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Open Letter to Bro. Dookeran and the PP Gov’t

lettersDear Bro. Dooks,

When it come to books, I can’t win you at all, but when it come to common sense, I ahead by ah mile. I could understand yuh strategy in not wanting to continue in the vein of the previous regime, spending the people’s money willy nilly. And the fact that you will need some time to settle in before making your adjustments. But, when yuh saying and doing every thing to convince me that the treasury is empty, and the country don’t have money, please stop it. Like yuh taking we for ah ride to get we giddy headed.
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Partnership leaders must smoke ‘peace pipe’ now

By Raffique Shah
October 16, 2010

Raffique ShahA brief story in the Express last week caught my attention. The report spoke of serious differences between two organisations purporting to represent nationals of this country who have indigenous blood flowing in their arteries.

The first contentious issue is a claim that one group represents only Amerindian descendants who are Catholics. The other was the timing of the “smoke ceremony to the spirits”. One group swears it should be before dawn. The other went ahead “smoking” at 7 a.m.
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By Michael Harris
September 27, 2010

CLICO BailoutOne of the things which I tried to do as a parent was to inculcate in my son the knowledge that to be an adult meant being prepared to accept responsibility for the consequences of one’s actions. This, after all, is one key thing which separates adulthood from childhood. When you are a child it is assumed that you cannot be held entirely responsible for your actions and your parents or guardians are assumed to accept that responsibility in your stead. When you become an adult the responsibility is all yours.
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Inclusive Development and Growth Poles in the Budget

Finance Minister Winston DookeranTHE EDITOR: Finance Minister Winston Dookeran has woven, in his own inimitable and unique style, an underlying development and ideological philosophy/ substructure that permeates, underpins and sustains the visible superstructure/fabric of his 2010/11 fiscal and development package The concept of inclusive or balanced development that is a fundamental pillar of the economic strategy of the Partnership regime was initially conceived within the womb of the COP partner. It is pivotal to the COP Mission and Vision Statements.
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Minimum Wage, Maximum Farce

By Raffique Shah
September 11, 2010

TrinidadiansLET us be realistic about this burning issue of the minimum wage: no employer who is worthy of being called an entrepreneur pays anyone in his establishment $9 an hour. Put another way, no worker worth his or her sweat, however desperate she may be, would work for eight hours to take home $72. He would be better off hustling on the sidewalk, picking pockets, or robbing others of their valuables.
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Sources for Funding the Budget Deficit

By Stephen Kangal
September 11, 2010

Finance Minister Winston DookeranNever in the annals of the political and parliamentary history of national budgeting in T&T has such a delicately balanced, radically reforming, investment stimulating and confidence building 2010-11 fiscal package been accepted and lauded by so many across the country. This consultative-based, people’s budget was truly a national and grass-roots event with almost everyone except for a few misguided and bazodee PNM MP’s giving Finance Minister Dookeran the thumbs up approval.
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No more wastage of public funds

Water Taxi
Water Taxi
By Raffique Shah
August 15, 2010

IT is easy for people to say that the new Government should stop looking back, stop blaming the ousted People’s National Movement (PNM) government for much of the mess we find ourselves in today, and just move on. Had the Patrick Manning regime been more circumspect in handling the huge windfalls we enjoyed from around 2004, I would have endorsed that view, asking the Government to get on with governance, make no reference to the past.
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Squatting Dilemma Exposed

By Lara Pickford-Gordon
June 21, 2010 – newsday.co.tt

HouseI think it was Trade and Industry Minister Stephen Cadiz who described the persons illegally squatting on land at Cashew Gardens, Longdenville as behaving as if it was the wild, wild west when they rushed and staked a claim to land.
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