Recession was predictable

By Raffique Shah
December 07, 2015

Raffique ShahThis recession did not creep up on us like the proverbial thief in the night.

It was long in the making. In fact, from as far back as the global financial crisis of 2008-2009, when Clico collapsed and the price of oil plunged from a brief high of US $140 a barrel to $30, informed, patriotic citizens were warning governments to go easy on the wild spending, to set aside more savings in the Heritage and Stabilisation Fund, to wean the population off dependency on subsidies, and most of all to diversify the economy from its over-reliance on oil, gas and petrochemicals.

Those who dared to speak out, who tried to inject sobriety into a society that was immersed in the stupor of oil dollars, were deemed prophets of doom and gloom.

While predicting oil and gas prices is risky business, the advent and rapid development of shale oil and gas in the USA since 2000 was a portent of the changing face of global energy.

Between 2008 and 2012, the USA ceased being our biggest market for gas (LNG). Fortunately for us, other markets in South America, Europe and the Far East still paid well.

But in October 2014, the price of oil plunged from $90 to $45, remained there, and based on Saudi Arabia’s stance at the OPEC meeting in Vienna last week, it may well go lower–$30, $20, who knows?-before it stabilises or rebounds.

In the face of such stark realities and grim prospects, the PP Government increased spending, scraped the bottom of the NGC barrel for every available dollar, sold off some of the family jewels (FCB and PPG-NGL shares), extracted everything it could from the Central Bank, and on top of that borrowed beyond the $70 billion limit, the debt ceiling it had established in 2011.

Note well that this looting of the Treasury and mortgaging of the nation took place when oil prices averaged $90.

The spending spree intensified: laptops for all secondary school students, including the boys and girls who specialise in bullying the fighting.

The GATE programme, which was intended to broaden the base of young academics and professionals who would help build the country, was opened wide to include many who were not receptive to tertiary education.

A billion-dollar children’s hospital even as the paediatric wards in existing institutions remained under-utilised and health facilities were left under-staffed, under-equipped and short of vital medications.

And rest assured that based on precedence, many people who love freeness will expect the Prime Minister to don a Santa Claus suit and traipse around the country sharing trinkets to the natives!

All of this nonsense have brought us to this sorry pass where the Government has to raise the debt ceiling to $120 billion, nearly 70 percent of GDP, just to run the country.

Had the previous Government, and Mr Manning’s before that, exercised restraint in spending our money, we might have been able to better weather the perfect economic storm, the recession that Central Bank Governor Jawala Rambarran grandiloquently declared last Friday.

People like me who lived through the first oil boom when crude prices surged from US $1.80 a barrel in 1970 to $36 in 1980, and heard Dr Eric Williams boast “money is no problem” know only too well that oil dollars could be a big problem.

By 1981, with prices receding to around $20, PM George Chambers called for the tightening of belts. “Fete done! Back to wuk!” he advised a people who had become the Sheiks of the Caribbean.

Nobody heeded Georgie. The fete continued. By 1987, the NAR Government had to cut allowances and freeze wages in the public sector, and Selby Wilson introduced VAT.

The middle and upper classes who had wallowed in some wealth ended up losing their new cars and abandoning houses they could no longer pay for.

It was bad. Thousands lost their jobs. Businesses collapsed, among them insurance and finance companies. People lost their shirts, almost literally.

We witnessed the fall of the oil-giant, and it was heart-rending.

Now, I don’t expect this recession to be as bad or to last as long-seven years. We have some savings and elbow room to manoeuvre in. And once we share the sacrifices we must make equitably (not equally), then we can pull through, hopefully emerge from it stronger, wiser and better positioned to face the future.

PM Rowley has an opportunity to lead the nation in a time of crisis.

I am, however, very angry with those who led us down this trip to nowhere, this descent into hell. What hurts even more is that they will continue to live in luxury as the masses suffer the consequences.

How I wish they could be in jail instead.

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  1. PM Rowley has shown no intention of changing course. He has announced minor cost saving measures which would have little or no impact on the economic conditions. Instead, his man Imbert has proposed a scandalous increase to the debt ceiling to fund campaign promises.
    Meanwhile Mrs. Clause was re-elected as Leader and is on a rampage demanding funding for all and sundry without considering ability to pay. As PM she threw money around recklessly. Good luck T&T.

        1. Lol…i’m sure others were hoping the same thing in 1850,1855,1860,1865….but look what happened! Get used to seeing his arrivals at the airport over & over & over…lol,..

          1. It is about time you quit your childish mutterings and attempt to indulge in some sober and reflective thought.
            You have used up your currency on berating the Caste system, Hinduism and Indians worldwide. Congratulations! You won that battle, as you have proven conclusively that you are a YouTube researcher.

  2. “All of this nonsense have brought us to this sorry pass where the Government has to raise the debt ceiling to $120 billion, nearly 70 percent of GDP, just to run the country.”

    Keep buying food from PriceMart they use the highest amount in foreign exchange.

    When I was a child we grew our own food we depended on government for little or nothing. Today almost everything is bought, especially if it comes from abroad. People eat apple and grapes when there is mango, guava, passion fruit, etc. The food grown in the tropics is the best. Why? Because it is exposed to sunlight, clean Water, and good soil.

    To raise the debt ceiling to such a ridiculous high level of GDP when the country is in a recession is reckless. The PNM must be trounced immediately before they sink this nation.

    1. Dear Mamoo

      What was reckless was to deny that we were in recession for so long, and to continue spending like there was no tomorrow, simply because you wanted to win an election. I am of course speaking of the last prime minister. Now she is asking the public to believe that the recession has been caused by a Government in power exactly 3 months as of yesterday.

      If the ”Prime Minister in Waiting”, as she refers to herself, was re-elected at 6pm instead of loosing at 7 pm, she would have been faced with the same choices as the current government and would probably be raising the debt ceiling even higher, assuming that the international funders would even give her the time of day.

      I agree fresh fruit from the Caribbean are better for you than apples, grapes and blueberries, that have to be frozen and shipped. By the time they get here they have no nutrients.

      The fact, is oil countries have an inverse economic relationship with the rest of the world. When the rest of the world is experiencing a downturn, which very often high oil prices contribute to , oil countries are experiencing economic stability or even a boom period. When the rest of the world is experiencing economic stability or even a boom period to which low oil prices may be a contributing factor, we are experiencing a recession.

      This is why when prices are high we cannot spend like there is no tomorrow, we have to employ something that has long eluded the Trinidadian politician……… discipline.

  3. Great speech….

    Sadly enough… There are people willing to help… Willing to work to make this country a better place but opportunities are denied. When employment is given to friends and family members in both the private and public sectors and those employees slack off and do not work to earn their salaries… Imagine working in a company with no opportunities for growth and within such, exists individuals determined to enhance educational backgrounds for self growth… Kinda depressing that a Bachelor’s Degree or Masters Degree cannot assist in applying concepts to a company like such…

    Another thing, T&T nationals need to change the stigma of the “Gimme Gimme” attitude and the dependency of the government. What can we as individuals of country do to boost the economy besides oil and gas? Oil and gas seems to be the older brother that was shot in the war against the world. He is badly wounded and needs assistance from his younger siblings… Food and Beverages, Film, Seafood, Music and Entertainment, Merchant Marine to name a few … Or how can agriculture and tourism play a part?

    I wish I was given the opportunity to work with such a dream team… I guess time will tell…

  4. Great article Raff!!! I am not an admirer of local media. Local media has a slavish attitude toward news gathering and news reporting. They are very lazy in seeking truth, if at all and sometimes are just as impervious in pursuit of truth. Truth for them appears to be what people says it is and not what standard exists for determining truth. For example, they have repeatedly reported statements by people like Larry Howai (past finance minister), stating that the economy is good and we have nothing to fear concerning an economic slowdown. A great many of us who read the papers, have knowledge of such a stance taken by the then finance minister, but the media will NEVER on their own make reference to such evidence in matters dealing with the economic slowdown. Positions like Finance Minister and Governor of the Central Bank are serious national and consequential offices. Those holding such positions are firstly and mainly responsibility to the people and not party. Political affiliations should have absolutely no bearings on reporting of our financial health. Now, based on the information available to us, we were in serious financial trouble six months ago. Why didn’t the Finance minister and the Governor of the Central Bank inform us accordingly? Business people depend on such data in order to make day to day decisions, the lack of producing or hiding such known data is irresponsible and can be deemed treasonable acts by these people. I am sure that the lack of informing the public may have mislead the business community by as much as ten billion dollars. That is money that could have been better spent had these people acted more responsibly.

  5. Economies are cyclic in nature meaning they go up and down. A downward cycle means austerity measures must be taken to reverse this trend. There are two ways to address a recession, spend your way out of it or practice fiscal restraint. Unfortunately the PNM is in no mood to do latter because they made multi billion campaign promises. Promises so huge it will have Eric turning in his grave.

    Yes the PP spent a lot one can look at it more as a long needed investments in the national economy. But the time for prudent fiscal management is here. And so the buck stops with the PNM. Rapid rail is a massive investment project that no one can afford. A rail service will not yield the returns in investment. A don’t know of any rail service that has paid for itself because you cannot charge the real price for the use of it so it becomes a heavily subsidized albatross on the tax payers. You have to have the population plus you have to have a network of buses to feed the rapid rail.

    1. The idea that a rail service is too costly and therefore unattainable is political football. I would rather have the government spend, building a rail service than me standing in traffic for up to 4 hours on a one way trip to my destination. That kind of delay multiplied by tens of thousands amount to literally millions of hours of productive time lost that cannot be regained. The rail is a prudent move that can alleviate a great number of commuters from the traffic jam experience. It allows them a faster path to getting to the work place and getting back home. This does not mean to say that it will solve all the traffic woes but it surely can ease it enough to allow a relief from the hours of unnecessary commuting.

      1. Where they wah put the light rapid rail build a highway and give buses priority. That will save the country at least $3 billion and would not be a drain on the economy. Buses use LNG so there is no question of pollution. My problem is the $9 billion cost and no real return on investment. The buses, couriers and Maxis could use that highway.

    2. OH Mamoo
      It is amazing that now the PP is out of office, the time for fiscal restrain is here. It was here almost 1 year ago……. Did they employ restraint????.

      Keeping campaign promises are important, it is why political parties are elected. The promises made by the PNM are logical, realistic and will grow the economy. Given the choices you have outlined above……WE WILL HAVE TO SPEND OUR WAY OUT OF THIS RECESSION. In order to stimulate the economy and share the wealth. what we are faced with here is the old economic Adam smith theories of restraint and less government , compared to the Keynesian model where the government spends enough to stimulate the economy via means of infrastructural programs, which in itself improves the standard of living in a country, attracts investment, encourages local business and generally shares the wealth.

      If rapid rail is implemented across the country it will create small industries in every town . One just has to use ones imagination.
      Its about vision Mamoo. A vision for all.

      1. Don’t forget that it was dicovered that these same anti rapid railers (unc) had plans to do thwir own rapid rail shortly before Jack Warner was booted out of office…did you forget? Cut through the UNC obstructionist politics…colombia, canada, U.S. All benefir from a higher quality of life based on The standard of public transport i.e. equivalents of Rapi Rail…the 3rd world mindset of profit before public benefit was offocially introduced in UNC’s first term via the foreign used car industry…think about it…the Traffic situation in T&T is not only frustrating to everyone but is dangerous & HAS LOWERED the quality if your lives! People regularly drive on the shoulder to dodge constipated lanes…there are too many cars Vs. The current road infrastructure…mass transit is NEEDED!

  6. One of the problems with the Trinidadian taste bud is that they always believe ‘foreign’ is better. Millions of dollars is being wasted in i,sporting some foreign goods that is of no consequence to the consumer. After many years of being told that coconut was bad for us, we have finally arrived at the point where medical researchers have actually decided that coconut is not just good but very good for us. This is after the near annihilation of the coconut plantations in the 60s and 70s. In the 2000s we are faced with re-building our coconut industry because of the ‘new research’. When coconut was described as being ‘bad’ for us, Nestle’ and other large producers were busy developing large plantations of coconut in South America. Today coconut water is being produced in large quantities to sell to the same Trinidadian who can get it fresh right off the tree.
    What is the point in buying coconut water that is weeks and months old? The nutritive value is really in the fresh water. Not in the old and stale one. So then, why are we spending money importing stale coconut water? That is a waste of money and a good waste of time.

  7. Do you know what IS childish Tmanu? All you ever do is attack the INFORMATION provided…as if it angers you that the truth comes to light….You have never credibly disputed any issue…just assault after assault with no substance! “Youtube Researcher”…again, is the information provided incorrect? Then why get angry? That is how you were raised…Even Yoruba…you can’t even BEGIN to challenge his knowledge on the subject matter he puts forward…and yet you refer to him as a ‘fraud’…your insults are as hollow & baseless as your intentions…to muzzle free speech that illuminates the mindset that people of your ilk use to analyze the world we live in. My objective has been from the beginning very transparent & straightforward…i don’t pretwnd to casually comment on mundane issues. I intend to continue providing a platform for the abused & manipulated to understand WHY & WHERE…that’s it..repetition is necessary for digestion…Why should i ‘move on’ from the caste system when it affects the lives of Trinidadian daily? Many are ignorant of the machinations behind the scene to their impending doom…Kamla made it necessary to be open, blunt & precise…no more time for games! As Dr. Cudjoe pointed out in one of his articles in the beginning of Kamla’s term….non-indians were asking “what dese indians want?”….this indicates a strong desire to UNDERSTAND the true motivations of the indian community…not the propaganda from the UNC…everything that i will continue to post is relevant to pertinent issues in T&T…i’m sorry if the truth interrupts your agenda to keep certain peoplè ignorant & munching off of your lies & deceit…I observed your deceitful, triumphantilistic, surreptitious offerings on this blog loooòng before i posted…i’m aware of what you stand for…and it is NOT truth & justics

    1. Winnie u can only beat a donkey for so long. You have beaten this donkey of Hindu hate and caste system for too long. It is time you find another donkey to beat. Unless u have nothing else in the brain.

  8. Tman, although i am wise enough to not depend on YOUR validation…i decided to show you how the infor ation & references i provide are relevant to YOU as well..,.I’m throwing you a ‘bone’ if you will.
    Since you (Tman) claim that i berate indians, & you are so concerned about the image of Descendents of Indentured Labourers,

    Please read the quote below about Indentured Labourers & guess who said it

    “They are APT to yield to the slightest temptation to tell a lie,& after some time, lying with them, becomes a habit and a disease. They would lie without any reason, without any prospect of benefitting themselves materially.Indeed, without knowing what they are doing, they reach a stage in life where moral faculties have COMPLETELY collapsed!”

    Have you guessed as yet Tmanu?…i’ll give you a hint that also cements the RELEVANCE if the post…The Kamla Persad-Bissessar administration (UNC) brought the descendents of the person whom i quoted to T&T to preach to Trinidadians how great he was & officially dedicated land to this person….There is a statue of the person In San Fernando. He is celebrTed by Hindus as a saint…a “Mahatma”

    That was a direct quote of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi!
    Now, Tmanu…have i used up my currency on this subject matter??Am i still relevant??
    Should i ignore this and allow our grand & great grandchildren to be miseducated on history that this guy was a hero??

    1. It is a waste of time to debate with religious and racist bigots. It is like trying to reason with Donald Trump. Your type of scandalous hatred and anti Indian propaganda is the stuff that belongs to YouTube and qualifies you to be a barker at the Port Of Spain market, preferably behind a podium with a bell in your hand. Pity!

      1. That has to be a laugh!

        a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.
        “don’t let a few small-minded bigots destroy the good image of the city”
        synonyms: dogmatist, partisan, sectarian, prejudiced person;

        On this definition, every brahminist is a bigot, even the revered saint of brahminist hinduism, Mohan Dass Gandhi. There can be no one more bigoted, more sectarian, more prejudiced, than a person holding fast to a doctrine of varna=caste=colour. That is a system of oppression, advanced under colour of religion. It is thus not only bigoted, it is also hypocritical.

        Quite simply, it is satanic, indeed in its program to brainwash its victim, it is a form or sorcery. That is why I for one am not at all surprised that such as you and Mamoo simply “cannot hear” any word raised in its condemnation. For Yeshua put the following into Holy Writ for His followers to know and understand:

        ” Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil…” (John 8:43-44)

        For my part, I continue to preach on this question, not for your sake, nor for the sake of others such as you. If you literally cannot hear my word, that would be pointless, would it not?

        I continue to preach on it with my face toward my nearer brethren, the afro-Israelite, the “Negro” or Bantu wherever we may have been scattered. For Satan, left to his devices, would enslave every of us, using our more distant brethren, the Edomite brahminist and other, consumed as he is by hate and envy, to do his wicked work for him. I am actually required to preach as I do, that my nearer brethren may awake! If some of my Edomite brethren, contrary to Yeshua’s expectation, also awake, that would be a plus.

        Thank you, Alyssa, for posting that youtube video, “The doctor and the saint”. I have not yet had time to listen to the entire presentation, but I can see from the intro and the title, that Ms. Roy is embarked on a program to revise Gandhi downwards on the sainthood scale. It hurts those brainwashed to revere him as “Mahatma” (= great soul), but truth, as always, can be made to trump falsehood. It just takes a looonng time sometimes.

        As a servant of God, I must do what I do, knowing that what I preach will be unpopular even with my own near-brethren, let alone the witting or unwitting agents of Satan. So I carry on regardless. If it’s for a reader to hear, they will hear. If not, they may forebear.

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly do. And may He protect the innocent, that His children may return unto Him, with their sins forgiven, and their iniquities blotted out, saved by Yeshua and His sacrifice for that purpose.


        “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

        1. Yoruba, my esteemed Brother….you see THAT video and THAT author Arudathi Roy (Father ‘hindu, Mother Syrian Christian) I give you, kian, Rodwell, Triniamerican et al…..Get THAT book (Annihilation Of Caste) & Follow Her Lectures!! “The Doctor & The Saint” is actually what i spoke about since the beginng…Dr. Ambedkar (The Dr.) &(Versus) “The Saint” (mocked reference to Gandhi & his ‘mahatma’/sainthood status)…Ms. Roy deals with the true, hidden history of these two individuals & the true nature of their rivalry & passions…e.g Gandhi wanted to ‘test’ his sexual restraint at 70, so he slept NAKED in bed with his Grandnieces on either side of him (in bed)…all FACTUAL accounts of Gandhi…and do you know what the BEUATY is?? From his (Gandhi’s) OWN handwritten accounts…yesssss from Ll of his evil, racist, empire loving rumps in South Africa, to his Anti Dalit, evil politics in India…again…his own accounts…The video “The Doctor & The Saint” Yoruba, Kian,Triniamerican…if its is one video you must watch fro beginning to end is THAT one!! TRUST ME!! She is eloquent, to the point, compact & highly articulate…she even exposes RSS “Butcher Of Gujarat” current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Caste
          Mind (speeches)…e.g. imagi e this guy, a pri e minister of a Nation of over 1300 million souls, goes to a speech at a concert in Madison Square Garden to
          basically say that the untouchables who clean latrines for a living aren’t simply doing it as a job, but because they know the godS (plutal, archbishop Harris) will bless them for fulfilling their duty to ENSURE the ‘Happiness’ of the “entire society” (‘code’ for
          Uppercastes) of India….Narendra Modi is endorsing Manu Smirti….oh, by the way….remember the statements attributed to Devant “All Muslims should…and ‘the rest’ driven into Saudi Arabia” remember THAT?? Those types of statements are parroting Modi,The RSS & BJP parties in india & their anti islamic, anti christian MOVEMENT!… (The ‘hindu’ ‘right’ wing political paries)..this is a disturbing link between devant, the MS & these organizations in India…they are limking our politics to them in india
          (anti islam) …like when Surujrattan Rambachan was Foriegn Minister T&T happened to ‘abstain’ on the vote to give Palestine United Nation representation….my god…’abstain’ was a politically correct way of voting NO…that is what is at stake african people…do not get fooled into fiscal packages, budget, who spend more….These Caste-Minded thugs MUST be kept out of office indefinitely!!…the entire chRacter of the nTion is warped whe they get in…these are the hidden issues that you unwittingly vote for…could you imagine T&T not voting for a nation (oppressed) to ha e a VOICE at the U.N. ?? This is what our nation did under KAMLA….out children must know WHY they MUST multiply & vote….the rezlity is it is PNM or ‘Them’ (in their unlimited disguises)…we cannot afford to be ‘guessing’ whi to put in office every 5 years…all these monsters need is one term and like herpes we suffer for life…must have a paradigm shift in the way Non-Indians vote !! (they ain’t changing)…is either African in charge or Indian…plain & simple…the indian politicians hide behing fake unity banners of emSculated, self serving Africans who care nothing of their ethnic group..only their pocket!!

          1. All you rant about is Indian, UNC, caste system. As I tried explaining to you Hindus are 23% of the population. 77% of Trinis are not Hindu, but you Winnie is suffering from a lot of self hate. The Bible teaches us to love our neighbour as ourselves. When you hate yourself as you and Yoruba are self haters you project such hate on others. Then it becomes an obsession. Both of you are obsessive haters.

            You both display a high level of hate and obsession towards Indians as though they owe both of you a shilling or a farthing such is your depravity.

            Everyone Yoruba and Winnie did not choose their race or nationality, that is a sacred gift given to them by the Creator. God in his eternal wisdom design the human body to bring glory to him. You along with all humanity are servants. A servant is not afforded the right to judge another servant but that right belongs to his master and him only. God is the master not you two morons. He will judge all including you by every words uttered or written. The promoters of hatred against God creation will meet a sudden demise falling out of divine favour. Yoruba is too judgmental claiming racial superiority. Winnie you are loss….in your psychophatic dissertation. Sadly. As the good book teaches if you hate a man you are a murderer.

  9. Just heard the President of the Tunapuna Chamber of Commerce saying that the Central Bank Governor statement about a recession was political. Obviously the esteemed leader of the Tunapuna Chamber of Commerce must know you can’t call a recession until you have a recession. There has to be a few quarters of negative or slow growth then you can say it is a recession. In other words if the economy was doing well at the beginning of the year you can’t say recession.

    All oil based economies are feeling the pinch of lower oil prices. In fact most are seeing decline in revenue and job loss. The Central Bank Governor is doing his job by saying the country is in recession, this will give the current administration the authority to raise taxes and cut jobs.

    Since the PNM assume power the devil has been working hard in TNT . Everyday someone either get drown, die in a car crash, lose a baby with the mother dying also, commit suicide, get shot… Yes the devil has been every busy. That coffin they paraded up and down during election time was filled with death…. Symbolizing such.
    Folks recession is your least worry.

    1. …the devil has been working hard in TNT…

      Well you would know. The idol worshippers have by their own admission issued the call to “make the country ungovernable”… If that is not a call out to Satan, I don’t know what is. I do not even mention putting dead water in the roti and doubles, nor the ongoing devilish schemes of t’iefing in SEA and in UWI admissions.

      God doh sleep, appearances sometimes to the contrary notwithstanding. Do you not think that there will be a reckoning? “For, lo, thine enemies, O Yahweh, for, lo, thine enemies shall perish; all the workers of iniquity shall be scattered.”


      “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

      1. Yoruba the PNM made a deal with the devil for power and now he is reign rampant. All those blood sacrifices and coffin parading during the election by the PNM released hordes of demons over the land. Even as I write I read someone committed suicide yesterday.

        The angel of death is carefully selecting his victims. As time goes by the body count will only increase. It used to be by the gun but Satan has expanded his operation by using all methods and means possible to claim his prize.

        All in one week
        Charred body still not identified
        Thursday, December 3 2015
        WORRIED relatives of Renzie Ramnarine, who has been missing since Saturday are hoping that charred human remains that were found in a forested area in Cunupia a

        Dying words, ‘I love you Ma’
        By Ryan Hamilton-Davis Thursday, December 3 2015
        THE last words that 40-yearold Christopher Terrence Roberts, aka “Biggs”, said to his mother, Sherry, before he was shot dead while at a straightening garage on Tobago Road, Enterprise, on Tuesday were “Ma I love you” .

        Family of drowned man await police
        Friday, December 4 2015

        Fireman found dead
        Sunday, December

        2 murders send toll to 388
        Tuesday, December

        Crushed to death by falling steel
        By Cecily Asson Wednesday, December 9 2015

        Electrocution of toddler suspects remain in custody
        Wednesday, December 9 2015

        Guyanese national beaten, stabbed and burnt
        Wednesday, December 9 2015
        A 35-YEAR-OLD Guyanese national succumbed to his injuries at the San Fernando Hospital,

        Teenager’s body surfaces
        Wednesday, December 9 2015

        Pregnant woman dies after waiting for ambulance*
        * Published on Dec 8, 2015, 9:12 pm AST

        1. And this laundry list of anecdotes proves what, exactly?

          a) that the UNC worked obeah?

          b) that the PNM worked obeah?

          c) that both worked obeah?

          d) that the blood of the Dana Seetahal is crying out from the grave?

          e) all of the above?

          Arguing with you is like arguing with a laundry list. Total waste of time. And calls my own sanity into question.

          1. I provide facts to you and you call it a total waste. You need spiritual eyes to see these things Yoruba. Take a look at how death is stalking the land. I am not blaming anyone, simply saying this deserve further inquiry.

  10. “….It is time you find another donkey to beat. Unless u have nothing else in the brain……” Mamoo

    “…..It is a waste of time to debate with religious and racist bigots…….” TMan

    There is no doubt who these derogatory remarks are addressed to. It is meant to castigate Alyssa, Kian, Yoruba, Rodwell and others of like thinking. What is significant about the choices of words, is that they depict a mental blockage (on the part of those making it), where reason is no longer a commodity or is in short supply to continue making sense. The breakdown of that reasoning, leads the corrupt mind to resort to name calling and insults, which becomes plentiful when common sense fails. There was once a time when information could be hidden. Now, there is every means available, be it written, verbal or video, it lies in abundance in order to gather informational truths. It is very evident that Alyssa has made those truths available to us on this medium. The two quoted individuals, are yet to produce evidence to disprove the references and linkages that supply the evidence, yet the scorn of their derision is the person(s) who placed the informational truths. Such contemptuous disdain for truths cannot come from a rational mind. It has to come from a mind nurtured to treat the philosophy of hindutva as gospel and nothing anyone can say or do can be seen as truth. Hindutva is a conglomeration of the hindu religion, philosophy, mythology,race, class, caste, commerce and wealth accumulation.
    These are the operational values that TMan and Mamoo so eloquently expose in the hateful words that suggests anybody who does not agree with them is either racist or brain dead as Mamoo resorts to contemplate. This can be seen in the governance of Kamla Persaud Bissessar, it can be seen in Jwala Rambaran, it can be seen in the reasonings of Mira Dean Amorer, Allan Mendonca and Peter Jamadar. This policy has been around for a very long time but it is not easily detectable. It can only be seen when one examines behaviors that are meant to predict a particular result and it encompasses all of these ingredients to bring out the deadly disease of hindutva. Hindutva is evil and invidious in its application and leaves behind margins of gains for those who practice it, losses and degradation of those who become its victims. With the advent of the internet, the most long suffering victims of hindutva in India (the dalits) are making every move to ensure that the world is informed of it’s evils. It’s adherents are the first to call you evil as Mamoo is saying in his piece
    “….. Since the PNM assume power the devil has been working hard in TNT….”. Another revelation of this, is during the election
    Kamla (in disgust) surmised that Dr. Rowley was practicing “obeah”. My contention is that she could not have known that unless she herself tried it. If she was a true patriot and a true ‘leader’ she never would have used words to the effect that “there would be blood in the streets of Trinidad and Tobago” (if she did not have her way. That is the sign of EVIL in its utmost manifestations. The devil always comes in disguise, it is never what it portends to be.

    1. If reasoning broke down, the responsible individuals are Alyssa, Kian, Yoruba, Rodwell.

      You people have repeatedly presented a single theory to support you prejudices, bigotry and racism. Surely you are capable of expanding your thoughts beyond the frequent and repeated condemnation of everything Indian.

      1. If reasoning broke down, the responsible individuals are Alyssa, Kian, Yoruba, Rodwell.

        That would give us, individually and collectively, a sorcerer’s power that none of us claim, and certainly don’t have. The sorcerer’s power and practice lies on your side, and is candidly admitted in such documents as “The Indian Policy”.

        The sorcery lies in attempting to brainwash the “Negro” into accepting the status of an inferior, to satisfy the iniquitous, and indeed insane dictates of your caste mind.

        Some of it is just media manipulation: repeating a lie often enough is sufficient for many to fall for it, e.g. “little indo boys beat book, little afro boys beat pan, therefore the little indo boy succeeds in educational accomplishment, but the little afro boy fails”. If you can get a Selwyn Ryan to fall for that, you know how efficacious it is.

        Some of it is straight-up obeah: putting faeces in the roti and doubles; using water used to wash the dead as one of the secret ingredients.

        The whole point of sorcery is of course to bypass the defense mechanism of Reason gifted us by the Creator. That is something the brahminist has succeeded brilliantly in deploying, to his benefit, and to the disbenefit of the castes/races/colours deemed inferior. It is of course a huge lie. For that the brahminist must take credit, not four relatively powerless afro-Israelites on this relatively unknown blog.

        Nevertheless, in the attempt to defend brahminism, it is of course necessary to lose all reason. That is what we have seen recently in the UNC action to reverse certain selected election results. We have the spectacle of three justices — Mira Dean-Armourer, Allan Mendonca, Peter Jamadar — clearly taking leave of all reason, to have ruled as they have in the matter in question. What is the single theory that can explain such infectious stupidity? It is the indo caste mind. (I had assumed Mendonca, from his name, to be some variety of creole; I now find that he, like the others, is indo; see photo.)

        If you have a better theory for such collective insanity and lack of reason, I’d like to hear it.

        In any case, I for one speak not merely to caste and the caste mind. I have been consistent in tying everything back to Holy Writ and to prophecy. This my brethren and allies on this blog do not do. If anything, they urge me to cease and desist, some more strongly than others. Therefore, the “single-theory” remark is unwarranted, certainly incorrect.

        Nevertheless, although Satan’s devices are many and varied, they all have one thing in common: rebellion against God, and wanting to be like God. This is the essential insight that allows one with discernment to see that the brahminist construct, far from being of God, is in fact of Satan. Therefore, the theory of caste-mind, advanced strongly by Rodwell and Alyssa, is in fact a mere variant of the more fundamental spiritual truth, which is that Satan himself is the architect of indo assault against the afro children of God. That is the common thread that connects T&T with Fiji, Mauritius, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Guyana, and not forgetting Mississippi and the southern U.S.

        Btw, not all indo are in a state of denial concerning this reality. Ms. Arundhati Roy, discussing Dr. Ambedkar and Gandhi, clearly is not immune either to truth or reason. The film-maker, Mira Nair, depicted indo caste attitudes in her film, “Mississippi Masala”. And of course, Dalits like Dr. Annamalai who have suffered caste oppression, speak eloquently about the evil.

        All of that said, it is amazing to me, that the East Indians that came to T&T, Fiji, and elsewhere, would seek to re-create in their new homelands that which they were so happy to leave behind. It is a safe conclusion that they were happy to leave India behind, because they had the option of returning to India, or remaining. They declined the option of return. Obviously. I have opined elsewhere on this blog, that one indo who would *never* return to India is Sat Mahar, if only because his true caste origin would be so obvious to a caste Indian in India, that he would at best be an object of mirth.

        I call upon my afro-brethren to awake to the truth that we are children of God. That is the key truth that will make us free. Our struggle to overcome the indo caste mind is actually only mere symptom of a larger struggle. That struggle will disappear like the proverbial wisp of smoke when we wake up to who, really, we are.

        In any case, Reason is far from dead on this blog. The only trouble is that those — witting or unwitting — of satanic persuasion, have been comprehensively beaten.

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly do. And may He wake up His children to the truth that will make us free.


        “Awake, awake, stand up, O Jerusalem, which hast drunk at the hand of the Lord the cup of his fury; thou hast drunken the dregs of the cup of trembling, and wrung them out.” (Isaiah 51:17)

        1. Your comments prove that you are now naked before us. Your have shed your religious disguise to expose the Devil incarnate. Your hypocrisy shines. Are you related to Donald Trump? No religious person would be so bitter and hateful.

          1. And your showing is…. what? That your brahminist feelings are hurt?

            No doubt you would have accused Yeshua of the same thing. After all, he not only rebuked, but condemned the proto-brahminists of his day:

            “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

            Truth often takes on the appearance of so-called “hate speech”. In any case, it is the brahminist that has something to defend. Not I.

            May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly, and often hypocritically do. And may He protect His children that we may be loosed from the chains with which Satan, in his multifarious ways, would seek to bind us.


            “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

    1. Jwala Rambarran (winston dookeran’s nephew) was an employee UNDER at least two, elder, much more experienced Phd in Economics, published Authors in the Field , Africans,in line to be central bank governor after Ewart Williams had left office… Then comes the wannabe ‘master race’ brahminists in power may 24th 2010…they couldn’t WAIT….the first thing they did was (they couldn’t replace or fire the central bank board) so those bastards SWAMPED the board with i believe double or triple its current members at the time to outvote whatever the then current members did (KAMLA)…As soon as Ewart Williams’ term was up, they ignored the highly qualified africans in waiting (i believe Dr. Terrence Farrell was one) and placed the nephew of winston ‘harmless’ dookeran…did any of you hear minister at the time dookeran DENOUNCE that racist, immoral act? Nooo Jwala Rambarran AT BEST has a master’s Degree…he isn’t even a published Author in the field as the others who were supposed to be in li e for the job…it was a Racist appointment!! Then as you saw recently they put ANOTHER underqualified INDIAN in the role of Deputy Governor…she took the job with no SHAME….and you’ll expect PEACE in this country?? No DAMN CLASS!!….only care about caste…NO CLASS!! That’s why i’ll keep posting…Moomoo…i’ll beat the horse of this issue like you beat your WIFE!

      1. The truth is that you object to any Indian in a position of power. That is known as racism. The classless individual here is yourself as you venomously spew gross generalizations.

      2. Hi Alyssa

        The only thing Rambarran has in common with Winston Dookeran is blood line. Winston Dookeran was an excellent Governor of the central bank, bringing with him a great deal of International experience like many of the other African Economist in line for the job.

        The problem with Rambarran is not his academic qualifications, (Even though a Doctorate is preferable to a masters degree as a central bank Governor). The problem is his lack of International experience, which is vital for any Governor of a Caribbean central bank. His actions now, are simply about trying to hide the fact that he is the most incompetent Governor we have ever had.
        You cannot manage the foreign exchange and the general money supply of a Caribbean nation if you don’t have enough international experience.

        The problem in this country is we make everything about race. ”The Prime Minister in waiting” , as she calls herself has played the racial card really well among her supporters. So when you criticize her woeful performance as a leader, and the corrupt and incompetent band of thugs that she used to form a government, you are considered racist once you point out the faults.

        God protect this country from this woman because god knows she is not yet done with us.

        1. Hi Sally, i must disagree…Jwala Rambarran’s qualifications is the problem…experience is part of qualifications…International experience is even more so..BUTTTTT Although he did have the typical Internship at World Bank…How can you have the Governor Of A Central Bank chosen like him, when there were as i said elder, more experienced & more academically qualified in the field…the africans who were his Seniors in the bank (yeah, just like reshmi he worked UNDER them)…These guys published books on economics…it is obviously prefereable to Bacchelors or Masters…Just like Bhoe Tewarie being selected as U.W.I. principal during Panday’s term over again…people with Phds…

  11. Newsflash. Now Imbert is waiting on the Central Statistical Office to provide reliable information on the economic decline. Just a few months ago the PNM berated this organization and joined Moody’s in suggesting that information from this office is unreliable.

  12. Does Deyalsingh understand his role as Minister of Health? He is so hungry for media attention. Everyday this man poses as nutrition expert, diet advisor, hospital administrator, disease medical expert, lifestyle coach, etc.

  13. Arundhati Roy is the new Martin Luther King of our times. She is on a crusade to correct the images of two men. One clothed as a saint (Ghandi) and the other, great in his wisdom and education (Ambedkhar) was looked over (because he belonged to a less privileged class). She is not the only one on this crusade, there are many who are campaigning this cause. In the end, truth will always prevail. May Dr. Ambedkhar get his rightful place in history!

  14. Interstingly, Ms. Arudathi toy (not of dalit origin) is camapigning along with other indian nationals to RE-name institutions, buildings, scholarships in india that were given hus name..because as is exposed he was a hateful, scornful, manipulative uppercaste…but here in T&T dalit origin, uppercaste wannabes are bringing upercastes from south african parliament here to commemorate him & name land after him (kamla)…this is madness…

    oh Yoruba, Kian & Rodwell REMEMBER that speeech i quoted from Gandhi about Indentured Labourers ehhh (South Africa)

      1. “They (Indentured Labourers in South Africa) are APT to yield to tell a lie, and after some time, lying to them, becomes a habit and a DISEASE. They would lie without any reason, without any prospect of bettering themselves materially. Indeed, without knowing what they are doing, they reach a stage in life where moral faculties have COMPLETELY collapsed!

        Mohandas Karamchand ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi

          1. thanks, now i remember…

            was there not some indo-guyanese that said something similar?

  15. Ohhhh yessss..YOU could teach ME about class??….heheheeh yeahhhhh

    I never ‘objected’ to indians being in any positions of power…I stated to African people the REALITY of the voting in THIS society….either you vote PNM or….the indian community a.k.a. the UNC sneaks back into power under the guise of whichever party….
    In T&T the indian community votes strictly on they proved yet again on september 7th…and it wasn’t just their choice of party…over the last term they supported every racist action by their party. If they had stood up against section 34, ‘run off’ & the S.O.E. it would have been different BUTTTTTTT they applauded from may 24th 2010 alllll the way down to september 7th 2015!SOoooo African people should have no intelligence or Brain to see that this means….either African people vote for the racist indian party or vote for Africans being in charge….anybody that denies this is either ignorant like many are or a LIAR! Also, now that the jndian beoief system is decoded for all to see….are you going to denounce it and its followers as racist?? Orr me for noticing it??what people of your ilk like is for africans to accept & ignore the abuse….you don’t even want to change…you want apartheid control…This is not about appearence..,but principalities & powers…wickedness in high places…i don’t care about a far away distant Utopia….as we speak indians will only vote for a party where they know Hindus are running the show completely…with presybyterians & muslims trailing in behind (power sharing) The indian community as a whole is racist because of their belief system…anyone who denies this is either ignorant or Dishonest. To be clear…the goal is keeping racist anti african agendas out of office….’indians’ are defined (by me) not in merely their appearence, but their BEHAVIOUR i.e. choices they make (racist politics). I object to racism against my grandchildren gaining state power!;id=2849

    1. Don’t start backtracking now. You clearly and emphatically objected to Indians being appointed to positions of power. We are an evolving population which has surpassed other groups in our society academically,spiritually,financially, socially, and politically.
      You want us cutting cane, planting rice and remaining ignorant. Those days are long gone. We claim our place in the society but not at the expense of anyone else. It is possible to support one’s group without putting down others….a concept foreign to you pedestrians.

      1. Tmanu….that vicco bleaching cream must be reaching your brain…go back natural with saffron…….YOU could make ME backtrack??…lol…has any of my comment history even hinted at that delusion….BUTTTTT…i won’t allow you to twist my words….no nazi could guilt trip a jew into voting for them to be in control of state power… Manu Smirti follower could guilt trip ME into voting for THAT…i have a right to vote for the well being of myself, my ethnic group & society in general…question…the untouchables who don’t vote for Uppercaste or brahminist representatives…are THEY racist??….just smart….

      2. We do not want you doing anything. I mean we break the trail, and you come in and benefit. We hew the land, build the wharves, free of cost, and you come in and get free land.

        You do not claim your place in society, you claim supremacy in every society you get into where Africans are. You cannot do that with other groups because they are not as tolerant as Africans. So you tend to gravitate to societies where Africans are in order to realize your racist utopias that is embedded in your religion and culture.

        Indians created the first major social stratification system that valued the worth of people based on how they looked. This is the foundation of the Hindu Religious belief. It is not a coincident that Hitler borrowed some of his props, (Aryan), (Swastika) from the Indian Culture. That was the model he used for the development of his Nazi Aryan Superiority concept. The notion that any other group would be more likely to harbor racist concepts when they have nothing in their religious or cultural history that even remotely mirror what is in yours, exceeds the ridiculous.

        1. Rodwell…lol….not just the props and the word aryan….Hitler’s lieutenants were walking around with the Baghavad Gita

          1. All that I am doing is examining the evidence on this Blog. The only ones expressing racist language and religious bigotry is the Black Caucus led by the YouTube researcher, the one and only hater and carnival barker, Alyssa.

          2. Tman,

            To be fair, several of you have been spewing racism on this blog for years while using the mask of support for the UNC. Sometimes I wondered if you really knew what you were saying or if integrity did not matter in these deliberations.

            Prior to regular contributions from “Alyssa”, this racism has been consistently challenged by “Rodwell”. Off and on I would comment, but for the most part, you had a long run at it. At no time did any of you call out your peers for making outrageous and racist comments, especially when they were exposed. This conduct assured me that you all are quite possibly in the same boat.

            How about honestly debating the issues as they are presented once and for all?

        2. I am glad that people like you and your fellow racists do not have the resources which were available to Hitler to carry out his mission.
          The hatred which you vomit is the stuff that Hitler was made of. You produce daily racist mutterings but ironically profess to be pure.

          1. “The Stuff that Hitler & the Nazis were made of” was ‘Hinduism’…lol.,,Tman tries to pawn the toilet paper stuck on her shoe off on African people…Using Nazism as a pejorative term against African people is absurd & dishonest…the ‘Hindu’ community inspires Hitler! Therfore , UNLIKE Africans (christianity & islam), The connection between Indian racism & nazism is as the crow flies!
            Nazis were obsessed with ‘Hinduism’ & Hitler’s most brutal Lieutenants carried the Baghavad Gita with
            them…Nazis are documented as Likkening themselves to Ksatrias…caste/varna grouping withiin ‘Hindu’ theology a.k.a. ‘The Caste System’ so they followed Manu Smirti…

            NOTE: The usage of “The Caste System” by westerners is misleading…this is why many ignkrant persons discuss it as IF it is separate & apart from ‘Hinduism’…the ‘caste system’ IS ‘Hinduism’ i.e. ‘Hindu’ Ideology!…would it make sense to say that there is Christianity and there is ‘The Jesus Christ Died on a cross to save humanity System’ ?? That would maie ni sense….but when westerners first saw this skin colour coded system, they assumed it was a social system as apart from the Doctrini of the belief system (ignorance)…Varna=Skin Colour=’Race’ is official doctrine of discrimination in Braminism a.k.a. Varnashramadharma a.k.a ‘Hinduism’…it is predicated & founded upon skin colour/facial feature prejudice & racist scorn & hatred. ANYONE who follows that ideology has NO moral authority to point fingers and accuse Black Skinned Africans or Anyone else for that matter of being ‘racist’!..
            This is like a Wolf Crying Sheep….unless the persons they accuse are ignorant of truth behind

  16. Mamoo:

    All those blood sacrifices and coffin parading during the election by the PNM released hordes of demons over the land.

    You very much were assigning a spiritual cause.

    I do not deny the fact that there is much devilry abroad in the land. I was denying the ascription of blame to the “PNM”. That part of your comment simply could not be supported by the list of anecdotes you then adduced.

    Discerning spiritual causality requires that you see without political blinders. Try it. You might find other, and indeed very much more likely, causes coming into view.

    As I say that, I am not “a PNM” reflexively supporting the PNM. But it is clear to me that the far greater devilry, and certainly over the last five years, emanated from the UNC.

    If you can’t see that, you are spiritually blind, I’m afraid. A laundry list of however many anecdotes will not prove PNM causality. Certainly not when there is a 50 ft. Hanuman idol standing in this land as a direct affront to God’s law.


    “And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk: Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.” (Revelation 9:20-21)

    1. An idol Yoruba, is anything you put before God. We make idols of sports personalities, celebrities, politicians, teachers etc. yes there is the worship of things made with human hands. But anything that causes you to put God in second place is an idol.

      Behind the scenes during the last elections Yoruba, blood sacrifices were made for power and the summoning of ancients spirits unleashed on the land. Today we are seeing the results.

      1. We know!!!!!!!!!! Kamla told us so. The only thing was she did it and told us it was Rowley. The pundits got it wrong in the many pujas.

  17. The latter story by Rajnie Ramlakhan is reminiscent of our recently concluded Appeals Court verdict of the UNCs litigation against the EBC. Just like the judges, the unsubstantiated evidence was used in abstract connotations to give a feel of substantive importance, thus making it unlaughable and not vexatious. Almost no substance, but a lot of clattering.
    The clatterings is what people will hear and then promulgate to every nook and corner of the country. Of course the bad guy is the PNM (that nigg* party). Isn’t it amazing how this group of people can be so dis-honest and manipulative?

  18. The similarities between Donald Trump’s racism and bigotry against Muslims and the Black caucus racism and religious bigotry against Hindus and anyone of Indian origin are remarkable and obvious.
    Trump has shown his inability to distinguish between the majority of peaceful and progressive Muslims as described by President Obama and those radicalised Muslims who champion Sharia law. He makes sweeping generalizations and prejudicial statements designed to inflame and gather support from foolish Americans.
    Similarly the Black Caucus consisting of disgruntled, envious and racist elements chastise Hindus on a daily basis and attribute everything that is wrong with T&T and other regions to Hindutva, whatever that term means. They fail to distinguish between the ancient supporters and followers of the Caste system with progressive Hinduism, practised largely by modern India and by Hindus in North America and Europe. Many of the tenets of the ancient Hinduism are also condemned by modern Hinduism. In the context of T&T specifically, the caste system is not even in the daily consciousness of most Hindus. The representatives of the Black Caucus delight in presenting derogatory evidence to boost their biases, resorting to YouTube videos for support and validation. They even chastise Muslims and Presbyterians in generalizing about the evil Indians, using vile and base examples like fecal matter in food sold to Africans as illustrations.
    Is this all being done to compensate for and rationalize their failures? I am not a Hindu but I am also not a religious bigot. I often wonder what manner of man can be so intolerant and evil, often cloaking their bigotry in abundant spritual quotes. President Obama reminded Americans that the constitution supports religious freedom. I remind T&T that the constitution also supports freedom to practise any religion.

    1. Donald Trump & Islam is very Different to African people & Brahminism a.k.a VarnaShramaDharma…This belief system holds dark skin & african facial features in contempt…i.e. it is racist AGAINST Dark Skinned African People!there is no religion on the planet named ‘Hinduism’ That is the name that invading muslims categorized everybody else in india who didn’t practice Islam. The name ‘Hindu’ is literally a bastardized pronounciation of the name ‘Sind’ as in the River named Sind which is where the ‘Ind-ian’ civilization resided & in the arab alphabet they couldn’t pronounce “S” and the closest letter they could use was “H” hence “H-ind-U” This is like chinese coming to T&T & saying there is a religion called “East Dry River-us” that would make no sense as there are no muslims, Brahminists, African spiritjality etc… The name of the belief system that is called e.g. The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha…’Sanatan Dharma’ is another
      name for that belief system ‘Maha Sabha’ is the Name of the
      organization (with a chapter or Branch in T&T)…all of this to say that The dynamic of the relationship between Brahminists/Varnashramadharma-ists is VERY different…which brings me to the theory of WHY do a people who despise Islamisists for invading India, continue to adopt the misleading name GIVEN to them by the arabs?? Because the name suits their political agenda i.e. the name ‘hindu’ though ignorant, masks the true nature of their belief system!…think about it e.g. ‘christ-ianity’ refers to people who follow the teachings of christ i.e. read the teachings of christ/the Bible & you know where those people stand (moral code) Islam- read the Quor’an & you know where they stand…However ‘hindu’ is an ignorant, geographic reference to the Ind-us valley civilization i.e. it is vague about the moral code of the practitioners…
      Now, Brahmin-ism is more accurate i.e it accuratelt decribes the power structure & reverence of the system…believers must SUBMIT to the will of Brahmins as their SUPERIOR & leader! I.e. what ‘gods’ want them to do is dictated by Brahmins. Also, another even more accurate name is VarnaShramaDharma…Varna (caste/skin colour/’Race’ based on skin colour) Dharma (duty given to each varna by gods based on Varna) Therefore Varnashramadharma refers to the responsibilities & entitlements on earth based on race, which is articulated precisely in Manu Smirti…Manu codified the belief system just as the 10 commandments codify the Bibles teachings, though much more definitive! Manu Smirti Illustrates discrimination based on caste/varna/race & this also proves that this belief system is discrimatory to Black skinned african people, the more African their ancestry i.e. Dark Skin, Facial features…so it cannot hide behind ‘freedom of religion’ in law as far as receiving criticism..but this is the intention to keep african people ignorant of the racist beleifs held & at the same time force them to ‘respect & revere’ & accept racist abuse by FORCE via the law…If a belief system is not inclusive & racist in its core, it cannot accuse its victims of being racist…any time this is attempted, this information as well as much more will be presented…the law should be ammended to deal with this reality…this foolishness must come to light!

      1. this belief system is discrimatory to Black skinned african people, the more African their ancestry i.e. Dark Skin, Facial features…so it cannot hide behind ‘freedom of religion’ in law as far as receiving criticism…

        My dearly beloved sister Alyssa, I’m glad you addressed this very important point. I was going to, and then it slipped my mind somehow…

        The thing is that everyone has an absolute right to freedom of conscience. This is necessary before God, because there shall no hypocrite enter into the kingdom of Heaven; Job 27:8. If that is the case, then it stands to reason that one must freedom of conscience. That which is guaranteed by Holy Writ is also wisely guaranteed under our Constitution. That is one thing.

        But to enjoy the absolute right of religious conscience is no license to foist one’s religious belief, especially a religious belief condemned under Holy Writ, upon everyone else. That is what brahminism seeks and requires. It is a well crafted system of oppression! That is condemned under Holy Writ, for God hates oppression. And contrary to the nonsense sometimes taught in the gentile churches, God hates the oppressor too. That is strong language, but it is Holy Writ; Romans 9:13 citing Malachi 1:2-3.

        Therefore, a servant of God ought not to make common cause with the brahminists and hindutva.

        TMan pretends not to know what hindutva means and connotes. Although a misnomer in some sense, it means brahminist supremacy in fact, and in the T&T context, it means indo supremacy in all spheres. Just as the upper castes in India enjoy what Ms. Roy calls “full spectrum dominance” of the society — money, media, politics — so hindutva in the T&T context is a Maha Sabha/UNC program to capture all the commanding heights of the society, to enslave the “niggahs”, and to enjoy full-spectrum dominance here as well. This is not my imagination; read “The Indian Policy”. None in the society has yet condemned it, not even the ones to suffer should it come to pass, and certainly not the zombie cockroaches of the IRO.

        My dear Alyssa, let me also address another point that I intended to address that somehow slipped my mind. Yahweh’s redemption is not some far away thing. To suggest that is to reveal that you do not know God. I know that my Redeemer liveth, is not just Job’s expression of faith, but a lived reality, constant and present, for those that serve God. Be that as it may, I take your general point, but must school you that nothing is impossible to God. When the time of ancient Babylon was up, there appeared the writing on the wall, and Babylon fell that very night. The beneficiaries of brahminism and hindutva do not yet know it, but the writing is already on the wall for them and their system. I know it, so I do not fret. Even this blog is part of the evidence of that writing on the wall, as are Ms. Roy’s and Dr. Annamalai’s agitation exposing Gandhi and etc. The fall of the the two peepee governments in the Caribbean is further evidence. God saved Lot out of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Daniel out of the lion’s den. So never deprecate His mercy, His promise, of His presence. It is not far distant, it is here and now.

        May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly do, and wake up His children that they may know and embrace His promise.


      2. If you are a representative of Christianity, then my conclusion is that the religion is in deep trouble.
        Scalia, the good Catholic wants Blacks in the US to go to second rate colleges, because he believes that they cannot cope with first rate institutions.
        The Catholic church in T&T considered Indians as heathens who did not deserve to be included in their education system. Right wing Christian fundamentalists despise Blacks.

        1. Lol…Tmanu…wow…true & true…i don’t give a damn about ‘representing christianity’ The catholic church IS as an institution racist…and yes…many europeans in Amerixa & elsewhere who are ‘right wing’ are racist…soooo what.? If you think this is a christian hindu thing (on this blog) you are mistaken…this is a RACISM thing…too long, day in day out, in all the media…there is this lie surrounding the national consciousness…’oh umm yeahh racism started in T&T with Dr. Williams,the PNM & Calypso…they were racist ti indians and that is why indians & qfricans have tensions”…LIES! And i’m sick of it…for so long that propaganda has been spewed..soo much that Tman & Mamoo get FURIOUS when the mirror is raised…there is no hate or feelings of superiority of others from me….so what is it that makes my posts racist?? Give proof…or is it that i am prejudiced?? Is it pre-judging (prejudice) if i cite numerous, credible sources even within the indian community about the racism?? I’ll tell you what is the fuss…the indian community has dominated the discussion on racism for sooo long without challenge because many africans were made to feel guilty that the PNM was in office…so they kept quite & allowed an assault of slander on them & PNM regarding racism…BUTTTT, the truth is out and Tman & Mamoo want to force the genie back into the bottle..Not gonna happen…i accept it for what it is a war of Misinformation Vs. FACTS…but one side (misinformation) wants the side of FACTS to stop fighting, pack up and go home….that is a Bollywood Fantasy…the credits are rolling..

        2. “The Catholic church considered indians as Heathens who did not deserve to be included in their education system.” Tman

          LIE!! The catholic church as well as other christians considered Brahminists as heathens. They required a mere conversion to join & many ‘Hindus’ did this fraudulently (superficial conversion in first name only) It was not about race (in this context) but religious loyalties and you kniw that…so why lie?Designed to cover up Indian racism…The Patrick Keenan Report in the 1800’s revealed that Indians did not want their children to go to school with African children because they said it “violated their sacred Laws” (Manu Smirti)Sir Patrick Keenan made recommendations in the report for the law to be changed To allow for SEPARATE schools for Indians..Also, the reverand John Morton, the Canadian Presbyterian who founded the T&T presbyterian schools (Naparima Boys & Girls, Iere, Hillview etc..) lobbied on behalf of his Indian followers to have this law change.

  19. Kian…Rajnie was the secretary of the Maha Sabha…could you imagine people with THAT thinking had control of your family’s future for TWO terms?

  20. Lol…Mamoo wants to define idols to non-polytheists…lol…when Mamoo says blood sacrifice he must mean Kali Puja…which religion is that again….oh & yoruba…the Thugees worshipped Kali i.e. Kali Puja

  21. Of course you have to expect that from him Kian. That is how they operate. Alyssa touched on the mendacity trait. It is more than pathological. It is genealogical.

    What is most ironical, is that people with a history of sacrificing their kids, selling the underage daughters for lucre, engaging in all kinds of puja and what not, feel comfortable pointing fingers at others.

    The problem today, as Alyssa pointed out above, the racist system and practices have now been decoded. So they have to scramble to find new strategies to use. But that will be no use, because the dusk of the immunity with which Indians masturbated their racist prejudice with impunity in T&T, and other societies have fallen. The dawn of a new awakening have come.

    Africans not only in T&T, but also throughout the Caribbean must come out of the denial, and understand that anytime they have to live under any political Government composed like those just defeated in T&T and Guyana, they run the risk of suffering severe and deliberate interruption of their economic, social and cultural progress. They must understand that their normal growth and development is not compatible with the cultural aspirations and ambitions of the people who lead these two political organizations and their sycophants.

    Maybe one day change will come and the Caribbean can live in harmony regardless of ethnicity, race or other distinction. But today we have the evidence of the two failed regimes as examples of our worse fears. That sneakily growing within a group in our midst over the centuries since emancipation, were ambitions and aspirations to assume the role the slave master was relieved of.

  22. One thing that is true of the “racist bigots” is that the evidence they produce are real and evidentry. If the produced evidence is, by his standard false and accusatory, then it is within his remit to offer a contending version. He offers his anecdotes of Indian superiority in education and wealth to shame us into submission but we realize that he is a weak and vitriolic
    person who cannot help himself. I would rather have good health than good wealth. So I am not bothered by his vitriol.
    The following quotes of TMan are his signature insults, that he uses to describes those whom he considers “racist bigots”.

    1. “and the Black caucus racism and religious bigotry against
    Hindus ”
    2. “envious and racist elements chastise Hindus on a daily basis”
    3. “Similarly the Black Caucus consisting of disgruntled, envious and racist elements chastise Hindus ”
    4. “They fail to distinguish between the ancient supporters and followers of the Caste system with progressive Hinduism”
    5. ” the caste system is not even in the daily consciousness of most Hindus”
    6. “The representatives of the Black Caucus delight in presenting derogatory evidence to boost their biases”
    “Is this all being done to compensate for and rationalize their failures?”
    7. “. I often wonder what manner of man can be so intolerant and evil, often cloaking their bigotry in abundant spritual quotes.”

    I would prefer to see a more engaged TMan, finding assertive and objective answers to the things he considers racist, derogatory, vile, bigoted and untrue. But it is evident that truth cannot be denied. Sometimes it is better to loose some to win some. But the word for such an approach is called maturity and I’m not too sure he has advanced to that level as yet.

    1. Kian,

      Thank you for that list of inanities from Tman. I hate to dignify more of it than I’ve already done, but I’ll just comment on this:

      …disgruntled, *envious* and racist elements chastise Hindus…

      Envious. He really thinks any of us gives a rat’s a** about whatever …morney… he has? Here is what Holy Writ declares:

      “When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever…” (Psalm 92:7)

      So let him continue to “buy up Barbados”. That elicits no envy from me, nor from anyone else who serves and fears God. Why should anyone envy someone whom God abundantly condemns, who literally “cannot hear” His word, who is “of his father the devil”.

      Racist. Where is the afro equivalent of “The Indian Policy”? No. It is abundantly clear that the racism and casteism, and casteism morphed into racism here in T&T, is on the side of the brahminists. At worst we the afro may be accused of waking up, rather late, to the invidious evil in our midst, and in reaction, making remarks, moreover true, that may ruffle the feathers of the brahminists. Racism will eventually give rise to anti-racism. The latter is to be applauded, not condemned. And it is only those of weak mind, absent in backbone, who will confuse one for the other.

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent in all these matters. And may all His children rise to the challenge posed by the evil in our midst, and acquit ourselves in a manner demanded under Holy Writ.


      “Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him.” (Leviticus 19:17)

        1. And your showing? None.

          Name-calling your opponent does not defeat his facts nor his arguments.

          The fact remains that brahminism, which you defend, yet curiously disclaim, fits the dictionary definition of bigotry. To expose its evil is not thereby to fit the definition of bigotry, let alone racism.

          As satanically well inoculated as you are against the word of God, you of course do not wish me to quote Scripture. I am familiar with the phenomenon; some of my nearer brethren likewise would prefer that I not quote the word of God.

          Fat chance!

          May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and their wicked deeds, that His children may wake up from their slumber.


          “Is not my word like as a fire? saith Yahweh; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” (Jeremiah 23:29)

        2. Yoruba, the written speaks volumes. In our case the bible and we believe it. Most of us do not necessarily live it spiritually, but we use it as a guide nevertheless. The muslim adheres to the tenets of the holy quoran and practices their rituals as service to Allah (God) as a principled way of life also. The bhagavad gita defines it’s many and various gods and activates them as the condition arises. As part of it’s architecture, the gita divides people from godlike (brahmins) to servitude (dalits). This theory of superiority and inferiority could NEVER in practice be humane. No amount of alignment with nature’s gifts such as the sun, moon, seas, mountains and valleys could validate the division of the human species into masters, slaves, subservience and servitude. That is purely the work of man, not God, elevating himself to prove what he he lives in compared to those he sees as inferior. Man and Mamoo do that every time they open their mouths. While they cannot claim spiritual superiority, they will definitely claim material worth which, they believe makes them superior. So the idea of superiority and inferior always exist in their thinking because that is how values are derived from their thinking. When those with such beliefs discusses morality and fair play, they cannot be speaking at the same level as one who does not foster such beliefs. When you cannot build a case for such justification, calling names will always be the preferred action to maintain dharma.

          1. calling names will always be the preferred action to maintain dharma.

            Kian, I like that analysis…

            That reminds me of a book and topic that was popular about three decades ago — Transactional Analysis.

            From their point of view, they’re OK and such as we are NOT OK. If we assert that in fact we’re OK and they’re NOT OK, the lines are crossed.

            Either they must hear, and change their world view, or not hear, i.e. deny, and maintain status quo.

            Yeshua let us know that the literally “cannot hear” His word.

            So the defense mechanism, in this case, name-calling the opponent, has to kick in. It is symptomatic of a form of insanity, but I’m no psychologist, so I’ll leave that alone.


            “Yeshua said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.” (John 8:42-43)

    2. As I said, all that one has to do to find examples of racism and religious bigotry is to read the posts on this website written by the Black caucus led by the infamous Alyssa herself. Your words reek of hatred. I really don’t know why I am wasting my good time on you people when I could be more engaged in my money making ventures of success in the Caribbean. White racism against Blacks is tame compared to the words which appear here on a daily basis. You continue to attribute motives to Indians which are not even in our consciousness.

      1. Lol…i hope you do enjoy your money making ventures in the caribbean…off of the backs of African consumers…yesss the same ones that you prevent your children from having intimate relations with…yessss…the problem with you blaxk skinned white supremacists (Tman & Mamoo) is that you want to define for african people WHAT racism is…on this blog, i am yet to express superior phenotype, i tellect of geneology over any other ethnic group…and yet, with Tman, Mamoo et all there are always references to Indians being smarter, wealthier, more disciplined, better family valuez etc…whom is actually the racist….you see…there is a cultural difference in the interpretation of the word ‘racism’ by the indian community…think about it…how do a people whose belief system teaches hate & scorn for people who LOOK i a specific way use the term ‘Racism’ ?? It is used as a political weapon and an insult to ‘others’…if it were used along with honest introspection, Tman & Mamoo would have been criticizing their group but NO…there is this facist mindset, to lie & hide the nature & existence of the racism…as i said kn India Uppercastes accuse their slaves (Untouchables) of being racist for REJECTING racist abuse…sickening…

      2. “……You continue to attribute motives to Indians which are not even in our consciousness…..” TMan
        In all fairness to you TMan, why don’t you OBJECTIVELY name three of the motives you complain about? Not an opinion, just factually objective. Im am sure that will help to lessen the vitriol. But please be aware we will in turn objectively state your motives. Agreed?…

        1. A typical example of why these issues must be ventilated

          see? Ms. Hosein, with ‘a straight face’ expresses almost bewilderment & outrage at why indian women are (in my words) looked at with suspicion concerning interracial dating i.e. will they date african men..notice that isn’t said, but in T&T it’s mainly African & Indian ethnic groups…,so this is really if they will marry African Men …Indian social networks are Infamously racist…at the very least Indian parents frown upon them marrying a dark skinned african…if he is very light skinned it is seen as acceptable, but if he is dark, with more african features…it is considered an embarassment & blight on the family..Now,…although africans know this from experience, they never had the knowledge base as to WHY indians are so racist against them & since the iro propaganda that all religions preach that god loves everybody….therefore people lime Ms. Hosein could act as if it is u fair & preposterous ‘judgy’ for non indians to expect or be suspicious of Indian women when it comes to inter ETHNIC marriage of African men (dark skinned). It is just so much dishonesty…there is no way an Indian woman in her 20’s or higher, could NOT know the racist scorn that MOST indian families have for African people…ESPECIALLY the context of Marrying their children..Also ESPECIALLY as former Ms. Mastana Bahar, and yet she feigns outrage that (my words) african people are suspicious of them in this context indian women marrying ‘non-indians’ which in T&T is code for Africans….everyone KNOWS that Indians love to inter marry with whites, chines, syrian, latine etc…as lonfg as you are light skinned & ‘hopefully’ straighthaired…it is Africans (Dark skinned in
          particular) that is the problem buttttttt because it was not known that it is the religious docrine that informs their behaviour…Ms. Hosein & others get awawy with these statement in National Newspapers….It is LESS of a shocker to see non sub continental asian ethnic groups and european families to genuinely acccept Dark skinned africans as in-Laws than Indians…hindus et al…even though it is rooted in ‘Hindu’ scriptures (caste/racism)…the caste racism has infected all other belief systems on the sub continent…so Indian muslims, christians & Hindus in T&T brough that thinking to T&T…I also wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Hosein’s family isn’t any different

  23. generalizing about the evil Indians, using vile and base examples like fecal matter in food sold to Africans as illustrations.

    Truth needs no defense, I’m afraid. In using the example, I did not make anything up. I quoted from “The Indian Policy”. Furthermore, it is a brahminist meme that goes back to ancestral India, where low-castes and no-castes still today are made to suffer such indignities. Arundhati Roy made reference to it, and Dr. Annamalai also.

    Of course you would prefer that I make no mention of it, but that would be hypocritical wouldn’t it, as well as craven and cowardly.

    As to generalization, that would be your, unwarranted, inference. The facts speak for themselves. It is not necessary for me to embellish them by suggesting that *all* indo vendors serve faeces and dead water to “niggahs”.

    Btw, I have yet to see any condemnation of “The Indian Policy” by any indo in T&T. The IRO head in particular is silent, as is the Maha Sabha, as is the UNC.

    I thank the Most High for exposing the wicked, and the wicked deeds that they wickedly do. May He continue to do so. And may He protect the innocent and pour His spirit out over us that we may awake.


    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

    1. And your showing? None.

      The fact remains that brahminism is morally and spiritually damnable.

      Do keep trying to defend it; the light might in that way eventually come on.

      In any case, in that way you perform a service to anyone following the blog.

      May the Most High continue to expose the wicked and the morally bankrupt. And may He pour out His spirit on His children that they may awake finally to who they are.


      “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:44)

      1. Yoruba, rodwell, kian…read this rubbish..another example of why Education on racism in this cou try is needed..
        In retrospect, Njac sold out long before 2010…who the hell do they represent? Look at the key players in this event…look at the obnoxious misinformation Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a lecturer at U.W.I. has been spreading…
        (1) Planters beat indians….LIE
        (2) Africans scorning indians when they first arrived and other faults of africans is why indians & africans ‘don’t get along’ LIE…you telling me that this “Professor (presybterian ) doesn’t know that indians scorn africans as part of Hindu doctrine…?? Also…you telling me he doesn’t kniw that most indians left Hinduism because of the scorn meted out to them from the Higher caste ones??…Do you think that Dr. Teelucksingh should read “Death Of A Guru”? It is dishonesty…using a forum to talk about race issues and trying to hide your groups bad attitudes as a factor….by the way..,his father is the Reverand Teelucksingy who carmona had at the swearing in of Dr. Rowley’s cabinet… the reverand is mire than likely staunch UNC…see the link….?? And this guy is who lectures african children on social issues? …..WHY would NJAC allow a platform for racist indian propaganda…lying about history to slander one group & polish the other….read that article carefully…see all the elements ofmWHY the truth about Indian racism needs to be shouted to the heavens…so that ignorance of the issue would be replaced with an enlightened perspective….imagine that….all those african names & clothes for what??the character of these african black power types in T&T is full of all lot of ig orance about the indian community ….it seems there is always this brown nosing of indians by propagating the lies they want Bout Indentureship, PNM & other social issues…Imagine this clown…daaga…ignorantly saying that it was when PNM lost the federal election that race problems emerged…and that he believes that the race issues in T&T are not ‘that bad’…EHh?? I’m sorry Africans didn’t see NJAC for what it was since at least 2007…an official arm of the UNC & the indian community…

        1. Recently,when asked by ‘An Outsider’ to state my views on what can make Trinidad a paradise, I jumped at the opportunity and welcomed the challenge. I knew by it’s content that the writer was Indian. One of the things about personality is that it is very to separate your character from the person. Even if TMan is telling the truth that he is christian, his heart and soul is definitely hindu – no mistake. Why didn’t I suggest muslim, you may ask. It is because a true muslim also shares the virtues of the oneness of god.
          The historical mistake that African christians make is to suggest that “all ah we is one”. This, as per Alyssa noting of the Archbishop of Port Of Spain, Fr. Harris mistakenly admonished, that the hindu has many manifestations but they believe in t he oneness of god.
          This is false propaganda and coming from someone who, by his title should deserve our respect, he faltered badly into insincerity. The only reason he used that kind of reasoning is to register the “all ah we is one” concept of his faith. This is inherently dishonest, coming from a man of god. God does not want liars.
          The bhagavad gita and manusmiriti speaks very eloquently about hinduism and that is how we should view it. This also is the big consternation of why we are forever referred to as religious bigots, racists and whatever adjectives our friend Mamoo and TMan find to call us. It is because, unlike Fr. Harris, we are not willing to condescend our values to accommodate brotherhood. This is exactly what Geddes Granger has done. He has sacrificed his christian principles in order to accommodate a brotherhood of oneness that does not exist. How many of our people have faltered in this respect? Many, including our past Prime Minister Patrick Manning. He gave up on the principle of the Trinity Cross to allow for a foolishly renamed award of the Order of Trinidad and Tobago, all because he believes he was ‘accommodating’. The problem with substituting principle for accommodation is that when you so do, you NEVER return to a principled way of life. And this is why we are in such a racial conundrum in Trinidad. Ever since the ‘Arrival’ of the hindu (in particular), there were always accommodation made for their acceptance. I too, as a child in catholic secondary school was made to do the work of liquidizing skim milk for the consumption of hindu children, because they were considered physically weaker. Efforts by Rev. John Morton, were the same.
          They were to be treated with specialty. It is the same specialty that TMan and Mamoo expects today. Speaking the truth to them is not an option. Tell them the lies that sound good to them and then we would be ‘good Africans’. Nonsense, Kamla has shown that it was historically wrong for that kind of treatment to occur, because harsh truths hurt (them). The African has been made to suffer any and every kind of indignities the non-black human could muster and we survived it. Dr. Joy DeGruy has said that it is a miracle that the black man has survived the onslaught of eradication at the hands of the white man, the arabs, fellow Africans and Asians. We made it without the help of anyone. It was God’s grace that saved us. I do not have the spiritual ability as Yoruba has to put that kind of survival into biblical context but, there is no other way to describe this kind of human degradation. In spite of all those obstacles, the African rises to compete with everyone else, without crying for sympathy or preference.
          What we are doing here here and being criticized for is the idea of meritocracy. It is about time that this kind of policy be adopted into our way of life and emerging culture.

        2. Alyssa, What you say about NJAC is regrettably entirely true.

          That is why I rail against idea-ology (sic). By that I mean an idea pops into someone’s head that sounds good. It might be because it is politically correct, and therefore easy to “run with”. Or it might be because it is emotionally satisfying. Or it might be because it just seems to make sense. Whatever the reason, the decision is to adopt and embrace an idea and “run with it”. But if the idea has not been subjected to rigorous scrutiny, and does not correspond to reality or to truth (same thing), it will come back to bite you. How hard will depend on what you put at stake. This is what happened with NJAC.

          They got bitten by the *idea* that skin colour is the definitive determinant of history, and especially of the colonial period. This was the idea of the Bandung conference, that it was white on top, against “people of colour”. This was the idea that gave rise to the NJAC slogan “Indians and Africans unite!”. It was not only politically correct in some kind of left-liberal way. It was also emotionally appealing, the idea that the white man in his colonial perfidy had played a game on us: the game of divide-and-rule. Therefore, so the idea goes, let us defeat their game by uniting the two colonised peoples being divided and ruled. That is exactly the logic of a 12-year old schoolboy learning geometry and learning to follow nice geometric logic ending with a Euclidean Q.E.D.

          Only problem: the “idea” did not correspond to reality, it did not correspond to truth.

          What did Yeshua say? Ye shall know the *TRUTH*, and the TRUTH will make you free. Not the nice-idea-that-seems-true-or-feels-good. The trouble is that when TRUTH is well hidden, any nice idea not yet proven false, will be latched on to. That is NJAC in a nutshell. And they have held on to their idea that was a lie in the face of all the confuting evidence.

          What is that confounding truth? It is that the brahminists are an even deadlier enemy to the afro-Israelite than the colonial British. The truth is apparently confounded when we latch on to skin colour as the explanation of history. But with study and discernment, the truth may be sussed out.

          Malcolm X said that it is the study of history that most rewards, of all fields. That is close, but not quite true. An ancient Egyptian came close when he said the proper study of man is man: Man, know thyself. But Malcolm was at least in part correct, because to “know thyself”, we need to know where we came from: we need to know our story. That is a tripartite endeavor: we need to know our past, present, *and* future, if we are to know ourself. We need to know all three.

          The future is not unknowable, as Pythagorean logic might lead us into thinking. Rather there is a spiritual logic that transcends the logic of the Greeks. The logic of the Creator is a transcendent logic. It is the logic of the One who knows our past, present and future. It is in that reach back, and forwards, to that transcendent reality that we might come to know ourself.

          So absolutely we must study history. Absolutely we must study logic. But most of all we must study spirit, for it is only in the transcendent that we may come to know, not everything, but everything we need. That is why God gave us His Word. That Word is actually Ourstory. In that Word is the TRUTH that will make us free.

          NJAC, in rejecting everything “white”, also rejected the WORD. For even though it is actually Ourstory, written by our forefathers the “Negro” prophets at the hand of God, it was brought (back) to us by the white man, the enslaver. So again, the Pythagorean schoolboy logic kicks in, and our “idea” is to reject that which came by the white man.

          Here the story gets a little complicated. Who is the white man? Well the answer to that is in the Book. Miriam was black and was turned white. Gehazi was black and was turned white. Moses had his black hand turned white and black again. White skin is what the Book called leprosy, neither more nor less. The Book let us know that Naaman was a leper (white), but he was a “mighty man of valour”. The Book let us know that the lepers were scorned. That is why Yeshua made it a point to sup with Simon the leper…. I don’t think I need to spell it out further… Except to say that the colour of skin is not where the real play is being carried out.

          The real deal is seedline, it is genealogy. That is why the Book is big on genealogy. When we come to know Ourstory, it turns out that we, the “Negro”, who lost our history, are in fact the people of the Book, and therefore the people who can say, we be sons of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham. And we can actually go read in the Book our entire genealogy right back through Shem, Noah, Lamech, Enoch back to Adam.

          This is the truth concealed by the wrong idea that led Geddes Granger and NJAC astray. For when we look at our ancestral brother the indo-Aryan, we find from the Book that, although our brother, he is also our implacable enemy. They were warring from the womb. Then they fought over the birthright and the blessing. And God said He loved Jacob and hated Esau. That is Holy Writ. I didn’t write it. And by knowing it, I’m not preaching hate. Because the same Book said thou shalt not abhor (hate) an Edomite, for he is thy brother, nor an Egyptian (Hamite=”African”) for you were a stranger in his land. How clear and simple is that. Buttt… they were and are our “enemies”. They conspired to sell us into slavery. But it was our fault because we disobeyed our God.

          And guess what, although our enslaver looked white, some of them are our brother sons of Jacob! But some of them are sons of Esau, also. That is why the white Edomites and the brown Edomites recognize each other as fellow “Aryans”… The story that Alyssa told about John Morton and the Indian in T&T. But we don’t recognize that the white hillbilly singing country and western is singing a kind of calypso, just without our “back-beat” in the rhythmn. God certainly gave us a puzzle piece to figure out. And the test is about discernment, seeing the reality, the truth, under the surface. As Kian said “God does not want liars”. That means God wants those who will ferret out the truth, no matter how humbling, and how confounding of an idea, and an idea-ology, that we have latched on to. NJAC failed the test, I regret to say. And the brahminists are a lost cause. They will never see beyond Pythagorean logic that a 12-year old schoolboy studying Euclid’s Elements can become very good at. Studying and understanding the Book requires a logic and the development of an inner eye, that far transcends Greek logic.

          This has got much longer than I intended, but Alyssa, I say it to agree with you about NJAC losing their way, and to suggest that the answers are to be found not in the “white-man’s Bible”, but in Ourstory, brought back to us by a white man. Some of them, e.g. the missionaries (some), William Wilberforce, I have no doubt were actually our brothers of the seed in disguise — sons of Jacob through Joseph that our forefathers sold into slavery in Egypt— while others were sons of Esau, closer kin to the indo-Aryan than to us, but also kin to us through the common patriarch Isaac. God sent them to us as He sent the brown Aryans to us, to teach us a lesson.

          As we struggle with understanding the caste mind, we are to understand the larger story and framework. Our story — past, present, and future — is what is written in the Book. That is the larger story. And our struggles with caste mind are intended to bring us back to our God, and to the elucidation of the whole story, the truth that will make us free. Every “idea” that we latch on to is merely successive approximation to that truth. That would include “caste mind”. Yes it has explanatory power for the struggle we are facing with our brethren the indo-Aryan. But in fact the story is much larger than they. That is why I quote Scripture, for it is in Scripture we find literally Ourstory.

          I am going to post this without rereading first and tightening as I usually do. It is late I’m tired and I have other things to do later today.

          May the Most High bring His children into the TRUTH that will make us free. It has taken us a looonnnngggg time…. How much longer O Lord?


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