TSTT’s Internet ‘Service’ Down Again

InternetTSTT’s dial-up and high-speed internet service was down for several hours yesterday, October 01, 2007, into late last night. We are unable to ascertain if this disruption was island wide.

We called TSTT’s internet customer service number and the prerecorded message repeatedly said they were attending to other customers while we waited for over an hour and a half. We eventually hung up.

TSTT’s automated telephone response seems to be just a put-off under the guise of service.

UPDATE: 10:49 AM
October 02, 2007

At 10:15 am we called TSTT (824-8788) to enquire about the internet disruptions, and after a few minutes the automated recording says the estimated wait is 60 minutes based on the volume of calls. That is utter nonsense. Why should people be waiting over an hour to get a representative from TSTT to attempt the customer service they tout? They appear to be busy doing more of everything while nothing gets better – just amounts to expanding bad service.

2 thoughts on “TSTT’s Internet ‘Service’ Down Again”

  1. Someone on the inside of TSTT may be trying to make a case for an alternate provider. This service was bad all of July which I spent in TnT. You pay a $1500.00 bill, and can’t get service. Then they cross wires in re-establishing service. Then they correct that,but cut off one line, saying the service which he did not have, was not paid for.DAMNFOOLISHNESS!Meanwhile, the world needs internet access to do business.

    This poor service may only apply to individuls and small businesses. No bank tht I wen to was blanked by an absence of internet service.

  2. Phone users vex with service
    Numerous complaints have been lodged against State telecom provider TSTT over telephone problems affecting several persons nationwide. Frustrated TSTT customers called on The People’s Page to liaise with TSTT over a wide range of problems they have been experiencing with both their land lines and mobile phones.

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