PM: Tim Kee did the right thing

Trinidad Guardian
Monday, February 15, 2016 –

Prie Minister Dr Keith RowleyPrime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says Port-of-Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee did the correct thing in responding to criticism from the national community. He said Tim Kee’s statements following the murder of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya were “unacceptable.”

Dr Rowley said he felt the mayor had responded as he should and the matter had been properly handled. While he had initially refused to condemn Tim Kee for his remarks, he said after reviewing the full statement on television he realised the comments were unacceptable.

Asked if he had influenced Tim Kee’s decision, Rowley said certain concerns were conveyed to Tim Kee in a text message conversation early Thursday.

“I am the father of two daughters. The very first time they played mas they played with Poison for their first Carnival. I would in no way create an environment or conversation where any woman who is harmed is as a result of how she is dressed,” he said.

“I feel his comments were clearly unacceptable but he has stated his intention to resign. As far as we’re concerned it’s been addressed.”

Dr Rowley, who thanked Tim kee for his service as mayor, said he had no power to fire or dismiss the mayor. Tim Kee currently holds the position of treasurer in the People’s National Movement but the prime minister said the party does not necessarily take responsibility for the conduct of every individual.

“If any one of us in the PNM does anything that doesn’t find favour with the public, well then it wouldn’t be a gem in our crown but by the same token we don’t have to overdo it and, you know, behave as though we are going to carry out a public lynching.”

Asked his position on Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul’s support of Tim Kee, Rowley said he didn’t know that it is advisable for anyone to support a view that is clearly unacceptable.


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    “It is better to travel well, than to arrive .”

    Oh yeah , “steel pan ah beat like Trinidad,” and sadly our once treasured T&T , is fast evolving into a Social ‘Killing Fields ,’ right before our very eyes , and it seems as if we are powerless to do anything about it… even as our politicians finger point, and play musical chairs , with , useless Ministerial reappointments , and National Security reorganizing- while treating our much maligned Police , Military , and Prison Service, as a political football. .
    Happy to see, a suddenly awake, social activist body ,achieve some minuscule success ,in the wake of this sick tragedy, and worst yet , unfortunate political reaction ,by a misguided Mayor, as this speaks well for our evolving Democracy, si?
    Let’s not however, get too carried away , into thinking that a new Mayor , or feel good political back slapping ,by suddenly gleeful, Kamla led – Opposition forces , is the end all solution, to our ugly, festering crime woes, shall we?
    If a society , cannot even decide , on how to select a new Police Commissioner ,for five years , after first bringing in , then kicking out a White foreign one, how de hell ,are they going to curb runaway crimes?
    How do we make citizens , acquire the require confidence in our Law enforcement Community , so much so , that they see the need to fully corporate with them ,as they in turn , try to halt this growing crime menace, that is threatening our very existence, as a nation?

    Unfortunately for folks across the Global Village , here is reality , we cannot escape :- The foreigner amongst us , tends to become the victim of our earthly savagery, all because the perpetrators , are either unprepared , or too scared to attack the real culprits , that initially placed dem in that pathetic / sad , often ignored state.
    As such , the work by our Law Enforcement blokes , becomes even more mammoth.
    In our Tobago , White retirees are the victims, and of course , the negative impact on tourist dependent Tobago is quite obvious .
    In Trinidad ,it ranges from (as in this case ) an ‘East Asian – pro T&T Cultural -treasure,’ or likewise , much envied Chinese Business blokes , and least we forgot,involved rival gang bangers,from Central- Enterprise , to East Dry River -Lavantille.
    In Europe , it’s desperate Islamist Arabs,Afgans, and North Africans , fleeing war torn countries.
    In Pax Americana , it’s socially mobile , Global African folks, attempting to gravitate to previously White, dominant enclaves,and still feeling the push back from neo KKK cretins. Least we forget also , it’s pro racist – bohemian law enforcement entities , coupled with a profiteering – state / privatized -Capitalist ,;Prison Industrial Complex ,’ that since Post Jim crow Slavery, has ……?
    In Israel , or South Africa …?

    Need we go on?

    Yep, the much ignored genocide, and blatant discriminations , in The Dominican Republic , by fake Euro -Espania(Spanish speaking)Latin folks , on their African Haitian , Francophome cousins , have been well documented , but still continues unabated …and we know why, oui?

    Ok , you get de picture , si?

    There is obviously work to be done , and though challenging the way ahead , with the correct will……who knows?
    Stay vigilant folks!
    Luv Humanity people , and forget de tribe!

  2. Future of Point Fortin Mayor now in doubt

    By Andre Bagoo
    February 15 2016 –

    THE TENURE of another PNM mayor – who had come to the defence of Port-of- Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee last week – was yesterday cast in doubt after Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley chastisted Tim Kee for his controversial remarks, saying they were “totally unacceptable”, and warned that persons who supported those remarks would be held accountable.

    “I don’t know that it is advisable for anyone to be supporting something which is clearly unacceptable, the unacceptability of which has resulted in the Mayor’s withdrawal from office,” Rowley told reporters at the Piarco International Airport prior to his departure for an international summit, when asked about remarks made by Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul.

    “That does not sound to me as a very sensible position and I did mention very early on that we are holding people responsible for individual conduct,” Rowley said. “People are responsible for their own conduct and they will be held accountable. Accountability comes in a variety of ways. There is public opinion. There is sanction. We take it on a case by case basis.” However, the Prime Minister said he would not be looking into the comments of Paul, but will intervene if there is any “dereliction of duty”.

    On Saturday, hours before Tim Kee’s announcement of his resignation, remarks attributed to Paul circulated on social media.

    In one comment, the Point Fortin Mayor stated, “What action Tim Kee must resign for. I hope when the truth of the young lady’s murder unfolds some people could handle it.” In a subsequent interview with CNC3’s Kamal Georges, Paul confirmed the remarks were his and further said, “Those people who are making it out to be as crime as usual in Trinidad and Tobago would be surprised and, of course, be disappointed.

    We must not put a spin on this thing. I will take the heat for it. Those people who were at City Hall they have an agenda.

    They are political and they are hypocrites.” Paul yesterday came under fire from politicians and individuals on social media.

    “The Independent Liberal Party (ILP) strengthens its call for Point Fortin Mayor Clyde Paul to either resign from office or be removed by the Council for his continued arrogant, callous and disrespectful statements in the aftermath of the murder of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya,” said the ILP’s Sunil Ramjitsingh. “We encourage all civic-minded citizens to raise their voices and demand that Paul must go.” One person on Facebook remarked, “I’m beginning to wonder about the criteria one must meet in order to be a mayor.” But while the storm over Tim Kee’s remarks looked set to widen, Rowley yesterday said the Port-of-Spain Mayor, who is also the PNM Treasurer, would not face sanction from the PNM party.

    “As far as the PNM is concerned, the matter which attracted our attention from the very beginning has been properly dealt with in the end and we are satisfied with that,” the PNM political leader said. The Prime Minister said he had no authority to fire Tim Kee.

    “The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago has no power to dismiss any mayor so the call to me to dismiss the mayor was quite misdirected,” the Prime Minister said.

    “He now has to tender his resignation to the Council because the removal of the mayor is a matter for the Council.” The Municipal Corporation Act, Section 15, states a mayor may resign on his own volition but continues in office until a successor has accepted the post.

    Rowley said he had spoken to Tim Kee and expressed to him that his comments were unacceptable.

    “The Mayor was told that in my very first comments to him at 9 o’clock or thereabouts on Thursday morning.” Asked why, when questioned later in the day by the media on Thursday, he did not state his view about the wrongness of the remarks, Rowley said, “I had only seen a portion of what was on the news. I did not see it in detail until the night when I was asked.” If he had not seen the full remarks of Ash Wednesday, why did he call Tim Kee on Thursday morning to say the remarks were unacceptable? “I had seen sufficient to have communicated with him instantly on that morning,” Rowley said. He added, “I am the father of two daughters.

    The very first time they played mas, they played with Poison and I played with them to ensure that they were properly looked after….I would in no way create an environment or conversation that says that any woman who is harmed or, God forbid, killed, is as a result of how she presented herself. That is a conversation which I cannot countenance as the father of two daughters and the brother of two sisters.” The Prime Minister added, “Let us not get carried away with this.” Princes Town MP Barry Padarath on Saturday called on Rowley to apologise for his original stance on Tim Kee.


  3. Tim said he would resign, the Prime Minister thought it was the right thing to do and even thanked him for his service. Word is that Tim hasn’t made up his mind yet. And is waiting for city council to fire him. Is real bacchanal.

    Word is CEPEP works are now begging him to stay.

  4. Ryan defends embattled mayor: Let Tim Kee stay

    By Kim Boodram
    February 14, 2016 –

    PORT OF SPAIN Mayor Raymond Tim Kee is “eminently fit to be mayor” and should be asked to stay on, Prof Selwyn Ryan has said.

    In a letter to the editor submitted to the Express yesterday, Ryan stated: “I read with horror and amazement that Raymond Tim Kee, Mayor of Port of Spain, had opted to resign because the feminist community had put pressure on him to do so because of statements that he had allegedly made in response to the murder of the Japanese visitor to our shores.”
    “I do not have the time to go into all the details of the event but it is important that the matter be looked at dispassionately. As it is now, the herd is calling for Mr Tim Kee’s head without having had an opportunity to view all the ‘evidence’ about the exchange,” added Ryan, a Sunday Express columnist.

    “Mr Tim Kee is not a close friend, but I know him well enough to make a serious judgment about his competence and character. He is someone who is eminently fit to be mayor of the city and also to represent us and someone whom we can ill afford to lose, particularly at this time.”

    Tim Kee is expected to tender his resignation today to the Port of Spain City Council, as a result of pressure from a large section of the public over remarks he made following the discovery last Wednesday of the body of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya in the Queen’s Park Savannah.

    The 30-year-old woman, a regular visitor to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival, had been strangled.

    Tim Kee’s remarks were taken by many to be a statement in victim-blaming and a movement began last Thursday that spilled over into a march to City Hall last Friday, with the demonstrators demanding his resignation.

    Ryan said that Tim Kee should be asked to stay on and stated: “I hope that good sense will eventually prevail.”

    “The feminists’ behaviour reminds me of the ideology of the black radicals when we were pursuing our own agenda and talked a lot about intuitional and structural partisanship. All of this needs fuller elaboration,” Ryan stated.

    1. “He is someone who is eminently fit to be mayor of the city and also to represent us and someone whom we can ill afford to lose, particularly at this time”–Selwyn Ryan

      Kind Sir, this man is an international embarrassment to the nation. Go back and read what he wrote. This is the year 2016 and not the year 1960. A woman was brutally murdered there was no condolences or emphaty coming from his office, instead he talked about women inviting rape by the way they dress. Yes, all women are now thinking should they step outside, you never know which killer could think you are an object of lust. That type of language is acceptable for PNMites because of the bastardization of race but not for other civil society. Bye bye Tim.

  5. “Kind sir , this man is an international embarrassment to the nation.”Mamboo–marijuana–find-at-former-PM-s-home

    There is nothing as despicable ,as African folks , who allow self serving bastards , especially of other tribes , to use them , so as to further an agenda, and Ag Commissioner Williams , was just one such person.
    His penchant to repeatedly cover up ,and or failure, to to fully investigate , and charge PM Kamla, along with members of her criminal , UNC dominant /PP gang , was a bigger embarrassment to T&T.

    It’s one of the principal reasons ,as to why he should leave office , when his retirement is due ,as a DC, and nada more.
    Well done Dr Selwyn Ryan , you have finally redeemed yourself ,in the eye of the more politically astute amongst us , as well as the hundreds of “little Black boys ,” (culture vulture Gypsy ,sang about , in his rise to UNC fame / glory) you once threw under de bus , for allegedly ‘turning into terrible criminals , due to exposure to Soca Music .’
    Translation, your once confiscated ‘Ghetto card ,’ is in the mail.
    Yeah we know , it was difficult to refuse that state sponsored / retirement stipend, accorded to you , by Kamla / Cabral,due to your infamous Crime Report , in that run up to that unconstitutional state of emergence.

    Sorry to disappoint you and members of the tribe Mamboo, but our maligned Mayor , ain’t going anywhere .
    Your ‘all sex is Rape , neo feminist gang ,’ and that still clueless ex PM from Siparia , will have to seek fame , power , and glory ,in some other form- not via exploiting the death of a naive , Japanese tourist victim, dis time around.
    Ohhhh Mamboo, de last time I checked,docile / subservient , Indo Trini Mujers, such as Sasca Singh, and our new Facebook hero what’s her name , were getting kick , cuff/ licks like rain, while suffering in silence within de enclave.
    Maybe Ag Commissioner Williams , and his potential successor Police Association Prez what’s his name , will finally persecute ,another UNC Business-financial supporter , hmmmmmm?

    Sing with Jamaican Dance hall artist Popcaan ,and de Siparia Queen , Cuz mamboo. ‘WEEED IS MY BEST FRIEND!!!!”
    Country hating bums !
    I luv dis land , Y tu?

    1. But compare his one gold to kamla’s veteran status…GOLD since 1986! Eh? Panday backpeddling faster than bovell’s backstroke…eh? Eh?

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