Professor Tony Martin Dies at 70


Prof Tony Martin's Send-Off
Prof Tony Martin’s Send-Off — January 25, 2013

A Celebration and Thanksgiving Service for the life of Professor Anthony Martin
21st February, 1942 – 17th January, 2013.
Service on Friday 25th January, 2013 at 9.00 a.m.
St. Theresa’s R.C. Church, Woodbrook thence to the St. James Crematorium for 11.00 a.m.
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The funeral of Professor Tony Martin will be held on Friday 25th January, 2013, at 9:00am at St. Theresa’s R.C. Church, 50 De Verteuil Street, Woodbrook. Reporters
January 17, 2013 –

Professor Tony MartinDr. Tony Martin, former Professor Emeritus at Wellesley College, has passed over tonight, January 17th 2013 in Trinidad & Tobago at West Shore Medical Hospital. Trinidadian-born Dr. Martin taught at the University of Michigan-Flint, the Cipriani Labour College (Trinidad), and St. Mary’s College (Trinidad). He has been a visiting professor at the University of Minnesota, Brandeis University, Brown University, and The Colorado College and also spent a year as an honorary research fellow at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad.

Professor Martin has written, compiled or edited 14 books including Caribbean History: From Pre-Colonial Origins to the Present (2012) published by Pearson Education; Amy Ashwood Garvey: Pan-Africanist, Feminist and Mrs. Marcus Garvey No. 1, Or, A Tale of Two Amies (2007), Literary Garveyism: Garvey, Black Arts and the Harlem Renaissance (1983), and the classic study of the Garvey Movement, Race First: the Ideological and Organizational Struggles of Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (1976).

His work on Marcus Garvey was featured on the curricula of many African studies programmes around the world and he was a well-known lecturer in many countries.



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  1. His classes were a joy to attend. His voice empowered his students and opened our minds to other truths. His presence at Wellesley in the mid to late 70s was absolutely necessary and appreciated. R.I.P. Professeur! Your voice will be missed!

  2. I met Dr.Tony Martin in New York City in the early 1980s when I was working on a film about the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Dr. Martin without hesitating agreed to an interview about the philosophy and work of Marcus Garvey, Jamaica’s first national hero.

    May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  3. It was through Professor Martin that I came to know the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Tony’s spirit will forever be linked with the spirit of Garvey as he would not allow H.M.M. Garvey’s memory to die. As such, neither shall Professor Martin die as we shall pour libations in his honor whenever we evoke the spirit of Garvey. Long live Marcus Garvey. Long live Professor Tony Martin.

  4. This brother was a scholar and a brave man, I hope he has a service in new york city

  5. My heart is broken.

    This great man was many things to many people; to me he was Uncle Tony. He was my grandparents’ first child and the family historian. I can’t write anything here that can do him justice. I am still in shock.

    I ask that people light a candle for my uncle to give him light on his journey. Please send him prayers, and positive energy, and let our collective vibration hum through the universe.

    R.I.P. Uncle Tony

    I have tried to contact the site admin, but am having trouble with the contact form. I noticed yesterday that Uncle Tony’s birth year (both here and on his Wikipedia page) is incorrect. He was actually born in 1944, and has died at the age of 68.

    I have amended the Wikipedia page, is it possible for the correction to be made on this site too? Thank you in advance.

  6. Prof Tony Martin dies
    Well-known Trinidadian professor Dr Tony Martin, who recently launched a book making the claim that the first Indian came to the Caribbean in 1595 and not 1838 as is widely believed, died on Thursday night at the West Shore Medical Hospital in Trinidad and Tobago.

  7. This is sad news. Yet, we can agree that Brother Tony Martin did not waste his time on earth. Just two weeks ago TrinidD born economist Stephen Matthews spoke to me of getting together with Dr Martin so we could advance the cause of Caribbean and Pan African history and now he is gone. When I got a copy of Race First in the 1980s an aperture opened up in my mind about the role of Marcus Garvey in our uplift. His work on Pan African poet and UNIA organizer JR Ralph Casimir of Dominica was ground breaking. It is my hope we can continue to write our history and be open to new ideas about our liberation in the spirit of Dr Martin. Now is a time for conscious scholars who love freedom and humanity to convene and build a monument to his memory by the work we do to educate our people.

  8. Doctor and Professor Tony Martin,the lawyer,economist and Afrikan historian from Trinidad has left indelible legacies of scholarship and SELF-RELIANCE in his The Majority Press publications.He was appointed the OFFICIAL BOOK HISTORIAN FOR MARCUS GARVEY AND HIS ORGANISATION BY President-General Charles L James of Marcus Garvey’s UNIA and ACL organisation and his book RACE FIRST is the book for anyone who wants to know the TRUTH about Marcus Mosiah Garvey.I knew Tony for over 30 years because Marcus Garvey Jnr.,myself and him were friends and Brother Pan Afrikanists together from those times.May the Creator Amen Ra bless Tony’s soul.

    1. I met Dr. Tony Martin in Jamaica in the late 1970’s. I was introduced to him by Sis Mariamne Samad. She greatly admired Tony and spoke well of him over the years. You, Mandingo, have always spoken well of him and on numerous occasions recommended the reading of his works on Garvey/Garveyism especially ‘Race First’ I know he will be missed by you and all who came to know him. I did not know him well but I am very sad of his passing. Keep strong!

    2. I met Dr Tony Martin in Jamaica in the late 70’s through the introduction of Sis M Samad. This was in Kingston,Jamaica. Mandingo, you have always encouraged the reading of his works on Garvey/Garveyism, especially RACE FIRST. Tony is a great loss to our people, especially those of us who are Garveyites. I pray he rests in peace.

  9. We Rastafarians mourn the passing of Professor Martin, of Blessed Memory. It was him that tipped me off to the Jews having a monopoly on the slave trade. The first synagogue in North America was built in Rhode Island in 1658 with their proceeds from the slave trade. It takes a Jew to sell a human being into slavery.

    1. It takes a Jew to sell a human being into slavery.

      My brother, allow me respectfully to correct you. Truth is sufficient unto our purpose, also necessary. Therefore, it is never a good idea to stretch the truth in defense of a good cause, no matter how worthy. I hold no brief for the fake Jews … the ones that say they are Jews but are not; see Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. But neither is it the case that they only have been guilty of selling others into slavery.

      Let us not forget that Joseph, the son of Jacob, was sold by his brothers into slavery. Let us not forget that Midianites and Ishmaelites (Arabs today) were also involved as middlemen. Let us not forget that the Hamitic Africans of Mizraim (Egypt, Khamit) were involved in enslaving our Israelite forefathers in Egypt and laid a heavy yoke upon us. From one perspective, that first enslavement came about precisely as payback to the original sin of Joseph’s brethren in selling him into slavery.

      Our later enslavement via the trans-Atlantic slave trade may be seen as continuing payback for that original since, since when we had a chance of redemption under the Mosaic covenant, we broke it. Hence came our enslavement pursuant to the propheccy of Deuteronomy 28:68 and later. So we have none other to blame for our enslavement but our disobedient forefathers who sinned against Yahweh, and ourselves also, who have carried on, in some cases as hallowed tradition, the iniquities of our forefathers, e.g. eating pork and serving the Canaanite and Khamitic gods of Africa, further compounded by the Gentile foolishness of Christianity and other misguided man-made religion.

      I do not say all this to let the (so-called) Jews off the hook. That they would be involved in our enslavement was foretold:

      Psalms 83:3-8.
      3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.
      4 They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.
      5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:
      6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;
      7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; the Philistines with the inhabitants of Tyre;
      8 Assur also is joined with them: they have holpen the children of Lot. Selah.

      The reference to Edom fits such Edomite Jews as Aaron Lopez, who was one of the fake-Jew master-minds of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. And the reference to the Ishmaelites fits the Arab slave traders who were complicit also in both the trans-Atlantic and trans-Sahara slave trades.

      The Edomites and Ishmaelites are our near-relation sons of Abraham. Amalek and the Philistines are Hamitic … “black” people like ourselves.

      This last is an important point. The land of Africa (called Pathros in the Bible) — inclusive of the so-called “Middle East” — was peopled by Shemitic and Hamitic black people. Black African tribes today may be either. We who were enslaved were black Hebrew Israelite (e.g. the Igbo=Eebo=Hebrew). Those who did the enslaving were black and red Hebrew Ishmaelite (Arab). Such black Hebrew Ishmaelite tribes may still be found in the Sudan and Ethiopia and Zanzibar in the East as well as in the West in places like Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and elsewhere. There are also black Hebrew Edomite tribes, e.g. the Idoma tribe of Nigeria are given away by their name as Edomite, and the Akan people of Ghana likewise has a black Edomite strain. Finally, needless to say, there are black Hamitic tribes all over Africa, e.g. the Ijebu people of Nigeria are biblical Jebusites, and are sons of Ham via Canaan. (We in the former British West Indies, who are Israelites of the tribe of Benjamin, are related to the Jebusites as we inter-married with them, disobeying Yahweh’s word in the process).

      Therefore, when we lump all black people together, or lump all Africans together, we cut ourselves off from understanding our real history — Our Story. Nor will we be able to understand prophetic fulfillment as it unfolds.

      If Truth will make us free, we must delve beneath the broad categories of “black” and “African”. As we do so we will find that the settling of scores will take on a whole new aspect, to the point that we will begin to understand at a whole new level, the saying, “Vengeance is mine, saith Yahweh!”.

      As a matter of fact, before we point fingers at anyone else, we will find we will have to seek forgiveness first for the sins of our own I(black Hebrew) Israelite forefathers, then for our own personal sins, before castigating anyone else, including the fake so-called Jews. Regrettably, we are in no position, all our … apparently racial… suffering notwithstanding.


      1. Yoruba Israelite, It saddens me to know end that people worldwide are hoodwinked and bamboozled by a book called the bible. This so-called bible is based on African and Persian Gulf spirituality and stories that explain the cosmos and the movement of the heavenly bodies within the various cycles. It is utterly preposterous and sad that people are led to believe that the first Homo sapiens on the planet were some ridicules made-up characters named Adam and Eve. Anyone who does minimal research will know that black people were the first humans on the planet and ruled the ancient world when white people were still in caves painting themselves blue. The foundation (Mark, Luke, Mathew and John) of the so-called bible are nothing but the four fixed cardinal signs of the zodiac. The “birth of Jesus” is the pre-Christian birth of the Sun on December 25th. The travels and stories of Jesus are nothing more than the Sun interacting with the solstices and the equinoxes and other stars and planets while traveling through each zodiac sign.
        Read the Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews if you want to be educated about the European Jews role in history. It is nonsense that Africans in Kemet enslaved Hebrews; in fact it was the other way around; read about the Hyksos in Kemet (Egypt). I could provide you with hundreds of books to read that prove with facts that the nonsense about black people being punished for sins during ancient times is pure fiction and nonsense. The history of Kemet written by Africans was in place over 6,000 years ago refutes such fiction and ignorance.
        The major problem that black people worldwide have is totally ignorance about who they are and being mentally enslaved by other cultures myths. Please get your head out of the book that the top biblical scholars in the world conclude; they don’t know who wrote it. The mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and historians of the major characters in the so-called bible cannot be found. Before quoting so-called scripture; please read books by Gerald Massey, Alvin Boyd Kuhn, (Shadow of the Third Century) Dr. Ben Yosef A A Jochannan (born a black Jew), Dr. John Jackson, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, etc. If you were to read other books besides the bible; you will begin to understand who you are and throw off the shacklers of mental enslavement.

        1. My brother:

          It is obvious to me from your comment that you have not read the Book of Yahweh (aka The Bible). The duty of scholarship requires that you know and understand it before you seek to dismiss it.

          Trust me, I have read the Africentrist canon, including all the authors you have mentioned, and others you have not. I have read the Africentrist historians, and I have checked some of their sources for myself, including some of the mathematical papyri cited by Diop, and certainly including Herodotus, Josephus and others. I have traveled to Egypt more than once, also Greece, Rome, India, China, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia. I did all that with ears and eyes wide open, relying on my own senses and intellect, and in a spirit always of submission to Truth, and of following where it leads. In all of that, I have never taken Dr. Ben’s or Ashra Kwesi’s, Runoko Rashidi’s or anybody else’s tour, touting this or that pre-digested view of whatever was on display. I am not and do not claim to be other than an amateur historian (I am trained as an engineer, to Ph.D. level), but I nevertheless played a small but significant part in the “Black Athena” debtate on the internet: see http://TheAfican.Com/Magazine/Athena/intro.htm.

          I also understand the Khamitic point of view from a fairly deep spiritual perspective; see my article on “African Cosmology” at; see also other Afri-centrist articles at the same website, by me (writing as “Grisso”) as well as others.

          So when I uphold the Book of Yahweh as speaking in a direct way to “OurStory”, explaining all that has happened to us, the sons of Jacob, as a people, over the last 4,000 years, I do so not as one who is unlearned in what might seem to be a competing view of the matter. As a matter of fact, what I am urging should impress upon a true scholar the simple need to re-assess. If the Africentrist canon lumps all blacks together (and for the most part all whites) then it is clearly to be revised in the face of facts which would clearly and convincingly permit a delineation of tribal sub-categories based on the DNA reality of seedline and tribal category. This is the story told in the Book of Yahweh, not as theory, but as matters of fact, and by the Doer of the deeds in question.

          I would suggest that you revise your position of a-priori dismissal of the Book of Yahweh. Open the book and study. But I warn you that the effort of study that it requires will far exceed that of the Africentrist canon. At the same time, it will repay the investment of effort required to a far greater degree.

          And no, this is not an invitation to join a religious persuasion. On the contrary, to properly study, and understand, the Book of Yahweh, you must put aside every man-made religious doctrine to which you might have been exposed. Come to it in a spirit of inquiry after Truth. Apply every intellectual stress test to it. Trust me, it will not break (although there are contradictions, some apparent, some real, that will have to be worked through to find proper understanding.)

          Those who reach conclusions from a partial analysis of any matter are likely to err, as you have done. So I turn your admonition on its head: Study. Open the Book of Yahweh and read. It is OurStory.


  10. Dr.Tony Martin used his time (1942-2013) wisely and productively especially so as a researcher as he has been called by his Maker. We applaud him and we must continue to research and continue to eke out the truth from our history. Well thought out and well researched response by Yoruba Israelite who articulated the biblical inter-connections and the caution we must exercise in over-generalisations. We need to be so lucid in our thoughts and free ourselves from bias which overall help mankind to understand himself firstly.

  11. When I first learned of Pro. Tony Martin in 2005 I was impressed with his works and bought some of his books, and I’m shocked to hear of his passing. Another great scholar gone but not forgotten.Condolences all round.

  12. I will miss Dr. Tony Martin. Brother Tony Martin and I had many conversations, beginning in the late 1970’s, from the first publishing of his book Race First, which I have a signed copy. I often said Brother Martin wrote all of his books so that I could read them. He and I talked at UNIA & ACL meetings, in Chicago, Philadelphia, New York etc..We later talked on the phone about orders I had placed with him for copies of Brother Martin’s Marcus Garvey Library books,for The Marcus Garvey Institute(MGI), that my wife Qamar, and I co-founded in 1992, and over which I serve as President. My teacher of Garveyism, the Hon. Dr. Charles Lionel James, who wrote the book, ‘Message to the People, had it published by Brother Martin. This book is about The Hon Marcus Garvey’s African Philosophy that Dr. James taught me, and eventually declared that: “I know that you know because I have taught you, and if you do not go out and tell this story about the Hon. Marcus Mosiah Garvey, then you are no damn good,” which is what the Hon. Marcus Garvey had told him after the first course in 1938-1939. For twenty year after my teacher past, I have used information from Brother Martins books to educate myself and thousands of others,during lectures, conference calls, radio and TV shows and I’m not tired yet. I recorded a few of Brother Martins lecturs, transcribed them, and have the pleasure of listening to them from time to time. When Brother Martin was unfairly attacked for teaching the truth to his students at Wellesley, I spoke with him regularly and sent a letter of support. The MGI has used Brother Martins research to put together our Marcus Garvey Photo exhibit. All Garveyites, MGI, members and friends, we are waiting to learn about the arrangements and will update our race when we have more information. Until then, prepare your sympathies for his wife, prepare to order as many of Brother Martins books as you can, find his books in your home library, read them and hold on to them as we prepare ourselves to be the next generation of Race First scholars and Garveyites.
    Shaka Barak
    The Marcus Garvey Institute

  13. I am a white nationalist who was a great admirer and fan of Prof. Martin. I heard his lectures at the David Irving Real History Conference some years ago, read his writings and e-mailed with him. He was an extraordinary man who stood up the the traditional enemies of free speech.

  14. He was a great soldier, activist, and truth-teller. All studies of the Honorable Marcus Garvey must include his works. He will live on in them. Now he has joined Brother Garvey and our illustrious ancestors. May they all rest in peace while we continue to fight for justice.

    1. I did not know Dr. Martin in a personal way; i met him on the nat turner trail tour in Virginia. i wrote a review of his book abt the attack on him by the zionists and their allies. he withstood that deadly onslaught. may Allah rest his soul. yusef abdus-salaam

  15. Can’t believe Tony’s gone.
    School friend, colleague, associate, brother. So proud of him. Followed his career since the early 60’s when we left St Mary’s College. Ran into him at a Carifesta in Trinidad years ago. Then met him on his last visit to London around 2000 at a Book Fair. Meantime we corresponded. We had Marcus in common. I wanted him to write for THUNDER. He told me I could use his extract on The Rastafarians – which I did. Then we tried to get him for Diary of Confinement in 2012. Spoke to him on the phone. He said he’d do his best to get involved. That was it. Our last live contact. Never knew he was ill. Thought he’d live forever…
    And he will! Bless you, Tony, Bless, Bless
    Posted by Theodora Ulerie for Shango Baku, Author, Playwright, Journalist, Rastafari Activist and Artistic Director of CETTIE (Cultural Exchange Through Theatre In Education) – London.

  16. The passing of The Hon. Dr. Tony Martin is such a shock! I was devastated on seeing it posted on my facebook page by my dear friend, Akende Rudder! Although I knew that he was ailing i had no idea that it was serious! I’ve been communicating with him from time to time… but I just had no idea! Fare thee well Brother, Tony Martin… You have served us well… Your work on planet earth is done! And now you will continue, as you join the Ancestors. May the angels receive you in glory and may our Jah take you in his loving arms. Rest in Peace, my dear brother! ASE

  17. Greetings,

    We at the Ligali Organisation would like to send our condolences to the family of professor Tony Martin following his recent passing.

    He was and remains a great source of knowledge and inspiration to African people worldwide and his outstanding legacy will continue to provide a beacon of hope to many generation to come.


    Toyin Agbetu

  18. Prof Tony Martin Dies at 70
    “He has also just last year produced a very, very significant book on Caribbean history it is one of those omnibus types of texts that we have been saying since it was published we think it is a text that needs to be in the schools. I would recommend that the senior level given the nature of the book and I believe that it is one of the books that will stand out for a long time,” he said.

  19. I will remember him for his work on the Jewish role in the African slave trade and The Jewish Onslaught. Rest in Peace Dr Martin. May the ancestors be with you.

  20. I am saddened at the passing of my lifelong friend , Tony Martin
    He was gentleman scholar and very talented He was good at Chess.
    He played the Guitar and Clarinet well and was comfortable with the Violin
    At my instigation he read Law in London but I was unable to persuade him to practice.He moved on to Economics AT Hull University then to History in the USA It was through his research in History that he became known to the world and what a sterling contribution he made
    I hope his son Shabaka will emulate him
    Rest well my Friend may the Angels and Archangels transport you

  21. Prof. Martin has given us deep insight into the importance of the Garvey movement. Through his writings, he enabled us to understand the monumental role that Garvey played in bringing us back from the abyss of self hatred and ultimately self destruction because of the numbing effect of slavery and colonization. In the process he made personal sacrafices and fought against those who opposed his work. We have lost a tremendous scholar and an intellectual giant. His passing has left a major intellectual crater in our further understanding of African History but his contribution to date will continue to enlighten us. Prof. Tony Martin will be sadly missed by those who are familiar with his writings and by those who are yet gain familiarity.
    RIP our brother.

  22. He was a seminal and fearless historian of the African experience in the New World. Prof. Martin defied the Establishment by proffering unorthodox truths which caused him to be denied the kind of honors and public attention accorded academics like Henry Louis Gates. He came under tremendous pressure and intimidation while teaching at Wellesley, yet he refused to be cowed. His ideals and integrity were of the highest magnitude.

    Good night sweet prince, and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  23. My goodness – so much more to be done. Tony helped me back in 1980 or so, tracking a Trinidad associate of African American composer (trained in England) Edmund Jenkins (1894-1926) whose biography I got published (Greenwood Press, 1982). Their reader said I should remove the politics and Tony said I should agree to that but leave them in. I did! Further research into the world of black people here in England 1910-1930 (including his aunt, Audrey Jeffers) proved him to be – of course – correct. We kept in touch but there was so very much more…
    Jeffrey Green, England

  24. The spirit doesn’t die. Our beloved Brother,Tony Martin, will return to earth in another body, but with more divine wisdom and spiritual power; and, will make greater contributions to the advancement of African people, and other people of this world.

    May The Most High continue to bless you Brother Tony.

  25. RIP uncle Tony. I wish I could be at the funeral today in Trinidad with Femi but I am thinking of you here in London.

  26. We salute him for the selfless ,diligent and profound works;we salute him and pay tribute to his enlightening spirit .

    We know that his benovelent ancestors will welcome him with open arms and we know that our decendants will see him in the whirlwind….UP YOU MIGHTY PEOPLE YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH WHAT YOU WILL……

  27. My memory of Tony Martin: 1982, The Association of Caribbean Area Historians, El Convento Hotel, Puerto Rico.
    After a long evening of food, drink and far too much old talk for one day, I was exhausted, and needed someone to walk me to my room. I was not drunk or anything, but a woman alone at a conference in a “foreign country”is too often regarded as prey by some of the very historians and other “intellectuals” attending the conference.
    I asked Tony Martin to walk me to my door. El Convento, an old convent is full of dark wood and ill -lit corners. He did so cheerfully. He insisted on opening my door and looking inside, where there were no bogeymen hiding, but pairs and pairs of my shoes, one for each outfit. He could not help comenting,”You name is Emelda MArcos?” I had to laugh. I guess male scholars can do with one dress shoe, black, a couple of scuffed loafers in brown and tan, and a pair of sandals- Guessing here, never knew one intimately. Satisfied that I was OK, he returned to the partying downstairs. A Gentleman of the first order.
    I have given away, and rpurchased hundreds of shoes since that. I always remember to ask myself: Imelda? No, shoes are just my thing.I just came in from exchanging a pair of shoes, because I found one in the same brand, 60% cheaper in another store, then I opened this site, which I have ignored for two months, and found this.
    God Bless the memory of Toy Martin.May his family be comforted. He had a good innings.

  28. May the anscestors know that they are getting another true giant to be with them in spirit.May the memories of his works be carried through us all in what we do.

  29. I am shocked and saddened beyond words. Tony was an exceptional scholar–both brave and brilliant to the very end.

    I met Tony over 25 years ago at Cornell U. Throughout the years, I have been privileged with his presence and knowledge, as he was resolute and outspoken on matters of truth for Africana people.

    Tony, you are missed every minute of the hour. Thus, you will never really die as long as you are in our memories. I Miss You, Tony. God Bless you and your family.

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