Dana Seetahal Murdered

Dana SeetahalDana Seetahal, SC was assassinated around 12:05 a.m. while driving through Woodbrook.

Ms Seetahal was just minutes away from her One Woodbrook Place home when she was gunned down in Woodbrook just after midnight this morning.

Concerned residents of the area reported hearing an “explosion” of shots and called the police who arrived 15 minutes after the shooting to find Ms Seetahal’s lifeless body slumped over the driver’s wheel, her foot still on the brake pedal.

Police reports confirm that upon reaching the Hamilton-Holder St., a Nissan Wingroad drove ahead of her Volkswagon SUV and then pulled in front of her, blocking her access as another vehicle, described as a panel van pulled alongside of her and shots were fired directly at her from the occupants of that vehicle.

The bullets struck her in the head and about her body. Both vehicles thereafter fled the scene.

Martin Daly, SC caustically noted on CCN TV6’s early morning coverage with Dominic Kallipersad that Trinidadians have a history of talk without action. He observed that we had become somewhat inured to the horrendous nature of the crimes being committed, that we were content to talk for a few days and then forget thereafter as was the case with the coke haul in the juice cans scandal. He affirmed his position that if authorities are serious about dealing effectively with the crime then they would fund social development programmes which would deal with the cause of the crime.


Seetahal Assassinated

By Derek Achong
Sunday, May 4, 2014 – guardian.co.tt

The country woke up to news that a senior attorney at the criminal bar was gunned down this morning, in what police have described as a “professional” hit.

Police said Dana Seetahal was shot dead at about 12.05 am as she was driving north along Hamilton-Holder Street, Woodbrook when two vehicles pulled alongside her causing her to come to a stop near the Woodbrook Youth Club.
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$1 million reward in Dana Seetahal murder
A $1 million reward is being offered by Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the murder of attorney Dana Seetahal.

Dana Seetahal murdered

At about 12:05 a.m. senior counsel Dana Seetahal was in her Volkswagen SUV proceeding north along Hamilton-Holder street, Woodbrook when upon reaching the vicinity of the Woodbrook Youth Club two vehicles pulled alongside her causing her to come to a stop.

One of the vehicles, a Nissan Wingroad, then drove ahead a short distance and pulled across the road, blocking it. The other vehicle which was described as a panel van pulled alongside and the occupants of that vehicle pulled out their firearms and opened fire on the SUV.
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Dana Seetahal murdered

Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal was murdered in Woodbrook shortly after midnight on Sunday morning.

Police believe the killing may be a hit.

According to reports, the attorney had left a casino and was driving along Hamilton Holder Street, alongside the Woodbrook Youth Facility when two motorcars pulled up alongside her Volkswagen SUV forcing the attorney to stop.

One of the vehicles, a Nissan Wingroad pulled in front of the vehicle blocking the road.

The other vehicle, which is believed a panel van pulled alongside the senior counsel’s vehicle. Gunmen emerged from the van and opened fire on the attorney. The two vehicles then sped off.
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  1. Following is a Message from Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar on the tragic death of S.C. Dana Seetahal

    It is with profound sadness and shock that I learned of the tragic death of a dear friend and colleague, Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal. 

    It is a reprehensible act which has robbed us all of one of our nation’s best and brightest daughters. 

    Even those who never met Dana Seetahal would recognise her through the life she lived and the proud legacy now left.

    There is an abyss of loss and sadness for this brutal removal of a sister, friend, legal luminary and fearless, independent thinker on national issues. 

    As Prime Minister, I am resolutely committed to meeting the viciousness with which Dana Seetahal’sbrilliant life was cut down on the terms she would have wanted and fought so courageously and fearlessly for every day.

    Dana Seetahal would have uncompromisingly sought justice and made her voice known.

    Dana Seetahal would have made her tragedy an impetus and symbol for sweeping changes.

    Dana Seetahal would have fought with her last breath to ensure justice was served.

    By our response, let us preserve that legacy.

    This outrageous act of brutality cannot be concluded by mere expressions of regret and sympathy.

    I have enjoined with the Minister of National Security to ensure that every resource of the law enforcement machinery of the state is utilised in relentless pursuit of apprehending those involved in this most dastardly and heinous act.

    Further, I have convened an emergency meeting of the National Security Council of which I am the Head.

    Yet, further I have spoken with the Honourable Chief Justice Mr. Ivor Archie and we have agreed to meet in order to devote urgent attention to necessary reforms in the criminal justice system and security issues connected there with.

    Dana’s tragic passing brings to an end the work and life of a legal and academic giant whose contributions to our nation were far from complete.

    The legal profession, and indeed our country and region have lost a truly remarkable daughter of Trinidad& Tobago.

    As a lawyer, her success and the high regard she earned from her colleagues were testaments to her determination to boldly uphold and defend the rule of law.

    As a former Independent Senator, she demonstrated the highest principles and values of independent thinking, grounded in her love and passion for the future of our country.

    Dana also served her country and our citizens as a Magistrate, as President of the Law Association, as a State prosecutor, and as Assistant Solicitor General.

    Indeed, she was also a leading advocate for education and as a Fulbright Scholar and Lecturer at theHugh Wooding Law School, became a guiding light to many young graduates.

    She earned a sterling reputation as a leading opinion maker on national issues of law, constitution and criminal justice.

    For the role she played in Parliamentary, legal and indeed national leadership, Dana will always be remembered fondly. We have lost someone who never allowed herself to be defined by the change she advocated, and whose courage and boldness will always stand as an inspiration for today’s andtomorrow’s legal professionals.

    I send my most heartfelt condolences to her family and closest friends and wish them on behalf of the nation, God’s blessings and guidance in this time of deep grief and loss.

    May her soul rest in peace. 

    Kamla Persad-Bissessar SC, MP
    Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago


    The following in the statement from the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago on the passing of Dana Seetahal, SC.

    The Law Association mourns the tragic and violent death of Ms. Dana Seetahal SC former President of the Law Association who was killed this morning and extends its deepest condolences to her family.

    Ms. Seetahal SC has contributed significantly to the development of the criminal law, practice and procedure. She was a distinguished Senior member of the legal profession.

    She served as a Magistrate, State Prosecutor, Independent Senator and Defence attorney at law as well as a long standing Criminal Law Lecturer at the Hugh Wooding Law School. Ms. Seetahal SC epitomised fearlessness, integrity and independence and was a champion of reform of the criminal justice system.

    The Association is concerned about the level of crime and strongly condemns the murder of Ms. Seetahal SC and calls for a speedy and thorough investigation into the matter by the Police.


    Statement from the UNC on the assassination of Dana Seetahal this morning.

    The United National Congress is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the brutal assassination of Dana Seetahal this morning.

    The legal profession has lost a fearless and fiercely independent professional whose work both as a lawyer, legislator and a columnist in a daily newspaper was able to bring to light important national issues with clarity.

    She was a professional who served the country with distinction, always boldly upholding and defending the rule of law. Her professionalism earned her the respect of her colleagues as well as average citizens who looked to her for her independence.

    Dana served as a Magistrate, as President of the Law Association, as a State prosecutor, and as Assistant Solicitor General. She was also a lecturer at the Hugh Wooding Law School, training and mentoring many young graduates.

    Her sudden an untimely passing Is a reminder of the dangers lurking in our society that threatens every citizen.

    We have every confidence that the police service would investigate this murder and find and prosecute her killers to the full extent of the law.

    The United National Congress extends deepest condolences to her family and other loved ones at this time of deep grief and loss…


    Following is the full text of the statement issued by the Ministry of the Attorney General on the passing of Dana Seetahal, SC, who was assassinated this morning in what police have described as a “professional” hit.

    We have lost a titan. Dana Seetahal SC was a giant among men and women. Her carefree nature was matched by her sense of patriotism.

    She was a public spirited lawyer who served her country in many different capacities including assistant solicitor general, lecturer, magistrate, prosecutor, independent senator, president of the Law Association, newspaper columnist and author. Hers was a truly unbiased, independent voice that helped shape public opinion. Everyone respected and looked forward to hearing from her. The wisdom of her counsel provided guidance to the nation on critical issues.

    Dana had a piercing intellect and a wonderful sense of humour. She was an excellent advocate in the courts and the consummate professional who was never afraid of hard work. She was married to her work and dedicated her entire life to the legal profession. Her pragmatic approach to life was reflected in her newspaper columns where she was able to simplify complex legal matters so that the average man could understand the issues.

    I have lost a dear friend and colleague. Our last conversation was about her column in yesterday’s Express. It provided support for me in the present controversy over the letter from the solicitor general. She was one of the few who came out in my defence and supported my position. It is a powerful reminder of the strength of her independence as she was not afraid to voice her opinion even if it meant swimming against the tide – she stood up for her beliefs.

    The Ministry of the Attorney General has lost a critical support as Dana was assisting me with important and sensitive work on a number of legislative measures to help with the fight against crime and improve the administration of justice. She was instrumental in the new law to abolish preliminary inquiries and changes to the DNA Act. Last week, she helped us organise a workshop on plea bargaining with experts from the US.


    Her death will leave a void in society and the legal profession. These are big shoes to fill. She was one of a kind. May her soul rest in peace.

    Entertainer, Machel Montano weeps on the pavement at the murder scene of Dana Seetahal SC

    AG Anand Ramlogan “She was the quintessential Trinbagonian. She had a carefree nature… ”

    Attorney Larry Williams: I’m shocked. I don’t know what to sad. I couldn’t believe it when I heard. I went to the scene

    Attorney Larry Lalla: the country has lost a leader of the Bar. The legal profession will never be the same

    National Security Minister Gary Griffith says he will not comment on Seetahal’s murder at this time.

    There is still a heavy police presence in Woodbrook after attorney Dana Seetahal, SC was murdered just after 12 AM. Investigators believe SC Dana Seetahal’s killers trailed her as she made her way to Ma Pau casino in Woodbrook.

  2. Trinidad was a paradise during the years I was growing up. Criminals have taken control of the streets and have placed fear in the citizens of Trinidad. They are terrorists! No one is safe and the politicians need to put aside their differences and find a solution to the rampant criminal activities and restore order to Trinidad. Trinidad is out of control.

    Dana Seetahal will be missed, I have never met her but I feel quite saddened by her death as I feel I have known her all my life! Rest in peace!

    1. Trinidad has lost its soul,her virginity and her ambiance.It’s time to take back this peaceful paradise from the criminals.How long Lord,how long will this go on.

      1. What is T&T coming to Lord have mercy on us.What are the authorities doing about this situation?

        1. Rita you asked what is Sweet T&T coming to. I have news for you girlfriend, there is no “what is Trinidad coming to”. It reach and gone through long, long, long time. They can’t catch the petty criminals and stop the darn crime for about 10 years now. Bodies have been falling like split peas, people getting raped and kidnapped, houses being broken into to and hard working people’s property being stolen (to mention a few and these are not even making the news)!. What does it have to take for the past and present government to do to stop the crime. I have a suggestion, don’t hide the real criminals, meaning don’t finance the election campaigns with drug money and enable the drug lords because, you owe them and they are coming to collect! This assassination is the start a TSUNAMI. It has come ashore! Nothing to save Trinidad now! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE !

    2. Well said its time for the politicians to stop thinking about themselves and think about our country forget power and the fight to be in control what are you all doing for us we locked ourselves in our houses and have guard dogs we are living in jail will kamla allow any one off the fly by night oficers to guard her the one’s she hire with no back ground and qualifications know she wants to meet and make hard and fast rules the horses are out the gate come on get real people lives are at stake for god’s sake wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brilliant, independent thinker who was always able to shed light on an issue without bias……

  4. We never had this under the PNM or NAR. UNC gotta go…….

    This is how you silence the person that investigates corrupt cops…

    1. This is a dotish statement from a PNMite. Terry Berry makes no sense just as your comment.

    2. Please explain to me what this has to do with UNC, PNM or NAR. This crime is the continued lawlessness our country is being targeted by. The perception that we live in a such a blessed nation is no longer applicable to Trinidad and Tobago. Our people, our culture is being taken over by individuals who have no morals and just greed. Why would you make such a statement………… cant you see what is going on in our country……The crime rate is escalating whether the administration has changed or not. You make me sick with your racist ways of thinking.

  5. Where is my country heading? What is this government doing or even attempting to do to halt this carnage they pledge to manage and take care of its citizens. Perhaps it is time to DECLARE A SELECTIVE STATE OF EMERGENCY, LOCK DOWN THE COUNTRY, ENLIST TEMPORARY OUTSIDE HELP. Trinidad is too small to be faced with this level of lawlessness. IF THIS GOVERNMENT CAN NOT HANDLE THE SITUATION, THEN THEY NEED TO RESIGN OR BE IMMEDIATELY REMOVED. AND TO YOU IDIOTIC BLOGGERS, BLAMING THE PNM WILL NOT SOLVE THIS MISMANAGEMENT.

    1. Should’nt they bring out the army to patrol the streets,get rid of the rotten apples.

  6. Its easy to blame the present govt. for all it ills the PNM created through out the years. Just like the US blame Obama for everything no support from opposition, just try to bring them down power & greed hungry. Time to bring back execution, DNA record keeping on criminals or make laws for everyone to arm and protect themselves.

    1. Well said Stephen P.
      I totally agree with you.
      Sadly some people like Terry Berry will jump at any opportunity no matter how un-related or inappropriate to blame people for social problems.

  7. I do not live in Trinidad but I have citizenship. When I tell my friends I do not come to Trinidad as often as I use to because I do not feel safe there. I have experiences to verify. They say you are only unsafe if you get involved with the wrong people. I don’t feel I have been involved with wrong people, but who knows who are the wrong people. This state of violence may be a cultural thing. Read Neil Bissondath’s “A Casual Brutality”.

  8. I am saddened not only for the passing of a true fighter of this country , but for the sad sate of affairs that we have brought out country to. We have brought this on our selves, one for voting the way we have and for the reasons we have , two for not taking care of our off spring the way we should be taking care of them and three for the greed shown by us , everybody wants,and even when we give is to see what we could get in return . May Dana Seetahla(SC) Rest in peace and may her Killers and those or us responsible her death be brought to justice.

  9. Forget Politics- the Justice System needs to be revised and taken seriously, the problem is everyone looking to blame rather than finding the solution, preventing and solving these murders with no urgency! Lock down the country and find these assassins. If any Crime was taken seriously the country will have a hopeful future….

  10. The corruption starts at the top, and it’s trickles down. This whole investigation is going to be smoke and mirrors, because this is most likely a high profile contract, that some low lives fulfilled. Trinidad is the most corrupt place on planet earth, Trinidad has the highest rate of suspicious transaction reports, and the lowest rate of investigation and conviction. Trinidad is a drug haven and a money launderers paradise. The FIU and the FIB are two white elephants, as it is said, Trinidad is, “Big fish, small fish, in on ocean of lies.” The only way to deal with crime in Trinidad, is to stop the flow of money, but no one has the moral authority, nor the political will to stop it, because everyone is dirty. Another alternative to deal with crime in Trinidad, is to take away the criminals money, as I heard one guest on CNC3’s morning program say a while ago. Civil Asset Forfeiture, is non conviction based, so take away white collar criminals money, and see the crime stats fall, because they need money to operate.

    1. I am highly embarrassed by the amount of grammatical errors in my comment, about Ms. Seetahal’s murder. I wish I could correct those errors, but I guess I’ll just have to live with them. I also forgot to mention my condolences, to the Seetahal family. There is going to be a lot of heightened activity for the moment, but soon everyone is going to go back to sleep.

  11. State of emergency can’t help this country
    All the captains of our ship is infested with greed, corruption and lawlessness . The good citizens of T&T have no choice but to keep paying the price or migrate

    Hanging does not solve crime But it is, in some circumstances, a suitable form of justice

    Bring Back The HANGING !!!!!!!!!!!

  12. So sad indeed. This country has gone to the dogs. I don’t know dana personally but read her articles and always found it interesting and easy to understand – do the people who do not understand law etc, she always simplified it into layman’s terms for the man on the street. I feel truly saddened by this murder/assassination and pray that those responsible be brought to justice and feel brunt of the law….

  13. When I look at the people who murdered Vindra, I am not surprised they murdered this attorney. In the beginning I was proud that Kamla being of Indian descent won the post of a Prime Minister. However she has proved to be ineffective when it comes to crime prevention and healthcare in Trinidad. When these things improve then I will plan a visit to Trinidad.

  14. And therein reside the problems of T&T. His pride in his country is aligned with its leader sharing his ethnicity. This is what has replaced the European supremacist belief system in the Caribbean, and hampers us in terms of unity and development.

  15. The whole idea of assassinating such an individual is just tragic. What makes it even worst is, what could be so devastating or incriminating to an individual that could warrant such a hit like that? To the person who sanction that hit, keep in mind everything must come to an end and God don’t sleep. My condolences goes out to the family of the late Dana Seetahal

  16. Dana Seetahal’s last Express column was an objective defense of AG Ramlogan in the Prison-Lawyer accusations.
    Dana Seethal was the Lead Crown Counsel prosecuting the kidnappers and murderers accused of kidnapping and murder.
    The antics in court put up by the defense in their attempt to implicate her husband during cross examination should never have been allowed by the judge. It seems now that the judge was probably motivated by fear when he permitted the trial of the accused murderers to be a sideshow against Vindra’s husband. Would the murder of Seethal delay, dismiss or completely stop the trial?
    In the past witnesses were murdered, intimidated and bribed. This is not new. The criminal element is now in control of T&T. At least, the white collar criminals use their money and expensive legal experts to frustrate the courts. The criminal gangs use their weapons.
    This will pass. The detection and conviction rate in T&T is negligible. Whose fault is that?

    1. The problems in Trinidad & Tobago lie squarely on the shoulders, of the Central Government. PNM under Manning was a blind man stumbling about, without his cane. This is precisely why the voters for the most part, fell for the rhetoric of the present bunch, we have sitting in the seats of power. People in Trinbago voted for change, and got short changed instead. A lot of lies were told, because they were making promises, they knew they had no intention of keeping, but they sounded good in the ears of the people. Now you jokers still want to blame the PNM for the sorry state of affairs in the country. This government has engaged in the economic and psychological rape of the people of, and it is time they took responsibility for their actions. Yes the PNM engaged in corruption, but we now have unprecedented levels of nepotism, racism , money laundering and corruption, that pales the PNM in comparison.

  17. suspend the carnival celebration for a few years and use that money to implement, stringent law enforcement in this once beautiful island. And re-introduce GOD back into our schools.

  18. Why not bring back the death penalty? If we do, I think the crime level would drop. Give the criminals no mercy, whatsover.I have been reading her articles and watching her in the parliament and otherwise – so brilliant!!! She was one of a kind. May her soul rest in peace.

  19. well said Rodwell Paton! Though I share your disgust, I am not surprised at the mentality shown, but am both dismayed and outraged that the proponent thought it appropriate to voice here. Unity and development a pipe dream indeed….

  20. This tragic event transcends political affiliation. It is a commentary on modern day Trinidad and the judicial system. Let us not pretend that these events do not happen elsewhere and resist condemning the country from the comfort of overseas. The country is in crisis as are many countries and cities worldwide. The important thing is the response from the relevant authorities.

  21. Deepest and heartfelt sympathy to the Family and Friends of Dana Seetahal.
    Women should be respected and revered for their fearlessness and the power of their voice.They should not be removed from the face of the earth in such a horrendous manner.This behaviour of the wild west accompanied by gangster dictatorship, to remove powerful women,is not acceptable in this 21st century.

    Is it that women must stay indoors to remain alive?
    Must women only visit the places of entertainment accompanied by their husbands or security guards?
    Must women of Trinidad and Tobago accept violation of their rights and freedom?
    The criminals must not win!
    Dr Oumatee N. Arjoon-Singh,
    Trinidad and Tobago.

  22. Too much corruption in the country and those who are in charge do not have the know how to deal with the criminal elements in the country. I was looking at the price of real estate in T&T for instance and I am curious to know who are buying these properties $2,000,000 US, since when Trinidadians get paid US dollars. Where is this money coming from. The biggest criminals are at the top. The petty drug dealer on the streets are working for someone and takes their orders from the top.

    Chief of police, start looking at the criminal elements in your department. A lot of officers are stretching out their hands looking for bribe from citizens and are criminals. What type of background check do they do on these police officers.

    Take a Good look at people’s salaries in comparison to what the own and are buying. If it does not add up you need to investigate.

    Let these senseless murders come to an end. T&T let the murder of Dana Seethal be the last of these senseless acts of violence, it’s time to take this country back and weed out the misfits.

    Condolences to the family.

  23. I am at Most deeply saddened and moved to prayer and feel the mental and soulful anguish of our many people of good will, from the very instant i heard of this our sister Dana’s untimely passing, through to the present.

    “O Jesus you made us like our beloved Dana to be one with you, that nothing we go o Christ Jesus, shared our whole humanity and expressed through prayer, to Your Heavenly Father at Gethsemane and at Calvary all our cries. I commend to you o Father, your Dana and her soul and its’ journey to you. Hear her cries and prayer as well as ours united in Christ very humanity and purpose. Give her life eternal. Give her justice in all Truth for your Holy Name sake, for her family and for all your people of good will. Give us all the consolation of your Peace through the same Jesus Christ our Risen Lord and Saviour Amen.”

  24. …”O Jesus you made us like our Beloved Dana to be one with you, that nothing we go through o Christ Jesus would be wasted since, you shared our whole humanity… all our cries”

  25. i did not personally know this woman yet i loved her, her life was as mine simple though compounded in many ways of thought. her outcome however seems but a taste of the ultimatum we face as a nation failing to do our best to deter the practice of evil in all forms and space. i am exceedingly angry about this development, god knows had i faith enough i’d have done wrong in his eyes and sought vengeance.God bless and keep her soul. those that remain may the Lord keep us too for neither of us know when our time is come.

  26. My sentiments go out to the family and friends of Ms Dana Seetahal, taken in the prime of her life by senseless cowards who are hell bent on further destroying the once near ideal image of our country, envied by much of the world at a point in time. It is mind boggling at this time of writing that during the 7PM news coverage of this latest hideous crime, that I can see a National Security TV ad proclaiming that murders are steadily on the decline and that we are in a much better place now. Is this is what I am paying taxes for, so that in the wake of such a tragedy, a totally useless ad is shown trying to convince the population otherwise.
    Added to this our Min of National InSecurity comes on the screen to tell the nation that we have a new colour scheme for identifying the level of threat the country faces. Captain you will need the whole colour spectrum ROYGBIV, if you can solve that, to right this listing ship. (thanks Mr Baboolal HCC 1976-81 for the I.S.class)

  27. The real criminals will do anything to keep their ill-gotten goods. Check the Vindra murder, the independent prison litigation investigation that the AG will never allow. Forget about the Law Association being independent – Dana Seetahal resigned as Head after 1 year because they chose not to follow her line of integrity of processes. Then there’s Clause 34, E-mailgate hushed by the appointment of the new head of National , the unnecessary Beetham wa ter project, the coke in the Trinidad canned grapefruit juice, the USD and guns awash in the country with our open borders – no OPVs and thus helicopters for style, money laundering through the purchase of property at any price. Do not think it was a small man who ordered this assassination of this fearless, bright woman– big people party. May her soul rest in peace. Deepest condolences to her family.

  28. I am agonized reading the news. I used to bump in to her frequently in the UWI on our regular walks and exchange smiles. may

    Hope the criminals will be aprehended. May her soul rest in peace.

  29. I am bajan .I don’t know the distinguished lady who was slain, another great caribbean brain gone like the wind.We have our crime here in Barbados as well but not at the level i see in Trinidad now.I have visited Trinidad every year, took many groups there to enjoy another aspect of our caribbean culture that Trinidad offers, but you know what? uh scared now.My friends went there recently at the guest house at which they stay was overtaken with men with guns who robbed those young people under her charged.They could have all been killed, Uh think uh staying where uh live.Please accept my deepest sympathy the good people in our sister nation

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