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Heavy rains create havoc in North-West

December 22, 2008

Builders Warned
…Imbert knocks unscrupulous developers after Diego floods

Imbert suggests relocation
Works and Transport Minister Colm Imbert says the ultimate solution to the flooding that has been experienced by those who live close to river banks in flood prone areas may be to have them relocated.
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Panday: Manning wrong to storm radio station

Thursday, November 6 2008

PM Patrick ManningOPPOSITION Leader Basdeo Panday on Tuesday criticised Prime Minister Patrick Manning for visiting Radio 94.1 FM two Saturdays ago to protest their earlier broadcast, critical of Government policy.

In a statement, the UNC leader yesterday called Manning “absolutely out of line, and overboard” in his actions.
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Mobile Menace

By Raffique Shah
September 21, 2008

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

A Show CarIT was a desperate cry from an exasperated woman, and it tugged at my heart when we finally spoke on the phone. She made me feel ashamed of myself, since, like so many others, I, too, am a victim of the jarring, amplified noise that passes for music in too many private motor vehicles. As a columnist who is often the voice of victims who have few options to vent their suffering, I failed to write about this growing menace of noise pollution.
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Champagne taste, mauby pockets

By Raffique Shah
June 29, 2008

Elite DiningWith NFM announcing last week that the price of wheat flour is set to rise another 29 per cent, there was the usual groaning and moaning from consumers, blaming “de govament” for rising food prices. Really, you’d think these people have just landed from Mars, that they are unaware of the global food crisis, of inflation eating into people’s pockets just about everywhere in the world. You’d think, too, that by now everyone would have adjusted their spending habits to meet escalating costs through focussing on “needs” as opposed to “wants”.
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Richplain lockdown illegal

By Sean Douglas and Andre Bagoo
Wednesday, June 25 2008

ArmyTHE Law Association yesterday questioned the legality of the “lock down” of Richplain by the Defence Force who set up camp in the Diego Martin community after the Father’s Day murder of Corporal Ancil Wallace and his best friend Noel Charles.

Soldiers pitched a camp at a savannah at Angies Field Road in Richplain, two days after Cpl Wallace and Charles were killed during the christening party for Wallace’s son Jaydon on June 15. There have since been reports by residents of beatings by the soldiers and the detention of several persons in the absence of the police.
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Manning’s TT$400 Million Jet Dream Crashes

Patrick Manning's TT$400 Million Jet Dream Crashes

A ploy that did not fly

March 19th 2008

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) will want the citizenry to believe that its decision to stall the plan to acquire an executive jet was based on the high principle of being determined not to go ahead with the transaction unless the contract included a watertight or, perhaps, more accurately in the context, an airtight anti-corruption clause.
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The High Cost of Living: A Sufferer’s Perspective

HouseTHE EDITOR: I’d like you to allow me a small space on your website to address one of the many elephants that occupy this large room that we call Trinidad and Tobago. With all the recent talk about the high cost of living I think that this would be a most appropriate time to do so.

I recently read a short article in the Trinidad Express about the high cost of house and apartment rentals in Trinidad and Tobago today. In the article, a number of landlords defended their exorbitant prices saying that the costs of building materials have gone up and therefore to cover these costs, they have upped their prices. Fair enough, right?
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Flow Cable Company Cuts Basic Package

Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

Flow Cable (Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited)Please allow me a place to describe my complete dissatisfaction about the cable company Flow on removing the computer oriented channel G4 from the basic package.

It seems that Flow’s marketing department is making wrong decisions and expecting us customers to pay extra for channels that we have grown accustomed to on the basic cable package.
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Hazardous Conditions at Isaac Place Cascade

HelpWater from the Hololo mountains has been destroying the footpath that lead to the homes of families living in the area because there is no watercourse for the water to follow. Numerous letters have been sent to the St George County Council regarding this problem more than forty years ago and to date this problem still persist.

My mother who resides there is afraid to walk in the day much less at night especially due to the fact there has never been any street light.
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