By Nalinee Seelal
Wednesday, May 18 2016 –

MARLENE AXEDPOLICEMEN recoiled in shock and horror yesterday when they found two intoxicated sisters, aged nine and 14, naked and lying on the seats inside a heavily tinted Nissan Navara van. The 39-yearold driver, found clad only in his underwear and a jersey, was immediately arrested and remains in custody.

According to reports, at about 10.50 am, a party of officers led by Ag Sgt Ramlogan and including PC Leelum and others were on an exercise when they observed a heavily tinted black Nissan Navara van parked in an abandoned Caroni Ltd cane field near Cedar Hill Estate in Barrackpore. Officers instructed the driver to come out of the vehicle and submit to a search, but he instead started the engine and drove off at high speed. Officers gave chase and the van was intercepted and forced to stop a short distance away. The officers quickly surrounded the van. What they saw inside made them recoil in horror and revulsion. They saw a 14-yearold girl, naked and lying on her back on the front passenger seat which was reclined. On the backseat, also naked and lying down, was a nine-year-old girl. Both children appeared disoriented.

Officers found quantities of alcohol inside the vehicle, leading them to theorise that the man made the girls drink in order to impair their senses and make them easy victims.

Police sources told Newsday the sisters were unaware of their surroundings when they were rescued.

The 39-year-old man who is from Princes Town, was clad in a boxer shorts and jersey. He was arrested and taken to the Princes Town police station.

The children were allowed to put back on their clothing which was found in the van and taken to the Barrackpore Police Station where a Woman Police officer from the Child Protection Unit (CPU) spoke to them and later accompanied them to the District Medical Officer.

A medical exam, Newsday was told, later revealed the nine-yearold was sexually assaulted and there appeared to be a ‘hickey’ (love bite) on her neck.

Medical tests on the 14-year-old girl found no sign of sexual activity.

The teen later told police the man had carried out indecent acts including grievous sexual assault on her and at the time the police intervened, he was about to rape her.

The suspect, who is a technician, is said to be a long time friend of the children’s father and reports revealed the children were sent by their mother to purchase some items in the Princes Town area when the man, who was driving his van near to where the sisters were walking, called them to the vehicle and told them, “let’s go for a ride.” Knowing he was a friend of their father, the girls got into the van.

Police sources said the children’s mother, when contacted began to sob on being told by police of the incident. She told officers she trusted the man even with her own life and never expected him to prey on her daughters. She said she read stories in the newspapers about children being sexually assaulted, but never thought for a moment, it would hit home as she considered herself to be an extremely cautious parent when it comes to her children. Yesterday, head of Police Southern Division Snr Supt Irwin Hackshaw commended the officers for their keen sense of observation which allowed for a predator to be held and two children being rescued.

He added that any sexual act committed against children is extremely serious and he and his officers have adopted a zero tolerance against this and all kinds of crime.

Snr Supt Hackshaw advised parents to be especially careful who they allow their children to be with.

Police said criminal charges are expected to follow when the investigation is completed. Recently, officials from the Children’s Authority stated that within a nine-month period, over 1,000 cases of sexual assault on children were reported.

Officials spoke of sex predators on the loose and pointed to low detection rates of this and other crimes against the nation’s innocent.


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    THROUGH tears of shame, two sisters aged nine and 14, yesterday told police that when they were rescued on Tuesday by police, as a man was sexually assaulting inside his heavily tinted van, this was not the first time he had sexually abused them.

    Reeshie Surajbally
    Reeshie Surajbally

    No bail for accused child molester
    FATHER of two Reeshie Surajbally appeared in the Princes Town Magistrates’ Court on Thursday afternoon, charged with kidnapping, giving alcohol to minors and two charges of indecent assault.

    Lawyer seeks isolation in jail
    Reeshie Surajbally, who was allegedly caught with two naked intoxicated girls in his van, was jeered and taunted by a large crowd when he appeared in the Princes Town Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

    1. He will be dealt with by the law. Same as Duke or any other sexual deviant. It is to the credit of the police they uncovered this slime ball. As for you Jerry were you a bastard child? Just asking.

      1. I have more Royality in my name than you will ever know ….cause you are just plain dotish to succeed in any school to learn that fact. Nevertheless the truth hurts doesn’t it. Your people are the bastard children of the world not mine. The minds of your kind are so heavily distorted it ain’t funny anymore.

        1. “I have more Royality in my name than you will ever know” Not a slave descendant? Or are you shame to admit it Jerry. Please I am indenture descendant 5 generations I love my heritage. You should love yours also Jerry…Bastardization and all..

          1. I do not do… like yours …and interfere adversely with the lives of the little ones and the women folk … and I DO NOT CHOP WHEN I AM DISAGREED WITH. But you do not move me with your insults. AND THE TRUTH HURTS JUDGING BY YOUR RESPONSES. My only wish is that your people cool their herbs and live peacefully with others in T&T and NOT FEEL T&T BELONGS TO THEM ALONE.

  2. Is this what Sat are his followers are preaching to our young people? And what is our dear government doing about this? And of course there is the question about marriage and abortion? Do they really care or do they really give a shit?

    1. How do you know he is a Sat follower? Jerry you will appear to be wiser if you “hush”. Everytime you engage in a conversation it is so poorly articulated. This concrete thinking you have need to mature in abstract reasoning, something that takes years to achieve. In your case I have my doubts.

      1. YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE DOUBTS …They are like you…more of the same with fancy lawyers who know how squeeze others. Moomoo…God do sleep.

  3. According to Satnarayan Maharaj, the religious leader of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha, all they have to do now is to let the alleged rapist marry one of the girls. This appears to be one of the reasons behind his justification of underage marriages.

    1. That is a wrong concept of poor human logic being manifested in the ignorant world that you live in. Nobody is suggesting raping a girl so you can marry her. What the marriage act allowed was 14 year old girl to get married if she is in a relationship that involves sexual activities and she is leaving the home to meet her paramour for a roundabou. Then both families will get together and discuss the best course of action. This was to avoid a shameful situation of having an illegitimate child. Besides these girls contemplate and may even commit suicide due to this emotional entanglement if the parents decide to intervene and stop this relationship. To avoid that they prefer marriage.

      Under the Indian world view marriage involved more than just the boy and girl but the families. The wedding is seen as the families coming together. The longest and most expensive wedding was held in India, it lasted two weeks and culminated in marriage with rose petals dropped from a helicopter for over a mile. Back to the topic at hand. The 14 year old girl will be adopted by the boy parents as their daughter after marriage. In TNT abortion is forbidden so if that boy do not marry the girl and provide a nurturing environment for the child, then the shame of single parenting a child becomes a burden to her family.

      The current reality with black culture is to have children for diffrent men starting from 14 years up. In the US 72% of African Americans cohabitate. In Jamaica it is expected that teenage girls will sleep with a few men and they are under tremendous pressure to do so. Their grand parents will raise the children which explains gang violence. In TNT teenage pregnancies are high in the schools. Yes many teens have bodies that are prepared to deliver babies, some don’t.

      Today most girls prefer to be married later in life, increasingly they prefer education and work before marriage. UWI student population boast the highest number of Indian girls in their entire student population. I have a number of nieces training to be teachers, doctors and lawyers. A few generations ago that was very rare. Most families will do what is right for their children. So don’t worry just right. Since this act was instituted there has been less than 80 such Hindu marriages and that is since independence.

      1. “This was to avoid a shameful situation of having an illegitimate child. “……Mamoo on Indian intent.
        “The current reality with black culture is to have children for diffrent men starting from 14 years up.”….Mamoo on his view of black people.
        “Under the Indian world view marriage involved more than just the boy and girl but the families. “….Mamoo indicating high Indian value of marriage.
        “I have a number of nieces training to be teachers, doctors and lawyers.”……Mamoo showing Indian progress vs African demise.
        “In Jamaica it is expected that teenage girls will sleep with a few men and they are under tremendous pressure to do so.”….Mamoo referring to black underage girls.
        At first sight, it might be easy to dismiss these statements as that of an ignoramuses. But in real terms, it is unfortunately, the purviewed beliefs of most hindu males toward African people in Trinidad and elsewhere.
        I put his comments in quote so as to show a determined effort, on his part to always show that Indians are always purposeful, success oriented and smart, while blacks (especially the black male), enters this world, with his penis in his hand and looking to impregnate every and any girl he sees. He also insinuates that the black male lacks culture, decency and statutes. It is easy to surmise that these are general views aired by Indians in intellectual circles as well as in peasant society. There is an insatiable desire on the part of the hindu male, to make a comparable match between himself and the African male. The areas of focus on their part is education, business and culture, to show hindu success while contending African reality in these areas is failure. The political and religious discourse of the hindu electorate exemplifies these beliefs. There is no way one can take these beliefs, pin it on the black man and say with any authority that he is the sole exemplar of these anomalies. Anomalies exist in all races, all societies and all communities. But it takes only a feeble mind and insecure mindsets to promote it as the sole faculties of another race or GROUP OF PEOPLE. What Mamoo wants us to believe is that hindus have honor. So when a child falls out of expectations by being pregnant at an early age, the decent and honorable thing to do is to save them from embarrassment by marrying them. On the other hand, he surmises, that for black people it is ok to have as many children out of wedlock and with many different partners as possible. Yes folks, this is exactly what the likes of Mamoo and TMan write on this platform everyday. There is no doubt also that they are being prompted to reiterate this as often as they can. One of the things they seem to learn and understand is, that lies repeated often enough gives the appearance of truth. For them, their competition is the black MALE.
        THEY SEEM INCENSED BY THE IDEA THAT THE BLACK MALE STEALS WHATEVER ACCOLADE THAT SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THEM. And so, they keep harping on parental neglect, promiscuity of the young blacks, an aversion to marriage, illiteracy and lack of prowess as the sole character of the black man. Marriage, from their point of view is the sanitizer of habits. It makes all things bad appear to be acceptable.
        Never mind habits of infidelity, child molestation, incestuous behavior, burning of brides, killing of brides,
        the use of melongene on the bride-to-be by older women, the habit of brother having the first crack the bride and many more are reported habits encouraged by hindu practice. The one sanitizing and acceptable out is the one commonly referred to as ‘marriage’. Never mind the evil, perpetuated sexual mores and often advantageous man/child relationships that are associated with it, marriage remains the qualified and sanitized character of the hindu in Mamoo’s eyes.

        1. “….the habit of brother having the first crack the bride…” Kain
          Yeah Bro Kain, and of course , we are referring to a not too secret ,’how de boy go learn’ syndrome, that their docile, subservient females ,came to accept from tender ages, long into adulthood,as de norm.
          The first time I heard of this – spoken about with authority , by some of my fellow citizens while living abroad, I nearly got a heart attack.
          Note for de record also , dat once the bastards cannot get their way , what is de end result?


          You got it.

          In de interim , we have clueless Souls like this Mama de La Bastied, El Presidente Cameo/ and his glorified economist Mujer ,de pandering – fake blond -ex police -Victim support guru ,Margaret Sampson- Brown ,trying to force feed our society , with some inconsequential narratives, on subjects they know nada about. Put differently, regurgitating profusely ,mantras about UN Human Rights abuse , and similar breaches , as opposed to addressing these ,and more obvious ,disgusting cultural practices, destined to keep our females, in a state of subjugation. Are we de more astute even buying? Nyete, Nunca, Non, no!


          Did anyone mention underaged child brides ,as practiced chief by Hindustani, and Islamist cretins in La Trinity, and defended by sex starved , complicit Pundits,such as ex MP Sharma, and SAT, or least we choose to ignore , dem numerous fake Muslim- Imams, we are stuck with here?
          If females from half of our population aren’t going to school, since they are busy making babies from as young as 10 , 12 , 14 ,and 16, what does that do to our society as a whole ,as illiteracy escalate?
          Thanks Ambassador Latulippe,and all of civilize Canada ,for taking a stance.

          Well done Mr Chief Justice Archie , for starting a debate.
          Thank you Mama Verna St Rose , for trying to force your ever politically callous ,male carbal manipulated , neo elite Female Hindustani PM , to pay attention, to this social malady, where you served our country as a Gender Minister.

          Blessings to our post indentured – Indo Trini Hindustani hermanos , y hermanas- on this their national Day of celebration.
          May we, the more socially progressive , give the middle finger to stupid political correctness, and better yet , continue to work together in peace ,and understanding ,to build a great nation. In the process . let’s cast off the ugly yokes of lose/lose cultural habits- wherever they might emanate from- si?
          I luv dis land, Y tu?

    2. Sat: Better for girls to marry

      By LAUREL V WILLIAMS Monday, October 24 2011,149450.html

      “IS it better to build a place for young, unwed mothers than to marry underage girls?” Secretary General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) Sat Maharaj asked yesterday.

      The Hindu leader was commenting on statements made last Friday in the Senate by Gender, Youth and Child Development Minister Verna St Rose-Greaves, who hinted to an end to marriages for underage girls.

      “She has no authority to pronounce that, none whatsoever. If, by accident, a 14-year-old becomes pregnant, then by consent of her parents she can be married. Is it better to build a place for young, unwed mothers than to marry underage girls?” Maharaj asked.

      According to the Muslim and Hindu religions girls as early as 12 to 14- years-old can be married with the consent of their parents.

      During her contribution to the 2011/2012 Budget debate in the Senate, St Rose-Greaves, said her ministry would soon be having consultation with a view to amending the Marriages Act of Trinidad and Tobago

      Speaking with Newsday yesterday, Maharaj said the decision to increase the age from 14 years is against Hindu Marriages Act of 1945.

      “That decision, first of all, is definitely for a community to decide. Very few people under 14 years get married in Trinidad and Tobago. In fact, within the last few years, there wasn’t any. It is there as a safety net,” suggested Maharaj.

      Islamic scholar Maulana Siddiq Nasir yesterday said he is awaiting the start of the consultation to hear what comes out of the debate.

      Nasir called for consistency when the consultation begins saying in certain states in the United States (US), 12-year-old girls can have abortions without their parents’ knowledge.

      “In the United States, a 12-year-old is competent enough to have an abortion without the parents being informed. Yet it is illegal for them to get married. We would like to see consistency here when this consultation begins,” Nasir said.

      Under Islamic law, once a girl reaches puberty she can get married, Nasir said. According to this country’s Muslim Marriage and Divorce Ordinance of the 1960s , a person can be married at age 12, Nasir told Newsday.

      He again made reference to the US saying when an 18-year-old male has sexual intercourse with a girl younger than him, it is considered statutory rape.

      “So then what is it when two underage persons have sex? Sex between underage persons is quite common (in the US). When they have the consultation here we would see what takes place,” Nasir added.,149450.html

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