance Programme were engaging in racial divisiveness.

Unfair and unwise stonewalling
A year and a half after Government Minister Marlene McDonald refused to reveal to the Parliament information about scholarship awardees, their names have been obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by the Indo-Trinbago Equality Council. And now questions will be raised as to why Ms McDonald refused to give the information which was requested in the Senate Order Paper, why the Ministry did not advertise the availability of these scholarships, and what were the criteria by which persons were deemed eligible.

December 04, 2009

Clear Our Names
Lawyers named in secret ‘scholarship’ list: We got no money

Ex-Minister: Culture funds are not schols
FORMER MINISTER of Culture Joan Yuille-Williams yesterday said the controversial scholarships awarded under her tenure between 2003 and 2007 were part of the ministry’s social sector programme for persons in need of financial aid.

Marlene tells all in the House today
Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Minister Marlene McDonald will speak out in Parliament today on the controversial Financial Assistance Programme, which is administered by her ministry.

Minister tells all today: Scholarship list issue
Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Minister Marlene McDonald will be making a statement to the Parliament today, on the controversy surrounding the financial assistance provided by the ministry to tertiary education students towards their studies from 2003 to 2007.

‘Manning must account for payout’
Prime Minister Patrick Manning must say what he knows of the $46 million in scholarships given by the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs between 2003-2007.

Panday: Schols’ list reeks of corruption
Leader of the Opposition Basdeo Panday says the “so called” list of scholarship recipients, which the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs was fored to produced following a directive from the courts, “reeks of secrecy, corruption and lies.”

Names of beneficiaries on Govt secret list

‘ITEC’ complains to ‘Equal Opportunities’
Indo-Trinbago Equality Council president Devant Maharaj has now filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission, regarding the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs’ financial assistance disbursements to tertiary education students from 2003 to 2007 to the tune of $46 million.

December 05, 2009

Marlene orders probe
AFTER discrepancies came to light following the release of a list of scholarships issued by her ministry, Culture Minister Marlene Mc Donald yesterday said a probe into these discrepancies would be done and she implored persons listed as getting money, but in fact did not, to come forward.

Probe Into Schols
An investigation is to be conducted into the secret ‘scholarship’ list by the Ministry of Community, Culture and Gender Affairs.

Ramesh: Needy left out of programme
Opposition MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is calling on the establishment of a Commission of Enquiry to examine the disbursement of tertiary education grants totalling $46 million from 2003 to 2007 by the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs.

Marlene: No bias in bursary programme
Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Minister Marlene McDonald has dismissed accusations that bursaries awarded through her ministry served as a slush-fund to further the education of members of the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM).

‘More questions than answers’
Minister addresses scholarship issue

Culture Minister Marlene McDonald’s statement on the list of people who received financial support from the Ministry failed to address serious questions that have arisen, head of the Indo-Trinbago Equality Council (ITEC) Devant Maharaj says.

Scholarship list committee identified
Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs Minster, Marlene McDonald, yesterday identified the members of the committee that approves applications for financial assistance from her ministry during a statement on the matter.

More schol ‘winners’ want names cleared
Culture Minister Marlene McDonald has promised an investigation into how the names of people who got nothing from her Ministry ended up on a secretive list of those awarded grants to cover tertiary education expenses.

MP: No UNC supporters got financial aid
‘Action to be taken against Minister, Govt’

Opposition MP Roodal Moonilal says not a single United National Congress constituent or supporter who applied for financial assistance under the Culture Ministry received bursaries.

Transparency needed in all state spending
Once again the national community appears to be engaging in one of those dust-ups which bring all the regular players out on stage—ministers, opposition politicians, lawyers, gadflies, letter writers, radio-callers, et al—emitting the regular noises of accusation, denial, charges of racism and nepotism, calls for resignation, demands for inquiries, statements in Parliament, interviews, etcetera.

27 thoughts on “Culture schols show up PNM links”

  1. This sort of discriminatory practice by the PNM has been going on since 1966.We are not surprised. And there is more to come . Stay posted.

  2. I think I must thank the Indian People Council fot helping in dismantling this CLASS system that divides us AFRICAN people in T&T. These are the same people when they accomplish their ‘education’ and geh their big wuk , they do feel they owe nothing to their fellow man, See dem in dem jacket and tie running away from themselves.
    So thank you, cause they will never forgive you for exposing where they came from and posting their names all over the internet… You did good Indian People Council..
    Thank you very much.

  3. I agree with TMan. The thing is that the minister is pretending that nothing is wrong with this blatant show of corruption and is getting support from the public. It is unbelievable that the government still has support after their continuous oppression of the population. They should all take a good listen to Defosto’s (not sure of spelling) new song.

    To think that this mampee is pretending to be concerned about the beneficiaries being subjected to scorn. I suppose it would provide her with a good excuse for not revealing the list without legal action. There is now strong evidence that the list was sanitized before release.

    People tell me that I turn them off with my pessimism so I will try to look on the bright side. Senator Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing and temporary Senator Joel Primuswill now have enough money and will no doubt give to charity. Laurel Lezama-Lee Sing, among others, will now have a beautiful foreign accent which will be quite useful in attracting the grass-roots electorate. We will no longer have to visit foreign nations to get first world dental surgery. Our beloved PM will be safer because he will have a better helicopter pilot(yes I know that he has not bought one for personal use yet). CSEC students will be financially sound enough to purchase the latest camera phones for higher quality school porn. The communications officer for the Office of the Prime Minister will be able to apply international best practices when communicating with foreign leaders for the next fete. Finally, Gary hunt will be able to get his eyebrows plucked in a more professional and timely manner.

    I just can’t understand why people would be proud to see patrick drink from a golden cup and be warned, he now seems very interested in submarines(“well YES”). There I go again, being all pessimistic. I really should look on the bright side. The news hit me when I was still in my apartment so I was able to calm down by drawing deeply on my cigarette without being arrested.

  4. A slight modification to Roger’s comment:

    I think I must thank the Indian People Council fot helping in dismantling this CLASS system that divides us AFRICAN people in T&T. These are the same people when they win their ‘ELECTION’ and geh their big wuk , they do feel they owe nothing to their fellow man, See dem in dem jacket and tie running away from themselves.
    So thank you, cause they will never forgive you for exposing where they came from and posting their names all over the internet… You did good Indian People Council..
    Thank you very much.

  5. Let’s not look at this abberation through a racial prism; it is illegal political favoritism. The minister in charge, if she was acting independently, should be prosecuted and jailed.

  6. I agree with TMan 100%, too many are looking at this as a race thing. Doing this would only divide us further and allow for the real issue to be lost. It is evident that there was some form of discrimination, political is my pic. What needs addressing in this matter is the process involved in awarding such “grants”, all administrations have participated in this type of discrimination, and we must demand that proper systems be put in place so as to ensure transparency and accountability, more importantly, that those who NEED this assistance, are the ones who get it. not dem, look before ah cuss leh meh go yes.

  7. So I guess The Indian People Council don’t know that this is a PNM clique thing?
    Yes Tman they have been doing it since 1966..How do you think Indians have been getting over like a Fat Rat and bawling like a Cat in T&T.. Since 1966 Indians are no longer a minority in T&T under these same “oppressive” Nwords, Ent?
    Ah won’t even talk about economic issues… trying to type on this gphone ting..

  8. It will be easy to determine if she was acting independently. Just wait and see if she becomes the new “wajang.”

  9. Roger, my, man, I dislike getting into this type of base dialogue which you espoused, but the issue is not how well Indians have done financially or economically,but corruption in government, all governments.The former PM, who boldly and blatantly struts his stuff in weekly UNC meetings belongs in jail.Those crooks who ripped off the taxpayers on the airport project belong in jail. Similarily, this culture minister, if she is guilty of farming out illegal schols, also belong in jail.When Manning was first re-elected,it seemed that he was serious about changing the culture of corruption in T&T, but now it appears that he and his government have joined that corrupt culture and are quite content to feed off the public purse.

  10. The PNM’s social experiment involving racial and political discrimination has been blatant and pervasive for a number of years.Race and politics are intertwined as it is difficult to separate the two in our society.The PNM is laying the foundation for ethnic violence and other racially based societal ills.The list is another one of numerous examples of racial and political discrimination perpetrated by the PNM,it clearly shows a large
    overrepresentation of africans.The indians are clearly the intellectual powerhouse of Trinidad, why were they not granted scholarships?There are many intelligent and destitute indians who could have benefited from these awards.It is only obvious that the continued social experiment by the PNM will result in more polarization and hatred in our society.Indians will develop a deep seated hatred of africans in the future if the PNM continues its pattern of discrimination and Trinidad may even erupt into ethnic violence.

  11. Very well said TMan, we MUST stop the “dotishness” about Indians and Africans, what this accomplish, is a further division, and that we could do without if we are to as a people, all of our people, become developed, mine you not the development this administration speak off in their so called 2020 status eh. I mean real development of our people.

    I must again point out that this issue has to do with the process implemented to give out these “grants”, “schools”. From what we have heard thus far since this first broke in 2008, has not done anything to allay the accusation that this is but just a slush fund for party friends and family. Let us move away from the ethnicity of those who got these “grants” and direct our comments at the real issues of political discrimination/patronage.

  12. Marlon, you are too kind.. How do you think The Indo Trinbago EQUALITY Council is selling this? How do you think this is playing out over the number of Indian radio stations in T&T? When really and truly Maloney residents still cannot put their address on a job application in T&T..
    Notice you are a site admin. .. How about dedicating some space on your website to highlight the trials African business people goes thru in T&T..Ah mean it nice to watch all dem pretty half naked girls on Triniview.. But there is a time for everyyhing.
    I can testify… These same obnoxious PNM hacks put you thru HELL. And they have no concept of EDUCATION.. wid dem ‘BS’ degree…

  13. “Roger, my, man, I dislike getting into this type of base dialogue which you espoused, but the issue is not how well Indians have done financially or economically,but corruption in government…”

    My understanding is that Amar was a Taxi driver, Moonan started his empire with a $500. investment..
    If the system was skewed against Indians, these ‘only in America’ realities could not happen in T&T.
    But brace yourself.. I am waiting on the backlash.. The next coming episodes will be furious… we just might know how to be an Indian millionaire in T&T, and let’s hope atheist is only an atheist and not a prophet.

  14. Look son, i heard the head of the ITEC on power102.1fm on Thursday morning stating quite clearly that the issue is a political one. On that same day a program on 106, that same night, declared the issue to be one of politics with PNM supporters comprising at least 80% of the beneficiaries.

    You too should be outraged, Roger. The skullerships were not advertised and notice that only now are we hearing about the criteria for selection. This means that people of all races and political affiliation were denied the right to apply and be fairly considered for a scholarship. This includes PNM supporters who will buy that crap that I heard on the news today, coming from the minister.

    For once the people of this nation can agree on something and you just had to come along and try to set us against each other. I cannot be sure but if Marlon is the same intellectual who frequents 102 he will be aware that Shabas(former PNM parliamentarian) appeared on the Power Drive and explained that all pro-PNM comments come from within balisier house. I hereby openly accuse you, Roger, of being a PNM supporter. Nothing else explains why your comments reek of misdirection and folly.

    I am not a prophet but, like the many who pretend to be, I will predict what is most likely to come to pass:
    You will face health problems.
    You will face financial difficulties.
    You will feel much pain.

  15. By the way, on the question raised by TMan about acting independently, the answer was given by the resounding thumping of desks in the parliament. There will be no more wajangs. The last one has already been defeated.

  16. Behave yourself, you have the nerve to call me foolish because I can read ‘INDO TRINBAGO EQUALITY COUNCIL’. Sorry, but I am not Indian. That org. seeks the interest of Indian Trinbagonians…. And what equality nonsense they talking about? Stupes.

    After all the ill you wish me, I wish you the best.

  17. I’m wondering why anyone would be surprised at the continued corruption of the PNM regime. The disregard for the citizenry of the country is at it’s highest in the history of Trinidad and Tobago. Nevertheless, those very same people who whine and complain will no doubt dip their finger in ink for the same regime. I am deeply troubled by the lack of demand for accountability. We have very prominent lawyers and other bigwigs that can afford to file a private action against any and all ministers et al. that is involved in corruption against the nation, yet none of them has the balls to do so. It is my view, that each of them who expose the corruption and make headline news do so with self serving intentions. The each have their eyes set on power. They are saving their knowledge for the upcoming elections and use “corruption” as their platform for winning a seat! Shaking hands with heads of government from across the globe is one thing, taking example of the way they run their country is another thing. for example, Karen Nunez T. would have gone to jail had she been in the USA for insider trading. However, when you have the “big daddy” Patrick in her corner, the chances of prosecuting her is nil! He treats the consitutuion of the nation as his private rules. He will enforce them as he sees fit on whom he sees fit. I keep asking myself, How can anyone in their right mind ever want the PNM as the rulers of our suffering, back in time and Neanderthalian country!It is obvious that a rum and roti party out weighs any need for prosecuting wrong doers in the country!

  18. Nothing like a juicy brewing scandal to bring the old felix out again . Good to see that you are still around my friend. I found myself yearning to read the musings of a tough skin, committed, fellow national , simply prepared to remain on the highway of equal economic rights ,and political justice for all, irrespective of class, race or creed. Talk about another stupid , senseless distraction that can accrue no tangible returns for the proponents.
    My grandmother would some this up well, by describing it as the “pot calling the kettle black.” Tell them please that apart from a few misguided degenerates, the people aren’t buying what they are selling.

  19. I am not sure of how to reply to some of the comments directed at me. Except to say that I am not affiliated to Triniview, Trinicenter. I am the Marlon who frequents 102, am not sure of being an intellect. But could those who made comments state their position clearly, I am a bit confused being caught in a battles between those who have been hear for some time, I only just started this blog thing, kindly let me know to whom I am blogging.

  20. Ok, here we go.. I don’t think anyone will accuse Mr. Ramlogan of folly and being a distraction.. After all, he was the lawyer that represented the Indo Trinbago Equality Council.
    Complete article at the Guardian.

    and Ramlogan Published: 6 Dec 2009 How does one describe “political discrimination,” which translates into and necessarily results in racial discrimination or exclusion? This is the dilemma that affects the Indo-Trinidadian community. This question crossed my mind after the scathing Newsday editorial criticising the government for the scholarship scandal. The editorial ended by saying any criticism on the ground of racial discrimination was not justified, as it was a case of political discrimination. The PNM, like the UNC, favours and rewards its own. The UNC, however, ruled the roost for a mere six years, whilst the PNM has ruled for almost half-a-century. The statistics published in my last two columns demonstrated that less than ten per cent of the appointments to……..

  21. First, Mr. Ramlogan should know that there is not one single voice at the Guardian (or any other T&T Newspaper) that have the privilege to write their views from an African Trinbagonian perspective as he does from the other side… So much for EQUALITY.

  22. Just continue to do what you have been doing Marlon, and ‘let the chips fall where they may,’ as it were. In short, give your honest opinions , and in the process,thy to elevate the discourse as hopefully in the end some suggestion can resonate favorably with someone that matters , and this can eventually hasten the development of this country that some of us still claim to adore.

  23. I think I owe you an apology, Roger. I retract one of my previous statements. You are not the only one (judging by the letters to the editor in the daily newspapers, Ramlogan’s statements and others). Still, I maintain that there was misbehaviour in public office. If they want to say that they had advertised the skullerships, then they should be able to get the media houses to provide evidence of this. The numbers of applicants should also reflect that people were aware.

  24. Now look how easy that was fellas. Now we could get back to the important matter at hand. This issue is quickly becoming out of hand, many are labelling this as a race thing, just listen to any of the radio talk shows and you would hear these idiots on both sides trading their knowledge f who got what etc etc etc, all this whilst these political rapists continue on their rampage. I think we have a consensus here that departs from that, (I hope). I am confident that discrimination is at play here, as has been in many other state sponsored enterprises/projects. Might I point out that had it been another party in power, we would have been still talking about this type of discrimination. As stated before, we must demand systems/policies that favours no one group but instead be based of transparency and accountability. I would continue to emphasise that unless we, the electorate, remove the bondage that has been placed on us by those who have inherited this colony from the slave masters, we not goin noway. We owe no one anything, especially our loyalty.

  25. There are three qualities that I find most repulsive in us human beings , and when displayed ,I tend to have nothing but contempt for it’s proponents. The first is that of ungratefulness in all it’s manifestations. This is closely followed by unwarranted lying,particularly when it defies logic , and no noticeable advantage can be obtained. Finally , an ingrained inability to accept responsibility for ones past action ,especially when negative returns accrue as a result of such. It is bad enough when done at the micro level within families say for example, but when practiced within wider circles especially by those with some semblance of education and intelligence ? It is past disgusting. In 1986 , Mr Panday and his top brass advisors had an ample opportunity to bury the PNM perhaps once and for all, or if not,humbled them considerably ,and prevent us from experiencing the arrogance , incompetence,and any seemingly subpar governmental administration that has since been unleashed on this blessed nation since the lightweight , idea deficient, Mr. Manning and his bumbling cast took reign.
    I do not need to elaborate as to how this opportunity was squandered , and the reasons why, as parliamentary Hansards and media archival will provide the data . Machiavellian infighting ,,destructive political undermining of ‘ah we boy’s’ administration , and when that could not work fully,encouragement of die hard followers to run for the Canadian borders with fervent cries of racially motivated Human Rights victimization ,and genocidal abuses to Indo Nationals by phantom over dominant African counterparts. How ridiculous , and even tragic by those who still lay claim to be citizens of our country! With $US 400,000 and more in pocket change to sweeten the Maple Pie , some gullible Canadian immigration authorities fell for this ruse by many of these alleged desperate suffering citizens. The country’s image have been tarnished ever since.
    Again in 1995 , the people spoke via the ballot and extended a mandate to Mr. Panday and his party, but we know what was the outcome of a well documented ‘this is our time’ policy, where rampant corruption was the order ,and the deliberate gutting of every single Ministry so as to stack them with party hacks and tribal minions irrespective of competence and allegiance to our country .
    Now, even a half drunk illiterate fool from Couva, Petit Valley , Sando , or , Buccoo Point Tobago can tell you that there are consequences for stupidity ,or ill conceive actions,but not these petit elites our tribal cousins unfortunately are saddled with.
    Do not take my word for it, but ask the more knowledgeable Political scientist such as Dr. Ghanny, or Dr. Ryan .I am on record today as saying that the PNM is destined to be in charge of this country long into the foreseeable future , and no amount of name calling, and selective outrage about anything as portrayed by the out of touch , criminally indicted Opposition leader, and his numerous misguided ,high-end aids can do to change that.
    Take note , but a party election is due soon which again would give the UNC party a chance at political resuscitation again,as their leader can be finally ‘laid out to pasture’ and new blood be brought to the fore to help correct the ship of state. Do not expect too much change however, but the usual cries and denunciations, and blame game as a group devoid of the ability to accept responsibility for failure as a result of ineptitude. Nation building can certainly be a difficult proposition.I however wish our country well, and may God be merciful on our people cursed with leaders such as these.

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