By Nalinee Seelal
June 17, 2015 –

MarijuanaPOLICE confirmed yesterday that they found five grammes of a “plant like material resembling marijua-na” at the Prime Minister’s private residence, prompting Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams to order an investigation into the mat-ter.

A report of the find was submitted to Williams at 2 pm yesterday — a day after he said that the police were not in possession of any information on drugs being found at the Prime Minister’s residence. The report, signed by Snr Supt Gould and given to Williams yesterday indicated, that the substance contained in a plastic bag was discovered in the male wash-room of a Gazebo on the western end of the Prime Minister’s residence at Phillipine. The discovery was made by a Special Branch officer on Friday April 19, 2013 at about 8.50 am.

The acting Commissioner stated on Monday night, following a town meeting in Tobago, that police were not in possession of any such information of drugs being found.

However, a release issued yesterday Commissioner believed that, in light of reports emanating in the media about marijuana being found at the PM’s private residence, he requested are port from the Operational Head of Special Branch, Snr Supt Gary Gould.

He also requested a similar report from the head of the CID/CRO, Snr Supt McDonald Jacob to verify the existence of any official police record in relation to the allegation. The Commissioner was advised by Snr Jacob on Monday June 15, of the absence of any official police record of the alleged discovery.

The release from the TTPS also stated, “Given the report now made available to him, the Commissioner of Police has ordered an investigation into the matter.” Newsday under-stands that the acting Commissioner was at no time informed, on the day of the marijuana find, about the incident. It could not be ascertained why this information was not relayed to the head of the Police Service but sources revealed that because of the small amount of marijuana found, a report AG COMMISSIONER of Police Stephen Williams would have been made to a police station in the district where the Prime Minister’s residence is located.

Sources also revealed this was done and Deputy Police Commissioner Mervyn Richardson, who was informed of the drug find, advised that the necessary investigation be carried out and persons interviewed.

It could not be verified if DCP Richardson’s instructions were followed.

Sources also pointed out that Gould was not informed on the day is accessed on a daily basis by employees who work at the Prime Minister’s residence, as well as cleaners and even officers of Special Branch, apart from the Prime Minister’s relatives. Newsday was told that on a daily basis, the area is accessed by more than 40 persons. Contacted late yesterday, former DCP Richardson who has been accused by ILP leader Jack Warner, of being part of a plan to conceal the drug find, said: “I have no comment to make, but if an investigation has been started…I welcome it and let it begin.” Newsday understands that Acting Assistant Commissioner Ainsley Garrick will today put together a team of specially selected officers to probe the issue and this could include interviewing the Prime Minister and all those who may have had access to the gazebo. Sources revealed that on the day of the drug find, construction work was taking place in the yard of the Prime Minister’s private residence. Prior to the announcement that the Williams, Gould, former National Security Minister Gary Griffith and Housing Minister Dr Roodal Moonilal all claimed they knew nothing about such a report. The Prime Minister also dismissed the claim of the drug find and advised Warner to take whatever evidence he has to the police and the American FBI.

Newsday attempted to reach the Prime Minister for a comment yesterday but was unsuccessful.

Contacted for comment, Opposition and PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley said the Police Service, “has serious questions to answer.” On the Police Commissioner’s conflicting claims (first saying no report existed and later ordering a probe),Rowley said, “now that the commissioner has spoken twice, all my fears about the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service have been realised.” He said this development could only serve to “further destroy” the public’s confidence in the police as it will fuel the perception there is, “one law for the high and mighty” and “one law for the poor.”


27 thoughts on “FRESH WEED PROBE”

  1. This is what professional spin-meisters might call the “doosra” (the other one) if they are followers of cricket.

    Mr. Warner spoke of a find of 4 oz. (113 grams) found by police on April 12, 2013, revealed to him by DCP Richardson (the same police office who later was appointed apparently to bury emailgate, so slow was the pace of that investigation).

    Now our Ag. Police Commissioner orders a probe of a find of 5 grams found on April 19, 2013, one week after the first find.

    The circumstances of the second find (“male” washroom, gazebo, accessible by all sorts of people) will of course leave the Prime Minister a deniable suspect.

    Certainly the credibility of a protestation of innocence on her part would be much greater than it can be for the first find. In that case, it attracted the attention and concern of DCP Richardson, who straightaway brought it to the attention of Mr. Warner, then Min. of National Security, because — one must infer — it potentially implicated the Prime Minister.

    According to Mr. Warner’s disclosure, her reaction on being told of the find, betrayed a consciousness of guilt. She asked Warner if she should “return immediately” from New York, and “resign”.

    The Prime Minister has had ample opportunity to deny that claim by Warner (which came out last Sunday) and has apparently not done so. One wonders whether Warner might have taped the conversation with the Prime Minister, or that the Prime Minister thinks that he might.

    So what we have instead, three days later, is this lame “doosra”.

    I was a rather tidy batsman in my day, and had the ability, like Lara, to read the spin of the ball in the air. Therefore, chinamen, googlies, and the like posed no terror for me. The so-called “doosra” had not yet been invented, but I doubt that I would have been fooled by them either.

    Certainly this doosra bowled by this hapless Ag. Police Commissioner should be seen for what it is … a distraction calculated to fool the gullible. It ought to be hit for a six right out of the park.

    The T&T public is not that stupid. We are the land of Lara after all.


    P.S. I continue to pray to the Heavenly Father that he expose the wicked, and protect the innocent, in all these matters. And I thank Him for having well answered this prayer many times over in the last few weeks.

  2. The police have commented on a substance they reportedly found on the common grounds outside of the PM’s residence more than two years ago.

    These grounds are under the control of state security services, including the army, special branch and the police. Many staff, workmen and other individuals are allowed by security services onto the property each day.
    Jack Warner is a desperate man in deep trouble. This caper by Jack reflects more on his shoddy and questionable character rather than on the Police, the PM and any other persons. This 4 grams “discovery” is a non issue and I am quite sure that Jack has more to come.
    I suspect that this investigation by the Police will never end, just like the email investigation and the investigation of the cocaine discovery in the water tank of Sadiq Baksh. Once again the Police, influenced by their loyalty to the PNM will let this drag out during the election, hoping that it will impact negatively on the PM. The people will see beyond this conspiracy as they learn that marijuana has been decriminalized in most parts of the world and legalized in numerous jurisdictions. My recommendation to the PM: choose a joint over vodka, it’s healthier!

  3. I have difficulty commenting on this issue because it is such a waste of time and it makes the media and police looks like idiots. Maybe they are…
    (1) Warner is indicted in the U.S. based on evidence supplied by his two sons. He is an international crook why should anyone believe him. Only the black apologist on this board (Kian & Neal) believe the gas Jack releasing is smelling good.
    (2) Warner said April 12th 2013 a joint of marijuana was discovered under the PM window. He said he called the PM in New York because Moonilal said to do that. The problem is that the PM was in New York on April 14th.
    (3) Here is the police report disputing Warner claims, “the Commissioner of Police was presented with a signed report from Snr. Supt. Gould which confirmed the discovery of 5 GRAMMES of a ‘plant like material’ RESEMBLING THAT OF MARIJUANA, contained in a plastic bag IN THE MALE WASHROOM OF A GAZEBO, on the western end of PM’s private residence. The report stated that THE DISCOVERY WAS MADE ON FRIDAY 19TH APRIL, 2013, AT AROUND 8:50AM by a member of Special Branch. ” not under the PM window as Jack said, not on April 12th but April 19th.
    (4) April 19th the Simmonds CONCACAF report was released at a CONCACAF meeting in Panama, implicating Jack. He must have known that the PM will be getting rid of him.
    (5)April 21st. On Sunday, April 21, one day after her return, Persad-Bissessar met with Warner at her South Phillipine residence and later that night announced to the media she had accepted….
    (6)March 8th 2015 Warner and Griffith sat together and made 4 tapes. Griffith was fired on February 2nd 2015 from the PP. This is what Griffith said on one of the tapes
    “I never saw the marijuana, the police never showed me a report, they never came back to verify that it was marijuana, and that is a fact.”

    Warner is a spiteful, vindictive man and he will be coming up with more of this type of mischief as time goes by…

  4. Why can Miss K do not talk the truth? Is it that lying is a BIG PART OF HER CHARACTER? I cannot trust her to be my PM.

    1. The truth alludes you my friend, if it stands in front of you, you will not recognize it. Your leader Dr. Rowley is in possession of $5 million worth of material in the Landate matter. When is he going to return it? The police is yet to investigate that matter.He was not cleared as he likes us to believe.
      A joint was allegedly found in a gazebo in the men’s washroom over 2 years ago. The CoP launch an investigation immediately. Landate remains uninvestigated…..think about that idiot. And I notice you quick to give your trust to the wrong person…

      1. Look moomoo I want a PM I can feel is doing a good job NOT a common thief, a drunkee, a three day worker, a weed smoker, a money launderer, and a racist wrapped up all in one. And still on that you can tell moneylall and sewarage to go flush themselves down a toilet.

        1. moomoo can you buy a $6million house without a mortgage. But of course if you are selling weed for a living and the PM is your neighbour then it is possible…yeh.

          1. moomooo all the rest of we have to sweat every day to make a few cents to take care of we own. There are times we are scammed out of our savings especially by indo trini lawyers when we fight for what is due to us. Moomoo the last lawyer sold my case for a few pieces of silver and is now a judge under the KM regime …in the Industrial Court. Moomoo it is tough but this is what my country has become. We work too hard for nothing. And we have to swallow real hard. But you are just a piece of shit….I beg you smell too.

          2. Your grandpa Jack Warner is very good at making allegations here are some for you to ponder
            (1) Accused Faaiq Mohammed of receiving $2.5 million in a payout for his support of the UNC in Chaguanas. Sent Inshan Ishmael to broadcast the councillor name all over the place.
            Faaiq sue and won the matter is on appeal.
            (2) Accuse Anand Ramlogan of having 51 properties.
            Anand sue the matter is being heard.
            (3) Accuse Glen Ramadhar of owning 6 houses.
            Glen sue the matter is in court.
            (4) Accuse Suruj Rambachan of being the worst ….
            Suruj sue the matter in court for defamation..
            (5) He is on the Interpol list of criminals

            I can go on, but people like him who have money feel they can say anything. That is how he behave. He is talking about the $6 million house, no mention of the $6 million he paid for removing a fire truck… one item.
            So when he expels air Jerry C. Hussain I am sure you will be right at the front to take a deep breath.

      2. “Landate remains uninvestigated…..think about that idiot. And I notice you quick to give your trust to the wrong person…” …. Mamoo
        Mamoo, you talk so much ta.ta.ta.ta.ta that I don’t think you ever reflect on what you say. If the government can find the authority to ‘suspend’ him from parliament, why is it difficult to investigate him. The investigated and found him out to be a rapist, his father a rapist, his son might be a rapist, his future grand sons would be ratpist. So why should Landate remain uninvestigated as you claim?. You guys talk about ‘delusional’, I think it takes one to know one. In the meantime, I recommend that you take your thoughts, go to the restroom, let them flow from your head into your intestines, breathe slowly, exhale, and then let the carbonated matter flow, so you can eventually flush it into its rightful place.

  5. really, all this hype over 2 joints, 12 murders in one weekend and the police have time to trace a marijuana joint from over 2 years ago. This country is a big joke, Jack needs a joint he is desperate and delusional, I hope the US govt comes and get his butt soon, lets here him singing in a us jail, no trinis there only big strong men who dont take no s—.

    1. Oh yeah,and so ‘de chickens , are coming home to roost,’as we like to say on de streets, folks. Ain’t this something, so all along we thought that the real reasons for Auntie K , well documented ,slurred speeches ,on public platforms , was merely because ,she was unable to control her liquor . Now we get it,for she too is a weed head, just like de fired ,Chief Dougla , Anil Roberts ,Si?
      Go gem em Commissioner Williams , Ooops , I mean , Acting Commissioner.
      The sad reality is , that if you were an Indo Trini , with just as much education, if not more qualifications ,than your African PM, and yet served five entire years ,without confirmation , this anomaly ,would be on BBC , CNN, Al Jazzera, UN news ,and every Human Rights body , on both Earth, and Mars.

      ANR Robinson , got his revenge against the diabolical Bengal Tiger Basdeo, and so should you ,against de Siparia ,Hindustani Queen,with de angel smile ,and devil heart.
      I love it .
      Let’s show these , clueless, political clowns , what police can do .
      Now we know why Auntie K , was so obsessed with legalizing marijuana, ehhh people?
      One day they love de boys /gals of grey ,and blue, when a decision work in their favor, the next day , they despise them , for doing their jobs. Go figure . It’s de way of the tribe!
      Yet some thought ,nation building was going to be easy.
      Hey Trinaway, each of these murders across Trinidad , involved a gun, and is linked to drugs.
      Which government , reneged on three border patrol boats , that would have kept our transshipment coastline clean?
      Who gutted the Public Service , be it Police , or Customs, and instead, saturated them, with closet criminal tribal , SRPs, and corrupt custom officials cousins – who turned a blind eye to a certain ex Ministers from Caroni Central , so that he came through customs , with his 50 member entourage , unchecked ?
      Which party supporting , Central businessman , was allowed to bring in containers ,laden with deadly drugs , and chickens, but only claimed the latter,yet got a free pass, as simi educated kids , from Nelson Street, Beetham, Upper Gonzales, and Morvant, were arrested , for peeing on de sidewalk , during that bogus , unconstitutional ,State of emergency?
      No need to respond, you selectively outraged , country hating bum!
      I cannot help but count down the days , when these closet criminal bastards , are shown the exit door.
      Your influence counts,so use it !!!!!

    2. Agree with you about the big “scandal” about the 2 joints, but the indifference to the murders going in TT. But let Jack say what he has to say. The chicken coming home to roost. He was an arrogant bastard who felt no one could touch him. And the PM held on to him in the days of plenty(well, that is when he had plenty). He is my rock she told Rowley.

  6. Certainly bears resemblance to the timing of the Sadiq Baksh fiasco, guns and drugs in a water tank at his residence, close to election time. Now, interestingly the police has been protecting one another with respect to that day of searching all vehicles that caused a major traffic jam all over the island. Now they seem to be stumbling over one another in their pronouncements. Jack said openly, he is taking down the PP government. I say, read the T shirts the supporters of Sancho (Toco/Sangre Grande) were wearing, it speaks volumes.

  7. The Express has just published the laws governing marijuana. These laws should be repealed by the next administration. Most US states, Canada and European nations have already decriminalized marijuana. It has also been legalized in many countries and is recommended for medical use. In the city of Vancouver there are over 100 outlets dispensing marijuana.
    T&T is in a quandary over two joints…hopeless!
    The next administration should bring the country into the world community by decriminalizing the marijuana,and by recognizing the rights of gays.

    1. TMan, may I remind you that as a democracy we deal with the LAW. Not what we think the law ought to be or what it should be. When that time comes around and the people feel that it is in their best interest to change the law to reflect a non-criminal act, then so be it. But until then it remains a criminal act to hoard, smoke, sell or deal in drugs. That is what a democratic process does. If we were to live by your kind of supposition, we would change laws every Monday morning because of late (especially since you are convinced that Tobago will go to the PNM), you suddenly don’t want Tobago to be part of the electorate. I think you are better suited to some other kind of system, not this one. Try being democratic in your thinking and then we all will be better able to communicate eh!

    2. While some states in the US have legalized weed, the Feds have not. It still in a state of here nor there.

  8. Finally, the PM has issued a denial… of sorts. See today’s Express.

    It is not however a flat denial, rather an invitation to reason. She *argues* that she would hardly have offered to resign, given her record of refusing to do that so many times before when her political enemies demanded it for various reasons.

    But she does not come right out and say that she had no such conversation with Warner. Neither does she flat out deny that there was any such find of 4 oz. of marijuana. Neither does she admit there was such a find, but deny that it belonged to her.

    It is a principle in law, natural justice, and common sense, that if a contention remains uncontroverted, it stands.

    So as juror in this matter, in the court of public opinion, I’m going to have to find for the prosecution. Her denial is weak at best, certainly not a simple and plain denial. DCP Richardson, Warner’s source, likewise does not deny, but seeks to hide behind a “no comment”. Moonilal too does not deny, but says he doesn’t “remember” the incident. And Griffith has as good as admitted it, claiming only that the police never reverted with a lab report proving that the substance was indeed marijuana. Well of course they would not, given that the entire premise of Warner’s disclosure was that there was an orchestrated conspiracy to “bury” the whole matter, to protect the Prime Minister.

    Thus, four days after last Sunday’s disclosure, Warner’s claim remains uncontroverted, and at least partially corroborated by Griffith’s remarks taped unknown to him in a telephone conversation with Warner.

    Rather, we have had quite skillful attempts to deflect and obfuscate… the main one being the “five gram” doosra that the poodle of a police commissioner on a short leash will now fearlessly investigate two years after the fact.

    Therefore, this juror in the court of public opinion finds for the prosecution in this matter. Not that I expect any prosecution any time soon.

    A louche T&T has for itself a louche Prime Minister. Truly we get the Gov’t we deserve.

    Nevertheless, it is in the cover-up that may lie the greater crime. For there shall no hypocrite enter into the kingdom of Heaven, while a just and merciful God promises to abundantly pardon. The price of pardon however is that we come clean and make a full breast of things.

    May the Most High continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent in all these matters. And may He mercifully pardon all those who come right out, confess, and make peace with their God.


    1. A legal opinion from a qualified lawyer, not a biased juror:

      Coming to the defence of his former political leader, Panday said under the law she was not culpable because she was absent when the marijuana was found at her home. He referred to a statement issued by Persad-Bissessar in which she said she knew nothing of the find until it was made public by Warner a few days ago.

      Quoting Section 21 of the Dangerous Drugs Act, Panday said none of the parties named by Warner were culpable for the find, as there was no one in the room at the time of the find.

      “The Prime Minister has no legal questions to answer with regard to this allegation. The only questions that can arise now are political.

      “She has no obligation to answer those questions, which will only be meant to embarrass her,” said Panday.

      1. The Prime Minister has no legal questions to answer with regard to this allegation. The only questions that can arise now are political.

        … and spiritual…

        Although I call on the Most High to expose the wicked, I am very mindful of the fact that even those we might deem the most wicked are assured of pardon … if they would but repent and make peace with God.

        What is at stake, even for a politician, is an eternal soul. Political loss or gain is as nothing compared to that.

        Therefore, Mr. Panday has given only a partial analysis of the situation. And moreover, he is actually wrong, and fatally so, when he says that the “only” questions that can now arise are political.

        Be that as it may, the “court of public opinion” is by its nature all-embracing. Certainly, it is not narrowly legal. For those with spiritual sensitivity, it is not narrowly political. And for those with political sensitivity, they ignore spiritual mandates to their peril.

        When I give my opinion as a juror in that court, I try to embrace all the spheres. And as a juror, I try to do as a fair juror must, which is to set aside all bias and to seek laser-like after the truth of the matter.

        And the inescapable truth is that she has not, plainly and forthrightly, denied the charges. Quite the contrary, she has resorted to her usual tactic of prevarication, rather than of plain speaking.

        I am not impressed.

        See Sheila Rampersad, today’s Express, for an interesting take on the Prime Minister living a lie. May she come clean and make peace with her God. Her eternal soul is at stake, the politics secondary.

        Panday, who made some deal with the devil according to the evidence out of his own mouth, is not likely to see that. But he too may find God’s grace should he seek it.



    If a God truly existed , then stupid , irrelevant octogenarians , such as Basdeo Panday,and Kamla’s lifetime Hindustani- anti Afro Kinky head kids -neo- racist guru ,Sat Maraj, would have gorn to the great beyond , to return as a Salipainter, or Iguana , a long time ago TMan.
    If lucky , they would be capture in the forest , then consumed in a Manzanilla river lime , then dumped …… Well, ….perish de thought… Folks .
    Maybe its an early onset of dementia,or slorocis of de brains , the latter ,caused from over drinking Princesstown babash, and so he is forgeting , what color sliders , he had on yesterday?
    The poor pathetic , Schizophrenic guy, can’t make up his mind , if he despise his protege Kamla ,or not.
    Ok, I take that back, as the sly creature thinks , that playing this cat amd mouse , rear end pinching game with Kamla , would endear him to party brass, and so ensure that de man head daughter of his , could one day become PM , in this country.
    Pray someone , anyone ,simply tell him , it ain’t happening.
    He is destined to be the last Panday, that would ever sit in the big! Prime Ministerial chair-unless of course , Mlika decides to leave the suburbs of Oropuche, and build a mansion in Lavantille ,or Caranege, then marry one of Makandal Dagger , or Dr Rat grand sons, and sport a Rasta , like loyal Rowley pitbull, in PNM Fitzgerald Hinds.
    I would certainly vote for Malika, but she must first publicly sign a note , as eventual UNC party chairperson, that if elected , her first act would be to give the decree ,to arrest that Bengal Tiger papa Basdeo , tie him up in a crocus bag,and dump bim -while going to Tobago , on one of our rickity, inter island ferries -in the Bocas, near the Venezuelian coastline ,so that he can never be seen ,and heard from again.
    If a hell truly exist, Basdeo would be the first one from de T&T political front , entering, to get burn by Saint Peter,and Black Starlin.
    Talk about an ungrateful bastard. Without Tobago 2 seat -ANR Robinson, who gave him and his trade Union party ,some respectability , as he was made Foreign Minister , in his NAR Administration , this two bit actor, would have died , as a mere Trade Union leader , and not eventually evolved into the country’s 5th PM.
    How did the classless , ‘highly immoral ‘bastard ,repay Ahhhh -Weee- Boy?
    Well, let’s just say , he didnt even have the decency ,to go to the globally adored, Statesman’s funeral,all because , decades later ,he was still smarting over the fact , that the savvy ex President ,refuse to reward him in a two way tie with Patois Manning , due more so, to an act of revenge , since he Basdeo, Ramnath, Suraj, and Sudama ,along with Yasin Abu Bakr , helped destroy the Castaria Kid’s government.
    Go away Basdeo,and take your protege Kamla with you.
    Where you at Malika ? A certain former , Military Aid de Camp , now turn unemployed PP critic , says hi, but I have no idea why. Do you?
    Where are the skeletons Cuz Griffith?
    Ahhhh, political cowardice!!
    Long live de Repubulic of Toba…,oooops , Lo Siento ,T&T!
    I Luv this land ,y tu?

  10. I do have a beef with the media on reporting of crime. IT SEEMS THAT THE MEDIA HAS DOUBLE STANDARDS IN ITS REPORTING OF CRIME. One for the common man and another for people in high places. The media prides itself in being called “the 4th estate” or the watchdog of society but by its reporting of crime, especially by tho9se committed by this administration it has fall short on the terminology applied to particular crimes. For example, when the video of former Sport Minister, Anil Roberts was placed in the web, The headlines NEVER said that it was Anil Roberts. It was “a person who appears to be Anil Roberts”, or “a person resembling that of a government minister”, or “a person who looks like a government minister”. Why the fooling around with words when it comes to officials or people holding high office? Were it for the ordinary man in the street, we will not have all those fooling around with words, it will just be “Joe Bloe found in hotel with girls”. Why is the media so cowed into reporting information the way it is presented to them? Are they cowards? Are they being intimidated by the powers that be or are they prevented by law to speak differently when members of officialdom is being presented in a bad light? This kind of doublespeak is annoying because it appears that the media has one standard for the common man and another for public officials. IN the reporting of marijuana found in the private residence of the Prime Minister, Kamla Persad Bissessar, Jack Warner made no bones about what was found. He said that it was Marijuana. However, the media has been trying s hard as they can to tells the public that, it was a substance that looked like marijuana. Since when is the police or media or common man fooled by the presence of this substance called marijuana? When a name is not attached, we see all kinds of headlines like “Marijuana found inside chickens on a ship”, “a cache of marijuana was found in a SHIPYARD” or words to that effect. Yet, given its prominence and importance of the find at the Prime Minister’s house, the public is being misled by the reporting of “a substance that looked like marijuana”. Isn’t that a conscious misinformation of facts as presented to them (the media)? If we are to believe them they must be more forthright in their reporting and not hold back on information. We know that there is a ‘no holds barred’ when the common man is involved. Public officials are representatives of the people and therefore more worthy of truth emanating from acts that they perform in either public or private life. How can the people know how to evaluate
    those that come to them asking to be elected or placed in high positions of authority, if information on them is being hidden by the Press? We are a hypocrite people. We say one thing and act in another way. It has always been that way but we are supposed to depend on the media to inform us when our public servants go astray in their oaths of office. Our Prime Minister is famous for telling us that “my hands are clean and my heart is pure”. If an event occurs where those hands appear to be dirty and that heart happens to be impure, then we, the public ought to know about it. Come on Media people, is it too much in asking for you to print the information that you are furnished with?

  11. Martin Daly summarized it best in reference to the Media coverage of Jack Warner’s press conferences:

    Paradoxically the broadcast media are so busy selling out prime time for full and unqualified live coverage of political meetings that the media is a willing accomplice in the widest publication of personal attacks, which cannot be defended on the basis of fair comment.
    There are three reporters working for the Express who seem to be assigned to Rowley and Jack’s campaign with the primary objective of “bringing down the PM”. The Express is now in the gutter reporting information without evidence or corroboration. Unfortunately, the PM is falling into Jack’s trap, as Rowley gloats.She should stop responding to Jack and treat him as a non-entity, wanted by the FBI. If the Police in T&T were qualified to investigate , Jack would be arrested and charged with crimes which he publicly admitted to.

    1. On a point of order: Mr. Daly’s statement was not in reference to Jack Warner’s press conferences as your statement could imply; his comments were in general.

      Daly said:

      “Sadly we now have nasty personal attacks on individual journalists and commentators that go way beyond allegations of bias.

      “Paradoxically the broadcast media are so busy selling out prime time for full and unqualified live coverage of political meetings that the media is a willing accomplice in the widest publication of personal attacks, which cannot be defended on the basis of fair comment.

      “Eventually a big money damages award for defamation will fix that paradox.

      “The offending media house will be around to pay damages, which will probably take back the profits made from the unrestrained live broadcasts, long after the offending speaker has ‘moved on’.”

      This is the context for the quote you presented. How you poorly quoted Mr. Daly muddled his comments with your personal views which add to confusion and misrepresentation.

      1. There are three reporters working for the Express who seem to be assigned to Rowley and Jack’s campaign with the primary objective of “bringing down the PM”. The Express is now in the gutter reporting information without evidence or corroboration. Unfortunately, the PM is falling into Jack’s trap, as Rowley gloats.She should stop responding to Jack and treat him as a non-entity, wanted by the FBI. If the Police in T&T were qualified to investigate , Jack would be arrested and charged with crimes which he publicly admitted to.

      2. Yes, but don’t you think the statement could also include Jack Warner’s buying of media time to make person attacks and acting in concert with certain reporters?


    Your tribal diatribes are putting us to sleep TMAN. Even our boy Mamboo,don’t come across ,as this desperate on Trini Center cyber nation.
    These ‘Mambooish ,’ 3rd grade logic ,is somewhat uncharacteristic of you ,my country hating piasano,QRC educated school and such. He in contrast ,is the high school dropout-ignoramus,si?
    Here you are throwing aspersions/Accusations against our numerous objective Trini journalists,of being on the payroll of Jack FIFA Warner,Ag Commissioner,in bed with Jack,as they aim to sink your PM? Enough already!
    Let me guess,you loved it when 5 years ago, they took his money,and bashed Rowley,and Patrick,si?
    Better late than never,but it ain’t everyone is as morally reprehensible as former Journalist,Andy Johnston,and is solely prepared to sell their souls ,for a few trinkets.
    In the meantime ,the weed case,and the 6 million dollar,mystery man neighbor of Auntie K,drags on.
    As a one time member,of the Short pants-Grey /Blue gang,I am noticing a trend here people.
    Each time Weed is involved, with anyone from this PP regime ,something even bigger is lurking.
    Remember de Chief Weed head Dougla ,Anil Roberts ,debacle,and the resultant criminal gang ,billion dollars Sports life fallout?
    Now this Kamla young ,handsome neighbor,Mr Bissaser land deal,big government contracts. Is it really 3 crocus bags of weed ,a police cover up,sexual liaison,Siparia wild orgies,we are talking about,or more PP financial impropriety,bordering on criminality we are dealing with TMan?
    What is so wonderful,is that our PM in waiting,can stay above de fray,and let others shoot their slingshots,at your PM,and her not too closeted Corrupt PP goons.
    How much longer do we have to. Endure this Water buffalo crap ,under your disgusting leaders Tman?

    It a beautiful day in T&T,as drunken driving continue to take it’s toll,gun nuts run amok ,and wait a cotton picking moment,is that Ag Commissioner of Police Willo,about to do a Volney on us here,by running as a PP ,in the next elections?
    What de hell is this guy doing expanding on on Sociological theories,in attempts to explain away crimes ,via fatherless families?
    My one time Commissioner ,Randy Fox Boroughs,must be turning over in his grave ,to see what this guy who inherited his job ,has been relegated to.
    Treated like a high school boys scout leader,by Kamla and her PP goons ,yet still prepared to defend them ,and their role in the growing crimes menace .
    Develop some cohones Commissioner Willo!
    Pretty soon ,Auntie K ,would get so arrogant ,to de point where she would pass win in the Parliamentary Chambers ,during question time,blame Eric Williams,Ah Wee Bouy Robie, or suspended,maligned leader Dr Rowley,then demand that the FBI ,or Rudolph Giuliani,do the investigation -not T&T Police.

    Well,this too shall pass.It’s the price we have ro pay for democracy.

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