PM: Are we perpetuating a mindset of entitlement?

August 1, 2016 –

Dr Keith RowleyIn the new pages of history currently being written in T&T, questions that arise include whether people are facilitating new prejudices and divisions in T&T’s society and also, if a mindset of entitlement is being perpetuated, says Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

In his Emancipation message, Rowley said, “The stories of our past should not condemn us to the turmoil of acrimony; but rather they should show us a path for achieving the positive and prosperous development of our country now and for the generations to come.”

“We’re currently writing new pages in our history. We need to ask ourselves, are we facilitating new prejudices and divisions in our society? Are we perpetuating a mindset of entitlement – claiming rights where instead we should accept personal responsibility? Are we committed to working together in the best interest of our country? Can we look past the ‘me’ and ‘my group’ to the bigger picture of nationhood?”

Saying Emancipation shattered an unjust status quo, he said, the formerly enslaved Africans, had, after Emancipation, to take responsibility for the direction of their own lives. “Amid prejudice and ingrained philosophical beliefs of one group’s inherent right to dominate and denigrate another, they created opportunities for their own advancement.”

“As Afro-Trinbagonians, at Emancipation we reflect on our history and proudly claim our ancestry. We celebrate freedom and recognise the immense sacrifices made by our ancestors.”

“While Emancipation Day may be a more intense emotional experience for persons of African descent, we must remember emancipation irrevocably changed the political, economic, and social reality not only for those who were freed but also for the population as a whole and all those who would follow. Today T&T benefits from the contributions of all our citizens, regardless of race, and it is unfortunate that some among us still seek to create chasms within the population.”

“Emancipation Day, along with our other national days of recognition, are welcome avenues for personal celebrations but I believe they are asking us to do something more. They invite us to better understand ourselves and each other, seeking commonalities while accepting differences. We have suffered pain, grief and intolerance. We need another narrative, one driven towards collective respect, appreciation and unity of purpose.”


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  1. Happy emancipation day to all Africana, you have an African Prime Minister, an African Chief Justice, an African Commissioner of Police, an African President, an African head of the Army, an African Emporer in charge of Tobago and many other notable Africans in high places. You all have savoured the fat of the land and drank from the chalice of milk and honey. Never in the history of TNT have there ever been a more privilege class of people since emancipation. Such privilege is right and just for a people once broken by the whip of slavery. We applaud your contribution to nation building and remind you to whom much is given much is expected.

    Emancipation holiday was first established in Trinidad ahead of any other nation as a tribute to freedoms taken for granted in today’s world. Thousands across this world still live in slavery, may this day be a reminder to all of the need for this freedom to reach the four corners of the earth. Children are enslaved to work in factories, to fulfill the lust of the morally depraved, to become child soldiers, and to fend for themselves upon the demise of parents with AIDS, they encounter unspeakable suffering and eventual death.

    I appeal to the President to establish the “Global Freedom and Liberation Association” that will lobby globally for changes to those suffering such inhumanity. The International Criminal court was one arm of this liberation mission started by ANR Robinson. We must not let his work diminish over time but further moves must be made to end suffering in many nations. President Carmona is a man with a heart for this nation as such an opportunity to build on the ideals of freedom as started by Robbie must not die.

    Happy Emancipation day to all!

  2. “President Carmona is a man with a heart for this nation!” Mamboo

    Yeah, and we know how much you love your Kamla appointee- Latino- Trini – Presidente Cameo, especially ,with his high end economist… ummmmm…. Christian Wife, Rema Harrysingh,who is always ready and able ,to push de right buttons-unlike that which occurred under Sir Ellis,ANR Robinson, & Professor Richards.
    Tell you what ,your ‘good for Nada padre ,’ did you , and your 25 siblings , an injustice Mamboo, by not ensuring that ‘you alze ,’ complete Primary School.
    Where de hell is the African Commissioner of Police, you lame brain comedian?
    If still Acting Commissioner of Police Williams , had belonged to your Indo Trini tribe , and was forced to suffer the indignity- after replacing a clueless White Canadian named Gibbs- of acting for 5 years , while an African led Government was in charge , we would have seen riots , all across T&T, followed by lawsuits, and typical ,Tom cat , anti discrimination cries ,to SG Ban Ki Moon ,as well as the UN Security Council.

    You said , “Never in the history of TNT have there ever been a more privilege class of people since emancipation,” and my response will be – TRUE, but it ain’t applicable to the folks , that you,and equally deceptive , like minded others , in your twisted,putrid, ultra ungrateful Souls, would like to make us -de more astute on Trini Center Nation,believe.
    No , Non, Neyet, it ain’t Africans folks, who have savored the fat of this land.
    Not when 41% or less of the population , are made up of a competitive, ambitious tribe , who would do almost anything – including selling underaged kids,and spouses, all in their quest for more fame ,financial power , and political glory.

    Not when unqualified / under-qualified, semi educated miscreants,such as so called Dr Hafizool Mohammed ,of Failed Coup Commission fame , or sweet man- Dr Goopiesing, side Chick , SSA Reshmi, will forge credentials, to inveigle their way into power, and authority,so as to do neo tribal harm- on the behest of their benefactors.

    Tie up, our legal system , with frivolous law suits, after stacking our Judicial system , with bias, Loyal Judges. Hey Mamboo, Justicice Lucky or not, there will never be a Kamla Besessar, or Panday led UNC government , to run this country – and I don’t care if ‘you alze,’ appeal to planet Mars , after the Privy Council give you guys de middle finger. Maybe , then , and only then , you bastards , would give full support to the maligned ANR CCJ.
    Do a survey anywhere across T&T, or use any globally acceptable system of assessment, and you’ll see the facts bear out my claim instead,as to who are the ungrateful folks, eating de T&T fat, or rather , sucking like hungry piglets, at La Trinity Mama Sow.

    Contrary to what the subjective , media fraudsters would claim, more than 50% of the Public Service jobs , are controlled by Indo Trinis.
    75 % or more of National businesses,are owned by Indo Trinis, although they probably never hired more than 1% of folks that look like Jack Warner, Keith Rowley, or Makandal Dagga-in short , Africans.
    Least we forget , the majority of the profits, and wealth they accumulated ,during the past 54 years of our existence as a nation, came about , as a result of State oriented contracts.
    50 % of the Blue color crimes that are committed in T&T , are done by Indo Trinis , or worst yet, done on their behalf, by gullible desperate – unmentionable others .
    80% or more of the disgusting White Color crimes , that are committed in this country , are done by Indo Trinis- and I don’t need socio political fraudsters , such as Hamid Ghanny, Dr Deosoran, or Selwyn Ryan , to explain to me why, when a pimple face UWI freshman , Sociology student , can tell us why.
    Once the long hands of the law , worms it’s way , on to their front steps, as expected , the phantom cries , of racially driven prosecution drivel , is trotted out for public consumption, only to find African cowards , be they in the DPP office, High Court, or lower Magistrates courts , or micromanaged Police Service, back away.
    70% or more of the fertile lands , in this country ,are owned by Indo Trinis – many of which came into their possession, due to prior, illegal squatting.
    Nope , we do not want no creation of some new ,opaque ,escapist, Global Associations. All we wish to see in La Trinity , is equal playing field Justice, for all.
    Stay Vigilant People! Don’t ever allow yourself to be intimidated, and or hoodwinked, by revisionist,Brown/ Black (Euro – White Wannabe) neo triumphalist , ever ungrateful tribalist- who mean much harm to our underachieving country , no matter how well they attempt to disguise their evil intentions, si?

    I Luv dis land , Y tu?

    1. After 39 years out of 53 years of independence the PNM had unfettered access to the treasury. Yet it seems as thought there is the false dichotomy of black suffering when billions were spent to enhance the quality of life for our black brothers and sisters. Houses were given to them, Indians were told these houses not for allyuh people. 75% of government jobs including government contracts went to our Africana brothers and sisters. CEPEP was run out of Rowley office and contracts 90% of it was given to PNM supporters. In Opposition areas nothing was done, roads were filled with potholes, people denied employment and no policing. The PNM areas had good roads, water supply, nice schools and all that the good things the treasury could offer.

      Yes our Africana brothers and sisters savoured the fat of the land, drank from the chalice of milk and honey and today are emptying the treasury of whatever is there. Nealos like all brainwashed PNM supporters wantus to believe that black people were victims in this nation, he is alien to the truth and brainwashed by balisier house. The black experience in TNT is one of untold riches, and great lifestyle. They are the wealthiest people in TNT.

  3. Funny stuff- except that it ain’t funny, since the creature who makes the claims, sincerely believes it. To which I’ll add- Thank goodness , you are not a lawyer Mamboo, or some unfortunate , South of de Caroni criminal , did not have to depend on you, to present a coherent defense, on their behalf , to save his/ her hide from prison time- as was done to ensure White color bandits, such as Basdeo , or his morally suspect pal CJ Sharma, and worst yet Harie Harinarine, the HCU raider.
    Your typical, boorish , neo Trollogian – Standard 1 , illogical rambles, would have caused a jury to fall sleep, of that we can be certain.
    Here is one more crack at it , if you have the courage ,and can put down de illegal Bush rum, you and kind , then to savor so well, even while serving in high office.
    Simply answer the following questions ,if you dare , and I would realize you are not simply making a Monkey – for want of a better word- of yourself , on dis here Trini Center Nation.
    1. Why was the African dominant PNM, able to win what seems like 97 , out of 100 elections since 1962, in a society, where it is alleged , Africans are a distinct minority- for as far back as when Papa Deffy Eric Williams , offered Muslim hater , VS Naipaul, a British Scholarship?
    2. In all the occasions that your tribal ULF, UNC , along with the NAR party won,what took place? Gerrymandering didn’t work, or African voters were drugged , so that they could stay away from the voting polls?
    3. If these so called racist/ tribal African leaders that dominated our national politics , ignored the Indo Trini community so much ,as claimed , then why again , did the latter, still choose to repeatedly vote for them?
    4. If African die hard PNM voters, were taken care of so well, why do they still live in what appears to be ,the worst constituencies across the country.
    5. If politically CASTRATED Tobago , was a ULF/UNC stronghold, and said party ran this country ,for as long as the PNM did , do you think it would be allowed to remain in the same backward, underdeveloped , disgusting/ revolting state it is today- an island , that is on par with Port-au- Prince, Haiti, in terms of Socia- political neglect, and economic degradation , based on our rich national / natural resources?

    Remember Mamboo, unlike some of my more tolerant Progressive Brothers , I in contrast, don’t have much time /patience ,for cyber clowns , and tribal idiots, so put on your thinking cap, and give a sensible response.
    If not capable , move on , and continue to have your feel good debates , about tribal superiority , with my Brothers Kain, and Yoruba.
    Stay Vigilant people!

    1. continue to have your feel good debates , about tribal superiority , with my Brothers Kain, and Yoruba.

      Well I see that *you* have responded to his incoherent babble, while I have not…

      It is rare for me to actually engage Mamoo. It is very wearisome. So when I do, it is *always* with an eye to educating my own.

      My point then is never to engage in some contest to decide which tribe is “better” than which. That is why I always readily concede in any such exchange that my people are indeed suffering the curses put upon the seedline sons of Jacob, and to add the uplifting message that our redemption is near.

      For example, the following Scripture explains why as a people the “Negro” disproportionately make up the prison population:

      “But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore.” (Isaiah 42:22)

      That I never deny. But at the same time, here is the promise of redemption as mentioned throughout Scripture, but here articulated by the prophet Zechariah:

      “And I will strengthen the house of Judah, and I will save the house of Joseph, and I will bring them again to place them; for I have mercy upon them: and they shall be as though I had not cast them off: for I am the Lord their God, and will hear them.” (Zechariah 10:6)

      I want my people to go back to our true history, which is in the Book of Remembrance, prepared for us especially in this day; Malachi 3:16. Open the Book and study.

      Our misguided intellectuals and neo-ideologists of every stripe seem to want to study everything else but the Book God prepared expressly for us. Note carefully: I do not say “go to church”. I said, “open the Book and study”… for yourself.

      May the Most High hasten the day of our redemption.


      1. Yoruba wrote:

        “It is rare for me to actually engage Mamoo. It is very wearisome. So when I do, it is *always* with an eye to educating my own”

        This is where we differ. “My own” are the people of T&T.

        We also differ on the reasons why so many “Negroes”(your word) are in prisons. They are there in disproportionate numbers because of the higher frequency of charges by police, both Black and White, the inability to hire defense lawyers, the bias of judges who give longer sentences and the racial discrimination which they face within the entire system.
        Their incarceration has nothing to do with religion or religious mumbo jumbo. Their redemption also has little to do with religion. It has to do with major societal changes and attitude adjustments.

        1. Thus spake Tman:

          Yoruba wrote:

          “It is rare for me to actually engage Mamoo. It is very wearisome. So when I do, it is *always* with an eye to educating my own”

          This is where we differ. “My own” are the people of T&T.

          I speak, as I have said many times, as a servant of God. You are welcome to hear or forebear. As a servant of God, I know unto whom I’m sent. Like my saviour Yeshua:

          “… I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (Matthew 15:24)

          Reality is not constrained by your ignorance or your lack of understanding. Neither is it constrained by the tenets of your new found, and rather suspect, liberal ideology. When I said to my own, “Open the Book and *study*”, it is because the Book was written for us, as the Holy Covenant was entered into with us.

          That Covenant is obligatory for us. It is optional for others, who may of course also benefit from the study of the Word, and who, from the first, were accepted into the Covenant if they so opted; Exodus 12:48-49, Isaiah 56:6-7.

          Their incarceration has nothing to do with religion or religious mumbo jumbo. Their redemption also has little to do with religion. It has to do with major societal changes and attitude adjustments.

          I repeat: God and His reality are not constrained by your ignorance nor lack of understanding.

          In your inability to understand what I’m sent to preach you exemplify part of the reason why I’m not sent but unto my own. We are the “lost sheep” spoken of by Yeshua, the ditch-bound “blind leading the blind”. But we are being woken up. And the time of the gentiles is all but at an end. Like it or not.

          Here is why you will not like it:

          “Thy sons have fainted, they lie at the head of all the streets, as a wild bull in a net: they are full of the fury of Yahweh, the rebuke of thy God. Therefore hear now this, thou afflicted, and drunken, but not with wine: Thus saith thy Lord Yahweh, and thy God that pleadeth the cause of his people, Behold, I have taken out of thine hand the cup of trembling, even the dregs of the cup of my fury; thou shalt no more drink it again: But I will put it into the hand of them that afflict thee; which have said to thy soul, Bow down, that we may go over: and thou hast laid thy body as the ground, and as the street, to them that went over.” (Isaiah 51:20-23)

          May the Most High hasten that promised day of redemption.

          I withhold my peace from you but to others as usual I say


          “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.” (Psalms 53:1)

    2. I too wish to state that my writings do not ‘engage’ the trivialities of Mamoo. He is a constant in posting UNC initiated figures about their achievements while in office.
      He is a constant is stating their numbers in terms of worldwide population. He is a constant in talking about race and Indian achievements. He also boasts of Indian wealth as against African poverty but as you did Neal and Yoruba and I do, there are times when we have to correct the idiocy of his statements, especially when he does it quoting authoritative sources. While Mamoo or his sidekick TMan may not convince you and I on racial issues or on many matters of concern to our heritage, we sometimes have to engage him because, left unanswered it could be assumed by unwitting observers that there is some degree of truth to his mostly imaginary conclusions. TMan, on the other hand is better educated and can be very subtle and condescending with some of his utterances. We progressives, have to be vigilant and know how and when to engage them.

      1. Can we get beyond the generalized victim hood that continues to be the “central motif” of Kian, Yoruba and Neal. The psychology of tribalism is rooted in fear and trepidation of others.

        African history in Trinidad is far more advance in terms of prosperity, good jobs and bread lathered with butter. Yes there are a few who have not risen but that is not unexpected. However in the grand scheme of things Africanas are indeed the powerful “kumbakarans” of TNT. They have savoured the fat of the land and drank from the chalice flowing with milk and honey.

        Manning diverted millions to criminal enterprise aka gangs, the URP and Jamaat so even the criminals were financially supported…. So stop the victim hood.

  4. As long as reluctant governments are unwilling to make sweeping changes to the education system, the social and economic problems will continue in economically deprived areas.
    The Concordat has to be challenged and shredded. The replacement has to emphasize the concept of neighborhood schools and deemphasize the prominence of “prestige” religious schools, along with the flawed system of rote learning and examination entrance requirements for students at the tender age of eleven. The archaic and destructive ranking of young students based on a single exam on a single day feeds the egos of those at the top.
    The removal, by Garcia, of one of the most progressive educational ideas, continuous assessment, and the elimination of the introduction of considering Physical Education and the Arts as part of the criteria for entrance into secondary schools ironically directly affect the disadvantaged socio economic areas.
    The students of these disadvantaged areas usually attend government schools which are underfunded, poorly supervised and populated by students who provide teaching challenges. Many of these students are highly intelligent and talented learners who are not rote learners. Failure in the restrictive system is inevitable. They become the future criminals as they search for easier ways to survive.
    The education system has to provide psychological and psychometric evaluations with the intent of identifying different learners and cater to their individual needs. These evaluations will uncover the fact that these different learners are highly intelligent people trapped in a restrictive, uncreative conventional system, focussed on rote learning and memorization.
    So far Garcia has proven to be one of the most regressive education ministers and his recent commission on education was simply an exercise in public relations to satisfy his view of the elite education system of T&T.
    This failure of the education system and endorsement of the education concordat by the government should be considered a national emergency. Unless the people of T&T and the government of T&T recognize the links between the failed education system and crime, this major national emergency will continue to erode the quality of life and make disadvantaged communities a scapegoats.

  5. “Well I see that *you* have responded to his incoherent babble, while I have not…” Yoruba

    Can’t help it mi Hermano, since I subscribe to the view ,dat it’s fruitless , if all of one’s time ,is utilized , only preaching to de converted,si?
    Let the record show , that Uganda , Fiji, Sri Lanka,Rwanda,Kashmir, Burundi- and the myriad of other countries , that did not get nation building right- are in no better Socio Political shape today,than they were decades ago, when they unfortunately , degenerated into ( something I find quite abhorrent) genocidal barbarianism- all because ,many with the means to make a difference , refused to first communicate,followed by prudent agitation , towards meaningful change, while respecting the Rights of ‘the Other.’
    Interestingly enough, often times ,merely ‘… to study the Book God prepared expressly for us, “isn’t enough , for dat tends to be the easy part.
    The more challenging aspect of the equation, is interpreting/ understanding.
    Can’t force others to see – what we perceive is .’the way’ for that can only result in conflicts- as a glance at the global news, would indicate.
    As an Agnostic Buddhist myself , still striving to walk the part, my aims are much simpler than yours.
    You want ‘your people to go back to their true history.’
    I want to build bridges to the future, and most importantly, do what I can ,to ‘end suffering amongst all sentient beings.’

    Love Humanity people , & forget the tribe! Failure so to do, can have dire consequences.
    Oh , and by de way, least we forget , a major truism , then here it is , otra vez:- Solidarity Matters!

    1. You must pull back the bow to shoot the arrow. You must pull back the hammer to pound a nail. And you must understand your past to understand your present, and to plot a course for the future.

      My people the “Negro”/Bantu are the sons of Jacob of Holy Scripture. We are the Chosen of God, scattered out of the Holy Land, and suffering the curses. That is who we are, and why we are in our state of captivity. The reason for it is our disobedience to God and failure to keep the law of the Holy Covenant, including but not limited to the 10 commandments. The solution to our problems as a people is to return to and keep the Covenant.

      Study the Book written for that very purpose. It’s all there. It will save all our would-be intellectuals a lot of time making up, or falling for, this or that gentile ideology, none of which applies to us. And in that I include gentile Christianity which has twisted the Word, and foisted upon us a white Jesus whose depiction is at odds with the Word:

      “O Yahweh, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and things wherein there is no profit. Shall a man make gods unto himself, and they are no gods?” (Jeremiah 16:19-20)

      So open up the Book and *study* it for yourself, as though your eternal life depended upon it. Because it does.


      1. “If all the seas were one sea…”
        by Mother Goose
        “If all the seas were one sea,
        What a great sea that would be!
        If all the trees were one tree,
        What a great tree that would be!
        If all the axes were one axe,
        What a great axe that would be!
        If all the men were one man,
        What a great man he would be!
        And if the great man took the great axe,
        And cut down the great tree,
        And let it fall into the great sea,
        What a great splash-splash that would be!”

        Escapist though it might be , I’m reminded of this Mother Goose poem ,we learned back in the day ,long before ,self serving,disingenuous, political idiots,who called themselves national leaders,thought that merely giving each T&T child ,a laptop , was alone,somehow a giant step of development,even if both parents, had to work five – non existent -jobs , to pay for de internet service to run same, and worst yet , least out a room near the outdoor latrine to some desperate Caribbean/ Latin borderline refugee/migrant,in effort to help pay for the much needed , inevitable repairs, when the rickety product broke down.
        Whether it was Creation, or Evolution, I really don’t care how we fellow human beings came about, but I look on in admiration, and even gratitude , at de different fingers on each hand,recognizing that such difference is part of the strength, and of effectiveness.
        Wouldn’t want five pinky fingers, thumbs, or index fingers, for sure. My race, and yes, all races likewise, is much better off,due to differences.

        Trust me when I say ,I don’t need much convincing that the so call “White Jesus ,” and blue eyed , sky heaven revengeful God , is nada but the fertile imagination of some religious scholars – part of which was used to keep Africans subjected in slavery for far too long.

        So you say Yoruba…”. We are the Chosen of God, scattered out of the Holy Land, and suffering the curses. That is why we are in our state of captivity. The reason for it is our disobedience to God and failure to keep the law of the Holy Covenant…,” correct?
        Got that, mi Hermano. There it is – Mucho mas work , is yet needed to be done.
        The optimist in yours truly say , keep shining that symbolic light, into the dark recesses, of this here trouble Hobbsian World,dat is still “nasty , brutish, and short. ”
        Let’s however don’t hesitate , to do all that’s feasible ,to nudge others along the part to full enlightenment- and while in the process, aim to curb suffering,wheresoever same exist,si?
        Stay vigilant folks!

        1. Whether it was Creation, or Evolution, I really don’t care how we fellow human beings came about,…

          SInce the discovery of DNA and its reproductive role, Evolution is no longer tenable as an alternative to Creation.

          DNA is not just biochemical wetware; it is software. There can be no software without a creator, an intelligent programmer. It’s like being shown the hundreds of thousands of lines of programming code for say, Microsoft Word, and suggesting it might have just evolved through some random process of “natural selection”. It’s ridiculous on its face.

          No. The coming into being of mankind, of animal kind in all its variety, of trees and vegetation in all their variety, of birds and of fishes, of insects, of viruses and bacteria, all of it, was an act of willful creation. Even if evolution could account in some highly fanciful and theoretical way, for the coming into being of a man, he would still have to have come into a world where he could find food to eat, a mate to marry, air to breathe, water to drink, etc., etc., AND to have come with DNA code already in-built so he could reproduce himself. His mate would have to be about the same size as he, and come equipped with complementary and functioning sex organs. Both he and she would have to have come equipped with a full set of functioning organs — eyes to see, ears to hear, mouth to eat with, tongue to seduce each other with, stomach to digest with, lungs to bring oxygen into the blood, heart to pump the blood, etc. etc.

          Evolution was a palpable nonsense from get-go, useful at best perhaps to explain a process of speciation within kinds, but entirely useless as any sort of explanation of how the kinds came to be in the first place, nor the earth, its atmosphere, and its seas that are their habitat. Now with the discovery of DNA, and that it is among others a software code, entirely rules out evolution as any sort of explanation for the earth, the sky, the seas and the LIFE that procreates upon and within that habitat. Software code is an abstraction that requires INTELLIGENCE, which in turn requires a CREATOR.

          It is that simple.

          Those who would deny the CREATOR are in essence partaker of Satan’s rebellion. For the CREATOR has established laws — moral, spiritual, physical — that He requires His creation to keep. But those He made in His own image share His essential quality of creative will. This makes moral, spiritual and physical rebellion possible in the first place. At the core of Satan’s rebellion is the satanic creed: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

          Yes that is tempting. Do wha’ yuh wah! And let the “fittest” survive. This is the creed that lies behind racism… and every other ideological “ism” that puts aside the moral and spiritual laws that the Creator laid down for mankind at the outset. Satanism seeks freedom to do wha’ yuh wah, but in the end leads to pain, suffering and destruction.

          Real freedom lies rather, perhaps paradoxically, in obedience to the Creator and His law. That obedience must however be freely given, as a matter of free will. Those that do so will “inherit the kingdom”. Those that do not, will follow Satan into the lake of fire, and the destruction that the satanic creed inevitably necessitates. That’s the choice.

          All these things are detailed in the testimony of the Creator, the ultimate Doer of the Deed, in His Book, self described as the Book of Yahweh, also self described as the Book of Remembrance, and more latterly known, and with some satanic tampering, as the Bible. Despite the tampering, it is a book to be studied. For in it is the answer to every existential question, and the key to overcoming the great temptation of Satan and his agents, both the witting and unwitting.


          1. I’m reading you loud and clear Mi Hermano,Yoruba Israelite.
            I myself was not a big fan of Evolution , as I could not fully comprehend why , no major changes occurred , once the creatures we call Humans ,ceased to evolve, beyond their present- tailless -state.
            I found myself in an even bigger state of confusion, from decades of consumption of that exulted , Eurocentric ,King James Bestseller – called the Bible , and that had to do with Adam , Eve, Cain, Abel, and the sly Serpent.
            There are in this world, a wide variety / species of birds, fishes, and animals etc. As such , I was lost ,when trying to figure out how the different races came about , if we all came from Adam, and Eve.
            I can even buy the Tower of Babel, as an explanations of the differing languages, but that’s where it ends. No Mas!

            In addition, Cain Killed Abel, and ‘me think,’ went into a distant land ,to get a wife.
            My question was ,did he marry his sister , and if so , why would she be found in a distant land?
            As for that fairy tale with the Serpent , the apple ,sexually liberated Eve, and sudden nakedness of said first humans? No se? Any thoughts?
            The preachers back then, response were – if God wanted us to know about such matters , he would have revealed it.
            You said the following:-
            “All these things are detailed in the testimony of the Creator, the ultimate Doer of the Deed, in His Book, self described as the Book of Yahweh, also self described as the Book of Remembrance, and more latterly known, and with some satanic tampering, as the Bible.”

            Are you also saying that “The Book of Yahweh,” is the same as the modern day Bible? Are you also saying it was tampered with , and if so , where can one find that more authentic version , you’ve referred to?
            Looking forward to your Enlightened response.

  6. “As long as reluctant governments are unwilling to make sweeping changes to the education system, the social and economic problems will continue in economically deprived areas.
    The Concordat has to be challenged and shredded. The replacement has to emphasize the concept of neighborhood schools and deemphasize the prominence of “prestige” religious schools, along with the flawed system of rote learning and examination entrance requirements for students at the tender age of eleven. The archaic and destructive ranking of young students based on a single exam on a single day feeds the egos of those at the top.”

    This is by far, one of the most objective observations that TMan has contributed. What we must do is complement our adversaries when their contributions make sense and of course, engage them when folly is detected. What I quoted is what I agreed with.
    Of course TMan went on to add his political views in which, naturally he condemned the PNM education policy. This is his entitlement. When it comes to education, it has always been an understood belief that academic qualifications is ALL WE NEED. This is blatantly untrue. What our educational policies should do is to provide curriculae where the knowledge gained, provide the children with basic personal skills to communicate with all members of society. The Arts and Physical Education comes under this purvue. We should not be comfortable with only producing nerds to our society at large. In the fields of Sports and the Arts, the world has seen giants in the form of Paul Robeson and Muhammed Ali who were not just great sportsmen but leaders of humanity and principles that changed the way the world think and behave. So to dismiss it is foolish and not necessarily good thinking. Education should allow us to deal with functional people. Most of our Civil Servants are people who are products of some of our best high schools and Colleges but that is not easily seen when you approach them to provide simple services at the various governmental offices. It is also a misnomer to conclude that in the areas of crime we are inundated with uneducated fools. If you follow an objective evaluation of some criminals, you would find that many of them practice psychology, tact, escapism and an educated view of the criminal act and understanding of people before committing their criminal acts.
    So to tie crime strictly with lack of an education can be misleading.

  7. Hey Cuz Kian, you might be correct ,re your conclusions about these two country hating tribalists, Mamboo, & his Siamese Hermano,TMan. The former is nothing but a Social degenerate,with the mental capacity of a 5 year old, and this of course , this can be deducted from most of his illogical , and ultra – Juvenile viewpoints, as regurgitated , for the benefit , of long suffering fans , on dis here Trini Center Nation.
    As for the latter, he like to pass himself off as some learned , well travelled bastion of civility, and global sophistication, when in actuality , he ain’t much different, than the Mayaro lifetime drunk.
    Kind of remind me of a comment Barrack Hussain Obama, made some time aback, in response to that clueless , Republican media whore,who cost John Mc Cain his chance at the US Presidency .I’m talking about Sarah Palin,in which he stated – “if you put a lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.’ Not that yours truly ,wish to insult pigs , by making such a comparison, or believe Tman loves to dabble in his cross country running daughter lipsticks- but who is checking?
    Silent as a Cumuto / los Bajos mouse, when quasi educated -SSA chief REAMIE -Sweetman Dr Goopiesing ,and his pathetic government ,was stinking up de joint, and failing to take corrective measures , to stop the SOCIO ECONOMIC bleeding , but now that our financial reserves ,are almost depleted ,VIA MISMANAGEMENT , or due to the fact that , oil /gas prices are hitting rock bottom, he and similar idiot UNC dominant PP talking heads , are calling for the hide of Education Minister Garcia.
    Wanna bet , what is getting dem riled up/ is the real cause of their so called concerns?
    The bastards , have to fork out a few dollars,to finish paying for the education of their crazy kids.
    Hey TMan , aren’t you one of de lucky ones, for running to Canada as a refugee,when you did , back in de day – during ANR Robinson NAR stewardship?
    Your Pickinees education,are all paid for , and no wonder you leaches all love your new homeland Canada- aka Baby America/de land of de Maple Leaf.
    Read his usual tribal , country hating diatribe Kian, as he choose to talk through all two sides of his mouth, without the slightest understanding of what he is speaking about:-
    “So far Garcia has proven to be one of the most regressive education ministers……This failure of the education system and endorsement of the education concordat by the government should be considered a national emergency….,” blah, blah , blah!
    The guy is in office , barely a year, and they want to blame him for everything , since he was TUTTA head ,some 3 decades previous. GAo figure!

    Worst yet , they want everyone to be doctors, and lawyers in dis country , and so won’t spend a penny on the art, unless of course , if it’s towards , promoting their own tribal music , dances, and lingua.
    They naively think that a country is destined to be peaceful , the more educated it’s citizens , when even an illiterate creature from Jupiter knows fully well, that the most dangerous , and toxic reality , any political leader can be confronted with ,in a society , are educated , frustrated, young citizens, lacking hope , and opportunities , to develop their own potentials.
    Unlike many in La Trinity , I prefer to remain optimistic , that good sense would soon prevail , and our self righteous civic,clueless political, and greedy , business leaders ,can soon get it right – and finally look out for the full interest of all T&T, hmmmmmm?
    I luv dis land , Y tu?

  8. Neal,

    You ask some good questions re the Book of Yahweh. The medium does not provide enough space to give comprehensive answers. I would say that the most important thing is that when you embark upon a study of the Book, you do so with humility, with a penitent heart and a contrite spirit. God sends out the Holy Spirit to school you. Understanding comes in measure proportionate to your submission. By all means question. But don’t succumb to Satan’s temptation to let questioning morph into rebellion. Stop name-calling your Creator: “vengeful sky-god” and other such name-calling is of Satan, even if you’re not consciously aware of it. When you study Scripture, and there is a question you have, pose it in all humility. Often the answer comes immediately back, even before you’ve finished asking the question. The saying is true: take one step toward God, and He will take two toward you. But be patient. Some understanding may remain closed to you for a long time. For some questions will not even occur to you until you’ve read the whole Book. But on a re-reading deeper questions will arise, and deeper understanding will be given you. But be sure of one thing: the Book of Yahweh is like no other book that you have read or will ever read. It is not mere intellectual exercise, it is spiritual drawing out. That is why much of it is hidden in its meaning. Such meaning must be searched out, drawn out. And Spirit is there always at your side, giving you nuggets of wisdom and understanding when you’re ready for it. But note: where the law is concerned, its meaning is plain, as with the 10 commandments. Where the history is concerned, there is the plain story on its face, but there is also teaching of precept. After you grasp the surface story, you dig also for the precept. And then there is prophecy, some of which might as well be there to be unraveled by those to whom that privilege is given. And then there is instruction given live and direct by the Holy Spirit, as it was given to Moses and the prophets. All these are there to be had when once you submit to your Creator, in all obedience, and ask Him what would He have you and us to do. So your pastor was in some sense correct. But he was also wrong, because God will answer every question of those that are worthy.

    But hear this: He has a Chosen people, a people that are to be a kingdom of priests unto Him. It is to us that is given knowledge and understanding of His word. That is an exclusive franchise:

    “He sheweth his word unto Jacob, his statutes and his judgments unto Israel. He ,b>hath not dealt so with any nation: and as for his judgments, they have not known them. Praise ye Yahweh.” (Psalms 147:19-20)

    Therefore, whatever was revealed to the Buddha sitting under the peepul tree (do I have that right?), was not of God. It is as simple as that.

    I’m out in the town as I write this, so I can’t respond point by point to your questions. When I get a chance I’ll attempt to do so to the best of my ability. But don’t dismiss the testimony of your Creator because of puzzlement over a few questions. How did skin color variation come about? When did the Serpent enter into the mix? (for Genesis 3 speaks of the “Serpent seed”). Who are the wheat and who are the tares? Who are the sheep and who are the goats? What was the “mark of Cain” and what was his relation to the Serpent? All of these are critical questions. And you are right to ask them. But the short answers will leave you still baffled, and the long answers are, well, long.

    Enjoy the journey “mi hermano”. But it’s a bumpy ride. Hold on tight and keep the faith. Where the journey will take you will only be to a better place, even if, like Elijah, He makes you to live in a cave for a while.


  9. As such , I was lost ,when trying to figure out how the different races came about , if we all came from Adam, and Eve.

    Speciation within kinds comes about because there are heritable traits. We all came from Adam and Eve, more specifically through Noah. Everyone on the planet is related through the common forefather, Noah. Noah had three sons, Ham, Shem and Japheth. These then are the real races (roots literally) of mankind. Noah was an albino from birth (see the Book of Enoch, chap. 106 if memory serves) which tells us of his birth. But he had dark-skinned children, Ham being darkest, and Japheth lightest. This means his wife had to be dark-skinned, but more to the point, Noah transmitted through his DNA the genetic possibility of depigmentation. This we see in born-albino offspring of dark-skinned parents. But we see it also in what the Book of Yahweh calls the plague of leprosy, nowadays called vitiligo.

    The term leprosy is now used, misleadingly, to refer to another disease entirely, one that is debilitating … the patient might lose nose, fingers, etc.; it is a disease also called Hansen’s disease, and is not the “leprosy” of the Bible, where a leper was considered “unclean” yes, but could remain a “mighty man of valor”; 2 Kings 5:1-2; this is not possible with Hansen’s disease, but entirely possible with vitiligo, where a person’s gifts and talents are unaffected apart from loss of skin of pigmentation. In the story of Gehazi, an Israelite, we see where he was cursed, and all his seed after him, with the curse of leprosy. Therefore, like Michael Jackson, he was black in the beginning, became white, and all his children after him were to be white also.

    Thus, speciation to a state of depigmentation may occur naturally due to albino offspring of black parents. I visited Nigeria a couple of times and saw quite a few albinos. They told me that they suffer social rejection and stigmatization, and so often form all-albino communities. The result is what micro-evolution theory may call speciation. Some “white” races would have been formed in this manner, to include whites who were born black but turned white through leprosy (biblical version, not Hansen’s disease).

    White skin occurs in another way. Some will call it “racist” even merely to mention it. White skin is the mark of Cain; Genesis 4:15. It is a mark put upon those who are spawn of Satan. Cain was the result of Eve “eating the apple”. That is a euphemistic way of saying Eve had sex with the Serpent. She was “beguiled” by him. This is described in Genesis 3. Adam also ate of the apple. After this loss of innocence, they became aware and ashamed of their nakedness, and began to cover their nakedness for the first time. Adam then “knew” Eve in the biblical sense for the first time as recounted at Genesis 4:1. Abel was the product. So Cain was “serpent seed” and Abel of human seed. God put distinction between them by putting the “mark of Cain” — white skin — upon Cain.

    Cain was cursed to be a “fugitive and vagabond” upon the earth. When Cain cried out to God that is was more than he could bear, God instituted what is now latterly known as “white skin privilege”:

    “Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me. And Yahweh said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. And Yahweh set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should kill him.” (Genesis 4:14-15)

    On this understanding, white skin in the offspring comes about by fornication between angel-kind and mankind. It is associated with both curse, and privilege.

    The Serpent was the first to engage in angel-man mating. But he was not the last of angel-kind to “fall” from their heavenly estate. The Book of Genesis touches only briefly on the angels who came down from Heaven and took for wives the daughters of men; Genesis 6:1-2. Their offspring became “giants”, “men of renown”.

    They were in their genetic make-up part angel and part human. They had hunger, thirst and fleshly lusts like men. But upon death, their souls did not go back to God, and their discarnate spirits were left to wander about, in search of human hosts that their fleshly lusts might be satiated. They became demons and devils. Their final end will be with their father, Satan, in the lake of fire.

    All of the original “titans” (that’s what the Greeks called them) were killed off before or at the Flood. The Book of Enoch goes into detail on what he calls the Watchers. After the Flood, we are to infer that other Watchers came down yet again and produced more angel-human hybrid offspring. Yet again, they tended to become giants. (This phenomenon of giantism is seen also in hybrids involving lions and tigers — ligers — and is explained by a DNA genetic mechanism whereby the gene that governs limitation placed on growth is somehow defective or turned off, and giantism results.) The people of Canaan were thoroughly infected by angel-human mating, which is why there were so many giants in the land of Canaan when the children of Israel were ordered to go there and take the land. Canaan was offspring of Ham, originally presumptively as black as Kush (Ethiopia) or Mizraim (Egypt). But due to angel-human mating, Canaan became a land of giants, moreover white of skin. Goliath, Og and others were examples of these.

    I am saying all this to explain how speciation by skin colour came about amongst the descendants of Noah. White skin in particular became highly emotionally charged for the original black human-kind. At one and the same time, it was leprosy, a curse considered unclean, and it carried what became known as white-skin privilege. The offspring of the angels also were tutored by them in all kinds of arts, practical as well as magical, that tended to give the angel-human hybrids power that mere humans did not have. That aura of power was enhanced by physical giantism. White skin acquired prestige. Enter paganism, and the worship of white-skin gods. This in essence is what is also termed “baal worship”.

    The children of Israel came into existence first as an army. Their task was to drive out all the Canaanites from the land, every man, woman and child, and to tear down all the idols. Having failed in that task, Israel too fell victim to baal-worship, and indeed to “white worship”.

    Our indo-Aryan Edomite brethren also fell victim to baal and white worship. This is reflected in their varna (colour = caste) system of brahminist hinduism. Oh, this skin colour thing is deep!

    Butttt…. Yahweh stirred the pot in such a way that there is strong correlation between certain of the white races, and the afore-mentioned offspring of angel-human mating. Those of the Balkans and Baltics are given away by these names. The real Caucasians of the Caucasus mountain area also are heavily associated with that serpent seed connection. Others of white skin are actually not “caucasian” at all in that sense, but became white in the way Gehazi was made white, or in the way that albinos separated themselves and propagated new white-skinned speciations of humans (sons of man as opposed to serpent seed). Some of them are Israelite seedline brethren, e.g. the original Scandinavian and other West European nations that were populated by scattered Israelites who happened to have turned white.

    But over time, the serpent seed would have penetrated all the white-skin human populations. All would have yielded to greater or lesser extent to the “Greek” way of baal worship or pagan worship. That would have started with the Canaanites, an originally black people, the sons of Ham. Nevertheless, not all white people are serpent-seed.

    However, to the extent they have been made over time to identify as being “white” as an essential marker of “racial” identity, they have been misled, and are easy prey to Satan and his works. Many of these are seedline Israelites, notably of the tribes of Ephraim, Manasseh and Dan.

    In a similar trick, Satan has convinced many of the Chosen that they are “black” as of race, or “African”, of “African-American”, as the case may be. Our dark skin rules us out as being serpent seed. But it does not rule us out from being or becoming slaves or agents of Satan. He continues to work the “white worship” angle on us, using the fact of white skin privilege as one lever to get us going in that direction. Then there is the overwhelming power of images in the media — Hollywood especially — to inveigle us into dating and marrying white, thereby easing the way of the serpent seed into inter-mixing with the holy seed. This is a victory for Satan, to add to the victory already largely won in the case of white Israelites (and other whites who are not of the serpent seed).

    In these end-times they have picked up the pace in the media and other social institutions. Inter-racial mixing is being heavily promoted in the media. Michael and Priscilla, Kim and Kanye. All the old social taboos against miscegenation have broken down. The real taboo was always against mixing with the serpent seed, not per se against white/black mixing. And the whole point of the Israelite war against Canaan was to stamp out the serpent seed. It was a task that Joshua failed to accomplish, and likewise the Judges and kings of Israel that came later also failed to accomplish. And exactly as foretold, the serpent seed of the Canaanites became a snare to Israel, which then fell into idolatry — baal worship and white-skin worship.

    Part of our punishment, intended also to bring an awakening, has been to be put under a yoke of “white” racism, and to be treated as inferior beings, when in fact we are the Chosen, the people God chose and still requires to live up to our role as a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation; Exodus 19:5-6. As we struggle to come out from under that state of “racist” oppression, we must first understand that the real issue is not skin colour, but that which is confounded with it, which is the issue of the attack upon the holy seed of the serpent seed. The psychological operation (psy-op) upon us is a classic of reverse psychology. Satan has us lusting after “strange flesh”, and making of white skin, indeed all skin tones lighter than ours, into some kind of fetish object to be desired. It is a vanity.

    Who is behind the psy-op? None other than the synagogue of Satan: they who “say they are Jews and are not”; Revelation 2:9, 3:9. They are the Edomite Jews, allied with the serpent-seed Khazar Jews, actually Gog and Magog. They have stolen our identity as the Chosen seed, and in the holy name of our forefather Judah are committing all the abominations of the world, turning all that is good into something evil, and turning all that is evil, and portraying it as something good.

    As I said, it is a long story. It’s all there in Holy Scripture, but God has made it so that the story must be searched out. We must be diligent in our study. In that way these truths are revealed.

    I have given you only a taste. And I have not even addressed all your questions. Let me recommend a video: On reclaiming our ancient Hebrew language, see . That helps with identifying some of the tampering, but to me is not strictly necessary when the Spirit is your tutor. It ought to whet your appetite though.

    Btw the question of Cain’s wife and the land of Nod is easily answered if you read Genesis through Chap. 10, and think like a detective. What did Sherlock Holmes say? “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”


    “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” (Proverbs 25:2)

    1. Addendum:

      Here is an excellent example of how the Word has been tampered with:

      The sister breaks down the full meaning of the admonition “do not cast your pearls before swine”.

      “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” (Matthew 7:6)

      It turns out that the original Aramaic translated as “swine” is actually “khazar”. This is a literal reference to the Khazarian people of the Caucasus. Its secondary meaning is swine, or a selfish person.

      The word “pearls” references the holy Word given to us by God. We were warned by Yeshua to not let the Khazar come into possession and control of our Word.

      The warning was to no avail.

      But God in His mercy is giving us the means to wash the baby without throwing it out with the bath water.


  10. “Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.’ “Matthew 5:15
    As a first step towards self love , and sustainable / authentic empowerment,of a historically maligned, and disenfranchised people , those of us with knowledge , and means , must show the way.., using all means necessary. I am of course referring to art , sports, the pen, digital activism,…. whatever,si?

    This Information is much appreciated Hermano Yoruba Israelite. I will certainly take your advice- not only to be a bit more judicious in my public cyber utterances, but likewise, seek ways to further educate myself on this pertinent subject.
    There is obviously much work yet to be done , if Global Africans , are to retain/ reclaim their important positional status ,not only in our underachieving race / class fissured T&T, but the Global community at large-in which they are presently scattered.
    As you’ve highlighted,the issues re our Albino Brothers, and sisters , are most unfortunate.,all across Africa.

    Here is a difference maker,& world famous , Malian Brother, who also suffered as a result of his genetic impediment, that eventually used the bully pulpit via his artistic talent , to advocate, against ignorance, discrimination,genocidal monstrosity , and in essence for Social justice.

    Again thanks for the info.

    Luv Humanity people!

    1. Mi hermano,

      Here is a good video for recovering evolutionists:

      Age of the Earth by Dr. Kent Hovind

      This fellow specializes in making science-ists (to coin a phrase) look dumb. He has debated lots of them and seems to win, and easily, every time.

      I don’t agree with all of his theology… that would be a long story so I refrain myself. And I don’t agree with all his science. But on the question of the Genesis creation story, the Flood, Noah and the eight survivors, I entirely agree. On the (speculative) science where I do not agree, I won’t say what it is, but mention that only where he (unknowingly) strays from Scripture is he IMO wrong.

      I cite this video because it addresses, in passing, your questions related to Cain and his wife.



      PS. Btw, mi hermano, what is it with your drifting into Spanish from time to time? Puedo hablar un poco de espanol … bastante bien para vivir … ja ja ja … pero no discutir teologica y ciencia…

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