Carmona denies employee’s company used: ‘Wine from Italy was cheaper’

September 29, 2016 –

President Anthony CarmonaPresident Anthony Carmona says “contrary to false and incorrect media reports, neither Ms Pramati Noe, former private secretary to the President, nor Antonio Piccolo purchased, nor imported quality wines on behalf of the Office of the President.”

Additionally, he said, Italian Import/Export Limited, a registered local company and/or its directors, neither purchased nor imported any wine on behalf of the office of the President.

He made the comment yesterday in response to queries over whether his office had properly tendered for the purchase of the wine and whether he had used the services of an employee’s company to do so.

Carmona said they utilised “a well-established registered local company to be the agent who facilitated the purchase and importation of such quality wines.” He said the wines were neither bottled nor labelled in Trinidad and Tobago but gave no detail as to the company used.

“The purchase of the quality wines (red wine, white wine and sparkling wine) has been conducted with the requisite transparency, due diligence and in keeping with proper procurement practices as advised,” he said.

He said when he assumed office he realised the cost of “wine, champagne and cuisine” was too high and a decision was taken to remove champagne and reduce the cost of food for events.

He said “given the high local and regional market prices for quality wines, the office sourced comparable quality wines (white wine, red wine and sparkling wines) at reasonable prices from a well-respected vineyard in Italy.”

The cost of the wine bought in 2014, he said, “was erroneously stated in the media as $1,000,000,” but actually amounted to $1,483,638.40. The purchase was made in three voucher payments on the following dates: One on November 28, 2014 for $793,472.40, another on May 1, 2015 for $347,484 and a third voucher on July 27 for $342,682, he said.

“As a result of the cost effective purchase, the Office of the President has not made any additional purchases of quality wines since late 2014, 2015, 2016 and we anticipate 2017, notwithstanding the increased number of events hosted and paid for by their excellencies under the presidential budget,” he added.

He justified the spend, however, saying the importation of high quality wines cut significantly the rest of the alcohol budget. By removing the champagne alone, he said they cut alcohol expenses by some $600,000 a year.

On the use of the presidential seal on the bottles of wine, he said: “The use of the crest/seal of the Head of State on bottles of wine or spirits to be served at official functions is not unique to Trinidad and Tobago.”

He cited the United Kingdom, where he said there are whiskies named the House of Lords and the House of Commons with the seal of the UK Parliament, which are presented by members of both houses as official gifts.

In the US, he said at the White House “an exclusive beer is brewed for the President and his guests.”

He listed some positives of the Presidential wine, saying “there is no corporate branding or advertisement on the wine bottles of a supplier” and it is used strictly for official functions of the Office of the President.

The wines with the crest and seal, he said, “can be monitored and audited so as to prevent theft and disappearance,” and the wines cannot be “commercially sold, exchanged or be available to the public outside of State functions and events.” He said the wines have also never been sold, exchanged or given as a gift.

“Anyone found in possession of a full bottle of the wine with the presidential seal/crest can be charged with being in unlawful possession of stolen goods,” he said. He said the use of the “replica of the seal of the President on bottles of wine for functions and events does not infringe or violate any law of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago.”

The issue of the presidential seal, he said, did “not infringe or violate any law. It is for the exclusive use of the office of the President.”

He said while use of the Coat of Arms required the permission of the National Emblem Committee, no such permission was required for use of the presidential seal. The crest and the seal, he said, was “exclusive to the Head of State and the Office of the President in the performance of his functions and administrative duties. It is the symbol of the President and the office he holds.”

The crest/seal he said was used on all, stationery, cutlery,crockery, napkins and vehicles and other diverse things.

Questions still to answer, say analysts

By Anna Ramdass
September 28, 2016 –

There are a number of questions that the highest office holders in the country — the President and the Prime Minister — have to answer, according to political commentators.

Political analyst Dr Hamid Ghany said yesterday that the Prime Minister needs to give his version with respect to the President’s claim that the Prime Minister was informed of the meeting with National Security Minister Edmund Dillon.

And, former head of the public service Reginald Dumas was also of the view that there are questions on this controversy as well as the President’s House importation of over a million dollars in wine.

President Anthony Carmona said yesterday that he had informed Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley that he intended to meet with Dillon.

Ghany said, if this were the case, why then did Rowley seek a legal opinion from senior counsel Martin Daly on the meeting.

“The President has given his version so now having opened up that particular avenue I think the Prime Minister may now have to respond to the President in public,” said Ghany.

“The thing that raises a concern to me is the contradiction regarding the meeting that the President had with Mr Dillon and the divisional heads who accompanied him because the President said that this meeting was done with the full knowledge of the Prime Minister and it is a bit difficult for me to understand why the Prime Minister would have requested a legal opinion from Martin Daly, senior counsel, as to the constitutional propriety of the meeting,” he said.

Ghany said the cost of the legal opinion should also be made public. “I am pretty certain that Minister Dillon would not have attended such a meeting if the Prime Minister did not know so I think there are more questions to be answered now and those questions must be answered by the Prime Minister,” he said.

Ghany said he did not see a problem with the President, who is commander of the armed forces, meeting with Dillon.

“I have publicly disputed Martin Daly’s opinion on the ground that if you take the opinion to its logical conclusion, it would result in the dismissal of Minister Dillon. I do not see the need to dismiss Minister Dillon because I disagree with Martin Daly’s opinion,” he said.

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24 thoughts on “Carmona denies employee’s company used: ‘Wine from Italy was cheaper’”

  1. I have no qualms about the President office ordering and using wine at State functions. He is not using it for himself but as a head of state. Therefore I fail to understand the inaccurate reporting regarding this issue. It brings TNT back to third world status. A president or prime minister is there to serve the nation and represent the nation well. Yes he has a budget. But PNMites have been obsessed about alcohol, it is the one thing they rant about against the former PM who was known at times to have a little too much of this medication. The same can be said for Rowley where pictures exist of him having a beer and whinning on an underage girl. Also drinking black label at a fete, and reports that he was stone at times. Yes they all drink.

    As for Rowley attempt to tar the president on that security meeting. I say shame on him and stop wasting tax payers dollars.

  2. A man with a big heart. His heart was not big enough to answer my 330 paged document I wrote to him more than two years ago. He never had the decency to at least answer to having received it. It was all victimization by the PP government against my family. They forced my national scholarship daughter with distinction at the tertiary level to come back to Trinidad to serve and had her jobless here for more than one year. I worked to support my daughter at the university where she was as the scholarship did not cover all her expenses and Duck and Run came after me under the double income tax law and said there was a ceiling in the instruction (NOT MENTIONED ANYWHERE IN THE INSTRUCTION SHEET 2008) of $30,000. They did my taxes for that year and lost my file when they moved across the street to the VAT office building. I had paid all they said to pay but they introduced this ceiling. And of course because I know of the disappearance of $70 million US that disappeared from the Tringen 11 Plant under construction by Ish that both PNM and UNC knew about in section 34 they sought to set me up for death by forcing me to do a first entry foreman’s job even though I am a senior engineer. And there are lots of failed designs the nordic management puts in our plants that has very low on stream time factors. Plants that run with nimcompoops at the helm…yes men. Two of them now head bankrupt oil and gas institutions owned and controlled by this PNM government. We all need to understand the real mess T&T is in. We cannot go forward with these scamps run the show that is going burst. We need to include every creed and race in turning around things in our country. I tried writing Camona on many issues but learn he is self centred, image prone, swell headed, and too small minded to help T&T. I AM ASKING HIM NOW TO RESIGN.

  3. “Political analyst Dr Hamid Ghany said yesterday that the Prime Minister needs to give his version with respect to the President’s claim that the Prime Minister was informed of the meeting with National Security Minister Edmund”

    Rowley is a pathological liar. I have studied this behaviour indept and discovered it stems from a person leading a “double life”. I have known a number of people like that. The truth usually comes out later as they appear to forget the lie.

    The President a true son of the soil who have serve this nation well and developed an international reputation in the legal fraternity does not deserve to have his name scandalized. He has said in three ocassion he mention to Rowley his desire to meet with the Minister of National Security and others. Rowley did not object, now the Rottweiler is singing a diffrent song…..

    1. He claims he has 2 daughters officially leaving out his 1st born son Garth Alleyne!
    Another son recently appeared.
    2. Took fake emails to the parliament to bring down current government! Instead of the police investigating Rowley and finding the source they still investigating Kamla. The most famous lie he told, the media like manjee dogs with rabies devoured this and devote a lifetime on it.
    3. Lied on the President on appointment of new Integrity Commission members, he would later apologise!
    4. Lied about the elections writs for the EBC!
    5. Lied about his ownership of an apartment at One Woodbrook Place. His name was found on the deed.
    6. Lied about Landate where material from the Tobago Hospital was stolen and siphoned to his private project!!
    7.He lied about Las Alturas housing scandal saying he wasn’t the line Minister!!
    8. LIED about the speaker not approving a question, Parliament records shows the question was approved and answered.
    9. Lied about the former AG Anand Ramlogan being at the US mission in New York
    10.Waved a Pizza delivery slip in parliament as evidence of the PM receiving files from the SSA.
    13. LIED about giving the President a petition with 25,000 signatures.
    14. Lied about Lennox Grant being the general secretary of Tapia.
    15. He said that it was the PNM which put in freedom of the press as a constitutional right. History, however, records that that initiative was taken by Lionel Seukeran, Tajmool Hosein and Rudranath Capildeo in the Marlborough House consultation in 1962.
    16. LIED about discussing the President housing allowance during a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)

    Nuff said

  4. As a jurist, Mr. Carmona was flawless. But then again, as a jurist, only his professional life was exposed to public scrutiny. Prior to his ascendancy to the the Presidential position, no one uttered a dissenting word about his character and rightly so. As a jurist he had not just national admiration but also international certification to his prowess as a distinguished jurist. So, when he was nominated for the Presidency, people were understandably elated about his prospects of being a great President. As a jurist, no one knows or wishes to know about his background or family life, but as President?, he along with family is bound to represent us as first model for our country.

    Since attaining the presidency though, the presidential character of Mr Carmona appears to be unfolding in a way that does not look good for him nor does it look good for us either. His character started unfolding when a comedienne spoke about his wife’s attire at a function held at the United Nations in New York City.

    Carmona appeared perturbed at the suggestion by the comedienne that his wife looked less than appropriate by her mode of dress, showing parts of flesh in areas not considered worthy for such an occasion. He made public his anger at the comedian and even threatened to send her a letter of intent to take her to court.
    This was the beginning of an unfolding of a President who seemed intent on defending any and everything that appeared in public about his wife. The comedian obviously had the better of the situation after he showed an erratic and uncanny defense of his wife’s public appearance. But that did not stop there.

    Showing a rather thin-skinned approach to utterances about his wife, new questions arose about a house allowance of $28,000 per month he was getting that the regulations about his living arrangements did not seem to support. Even up to today, he is still mum on this issue. But incident after incident emanating from President’s House, appear to connect with his wife. Even the current scandals dealing with his employees, their relationships to President’s House and contracting for wines appear to have connections to his wife. Among some of his deeds that I found questionable in the past were his ‘independent’ appointments to the senate bench; his naming of Dhanasar Mohair as ‘co-ordinator’ of the independent bench; the re-naming of Zainool Hosein as Chairman of the Integrity Commission after his less than capricious decision too end the emailgate affair and declaring that Kamla Persad Bissessar is ‘not guilty’ when, not even the Police have provided an end to that investigation.
    Mr Carmona has tried his best to defend, exculpate and even battle accusers of his and his wife’s innocence over all the allegations against their behavior at President’s House. But a suspecting public do not appear to be in agreement with his defenses against all these allegations.

    No one is against a man for trying to defend his wife. But time and again, Mr. Carmona uses judges’ arguments to defend ethical offenses and this habit rubs some people the wrong way. When he does that, most of the times his arguments are really not convincing. When this occurs, it eats away at his ability to persuade us of his honesty and integrity. As it now stands, many find the office of the Presidency to be lacking in ethics and integrity. Many are also anxious to have him exit his post as President. Were he to oblige, not many would feel a loss of his presence at that level.

    1. Apparently your problem is with the man wife. Kind sir she was not elected to be President. Carmo did not need this job he was on his way to another when he was ask to serve his country. He graciously accepted. At least you should respect that instead of attacking his wife. Please find something else to write about.

    2. This is an unfortunate, extremely partisan statement, loaded with veiled accusations and which is expectedly laced with racial and political bias.
      Questions arise:
      Who decides what is appropriate dress? The President should be admired for coming to the defense of his wife against a comedienne who regularly exposes herself.
      The president provided an explanation regarding the housing allowance. many may not like the clarification, but a reason was provided for the allowance.
      How do you know that his wife was connected to any housing allowance or wine purchase? Maybe you have information which you are willing to share with the country.
      Why do you consider his appointments inappropriate? Is it possible that you are better qualified? Do you have disqualifying information, other than the fact that his appointees are Indian?
      Do you have information on the email accusations? You seem to disbelieve Google and many other sources which dismissed this concoction.
      It is Carmona’s word against Rowley’s. Who do you believe?
      Rowley has a track record of immorality in his personal life, telling lies, displaying aggressive behavior and literally shooting his mouth off inappropriately.
      He should start drinking a better brand than Black Label. After all he is now the PM.

      1. TMan, I make it a point to ignore accusations that deviate from relevancy and aimed strictly as casting insults. I am not saying that you have done that because I have noticed that you are taking pains to be both relevant and objective. SoI will answer with that in mind:
        1. Who decides what is appropriate dress?
        As a general rule, the word ‘appropriate’ might and can be considered subjective. But society, which ever it is determines what is appropriate. For example, if you were to take your wife to Abu Dubia sporting a sexy shorts short, sun glasses and high heels in public, she is liable to be arrested and probably stoned. UN General Council Meetings are highly sophisticated and elegant affairs. So women are expected to be dressed as Ladies (what ever that means) but certainly not a milky affair.

        2. How do you know that his wife was connected to any housing allowance or wine purchase?
        I always qualify my statements. What I stated that I know or do is my previous blogs about his appointments.
        My blog speaks about the scandals that both you and I are aware of via the media. I did not take it upon myself to suggest that I know!!

        3. Why do you consider his appointments inappropriate?
        I have no problems answering this one because it is both a subjective and objective matter. The word ‘independent’ as is used in political terms, means to be free of influence by party affiliation, familiarity, blood, profession, social relations or having undue influence.
        What both you and I read about Dhanasair Mahabir is that he he closely related to an employee of influence in the President’s household. By our standard that is inappropriate. I did not involve myself in the qualification for appointments, so you are way off.

        4. Do you have disqualifying information, other than the fact that his appointees are Indian?
        Now, I did not say that nor did I infer any such question. But since you raised it, can I ask you; do you support it just because his appointments are Indian?

        5. Do you have information on the email accusations?
        NO, I DO NOT!!! But what both you and I know is that there are several investigations. Zainool jumped the gun and made a seemingly official statement, which gave Kamla (the Prime Minister) the reason to put it forward as a matter for parliamentary debate. IN the Westminster System PROCESS is an important ingredient in maintaining and sustaining democracy. IN this instance, it was short circuited by an anxiety that did not allow the full process to pan out.

        6. It is Carmona’s word against Rowley’s. Who do you believe?
        Based on my knowledge of procedures. When there President or Prime Minister make requests of that nature, there is usually protocol exchanges (letters) to accompany that. I will believe the acknowledgement of such letters when they are shown.

        7. “Rowley has a track record of immorality in his personal life, telling lies, displaying aggressive behavior and literally shooting his mouth off inappropriately.” thats your opinion and you have a right to that. My opinion is that Kamla Persad Bissessar is the very worst prime minister ever to occupy that position. She is shameless, gutless, tells absolute lies and untruths and is a terrible racist. That is my opinion. It has the same value as yours. What do you say?

        I am willing to carry on this conversation with you if it is respectful and objective but I do not like people to ‘put words in my mouth’. As a Trinidadian, you atleast understand that!!!

  5. Rowley rebuts Carmona’s claims
    No consent for security talks
    Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is dismissing claims by President Anthony Carmona that he (Rowley) consented to National Security Minister Edmund Dillon meeting with him on September 5. He is also denying another claim by Carmona that he leaked a confidential document of the meeting to the media.

    Dillon admits PM was in dark about meeting with Pres
    President’s House officials had informed national security officials that a proposed meeting between President Anthony Carmona and Security Minister Edmund Dillon was “basically security-related” and Dillon should bring his adviser to the meeting.

    THE President says he is not a robot
    President Anthony Carmona threw words for his critics yesterday after swearing in the Court of Appeal’s newest judge, Justice Charmaine Pemberton at President’s House, saying that as President, he was “not supposed to express an opinion on policy matters”.

    Govt could move a motion to remove President
    It has never happened in this country before but there are grounds for the Government to move a motion in the Parliament to remove the President, says constitutional expert attorney Kenneth Lalla.

  6. A once famous political activist shouted from a podium on Woodford Square that the Caribbean is Black people country. He elaborated that, “the day the first African slave landed, the region became Black territory.”
    I believe that certain bloggers on this site share that feeling.
    They deny the successful existence of others in T&T and pontificate from on high that they are the rightful occupants while believing that the rest are mere guests in the land of their birth.
    The comments from Kian on the President’s wife is so vitriolic that it is almost Trump like…loaded with hate, envy, and racial stereotyping, stated and implied.

    1. Man, could you tell me exactly what I said that drives you to that conclusion? I don’t remember using racial words as you indicated.

    2. TMan, it is obvious the vitriol you so brazenly speak about appears to only lie in your head. It is not new, when I write that you always try to interpose the meaning of what I am saying. The facts that are contained in my blogs are nothing different from what the media published. Where I offer an opinion, it is usually from information that is available to each and everyone of us. My observations are borne out of these realities. And I WILL call them as I see them. When I speak about RACE, I do not need cover to do that. I will call it as I see it. I understand what is behind his peeve about my conversation about the President but that is his problem, not mine. I do not see the President in racial terms, TMan obviously does and that is definitely not about his religion. My brain allows me to go beyond just racial observations because my humanity it not tied to that sort of thing. But TMan’s is. His quotation “A once famous political activist shouted from a podium on Woodford Square that the Caribbean is Black people country. He elaborated that, “the day the first African slave landed, the region became Black territory.”
      I believe that certain bloggers on this site share that feeling.””, speaks volumes about his state of mind. I can say that I am a Trinidadian without attaching any indexes of pretexts to my identity. But TMan cannot do the same. He must qualify his racial identity before identifying himself.

      That is what he is saying when he states “They deny the successful existence of others in T&T and pontificate from on high that they are the rightful occupants while believing that the rest are mere guests in the land of their birth.”
      That problem only exists in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.
      Ask Butch Stuart who he is and he wastes no time in telling you that he is Jamaican, without any qualifications. Ask Michael Chin who he is and he would immediately admit that he is Jamaican. Ask Shaba Ranks and he would immediately that he is Jamaican.

      Although departed from this earth almost thirty years ago, the name “Bob Marley” is synonymous with Jamaica. As a matter of fact he remains the premier product of Jamaica and is recognized as such around the world. As Marijuana is becoming a legally accepted product in the United States of America, there is competition to identify their products with the name “Bob Marley”. Go the the countries of Europe and you would see endless Tshirts with his insignia. Why is that important? Because Jamaicans see themselves first as Jamaicans. Go to any Jamaican function, be they white, chinese, black or syrians, you would always leave with the impression that their identity is unmistakably Jamaican.
      In Trinidad? The peeve is otherwise, as clearly stated by TMan when he says “they are the rightful occupants while believing that the rest are mere guests in the land of their birth”. He puts the blame elsewhere because there is a strong feeling in those with whom he identifies, that they are different and although they share the same space with us, they are to be separated from identifying with us.

      Those of us who meet people like TMan on foreign soil know and experience a different TMan when you meet them in London, Toronto, New York or Miami. When you meet them there, you get the “all ah we is one” treatment. There can be hop denying that it is a different TMan you meet under those circumstances. But in Trinidad? You betta make sure you identify who TMan really is, not just Trinidadian but xxxxxx-Trinidadian. That is really what is behind the meaning of his blog.

      I know that Neal preaches humanity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But humanity does not exist if I do not exist!!! For humanity to exist, I must first be accepted as part of that humanity that is the ultimate in human social development. That is what the existence of the United Nations is all about. That is what so many organizations that seek to uplift humanity is all about.
      When one insists only being seen and heard as different, he is singing a different tune. He is saying “I don’t want to be confused with you”. He is saying “I want to go my way and let you go your way”.

      I have used TMan own words to identify what I want to say.
      Although he insists on calling me racial, he almost never quotes what he believes I have said to identify me as such.
      I will defend who and what I am without having someone whose own insecurities to identify me. I make no excuses for what I say. It is not my intention to insult or call my fellow human beings names, but I will defend myself when others try to that to me.

      1. Do some research on sub conscious racism.
        Your writings exude sub conscious racism and bias which is easily discernable.
        I have people like you in many major cities in the world. My profession and professional qualifications qualify me to make that assessment.
        I will leave it at that, except to say that all human beings are guilty.

        1. Projection. Just because you’re guilty of being “racist”, it doesn’t mean all are. Even sub-consciously.

          I use an objective definition of racism: the practice or doctrine of oppression based on race. The key word there is oppression.

          I deliberately leave out the subjective criteria that would make of anyone a “racist”, merely for example because they’d prefer their children to marry someone that looks like them.

          On that kind of wishy-washy subjective definition, such highly admired men like Muhammad Ali would be deemed “racist”. So would Marcus Garvey, who advocated “race first” without at all veering into anything remotely close to preaching either race hate, or oppression of the other based on race.

          The idea of “subjective racism” is professional alright… professional quackery.

          1. Well said Yoruba.
            Black folks do not hate. We are about as fair-minded as any human can get. Who has been more subject to racism than any other race in there world? Who has been persecuted than any other race in the world? Who has been most subjected to savagery than any other race in the world? This e questions are in fact answers to any fair-minded person.

            The subjectivity tp which TMan views my blog is based strictly on racial consciousness. He knows that I could not be racial towards Mr. Carmona, but his wife happens to be Indian. So in his feeblemindedness, what appears to be a criticism of his MUST, by reason of his thinking, be racist. The foundation of people like Man’s view of human is that they are divided in brahmins and dalits. AND HERE WE HAVE TO GO BACK TO THAT AGAIN. It must be so because that forms the dna of his thought process. Just like Sat Maharaj, when Sharma was reported to have beaten his child’s mother in front of his girlfriend, his first thought was not for the sympathy of the woman being beaten. His utterances was that Sharma, should not be persecuted because he is brahmin and his son also. This means that they are divine as a group and as such must not be classified with other groups. Thymus be protected at all costs. Than exhibits these same tendencies.
            The quotation that I made in previous blogs about him, he insists that he should be looked at differently because he is (not black).

            While the activist, who was the subject of his quote may have mentioned the word black. Political activism use color in much different variations to cover groups of people. When used interactively as group identity, the word ‘black’ carries an inclusive meaning. Not the restrictive meaning that TMan wants us to believe that it means.

            In the Indian sub-continent, people being classified Indian are of various colors. Some are lily white, some brown and yes TMsn, some black. Yet, as group they describe themselves as ‘brown’. NO one takes offense to that. Almost similarly, in the African world, some are light-skinned, some brown and of course the majority black. We call ourselves black, regardless of the shade of our skins. When activists, as TMan demonstrated, get on a podium to speak about racism, oppression and fair-mindedness, they invariably color such oppression as against ‘black people’. The word ‘black’ in such a setting covers all colors of skin.

            His analogy to define black consciousness as being racist speak volumes about who he really is. Malcolm X’s whole life was about defeating racism. In so doing, he definitely addressed the harm being done to ‘colored folks’. In many of his speeches he may have used the word ‘black’ to mean people of color. That does not mean he is racist towards none-black coloreds! No far from it, he in fact used his fight as their fight also. Subsequent activists, carried on the fight against racism using the same word ‘black’ to refer to people of color.

            I am very passionate about this topic because unlike most people, I see the tenure of Kamla Persad Bissessar as a catalyst in nurturing an apartheid like class identity among our people. Don’t expect to get such an acknowledgement from the media. The media is the last to acknowledge anything and even if they do, they will look for someone or some thing other than its real culprits to blame. One of the things one do not hear from the other side that TMan represents is the term
            “all ah we is one” in Trinidad. You may hear it in Toronto, New York, London, Miami or Paris, but in Trinidad? NEVER1111 You know why? competition.
            That is the operative word that drives this fight.
            That is what TMan sees in his objection to my writings. The invective word is “racist”. That word is what drives the like minded to exaggerate that competition, especially for political superiority.

            A friend of mine told me the other day. “Ask ten creole people about Rowley, you may get 5 to 7, saying that he is good. The other 5 to 3 will give a less than supporting view of him. But as ten Indians, and you are likely to get 9.5 to ten negative view of him”. Now TMan, that is not my view, I am quoting what wads told to me, so don’t go about saying I said so. This is literature and I hope you understand the parsing.

            The aforementioned is what drives the talk of race in Trinidad and Tobago. We must be thankful to TMan and Mamoo because they articulate the mindset behind their actions.

  7. We are obviously at a serious crossroad here folks, as members of the competing tribe ,fight for supremacy- while attempting to capture the hearts , and minds of their varying fans.
    Unfortunately,El Presidente Cameo, is the easy pawn , and of course , the end game might be inevitable.
    I am talking about his possible removal, in much the same was as Professor Richards was , via the previous regime, by those who likewise looked with destain , at what they saw – whether correct or not- as his bias , to Afro Political benefactors.
    Is this a political distraction?No se. Is there some form of scapegoating going on? I don’t seriously care.
    If the final fall out , of this recent media created, debacle,is the removal of our President, some would view this as an unfortunate tarnishing of our Democracy. That where I part company.
    I instead, subscribe to a tested and tried truism , as articulated , by my late , extremely wise ,Tobago Granny, who often claimed to yours truly- back in de day , that – “every disappointment , is for a good.”
    If a finally free ,President Carmona , can be forced, to become more evolved, into a more strident Advocate, to address the long delayed acceptance, of the CCJ , as our final court of Appeal, as opposed to the costly, anachronistic, Privy Council, then that’s a win/ win for us all.
    If a finally liberated President Carmona , can help some of us more concerned to bolster efforts, to support, greater Bridge Building initiatives , with our Latin American Neighbors – starting with politically fractured/ economically devastated Venezuela – then that a win/ win for all humanity.
    Pray someone tell me , how the hell a child can graduate from any High School, or college in T&T, and not learn to speak fluent Spanish? It’s a travesty, when our closest neighbor is a mere 7 miles away. Talk about missed opportunities!

    If a less constrained Lady Reema , can light a fire under the Child/ Women’s Rights Movement, to support efforts aimed at protection ,and empowerment-be it on matters of ridding our society of fake religious ,underage marriages/ pregnancies abuses ,BY CALLOUS POTENTIAL Fathers ,curbing domestic violence, ending corporal punishment ,pushing purposeful education, with the help of more socially conscious Private Sector ,led (of course )by Civil Society, then our T&T , might get a chance , to propel itself along the part, of elusive Sustainable Development.
    If after the said dust is settled , both tribes, can see a need to support Constitutional moves , that can pave the way , for an elected President, as opposed to this useless ceremonial jig and dance , we are stuck with , then our T&T , will benefit.
    Imagine if you can for a minute folks.
    Here is the contrast :- Act 1. It’s 2016, crime is out of hand , citizens are running scared , forcing our Prez to demand a meeting . That is on the verge of turning into an unnecessary ,Constitutional crisis,Y Por Que?
    Act 2. It 2018, same scenario , or maybe a stagnant economy , coupled with still almost neo Feudal Foreign Policy,and here comes our elected President , who demands action – on skewed immigration, borders, and win/win bi lateral agreements, etc.
    We’ll see how this play out,si?
    There are those who choose to look across the landscape , during our tumultuous economic period, and only see problems . I in contrast, prefer to se opportunities.
    Nation Building weren’t meant to be easy La Trinity. Challenges , with continually bombard our people , and respective leaders.
    How we choose to deal with them , will be a true reflection of who we truly are , as a collective.
    Show empathy where appropriate ,Find your niche , start initiatives, create organizations, join in solidarity-with the other – where feasible.
    We know all the problems, so let’s take a stab at solutions.
    Long Live the Republic of T&T!
    I Luv this land, Y tu?

  8. Racism, in its many varieties, has been part and parcel of the human condition since the dawn of time. One of those varieties is black racism, which, as it currently exists in T&T, is rooted in the notion that African are justified in hating (or even harming) other people as a form of reprisal for the latter’s historical, and continuing, transgressions against blacks. By the Black caucus’ reckoning, however, this hatred does not merit classification as racism; rather, even blacks who express the most vicious racial hatred imaginable – whether in word or deed – are viewed not as racists but as agents of retributive justice against their perceived rivals and yes, competitors.

    1. One of those varieties is black racism, which, as it currently exists in T&T …

      What is your evidence for this assertion. Quotes please. From checkable sources.

      I know of “black” people who advocate strongly to resist clear, documented and provable indo racism against “niggahs”; for evidence of the latter see the Indian Policy; (On that matter I have articulated why that document is no hoax.) But I know of nothing comparable amounting to documentation of black racism against the indo. No black person in T&T advocates oppression of any other racial group. Rather we are the strongest advocates of “here ev’ry creed and race…”, as articulated by the Founding Father.

      Talk of black racism is at best projection, at worst it is a calculated part of the Indian Policy to put black people on the defensive, even if merely resisting indo racism.

      Anti-racism is not racism.

    2. I like this discussion ,as played out by TMan , Bro Kian,and Yoruba. It’s a step in the right direction, and one never knows where such might lead.
      As a backdrop,I’ll put on the table, a phrase , we often run into, by serious analysts , when trying to grapple with complex subjects. It goes as follows :- ‘Define Your Concepts!’
      Too often ,folks with perhaps good intentions , will attempt to discuss issues, and yes , problems , without a clear, globally accepted definition/ understanding of what they are in actuality talking about/ trying to solve.
      Take Racism, por ejemplo. Do we all share the same understanding as to what it is?
      If a person from say Race A , dislikes another from race B, but has no power to negatively impact the life of such a person, is that racism?
      If due to a warp conceptualization of self love, persons in group A,choose to only show favoritism to their own race, while others from group B-for various historical reasons-choose to love / bolster the interest of every one else , but ignore their own, is group A racist, and Group B either stupid, or merely delusional?
      Terrorism, and it’s siamese twin ,Genocide , has grown considerably , especially since the end of the Cold War, with nations, governments,and leaders, some sitting on glorified International bodies such as the UN , appearing to be powerless , to end same.
      Part of the problem lies in the fact, that there is no globally accepted definition , for both problems. This simply mean , that often folks are engaging in these ,and similar barbarian acts , without even recognizing that such is the case.
      As such reprehensible acts , might go unpunished , thus exacerbating the problem.
      Years ago , I found myself doing a Post Grad ,,IR Summer elective , on Political Genocide , which was conducted my a Senior , globally recognized Historian, and European born ,Genocide expert /Emeritus Professor- who so happened to be Jewish. (Bear with me Bro YI)
      If my memory serve me right , he was either a child during Hitler’s orchestrated Holocaust, or perhaps, it was his parents,who were victims.
      The class was quite diverse, and sitting next to me, was a fairly young, African American ,female teacher.
      We looked at Genocides that took place in Cambodia , Rwanda, the Jewish Holocaust,Armenia , as well as the savagery ,that took place amongst the Serbs / Croatians, and Muslims, in the Balkans/ former Yugoslavia.
      Excluded from the discussion ,and much to the chagrin of my Afro American classmate , was what she perceived, was obvious Genocide , by White folks ,against her African ancestors, in America, and other parts of the world.
      The argument by the learned Professor was ,that yes, wanton barbaric acts did take place during American Slavery, but same cannot be described as Genocide since the Slaves ,were valuable property of their Masters , who would not do anything to destroy his profit.
      It was during the Jim Crow era , he added , soon after slavery ended , that acts that were more akin to genocide took place.Therein African folks were lynched etc. I got my A , but not sure what the young lady did, as I never saw her again.
      It should be noted , that it was perhaps from that period , that mass incarceration of Afro Americans , began in earnest in America.
      Fast forward to 2016 , and in addition to the profiteering Prison Industrial Complex , which has in it’s confines, a disproportionately large amount of great grand kids of slaves, many of whom are also carded for execution , via a bias , racist criminal justice system- we also have MANY Afro American males ,who more than any other group , are loosing their lives to brutal killings , by over zealous ,law enforcement officers.
      Very few , if any Activist, be they White, or Black, will use the word Genocide , to describe what White America has done , and is still doing against African Americans, but be that as it may , I now rest my case.
      Like our discussion group , this too is a first step attempt, by Sister Michelle Alexander.

      We however need to bring home our discussion , and the problem can become much more interesting,unlike greater ‘Norte Americana,’ since the perpetuators , look , and sound ,like the victims- or worst yet -Tman , and to Kian / Yoruba bigger point -look and sound like the victims, but naively , thinks/ identify with long departed ,White Massa , because he / she has less kinky hair , than historically maligned Africans.

      Racism, Genocide, Terrorism , all mean different things , to different folks, and so curbing , and or eradicating same , can be difficult – if such is the end game .

      These are essentially big boys / gals discussions folks, and it’s debatable ,if Trini Center Nation , we can do justice to them.
      Why do I say that? The typical cyber clowns, trolls , and simi educated pranksters lurks, with foolish , time wasting intent.
      There are folks who thrive on chaos , anarchy , and destabilizations , as it helps to promote their false narrative.
      Call names , and I’ll whistle , guys!

      Love Humanity people!

      1. Neal:

        See Historian David Irving Exposes The Holocaust Scam

        The fake Jews have brilliantly brainwashed the world. Some of us have woken up to the fact that they are not Jews at all, since not of the seedline of Jacob (Israel) through his 4th son, Judah. They are the Chosen seed, not of God, but of Satan; Revelation 2:9, 3:9, Daniel 11:14.

        As to racism, any proper definition must include oppression as the centre-piece, as I have articulated earlier.

        Anti-racism is not racism.



          1. By all means. Post the email address to the blog that you would like me to write to. If you want to keep your regular e-address private, just create a new convenience acct. with yahoo, gmail or such.


      2. One of the general given meaning of racism is thus described as: “a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.”….dictionary

        America’s premier racist, David Duke has been at the forefront of promoting views about people he deems as inferior. It has been said that, “He pioneered the now common effort on the far right to camouflage racist ideas in hot-button issues like affirmative action and immigration, successfully appealing to race and class resentments.”

        Racism is not just always about superiority and inferiority. It can also be hinged on the idea of
        “lost opportunity”. In the past six years right here in Trinidad and Tobago, we saw a massive effort by Kamla Persad Bissessar to create a climate of “lost opportunity”
        on behalf of Indians – meaning that African got all the opportunities in the civil service to advance, while at the same time denying Indians that same opportunity. She made up for that by encouraging senior administrators and managers of African descent to take VSEP and replacing them with Indians. She also used every opportunity to appoint Indians to every important post that became available. Of note is the very important post of head of the nation’s security. She evidently fired Col Joseph, by far the most qualified and experienced security expert and replaced him with the now famous, RESHMIE RAMNARINE.
        So blatant was this appointment that she disavowed personal knowledge of this and Ramnarine was forced to resign. In hardening the beliefs that Africans were the only criminals in this country, under the Anand Ramlogan led Justice Department (AG), he mounted the state of emergency which netted the arrest of over 4,000 young African males with even any evidence of their involvement in crime. These acts are definitely using the apparatus of government to harbor and strengthen racial resentments.
        I expect to be criticized for stating these facts. But they are facts that CANNOT be denied. Part of our problem is that we ‘do not like to face facts’. But in order to correct behavior, we MUST present facts first.
        If we continue as though they never exist, then they solidify the characterizations and harden the feelings of resentment.

        The Indian Policy document is a REALITY!!!!!!
        It is meant to harden and solidify racist sentiments that is preached in many forms of worship in this country. Such forms of worship is under the guise of religion. As a democracy we must show respect for religion. Our foremost racist was awarded with a national medal to honor for his “outspoken” ideas. As Prime Minister she is on record as hedging him on to say what he says best to the country (or words to that effect). This can hardly be regarded as leadership of national aspirations.

        If we are not candid about racism, it will one day get out of hand and all that we celebrate about “national unity” will be gone for nought. Complaceny is not a cure, it is more of an encouragement to the unspoken problems.

    Kian wrote:7. “Rowley has a track record of immorality in his personal life, telling lies, displaying aggressive behavior and literally shooting his mouth off inappropriately.” thats your opinion and you have a right to that. My opinion is that Kamla Persad Bissessar is the very worst prime minister ever to occupy that position. She is shameless, gutless, tells absolute lies and untruths and is a terrible racist. That is my opinion. It has the same value as yours. What do you say”

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