PM reviewing Camille, Marlene matters—AG

By Richard Lord
March 11, 2016 –

Prie Minister Dr Keith RowleyPrime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is reviewing the future of Cabinet Ministers Marlene McDonald and Camille Robinson-Regis and will act decisively at the appropriate time. So said Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi during an interview with reporters after yesterday’s post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the Prime Minister, St Clair.

Housing and Urban Development Minister McDonald and Planning and Development Minister Robinson-Regis have been the subject of much criticism for their roles in two incidents. Robinson-Regis is being questioned over the deposit of more than $93,000 in a First Citizens bank account and McDonald is being probed for her role in the acquisition of an HDC apartment by a close associate.

There have been repeated calls for the ministers to resign over their alleged conduct in the respective matters.They have both denied any wrongdoing. Commenting on the McDonald issue, Al-Rawi said: “There is nothing to be acted upon (and) relative to the Camille Robinson-Regis issue. The Prime Minister has that issue under active review and the key is for the evidence and the information to be brought forward and considered which he is in the process of dealing with.”

He said Rowley had “acted and continues to act with propriety. He is known to be a man that acts in a very decisive way and there is consistency in his approach.” The AG added: “The PM has said he will deal with the issues of his Cabinet and the public statement that I am making now is that he is in the process of doing exactly that.

“The fact that someone may have made a report to the Integrity Commission is mutually exclusive from the Prime Minister’s own view of his own position as the head of the Cabinet. “He is reviewing these matters and I expect that the PM, being as decisive as he is, will pronounce on the matters and will do so at the correct time.”

According to the Attorney General: “There are certain markers that one has to pass through and one cannot just accept allegations. Facts must be proven. “The Prime Minister will act decisively,” Al-Rawi insisted, adding that the PM did not push away the issues. “He didn’t say no. He dealt with issues as they came up and he has said he is actively dealing with it,” he said.

The AG said the Government just concluded its first six-month review and retreat and “the PM has said there are matters that will come out of the review from the retreat which I expect he will speak to.” He noted the PM has “very wide powers under the Constitution to manage his Cabinet and otherwise. I will not intrude upon the prerogative of the PM… he is the PM.” According to Al Rawi: “The facts are not fully out there just yet and I expect the PM will bring those out, so I will like to think he is ahead of the curve and is managing it appropriately.”

Al Rawi also said Rowley never said he had lost confidence in First Citizens as was reported in a newspaper.

“He said no such thing,” Al-Rawi insisted yesterday. Al-Rawi also said he did not share the view of former chairman of the Integrity Commission Ken Gordon that Rowley’s alleged comment about the Integrity Commission was based on his previous experience with the body.

He said the Prime Minister was also expected to speak about another matter which has engaged his attention. That matter was not revealed.


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  1. Regis was cleared by the government (lol). Marlene well it is going to take some time since this started in 2010. Keith does not have the balls to get rid of these women. Kamla was able to end the career of 19 politicians and political wanabe. Even the great Warner bite the dust in 5 years.

    1. Clown…did you read or listen to the NEWS FACTS?? Did you read or listen to HWWHHYYYYY they cleared her??? The FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS AND PAPER TRAIL show that Camille Robinsin Regis WITHDREW TT$93,000 from REPUBLIC BANK and DEPOSITED the exact figure in FCB…the scandal that UNCOPPMAMOO tried to weave in the public imagination, is that the money was dirty…Republic Bank is an official witness to this fact. HENCE she WAS cleared of any wrongdoing…witb that said…do y8u really think that if PNM bit wigs wanted to commit fianancial corruption they would do it at Larry Howai’s FCB??? EH clown?? My Theory?? Although it is admittedly unfounded, i believe This may have been a deliberate, BRILLIANT act by Mrs. Robinson-Regis to “flush out” FCB…..and it worked!!!

      1. I said Regis was cleared by the government….what else are you reading into that statement you simpleton.

  2. what ppl are failing to see is why would anyone carry around $93000. in Trinidad all bank have checks and money transfer along with other option so AGAIN WHY DID SHE DO IT????????????????? THE MONEY IS DIRTY AND ITS A COVER UP NOW THAT ITS OUT

    1. I could think of at least two reasons. One of them Alyssa has already mentioned. Another one is to make sure funds were in the FCB account to cover checks already written. I remember once having to do the same thing because a manager’s check would have taken four days to clear. So I took out the cash, and walked down the road to the other bank and made the deposit.

      Based on facts in evidence, the matter should be considered CLOSED.

      The ONLY matter that should now be at issue and addressed is to find out and punish the miscreants within FCB broke the law and revealed confidential banking information to the media.

      I am sick and tired of Opposition rock-de-boat politics as enunciated in the Opposition playbook known as The Indian Policy:

      Item #1: “make the country ungovernable”: Fits the generally alarmist tenor of media reporting.

      Item #2: “Our people must undermined (sic) this nigga (sic) Government and work assiduously in disseminating information to our personnels…”: Fits this illegal disclosure made by some one or more UNC “personnels” working at FCB.

      This country is saddled with a disloyal sectarian Opposition. They are as disloyal in Opposition as they were in Government.

      May the Most High expose every one of their wicked schemes, and render them null and void and ineffectual, and bring peace, stability and comity to this land.


      1. “Based on facts in evidence, the matter should be considered CLOSED.”–Yoruba

        Only a few days ago it was learnt that Marlene McDonald hired her live in lover to work at her constituency office for the tidy sum of over $13,000 monthly from 2010 to 2015. That is against the rules unless you are a PNM minister, then the rules don’t apply.

        As for Regis this lady has had several questionable dealings and in time the truth will be revealed.

        Unlike you Yoruba a man with a Standard 3 education the “facts” will prove otherwise. Time will tell..

  3. Lol…and the only people who can ‘see’ is The UNCOPP…
    Fact (1) Money was withdrawn from Republic bank $93,000
    Fact (2) Money was deposited At UNCFCB $93,000

    The only “cover up” is who is responsible for using private client information at UNCFCB to politically harass a Government Minister….THAT is the cover up people are “failing to see”

    1. There is something call a “cheque” I use it to deposit every week. I will not withdraw cash especially close to a hundred thousand from one bank and then go another bank and deposit that sum. I would write a cheque, unless someone gave me cash and I decided to deposit it. Besides most banks do not carry such huge sums, you have to request it in advance.

      Knowing how the PNM have agents in the banks and everywhere else I will not be surprised that they “fix” this one to save the minister. This particular minister has been elevated after this fiasco. She obviously have the ears of the PM and much more….

      1. Mamoo is such a clown eh…so now, after his great hype of wrongdoing on the minister has flopped he begins to literally fabricate realities that suit his agenda. Mamoo is a Donak Trump supporter…the type that attend point reasoning with him

        1. Mc Donald gone, 6 mths in the PNM administration and the Housing Minister taken out.

          Please be informed that His Excellency Anthony Thomas Aquinas Carmona, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister under subsection (3) of section 76,subsection (1)of section 79, subsection (9) of section 3 and subsection (3) (c) of section 77 of the Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has revoked the appointment of Ms. Marlene Mc Donald as Minister of Housing and Urban Development.
          The Prime Minister has also advised His Excellency on the following:
          •to reassign Mr. Randall Mitchell from Minister with responsibility for Public Administration to Minister with responsibility for Housing and Urban Development
          •to reassign Mr. Maxie Cuffie from Minister with responsibility for Communication to Minister with responsibility for Public Administration and Communication
          •to assign Mr. Stuart Young as Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister . This is in addition to his current portfolio as Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General
          Office of the Prime Minister
          The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

  4. And now both ah them must be fired and jailed for corruption while in office at this level.

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