The 2012 movie and Trinidad

By Derren Joseph
November 30, 2009

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The 2012 movie and TrinidadI went, recently, to see the movie called 2012. Given its performance at the US and UK box offices, the movie studio should be confident in its ability to recoup the US$200 to $300 million investment. For those who have not heard of it, it is a typical big-budget Hollywood disaster movie, but it is based on an “end-of-the-world” scenario expected in the year 2012. To be completely honest, I am a 2012 researcher myself. For some time now, I have been following the work of Terrence McKenna and Time Wave Zero, interpretations of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, Hopi Prophecies, galactic wave theories, such as Velikovsky’s Planet X Nibiru theories, planetary ascension theories, and so on. Naturally, we should only expect fascination with 2012 to heighten as we approach that fateful year.

As is the nature of such things, there will be more movies which consider the various scenarios. In late 2008, we had 2012 Doomsday and earlier this year we had Knowing, staring Nicholas Cage. Documentary filmmakers have also been pumping out products. Personally, I put 2012 theorists into one of three categories. First, there are those who dismiss it as rubbish and hysteria, and point at the panic around Y2K to support their views. Once again, the little boy is crying wolf, they say. Second, there are those who expect a scenario similar to that depicted in the movies. That is, they expect an apocalypse of sorts, but there is no agreement on the extent of the disruption. On the one hand, it could be a complete disaster like in the movies Knowing or 2012.

On the other hand, it could just be extreme weather patterns that would lead to great loss of life. Third, there are those who see it being a period of far-reaching change, change that would not necessarily occur on a single date (such as December 21) in the year 2012, but change that is occurring all now. David Wilcock is among those theorists with a more optimistic outlook. This group points at things like rapid advances in scientific discoveries and technological advancements. They argue that never before in our history have we experienced such rapid rates of change, both ideological and technological. Our civilisation is going through a “phase” as we move from one stage of development to another.

Time will tell which among these three categories of people are correct, but as I reflected on the 2012 debate, I could not help but wonder whether the same categorisation could apply to Trinidad and Tobago? Let me explain further. I wonder if there are not three categories of social commentators. First, there are those who say that nothing is wrong with our country. It is business as usual. Same old, same old! No need to worry about a thing. Second, there are those who see complete disaster. The sky is falling around them; the end is near, and anyone who does not see it is in denial. Every opportunity must be taken to complain about just how bad things are getting and to attack those deemed responsible (usually someone in authority).

Like Woody Harrelson’s character– Charlie Frost, in the 2012 movie—they believe in a government conspiracy to deny the inevitable disaster that is fast approaching. The truth is being covered up, or otherwise obscured. Third, there are those who see Trinidad and Tobago going through a period of far-reaching change, change that is a natural part of the developmental process, as can be seen in every other plural society in history. Once again, only time will tell which of these three categories would be correct in their analysis. As with the 2012 debate, I am certain that many in each of these categories are entrenched in their positions, and nothing would convince them otherwise. As a Naipaulian half-made society, we are going through certain inevitable growth pains as we refine and define who we truly are.

Trinidad and Tobago is still a society in its early stages of formation, as we seek to answer for ourselves questions of governance, to challenge notions of development, and to endeavour to become a more cohesive society, despite our differences. Undoubtedly, certain aspects of this developmental stage are, indeed, painful. About that there can be no doubt. As a person of faith, I join those who not just work hard, but pray that we emerge from this stage successfully.

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  1. I thank the author Mr D Joseph for this another of his usual very refreshing and thought provoking topics that forces us to contemplate on how to best grapple with today’s pressing social realities , by first appreciating how we got to this point , and means of waddling our way out of the suspected quagmire we seem immersed in.
    He said ,“They argue that never before in our history have we experienced such rapid rates of change, both ideological and technological. Our civilisation is going through a “phase” as we move from one stage of development to another.” “Time will tell which among these three categories of people are correct, but as I reflected on the 2012 debate, I could not help but wonder whether the same categorisation could apply to Trinidad and Tobago?”
    Sometime around the end of the last expensive T&T staged OAS Heads of State conference ,and the recent western orchestrated ,Iranian political phony ,pro democracy turmoils, I unplugged my cable box for the final time and succumbed to the urge of giving up all forms of TV viewing for the foreseeable future. This was due in most part to the repeated nonsense and diatribes that I felt that we were daily fed by members of the advanced global 4th estate media, and the several agenda driven entertainment executives.
    In my quest to do a bit more writing, I also gave away my virus plagued PC computer , and purchased an Apple MacBook Pro. Being a movie buff myself , just like Mr D J, I too indulge occasionally in watching a selection of movies with themes that I found interesting, as well as engage in more in-depth reading as a backdrop to my own research on global phenomenons .
    I tend to avoid the futuristic escapades such as the Star wars ,2012 myself , or watch those that are locked in the past such as for example Toni Morrison / Oprah Winfrey’s ‘Beloved,’ where authors and or directors are fearful to confront present day realities that still exist in global societies.
    One of the movies I surprisingly found to be quite intriguing was the much touted ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ It helped lay bare one of the biggest tragedies of systematic class poverty ,political mismanagement / national neglect , and abuse of women ,children ,and ethnic minorities in the world today , as manifested by fervent neocolonial elites in a country that some frauds still care to describe as ‘the world largest democracy.’ Let them tell that to 100 million disenfranchised Muslims in that country , or the millions of abused Christians and other ethnic low cast Hindus sometimes work for a dollar a year, as the misguided Pakistan vs India Asian nuclear arms race continues unabated.
    I recently finished reading the Best selling book Banker to the Poor by Bangladesh Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammed Yunas. Here was a man who appreciated the importance of true patriotism and social responsibility , as he has decided to be a solution for change and sustainable development starting with those that matters most- the folks in need at the bottom of the barrel. What was interesting , is that he did not have to compromise his principles, dignity , suppress his culture , or denounce the developed world in the process.
    I shudder to think where Bangladesh would be today if the globally accomplished son of the soil had opted to remain abroad like the exulted Naipaul , while solely looking to continually ‘mimic’ others he views as his cultural superiors , and uplift developed societies, as he lead the pack of those of similar ilk and remain the perennial cynic and arm chair theorist with his theories of “half-made society.”
    As we embark on this painful developmental stage , let us work hard and pray along with Mr. Joseph that our country would eventually emerge as a shining example for others to emulate as billions are spent on grandiose enterprises .
    We all must however be prepared to do our part , both in government , private business sectors , civil society ,and global concern and caring citizens ,with relevant skills, patience , and know how. Let us be prepared to learn from those that are failing , and selectively fashion some of the more fine examples that exist .
    During the recently concluded conference , I heard some talk by our PM about civil society and their importance . The skeptic would say that this was simply ‘Trini old talk’ for international media consumption. Who am I to question them , when I did not even vote in my country of birth in two or more decades.
    Professor Yunas confronted numerous social, economic , and political obstacles as he tried to effect positive change for his society and eventually the global community at large . His life might well be worth mimicking one would think, hmmm?
    Warm regards.

    Are you one of those who are just careless? Millions are rejecting the open claims and defense of the Truth. Why people are turning their backs on the defense? There is a defense. Throughout the ages, History books, libraries, archives. The Bible cannot be refuted for what it predicted in advance- Check this out for yourself.
    People would not hear, they would not slowdown, reflect, stop and think for themselves. They will not read, research. What shall we say of these People? Are they Really Honest? Are they open to the Truth? Are they seeking it?
    The important thing is not what others are doing. It is what you are doing. Have you considered Christ’s claims? Have you pondered his defense? If not, I challenge you to do it. Because, in the last analysis, it is not Jesus who is on Trial. That is over.
    You and Me are the one’s who is on Trial now, and the question before us is: What will we do about this evidence? The Truth as it relates to Jesus? ( Jesus On Trial: Boice & Ryken; pg. 67-69 ).
    Check this out:
    Micah 5:2: Compare With Luke 2:1-7.
    Isaiah 7:14/ Matthew 1:24-25/ Luke 1:26-30.
    2 Samuel 7:12, 16./ Isaiah 11:1-2/ Matt 1:1-16/ luke 3:23-37.
    Malachi 3:1;4:5/ Matt 17:12-13/ John 1:19-23.
    Isaiah 61:1-2/ Matt 11:1-6/ Luke 4:16-21.
    Zechariah 9:9/ Matt 21:1-11/ John 12:12-16.
    Psalm 41:9/ Matt 26:14-15/ Matt 27:3-8.
    Isaiah 53:2-3.
    Psalm 2:7/ Isaiah 9:6.
    Isaiah 7: 14.
    Would we overlook all this evidence and live on in Denial? This is what others are doing and covering up the Truth and the Bible. We need some Honesty here. Not some Hollywood Crap and the end of the World in the Fictitious Crap of 2012. We cannot overlook all this History for some Johnny come lately kind of CRAP. Research, Read my People, The Defense of the Reality have already Happened. You be the Judge of This.
    Peace.We do not want to be Wanderers with Human devices every time something is Blowing.

  3. Good lord how I despise all these Bible touting religious freaks ,with their outlandish interpretations of a man-written book of a revengeful, jealous , all powerful , heavenly God , that kills innocent babies,produced wanton destructions across the earth he created in seven days, imposed severe harm and sufferings on his chosen people created in the Garden of Eden after his own image, then promised to save them in the foreseeable future from hell fire damnation , and brimstone, when he return from the sky kingdom whose streets are paved in gold , and lands are flowing with milk and honey.
    Would someone please tell this new age convert comedian Sampson, that through the centuries , his kind have caused more pain and mayhem across the globe in the name of a spiritual God , and his loving son Jesus,than many of us realist care to contemplate.
    The choices therefore are simple, pray for ‘manner to fall from heaven,’ or that someone can still feed millions with two loaves and non existent Tobago flying fish the Bajans have all stolen. Better still , inveigle some of T&T’s filthy rich to share some of their stolen loot with the abused neglected masses , so that they too can force a camel into the eyes of needles.
    Some would prefer that he instead help the progressives produce practical solutions with a common positive end goal objective. In so doing we can together try to end blatant poverty and economic stagnation in this under achieving nation, as well as enable peaceful co existence amongst it’s diverse tribal people, as the consequences are dire if no efforts are made to bring some semblance of political reorganization, equal justice ,and economic order soon.
    Be careful Sampson you might be found wanting when the long suffering, African SunGod burst the clouds on that special day, as he might say to you and similar self serving future lifers the following as laid out in
    Matthew 7:23 :-” …….depart from me I know you not , ye workers of inequity….”

  4. Hey! Who seems to be the Comedian Here? does this person really knows about History. Could you refute the flow of various World empires such as: EGYPT, ASSYRIA, BABYLON, MEDIA & PERSIA, GREECE and ROME. These are some of the Jurisdictions that were foretold far in advance that were to come. According to secular history they actually came upon the scene, one after another.
    The Acts contained in the OLD TESTAMENT has a lot to do with what the so-called promise people had to fulfill. Once used by God , now rejected because of their sins and Rebellion.
    Read the Book of DANIEL, EZRA, Nehemiah, Esther- all this took place with the Persian period in the backdrop. FACTS!!! or FICTION.
    The one’s who are rejecting this are the very one’s who is seeking to control the world at large. Religious Freaks ! watch your Tongue BRO. Have you studied the BIBLE? Do you know of it’s Teachings? Who is the Freak here?
    The sins of the Holy men in the Bible were made manifest to show how Holy God really is.
    Daniel 7:3 Four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. verse 4-7 went on to show the various beasts succeeding one after another.
    Daniel 7:17- Shows these great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall arise out of the earth. Don’t we see the Scripture unfolding itself here.
    Same as the great image the king received in a dream in Daniel chapter 2. head of Gold -Babylon Vs. 38
    breast and arms of silver- Medes & Persians
    belly and thighs of brass- Greece
    legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.-Rome
    Vs 38 0f Chapter 2 the later part specifically shows that Babylon was this head of Gold. But from verse 39- another kingdom shall arise, another third, also a fourth one. Study this in Chapter 2 and 7 of Daniel, you would see what I am talking about.
    Does not history proved to to letter that Babylon did rule the world once in Times of Nebuchadnezzar. Chapter 5 speak about the fall of Babylon- chapter 6 came upon the scene with the Medes & Persians. Who did Battle with the Persians- was it not the Greeks- The times of Alexander the Great. Who conquered the Greeks? was it not ROME. Who destroyed the Temple in 70 A.D.
    You see my friend we have to be inside to see what is happening, not outside with speculation and Skepticism. When Rome fell especially in the west, it was overruled by the leading Barbaric nations- like the : Anglo-Saxons,Franks, Visigoths,Suevi,Burgundians, Heruli, Vandals, Ostrogoths, and the Alamanni.
    Are you reading my friend, don’t TRY to Ridicule Me here. What came out after Rome fell as a Political empire? The very nations of western Europe.
    Revelation 17:1 The Later part shows that where the whore sitteth upon many waters; Rev 17:15 Explains what the water is.The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
    Do You Know about- The nature of the Godhead in the Bible?
    Do you know the Bible’s definitions of SIN?
    What is Justification?
    What is Sanctification?
    What is the science of salvation the Bible is Outlined with from Genesis to Revelation.
    how come you quoting Matthew 7:23 and at the same time you are seeking to do away with the Bible. Is this Intelligence?

  5. I stand corrected Sampson. I thank you . There is not one sing comment that I made that would suggest that I want to do away with the Bible. It is all I have at this stage my friend for I am too far advanced of the game to learn to read the Holy Quaran , The Bhagvdad Gita, and to work the earth people African voodoo shells in performance of magic.
    You’ve got to “be wise as a serpent…,” Sampson. Too much is at stake.
    You and I are perhaps the only ones that would choose to see any merit in this topic , as most of our other on line fellow commentators are too busy awaiting the next Trini linked genocidal claims , and or racially skewed topic on governmental discrimination , or ethnic superiority of one tribe or the other.
    So tell me, are the poor cursed by good and the rich blessed? What does our kinky hair Jesus have to say about that before he was nailed on the cross by the European Romans, or was it the Jews? I am lost and can never figure that one out along with all of us came from Adam and Eve. Enlighten us ,can you?

  6. I meant cursed by God in case you think it was my lack of intelligence at play, as opposed to a typo.

  7. Reply!!!!!!
    We are the children of one God. The ancient records all began after the Flood of Genesis. Every form of written facts and artifacts flow only from this period. The Man Moses began the writing of the Scriptures around 1450 B.C. But according to the facts the Mediterranean world was the area the world was accustom to.
    WE may think that far reaches of the Earth have been peopled so far. But most of these places were covered by ice. From the mid-east the writers of the Scripture spoke in context of geographical locations.
    South was Egypt. North was from Israel way over to the Caspian sea. West was the Mediterranean world. East was the area heading into the Deccan and India. From early times these surrounding nations was under extreme weather conditions. As the Earth became warmer these areas began to be populated.
    North & South America, Asia, China, India, Japan etc. all have their origin in some point in history.
    The earliest form of civilization grew from areas surrounding the plains of Shinar. Modern day Iraq and Areas of Iran, Egypt and The land of Canaan. One good thing about the unifying flow or thought in the Bible is: It leads to the issue of Redemption. God making this possible, this is the theme that surrounds the entire Old Testament. What was established in Ancient Israel, was the plan of conveying this plan of Redemption. When we study the earthly sanctuary and its services we would understand what knowledge was conveyed there.
    The nation of Israel became known from the calling of Jacob, who’s own name was changed into Israel. He had 12 sons. Each was known as a tribe. The tribe of Levy was chosen for a specific role. To convey the plan of salvation in types for all to see. No strangers were deprived from choosing this method of how to approach this God of the Bible.
    Some People view the God of the Bible as a Stern Harsh Tyrant. One who relished in the bloods of animals and the death of other nations who was not apart of Ancient Israel. A closer look into the Scriptures would show that two principles was contending for the Supremacy. A written Legacy and a oral legacy.
    All the books of the Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, From Hosea to Malachi. Search and you would see that God was constantly fighting off this oral tradition. After the Babylonian captivity this Oral tradition became so strong, at the Time of Christ- Tradition took hold of the nation in rejecting him. This is where the battle escalated. The entire Old Testament pointed to the coming of the Messiah. Tradition destroyed this from view, this is why when the Messiah was amongst his profess people they rejected him.
    Judaism had nothing from this period, only oral tradition. The Old Testament pointed to the New, The New unfolded the Old. Everything the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures predicted was fulfilled in the new. The Ancient Hebrew Scriptures was not fulfilled in the Bhagavad Gita, The Quran, Buddist writings, or in any supplementary writing that came from the various nations of Earth.
    When we look at the Gospels and their narratives, this is not some fictitious literary work by some crafty artisans. This has real genre,styles and moods that once flourished in the mid-east region. Pontius Pilate was a real procurator in Philistine- who represented ROME. Rome in itself was not fictitious but real as America is Real.
    The poor are not cursed, neither are the Rich Blessed over others. Usurp authority can be a very strange thing when investigated. The High Priests in Christ’s Time Usurped the Authority of God over men. The same took place with Rome. When Rome fell as a Political Empire- She continued into a Spiritual Empire over the Nations of Earth.
    The Usurped authority of men lead the World as it is even today. They took Science and used it to control the Masses. When we are hearing about all this Billions,upon Billions that are being measured out through Borrower and Lender Principles no one see’s where this Funds are coming From. The Scriptures specifically show that cursed be the man who put his trust in man and depart from the Living God. Deuteronomy Chapter 28 should be studied in the light of the Curses and in light of the blessing. How to receive the Blessings, if not we know what would be our lot.

  8. It is amazing how vaguely the bible was written. It allows one to add almost any interpretation provided that the basic rules are obeyed. Somehow, your prayers didn’t stop crime or poverty but you continue to worship blindly(no wonder the PNM is a Christian organization).

    The truth is that the leaders of the old world wanted to rule over a population that would be passive enough to allow them to do whatever they wanted. This bible teaches that the meek shall inherit the earth, that physical possessions are worthless, leaving the hierarchs to progress without competition.

    Every time these children of the one god find themselves in great turmoil their god intervenes and saves only the righteous leaving the wicked to die or be cast out. This ensures that those of blind faith will not achieve freedom by their own devices as they are required to wait on some prophet selected by god.

    The few hierarchs are safe from the monstrous masses since they are required to turn the other cheek. The dynamic radicals are eliminated from birth because they must honor their parents. They should not try to be great men but simply try to be men.

    Thou shalt not kill because we don’t want to die and we don’t want to lose any of that sweet slave labor.

    Thou shalt not bear false witness because we need to know what is going on, especially when there are attempts to overthrow us.

    Thou shalt have no other gods before me. This one is a little too obvious.

    Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain since you must provide your slave services regardless of how terrible you feel.

    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them. Once more obvious but it is also possible that the writers were already aware of other religions that required the use of images or perhaps giving no face to god eliminates the possibility of an imposter.

    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy and to ensure that you do not forget god and start causing problems for us. Once a week means that the reminder is there without wasting too much working hours.

    Thou shalt not commit adultery. This is a tough one. Could it be that in that time, without contraception and the Haber Process, the population needed to be controlled or increased at a reasonable rate?

    Thou shalt not steal because there would be no point in taking from you if you could take it back.

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor’s. This is explained above but crushing desire is the ultimate means of prevention.

    You truly believe that you were created and then given free choice by a god who just wants to see if you will do what he wants to get into heaven or disobey him to find yourself in hell. Religion is a means of control that preys on your fear of the unknown. Why do we exist? Why do we die and what happens after? No one has returned from the dead to tell us how heavenly heaven is or how hellish is hell.

    I only just remembered that one religious leader warned me that logic would be the destruction of humanity(or something like that) so why waste my time?

  9. Seems like the Law of the Ten Commandments are up for Kill. Do we want to reason? Lets put Religion out of the way for a moment, Let’s look at the naturalist point of view.
    What is the BIG BANG? Big because it entails the entire universe? Did matter just appear on the scene by a cosmos Bang, yet the Bang only consisted of Gases!!!. The gases as revealed are made up of Atoms and Neutrons, Weee!!! This sounds like Education to Me I am deeply impressed.
    Animate matter came out from inanimate objects, Gases turned into solids, Life came out from Dead elements, Man came out from Monkeys, Monkeys turned into Trees- The list goes on and on. What about the Transitional Stages? Is there any? Did research ever found Half animal and half humans? Is there any Transitional evidences any where on Earth?
    The so-called Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian Layers never showed any thing as in Transitional Form. Did all the Cretaceous Forms suddenly appear? Life form of Plants being found in fossil-like form under the ocean beds. Here we see photo-syntheses happening from direct Radiation from the Sunlight, yet this matter of Fossils were found in the Oceans Beds.
    Some major catastrophe is presented here, yet we cannot gets the facts straight. All Fossilization appears in Complete development form, All creatures in this layer appears complete as they are found today. Have we ever came across Rocks turning into trees? No! But the Fossils are there to prove the contrary.
    The Big Bang theory has been accepted by a majority of scientists today. It theorizes that a large quantity of nothing decided to pack tightly together, and then exploded outward into hydrogen and helium. This gas is said to have flowed outward through frictionless space to eventually form stars, galaxies, planets, and moons.
    It all sounds simple, just as you would find in a science fiction novel. ( Vance Ferrel, Origin of the Universe).
    From nothing to Everything. 1. Not Squeezable- Nothingness never packs together. It would have no way to push itself into a pile. There is no physical law to explain such a peculiar event. (Hannes Alfven, professor of plasma physics at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, heatedly opposes the idea that the universe could ever have attained such a fantastic density. (Ferrel, Origin of the Universe.3).
    The Big Bang is supposed to be an explosion of concentrated nothingness. But nothingness never pushes itself into anything, much less a concentrated pile. A total vacuum is the complete opposite of total density. This theory is not science, but a playing with words. ( Ferrel, 3).
    See that the Atheist is playing with words!! Yet the entire law of the Ten Commandments are under attack I supposed. Those who is playing Church are offering the dumb and deceived heaven and hell in some other life, while they themselves are reaping the Glory of the riches of the Earth.
    You go-and believe in heaven, and hell,while we live it up!! But my friend search the Scriptures and you would see the contrary. Mankind on a whole is under a SIN problem, These Hoaxers are turning people into bold face Atheist. All because of the false lifestyle they are presenting to the World.
    When we look upon man as our superior this is the Pit we are destined to fall into. The Principles of the Ten commandments could never be a humanistic devising- these principles found there are pointing to A Divine nature that is not inherent in Mankind. The spiritual law is what should be entered upon by contemplating on the physical law.
    Goodness gracious, we are playing into the fields of the Players who wants us to be there. Destroy true Religion and what do we have?

  10. The Big Bang theory does not explain the beginning of the universe, it only explains its expansion(it is theory because all of the observed evidence cannot be explained). You should be grateful since this is the only bit of science which suggests that there may have been some kind of god, when the theory is used to explain the beginning. The theory is about the expansion but to accept the theory (i use accept since it is not proven) you must accept that if it is increasing in size, it must have been incredibly small or did not exist at all. Therefore, something must have started it, something that was there before existence.

    The religious groups that do not accept it do not understand it and I admit that I, myself, am struggling to grasp it. I am struggling to understand Einstein’s theory upon which the Big Bang is based. However, it is important to note that the original theorist was a roman catholic priest.

    Does your Bible explain why the expansion is accelerating? We are absolutely sure that it is, no theory here, so how and why?

    Your knowledge of physics/chemistry is deplorable. A gas can be converted to a solid by reducing the temperature sufficiently or by massive increase in pressure.

    Your knowledge of biology is deplorable. Elements are not dead since they cannot be alive. Saying that you are alive is simply glorifying a very complex machine.

    The theory of evolution is undeniable. No fossils of modern man have ever been found. Consider the reduction in the size of the thyroid. Evolution is a gradual change, clearly visible in many other species. It is theory because not all the links have been found and some may have been completely destroyed. There is no evidence that monkeys EVOLVED into trees. There is transitional evidence but you will never know since you believe in things without looking at the evidence.

    I admit that I know little about the Cambrian and cannot argue against your point but photosynthesis can and does happen under water. The fossils did not appear as complete as the creatures are today no one said that rocks become living organisms(where are you getting this information from, please tell me).

    I know nothing of Hannes and Ferrel and the Big Bang did not involve an explosion of any kind to my knowledge. A concentrated pile is possible since the Absolute temperature scale shows that if matter is reduced in volume when temperature is reduced then at absolute zero it would have no volume and therefore cease to exist.

    You have proven to me that you have never studied physics and yet you want to argue about these things.

    I never said that atheists just want to live it up but i notice that many atheists have no direction. They abandon their religions because the rules deny them the freedoms that appeal to their base instincts. Many atheists give in to instincts and engage in promiscuity, drug use, violence and financial corruption all for personal satisfaction.

    A true atheist must accept that death is coming and time is limited. The atheist must have some objective, some lasting impact on humanity that will benefit generations to come, either socially or by contributing to the noble quest of understanding the purpose of existence. The species must survive long enough to discover why we are here.

    To deny it all and accept religion would be to lead a meaningless life. What would you have me do? Get a job, get married, have children, take the family to church, sing praises onto god and then drop dead, knowing that eternal happiness awaits me in heaven?

    On a final note: If Adam and Eve were the first and only humans then there would have been a lot of inbreeding involved. The brothers would have intercourse with the sisters and then the cousins and so on. That would mean that we are not like the original humans and, when compared with them, we are physically deformed and mentally retarded(among many other negative results). If you do not believe in evolution you must explain to me why the Eskimos,Africans,Asians and Europeans are so different.

  11. What’s the population of Trinidad? 1.3 Million I suppose. What’s the population of the western world. The western hemisphere- The America’s was once discovered, by the Europeans, the Native Indians, but the point is – It was once in existence without humans.
    Now if we trace the origin of the nations, we would arrive back into the mid-east region-right? Do we believe in the Genesis Flood? There are a lot of evidences all over the world to prove that this catastrophe once took place. Do you know that Fossils of the oceans were found in high regions of Mountainous areas of the world.
    Back to the issue of Transition- The American Museum Of Natural History, The Chicago Museum of Natural History, The British Museum- None of these Museums have any evidence of Transition in operation. Why do you sound like you want to degrade me? Am I not presenting my views equally as you? How come you are saying I don’t know the rules of physics and chemistry- is there something secret to this theory that only a few can arrive upon,where the unfortunate masses can never approach.
    Can’t we see that a human being are made up:1.Physical.2.Mental.3.Spiritual.
    Why feed the physical nature, everybody is doing this.
    Some are feeding the Mental nature as well, other go so far they call it Higher Education. But what about the Spiritual nature in man. As we begin to touch here, most people put up the Defense. What is wrong with this Sphere in Mankind?
    If humans did evolved, why did they stop at humans? Why cause the stoppage to this evolution? What’s your facts on this?
    Do evolution stops at the rich getting richer and the Poor getting Poorer, Survival of the fittest game. what break through did we ever accomplished really in the advance stage? To turn around and fool the illiterate masses into subjection? Control, indoctrinate, Dumb us down with all the immorality in Movies, music, literature, education- etc. all in the name of freedom- but the minute someone begins to question these things, you are viewed as an outcast, a rebel, a deceiver.
    This Atheist camp is like a ship in the ocean without chart, and without compass. A sad case to be in, don’t you think? This generation love to play the Atheist, but stop and take a good look at society- The Morals, The Crimes, the Violence, the greed, the lust, you name it it is present. No right thinking person cannot overlook this situation and hide their head in the sand. Something is definitely WRONG with SOCIETY, is this what the Atheist are giving to the World.
    Is this the lasting impact on humanity, would this benefit generations to come. I don’t see direction to existence in this camp. I guess the species evolved to work for Globalism-RIGHT? Why do you think God in the Bible permitted the Flood, then a re-peopling of the earth- He distributed the race into races, to deal with the very concept of what we might see as close inbreeding.
    Did the Marriage institution come about from the naturalist field? How do we know that to murder is wrong? To steal is wrong, I cannot see this principles coming from the Atheist Camp. The Principles that are found in the Ten Commandments have rightfully Laid the Foundation for the Worldview especially of the Western world. who do we thing gave to America especially the unique concept of Civil liberty, and Religious Liberty- Not the Atheist , but The Protestant Reformation of the Sixteenth Century. How do you think that the American form of Government Known as Checks and Balances was Founded. Because of the Deep impact the Reformation made upon the World.
    Nations were made, nations were builded upon the Principles of the Protestant Reformation.Check America’s early history, why people flocked to the shores there? Because of what was taking place in Europe, especially religious persecution. The Pilgrims fled from England to Holland, from Holland on the “Mayflower” they landed in the Massachusetts Bay area- known as new England.
    Ancient Egypt was confronted with the God of the Bible. The Ancient Assyrians likewise, Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome, Europe, America, Through the American Bible Society and the British Bible Society- the vast regions of the inhabited Globe was reached with Missions and Foreign Missionaries.
    What about all those religious awakenings that took place in America. From early colonial times right down to Modern days. Can’t we see the legacy that the Bible has created cannot be refuted. The Back to Bible was the theme and motto of the reformation, with the Renaissance period the Bible were par and parallel right on target, the Enlightenment period – The Bible spark off the quest for knowledge- In most democratic lands that followed the American form of Constitution and bill of rights, adopted the Bible when anyone was sworn into public offices.
    Why heap all this dis-credit upon the Bible when at the same time it was the genius of the Bible that made the mark upon history throughout the ancient world, the Middle ages, into modern times. The Atheist are a neo-camp, a new camp that is out of control, seeking to deceive other with their Godless theories that is leading the world unto mayhem, depravity, hopelessness, materialism, greed ,lust, into the end- no hope and no eternal life.
    Where are all the great minds of the Earth? Most are in the graves waiting the Resurrection and the Judgment of the final day. We all do not live forever upon this Earth, death is coming for all, all class, all creed and all Races. Are we being prepared for the Judgment? Atheism don’t offer this hope, Seek God, he is there, Don’t seek after your own foolish imagination, this is only human reasoning. The Spiritual reasoning found in the Bible gives life. This is our hope.

  12. Who said that the evolution of humans is complete? We may still be evolving but only time will tell. If we trace the origins of nations or civilizations, we do not finish in the Middle East but instead Africa.
    I do not want to mix argue science against faith. It is faith that claims that humans have spirits.
    It’s impossible to change a person’s belief. We know what science says and we know what some people believe.
    Science tells us about dinosaurs. I don’t remember hearing anything about that in those old Hebrew stories.
    It would seem that the only conclusion that one can have is that we really don’t know what happened or what will happen. It’s easy to say the world will be destroyed and there will be fire smoke and chaos. That tells me nothing. Without an exact date and time, I’m not buying that garbage. It’s just another way to colonize minds and restrain, people, and thoughts. I will say, Adam and Eve, and Sodom and Gomorra are probably true.

  13. Enough with this allurements !!! Simple explain this: The United States Declaration Of Independence-
    ” We hold these TRUTHS to be SELF-EVIDENT, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, that they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY,and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”
    Explain this.
    Also if Secular History could refute Daniel Chapter 2 and Daniel Chapter 7. I might think about your camp.
    Go and learn what that mean.

  14. “Do you know that Fossils of the oceans were found in high regions of Mountainous areas of the world?” Do some reading on tectonic plates and other factors that change the face of the earth over long periods of time.

    I already told you that the Big Bang theory supports the existence of god and you should be grateful, since it is the only thing in science that points in that direction. If really want to claim to understand it then please explain the calculations in the theory of relativity to me as I have already admitted to not having it clearly in my mind.

    I can’t believe that I am about to do this…………………..
    Curtis I partially agree with you on this one………………..
    There, I did it.

    Evolution is never complete. The biological changes dictated by evolution are dependent on the environment, physical labor, mental development and whatever else is necessary for survival. No evolutionary change is instantaneous and require very large intervals of time before noticeable differences can be detected. Notice that some species show little deviation from the biological makeup of their ancestors. The crocodile is probably the best example. It is described as a “survival machine” and has no need for a larger brain or other modifications in order to survive.

    Man is a different story. We continue to find ways to defeat death. We travel, work, play and generally survive with the aid of machine or other modern conveniences. When we do not like the temperature, we change it. We purify the water before we drink and cook the food before we eat. We wash our bodies when we are dirty. We simply destroy the obstacles instead of going around or over them.

    In conclusion, in keeping with the theory of evolution, man will evolve to a smaller body, weaker immune system and hopefully an ever increasing brain size.

    The general rules of ethics have always been debated. The fact is that if something you do causes pain or destruction, without some tangible benefit to humanity, it is wrong. Also, failure to act can also be immoral for the same reasons. Consider that I am trying to put you through a great deal of stress but with the intention of helping you.

    Let me remove the scales from your eyes. The Christian based nations you speak of are failures(including america) just as almost all nations rich in religion. Take a good look at the Scandinavian nations(Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland). Know that they are the most progressive, ethical and peaceful nations in the world. They are primarily atheist but one great writer suggests that their success may be attributed also to racial homogeneity. In other words “less time wasted on conflict = more time spent on progress.” They are what we should aspire to be. They are hope.

    “This Atheist camp is like a ship in the ocean without chart, and without compass.” I agree with this statement but I would rather wait for the night to come, look at the stars and choose my own direction, rather than have a figment of someone else’s imagination drag me down into a sea of endless repetition and a doomed existence.

  15. – 2012: More than Just a Doomsday Movie… There are in fact several ancient civilizations that have independently predicted significant change occurring in the year 2012… Modern science has also predicted a potentially catastrophic asteroid collision in 2012…
    – NASA’s Wise Eye Gets Ready To Survey the Whole Sky – WASHINGTON, Nov. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — NASA’s Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, or Wise, is chilled out, sporting a sunshade and getting ready to roll… NASA: Dawn now permanently in asteroid belt:

  16. We shall see. Faith tells me that I should have something or someone to believe in especially when I am afraid to die. If I believe that there isn’t a higher power that can allow me to live forever in his name after I die in the flesh, then my life seems a bit more valuable. I would do anything to be fulfilled.
    If I was trying to control others, it makes sense to get the others to think about life beyond the flesh so that they can dedicate their lives to making me more comfortable. The more superstitious, religious, and just plain gullible, others are; the better for me.
    The worst part about this is that because of the way I was raised, I can’t help but to be somewhat submissive to faith in a higher power.
    Strangely, I also find that it takes faith to become an atheist is one is taught religion and spirituality as a child.
    If 2012 is real, I would probably have liked to live my life in a way that allows me to be at peace when it ends. If I believe in something or someone, I think it would be better (at least in my mind) than just accepting death in the flesh as the end of me.
    I am forced to believe that God lives in me and that I’m not alone as long as I know he is by my side. Regardless of what really happens that no one will be around to explain, if I believe it will be as if I did in fact ascend into heaven to be by the side of my lord and savior.
    The Bible and Christianity can offer valuable lessons for how to live a clean, decent, and healthy life. It offers wisdom from the age old experiences.
    The problem comes when Mankind attempts to alter the word of God to fit his lifestyle with complete disregard for his fathers’ teachings.
    I’ll stop religious rambling for now. I cannot say nor do I believe 50% of King James. More people were killed in the name of that book than for any other reason through out the history of Mankind. However, it does have some good stories that could be symbolic for modern day issues if we don’t try to change them to make us feel better.
    Seriously, I will stop rambling now.

  17. That was not rambling, Curtis. You are absolutely correct. You probably saved me a few hours of my short life and you have my thanks for putting this one to a fitting end.

  18. The King James Bible, in fact the text the King James Bible were founded upon was the textus receptus- the mojority texts, From this text the English and the King James were built upon.

    The King James bible survived over 450 + years in existence. Major Protestant churches were founded upon this text.

    The Majority Text, the received Text, The Textus Receptus are the same thing we are dealing with, apart from the Minority text. the minority Text was literally rejected by the Protestant Reformation.

    All this new age Bibles and new age translations were taken from this minority Text. This concept was rejected by the Protestant Reformation, The prevalent NIV text is a spurious text that flows from the minority text that were rejected by the Protestant Reformation.

    People are so confused when it comes to knowing which Bible to follow. should we be confused with an issue like this?
    while evolution continues in the direction of Making: Man turning into Woman, likewise Women turning into Men, what ingenious of the deception!!!!!!!!!

    Check out this article: Satan Alive and Kicking -on

  19. “Who said that the evolution of humans is complete? We may still be evolving but only time will tell. If we trace the origins of nations or civilizations, we do not finish in the Middle East but instead Africa.” I like where cousin Curtis mind is heading on this subject, as he just might be on to something here.
    Let me see , future humans might develop three legs , with the added ability to survive to 1000 years and exist in all forms of harsh socio economic / political conditions on land , and environmental situations both under water or in the space -unlike their present day counterparts.
    Forget all that , I am already optimistic as I look out on a post racial globe led by the likes of Tiger Woods and Barrack Obama. Due to his overt fear of anything black ,the former only dates crazy blonds and a bevy of red head prostitutes for all his millions , poor miserable confuse soul that he is . Notice how his OJ like, Afrocentric wife beating predilections did not kick into play when his wife smashed his head in with a golf club because he decided that she was too fat for his fancy. As for the latter? Well let’s just say , at the end of his term ,George W Bush and his hated right wing bunch would appear as more pro -African,as one cannot really decipher the mind set of the fast talking , once skinny poor Hawaiian kid with the skinny arm African American wife from the poverty stricken Chicago South side. ‘There is a thin line between love and hate’ indeed – rhetoric and action as well.
    Who needs fringe lunatics evolution theorist , and confused creationist fanatics Curtis ? Let the post racial journey begin! We will start the experience right here in T&T commencing ,what better time -next carnival.
    Clatis Ali was way ahead of his game back there in 61 when he sang this beautiful Kaiso ditty ‘Split me in Two.’ “Because they sending indians to india. And the Negroes back to Africa. Can somebody please just tell me . Where they sending poor me. I am neither one nor the other. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. If they serious about sending back people for true.They got to split me in two.”
    Sing Mighty Dougla!
    Ah yes,forgive folks if you will! ‘2012 the movie and Trinidad,’ before Samson and atheist tried to put us all to sleep as they attempted to out pontificate each other about somethings they have absolutely no idea about based on their baseless interpretations.

  20. Ever heard the saying, “strong and wrong,” Neal. In your case it is “strong, wrong and irrelevant.”

  21. Coming from someone who calls himself atheist to prove to him self perhaps that he hates God ,I’ll take this as a compliment. I swear one day soon I’ll make a final decision to give up this country of mine, purchase a piece of land in Guadeloupe , St Lucia , Tahiti, or Cape Verde .
    It is getting rather difficult to still proudly claim that I am a Trini, when one must also succumb to the need to put some of these characters in that same category as well.
    I simply informed the good guy that he was boring , and he retorted with the comment that I am irrelevant, even though he lacked the guts to mention it before my gentle chiding.
    On second thought , I’ll continue to love my country , this fraudulent atheist , might be from the land of the mountain chicken ,Dominica , and never set foot in my country .

  22. It is not a matter of lacking guts but rather a matter of finding it easier to ignore you when you ignore me. Did you notice that I addressed the other bloggers with you and marduk being the exceptions? My attempt was only to convert a religious person to atheism but I failed miserably.

    I’ll be a eating flesh and drinking blood before I start discussing Barrack, OJ, Tiger, Bush and Clatis Ali to win your approval. If you want a solution to race, then just simply try to understand evolution. It is no coincidence that African people are black. Isn’t it a little convenient that Africans who are exposed to greater radiation from the sun also have that extra melanin that is protective against it?

    “Let the post racial journey begin! We will start the experience right here in T&T commencing ,what better time -next carnival.”
    Talk about critical thinking. It must have taken years in balisier house to come up with such a brilliant plan to snuff out racism. What were you saying about being baseless? Then again, you did jump on this after saying something about prostitutes and Hawaii.

  23. So you “find it easier to ignore me,” atheist ? Listen ,after you were given away to a grandmother at eight weeks , and ignored all your life by a callous mom ,and a useless father , you get used to it, and could care less about you or anyone’s approval when it comes to daily therapeutic socio – political elucidations.
    Come on good fellow,do you know who you are talking to ? I wrote the script on blogging psychology my friend , you just have not heard about it as yet, because it was not listed in one of the European technical journals you absorb daily, and regurgitate for our consumption.
    Are you seriously telling me that you look forward to turning on your computer and carry on a high spirited debate about 12 century theology with Sampson, while trying to understand subtle racial differences through the eyes of Darwin and similar racist , narrow minded Europeans?
    Let’s stretch your logic a bit shall we. Africans are black due to the sun, and Japanese are from the land of the rising sun hence their yellow skins , flat nose , and squinted eyes. We’ll throw in their other East Asian Korean and Chinese cousins, just for good measure. Using this anthropological backdrop,I guess South Asians from India ,Pakistan , Bangladesh , and Sri Lanka are white as well, although we cannot find any lower class ,non contact lens , authentic blue eyed blonds and red heads amongst them to date, unless a family member was raped by invading Europeans that came across the Caucus Mountains, and Queen Elizabethan ships , correct?
    For good reason , not a single Latin American indian outside of Chavez and Castro, Pinochet or Peron was over 5 feet , while their original North American red cousins are mostly tall and did not think like them that invading white Spanish Conquistadores on horses were half men , half humans gods.
    Like you ,I too burned my King James Bible,once I developed the ability to think for myself, and recognize the implausibility of the hazel eyed , revengeful God that would place a male and a female in a beautiful garden devoid of the ability to have sex , until she ate and apple.
    It was difficult to accept that we all came from a 10 ft 11 Adam who lived for 930 years , had two sons Cain and Abel , and after the former murdered his twin brother , he decided “to go into the distant land of Nod ,located east of Eden, and conveniently got himself a wife.’
    Many moons ago ,I once had a former UWI female A’Level Sociology Professor , who never ceased to remind us her students when it comes to past or prevailing realities , that “there are no truths ,only perspective.” You may be well advised to take heed to her admonitions.

  24. Hi,
    The 2012 movie is brought to us by master of disaster Roland Emmerich, director of ID4, Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow and 10,000 B.C. The preview is trying to sell us on effects awesomeness. Let’s strip away the bulls**t and see it for what it is – a likely sign of the moviepocalypse.

  25. I hereby give you instead a quote from perhaps the wisest woman that ever lived atheist. She stated the following:- ” too much of one thing can be good for nothing.”
    The pro IQ garbage within the Bell Curve was also science atheist, do you also believe that?
    It is why I told you that I have almost the same contempt for religious freaks that blindly gobble up unsubstantiated dogma, to the same degree that I feel towards , naive ,delusional, pro science advocates, stuck on obscure theories ,with feet firmly planted in a non realistic world. These folks can pose a severe danger to mankind, either as leaders, or policy wonks that advise them accordingly.
    The former is partly the cause for white colonial savagery chiefly against other races across the globe through the centuries . It helped foster Bin Laden ,along with fringe lunatics Imams that preach Muslim fundamentalism and encourage poor kids to graduate as suicide bombing terrorist, while such conniving leaders ensure that their own are educated , and travel in style across the globe. New age Religious Right George W Bush’s faith shaped his anti abortion , pro death penalty, war mongering mindset – hence two ill-conceived crusades in Asia and the Middle East,and hundred of innocent minorities in the USA ,could possibly burn in hell while on earth . Don’t forget why millions of low cast Hindus in India are locked in poverty, while phony elites in decadent Mumbai run the country to the ground, because it’s their Kama.
    As for the latter, from Hitler to environmentalist wackos more concerned about race , birds and trees , rather than decency , real people, and global inequities . What they all have in common , is that obsession over science , just like you cousin atheist.
    In short , atheist , everything in moderation , or better yet take some data ‘with a grain of salt,’as this can lead to much better world, hummm?

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