“Yuh Nastiness”

By Dr. Selwyn R. Cudjoe
October 31, 2016

Dr. Selwyn R. CudjoeAt the last US presidential debate when Donald Trump looked over at Hillary Clinton and said, “Such a nasty woman,” he sounded the death knell of his campaign. It was almost like looking at Hillary with disdain and saying in Trini language, “Yuh nastiness.”

This insult has had a more devastating effect on Trump’s candidacy than anything else he has said or done previously. Not even his infamous boast about grabbing women’s genitals has had such a devastating effect on his White House ambitions. “Nasty woman” has become a rallying cry among women and that, as they say in T&T, was the end of Solomon Gundi.

In the United States, women outnumber the males. They also vote in overwhelming numbers. Margaret Thatcher used to say, “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.” On November 8, women will do a lot to remind Trump about his casual insult against women.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has already taken up the battle cry. Campaigning in New Hampshire on Monday last she came out in full battle gear. She warned Trump: “Nasty women are tough. Nasty women are smart. And nasty women vote. We nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever” (New York Times, October 24).

And what sweet revenge women will have on November 8. When the US founding fathers declared their independence in 1776, neither women nor Africans were included in that historic document. Thomas Jefferson denounced the slave trade as an “execrable commerce” filled with horrors in the original draft of the declaration. However, such language did not get into the final document. In the end, the Declaration proudly proclaimed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.”

Some apologists defend this obvious bit of male chauvinism by saying that in this context “men” was a generic term that was meant to include both men and women. Such a reading seems dubious. Neither women nor Africans mattered very much when this document was written, which is why it is such a joy to see these two coarse reductionisms about blacks and women overthrown in eight short years.

In a way, things will never be the same. When Barack Obama was elected, my grandson emoted gleefully: “Now, I can be president!” Many young women will be letting out similar cries when Ms. Clinton is elected. It will be a significant shift in US history.

We in T&T have been fortunate. We have elected a woman to hold that esteemed position. It is something of which we should be very proud.

This is why Trump’s casual nastiness is so difficult to take, why it is so disturbing to women, and why women feel so insulted by such a characterization.

Even Republican women who have always supported Republican nominees in the past are now leaving in droves. Suburban women in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida, are especially offended by his casual debasing of their sex. These crucial states play a pivotal role in the election of any president. Mac Stipanovich, a Republican political consultant, noted: “Many of these women want to vote Republican, but Trump has just made it impossible for them. They are weary of it all—the bombast, the threats and the misogyny” (Financial Times, October 24).

Trump came to Trinidad only once. Had he spent some more time here, he would have heard about the prowess of women when it comes to voting and getting out the vote for their candidates. He would have known that in some Trinidad political parties—the PNM, for example—they have a special name (unprintable) for the women who support their parties. They are ferocious when it comes to protecting the name of their party.

Over the years, women have silently objected to men taking them for granted. However, it is quite another thing when you call a woman out of her name. Insulting a woman, denigrating her, and referring to her as “yo’ nastiness” is the last thing anyone expected to hear from a presidential candidate.

When I was growing up, my mama would say, “Yo’ do, and yo’ do; and until yo’ overdo.” Donald Trump has done, and done, until he has overdone himself. This time around, he has dug his own grave and there is no way he can resurrect himself.

You may insult a woman in many ways—all very unacceptable—but you do not ever refer to her as “Yo’ nastiness.” Then, like my brother Giles says, “Is all fall down.”

Donald Trump has been punch drunk for too long. In a week’s time, he will learn an enduring lesson: “Drunk or business, mind yo’ sober.”

13 thoughts on ““Yuh Nastiness””

  1. This has been the worst US election campaign in the history of US politics. In fact it is bizarre to say the least. A billionaire conman versus a sometimes misguided politician. Trump accuse Hillary of deleting emails but does the same when it comes to presenting evidence in court regarding his estate. He does not pay taxes and promises huge tax cuts for the wealthiest something George W did but fail to stimulate the economy.

    Whilst Hillary have the support of at least 2 presidents, Trump does not have the support of Paul Ryan leader of the Republican Party, no former Republican presidents has endorsed him, virtually unheard of. But Trump is the master manipulator of the media and all predictions for a win is heading in his direction. Why? Trump represents a true capitalist, one who “games” the system and win all the time. A pimp who just takes what he wants violating Women but morally justifies himself by pointing to Bill Clinton.

    Trump propaganda machine is active on the Internet using old mainly Caucasian women to sell his band in churches, house parties and women meeting. They have no problem with Trump because he represents their era, a time of male dominance and chivalry. They long for those days when women suffered in silence from dominant male figures. Most of grew up seeing Larry Hagman aka JR Ewing use his male prowess to achieve his goals whilst playing a series of economic “chess matches” to always win in the end. This character epitomizes the Trump brand. Racial, misagonistic, rude and out of touch with the common man. A leader who belongs to the bourgouise class. A man who acts on his own vision of the future, some may say a tyrant in the making. He is however made in America and as such will defy the odds in a few days time. Win or lose, he still wins.

  2. Trump is the sting in the tail as for years North America was built on the backs of the third world that also brought drugs to their countries. One cannot help but think if they wanted to stop the drugs like in the Middle East wars there would have been war ships sailing our seas but their senators like Trump, Weiner etc. who loves sex and cocaine….they do not want the flows from South, Latin Americas and the Caribbean areas stopped. That economics was part of Reaganomics. And of course like the Africans do not want to say but there are two reasons why they cannot get ahead despite the immense talents among them…. that of the shackles that now exist among their brain that the uncle toms continue to carry and the fact that when their people gets up they cut them down like baigee. I remember Trump was sniffing during one of the debates after one of his many rants and from the body language he began struggling for normalcy. But Americans are too naive to pick that up. This is the shifting sands time for America….their long awaited fall is coming. Wall Street is dying. Nobady in the wider world except Putin wants to see a Trump Presidency. If you look at our President you can for see a Trump Presidency. We in Trinidad, a dot in the wide ocean will experience more killings as our youths no longer have mentors in these times of our history Presidency is the root of our lead and vision for a positive future. Manning wanted to be our first in this respect but as they say in racing..” he lacked the lick”.

  3. Moderator thanks for not accepting my comment yesterday. but you allow Neal to write all sorts of racist comments against Indians. Atleast I got you to read it.My question to the learned doctor, who does black lives matter to?

  4. “Moderator you allow Neal to write all sorts of racist comments against Indians.” Kennedy
    That’s not how this is done Kennedy. You aren’t allow the liberty, to run like a sniveling , snotty nose , over pampered kid, to our esteemed , editorial / administrators folks, on Trini Center Nation, and whine incessantly, all because you cannot get your way,with respect to one of your precious comments.
    It’s almost sacrilegious , to likewise ,have de temerity ,to throw aspersions , against long serving / experienced drivers , on dis here Information Highway, without producing evidence ,to bolster your claims.

    Instead ,do like what all of us ,were at some time or the other ,forced to do, with regards a past- pull up your big boy pants-or maybe in your case, big girl bloomers – regroup , tweak your blog , then try again.

    If you can produce evidence to the contrary , then do so , but for de record Kennedy, I take great pride, in maintaining some semblance of credibility , when it comes to navigating sensitive issues , that are tribal in nature, Y Por Que?
    I’ll tell you.
    My interest , unlike others , goes beyond just Race, tribe, ethnic group , or what ever Neo Sociological characterization, that might exist.
    I am primarily concern, about all 1.3 million plus Citizens , and 200,000 plus immigrants , that choose to make our Republic their home.
    The competing political parties, means nada to me . I view with contempt , our many ,Self aggrandizing , cross tribal elites , who finger point , publicly denounce the other , then when convenient , get into each other, socio – economic – com political beds.

    Neal a anti Indo Trini /Racist? Heavens forbid – if such indeed exist. Well, at least you did not say I hate White People, based on my past comments about them.
    Let de Trini Center Hansard show , that I am on record ,repeatedly admonishing readers , to “Love Humanity , and forget the tribe” – for which I should add , I’ve received mucho flack , by some of my seemingly progressive Hermanos , Y Hermanas. Sorry Kennedy , I think you are mixing yours truly , with others , with skewed agendas , who pontificate , and or cyber joist on this forum.
    I’m a Neo Progressive – Global Humanist , whose chief goal moving forward ,is to utilize the little educational / life’s skills , I’ve acquired , during the course of my earthly journey, to do whatsoever is in my power , to make my Underachieving Country ,a much better place, than I met it.
    If in the process, I can be a difference maker , in our neighboring Anglo/ Franco/Latin region, or even wider Global Community , so much the better.
    Guy doesn’t know me from Jack Rabbit-as we like to say on de streets. Never attempted to once engage me ,in any form or fashion,on Trini Center Nation, but prepared to go on record, to call yours truly a bigot.
    De audacity!
    Oh ‘AfroBuddahSunGod,’ who lies in my heart-and not in the sky , or some opaque deity- grant me the ability , to refrain from holding any malice ,against this delusional creature!
    I wish you well, mi Amigo!

  5. After this pathetic display of electioneering by two candidates in the American presidential election, never again should any American disparage or ridicule third world politics.
    This is stereotypical third world politics at its worst led by two flawed candidates representing a country which likes to refer to itself as the greatest nation in the world.
    Hillary is clearly the lesser of two evils and the “jury” is yet to rule on her emails, foundation and Secretary of state competency.
    The other buffoon, Trump is being encouraged by a bizarre following of “deplorables”.
    The support for Trump is a direct reflection of the stupidity, moral bankruptcy, and illiteracy of Americans.
    If this is the best that America has to offer, then they truly and urgently need to make America great again and sane again!
    In the middle of this circus , you have a sitting American President and First lady running around the country campaigning for Hillary in a desperate attempt to prevent the “barbarian” from storming the gates of the White House.
    While one candidate is being accused of illegally deleting emails , another is accused of sexual assault, tax evasion and grabbing women by the pussy. Even Third world politics has a higher standard.

  6. The world is in a state of flux. Britan the seat of democracy recently vote to exit out of the European Union. Cameron had insisted on a vote and Brexit supporters rule the day. Today they are still trying to determine if that vote is legit. Scotland and Wales are strong supporters of the European Union. Cameron resigned in disgust leaving May to clean up the stink. The current administration is still trying to find ways not to break from Europe, the center of the controversy is immigrants.

    America is the world’s oldest democracy, but this has been the most divisive and openly hateful election campaign. Never has there been a campaign like this. Trump has filled the Internet with a tsunami of hate filled stories about Hillary enough to make your head swirl.

    So what is the future of democracy? Democracy continues to be the only engine that appears to foster the will of the majority. In India PM Modi became Prime Minister with a little over 30% of the vote. The great defenders of democracy must be a bit concern as to the nature of democracy. In Egypt Mosi won a landslide victory, what followed was the rise of tyranny as over 90 Coptic churches were burnt to the ground as Muslim brother supporters took to the streets of Cairo. General Sisi seized control and manage to restore some semblance of order. Across to Palestine where Hamas won an over whelming victory over Fatah. Rationalism is lost when pesky emotions are stirred and leaders ignite the fury of the silent majority. Hamas a violent resistance front to the Jewish state continues to tunnel seeking entry into Israel to wage war. So far not very successful. Does the will of the majority means a better government? Sometime no,…but that is democracy for you.

  7. “The support for Trump is a direct reflection of the stupidity, moral bankruptcy, and illiteracy of Americans.” Tman

    Really Tman? Please don’t tell us this is what you truly believe. Why did your Canada , supported the wet behind de ears ,Liberal pretty boy Trudeau? Exactly, they loved / waxed nostalgic over his Papa Pierre.
    Why did Russians repeatedly throw their weight behind the closet KGB Putin? You got it. He promised to bring back the glory days, and respectability of a lost USSR era, when they were deemed relevant.
    Why did your Britain dump the EU , a la Brexit? Yep, fear of the brown , black , Islamist , and other foreign cultural tribes, that Germany seem to have a hard on for.
    Why has many other White European fiefdoms ,be it France , Poland , and’ me think, ‘Hungary, seem to be moving further to the Right,in favor of Neo Fascist Candidates? It’s obvious.
    They do not want to end up like Britain, with a London Pakistani Mayor , getting sworn in ,while using the Holy Koran, Capiche?
    It’s the same with America. White people make up the majority of America, and many feel as if they are loosing their country , to folks , that lack the cultural values , sensibilities,and future expectations as they do.
    Trump will succeed , maybe not now , but someone like him will soon – who is more palatable,whether you, or others , like it or not.
    This revolution began with GW Bush , and his Religious / Right Wing Neocon handlers. It blossomed with the Pro Militia, Tea Party freaks, and now will bear fruits ,with a Trump, or someone of his ilk. It has nothing to do with ‘stupidity,bankruptcy, or intelligence ,’ mi amigo.
    Yeah we know ,they are looking like the 3rd World superpower, but that’s Global reality. The Philippines President emulates Donald Trump, and his people loves him- extra judicial murders and all.
    Donald Trump behaves like your ancestral ,Hindustani ,Far Right Nerendra Modi,or political ever ready bunny-in Zimbabwe Robert Mugaabe, Uganda’s Undemocratic Yoweri Museveni ,and Cuba’s Raul Castro, and many pro NRA ,Right wing nuts ,adore him.
    Barrack Obama acts like SA Africa’s Prez Zuma , in that they both push White folks interest, while giving their own race, de middle finger , all throughout their reign.
    As she awaits her Coronation , Yankee Royalist- fake Feminist Hillary- Tammy Ynette , aka Liberal Carpetbagger in Chief, acts like your conniving, male manipulated Kamla , and pro corruption has been , in Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff, and their fraction loves them.


    Globalization , ain’t a one way flow, for it affects the Global North, and South ,in equal measure.
    By de way , get with the program. Update your International Relation jargon/ lingo.
    There are no 3rd World countries again.
    To hell with Pax Americana . Let’s focus on our own Political soap Oprah. Who wins de up comming Local Election , Y Por Que? Our astute PM ,just made his reshuffling – Grand Master play -Chess move , and members of de tribe ,’won out again big time, grabbing many major political post. Score one for de Red,& Ready- Afro Kinky head Nation Party.
    How will your Kamla Kasporov ,and her UNC / Indo dominant -Setting Sun PP , counter that, in time for Nov 28th , it is ? Ooops, Lo Siento, I mean , Rising Sun.
    I luv dis land , Y tu?

    1. http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,235553.html

      Justin Trudeau was elected because he offered a progressive, liberal, welcoming platform to the Canadian public. Canadians rejected the conservative policies of Harper who appealed to voters who would support Trumpish ideas.
      Canada seems to be the only country to reject narrow conservative, anti-immigrant ideas.
      let’s see if the Americans redeem themselves and reject Trump. The Brits are already regretting their Brexit vote.

  8. “Justin Trudeau was elected because he offered a progressive, liberal, welcoming platform ….Canada seems to be the only country to reject narrow conservative, anti-immigrant ideas.”TMan
    Yep, you and others, can keep holding on to this pipe dream ,of a more, so called -Progressive Canada.
    Enjoy all that Anglo political delusional fantasy , for as long as you wish , for the real elephant in the room , isn’t escapist Liberalism , or Conservatism.
    The neo Hollywoodian pretty boy Justin , has a role to play in history, just as a one time skinny, Mulatto Hawaiian kid , name Barrack Hussain Obama did, for America, and maybe morally repugnant ,political opportunist / phony Feminist Hillary ,might pull off, for Pax America.
    It’s the end of Obama’s reign, and many more level headed political pundits , aren’t too surprise , that the lives of authentic Africans- who have endured the scars of historical , White orchestrated ,Social injustice -and worst yet, looked more like his Wife / Kids, haven’t improved , economically, or politically, in any tangible fashion. .
    They knew why he initially got the Nobel Peace Prize- even though he did nada , to justify it’s receipt, and so , aren’t surprise , that under his stewardship, America , has continued the same lose / lose,UN Security Council sanctioned – warmongering ,Racial beat downs, and with the help of Multinational Corporate thugs ,some say, exploitative economic , foreign policy ,favored by his Neo Con successor.
    In the mean time ,the hopes of Immigrants of color , who had high expectations , remained dashed .
    In the interim , more folks of color – especially of African descent, were deported, even as the opposite ,COSTLY , brain drain continues, inwards.
    As for incarceration in the privatized Prison Industrial Complex , the trend continued , for a reason.As for the Neo Genocidal , law enforcement, and judicial System? Please don’t get me started.
    Let’s just say , that White folks , plans worked to perfection, once Obama assumed power.
    ‘Me think,’ it was you who alluded , in an earlier blog , that Hillary , was “the lesser of two evils. ” We’ll see, since she’ll continue all of his policies, and worst yet , suddenly excited females lives , would be no better , when she leaves office, than when she first entered.
    It is in this context , that I see your glorified , wet behind de ears Justin. Pretty soon , Canada would have it’s quota of required Immigrants to do their low end jobs, and would adopt similar , neo racist , restrictive policies ,favored by white European cousins.
    Milk this , “all welcoming,” reality , for as long as you can , my country hating Pizanno, for ‘as sure as night follows day,’ it too will end.
    As for our neck of de woods- which is my real concern- re neglected Tobago , let Dr Keith , think he can continue to do his typical , political jig and dance , while throwing crumbs at long suffering people , for just like Quebec , they too might be inveigled ,to send this Humpty/ Dumpty, political skyscraper ,crashing, Oui?


    Tell you what , that symbolic 2016 Parliamentary vote , appeasement gesture ,that was proffered to quell the fires for change , required by Francophone dissidents,won’t hold back the call for full independence, one day soon Tman , and likewise, in Tobago….., fat cat London, and his manipulated ,clueless, THA stooges , can’t stymie the inevitable- what ever that is – once a true accounting is made , as to the decades of stolen ,natural resources , that truly belongs to it’s rightful owners, on de Island ward.

    Don’t take my word about the simmering embers that is taking place in your Canada TMan. Here is a list, and trust me when I say, Liberal , or Conservative ,in power within Cemtral Government , won’t make a difference:-

    1.”We no longer want to be a province that is unlike the others, we want to be a country [that will be] like the others.” – Pierre Bourgault, RIN Leader

    2.”As long as [our] independence is not achieved, it remains to be achieved.” – Gaston Miron, Poet

    3.”English Canada must clearly understand that, whatever is said or done, Québec is, today and forever, a distinct society, that is free and able to assume [the control of] its destiny and its development.” – Robert Bourassa, Prime Minister of Québec

    4.”Colonialism is a genocide that never ends.” – André D’Allemagne, founder of the RIN

    5.”Long live free Québec!” – Charles de Gaulle, President of France

    6.”My victory is your victory. My victory is the victory of a unified party, a party that wants to propose to the Quebec people a country that is free and a country that is independent. ” Pauline Marois -Premier of Quebec / Leader of Parti Québécoi

    Likewise in T&T, PNM, or UNC , won’t halt the cause ,for overdue Political / Economic justice. The people have suffered , under the reign of both regime, and that’s a sick tragedy, si?


    Hey TMan , just looking out for you my brother. It’s only so much of that cold you can endure in your autumn yeas, so pack your bags , when you can , and return to la Trinity , and invest dem Canadian dollars. Never can tell , what policy might be in place in either Canada , or Tobago ,in say the next 5 to 10 years. ehhhhhh?
    Political changes can be as swift , or slow , as it need to be . Just imagine , just 5 Years ago, neighboring Venezuela , led by Military henchman Chavez,was luring our gullible , ungrateful ,CARICOM / Anglo Caribbean cousins , with cheaper oil/ gas. Today , many cannot purchase toilet paper.
    In de mean time,what looks like some close to 200,000 immigrants,( many illegal) , have made T&T, their permanent home, even as our still clueless , cross tribal, non visionary leaders, twiddle their thumbs, attempting to decipher , which way is up.
    Go figure.
    I luv dis land, Y tu?

    Long live the Republic of Tobag…., oooops , lo siento , T&T!

  9. This reporter, book writer etc., keeps getting it terribly wrong. Trump said things to create a sensation in the media…to distract the media…to lie to the pollsters about rigging the elections etc. while the Koch US TRILLION DOLLAR brothers worked the toss up states lik in Pennsylvania(PEN), North Carolina (SC), and Florida(FLO)…NOT THE MINORITY FILLED SUBURBAN AREAS . Instead SC had a suppressant vote and an uncle tom vote working for them ….like in Capitalism you give your vote and I give you want you want ( either way you sell out your own people ). Instead in PEN and FLO the suppressant tactics worked again. But more importantly in PEN and FLO two blue states if all the black and brown people votes are in the delegate counts are 29, 20 and 10 equalling 59. Dems eventually won 230 with REPUBs at 290. With 59 Hilary would have been safe at 289 delegates….well over the 270 mark. When media work crews went back in post 2016 elections to these areas where voting levels were way below now in the passed years they found out these persons lied to the pollsters (I voted for Hillary)for fear of they finding out there votes were sold. They were sold on CHANGE FOR THE BETTER and WHITE AMERICA MATTERS. So once again Hillary was played. Yes she did make mistakes as Secretary of State but the REPUBS FBI did a number on her. God doh sleep. The millenials knows this and the youth intend to protest until thy kingdom come. And then there are the precariats who have nothing to lose. So to President Donald Trump best of luck for your tasks await you. Recently the precariats stopped short of giving Just Trudeau a tongue lashing as they got up raised their thumbs at him and walked out of a meeting with him. Yes some wopuld say that black american always look for their down fall but the USA political system was messed up a long time now (remember Al Gore and his popular vote like with Hillary now) that election was stolen. But the young under waged unsecure precariats I predict will shape politics differently as CRAZY once said “In Time To Come”. But we have a big hurdle to cross ” RACE DISCRIMINATION “. MLK, NM must be feeling dread now in their graves. THE WORLD LEADERS ARE NOW CELEBRATED LIARS AND SEXUAL PREDITORS AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. AND WE IN T&T ARE COPYING USA IN EVERY WHICH WAY. LORD SAVE US ALL.

  10. I think you are spot on , Brother Jerry C.Hussain . Excellent response. The neo trolling / flame throwing ,Donald , took these political, and media bums, for a ride, with all his outlandish comments.
    He simply was able to hide behind his – ‘I am not a Washington Insider politician’ – to say , and do , as he wish to the public , and most lapped it up , as a hungry dog , and prevented the Coronation of the self serving, opportunistic , dishonest , political weasel ,that is Hillary – stand by my man -Tammy – Wynnete Clinton.
    I’m on record as saying ,that there are two profession of people , I never want to see as political leaders. These are Business folks, and Military blokes. History , would show , that they all ,with few exceptions, have been dismal failures , when so fortunate.
    When Hillary lost out to Barrack Obama , 8 years ago, she, and her hombre , Slick Willy , blamed Black voters , for voting en mass, for their Mulatto boy , Barrack. This time , she cannot make such a claim, since the same delusional Black folks , were chiefly in her corner.


    She should however , be pissed off at White females, and Hispanics, for without them ,The Donald would not be in the WhiteHouse come January.
    They both , along , with millions of White disgusted males , who wanted their country to be “GREAT again ,” after what they perceived ,as 8 years ,of Liberal failures.


    The political pundits/ phony experts , should be holding their heads in shame , for not getting it right , with their escapist analysis of the situation , prior to Tuesday ‘s election.
    Flawed Hillary will win, because , she is the lesser of two evils, many claimed. What folly!
    Not only did women , and Hispanics , not buy into this foolishness, but more importantly, the angry , Bernie Sanders fans, who never trusted her, for many , obviously gave her the middle finger , come election day.
    Hopefully , a woman , will one day win the American Presidency, for the same reason we hope , women , would be able to drive vehicles in Saudi Arabia. All the American , Clinton/ Trump, political Soap Oprah reality proved was, that the de chasm , between the ‘Developed /Industrial Global North , and Underdeveloped ,Global South ,’ aren’t as wide , as some think.
    Liberia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Dominica,Indonesia, Sri Lanka ,Philippines, Thailand, Israel,Guyana,Brazil , and -least we forget -Trinidad &Tobago,all had glorified ,female political heads , yet women , and girls lives , in such underachieving countries ,remained in a pathetic state, while their respective countries , remain stuck in a perpetual state of backwardness, due to sub par stewardship , by said leaders.
    Britain, Germany, Finland , Iceland, Ireland, Norway , all had female leaders, but since all performed their roles , no different , from their males counterpart, it meant , that nothing tangible ,was ever advanced , to enhance females ,and girls lives , in such fiefdoms- even if the naive women within , would like to think so.
    America , was saved from such a tragedy. One day , America , would eventually get a female leader, of dat we can be sure. Hillary Clinton, thankfully, was not to be the first.


    Tell you what .Somewhere out there- maybe in Paradise, or perhaps hell, Mumar Qaddafi , is having a good laugh , at her defeat, by The Donald.
    Had she not- for obvious reasons- wormed her way into the Obama Administration, and encouraged the overthrow , of an African leader, which paved the way for the Division, and eventual destruction of all Libya , she , and not Trump, might be sipping champagne today.

    Let’s wish the American people well, for they’ll need it , over the next 4 years.
    I take that all back folks.Let’s wish our World well, for Donald Trump , is President , of the world’s sole remaining Superpower/ Global Policeman/ & Hegemonic power,si?
    For all the fear mongering however, America will survive , and even surprise many , by doing well under Trump,Y Por Que ?
    Soon , he’ll find out how powerless , he really is in actuality as a sitting President , since checks and balances are in place to deal , with delusional megalomaniacs ,such as himself.
    In theTrump Tower , business fiefdoms , he can dictate , what color petit coat , his enticing daughter can wear, but a US President , cannot even decide what food he can eat, Lincoln Bedroom toilet , he can use , unless Congress, gives the green light.
    Let the real political show begin.
    Luv Humanity People!
    Be informed!

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