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Security sector stinks

By Raffique Shah
November 01, 2009

MI5 security companyLast Sunday’s arms heist at the inappropriately-named “MI5” security company’s premises was a disaster waiting to happen. The saving grace, if there was any, is that the bandits did not kill the lone female security guard and proceed on a gun-rampage through town. There are some very serious lessons to be learnt from this incident. But given our attitude towards matters that have implications for personal and national security, I don’t hold much hope that we’ll see the requisite changes.
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Cops charged with stealing money

September 02, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago News Blog

PoliceCops accused of stealing money back in court Sept 8
Four officers assigned to the Police Southern Division, yesterday appeared before a Port-of-Spain magistrate charged with misbehaviour in public office. Police Corporals Deopersad Jankienanan, 51, Keshan Harrysingh, 44, and PC Anslem Drakes, 38, stood before Magistrate Anna Ryan in the Fourth (A) Court, charged with misbehaviour by stealing money recovered from a robbery.
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Rid the ranks of rogues, Commissioner

By Raffique Shah
August 16, 2009

PoliceACTING Police Commissioner James Philbert and his senior aides must be commended for their recent initiatives to clean up the Service. The exposure of one or more corrupt officers at the St Joseph Station, their identities yet to be determined, is but the proverbial drop in the bucket. But at least it restores some public confidence in the police hierarchy.
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Answers needed on helicopters

Newsday Editorial
August 13, 2009 –

HelicopterThe first deal under consideration began back in November 2005. Prime Minister Patrick Manning, on a visit to Israel, announced that he had met with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and had discussed the issue of crime with his host. Then, in a television interview, Mr Manning stated that the talks with the Israelis might include the acquisition of four armed helicopters as well as patrol boats. He said that the Israeli Air Force used armed helicopters and he had initiated discussion to “effect a transfer”.
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