By Andre Bagoo
June 13, 2015 – newsday.co.tt

PP WILL BE BACKPRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar, 63, yesterday announced the date of the general election as September 7.

In a statement at the House of Representatives, the Prime Minister informed the nation that she would advise President Anthony Carmona, “to dissolve Parliament at midnight on Wednesday 17th June, 2015” – a move which will bring to an end the Tenth Parliament and clear the way for the Eleventh.

In announcing the date of the election, Persad-Bissessar said her Government was the first under the Republican Constitution to serve its full term. She said it did so despite the expectations of the Opposition.

“Mr Speaker the People’s Partnership Government is ready to return to the voters of Trinidad and Tobago,” the Prime Minister said in her 20-minute statement delivered at 2.30pm, moments before Government Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal invoked centuries of Westminster tradition and adjourned the House of Representatives sine die or with no fixed date.

Of the Opposition PNM, Persad-Bissessar said, “They told the electorate in 2010, 2011, 2012, in every year that we would not last more than a few weeks in government, then that became a few months, then it became a year and after that they continued to call for early elections on a regular basis because their political strategy to remove their leader in 2010 and seek to come to power because they expected us to collapse early failed to materialise. That strategy backfired. They got rid of their leader in 2010, but they could not get rid of us.” The Tenth Parliament sat a total of 199 times.

The Prime Minister’s Parliament announcement differed from what obtained in 2010, when then Prime Minister Patrick Manning announced the dissolution of the Ninth Parliament by way of a press release on April 8, 2010, with the date following in another press release on April 16, 2010.

Moments after the Prime Minister’s Parliament announcement there were scenes of jubilation and camaraderie between members of the Government and the Opposition gathered at the International Financial Centre, Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain. Mps shook hands, hugged and kissed, made hi-fives and greeted each other with a cordiality that seemed completely at odds with the acrimony which characterised the Tenth Parliament.

After making her announcement, as she mingled with MPs in the chamber and paused for photographs, Persad-Bissessar was asked by media photographers to give a wave.

“We are coming back,” the Prime Minister said, smiling. “We are not saying goodbye.”

Absent from the proceedings were: suspended Opposition Leader and Diego Martin West MP Dr Keith Rowley, and San Fernando East MP and former Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, the longest-serving MP who will not be seeking re-election to the Eleventh Parliament.

The election date came as the UNC announced the close of nominations for persons seeking to be screened by the party to contest seats, with a deadline of June 26 set.

The party also announced the resumption of its Monday Night Forum with a rally at Rienzi Complex, Couva, next week.

All members of the Government – including senators – had gathered in the Parliament chamber for the 1.30 pm sitting, including Senators, many of whom came to lay the final papers they would be required to table for the term. In total, 101 papers were tabled in compliance with statutes and regulations for bodies ranging from the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago to the National Helicopter Services Limited.

Source: www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,212570.html

19 thoughts on “PP WILL BE BACK”

  1. Please Trinis as much as your tribal instinct will want you to vote PNM, don’t do it. Here are reasons why.
    The PNM left huge debts in each ministry. The accused the partnership of spending too much…

    Here are some examples of what the PNM left behind:
    Ministry of Housing $8 BILLION
    Outstanding VAT $2 BILLION
    Owed Contractors $2 BILLION
    Loan for Waterfront $2.7 BILLION
    Outstanding Fuel Subsidy $6 BILLION
    Loan for Tarouba Stadium $500 MILLION
    Loan for RACKET RAIL $500 MILLION
    Outstanding Wage Negotiations $9 BILLION

    1. Dear Mamoo
      You should take your own advice and put aside your tribalism. A vote for your party is going to destroy this country over the next 5 years. The fact of the matter is, it is obvious the international community is sitting waiting and hoping that the Trinidad electorate moves this government. On every international rating we have done poorly under this government.

      The Global competitive Index
      Press without borders who assess the freedom of the press worldwide
      There are many more too numerous to mention here.

      Guyana is a perfect example of what the future holds for us if we re-elect this government. The international community will squeeze us until we vote them out.
      However unlike the Guyanese, Trinidadians don’t do hard times.

      Should the PNM be returned to power I am sure there will be the opportunity for some individual to compile a similar list to the one you have made on the previous government

      So take your own advice mamoo, don’t vote race vote smart, and understand that no government in Trinidad & Tobago can stand against the international community once they have turned against you.

  2. @mamoo who are u? you are the most self serving trini I have ever met. I have been following all the blogs from afar and even though i don’t live there, the best interest of my birth county is very important to me. you need to get off your die hard good or bad self, open your eyes and ears and become productive for once. this not about party anymore. it is about survival for our country. You should change your name to “Moo moo”

  3. Did you know that if the two Tobago seats were not involved in the election, the PP would unquestionably win an easy majority. Do you think that Tobago should play such an important role in Trinidad politics. Let’s grant their wish. Give them independence. Trinidad would then be in a position to carve out their own destiny.

      1. Thank you , Triniamerican…..Tobago is pat of our national identity and will always be.

  4. You both Moomoo and Tman just do not like any body of African descent do you. Yet you wish to win an election. To me this is a sign of desperation. Is it Sat you are working for?

    1. Jerry Insane and Mustang Sally are both initiating the race conversation, probably because they are race conscious themselves and are attempting to channel their racial hang-ups on others.
      You see my friends when you are not close to the community and attempt to comment from afar without the benefit of accurate information, you make detrimental mistakes and conclusions.
      The most diverse and integrated government this country ever had was the PP. The PNM has never fostered diversity; they even criticized the PM’s multicultural policy for fear of allowing the largest ethnic group in T&T to occupy key positions. The PNM is presently presenting an anti-Hindu agenda which originated in their backrooms, hoping to persuade the Muslims and Presbyterians to join them. Go to PNM rallies and you would notice that all those in attendance are Afros. On the contrary, PP rallies are packed with people of all races. Examine previous PNM administrations, they have been predominantly Black. Whereas the present PP government is a showcase in terms of diversity and ethnic balance.

  5. “Jerry Insane and Mustang Sally are both initiating the race conversation, probably because they are race conscious themselves and are attempting to channel their racial hang-ups on others.” Go talk to your boss nah the racists SAT…

  6. Yeah right. Most of them on the political rostrum will probably singing the cane field ditty, “ganja mannyo, ganja mannyo, gimme wan shilling ganja manny, me seh gimme wan shilling ganja manny”

    On Monday, Acting Commissioner Stephen Williams, speaking with reporters in Tobago, said there was no station diary report on any marijuana find, and that he was not informed of any such discovery back in April 2013.

    However, in a 6p.m. press release, Acting Commissioner Williams said he had since received a report from head of the special branch in which the marijuana claim was verified.


    1. The police have commented on a substance they reportedly found on the common grounds outside of the PM’s residence more than two years ago.

      These grounds are under the control of state security services, including the army, special branch and the police. Many staff, workmen and other individuals are allowed by security services onto the property each day.
      Jack Warner is a desperate man in deep trouble. This caper by Jack reflects more on his shoddy and questionable character rather than on the Police, the PM and any other persons. This 4 grams “discovery” is a non issue and I am quite sure that Jack has more to come.
      I suspect that this investigation by the Police will never end, just like the email investigation and the investigation of the cocaine discovery in the water tank of Sadiq Baksh. Once again the Police, influenced by their loyalty to the PNM will let this drag out during the election, hoping that it will impact negatively on the PM. The people will see beyond this conspiracy as they learn that marijuana has decriminalized in most parts of the world and legalized in numerous jurisdictions. My recommendation to the PM: choose a joint over vodka, it’s healthier!

  7. Jack Warner said when the US issued an arrest warrant for him and “my Prime Minister tell the AG to sign it and ‘go for him, I said that can’t be the cabal. So my eyes opened and this ‘Teflon’ Prime Minister had to be exposed.”

    This is a case of the FIFA thief blaming the Police for catching him.

    1. Hey TMan, you and Cunnilal and the rest of the PP goons are making a big deal of the FIFA charges against Jack Warner. For starters, you and everyone else knew long ago Jack had problems in FIFA – nothing new there. You ALL ignored every cry from progressive people to no include Jack in the Cabinet and you cussed us out. Now, that Jack has turned his guns you your gracious PM, all of a sudden we hear that Jack is “delusional” – really? The same man who financed the PP into government? The same man that Dr. Keith Rowley said should not be in the Cabinet, for which you sought legal advice from luminaries such as Ramsohoye, Ellis Clarke, Martineau and company. You see TMan, the case against Jack’s appointment was NEVER legal, from a technical pontiff view, as long as the law does not specifically state that you cant do something, it might be ‘legal’ for you to so do. The case against Jack was ethical, moral and commonsensical – but you guys persisted and ‘won’ the war.
      Today, we watch in awe how at every turn you train your guns on Jack, even accusing him of being a PNM sympathizer. Oh! how ugly can you get. There is one claim that Jack has made and I agree with him – he said that he has never robbed Trinidad and Tobago of one penny. The people that you are so defensive about cannot make that claim with a straight face. For starters, your dear and beloved friend Anand spent over $500,000,000 in putting cases into his friends hands. Most of those cases could have been tried by the AG’s legal team, but he chose his friends. The former Sports Minister spent well over $400,000,000 ons the Lifesport programme, purportedly to ‘help little black boys’
      to date we are no wiser about the help the little black boys got but this we know. The pot smoking former minister disappeared – just like the $400,000,000. The board assembled to direct the programme was filled with hindu directors with no one having the experience on how to deal with “little black boys”. Jack does not appear to me as though he is too worried about the FBI. He appears to be more hurt by the ungratefulness of his pisanos in the PP who used him like a piece of rag and are now calling him “delusional”. What a pack of wolves they are! ungrateful s*o*b*s. One thing for sure TMan, Jack knows more about Kamla than you, so, who are we supposed to believe you or Jack? Obviously Jack. One more advice about writing. When you make comments, don’t just make it just because that is what you want it to be, write it so that it can carry some believability. The problems with you and Mamoo is that you all sound like comedians when you make claims that are either untrue, hypocritical, or unbelievable. That is the reason why most view you, Mamoo and Cunnilal as propagandists than real and convincing writers. Call a spade a spade and that will add credibility to your story.

  8. The PNM propaganda machine in in full flight. The Express took off with a Jack Warner story on marijuana without any corroboration. The Police is now cruising at high altitude with an investigation after initial denials of any knowledge of any substances being found. The Police Authority under David West (remember him) is also in first class with what seems like a plot to eliminate wrongdoing by police and security officers who patrol the PM’s residence. Interestingly, at the same time the Express publishes an article listing the penalties for marijuana possession, written by the multimedia desk, no reporter mentioned. It’s not over my friends, the Police in conjunction with an Express reporter, releases in an article, the value of 1000 marijuana seeds as being $750,000.
    Anyone with a modicum of brains is able to recognize a pattern here.The stench of political conspiracy is stifling.

  9. http://www.trinidadexpress.com/20150617/frontpage-slider/dookeran-defends-pm

    Talk about a political coward, this Winston Dookie. His COP was well placed, to be the moral conscience of this , corrupt PP party , but instead he , delusion Malchan , and that neo criminal , unelectable ,fake legal expert bum of an ex AG Anand- Prisongate /Range Rover Rammy, choosed to stuff their fat craws , as opposed to fully serving their nation.
    Good riddance Dookie. Five or more years ago, as Central Bank Governor, you claimed the country was broke, then as Finance Minister , you flipped de script , and admitted we were financially sound , thus giving the green light to your tribalist fellows ,to embark on their narrow ,white elephant , spendrift.
    Yeah we know how much you love your leader, since she rewarded you, and the rest of the COP high rollers , so as to ensure your loyalty,and silence , re the numerous political atrocities , as exhibited by the UNC dominant PP.
    Oh,and by the way, for all the tribalist ,braying -cyber -donkeys , who will obviously ,defend the impossible -ummmm …de sub par stewardship ,of de Kamla led PP-make me change my opinion of this political fat cat Dookie, if you may , by showing one initiative , he ,and party ,was able to successfully advance , to elevate our nation .
    Yep, I didn’t think so, for his only role in the years , he sat as our country’s Foreign Minister , was to vote yeah, and nay, at the UN, and provide transport, and shopping guides , for his traveling PM , with a fondness for expensive yankee shoes,French /Italian wines, Russian Vodka, and de likes.
    What’s here claim to fame ? There are some 180 nations in the world today , and she has visited some 190 ,thus far, thus beating back her 5 previous male PM counterparts.
    With 3 months to go until the next overdue elections , she just might eventually visit the next 14,to attend some low level , conference, and or , obtain her monthly medical check ups,while trying to squeeze through more bogus laws.
    On a different front,let me add, that I see the PP cyberspace spokesman , is at it again,talking through all six sides of his mouth , on subjects , that’s he ,and others knows nada about. Listen to him,as he tries ,in his stupid roundabout way , to muzzle African folks , whose ancestors help foster our Democratic Republic.
    “Do you think that Tobago should play such an important role in Trinidad politics .
    Let’s …give them independence.Trinidad would then be in a better position to carve out their own destiny.”TMan

    No TMan , neither should Caranege , Lavantille , Santa Cruz,Febeau Village ,Mt Dor, Diego Martin, Port of Spain, Morvant, Lavantille, Beetham, Sande Grande, Arima ,Belmont ,or for dat matter ,any enclave north of de Caroni, and East , West, of the East Dry River.
    Let me guess, you want your party to get another term in office , so that they contine to ensure that tribal members ,can marry underage girls , and shape other aspects of their destiny ,such as blatant state /business corruption, and bride burning, correct?
    Sorry , but it ain’t for you, and kind ,to decide, if an when Tobago should achieve independence. That will be done at the appropriate time , if need be-but not before reasonable compensation are obtained , re decades of social neglect by big brother Trinidad , after pilfering millions of tons of Tobago’s natural resources , chiefly to bolster the fortunes of your ‘country hating , African despising ,me me , gime , gime , dog with a bone , self serving tribe.’
    You and your leaders, are free to demonize their island born leaders all you want.
    We in the know , are quite aware ,as to who the real enemies of T&T are , and the limited returns , that can accrue , via such follies.
    Unlike you simi educated clowns , we also know /appreciate ,what the subtle nuance of authentic politics , within a thriving democrcy entails – learning how to co exist with the other – be they of a different race , class,tribe , culture , and national -geographical sphere.
    I’ll give you an advice , you extended to me , in one of your previous post,and here it is free of charge .”Be careful ,of what you wish for TMan. ”
    In addition ,a word of caution to your civic , business, and political power mongrels , with no conception of history. Continue to denigrate /humiliate African heroes,or worst yet , neglect their people ,when in the political drivers seat, but bear in mind , the inevitable ,political blowbacks /backlash.
    As the recent Guyana elections would indicate , those Eurocentric benefactors , might ignore ‘you alze ,’ when your yellow belly leaders , come crying injustice ,tribal persecuted wolf , in the night.
    Thanks Jimmy Carter, and EU , for kicking Socialist Jagdeo, and his bandit successor Ramoutar , in de you know what, when they cried foul ,at de polls ,after stinking up de Gayanese political joint for over 2 decades.
    Long live de Republic of Tobago…. Ummmmm, Lo Siento,T&T!
    I Luv dis land , y tu?
    Stay vigilant people!

    1. Neal, I am totally ready to live with a new PNM regime, with Rowley as my PM, However those in Caranege , Lavantille , Santa Cruz,Febeau Village ,Mt Dor, Diego Martin, Port of Spain, Morvant, Lavantille, Beetham, Sande Grande, Arima , and Belmont will have to go back to suffering under the PNM, as they did for over 45 years under PNM rule.

      1. We like it so TMan – how is the home ways these days. We love PNM with Rowley.

  10. This is what democracy is all about ,TMan ,mi country hating Pisano. I don’t think you are too fond ,of the idiocy ,that too frequently takes place ,in countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria,Russia, Burma,Egypt ,Burundi,etc,where military goons , and business manipulated ,political bandits ,will usurp the will of the masses ,and assume power , willy nilly- via coups, and unconstitutional jig ,and dance ,do you?
    Five years ago ,the people spoke ,and got rid of an arrogant , nepotistic ,fake Christian,name Patrick Manning,and we accepted that.
    They took a chance on a political neophyte ,called Kamla,touting her mantra of Obama oriented change . Even if much criticism can be leveled her way, re obvious , sub par stewardship, we the few patriotic progressives, can be inveigled , to hand out a reasonable grade, for her efforts in attempting to keep the T&T sinking ship afloat.
    For de record ,last I checked ,Dr.Kieth Rowley, was never in charge of the PNM,or served as a PM in this country,during the past “45 years,” period you highlighted.
    Here is the deal. I am willing to share your conclusions of potential sufferings ,for the enclaves mentioned,if you can show how you came to it-and ain’t simply a Anti Tobago/Afro Trini hater-as many much wiser than yours truly , might begin to suspect .
    You see TMan, political parties don’t run countries,people do.
    Translation-leadership matters.
    This ain’t China , Cuba, Sudan, Burundi, Afghanistan,North Korea, or Saudi Arabia,but T&T. If as leader,Kamla signed off on 25 ministers in during her power grab , then when during her reign, they are caught with their knickers , and jockstraps in a twist/ political malfeasance ,she cannot turn around ,and say to the numerous critics, hey … look at me ,I am a maligned victim ,yet is still decisive,since I met the challenge to get rid of said , PP rogues ,and vagabonds , as pressured so to do.
    Hey Tman ,ever wondered why exactly ,Basdeo ,only won one election in 5 decades of politics,and Kamla , his protege , most likely ,will follow suit? Ain’t have nada to do with their race , as the typical stupid , intellectual fraudsters , and eat ah food , media bum enjoy claiming.

    Authentic leaders , must be prepared to take the blame , not “pass the buck,”when failures occur, for the same reason they should accept credit , where due.

    These two , neo tribal , feudalistic leaders of yours , unfortunately, suffered from those unwholesome social diseases named ingratitude, defeatist arrogance, and an uncanny inability ,to show magnanimity , or empathy ‘for the other ‘- especially if poor.
    Jack was great, until he decided to call his mark, and demand more than trinkets ,for use of his FIFA loot.
    So you gave him the middle finger , then embarked on an ill advised by election , and lost-proving that the voting populace of Chagurnas ,’knew what time it is , ‘not the PP hierarchy . Fast forward to 2015, and the man who made her T&T Queen, is suddenly “delusional,” and should hit de road, be castrated, chopped into tiny pieces , like a murdered Extra foods magnate , and dumped in the Caura River.
    Yeah Kamla , we know how many Christians you are fond of , including Pastor Cuffy , who along with other Church leaders , took your 30 pieces, of silver, with promises ,to entice their members to vote a certain way,but he ain’t the one under discussion.


    Everyone in the legal fraternity , knew that the Dominican/St Lucian Carib foreigner Volney -who thought he , not Tobago Justice Archie , should be CJ- was an incompetent State lawyer, turned overrated Judge , yet you grabbed him ,and stuck him in some opaque Justice Ministry job.
    He , not AG Anan, was then quickly discarded , when too many idiot PP laws , failed to make the Parliamentary grade – including those infamous ,Section 34 ,and Gangreen army ,powers of arrest Bill, the first of which was intended to save the hide of two PP high end financiers , Ish , and Steve.
    During the St Joseph By election to replace Volney, the PP boorish. chants,over the loud speakers ,and media airwaves , all across the nation wereb,’vote for we, ….we are one of your own , ….and don’t return to dem ugly, PNM blokes,for they will take you back to poverty, corruption, and racial Black Power , social neglect.
    It didn’t work then TMan, neither would it work now , for your misguided leaders.
    Ahhhhh, enough of this . Come on Jack , end the riddles . First ,the bags of mystery weed,now idle talk about Kamla possible ‘boy toy,’ or is it rather ,another PP ,state contract shenanigan ,for ah tribal party hack?


    Speak up , or forever hold your peace Jack.In the interim,or until we get more evidence , both myself,and de ignored Dr. Bessesar , will sing this Penguin team song ,over a vodka,some crush ice, a lil bit of our world famous Angustoura bitters, and orange juice,hmmmm?

    I’m on a roll, so will continue. With Duck face – 25 room mansion ,TOP -Jack at her side, Kamla ,and her goons ,waltz into Tobago , and promised the moon,stars ,and self governed Jupiter, while denouncing elder politician Orville London , as a useless , corrupt , anachronistic , self serving bozo.
    Such may be true , but so is Basdeo, yet everyone ,South of de Caroni ,from Preasal, to Fyzabad ,and Erin love him . The Tobago political effort, was a colossal failure, and so it would ,come September 7th , as they again ,will decide your fate.
    Yep, all Tobagonians ,were essentially thrown under the bus , as criminal cuddling , anti children,gullible fools, when the family of the ‘PM in Waiting ,’was raked over the hot Siparia coals , and the Mason Hall Kid ,was unceremoniously kicked out of Parliament , via a dictatorial majority maneuver,that was clearly done to not only embarrass ,but silence him ,as many ,all across T&T believe .The results , PP lost the female , Tobago, males, and youth votes.
    Yeah, we know the bogus story line they trotted out ,to justify your firing , after you demanded action by Kamla on poor women , and innocent children , and the aged,but muchas gracias , Mama Vena St Rose ,for warning us that Kamla , cared nada about change, but was just another elitist, female political tool, like many of her South Asian ,ancestral lands cousins, who , in Inderia Ghandi fashion, would not hesitate to pass a sterilization bill , to control poor defenseless women.
    Yep, like Pakistan Benizia Buttho, she would turn a blind eye to nepotism , and corruption , especially when led by friends ,and family.
    Sadly ,both met gruesome deaths, but as I have indicated , thankfully we are in T&T,where democracy is alive and well,Si?

    The irony is not lost on many of us more astute ,political animals, that if Auntie K, had held the elections , 6 to 9 months earlier-as Manning,and Penelope were busy working their sledge hammers at Rowley knees , while sowing their seeds of discontent ,causing many prospective voters , to view him as an uncouth /unpolished, political Ram goat-she would have won , hands down .
    Yes sariiii, she too embraced the same arrogance ,that destroyed her ‘boobboolee arch nemeses, Basdeo, and equally nepotistic drinking pal Manning,which allowed Uncle Rowley to find his political voice.
    As you fully know TMan, as a frequent visitor to the DR, other liberated Latin American enclaves , as well as South East Asian fiefdoms , such as Thailand, most red blooded males , will give up their right arms to gyrate , and or indulge in sexual relations ,Clinton Style ,or otherwise, with a 17/ 18 year olds,so exposing the PM in Waiting , as some sexually insatiable freak , with a hard on for under age Indo Trini chicks , in Sando Indian Carnival bands , today, or an equally unmanageable , female student chica, 45 years ago, was a lose /lose ,non vote getter.
    There goes the sexually virile youth , and older , more experience Tom cat male , plus liberated , indpendnt female votes.

    I love it.
    Stay vigilant T&T, for too much is at stake , for any of you to do otherwise.
    I wish to see Kamla ,and her UNC dominant PP , serve only one term, and get sent back to the political wilderness, where they belong.
    To Tman relevant concerns however ,if Rowley comes to power , then naively think ,this is business as usual PNM style, then likewise,they should show him the political exit door.
    Ain’t this how we do it dem more advanced – Global North ,sophisticated metropolis,TMan?
    Hey TMan , feel free to quote me liberally , as you ,and other handlers, and strategists , help Antie K , prepare for the upcoming election .
    By de way, is de debate still on?
    I Luv this land , Y tu?

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