Query over Sharon’s Malta trip

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Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley and his wife Sharon Rowley
By Gail Alexander
November 13, 2015 – guardian.co.tt

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley will attend the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government conference in Malta accompanied by a small delegation including his wife Sharon, Communication Minister Maxie Cuffie said yesterday.

The conference which takes place from November 27 – 29 in the Mediterranean island state, will be Dr Rowley’s first overseas trip since assuming office on September 9.

The Government is treating it as a high-level engagement, attended as it will be by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, the head of the Commonwealth, and heads of the more than 50 other member countries.

At yesterday’s Government press conference, Cuffie said the delegation includes the Foreign and Caricom Affairs Minister Dennis Moses, an ambassador, acting High Commissioner to the UK, protocol officer, director of trade, foreign service officer, two security officers, Government Information Service Ltd media and Mrs Rowley. He said GISL was going to record Dr Rowley’s first overseas trip.

Cuffie said the accompanying delegation was small, and quipped that Dr Rowley wasn’t being accompanied by a hairdresser or makeup artist.

Cuffie confirmed a list of ministers who have made overseas trips in the short life of the new Government. It includes Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi (France), Tourism Minister Shamfa Cudjoe (Curacao), Labour Minister Jennifer Baptiste-Primus (Guyana) and Energy Minister Nicole Olivierre (Venezuela and Bolivia).

Cuffie also earlier referred to “high-level consultative talks” on energy, security and trade between the Foreign Affairs Ministers of T&T and Venezuela which occurred last month and which continued yesterday in T&T.

Sharon Rowley’s presence on the trip opens up the Government to accusations of hypocrisy, as it has consistently accused its predecessors of unnecessary spending. Even so, opposition members were measured in response.
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  1. I think we will be well represented by a good looking couple. Mrs. Obama and the girls travel frequently at the expense of the State on Airforce one.

  2. That final paragraph is despicable! ….and just plain dotish!
    Any head of any country is expected to carry their wife/husband & children. What isn’t expected is for the entire divali nagar to be on every major flight!….what isn’t expected is that hundreds of 1st class tickets to be given out via Caribbean Airlines to attend chutney soca parties in New York….what isn’t expected is for the national security helicopter to be ‘pimped out’ to luxurious standards with a fully stocked bar to transport a PM to from her private residence daily (exorbitance fuel & labour costs)….what isn’t expected is for a Prime Minister to be so classless as to turn a private
    residence into an official one to escape accountability from the public! What a disgrace!

  3. Dr. Rowley accompanied by his family should never ever be an issue. What perturbs me about this report is the way the author phrases and presents the issue. It is like saying saying “this man spoke about travel spending, so any kind of spending for travel is worth query, to show that he is a hypocrite”. This is what irks me. I know that she is capable of making a better presentation than that. It can also be considered a “cheap shot” at Dr. Rowley. It is therefore in my view the journalist who is the culprit here. We follow narratives not only to get the picture, we also want to know if the presentation is fair or not, or where the story teller is taking the audience. Gail Alexander is doing a disservice to her profession and to the newspaper she represents. Let reporting be factual and informative. A qualified journalist is supposed to be schooled on matters of state and country. Protocol is a matter of vast importance to people who report the news and they should act both as catalyst and teacher.

  4. Re the last para., it looks like Ms. Alexander’s UNC slip is showing…

    It is entirely unexceptionable for a PM to travel with his spouse. It is a normal perk of high office, certainly for heads of state and heads of government, and even for some high level civil servants.

    As a higher-level staff of an international agency, I was permitted to take my wife on trips abroad once every x number of years, defined clearly in policy.

    In the private sector, it would also be unexceptionable for high-level executives of large companies to be allowed spouse travel as a perk.

    Ms. Alexander ought to know these things, or at least should have checked.

    This is a total non-issue.

    And in the present case, Dr. The Honourable and Mrs. Rowley, make a very handsome couple. Mrs. Rowley acquits herself well in public, as does the Prime Minister. She will clearly be a charming asset for him to have at his side in social situations involving other spouses of other heads of government. As well as being within his rights to have her along, he is also well advised to do so on this occasion. They’ll represent the country well with a level of dignity and gravitas of which the country can be proud rather than ashamed, and I wish them well.


    P.S. She was always somewhat light-complexioned. I don’t see any evidence in this photo of Dr. Rowley lightening his complexion.

  5. I think the Prime Minister should be allowed to take his spouse at the expense of the State. If she desires to pay her way that is entirely up to her. One must understand that being in a foreign land do require a bit of personal touch. The same when former Prime Minister took her sister who is a registered nurse with her, I fail to understand the halabaloo then and even more so now. The PM should be allowed one relative or spouse on these trips paid for by the State. That should be in law if needs be.

    Jack Warner made a series of allegations when the former PM went to China, she was accompanied with her husband but that didn’t matter. TNT is filled with “big shot” macos whose sole purpose in life is to spread rumors and lies. The PM need to have a familiar face around. Now the State should give her at least $2,000 TT to spend on this trip. Again if she refuse and choose to spend her own money that is her prerogative. Of course each trip must be independently evaluated accordingly….

    1. “…. I THINK the prime minister SHOULD be abke to take his wife at the EXPENSE of the state…” Moomoo

      This guy Moomoo is such clown….he thinks this is a political comprmise….if he admits that it is customary for a spouse or children to accompany a PM or head of state we should give Vidwatee (Kamlah sistah) a pass…. No No Noooooo Moomoo,….nobody needs the UNC’s permission or collaboration to determine what is right from wrong!

      1. Thanks for your clownification of me. If you can get beyond your standard 2 education you will understand what I wrote. With your limited understanding you again interpret what I wrote erroneously. Years of psychological abuse that you suffered cannot be fixed in a few years.

        I wrote the PM should be allowed to take his/her spouse or a relative at State expense. You wrote something about customary…. Lol. I think you are beyond help.

        1. Moomoo, ask any third party to review the posts that i have made, along with your responses & all of you posts for good measure THEN we’ll determine whose education isn’t above Primary (your hillview education was forged). You are a disgrace! None of your contributions are in earnest, neither are they meant to edify…All you do is try to mammaguy (but you aren’t fooling anyone)…which means that as a child, you think these issues are entertainments…lying , spinning & generally trying to deceive your fellow bloggers. As i said..,lol…you are a clown & you don’t even realize it..Nobody appreciates your tripe….contrary to your delusion your contributions do not give us the impression that you are sophisticated & of class….you are one of the ‘Alligators from the lurky lagoon’..

          1. You are off topic again. Knowledge defies you and trying to spit on others who are better looking than you will not get you anywhere. I sense that strong strain of jealousy in your writings. Look ugly is ugly was and you can’t change that Alyssa.

  6. Mamoo, Let us be definite her. The former PM took her sister, or a registered nurse? Was the sister legally registered/authorized/licensed to practice in T&T? There are hundreds of registered nurses in T&T, both local and foreign trained.

    As I recall, the sister was not even resident in T&T, but returned to feed off the taxpayers of T&T. That is why it was a halabaloo then and even more so now.

  7. Frontsman, it was confirmed that she was not a practicing nurse.
    (1)Tony lee of i95.5 fm said the he witnesses PM 1 dropping off Vidwatee Newton (Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s sister) in full costume to play carnival
    (2) It was reported that Vidwatee & her son were living in the official residence while Kamla (then PM) was living in her own personal home, As the reports grew, Surujrattan Rambachan’s now infamous response was that this was an example of kamla’s good, hundu, family values (having vidwatee & her son & others living off of the state’s diplomatic centre (mansion)
    (3) Within 1 year of coming in to Office it was reported in the press that Vidwatee, along with security & an entourage had “crashed” a concert(Backstage) in pier-1 of a famous american band band announced to concert officials to let her in because “I’m Kamla’s Sister”……after reading this, i was curious & looked for the concert reports in the papers & to my horror, the band was in a photo with what looked like vidwatee with her hand around the waist of the bareback, sweaty, clearly agitated, lead singer ( he was clearly uncomfortable with the hand around the waist)
    So frontsman i hope this information may provide an answer to your question as to WHY did Vidwatee suddenly come back to T&T as her sister was made PM…

    1. Alyssa, I got it.

      Mamoo, I am against stealing (thiefing) from, and trying to con the taxpayers of T&T. I am against Mamoo trying to downplay this outlandish boball, while still trying to crucify the PNM for giving scholarships, because some of his friends did not receive any.

      By the way, Mamoo, if you and your non-selective friends knew about the scholarships, then it was not a secret.

      1. You supporting the sins of the PNM. Be not a partaker of other people sins keep yourself pure. Wrong can’t be right, partiality is a sin because it makes you a judge.

  8. All wives should be given the same chance!If they do not want to go then that is their right to refuse. Business is business! What is the purpose of a wife on a trip like this when the other officials have to leave their wives at home?

    1. This is the Prime Minister’s wife and she should be afforded such pleasantries. By virtue of position.

    2. Where there is a “perk”, by definition it is not a “right”.

      It is in the nature of perks that they are enjoyed only by some, like first-class travel for example.


      1. It is not a perk to take your wife on a trip if you are the Prime Minister. This third world thinking is distasteful. When Barrack Obama get on Airforce One, Michelle and the two children along with mother in law goes for the ride. No one considers that a perk, they know as President he cannot neglect his family. This whole halabaloo was started by the PNM illiterates. Kian and Alyssa are prime examples of such backwardness, no family so they can’t appreciate this topic.

        1. Mamoo, anyone who follow the comments on this blog should be capable of some degree of comprehension. It is very obvious that you have short comings in this respect. So, with this in mind I have to excuse your lack of cohesion. Neither Alyssa nor I have to explain further to expand your understandings.

        2. …..isn’t the incorrect usage of the word illiterate a sign & symptom of illiteracy? The lack of a strong vocabulary forces Moomoo to ATTEMPT to insult us using the few words in his repertoire OUT OF CONTEXT..LOL
          Moomoo doesn’t like the mountainous waves of truth unleashed by Myself & Kian(Thanks to Literacy), eroding his ‘maharaja’ sandcastles, of falsified history & fraudulently concocted, Uppercaste status so he attempts to demean us(Africans) while unwittingly exposing his true,venal demeanor!

          But, we pity him…please refer to the movie “Bandit Queen” to understand why Moomoo is the way he is.

        3. Fellow bloggers & Readers,
          Do not be take your eyes off of the ball…Moomoo is not merely a classless, deceitful, immature, political manicou…He is a very racist,caste infected, narrow, diseased mind! When he uses “PNM” as in “PNM illiterates” ,he isn’t jabbing at the political party “PNM” but rather his narrow, jaundiced view of what african people! He uses “PNM” as a temporary (blog) replacement for “Nigger” (which he uses at home & among his co-ethnics)
          Also, Moomoo uses “PNM” surreptitiously i.e. Indians know that Most african people, unlike them, RUN FAR AWAY from issues with the label “politics” or “talking race e.g. “i eh in dis unc/pnm ting nah, i about country” As a result many indians (especially trolls like Moomoo) deliberately label things as “PNM” or “Racism” to segregate the African community to avoid them as a cohesive unit reponding to his anti-african racism like a ton of bricks! This is why it is very important to not get trapped by a narrow, traditional view of what is & isn’t politics. Whether you are “PNM” or not is of no consequence…these jabs about “ugly” “illiteracy” without even seeing who he is referring to is downright racism i.e. Africans are ugly(black skinned & thick hair) & illiterate …

          1. Hi Alyssa,

            To use a local colloquialism, “I make out Mamoo long time”

            Please do not let his inane utterances sap your energy or steal your (our) focus, i.e. the improvement of Trinbagonians of African descent.

            As I have alluded to in previous blog posts, I am working with like-minded individuals to improve the political, economic and social lot of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade descendants in Trinidad and Tobago.

            Bloggers such as Mamoo can believe whatever they want to believe and can even try to thwart the progress of African-Trinbagonians. However, their sophomoric psychological warfare tactics are destined to fail once we as Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade descendants can ignore the smokescreens and pathetic circular logic that other ethnic groups use in an attempt to deflate our collective morale

            What is of greater concern to me is the ethnic chauvinist who has the tools to sustain the conditions for the continued mental, economic and spiritual subjugation of the African descendant in Trinidad and Tobago. It is this person that my colleagues and I are watching with close and critical eyes

            Once the African descendant understand the survival imperative of group economics and move to create structures created to ensure the continued existence and future prosperity of his family and communities, then he is indeed on the right track.

            So in sum, I urge you to stay strong, stay focused and stay the course.

        4. There is no doubt Moomoo considers himself ‘superior’ based on his brahministic teachings (even though his lineage may not have a trace of that classification) but nevertheless, Sat, Kamla, Moonilal and others continue their charade of upper caste st ratifications. There is an obvious ceiling in his vocabulary that when he reaches its zenith, he has to revert to the least common denominator of insults. We should pity him because he is an example of what passed for governance of our country the past five years. What a pity!

          1. My computer always assume it knows what I am typing.
            So when I type a word it naturally fills the missing spaces for me. The word
            ‘grab monistic’ should really be ‘brahministic’.

          2. Mamoo stands alone you and Alyssa constantly quote Sat and his friends. Have I ever written anything about Sat? The topic is on the PM wife going on a trip but you and Alyssa like Balisier frogs jump all over the place. Nobody knows what you think except you and her. Please stop your mental diarriah and deal with the topic at hand.

  9. You are now questioning the status of the Prime Minister’s wife over regular public officials? Jessie “Sunil” Moses….this hate…this anger at seing the priveledge Of a Prime Minister being bestowed Upon African people hurts doesn’t it….Kamla could bring the whole of siparia to squat in the diplomatic centre & it wouldn’t bother you BUTTTTT now you question the prestige of the position a Prime Minister’s Spouse??? What a disgrace…..Nobody ever questions the travel of a PM’s Spouse & children…except hindu /indian nationalists like jessie “sunil” moses…when it suits them.

  10. Yeah, they should be questioning the back dating scandal just discovered. Rowley should tell them to bad word off and go wipe their asses. Let us see what the Price Water House auditors will tun up. In any event, I know that people going to jail, and they will take down others to get some time off.

  11. As much as we would like to dismiss the writings of Mamoo as just
    one trying to express himself the best way he could. We need to examine him closer to get a feel for the kind of feeble personality he is, masking behind slanderous attacks on those he considers his enemies. Generally he describes us (Africans) as “the black caucus” or “PNM” but his descriptive choices really mean much more than that. I gathered some quotes from this thread alone to get a sense of his sarcasm and I might contempt towards African people. Below are just a few of his quotations that I believe is best suited for a psychiatrist’s chair than a blog. But for the fun of it, let’s take a look at the man behind the mask of “Mamoo”:

    1. “Balisier frogs”
    Obviously non-political but he ascribes the “Balisier” to mean that we all (Africans) are dirt and have to hop as frogs for a living.
    2. “stop your mental diarriah”
    Here he wants to elevate himself as a superior thinker but to that, he must denigrate our thinking to “mental diarriah”.
    3. “PNM illiterates”
    Again no one should be confused by the PNM label. He is definitely that he is superior.
    4. “Kian and Alyssa are prime examples of such backwardness”
    Another attempt to uplift himself and to convince himself that he is more intelligent than Kian and Alyssa.
    5. “U have to be married to understand
    what I am saying.”
    He is now resorting to cliches. The cliche is that people in the black ghettoes just go about having babies with multiple partners and never get married, so their children grow up to be wayward and gang oriented. Mamoo is saying that we are so busy minding illegitimate children that we can’t read (or unable to read).
    6. “no family so they can’t appreciate this topic.”
    We can’t appreciate what it is to be legally married and lead a real family life because we are ghetto people.
    7. “This third world thinking is distasteful”
    The same as saying that we are backward and lack the sophistication to be enlightened.
    8. “you and trying to spit on others who are better looking
    than you”
    Ah!!! this is a physical derogation. He is actually saying the he, an Indian is better looking than you, an African.
    9. “You supporting the sins of the PNM”
    This is his mantra of PNM being in power and continually being supported by the African masses. Sop, we are therefore just as culpable as the PNM.
    10. “If you can get beyond your standard 2 education you will understand what I wrote. ”
    This is his general mantra that Indians are better educated than the African. He views his behavior as being superior to that of the African. Again his general point of view is that the Indian is better educated than the African.
    11. “Years of psychological abuse that you suffered cannot be fixed inn a few years.”
    Here he is telling us that under the PNM we (Africans) were left adrift unlike Kamla who took care of her people.
    12. “Hush nah Juliet Davy!”
    Here he feels belittled by Alyssa’s constant challenges to the absurdity of his writings. He is lashing out in disgust and wants Alyssa to stop.
    13 “Now the State should give her at least $2,000 TT to spend on this trip.”
    While not actually using those words, he is saying that Ms. Rowley is not really worth it but if she has to go, give her $2,000 for spending as she likes. Note: $2,000.00 is roughly worth a little over 600 U.S. dollars. Mamoo feels that is fitting for Ms. Rowley.

    I think Rodwell Paton best describes Mamoo’s insults as “Rubbish. And we know the repository for rubbish.”

    1. Kian and Alyssa are slave names, I don’t have a slave name. I hereby rename you Kian–Kuntakente, and Alyssa–Winnie.
      Kuntakente and Winnie are proud Africana names, as members of the black caucus you both should start there instead of trying to lecture me on things you both don’t understand.

      1. Mamoo, Maybe I have a slave name but I know the cow is not my mother and I was not born through the mouth, foot and abdomen of any man-made gods.

        1. Same here my God is not made with hands. But Kian the cow milk used long ago to raise children gave birth to the respect for the cow. Without the cow milk which I drink everyday in my tea, could you imagine what a terrible world this would be…..

          Judging from you comments you can’t seem to embrace your Africana past….

          1. I write on this blog to edify, not to trade insults.
            If I were to waste my time on the stupidity that passes for sense, then my time will not be well spent. When I have something to say, I say it. My opinions here are well documented and it is not for me to argue with someone who have reached the zenith of his intelligence capabilities, now resorting to calling names. Government has a lot to look forward to for the next fiscal cycle and the challenges are many that lie in the way of corruption to unfold. We need to press the government to appoint special prosecutors for the water treatment project, EFCL, NGC and many other facilities or agencies that cannot account to the population.

      2. Lol…”i don’t have a slave name”…tell that crap to thise who don’t know any better…names like Dass (literally translated as black skinned slave)…Untouchables (Mamoo’s ancestors) had the exact same relationship dynamic with their brahmin masters as did the Africans in the diaspora & their slavemasters…make no mistake, an untouchable & shudra are SLAVES to upperrcastes!! But the difference is slavery in the caribbean and around the world that africans experienced from europian colonisers was SECULAR!…i.e. slavery was not a religious construct & Contrary to Christianity BUTTTTTT, Mamoo, his parents etc. Are slaves to Brahmins (one degree or another) under their religion.
        Remember sita Gajadharsingy-Nanga?? She exposed sat’s ‘enrollment policy’ at the tunapuna hindu school…the cultists (parents & sat devotees) protested her outside the school with placards reading “Sita Betray DHARMa”….thus flew right over the heads of non-hindus….'”Dharma” is what “god” dictates that you do (based on your caste) & also Brahmins are supposed to be “god” representative & literal genetic ancestors of the aryans therefore she didn’t obey the brahmin (sat)….so Mamoo is literally the blackest soot laden pot on in the whole damn kitchen calling another kettle “Black”….literally…

        1. Winnie and Kuntakente are better names for you guys, until then it is difficult to read the comments of you two slaves trying to tell me how good you are.

          Both of you for some strange reason are obsessed with Sat Maharaj and Hindus. It is the slave mentality still prominent in your pseudo intellectual world, a sort of mental slavery that Sat and his team have over you all. Your writing indicate that you are afraid of these people and so you do the slave thing which is to stereotype all Indians as holding your presuppositional views that was once expressed.

          The psychosis affecting Alyssa aka Winnie is something ingrained into her mind by the PNM. Kian aka Kuntakente is no different. Both suffering from the terminal cancer call racism. Such views were once held and is no longer a part of the Trini experience. People judge people for who they are and what they do…Plain and simple.

          1. Moomoo…you have no idea how much i appreciate these “winnie & kuntakente” posts. Thank you..

            some more please… (keep typing, let it ALLLL out)

          2. Lol…i prefer the pnm induced psychosis you mentioned, than what Naipaul spoke about in that article “Naipaul:I Was abused”….that may be what’s TRULY bothering you…it’s not myself & kian Moomoo…it’s the ‘THAT’ ‘TRAUMA’ from your childhood that’s REALLY eating you…are you by chance one of anaipaul’s cousins he spoke of…??
            …would make sense…you seem to be lashing out alot without any coherence…Moomoo…you need to talk to someone…

          3. Moomoo, some how that name seems to sound well with a sacred animal. Anyhow, I believe that you know very well what you are doing. It is a hail mary attempt to get off the topic of hindutva, hindu, Sat, kamla etc etc. Either that or you are trying your hand at comedy. If comedy is what you are trying, I have some guys who can give you a start:


            Let me know if that helps.

  12. Kian and Alyssa are slave names, I don’t have a slave name.

    The “brahmins” that Yeshua attempted to preach to, said the same thing:

    “They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed (read “Brahmins”), and were never in bondage to any man…” (John 8:33)

    This identified them as Edomites, not Israelites, since the Israelites had famously been brought up out of Egypt, the house of bondage.

    Yeshua had made them out (nod to trinamerican) already then… prideful to a fault … prompting Yeshua to make the memorable condemnation (for it is indeed more than rebuke):

    “Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.” (John 8:43-44)

    The “brahminists” simply will not understand that pridefulness is the basis of Satan’s rebellion, and the unforgiveable sin that he committed:

    “For thous hast said in thine heart…I will be like the most High.” (Isaiah 14:13-14)

    The entire edifice of brahminist caste oppression is the spawn of Satan, inspiring those of brahminist mind-set to mimic Satan himself in seeking to “be like the Most High”. For the brahminist, it is not sufficient that he be well off, it is actually more important that he be *better* off, than everyone else. That is why in that sociopathic and psychopathic sickness, it is important for them to make others they deem inferior to even eat brahmins’ faeces! How sick is that?

    But Yeshua hinted to His brethren back then, the true “Jew” — Judahites and Benjamites of the southern kingdom, the forefathers of the “Bantu” and “Negro” — that we would have this cast of devil to put up with.

    Indeed, Esdras also made them out before Yeshua. In condemning “thou Asia”, he specifically mentioned the character trait that should turn on the light of prophetic recognition, “that art the glory of her person”; 2 Esdras 15:46-47.

    So let us not lose any sleep over this spawn — witting or unwitting — of the devil. Their ultimate end in the lake of fire is written.

    Note carefully: I do not seek thereby to condemn all who are of indo parentage –there are many distinct seedlines among them, not all Edomite — but most certainly there is a heavy concentration of devils amongst them. Those of them who are not of the Devil, should properly be pricked by the words of Yeshua, and by Holy Writ. Such of them as are of the Light, will know what they must do. “Come out of her my people…”.

    Be that as it may, we must all be clear about one thing. The sins of which we the Israelites are assuredly guilty; — for we have certainly drunk of the cup of wrath, to where our young men are like “wild bulls caught in a net”, “drunken but not with wine”; Isaiah 51; — are as nothing in the sight of God as compared with the sin of pride. When we return, like the Prodigal Son, penitent and humble, we will inherit the kingdom that God promised our forefathers. That is Holy Writ. We will see then what will become of the prideful “brahminists”. Their end too, is written.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked. May He also bring the light of remembrance to all His children, and blot out our sins and iniquities under the propitiating blood shed by Yeshua for that purpose.


    “But the saints of the most High shall take the kingdom, and possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever and ever.” (Daniel 7:18)

    1. Yoruba Israel you are a false prophet. As such your prophesies will return to you especially the ones where like Baalam you tried to curse the children of God. Beware.

      1. With neither wit, wisdom nor understanding at your disposal, you resort to name-calling.

        Look, I’ve quoted Holy Writ that I did not write. The only question at issue is whether it applies to the brahminists as I assert. If the shoe does not fit, it is then not for you to wear. In that case, disabuse me with whatever contradicting evidence you have. You do not do so, because you cannot. The evidence convicts you, moreover out of your own mouth, as is clear to see to anyone that reads the blog. I am glad now that the Moderator let you enough rope to hang yourself, although I have pleaded on occasion that a more parliamentary standard be adhered to.

        One thing is clear: it cannot be that the brahminists are meek and humble, otherwise you would not be seeking to exalt yourself above others you deem “slaves”.

        Yeshua — He who was born in a manger, the point of which certainly escapes you though you have claimed to be Christian — spoke precisely to such as you. I have already cited chapter and verse.

        If it convicts you, the thing to do that would prove your humility, and disprove your pridefulness, should be obvious. But as Yeshua observed to the proto-brahminists of His day, you literally “cannot hear”.

        If it does not convict you, i.e. prick your conscience, I again assert, as did Yeshua, that it is because you are a spawn of the devil, and literally cannot hear His word.

        I stand on that, and I have no fear of any valid contradiction. Ad hominem and name calling are another matter. These I do not dignify, as they are bereft of anything that passes for thoughtful reflection, just hurt pride, the very bubble that has been punctured.

        May the Most High continue to expose the Wicked One and his agents. May the Most High protect the innocent against the fierce onslaught of the Wicked, who knows he has but a short time. And may we, your “princes with God,” Israelites of the seed, be covered under the propitiating blood of Yeshua, that all our manifold sins may be forgiven, all our iniquities blotted out, that we may return cleansed unto the Rock whence we are digged.


        “A people that provoketh me to anger continually to my face; that sacrificeth in gardens (e.g. jhandis), and burneth incense upon altars of brick (e.g. satsang puja, also, sad to say, orisha worship); … Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burneth all the day.” (Isaiah 65:3,5)

  13. Well when you come from a slave experience you can easily recognize and identify the slave master genes and attitude in people. So Mamoo, you, Sat, Tman etc, are the symbolic scions of the slave master. Hosein began exhibiting those genes way back some 8 decades ago, and of course with time and technology the pattern has changed. But it is identifiable none the less. You can go to any fashion of literal display in emulation of your symbiotic ancestral kin, it does not alter the fact that in attitude and behavior, you are one.

    The one thing that will always be a disappointment to your aspirations that T&T will become a Mauritania is the fact that people all over this Caribbean are waking up to what has crept sneakily into their midst under disguise. They last five years have demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt, especially when they take the long view and see the similarities between our dear Twin island Republic and that mainland South American mess Guyana, that their very freedoms and livelihood were under threat. That there had arose within this narrow British Commonwealth region, a dastardly racist element bent on nefariously siphoning off the proceeds from the nations resources, and permanently positioning themselves on the political, cultural, social and economic throne of power and privilege. I thank God them PNM woman wake up and took up the challenge to save T&T.

    1. There is no history of Indian people oppressing black people Roddy as you Winnie and Kuntakente seem to think. However there is a long history of black people oppressing Indians.
      Here is a very small list:
      (1) Guyana under Forbes Linden Sampson Burnham, it was open season against Indian people. This dictator stole their lands unleashed the army and death squads. Thousands fled Guyana and made their home abroad. All jobs went to PNC supporters. Most Indo Guyanese that I have met have a story to tell about this dictator. A 4 year old parents shot and killed he got shot in his hand. An old man telling me of how they had to patrol their neighborhood in the night…
      (2)Uganda, there under Amin many thousands were expelled their lands taken away from them.
      (3)Tanzania, was no different thousands were expelled land confiscated. Even though many were born there.
      (4) Kenya the same thing many Indians “disappear”.
      (5)Fiji the soldiers entered the villages, raping and killing, thousands fled.
      (6)Trinidad, Indians excluded from the civil service under PNM arphatheid program. 75% of the civil service reserved for Afro PNMites. Under Manning over 300 mainly Indian businessmen kidnapped.

      I can go on but under Kamla the tribalist benefitted more than anyone else. $2 billion in civil service increases, all kinds of incentives for housing preference given. Schools, laptops, social programs unemployment at 3%.
      Today the PNM blight has taken over the nation everyday children and adults dying, from drowning, road accidents, suicide, gun violence etc.

      So come here with facts Roddy instead of defacating without understanding what you have eaten. A stew of racial stereotyping. Winnie and Kuntakente is the same.

      1. There is no history of Indian people oppressing black people

        That is of course a lie, as we know from the “Indian Policy” circulated right here in T&T, which certainly at the least seeks to do exactly that. By cheating in Common Entrance, later and currently SEA, they have gone a long way toward their hindutva goal of keeping afro-creole children out of the prestige professions.

        In any case, within India itself, we have this:



    2. Rodwell please check out the hindu practice of “food rolling” in india on youtube…let me know what you think..

      Pay attention to the evil smiles & giggles coming from the brahmins & uppercastes ….



    TRINIDAD – Caribbean

    FIJI – PACIFIC Islands

    Which one of these locations are the natural homes of the Indians? What is the history of the Indian migration to these countries? Was the Indian presence there to help develop these countries or are they there to help themselves?
    What was the necessities of these foreign locations that motivated the Indians to migrate there?
    Those are just a few questions among many. But be that as it may, there is no record to show that Indian development were of any intrinsic value to the natives of those locations.

    In Uganda – Mamoo’s story is Indian sensitive. It does not present perspectives that lead to the expulsion. He does not for example tell us that the Indians were draining this country of all of its foreign reserves. Note: Mamoo. look at that video I sent you. Indians concerns are first, foremost and lastly MONEY!!!!!! So, when the flow of money is not they way they want it, then it is called ‘discrimination’ by them. As you said Tanzania was no different.

    Besides, the Indian migration was strategically placed by the British, whose purpose was to encourage disintegration and the Indian was best suited for that purpose. The Indians were not brought to ‘help’ the Africans, they are there to help themselves.

    Fiji – One of the saving graces of the native Fijians is that i`t is concreted in law that the lands belong to the native Fijians. The Indians who migrated there, immediately decided to have birth spurts to outnumber the natives so that they can become the majority population. When they contested the elections and won, the natives became non-existent, so they had to take it into their hand to protect their ancestral lands. Are the Indians there to help Fiji? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    The story of Guyana, is the story of Trinidad. Where is the allegiance of the Indian? Trinidad, Guyana? From a very practical point of view, it is definitely NOT Trinidad or Guyana.
    This revelation comes from no lesser person than the esteemed Winston Dookeran. He made it known to his hosts in India that Trinidad and Guyana belong to the motherland – India. The statistics you quoted is misleading to the history of the growth in the islands. Let me turn the questions around and ask, how many Indians went to the forefront, to put their lives on the line for freedom from colonialism from the British? You will find that the figures are much less than the 75% you quoted. What this means is that the Indians are only there to share in the spoils of what was hard work to attain. Isn’t that true Mamoo? You go about calling names and speaking without the advent of a historical perspective to make it appear as though it was discrimination against the Indian BUT THAT IS UNTRUE. If you go hunting with partners and return with a catch. Who do you share the spoils with first, neighbors or your hunting partners?
    It is this kind of garbage that lacks reciprocity of knowledge that is being banded about by Indians like Bhoe Tewarie, Hamid Ghany, Brinsley Samaroo and others who incite unsequential history to the Indians, without the advent of sequential truths, to make it seem as though they are being discriminated when they do not get the lion share of what they want. This is what we just experienced with the last PP government and the last PPP government in Guyana. What is heartening in Guyana, is that some of the Indian people themselves decided that it was time to make that change.


    1. So you justify criminality by saying those who immigrate should be discarded. Well my friend I have news for you, your ancestors were not the first ones here either. So that is a silly and illiterate argument. Please get beyond your Standard 3 education and stop making a fool of yourself.

      1. Lol….a “standard 3 education” would by my estimate, include a standard 3 reasoning…e.g. as my esteemed blogging collegue Triniamerican pointed out “circular logic”…dum dum…African people need nit have been the first ones here in this context….africans were enslaved & kidnapped, then brought to this REGION, therefore they didn’t “immigrate”…i believe even standard 3 education may cover the word “immigrate” and its definition! What is a fact, is that africans were here with their own newfound culture along with thise they met in this region loooooong before 1845!….So……for an ethnic grouo to ‘arrive’ centuried later, and then try to bump them off of the island & region economically, politically, culturally, religiously & eventually (if allowed to) ethnically is OBNOXIOuS & DISGRAEFUL….and also IRONIC….isn’t that they history of India as cited in the vedas? ..With the coming of the Aryans??…so it is a pathology trying to repeat itself in this region via the original ideology which inspired Adolf & his gang!

      2. I’m so glad you are smart Mamoo. You are so smart that in order to make your point, you feel compelled to insult those you disagree with. Thats OK, I understand that we are not all intellectuals and some have to cuss, fuss and scream just to be noticed.

  15. Guynana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya & Fiji are all societies where Africa people existed either centuries or eons (1000s of years) before Indians (Hinduism) arrived there. Now, for all the objective, Honest & EDUCATED people reading this blog who understand that human beings do not act alike simply because they look alike, & that religion/belief systems or ideology shape the way they think….PLEASE
    (1) Indicate which religion/belief system or standard culture that links AFRICAN people in all of the aforementioned territories. Also is this relugion culture documented as reaching/preaching hatred for people with certain physical characteristics(skin colourk hair texture, facial features)

    (2) Indicate which religion/belief system or standard culture & attitudes that link Indians/sub continentals in the diaspora/aforementioned territories.Also, is this religion/belief system or standard culture DOCUMENTED as preaching hatred for African people? Is it an ideology that preaches superiority & inferiority based on physical characteristics?

    The only common belief system/religion among african people in these territories is christianity….does christianity/Bible preach hatred/scorn for peoole based on the way they LOOK? If so please exllain….does the bible have verses dedicated to what physical features are superior to others? Or whuch human being’s life is of more value to others? Do christians have rules taken from the bible that determines which humans should marry which humans…based on their physical being?
    Now lets look at hinduism..the common thread among indians across the globe/diaspora….does hinduism preach love for all human beings regardless of physical appearance? (skin colour, hair
    texture, facial features) Do hindus, like christians believe that
    all human beings were created & are equal? ….irregardless of skin colour?

    “There is no history of INDIAN people oppressing BLACK people..”
    Mamoo LIE!!! 300+ million BLACK untouchables are being oppressed as we speak in India, as they have been for thousands of years (Hindu/indian ideology)
    google & watch “India Untouched” & also Dr. VELU ANNAMALAI
    The key to understanding Mamoo & the indian religious, cultural psyche is right there in his selective use of LANGUAGE….As much as indians like Mamoo & stephen kangal hate to come to terms with it, They are BLACK SKINNED (Stephen Kangal,is as black as soot, yet he refers to african people as “black”) The only distinguishing characteristics of indians as opposed to africans are Hair texture,facial features & bone structure…Black skin
    has a negative, evil connotation in Hinduism, which is why many indians cannot come to terms with their blackness based on the religious implications (untouchability/inferiority & Bad Karma)…to have black skin is to have bad karma…how would
    someone of this mentality behave among african people? How will they govern african people given the opportunity? …examine kamla’s 5 years in office !
    what makes mammoo & those of his ilk dangerous is their immoral value system (according to christian ideology ). Mamoo, as his mentor (Gandhi) believes that religion & politics is the same/inseparable & is willing to lie, cheat, steal, slander, murder etc, to have his way ..i.e. the ends always justify the means, especially when fighting “Rawan”…Mamoo literally makes upm& propagates lies about african people i T&T, Guyana & the diaspora as an extension of a united (indian) political war outside of india to dominate & subjugate those who they deem inferior rawans in Kenya, Fiji,Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Guyana, T&T….To Mamoo “crying wolf” against african is an acceptable “technique” to politically destroy the african political legitimacy. ..as long as His Hindu Maharaja is in charge he doesn’t care…that is Mamoo ‘s culture……Lie Lie Lie….Also, another reason for the lies of victimization of indians at the hands of Africans, is the sinister, insidious need to justify their deep hatred for african people…thus is a never ending saga….this is what solely disqualufies Mamoo & his ilk from govrrning over african people…..as soon as power is gained the Caste Mind will abuse then immediately lie & propagate..”they did it too”….the equivalent of a “Terminator”, but instead of an incessant,single minded, Unflinching, Unreasonable , Ruthless quest to Kill…..the quest is Villification, Humiliation &
    Ethnic Subjugation (Rawan) of African people!….you can’t reason with ‘it’…you can’t plead with ‘it’….it doesn’t sleep…it doesn’t feel emotion……
    It will not stop….until African poeople are OFFICIALLY in & accepting of DALIT status!

    1. Thanks for caring so much about the Dalits, you must be a Dalit yourself you seem to have such intimate knowledge of them and their experiences. You have gone from being Winnie to Murgie(a female hen). Well Murgie what have you done to end the oppression of your people? You are all over this board, from Alyssa, to Winnie and now Murgie.

      1. Mamoo, i am not of your ilk…i have no problem identifying with the downtodden & the oppressed….the shame is not on the dLit that want to be free, but rather on those that oppress them & those dLits who emulate their oppressors! I know how hard it must be for you to be ashamed of you blackness….that is not my sickness…imagine your ancestors ran & jump on a boat to escape being forced fed urine & faeces, rape & humiliation with no possibility of escape….and instead of you taking pride in this strength & holding hands with other downtrodden & oppressed peoples….you want to replicate what they went through in utter pradesh in your new home on others who have done you no wrong…..SICK! You are sick!…but guess what else ??? T-Y-P-I-C-A-L !….

        1. Forbes Burnham was no saint, but he wasn’t rawan either! Ask those indian guyanese mamoo says have ‘horrible stories’ about burnham,….ask them who legalized hindu marriage in guyana? When there was the ban on importation…ask indian guyanese which ethnic group in guyana were positioned next to the brazilian border & imported with gleeful freedom & thrived economucally from that ‘black market’ trade….hmmmm?? Why didn’t burnha quash this trade to cripple his supposed enemies? The claims that burnham victimized indians as an t0ethnic group is a lie! As i have pounted out before….indian culture & their belief system is based on inequality & racism! They have no intention of admitting this for political, economic & social 1upmanship…they will forever try to hide, obfuscate & spin this ugly truth on africans…it is even worse in politics.
          If someone’s religion & culture is based on inequality & racism (skin colour prejudice) it doesn’t make any sense trying to get into a kumbaya discussion on how to “solve the race issue” in any society they reside? Would you sit down next to a crocodile to discuss the virtues of vegitarianism with the expectation of converting it?

  16. Kenya is an interesting place to examine the indian politicalmind….the europeans (as they do) favoured the indians over Africans (indigenous kenyans) & allowed them to live next to them in Nairobi while indigenous kenyans were BANNED & forced to live far away i shanty town on the outskirts….also, Indians were granted political representation in parliament BEFORE indigenous kenyans, and they voted in unison with the European colonisers to block Indigenous kenyans from having representation in parliament for many years…i.e. a history of oppression of African people…
    Guyanese indian accusations against Burnam & african guyanese is ust as credibke as the accusations on behalf of Indians i T&T by the Hindu American Foundation….please read the accusations on their website regarding T&T….lol….Indian populations, because of their racist belief systsm & culture, despise being governed by african people!….knowing that this hatred & scorn of Africans cannot be used publicly as a credible excuse for not wanting Africans in governance…. LIES are generated to HIDE their vile bigotry & narrow minded racism behind false
    Please google “The Dougla Dilemma” an article from the newsday i beoieve over a decade ago….exposing how a former U.W.I. lecturer Elizabeth Rosabelle Sieuserran was addressing a hindu girls orimary/secondary school & shaping their minds to scorn “douglas” & african/indian intermarriage….look at that…go to any school with africa children & teachers….if they address students about life it’ll be about loving god & jesus, loving fellowmen & praying to be successful…but listen to that piece of trash talk her filth & bile to young, impressionable indian minds!If we continue as a nation on this transparent path, where indians are encouraged & allowed to train their children to discriminate, scorn & be ethnically triumphantilist under the protection of ‘culture’ ,’religion’ & a doctored history of victimhood,, while africans keep preaching love & ethnic unity……There will be upcoming generationS of Lions Vs. MICE

    1. Alyssa, I noticed that you are really no stranger to this blog and congratulations on your longevity and valuable role you play in informing us of our history past and present. As history would have it seems like Governor Arthur Gordon, not only served as governor here in Trinidad but also in Mauritius and Fiji. He appeared to have gathered his expertise in the migration of Indian indentured servants around the British Empire. The Fijians, through no fault of their own were burdened with the emigration of Indians to their island by planters and Arthur Gordon. It was a problem (as usual created by the white man) that threatened the Fijian way of life. With the coming to power of Mehandra in 1987, they felt very threatened because Mehandra used his ascendancy to prime ministership to alienate the indigenous Fijian population. They re-took power and vowed never to ever give it up again. I must thank Mamoo, for bringing it to our attention. Whenever one quotes or alludes to history, it must be used in the correct context and sequence of events. Otherwise such history can become blurred and incomplete, when used conveniently.

      1. Thank you kian….did you know devant & his master racers had a ‘conference’ in the late 90’s to complain about his co ethnics in Fiji…..but of course, he could not even pretend to understand the side of the INDIGENOUS fijians….only to fake cries from thise who want to own fiji as a colony of India….Interestingly though, do you realize that the plight of Indigenous/ethnic fijians shine a light on the true motivations of Idi Amin’s expulsion…? The very same issues….this is not about whether he was right or not to expel them, but rather, to expose the real truth behind the move….not the propaganda that he was just crazy & evil…as i pointed out before…anyone who observes the behaviour of the ‘master racers’, will see the spirit of F.E.M. Hosein & H.P. Singh alive & well…so there is no compromise….either compete…or bend over & spread for the aryans!

      2. We must thank Dr. Tony Martin, Dr. Selwyn Cudjoe, Marion O’Callaghan and others for their invaluable work.

    2. “Guyanese indian accusations against Burnam & african guyanese is ust as credibke as the accusations on behalf of Indians i T&T by the Hindu American Foundation….please read the accusations on their website regarding T&T….lol….Indian populations, because of their racist belief systsm & culture, despise being governed by african people!….knowing that this hatred & scorn of Africans cannot be used publicly as a credible excuse for not wanting Africans in governance…. LIES are generated to HIDE their vile bigotry & narrow minded racism behind false
      victimhood!…” Alyssa.

      Winnie you obviously enjoys stereotyping people who not as ugly as you. I am sure that dead hair that you take off each night comes from an Indian woman. For 37 years there was Africana rule in TNT. This is out of 50 years of governance. All elections were stolen, Eric fixed the boundaries. Burnham fixed the ballot boxes. Trinidad and Guyana was govern by thieves why would anybody want them in power. Now they are back to steal some more.”

      1. Mamoo…do you even know what a stereotype is? I invite every reader to the website of the Hindu American Foundation, to read the propaganda & lies about indian /hindu victimization in T&T! The september 7th election was the final nail in the coffin…18 seats, 340,000 votes…the indian community spoke loud & clear! The fig leaf blew away! The horrific, apartheid, mafia stye kleptocracy by Alina Baba & the 40,000 thieves was chosen over an african man with a supreme character & track record to the entire UNC…the indian community as a whole, refused to return the goodwill given to them via african voters in 2010, 1986, 1995…you have the gall to talk about stereotyping? Everyone in the caribbean, north america & the uk knows that it was rank, rabid RACISM why the UNC got so many votes & seats after that embarassing (not to them) term of ‘governance’! Every single one of the 340,000 that voted…guyanese, indian nationals & local whites are all RACIST! When you vote & support racism, you are a racist! Imagine cabinet members on stage leading up to the st. Joseph by-election, making racist jokes & still getting significant votes…making jokes about Om Lalla having to move out of Jack warner’s shadow becUse he’ll get black as night…..sitting (then) government ministers making racist jokes on a public platform! Give me a break!

        1. You are quite entertaining quoting from sources that are questionable because it suites your purpose. You use the word racist and racism quite liberally without any facts to prove you manical mindset.

          During the PNM rule (37 years) it is a fact that 75% of those employed in the civil service was African, housing and all other government largesse went to the tribalist in an open practice of racism. The PNM invented racism and brainwashed their children to follow such illiterate practices. You and Kian are products of this racism.

          1. Lol….only you & your ilk will call my sources ‘questionable’…you are a disgraceful liar, intent on dismissing what you know to be true, to suit your political ethni-religious agenda..BUTTTTT where are YOUR SOURCES Mamoo?….do you realize that you never answer any of my questions or accusations directly? All u do is typical…throw mud and & hope that it sticks! Never any references or proof…just mud, that never stands up to scrutiny. Raffique shah debunked that myth that pnm discriminated against
            indians in the protective services (regiment) in his
            article “confessions of regiments first indian officer” and what is great is that the reasons he exposed why indians weren’t in large numbers in the army could easily be applied to the public service in general. What raff exposed is that like his parents, indians are a profit oriented community..i.e. they, as a group, guided by pundits, seek out professions that bring wealth & power whuch they, unlike christians think is an important & fulfilling goal in life….”lakshmi” means wealth…and as we all kniw “mother” lakshmi is a well puja-ed deity! The army especially in 3rd world countries weren’t considered careers to obtain wealth & neither was the public service…these jobs had a flat salary with maybe a raise & that’s it…to a profit oriented people, opening a hardware or other business makes sense…wealth is generated & could be passed on….but these are the what i call “topical” reasons…let’s get deeper to the hidden truths…as sir patrick keenan discovered when he came to trinidad i the 1800’s, indians were scornful of african people because of THEIR RELIGION & REFUSED to send their children to school with “creoles of the african race”….RACISM! A white irishman way back when knew that…everybody knows it…so going to work in jobs where africans were all around was not comfortabke for indians…still to this day many are like that & hide it.. (intolerance)…buttttt the really nasty, stink part about it is that now, decades later, you want to cover up these truths with SLANDER against african people claiming they were the ones who didn’t want you…LIES! And more LIES! Fuelled by
            HATE! & immorality (no shame). Anybody has a proble with what i say…disprove & discredit my clearly stated resources!!
            I want readers to go on amazkn & get Rabindranath Maraj’s book “Death Of A Guru” and call him a liar…sit down and watch “India Untouched-A People Apart” & THEN blog that all those untouchables are lying, pnm propaganda…or the movie “Bandit Queen”…i know it hurts Mamoo…you can no longer tell lies with impunity…imagine a people who consider african people as ugly, nasty & evil because of their skin & facial features as a result of their religion ,have the audacity to spin around
            and accuse the said africans of being racist! The goal is to psychologically beat their intended victims into feeling guilty for being black skinned….that only works with NJAC & Daaga Mamoo…sorry…as you can see they don’t get african support. The indians who believe in brahminism & caste or vote & support it, have no moral authority or credibility for that matter, to accuse others of racism.

          2. Mamoo, it is also a fact that in the year 1841 there were no IndiaNS IN TRINIDAD. It is a fact that the cane fields, prior to the year 1845 was manned by African slaves. It is also a fact that prior to 1845 the economy of Trinidad’s built around the backs and labour of the Africans. The point is Mamoo, we can quote all kinds of facts. But unless they are put into proper perspectives and contexts, it does not mean a damn thing. It is a fact that 98% of the doctors in Trinidad today are Indians. Does that mean that the African students aren’t smart enough to become doctors? No! As a matter of fact they go on to become great doctors in foreign lands like the United States, U.K., Canada and other countries of Europe. The President of a prestige University like Howard University is a Trinidadian, all over cities in the United States you can find young Trinidadian doctors of African descent. Many of these same foreign educated doctors would tell you that the University of the West Indies (staffed by Indians) would not encourage them go to to school there. The reason being racism. Mamoo, you write whatever comes to your head and not your brains being used to connect information to make it relevant. Many of my friends who read your blogs consider you illiterate, inconsistent and incoherent. The reason for that is because you lack credibility in the things you print here. Information must be supported by not just facts but event, history and relevance. None of what you write here is inclusive of any such contents. That is why you are irrelevant.

      2. Yessss Mamoo…..that’s it….get it out! African governance in any territory where indians are competing must have been stolen…only when Brahmins are in charge it is free & fair elections!(legitimate)..right?….tell us some more of the stories your parents & grandparents told you as a child everyday before you went to school(temple). You know…it reminds me of the whole ‘proportional representztion’ scheme that has been propagated by the indian community in guyana & T&T since the competition began for independence i these two countries. Dr. Tony Martin in “African & Indian Consciousness” (available for download in PDF..google it) he points out that the Indian community started peddling this idea when they realized that because of their numbers(minority) they would not have been able to win office! Imagine that, trying to circumvent the existing political system, not for strengthening democracy or governance, but as a way to eternally have political power without having to work for it! (Woo african voters who are wise to their nazi mentality in governance). Look at what happened in guyana…Imagine sat, devant & cuffie having political power merely because of their devotees…Proportional representation is a SCHEME that the indian (hindu) community beleives will give them an advantage…Dr. Williams wrote a paper on it titled “Proportional Representation, the case against”.
        Hindus beleive in communal rule i.e. Brahmins in charge…indian culture beleives in straight hair, light skin in charge…either way the entire community will never be happy with N#$$€£* in positions of authority!

        The real trick however, is to make African people feel ASHAMED to NOTICE this ugly mentality!

      3. Lol “…i am sure the dead hair you take off each night comes from an indian woman..” -Mamoo

        Mamoo, you must really mistake me for the usual africans you interact with…i also scorn, deteste & am embarassed by the practice of african people (self hate) buying & placing other peoples dead hair on their scalp (it is true that it comes from india) BUTTTTT. ..

        Mamoo…isn’t this widespread practice contrary to the propaganda you peddle that Africans are racist to Indians?? You just highlighted the fact that not only does the African community adore indian features but also provide significant economic empowerment to the Jndian community…and it isn’t reciprocated!

        Thanks for the supporting evidence to my views Mamoo

  17. Without even looking at your link….your extemely deceitful comment history DIS-qualifies you from ‘determining’ what is ‘objective’ & what isn’t….try that crap somewhere else

    Loyal (to caste) trini’s mindset is indicative of her upbringing…..she needs to ‘set the history straight’…nothing is correct until she defines it as so….
    EH -EH…indians were never enslaved in the caribbean (even by the most desperate definition of the word)….the conditions on the barracks were superior to that of the conditions they came from (untouchability) they had human & letal rights & were allowed to practice thei beliefs & were paid. 5 year contracts with a clearly defined perimeter (estate) is not slafery! After 5 years they got free acreage if they remained or free passage back to the motherland…. (africans were taxed heavily to pay for their arrival & departure…and the land given to them were rightfully due to free slave labouring Africans )

    Nobody on this blog said that indians are not ‘here to stay’…the insinuation to the contrary is dishonest

    1. That’s your problem, e.g., quoting third party sources that Dr.Capildeo was cussing no end at Marlborough House when there is no truth to such. I do not have to declare to you who I am but you are dead wrong. Your intent is clear and accusative with authors of well documented articles as well. Dr.Eric Williams said it best: Let the jackass bray! good bye!

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