Sturge wants AG probed over HDC loan to Garcia

By Rachael Espinet
January 15, 2016 –

Opposition Senator Wayne SturgeOpposition Senator Wayne Sturge wants the Integrity Commission to investigate the behaviour of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi for his alleged involvement in what Sturge deems a questionable loan agreement between HDC and Noel Garcia.

Sturge claims Garcia, who was managing director of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and is currently the chairman of Udecott, was granted a loan from the HDC.

At a news conference yesterday Sturge produced documents which he claimed were questionable transactions.

The transaction in 2007 involves a loan request from Garcia to cover medical expenses for his son, Christian. The amount of the loan, $166,000, was approved by the HDC. However, Sturge claimed Al-Rawi reviewed and recommended the loan and then sat at a subsequent meeting to approve it.

“Al-Rawi, in the fourth board meeting undertook to look at the documents, look at the legislations and advise the board on weather it should proceed and how it should proceed to grant this loan to offset medical expenses for Mr Garica.

“Having undertaken that task, Mr Al-Rawi was duty bound to excuse himself from the sixth meeting, which is the meeting held where he advised the board to accept his own advice, his own advice in which he sat in a different capacity on the sub-committee of the board on legal matters,” Sturge said.

A quote from the internal audit done on the matter reads: “There are no documents to show a dispersement of $166,000TTD to Noel Garcia. There are, however, documents in the means of two letters instructing Republic Bank to wire transfer £30,000 and £5,000 respectively to Christian Garcia.”

Sturge pointed to an excerpt of an audit document of the HDC, saying it was troubling the amount of money transferred to Christian Garcia, the son of Noel Garcia, was more than the money approved by the loan. The transfer of the account is more than $400,000TTD.

Responding to Sturge’s allegations, Al-Rawi said that matter was not a new issue and it has been dealt with on a number of occasions.

“This specific matter concerning Noel Garcia is not a new matter to Trinidad and Tobago. Indeed I recall with utmost clarity that on September 17, 2010, Roodal Moonilal, as the minister then, in Parliament in the Appropriations Bill, raised this issue and I in fact dealt with the Moonilal allegations on September 20,2010 in the Parliament,” he added.


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  1. Always thought you went to the bank for a loan not the HDC, but boy was I wrong. A more than $400,000 loan lol.

    “HDC was being run like personal fiefdom”
    “Sturge wants AG probed over HDC loan to Garcia”

    When headlines like these are flashed before our eyes, there is a tendency before reading the details, to expect information that provide compelling evidence of wrongdoing. In the above stories, carrying the compelling urge to read, an intelligent would be dismayed to conclude upon reading that the stories are not worth the paper they were written on. This character, Wayne Sturge has become the new ‘Jack Warner’ of the UNC. He uses his profession (lawyer), his parliamentary obligations (UNC senator) and his party loyalty to craft information, intending to show wrong doing on the part of the new PNM administration ministers and at the same time asking for their removal as ministers or in the case of Noel Garcia as an administrator of the HDC. It is a play right off the playbook of Kamla Persad Bissessar. Back in the Manning administration when Patrick Manning had a well-put-together cabinet that included Franklin Khan and Eric Williams, two prominent and efficient ministers. Kayla Persad Bissessar, with the help of Anand Ramlogan, who got Dhansook to lie about taking bribes from the duo ministers, formulated the same kind of eye-catching headlines that we are now witnessing involving Faris Al-wari, Noel Garcia and Marlene McDonald. It is a case worth remembering because exactly the same tactic is being used (with the help of the media) to propagate wrong doing on the part of officials of the PNM government. The then Op[position Leader, Kamla PERSAD BISSESSAR, came before Parliament and waved the ‘documents’ containing the valuable information of receiving bribery by the two ministers (Franklin Khan and Eric Williams). Without the use of a p[roper investigation report the then Prime Minister Patrick Manning exercised moral judgement and fired the ministers. Only using the ‘information’ from Kamla, Ramlogan and Dhansook. As it turned out, it was a sorry case of calculated mischief on the part of Kamla and her cohorts to deceive the public into believing that these two honorable men were crooks. The DPP eventually ordered the case and all charges against Eric Willams and Franklin Kahn be dropped because of the false information that was provided by Kamla, Ramlogan and Dhansook. Dhansook ended getting the bitter end of the stick and Kamla and her Pal Anand were not even reprimanded. These two people are officers of the law. They connived, lied and misrepresented the case that they made but were nevertheless allowed to practice as usual. Today, we are seeing a repeat of the same play by Wayne Sturge (acting on behalf of Kamla) it appears, trying to besmirch the image of Faris AlWari, Noel Garcia and Marlene McDonald in the same fashion that she did with Eric Williams and Franklin, and you know what?, the Press in all its vigor is just as willing and just as anxious to replay the scenario once again to the public. A few questions have come to mind? Has the Press examined these so-called documents that Wayne Sturge is offering? If they do, have they tried to ascertain the validity and morality of them? Have they sought to have information from the accused about these charges? Why is the Media so vulnerable to these types of accusations? Rather than do their own investigation they would rather have us believe that the HDC was operating on ‘fiefdom’ as one article put it. Have they sought to have contradictory information? What we have here is the media helping to do the dirty work of Wayne Sturge who wants to be the new ‘Jack Warner’. This is appalling in all its manifestations and cannot be entertained as serious news coming from the serious sources that are so willing and able to print it. Things like this should not be the matter of headlines to besmirch people. Instead they should be left to appropriate authorities to handle and so categorize before making headlines. There is a case under the present administration in Washington, where the Obama Administration acted in haste and fired an Assistant Secretary in the Department of Agriculture. The woman, a black woman, was responsible for lands (leasing etc) and the politicians charged her with using discriminatory in a letter or statement she made against white farmers. They even went on to reference quotes from the statements. The Obama Administration, taking no chances fired her forthwith. As news of her firing reached the same white farmers she was accused of discriminating against, they went to her defense and corrected the image that was implanted by the politicians. It turned out that in her statement, she acknowledged her prejudice going into the situation but when the situation was revealed to her, she fought for the white farmers to ensure they get what was duly theirs in their fight for lands. The only fact that was truly revealed was that the lady’s statement was parsed and taken entirely out of context, thereby causing bad reflection on her part. If the full context was revealed it would have shown that the lady expressed a prejudice she entertained but never acted on it and instead fought for what was rightly due to the white farmers. This caused the Obama administration a lot of embarrassment that they asked her to come back and she refused.
    She later collected a lot of money for wrongful job loss.
    The IC to which this guy Wayne Sturge is appealing has no moral authority. It is in fact an organization gasping for breath as an authentic organization of fairness and equity. Wayne Sturge the lawyer, senator and politician is recalling doing the work of Kamla Persad BISSESSAR, who has promised to the country ungovernable. With all this known publicly, why has the media rushed to make this a cause celebre?

    1. And Kian what does all that “Nancy” story you telling have to do with money being wired illegally but returned after the person got caught tiefin saying it was a loan.????

      1. Mamoo, it is no secret that you and I do not share the same values. My christianity allows me to be incensed by acts of unfairness and bigotry. Yours do not even acknowledge that they happen at all as long as the victim is not you. This is a clear case of public mischief which you might consider a clear evidence of wrong doing on the parts of the PNM, just because the victim is a PNM. The initials P N M means that those so named are your enemy. To me U N C means other citizens who think and act differently but I have the same amount of love for them because they are children of god and as such deserve compassion. My teachings disallow me to hate, yours encourage it. Mine is not compatible with paganism, yours encourage it. Stealing for you is not sinful, as long as those benefitting from such theft are those you hold in high esteem. Mine says that stealing is a crime and must be punished. All the billions unaccounted for by the last government is not an affront in your estimation. For me, it is immoral and unseemly. They must be punished. So, you see Mamoo, what you praise I despise and what I despise you adore. Morality is utmost in my appreciation of things. Morality may not even be an existential norm in your beliefs. So, it is evident that the values we share are vastly different and like TMan you may want to call it racism or whatever but common ground is not a place that you and I can share in any discussion because we don’t share the same values on virtues.

        1. Again another mindless ramblings “I am better than you mindset”. Kian you, Winnie and Yoruba needs to have your heads examined by a shrink just to see if everthing is okay up there. All I get from you three is race and religion. As a blogger please write something intelligent and with a bit od debt instead of polluting the Internet with this racist religious drivel.
          The Jews thought that as God chosen race they could do whatever and say whatever. Yet they were driven out of Israel by the heathen Romans in 70 AD and only became a nation again in 1948. The point here Kian is quite simple always walk humbly before God because Pride goes before destruction. Don’t be too quick to judge others, there is only one judge and that judge is God himself.
          You go around saying billions disappeared from the last administration without substansitive proof of anything, did u know the last administration had about $60 billion in debt to deal with..

          Check record here
          In 2010 Prime Minister Kamla Persad Bissessar met an economy in decline, she turned it around settling over 130 wage negotiations and giving workers an increase between 20%-23% in 5 years and she did that without increasing taxes. And the population voted her out.

          In 3 months, PNM, increased fuel by 15%, increased VAT on zero rated goods by 12.5%, increased NIS to 13.5%, increased business levy by 200%, reintroduce Property Tax, send home hundreds of workers, freeze salary and bonuses and not a man say a word.

          1. The Jews thought that as God chosen race they could do whatever and say whatever. Yet they were driven out of Israel by the heathen Romans in 70 AD and only became a nation again in 1948.

            The so-called Jews in the so-called state of Israel are not of the seed of Jacob. Therefore, they are not seedline Jews, and the state they established in 1948 is called Israel only pursuant to an identity theft.

            Their own scholars attest to this. See:

            (1) Arthur Koestler, The 13th Tribe — this book traces the origin of the fake so-called Jews to the land of Khazaria ca. 750 AD, under a King Bulan who had the whole Khazarian Empire convert to Judaism;

            (2) Shlomo Sand, The invention of the Jewish people — the author is a professor at Tel Aviv University, who tells essentially the same story; and

            (3) Benjamin Freedman, a 1974 speech from which I quote:

            “So, he (King Bulan) compelled his entire nation, (which at the time had a population of maybe 18 or 20 million people, and extended to the heart of Europe), they had to become members of that religious belief. He sent to two Talmudic centers in the Holy Land, and he brought up religious leaders, (whether you call them rabbis, or what, it makes no difference). And he compelled the 4,000 nobles (they had a feudal system) to adopt that faith and it became the official faith. They built thousands of schools and so-called temples, or places of worship. That is how the people of Eastern Europe became what we know today as Jews.”

            This had been prophesied:

            “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” (Revelation 2:9)

            The reference to “thy poverty (but thous art rich)” is a reference to the true Jew, the “Negro” that suffered enslavement via the trans-Atlantic slave trade, fulfilling thereby Deuteronomy 28:68, as well as the 400-year prophecy of Genesis 15:13. We will also fulfill Genesis 15:14 (“afterward shall they (the “Negro”) come out with great substance”), hence the sense we are both, under poverty, but also “rich”: we are the heirs to the kingdom. But in any case, Revelation 2:9 (also 3:9) is clearly stating that there would be a people who *say* they are Jews, and are *not*. Furthermore, they are of the “synagogue of Satan”. There is only one candidate for fulfillment of that prophecy: the Khazar Jews who founded the so-called state of Israel.

            I thank Mamoo for the opportunity to inject the true Word that my “Negro” brethren may begin to tap into that deep well of remembrance of who we really are. We are seedline sons of Jacob. Here is another photo of what the ancient Israelites looked like: they look like us. This one is a depiction of Israelites going into the Assyrian captivity, ca. 720 BC. They bear no physical resemblance to the Khazar Jews, obviously, who are converts, and of the seed of Japheth, not Shem. They are a fulfillment also of:

            “God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.” (Genesis 9:27)

            Our fall btw was occasioned by disobedience, not per se pride. Fornication is more our failing as a nation, along with being stiff–necked and rebellious. Still today you can’t tell a nigga (term of endarment) nutten! Nor will he open up the book and read the word of God! Bill Cosby is a sad example of an Israelite done in by the sin of fornication. God lets us get away with nothing! King David, in the matter of Bathsheba, was even more guilty than Bill Cosby, because he had her husband killed. Yet still, David was the apple of God’s eye. He had to pay a price, and a stiff one, but was forgiven; Psalm 51. My point: we are the prodigal son, and still heir to the kingdom, although we have as a people been stiff-necked, rebellious, and disobedient. That is why we are in the state we’re in, suffering tribulation and poverty, yet we are “rich” in God’s sight as true Israel=prince with God, moreover true Judah, unto whom the gathering shall be.

            May the Most High in His abundant mercy forgive our sins and the sins of our forefathers, and pour His spirit out over us, that we may awake to the remembrance of who really we are. And may He protect us from the irredeemable wicked, those of the synagogue of Satan, and of the seedline of Esau/Edom.


            “And it shall come to pass, if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do all his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:

            But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee:…” (Deuteronomy 28:1,15)

  3. If the current UNC opposition has information that previous PNM administrations did wrong, and these allegations can be proven to be breaches in conduct of the office holders, then the current government would have to allow for due process and let the chips fall where they may.

    I support exposing and punishing all acts of corruption, past and present. However, the UNC’s calling on members in the current PNM regime to answer for alleged acts of corruption during their previous term in office is also proof of the UNC’s incompetence. It could be argued that the UNC government and the persons they placed in charge of state corporations held on to these alleged past PNM wrong-doings in order to exploit the same for their own corrupt gains. In other words, one would be inclined to speculate that they held on to such information in order to later use it as leverage in the event that they lost power to avoid possible prosecutions.

    It is in our best interest to investigate all acts of government corruption and get redress where possible. If the UNC’s allegations are true, then they are as guilty, if not more so, than those they are accusing, for failing to take decisive actions to prosecute previous corruption while they ran this country.

    1. Does not matter there is a case to answer, the PNM is the most corrupt regime to ever govern TNT and they damn bold face about it. Right now the housing minister have a host of monetary tiefin to the tune of several hundred thousand going back to her last time in office. If Kamla was in charge she would have had to walk. Kamla fired 19 in 5 years, I bet Dr.Rowley fire none.

      Now watch as the PNM psychopaths defend the indefensible on this board…. Enjoy.

  4. Mamoo said: “Right now the housing minister have a host of monetary tiefin to the tune of several hundred thousand going back to her last time in office.”

    If the UNC can supply evidence to substantiate this and bring forth a prosecutable case then, by all means, the minister should be charged. But, why did the UNC not pursue these charges while they had the power and mandate to so do? Why are they now asking the PNM to focus on alleged past wrong-doings by their own ministers even after the UNC was in power for the last five years and had an aggressive Attorney General who was all too eager to score political points?

    I am not playing this lesser of evil game. Depending on how one looks at things, any of the past governments can be considered the most evil. There was corruption during past PNM governments and, in my view, there was corruption during the both incarnations of UNC beyond the nineteen or so ministers Kamla fired.

    It seems that the most evil government is ascribed to the PNM because PNM is considered to be an African-based party and thus should automatically carry the most degrading status. Where does this view emanate?

    1. The 19 was not even fired for tiefin my friend. Look closely at what they were fired for before you come pointing fingers. Since you both UNC administrations were corrupt. PNM people like to say that even without a shred of evidence, it is call brain washing.

      But here is a small sample of PNM corruption. You bring your list or shut up.
      —Calder Hart as NIB Chairman buying back the $110 million HMB Shares for $130 Million giving former PNM Tresurer Andre Monteil a $20 Million profit
      —-$126 Million Broadgate Place Tower Scandal
      —- Chaguanas Corporation Administrative Complex-$10 million over-budget and 24 months’ delay;
      —-Government campus, Legal Affairs Towers-$300 million over-budget
      —Ministry of Education Towers-$300 million over budget
      —NAPA (PoS)-$234 million over-budget
      —NAPA (San Fernando)-$238 million over-budget
      —Beverly Hills Housing-$106 million over-budget
      —Three questionable payments to Bouygues days before the Election, payments were made on May 14 ($3.6 million), May 14 ($10 million) and May 19 ($5 million)
      — Sunway Construction $300 million quarry contract Scandal
      —$100 million to fix shoddy work done EMBD with Water pipes and Electricity together
      —$150 Million to repair poorly constructed houses under Dr. Rowley watch
      —The closure of Caroni 1975 Ltd. And Destruction of Thousands of Lives who depended on Caroni to feed their family
      —Auditor-Generals Report stated $1.6 billion spent on CEPEP between 2002-2007 with lack of accountability
      —How was Landate reclassified from agricultural lands to lands for residential use and where the money came from to build that development project?
      —Tobago Financial Complex $81 million cost overrun
      — Tobago Library $80 million cost overrun
      A Careful check will show almost $25 Billion in Scandals under the PNM 2002-2010

      1. What’s up with these cut and paste responses that are being mined from the UNC propaganda forum? Can you not construct arguments that stay on point for yourself? Why not answer the questions?

        Why did the UNC not pursue these charges while they had the power and mandate to so do? Why are they now asking the PNM to focus on alleged past wrong-doings by their own ministers even after the UNC was in power for the last five years and had an aggressive Attorney General who was all too eager to score political points?

          1. Hmmmmmmmmm……….. Let me see! I suppose anyone who does not agree with the idiotic UNC policies MUST BE P N M.. P N M .. PNM…. AH thats it. If you don’t agree with stupidness then you must be a PNM!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhh if you don’t think like Mamoo you must be PNM. – Great logic!!!!

          2. “One word the PNM (Knee-gah) DPP”…the current DPP if judged by his ACTIONS would not be considered a PNM, UNLESS ‘PNM’ doesn’t stand for political allegiance of crony, but rather “Rawans” “Knee-gah”…until the DPP is a devotee of the Maha Sabha, or at least straight haired…He/She will be labelled PNM

    2. Justright, the key to the argument lies in the DEFINITION of “evil” & “corruption”…most people in T&T use the term corruption with a specific idea in mind but are seemingly oblivious to the GENERAL nature of term “corruption”!…”corrupt” merely means “does not work or function as is supposed to” BUTTTTTTTTTT, the term is used specifically to mean Financial corruption… (Theft, Bribes, inducements etc.) BUTTTTTTTTTT, there are other types of corruption….some are overlooked and considered acceptable fringe benefits or perks of Office…but it is STILL corruption! E.g. it is accepted, that even though the education system denies thousands of children education at the school of their choice each year, High Officials’ children are given ‘a pass’…That IS corruption…BUTTTTTTTTTTTT Trinidadian society thinks THAT is LESS corrupt, than a Minister ‘organizing’ a house, for a relative,which was always understood & accepted as a ‘perk’ of being an official, but as there is so much Dirt on UNCOPP, they are grabbing at the bottom to try an equate PNM corruption with THEIRS…This brings me to the Real ‘evil’ & ‘corruption’ that i think is obviously the WORST kind in thus Twin Island State…i.e. ETHNO-RELIGIOUS CORRUPTION…

      (1) Prime (HDC) Units/Whole HDC sections for ‘HINDUS’ only
      (2) Prime acreages of Land for ‘Hindus’/Indians only
      (3) State Of Emergency for Africans Only!
      (4) Fraudulently doctoring SEA reuslts Hindus/Indians only
      (5) Interferring with the promotions in the Defense Force to catapult a Hindu Indian as head THEN, changing the law to allow a Hindu Indian an unprecedented extension to the catapulted position, thereby DENYING an African their rightful chance to EVER serve as HEAD.
      (6) Tinkering with the Police service to Catapult Hindu & Indian police officers into Highranking positions by facilitating their Lawsuits against the state (then under their control…much like prison gate) this ensures that in the coming decade Hindu & Indian Officers will fill all High ranking positions (UNC loyalists)
      (7) Tinkering with the RECRUITMENT in the Protective Services to BULK up the numbers Of Hindu & Indian recruits for a despicable Ethno-Political agenda
      (8) SYPHONING & Unfairly DUMPING BILLION$ of Dollars into the Hands of EXCLUSIVELY Hindus & Indians by every possible nook & cranny Legally & Illegally…this ensures large number & GENERATIONS of wealthy Hindus & Indians who didn’t simply earn their way to the top, but got DUBIOUS state contracts in BULK

      Now, can you honestly say that the PNM did any of the above? Ever? So how can you IGNORE this reality and take the position that since both parties engaged in FINANCIAL corruption, regardless of the glaring difference between themmin SCOPE & SCALE & Whether or not there is an ethnic agenda in only 1 of them (UNCOPP)…”lesser or evils” DEFINES our existence on Planet Earth…politics is aboust choosing the BEST candidate of what is available…not if the candidate is perfect….that woulsd never exist!…The PNM is leagues under the alternative (whichever mask the Hindu indian party Uses or calls itself)…any monkey willz twll you in theforest, NEVER let go og asturdy branch before grabbing another one…until there is a genuine,ethnically secure alternativefor african people…i ent budging!
      Fool me once (1986)- Shame on YOU
      Fool me Twice (1995)- Shame on ME!
      Fool me Thrice (2010) Shame ON ME!

      WAKE UP to the real world! As it is!…not as it SHOULD be!

      1. Way to go Alyssa! Complicit in the calling of the word ‘corruption’ is the media. The media NEVER distinguishes the nature of the accusations. It tends to associate PP or UNC corruption with PNM corruption. I have always thought it natural to expect a member of Parliament to assist a constituent in matters involving accommodation, health or education. I would expect my MP to help me if I needed a house in the HDC. How come it is good for everyone else but it is bad for Marlene McDonald? Is the media logic telling us that there was a lot of cries of corruption during the last PP administration, so now that the PP supporters have the opportunity, they can call anything the PNM does ‘corruption’? Wayne Sturge started telling us that Marlene had many houses under the HDC banner, then he reduced to one and now it is just influence peddling? Why can’t he make up his mind on what he really want to say? Why hasn’t the media ask him to define exactly what he wants to accuse Marlene of? Why hasn’t the media tried to ascertain from Marlene what her story is? My worry is the media is too complicit in the venting of the story to suit a certain point of view.

  5. Re Bill Cosby, let me hasten to add…

    Cosby is guilty in the sight of God for fornication. That much we know. He is likely guilty of other sins before God as well. Knowing Hollywood, and knowing that Satan is the lord of this world for the time being, it is likely that Bill made his deal with the devil, possibly merely by virtue of the company he kept, and what he might have had to do to become the “success” that he did. Butttt… it is also obvious to me that in the sight of the law, he is not guilty of the charges of which he is accused. Consensual fornication, whether or not enhanced by quaaludes, alcohol or other chemical mood-altering substances, cannot be a crime before the law. These accusers may have felt used and abused afterward, especially if they wanted more from Bill Cosby, e.g. fame, fortune, than in the end they got, and most especially if they were unceremoniously dumped. But natural justice, and the law for the most part, does not find for a plaintiff that is in part responsible for their own alleged misfortune, especially if they are using the courts to stick it to a rich guy with deep pockets.

    Be that as it may… I think Bill Cosby, like King David, is essentially a “good guy”, paying a price for disobedience. There is only one way to alleviating the suffering he is now going through. The answer is to come to terms with who he is as an Israelite of the seed, and therefore of the responsibility he has before God for his own deeds and misdeeds. Psalm 51 would be a good start for him.

    May he find his way back to the knowledge of who really he is, and may the Most High abundantly pardon him for his many misdeeds. And may Bill Cosby, like Tambu Herbert, and me, “come out of her, my people”.


    “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:4)

    1. “Consensual fornication, whether or not enhanced by quaaludes, alcohol or other chemical mood-altering substances, cannot be a crime before the law.” Yoruba.

      Yoruba for certain Cosby not going to jail due to the statute of limitations. He admitted drugging women and as such he should be in jail. The drugs he gave the women caused them to pass out where he proceeded to rape them. Yoruba rape is still a crime under the law, there was no consensual sex. A woman my standard 3 friend cannot agree to sex if she is drugged. Think about it.

  6. The drugs he gave the women caused them to pass out where he proceeded to rape them.

    And you know this how?

    Look, as to law: if it is consensual, it is not rape. That much you concede as you must.

    And as to fact: Cosby has categorically denied any non-consensual sex. See >a href=>CNN interview. He has made no admission such as you have been led to believe, and his deposition testimony has been twisted on purpose to give that impression.

    As to statute of limitations. Some of the cases were within the statute of limitations. There were seven in Los Angeles that were very recently thrown out by the Public Prosecutor without being brought to court because upon investigation the claimed crimes could not have happened (e.g the Chloe Goins and the Moritz cases) or could not be proved. One case has been brought in Montgomery County, PA by the District Attorney under curious circumstances, because his predecessor had declined to proceed on the same matter, presumably because there was no merit to the case, or at the least that it could not be proved.

    In any case, you have no basis for saying “he proceeded to rape them”. That is for a court to determine, moreover case by case, as the law would require, on the basis of proof beyond reasonable doubt.

    This whole case is a high-tech media lynching. You are a perfect example of the media mind-rape that they have perpetrated.

    As imperfect as it is, let the law nevertheless take its course.

    In the meantime, I will continue to pray for the soul of Bill Cosby, because he has for sure sinned before God.


    “Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.” (Psalm 51:1-5, A psalm of David)

        1. Cosby’s attorney’s denial trumps this report.

          She stuck to the facts and kept in view the full context of the 1,000 page deposition, which the report you cite does not.

          …Proving my point about media mind-rape, and the media lynching of Bill Cosby.

          1. For your standard 3 education, Cosby attorney is doing what all attorneys do, defend their client. They are not interested in the truth, they are paid to paint their client as a victim.


    Now on to more pressing matters people . Just notice folks , how suddenly ,all the fake experts ,are rushing out of the South of de Caroni Woodwork , to pontificate profusely , on what ails our country , and how much wiser it would be, to follow the lead of the previous do nada – clueless -political clowns , who not only stink up the joint , by squandering away the inherited surplus , but failed to stop the economic bleeding , even as oil/ gas prices fell- all because they wanted to indulge in their symbolic Tassa whine , before the overdue election.
    Hey Doc , if the greedy UNC business pals , feels this is Haiti, or Venezuela , let them follow the economic leads of those two respective countries , by holding the population to ransom, simply because they wish to give the present political leadership the middle finger.
    Tell me folks , with citizens like these , who needs enemies, hmmmmmm?

  8. In a recent study,it was found that about 50% of squatters live in Laventille, Morvant, La Brea, Train Line , Diego Martin (parts), Moruga (parts),Pt. Fortin and do NOT pay property taxes. Some properties are worth upwards of 2 million dollars. These people enjoy all the benefits of the regional gov’t. viz. Waste removal, roads water etc. So the gov’t decides to impose the tax on “others” really.
    This is why the past regime did not impose the property tax.
    It is a spiteful policy!!

    1. LoL!!! “In a recent study, it was found that 50% of squatters live in….” (“Nee-gah”” areas)-BHOE (BOWE)
      Please cite the said (UNCOPP contirved) study…(LIE!)

      “Ths is why ths past regime (UNCOPP), did not impost the Property tax.It is a spiteful policy” BHOE (BOWE)
      The fact that they did not in fact implement it PROVES it was/is NOT a ‘spiteful’ policy…If it were a spiteful policy against “Nee-gah” areas(BHOE/BOWE)…we KNOW they WOULD HAVE implemented it for sure! The fact is the lRgest number Of Business owners in the country are UNCOPP supporters…..especially thise who steal/stole land in the past 5 year,3 moth term, and property tax will place them (their businesses & stolen land) where they ought to, but do NOT want to be…..ON THE STATE RADAR ! Also, taxes would cut into profit$…the opposition to taxes is based on GREED & fear of exposure of stolen land & illegitimate Bui$nesses!
      This ‘axe the tax’ is as trandparent as BHOE(BOWE)

    2. O Lawwd Bowe now you will anger Winnie, Kian and Yoruba. These three with standard 3 education will think you mistaken. One already said the majority of Indians are squatters. Although I only knew of one family that was squatting.

      It was the UNC moving to regularise these squatters but I don’t think the PNM will touch them with a 15 feet pole.

  9. Hey! Did you guys watch the Senate hearings on the VAT Bill? The highlight of the evening was the contribution of Opposition Senator Wayne Sturge. He delivered a kind of quasi illiterate speech, invoking the ‘wet-man’ and Afro Saxon types. Wayne’s contribution was taken right out of the streets of ‘Bangladesh’.
    He had AlWari gasping for breath, trying to understand what he was talking about. Then as soon as AlWari got up to speak, the stooge got up an ran out of the chamber. AlWari delivered a masterful reply to the stooge. He noted that he is yet to hire one employee of his own. Those who now serve him were from the last AGs staff. In trying to identify the staff (he met in taking office) has asked them to identify themselves. He made a general call for qualifications. Quite a number of them just failed to show up and literally quit the AGs staff. However 19 of them who were on staff and being paid between $15,000 and $24,000 per month could not be accounted for. AlWari called them the ghost employees. When the names were called, nobody knew who they were and they did not turn up to get their paycheck either. One hand to assume that this is the work of Anand Ramlogan – who else? Why would the country’s chief law enforcement officer choose to cheat the government of between $285,000 and $456,000 per month? Just who are these 19 ghosts employed by the Attorney General’s Office receiving these vast amount of money not show up when their names were called? Faris has indicated that the audited report has been forwarded to the Fraud Squad and that is a welcome sign of things to come. One can estimate that if the ‘ghosts’ were employed for two years how much that has cost the taxpayers. It would be between $6.8M and $17.2M. Just think, the person whom the population should entrust most and expect most from was cheating the government of this vast sum of money. That is just from one agency folks. Lets see how the others ministries report. Could you imagine that these are the people that the erstwhile Mamoo tries to paint with an angelic brush? There is a christian saying, ‘satan cannot correct sin’ and so my dear Mamoo, I know that this reLLY means nothing to you because your hindu background does not see this as a horrific act of corruption. You would rather Hail your brother hindu Anand as a hero of sorts for doing this but this is where we know who you are. If that money was stolen from India I am sure you would be most displeased, but coming out of the T&T Treasury and into the pockets of hindus? I’m sure you are happy with this kind of development because you do have split loyalties and Trinidad’s is not number one on your list.

  10. The tactics being used by the opposition are simply to derail the momentum of the incoming government. It’s standard procedure globally. It’s not a TRINIDAD thing. Look at what the Obama administration went through for health care! What this nois is covering up is the debt ceiling argument, the panic in the hydrocarbon industry and the continued lack of a white collar crime prosecution framework. Over 60 and still no sovereign court of appeal except for the Sovereigns court of appeal…that’s what the opposition party is making noise to avoid dealing with and the ruling partiy is wasting energy To also avoid dealing with.

  11. The tactics being used by the opposition are simply to derail the momentum of the incoming government. It’s standard procedure globally. It’s not a TRINIDAD thing.

    There is a big difference between a loyal Opposition, and a disloyal one.

    An Opposition that calls upon its supporters, moreover an ethnic sectarian minority, to “make the country ungovernable” (see Item #1 of the Indian Policy) is a disloyal Opposition, engaged in the *crime* of sedition. It is also arguably treasonous, given GOPIO and RSS connections.

    The *policy* of making the country ungovernable is not just words on a piece of paper. This has been a long-standing publicly stated UNC policy while in Opposition. And there is a pattern of action, today, that bears it out.

    On that we should be clear. It is a greater threat to the peace and comity of the land than (street) crime. We ignore it at our peril.


  12. For your standard 3 education, Cosby attorney is doing what all attorneys do, defend their client. They are not interested in the truth, they are paid to paint their client as a victim.


    How tiresome you are!

    *You* are the one that claimed that Cosby *admitted* “drugging women”. I have proved out of his attorney’s mouth, that it is quite the opposite: he has *denied* it.

    Media reports to the contrary were contrived by taking parts of his deposition testimony out of context and twisting his words.

    What the truth of the matter is, will be for a court to determine. If it ever comes to court.

    There appears to be only *one* viable case, the Constand matter in Pennsylvania. That is the only case in which accusation was brought in a timely manner, and even there the accuser was compromised, because she returned to him after he had twice made sexual advances toward her.

    “Then ye shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and ye shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he hath humbled his neighbour’s wife: so thou shalt put away evil from among you.” (Deuteronomy 22:24)

    A woman crying rape decades after the fact has no case, moreover is condemned already. Point simple. That is Holy Writ, not what I say.

    And in the Constand matter, the then Prosecutor 12 years ago considered the matter, and declined to bring the case to court. That case has certainly not improved with age.

    The only difference now is that a media lynching has been *orchestrated* against Cosby, at the very least infecting a potential jury pool. For what reasons are kept hidden. But by whom is clear: the owners of the six media conglomerates that own all media in the U.S. Why and how Cosby angered them may be imagined. In any case, after you cut through the mountain of crap, if you take zero and multiply it 50 times, you still have zero.

    By the way, *do* keep drawing attention to your pitiful educational accomplishment. You diminish yourself thereby without in any way diminishing your opponents.

    In the meantime, may the Most High have mercy upon the soul of our brother Bill, who at the very least is guilty of serial fornication. And may Bill have his heart and eyes opened that he may find God, and the peace that passeth all understanding.


    1. if you take zero and multiply it 50 times, you still have zero.

      Oh, and in at least two of the cases — Goins and Moritz –it has been proven that the accusers LIED! But Goins is using the publicity to launch a rap record! What an absolute circus! And Moritz said that her “agent” called her down, and so she came down to join the circus. And Bowman was his mistress for some length of time; in her own testimony she called him her “pot of gold”! And the attorney, Gloria Allred has said she wants $100 million. No wonder these women have come out of the woodwork. Some of them have already been paid for coming forward… by the media.

  13. Recently I came across an article written on this blog by Linda Edwards on November 12, 2006. Her open letter, in my opinion is very relevant to today’s reality and maybe some might be willing to heed her advice. I quote:
    “To: Her Excellency Bhairoon Singh Shekhawat
    Vice President of India
    Government of India:


    On your return to India, please request of your Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, that he dispatch Indian passenger ships, (with Indian Navy escorts to prevent piracy in the Indian Ocean) to Trinidad and Tobago to offer immediate repatriation to all “Indians” who are not Trinidadians, and who have suffered in this country as a beleaguered minority for more than one hundred and fifty years. It would of course be necessary for the Navy ships to wait outside the territorial limits of Trinidad and Tobago’s waters (12 miles) which means they cannot come into the Gulf of Paria, but could wait off the North Coast. It would also be necessary to seek the permission of the Colossus to the North, who calls itself the world’s greatest democracy, never mind that more Indians vote freely in elections than their entire population. This colossus regards the Caribbean Sea as its private lake, so if permission is not sought for the Navy Escorts, their being in the Caribbean could be seen as a hostile act, with bad consequences, if shooting starts, for all the innocent people who have never done India or that other Big Power any harm.

    It will not be necessary to evacuate every Indo-Trinidadian. Some have integrated into the society. We had one who recently passed on, The late Excellency Noor Hassanali who was the president of the republic for five years. His wife will most likely stay, but you should ask her. All the others who claim to be “Indian” and not Trinidadian or Tobagonian, should be evacuated to their original villages, if they have a record of where they came from. Many could be settled in Kerala which is still mostly agricultural, and which has had a long contact with Christianity, but those who are most hostile to faiths other than Hindutva should be settled, at the pleasure of the government in those underpopulated central parts of the Deccan. The major cities of Mumbai and others may be too crowded already, and immigrants do not usually do well in big cities. They are likelier, from my studies, to do better in small towns and rural areas.

    For more than one hundred and fifty years, these people have lived in Trinidad and Tobago, and reached the highest level of achievement that any can reach- in the Arts- the Nobel Prize For Literature, 2001; in the judiciary- Chief Justice of the High Court, in Business – now beleaguered criminals some of them, and politics- leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister. Despite this, they are a discontented people, forever trying to invite foreign governments- like yours, to interfere in the politics of Trinidad and Tobago, and have harmed the country internationally.

    Specifics: About twenty years ago, Trinidad and Tobago enjoyed great relations with Canada. Trinbagonians could migrate there easily, and prosper. That was until a few Indo-Trinis went there on visitors’ visas and claimed to be refugees fleeing persecution.

    At first, the Government of Canada “rescued” them, gave then the statutory allowance for refugees and helped them resettle When word got back to TnT that they were given living allowances and housing, a flood of “Indians” from TnT besieged Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, as well as Vancouver. This forced the Government of Canada to revise its policy of immigration from Trinidad. Now the line waiting for visas to visit relatives in Canada is almost as long as the one outside the American Embassy- where they stand in the sun for hours like cattle waiting to be herded somewhere, in a line reaching around the block. Trinidadians of other descents went to Canada and integrated into the society, becoming educators at all three level, engineers, businessmen, actors. Some “Indians” from Trinidad and Tobago did not integrate but kept their wife murdering and drug dealing ways, increasing the crime rate exponentially in Canada’s major cities. Although the Government of Canada does not generally keep statistics based on race or country of origin, it should be easy for your computer whiz kids to gather the information to back what I say.

    Recently, some Indian businessmen were treated badly on an international flight, for being loud and drunk. Dutch officials explained that they thought they were from Trinidad. That says it all!

    Every time an Indian official visits Trinidad and Tobago, The “Indians” in Trinidad redefine themselves as a separate people from the “others”. I first saw this phenomenon in the 1960’s when your late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited Trinidad. While no one faulted the waving of Indian flags, we had waved enough British flags when out colonial masters came visiting, including on honeymoon trips, many “other” Trinidadians were disturbed at the attitude of separateness that the “Indians” of Trinidad showed. This has been repeated with each visit of an Indian dignitary, including various swamis and religious teachers. Afro-Trinidadiand do not do this when presidents of African republics come visiting. News coverage of the visits of Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and Olusegun Abasanjo of Nigeria could prove this. Racial slurs and ridicule were offered to the Most Rev. Desmond Tutu of South Africa, when he came visiting in 1987. His name was compared to an Indian word for shit, by some amused “Indians”. No radio report can claim that any swami or guru was offered such insults by “other” Trinbagonians.

    Whenever someone in Trinidad and Tobago of Indian ancestry commits a crime, the race card is raised to try to affect the course of justice. This is true even in cases of wife murder, which is prevalent in that community. You may be aware since your government doubtless monitors such things, that the former Chief Justice is accused of trying to pervert the course of justice by interfering in matters that were to appear before magistrates and junior judges who report to him. That matter has now reached the Privy Council of England, where these former colonials believe they could get justice, above the justice of Trinidad and Tobago. India is a republic within the British Commonwealth. Do all of your big cases go to the British Privy Council also, or is it that the “Indians” in Trinidad and Tobago cannot bear to be adjudged by someone who is not Indian unless that person is a White Massa from our colonial past? Had these been citizens of India, would not your government regard them as being disloyal to the state and thus guilty of possibly traitorous conduct?

    You may well ask, Madame, what the government and people of Trinidad and Tobago done to ameliorate the conditions of the former indentures?

    I invite you to look at our calendar of national holidays. You would see three devoted to Indian celebrations, Divali, Eid Ul Fitr and Indian Arrival Day. I invite you to examine our schools that are not “Indian” schools, and you would see Indian children integrated into all of them. The reverse is not true of other children attending “Indian” schools. There are a few. You should interview some of them before sending those ships.

    A sports team is appointed: The Soca Warriors- no “Indian” complains, soccer is not their thing, cricket is. The team goes to the world cup, and without winning a single goal distinguishes itself for our country and are given a monetary reward. Immediately the complaining starts that there are no Indians on the team. Immediately questions are asked why not give it to cricketers too? Our internationally recognized white artistes and sportsmen, also begin questioning and agitating, where once there was peace.

    Our highest national award was removed from consideration this year, based on a lawsuit filed by “Indians” that it was a Christian award designed to promote the Christian religion. The award was instituted at Independence based on the name of the country. This year, we gave no awards.

    Serious minded and concerned Trinidad and Tobago Citizens are coming to the conclusion that there is no abiding these people. They will not be satisfied, no matter what. Many have never integrated into the society, and never will and apparently are proud of that.

    Now we are all a nation of immigrants, all brought there under inhumane conditions by the former British Raj, but some wear they complaints on their sleeves, as the beggars at the temple doors who hold up their scars for the world to see.

    It is time Trinidad and Tobago forges ahead building one society on the prosperity of our oil and gas finds, the education of our people and our respect for international law. It is time we build one society that lives up to our national anthem- “Every Creed and Race Finds an Equal Place; and May God Bless Our Nation” and to our motto: Discipline, Production and Tolerance. This tolerance should not be extended to those who make traitorous statements to foreign governments and so damage our democracy.

    So Madame, I plead with you, send ships to reverse the journey across the Kali Pani. Take the Indians home to their ancestral villages, and leave the Trinbagonians to enjoy a multi-racial society in the Southern Caribbean that we boast of as being a model of all people dwelling together in unity. They could be asked to draw up their own list. Remember Uganda and Kenya? Nothing was learned apparently, by the “Indians” who were living there either.

    This letter has been years in the making, and I do not ask this of you lightly. I do not represent any government office, nor party. I am simply an educated Trinbagonian who has come to the sad realization that in some societies, divorce papers for ethnic groups are a necessity. Years ago, I came to the same realization in my personal life, and took the necessary steps.

    Please launch Operation Rescue for all the “Indians” in Trinidad and Tobago at once. They are not going to Canada, the US or Britain, they are to be repatriated “Home” to India. All Trinbagonians will thank you. I thank you in advance.

    Yours sincerely,

    Linda E. Edwards
    Nov. 12, 2006”

    1. This is a quote from a blog written by Neal to the Indian replies on the subject above:

      “I would dare Dr. Deosaran or any of our esteemed Social Scientist to do a survey from 1956 to resent time to indicate how Indians have fared in terms of governmental jobs and other rewards when compared to others during so called Afro Trinidadian governmental domination.
      The average dunce on the streets of Chickland , Bara pore ,Cunupia ,or El Socorro would not know that Indo Trinidadian business successes could not have occurred if the political climate was not conducive to making it thrive, but you’ll expect that Felix and others – DA Destabilization Agents -of his similar tribal ilk would recognize that fact.”

      What we are seeing today is in fact “Indian Policy” in its most raw forms. The fact that people like Wade Mark, Bill Munro, Wayne Sturge, Pastor Cuffy, Pastor Roger Samuels, Maakandal Daaga, Garth Christopher, Anthony Carmona and Morgan Job can be the most vociferous exponents of this policy, is testimony to how deceiving it is to the eyes of the non-suspecting non-hindu. There is every reason to believe that “Mamoo”, the blog writer is really not one person but many minds behind one person. To listen to them
      their ‘problems’ started with Dr. Eric Williams and continues with Dr. Keith Rowley. The fact that their improvements in education and business has multiplied thousand fold is no comfort to them. The ‘problem is still ‘the black man’. In Parliament the right honorable Wayne Sturge got up and spoke about ‘wet man’ and the ‘poor man’ and how the PNM is making their lives terrible. But failed to mention under the last PP Government how many ‘cases’ were assigned to him by the PP government, therefore making him a very wealthy man (with the wet-man and poor man money). To this, he shares no sense of how the poor man and wet man had to endure.

    2. Could not have said it better.

      I well remember and miss my “cousin” Linda Edwards –(she also hails from one of the Merikin company villages, so in country tradition, she would be a “cousin”)– and wish she would rejoin the blog.

      But I can well understand that she grew tired of crossing swords with the tirelessly obtuse Mamoo, sure in his delusion that he, like the last UNC government, is “punching above weight”.

      They have been teefing in SEA and Common Entrance for so long that they’ve come to believe their own propaganda about how smart they are! And how indispensable! Meantime Barbados, with fewer resources, is doing quite well thank you, blessed not to have a traitorous sectarian minority in its midst working unholy mischief.

      Lord put a hand!


      1. Yoruba, hear my plea! Put Down the ‘Indian Policy’ Document and Pick Up the ‘Laws Of Manu’ the effect would be greater & deeper! I will provide the link….these ‘Laws’ of Manu are referred to as the ‘Hindu'(Brahminist) Legal Text! As ‘Manu’ codified The Bhagavad Gita & The Religion into ‘Laws’ akind to the 10 commandmwnts in relevance to the respective religion…read thise laws and you will understand in point form how the caste mind functions….literally! The indian policy is but a page (watered down) from the Laws Of Manu & the belief system…i.e. read the laws of many and you will understand the peculuarities of thise mentiined in Linda Edwards’ letter.

          1. Alyssa, thanks for the education. Although I was born and raised amongst Indians, my knowledge of their belief systems were vague at best. While I was aware of practices, I was nevertheless unaware of the meanings behind those practices. Reading the laws of Manu, it is very obvious in the contents and context of these laws, that acquiring, retaining and passing on to the ‘next in line’ of property is the crux of the hindu existence. So, it should come as no surprise that the hindu’s grab for land is just only about greed. It is their mantra, it is what they live for and die for. It is for this reason that in Fiji, there is now a reverse in the population of the number of hindus as opposed to the native Fijians. Before the coupe, the hindu numbers were larger than that of the native Fijians, but the present leader of Fiji has invoked a provision of their constitution which states that lands belong to the native Fijians. Lands may be leased (to the Indians) but given the Indians appetite for lands and aggressive nature to attain it, the Fijians are afraid that if the Indians were to attain power again, they would try to change the constitution. So, with that in mind, the Fijians are not leasing lands to the Indians, fearing that they would find some way to usurp the lands from them. Thus, this reality of unavailability of lands created a fear among Indians that they will not be able to acquire lands for growth and expansion. Fiji is now faced with an emigration crisis, where the educated and skilled Indians are emigrating to the United States, Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Mauritius and other parts of the world. In the process, their numbers are dwindling and Fijians are re-taking control of their lands. In Trinidad, land has always been and continues to be the means to prosperity and wealth on the part of the hindu. The acquisition of land has been used and pursued ‘by any means necessary’. The last PP government has accelerated that process and now it has to be reviewed and investigated to find out the methods to transfer of state lands to the hindu.
            Based on the laws of Manu: “155. The son of a Brahmana, a Kshatriya, and a Vaisya by a Sudra (wife) receives no share of the inheritance; whatever his father may give to him, that shall be his property.”, the Brahmin makes sure he has control of property at all costs. So, if all of Caroni lands for example were to be transferred to the hindu, he will become the landlord and overseer of all ‘private’ lands in Trinidad and the Africans by virtue of their non-participation in the process of acquisition, will be the tenants. That in a nutshell is the future of Trinidad, where ‘by any means necessary’ they would have attained their goal of controlling the land mass and the Creole (Africans) ‘looking for a place to rent’. That is the reality.

            Without the information that Alyssa has provided, we the reading public, would not have been apprised of the innate nature of the hindu. We continue to learn and MUST pursue the systems of caste, hindu, hindutva, the gita, the laws of Manu and manuscripts that formulate the minds and thinking of the hindu.
            The live amongst us and are an important part of our
            everyday contacts (whether we like it or not), so it is imperative that such knowledge be made available to all and sundry to become familiar with, in order to understand motive and purpose of the hindu.

          2. Thanks for the link, Alyssa. Interesting. I’ll have to set this aside for later study when I have more time. On a quick scan for some reason the book of Job springs to mind, and in particular his Edomite friends who came to commiserate with him in his misfortune. Also Mithredath, whom Nehemiah had to contend with when returning to Jerusalem to build the wall. Time permitting at some other time, and God willing, I might have more detailed comment. Thanks again, and keep schooling us on these matters.


        1. My dear Alyssa,

          Hmmm… let me take that under advisement. You have been doing such an excellent job schooling us on that, I happily leave that to you.

          I’m juggling quite a few things at the moment, so if anything I’m looking to shed load…

          But trust me, were that not the case, my normal habit would be to grab a subject like that and wrestle it to the ground… especially as I would also expect to connect a few more dots linking the Aryans to the Edomites!


          1. “Animals, Illiterates, Low Castes, Women & Dogs, are All DESERVING Of A GOOD BEATING” – Manusmirti a.ka. “Laws Of Manu”

    3. Ah Linda, yes she regularly blog here I missed her drivel she was a worthy combatant, but it is good to be reminded of what that angry black woman thought. Just prior to her stopping on this blog, I notice Alzheimer’s was settling in. She would lose her trend of thought and appear to go down this dark lonely path of perdition heading to Hell to meet her buddy Lucifer. But that is not unusual the years wasted in perpetuating her racist world view finally caught up to her. I can now see her sitting in her rocking chair waving her hand furiously as though she is deep in conversation with an angry Indian man… Haha good riddance.

      1. Your post has just illustrated to all of the esteemed posters on here the content of your character (or lack thereof).

        You may think that you have somehow derided the character of Ms. Edwards, when it is in fact you who have cast yourself in an unflattering light.

        Sometimes my friend, silence is well and truly golden.

  14. I missed her drivel she was a worthy combatant,

    Now *that’s* drivel. You can’t have “drivel” and “worthy” referring to the same thing.

    her racist world view

    Now that’s slander. Linda did not preach the oppression of others based on race. Unlike the Indian Policy, which advocates to other Indians: “make the niggas (sic) your slaves!”. The only racists in this land are the indo, brainwashed from birth on bollywood and brahminist hindutva. That is what she was fighting *against*. As I and others now do, with especial kudos to Alyssa for having studied the caste-mind quite deeply and showing how it plays out in our everyday travails with dese people.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and open the eyes of the sheep, that the wolves may no longer feast on him.


    1. “Judge not that you be not judged.The same rule you used to judge others it is the same rule that will be used to judge you”.
      With your standard 3 education and your easy belief system where anyone can fool you. All these silly pagan ideas that you are talking about indicate to me that you are serving a weak God. For i see fear written all over you talking about Hindus. Even going so far as to behave like a Hutu. Thinking that the Tutsies are a danger to your existence.Yoruba you are better suited for Africa…

      1. As usual you err, not knowing Scripture.

        “But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.” (1 Corinthians 2:15)

        All these silly pagan ideas that you are talking about…

        For example?

      2. Mamoo, this, most likely would go over your head but for the benefit of other readers, what is being written is not about judgement, its about known behavior. What is being written are FACTS, your facts, that you would rather deny and call people names to soothe your denial. Indian policy is fact; Laws of Manu is FACT; Hindutva is FACT; Caste beliefs is FACT. You may want to deflect but you cannot erase what is written and what is embedded in your minds.

  15. Excellent post Triniamerican…i decided not to respond…imagine poking fun at possible symptoms of a degenerative disease….i’m linking this to when Marlene Coudray’s daughter was confirmed murdered, Nalini Dial, a former political Colleague, insinuated that this tragedy, was AS A RESULT OF Marlene’s then, recent,underhanded defection from COP to UNC…ALSO, Ms. Dial nonchalantly added,as a explanatiin for her statements,that she was of ‘Hindu'(Brahminist) Faith & She firmly believed in KARMA. Interesting…that flew over the heads of the general public… to believe in Karma, is not to believe in FORGIVENESS, only that througb reincarnation, one can transcend ‘bad karma’…ohh and yeah… KARMA(‘hindu’ context) is inextricably linked to Skin colour (Varna) and Bad Karma=Dark skin light skin=good karma….if you accept you caste/varna duties witb a smile, you may be reborn/re-incarnated as a higher/lighter skinned caste (Varna)…sooo
    Someone please educate thise africans who are proping up the chutney band KARMA what they are representing,

    1. In that connection see what Job’s Edomite friends told him about his misfortunes.


  16. The Indian policy Document.
    It was name the green revolution today India a once starving nation is a top producer. Second only to China in Fruit production, second only to the US in milk production. Note,no Africana nation is among the list of fruit production. Simple reason, they are too busy raping and killing to work the fields.

    China tops the list of fruit production with 154.364 million tonnes (MT) in 2013 followed by India (82.631 MT), Brazil (37.774 MT), USA (26.986 MT), Spain (17.699 MT), Mexico (17.553 MT), Italy (16.371 MT) and Indonesia (16.003 MT). Surprisingly, though productivity is a weak spot, India does better than China and Spain.

    Africana policy document.
    Because of no vision this document that is blank is resulting in 14 million starving to death. Yoruba this is what happens when tribalism chews away at your heart, you are always seeing the worst in others. While you are busy focusing on the caste system Africanas are dying like flies. As the good book teaches “Cast the beam out of your eye so you can see the speck in your brother eye” If it is not farming it is war. In Sudan alone 2 million slaughtered and the murder continues.

    The UN says the worst drought in 30 years in Ethiopia means 400,000 children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition and more than 10 million people need food aid.
    14 million starving in Africa.

    The SWRHA board now has Colin Kangaloo as a director who is the brother of Christine Kangaloo and brother-in-law of Kerwyn Garcia who is married to Christine Kangaloo and is the son of Anthony Garcia, the Minister of Education, who is the brother of Noel Garcia, chairman of UDECOTT and former general manager of the HDC whose current line Minister, Marlene Mc Donald, facilitated the purchase of an HDC house for her common law husband, Michael Carew, through her minister-to-minister query in 2008 while Garcia was the general manager of the HDC back then and was sending wire transfers from HDC funds to his son in England at around the same.
    But Sturge must not query thus…hmmm

    The PNM is a cult where brainwashing is practiced regularly. This year TNT will see 800 dead due to their policy of taking from the poor. Not a blasted PNM dog dares to bark as they turn TNT into a banana republic.

    1. So tell us Mamboo,if T&T evolves into a “Banana Republic,” so does this mean, dat you, and fellow members of de tribe ,will be permanently exiting ,and or running for distant European shores otra vez…. ummmm… while bawling like constipated hyenas,requesting to be given similar Refugee status, in like manner ,to desperate Syrians,Afghans,Iraquis,and North Africans , fleeing their failed state?
      Hey, and don’t let dat Piarco door ,hit you on your collective heads , while on your way out!
      Good riddance ,you country hating , culturally corrupt, parasitic bums.
      A word of caution ,you delusional trologian weasel .Some 125 ,000 ,chiefly illegals-most of which, pounced on de Trini scene, during that pathetic Kamla reign- will willingly replace ‘you alze.’
      Don’t we love it people, when these cyber clowns,denegrate Africa,when their South Asian heartland , in WW3 ticking time bombs -India ,and Pakistan, are equally as bad,if not worst?

      Refresh my memory ,as to how nany bride burnings, suicides,unsolved rapes ,are occuring in poverty stricken India daily?

      In democratic T&T, ulike glorifide India,Muslims like Uncle Shah,and former Horse police, Lennox Phillip, aka Yasin Abu Bakr, can eat all the beef they wish, without fear of attacks, by Hindustani ,neo Facist zealots.
      Likewise in our T&T , our little Muslim kids, aren’t brainwashed as they are in that closet terrorist, Islamist cesspool called Pakistan.
      As such , here there is no need to learn the Koran verbatim ,from cover to cover, nor will any be encouraged to chop off their hands, by some barbarian Imam, due to alleged blastfemy of de Prophet.
      Now here is the clincher, that even a mental degenerate Carara escapee ,from Kamla’s- eat ah food lawyer- Israel khan son,(in still cluless) David prison, might appreciate.
      If Africans ran this country, for 45 years,out of 55, and the 10 years that de tribe held political sway, our country regressed, socially/politically, and economically- using any globally acceptable yardstick/ evaluation meater- in de words of that famous song by the Tradewinds -“so answer me fast, who civilize, and who is de Jacka….?”
      It’s 30 years in the political wilderness,and you guys have no one to blame Mamboo.
      Tell you what folks,I get such sadistic pleasure, in tearing apart the suspect logic, of a simi literate , neo tribal bozo.

  17. Africana policy document.
    Because of no vision this document that is blank

    It is to the credit of the Israelite that we wish no harm on any other people, quite unlike the moral, psychological and cultural nastiness of “make the niggas (sic) your slaves!” (Item #3 of the Indian Policy).

    As to the tendentious nonsense you trot out in derogation of the Israelite of the seed, I could give a better condemnation just based on Scripture alone. For as a people it is indubitably the case that we need to wake up. Nevertheless:

    “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh, and their righteousness is of me, saith Yahweh.”


    “I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walketh in a way that was not good, after their own thoughts; A people that provoketh me to anger continually to my face; that sacrificeth in gardens, and burneth incense upon altars of brick; Which remain among the graves, and lodge in the monuments, which eat swine’s flesh, and broth of abominable things is in their vessels; Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day.” (Isaiah 65:2-5)


      Africa’s richest according to Forbes Magazine versus India’s richest according to Forbes magazine. The Africana policy has produce more poverty in Africa, while the Indian policy of hard work has seen India in the top ten world’s most powerful economies. While Yoruba, Kian and Winnie entertain themselves on Hindu,Hinduvta, Brahmanism, etc they fail to understand the failure of such racist thinking. It is what have Africa in poverty with 14 million Africanas facing death.

      Do you think the tribalistic DNA is any diffrent in sweet TNT? Look at what the PNM has done to TNT in less than four months.
      Four months ago, we were talking Progress, development, Hospitals, Roads, Bridges, Schools, UWI Campus, Drilling School, Welding Academy, Nursing Academy, Aviation Institute, Water for All, 100 Houses per week, Land for the Landless, Health Tourism, Sports Tourism, Recreational Tourism, Green, Blue and Silver Economy.

      Four months later, we are talking, Doom & Gloom, Retrenchment, Austerity, Bitter Pills, IMF. How did we get here so quickly? Simple, you replaced the best performing government ever with the most incompetent government of all time. Yes the Africana dream has arisen like a dark monster over my country. Laptops gone, higher food prices, property tax, GATE review, scholarship gone…..the whole nation is in shut down mode, already murder is hitting record breaking level.
      The worst is yet to come!

      1. “Four months ago, we were talking Progress, development, Hospitals, Roads, Bridges, Schools, UWI Campus, Drilling School, Welding Academy, Nursing Academy, Aviation Institute, Water for All, 100 Houses per week, Land for the Landless, Health Tourism, Sports Tourism, Recreational Tourism, Green, Blue and Silver Economy.”…Mamoo

        I tried my best to IGNORE Mamoo and his vile comments, but sometimes when people use learned statements and interpret them for vile purposes, it becomes or appear to be relevant. Take for example, the above statement he made.
        There appears to be no harm in it based strictly on the wording, but when context and purpose are included to understand the validity of it, then you realize that the author, Mamoo is mixing fieces with perfume. That statement also reminds me of a movie I saw a long time ago. The movie “Cotton comes to Harlem”, in which Redd Fox appeared impeccably dressed in white tunic tuxedo, seemingly to be dressed for the wedding of his daughter but when he turned around his butt was bare. The moral of the story is this: While all he mentioned sounds good, the question to be asked is; where is the money and staffing coming from to open the hospital. How good is all those ideas without the infrastructure to handle the ideas? Who was responsible for using up all the available allocations that made the treasury dry? To use Mamoo’s favorite phrase, anyone with a ‘second standard’ education will understand that ideas as he referenced as good policy, is nothing if the resources are no there to make it reality. Mamoo is among other things, an agent provocateur who will try to play loose with saying something intelligent with any value to its meaning.

      2. As tedious as it is tendentious, that contribution is worthy only of the waste basket. It propels no other response from me.


  18. Yoruba, Kian, Neal,Rodwell…The name Darryl Heeralal, came up recently in the news as TV6 reporter Kejan Haynes questioned the ETHICS of Darryl Heeralal who apparently found himself among reporters, posing questions AS a reporter (objectivity) to Wayne Sturge, whose chambers, Darryl Heeralal works in as a lawyer…Now…do any of you remember when else Darryl made the news? Or more specifically….when LAST??? You shoukd Darryl Heeralal was somehwat of a Trialblazer in recent years…
    HINT:he preceeded Jaishima Leladharsingh’s caste minded comments.

    1. Alyssa,

      Thanks for raising that red flag. There seems to be no end to the plotting, scheming and deceiving. Why? They are pursuing an agenda, and vigorously, to make the country ungovernable. Item #1 of the Indian Policy.

      As Neal likes to say, we need to “stay vigilant”.


  19. There are many Heeralals, Leladdharsinghs and Mamoos to go around. These people were fortunate to get a good education without understanding the history of their development in this country. As far as they are concerned they ‘worked hard’ for it. Almost none of them understand or are willing to accept, the notion that many ‘other people’ (non-hindus), were complicit in their development. They look at those whom they consider
    ‘less fortunate’ than them as lazy, scumbags and illiterates. They feel that such people are unwilling and incapable of ascending. This was feed to them by their teachings of the laws of Manu from birth – “319. Thus, though Brahmanas employ themselves in all (sorts of) mean occupations, they must be honoured in every way; for (each of) them is a very great deity.”
    Yes, the brahmanas (hindu boys) think of themselves as better than those whom they perceive as having less than them. What better example we have of this than Mamoo? Here is a guy (he says he is a businessman), who by nature of what they believe they have achieved over the African, believe that they are in fact better than us!. Any anonymous reader will obviously view Mamoo’s writings as that of an undeveloped mind. But by reason of how he perceived himself to be he is ‘educated’, he is knowledgeable, he has wealth. The resulting effect of all this is arrogance. The arrogance shows in Kamla’s relenting and substantive challenge to the authority of the new Prime Minister. When she was Prime Minister, she though none is capable of handling her. The way she speaks of using the judiciary, one would likely believe that she owns them. In that respect we have recently seen where she gains such favor with the likes of Judges Mira Dean Amorer, Peter Jamadar and Allan Mendonca. Who is to know why Kamla operates with such confidence? The media either buries or subverts information that may not elevate their know behaviors. So there is plenty working in her favor. IN the meantime, the new government is working assiduously to obtain resources just to maintain the commitments she made to creditors.
    It is not now her worry so, in the meantime she uses the valuable time of the courts to challenge everything he proposes. All done in the name of democracy. But is this really democracy?
    It appears more in line with the number one stated Indian Policy-
    Make the country ungovernable!

  20. Give what intricate? This poor guy Mamboo , is way over his head , when it comes to serious cyber joisting.
    Well, we can blame his stupid Papa, and docile mama, for not sending him , and dem other 25 other , always bare feet, runny nose, and hungry , unfortunate siblings to school.
    Wanna bet he decides to fall for your sarcastic prodding , since he suddenly became convinced ,that just because folks with a conscience ,wish to see Kamla,along with most of her corrupt UNC /PP goons ,and party supporting business cronies do jail time ,for numerous past misdeeds, which contributed to almost bankrupting our once adorable country , they must be “racist pnmites,’as you joked about?

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