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Flow’s Internet ‘Service’ is Down Again

TTN Cable Subscriber
October 25, 2007

Flow Cable Trinidad and TobagoFlow’s Internet ‘service’ in the Maraval area where we have their “Internet lack of service” has been down for two days. After calling the Flow company, the person who eventually answered the telephone after several attempts said he had to send an email to their technical department because he could not get through to them on the phone. He said that someone may contact us tomorrow.
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Flow Cable Upgrade Can Downgrade Your Home

Cable Subscriber
October 09, 2007

Flow Cable Trinidad and TobagoFor those who are having the Cable TV and Internet upgrades, here is what to expect:

They would call you and tell you that your home is scheduled for an upgrade, but they would not tell you upfront that the upgrade means a rewiring of your house, which, depending on how many television sets you have and the parts of the house they are placed, could take an entire day.

Although the Flow cable (Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited) vehicles have water coolers, be prepared to be asked for water continually. You would also have to overhear cellphone conversations continually as their phones ring all the time, and they do speak rather loudly. They would also come to your home with dirty boots, so your carpets would need some work after.
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TSTT’s Internet ‘Service’ Down Again

InternetTSTT’s dial-up and high-speed internet service was down for several hours yesterday, October 01, 2007, into late last night. We are unable to ascertain if this disruption was island wide.

We called TSTT’s internet customer service number and the prerecorded message repeatedly said they were attending to other customers while we waited for over an hour and a half. We eventually hung up.

TSTT’s automated telephone response seems to be just a put-off under the guise of service.
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