PM’s powder puff question time

By Keith Subero
August 04, 2015 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarIf the Prime Minister, her PR handlers, and state-owned CNMG television intended to produce 90 minutes of absurd theatre then they should claim last Thursday night a “brilliant success”.

The concept of the Theatre of the Absurd is recognised for its seemingly meaningless and repetitious dialogue. Its plots are usually confusing, empty, disjointed, unrealistic, and intended in some way to identify futility in the human condition.

CNMG’s “Leaders Exchange” television show was all of the above – except that it could not be lauded, because it was simply bad theatre. Television, like a stage production, is about creative concepts, refined casting, imaginative presentations, with genuine, not hypocritical performers, supported by off-camera professional direction and lighting.

How did the “Exchange” match up? As a concept, it lacked basic credibility. From the start, there was public suspicion that the Prime Minister would never face the Opposition Leader in any debate, and her PR handlers somehow would devise a ruse to avoid a televised exchange.

The casting? Instead of working journalists, they plucked a hodge-podge panel, comprising the antediluvian political busybody Morgan Job; talk-radio host Isha Wells, a spokesperson, I guess, for the restless youth, and respected political analyst Derek Ramsamooj.

As expected, Dr Job dawdled. Eventually we were able to decipher that he was attempting to ask the Prime Minister whether she would create “a cultural revolution” if re-elected.
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One thought on “PM’s powder puff question time”

  1. The PM was exceptional in that 90 minutes of talk to the nation. She handled herself well and explained her party positions on the issues of the day.

    Morgan Job was his usual self, “self absorbed self”, could not get to the question without giving a long preamble on his vast experience in Africa etc. Job tried to make the connection between India and Africa in being most corrupt. He further sullied himself by saying it was in the DNA of slaves and indentured laborers to be corrupt to which the PM illustrated the barbarism of the Vikings and demonstrated through education even corrupt barbaric cultures can change.

    Isha Wells dress the role of a gang leader with “Che Gueverra” beret and serious out of her element persona. Wells was no match for the PM who is a season veteran at answering question that impute false motive. The Prime Minister was a lecturer and in the past dealt with difficult students such as Wells. She gave Wells a lesson on humility. Wells with a straight face serious look asked the PM a 61 year old grandmother who has a sharp mind and good attention to details if she smoke marijuana. Wells should know the effect of marijuana on the brain because you have the likes of Hinds making statements of delusions of grandeur.

    Derek Ramsamooj posed the familiar establishment questions which the PM answered to the public satisfaction. She had no notes nor was she prep for the barrage of propaganda questions meted out.

    The PM is well like and have the highest amount of Facebook followers. Whenever she is on television there is an audience. Why isn’t the other stations taking up the request for more of these questions and answer sessions, that could boost their ratings?

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