President Barack Obama: Change…What Change?

By Leslie
January 20, 2009

Barack ObamaToday, Tuesday 20th January, 2009, Barack Obama officially becomes the President of the United States of America. While there is much elation about this occasion, especially as the Bush era was marked by atrocities and war crimes, Obama has not mapped out a clear path for the change that he constantly spoke about on the campaign trail. However, Obama did express some views on several key issues recently and we can gauge those to see if he is really about meaningful change.

Fact 1: Obama supports the hypocrisy of so-called free market capitalism: Obama (and then opponent John McCain) supported the US $700 billion plan to ‘rescue’ the U.S. financial system. As if! Isn’t this diametrically opposed to the tenets of U.S./Europe-styled capitalism? Why would the U.S. want to save capitalist business? Why not let it run its course. Why not help the real victims: the ordinary people who could possibly lose a lifetime of savings?

Fact 2: Obama has, before his official inauguration as president, already continued Bush’s venom-spewing against anti-imperialist nations blaming Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, for the supposed backwardness of Latin America. It is obvious, as Chavez points out, that Obama is kowtowing to the dictates of the Empire, (like Darth Vader to Palpatine). (See: Obama and Chávez Start Sparring Early at

Fact 3: Obama did not – repeat – did not promise to end the hostilities and embargos against Cuba. His promise to ease the travel ban for Cuban-Americans (and other Americans) is a gesture that may especially help to mend family ties for the Cuban community. However, he does not want to end the embargo because he says it is “an important inducement for change.” I suppose we will have to wait for the U.S. to force their version of democracy Iraq style before all embargos are lifted. Ahh…what a day it would be when Cuba once again becomes a playground for the mob and the rich and famous! Ahh, yes…wouldn’t America just love that! (See: Top Obama Flip-Flops at

Fact 4: Obama intends to “draw down U.S. troops in Iraq and send some to Afghanistan,” rather than a complete withdrawal of their illegal and amoral occupation of the territories. (See: Obama Calls for Aid to U.S. Auto Industry, With Conditions at He continues with the old paranoia of prior regimes of the world-against-America banter. Like the defensive realists, many of whom believe that we should do them before they do us, Obama has repeated the talk that it is “a top priority for us to stamp out al-Qaeda once and for all” capturing Osama Bin Laden who himself has never admitted involvement in the 9/11 event.

Also, although Obama proposed to withdraw troops from Iraq, he is not opposed to sending them back in the event of disaster or genocide. The invasion of Iraq was in itself a disaster and America has already massacred a nation of many innocent Iraqi citizens. America should leave Iraq and not play God by keeping troops stationed there or even returning troops when America feels necessary. So as benevolent as Obama’s plan of expatriating U.S. soldiers may seem, the possibility of their return, especially if there is no real threat to the U.S., is still a desire to keep control of the territory.

Additionally, despite Obama’s rhetoric of holding talks with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without pre-condition, he is still of the view that Iran poses a threat to the Middle East and the U.S. and is not opposed to imposing “international sanctions to push Iran to be more transparent over its suspect nuclear program.” What about America and its allies nuclear programmes?

Fact 5: Obama opposes reparations for slavery (See: Obama opposes reparations for slavery at further highlighting his light-skinned, mixed race insensitivity to dark-skin Black African concerns and his attempt at political expediency by not turning-off his White support base. So people’s idea that they have a chance to correct historical wrongs by electing a so-called Black president has boiled down to naught. This is the price of trying to get a kind-of-Black president by any means necessary: a president who may not necessarily have the interest of ordinary Africans or even native Indian and poor White, Asian or Hispanic interests at heart. Of course the basis of White-supremacy is about maintaining its structure despite the few cosmetic changes that may be made to it.

Fact 6: Obama has pledged “non-negotiable” allegiance to Israel despite their terrorism against Palestine, Lebanon and in general the entire Middle East and “envisages isolating Hamas and Hezbollah, as long as the Islamic militant groups refuse to renounce terrorism or recognize the right of Israel to exist.” Nothing different from Bush’s bush.

Fact 7: Obama is MIXED race. Obama is half-Black African and half-White Caucasian, who is light in complexion. The texture of his hair and his facial features also show the mixture of the two races. Thus, deeming him the first Black president of America is a distortion of reality. This distortion of him being Black African (American) is a product of racist, American Jim Crowism which has yet to be abandoned. While there has never been a U.S. president that looked like Obama, the first acknowledged mixed race but reported as African-American president of the U.S.A., he is not the first African-American president in the real sense of the term. I personally feel that America isn’t ready for that image. I do understand the history behind misconceptions about race as well as the victory some may feel over Obama’s electoral win, especially since all past U.S. presidents, as far as I am aware, have not acknowledged recent non-White ancestry. This was deliberate in order to secure the White, racist image of the U.S. presidency. However, when African people buy into the notion that mixed-race persons are Black African, it works against dark-skin Black Africans. This did not begin with Obama but is a continuation of the problem of colourism which favours light-skin ones in the entertainment industry, in the education system, in the workplace and in high governmental positions, including the presidency as of November 4, 2008. Dark-skin Blacks are hardly considered unless, of course, they are ‘polished’ enough to pass as non-threatening. Can you imagine so many Americans voting for Obama if he was a dark-skin African?

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who probably can’t get over the outcome of the American elections would rather deny that Obama is half-African by making the snide remark that he would get along with Obama because he is “young, handsome and also tanned.” Berlusconi and others like him, because of their racism and because the white symbol of White supremacy in America’s highest office is no more (at least for now), would rather dismiss the fact that he is part Black African and describe him tanned instead of dealing with him as a person of White/Caucasian as well as African ancestry.

So, the ‘polished’, mixed race Obama is president, but do his politics represent the interests of the ordinary American citizen? As far as I am concerned, his words have not indicated so. He still upholds capitalism with all its flaws and hypocrisies and has not articulated a real plan for better except his rhetoric of “change” and the ubiquitous slogan “Yes, we can!”

Fact 8: Obama and McCain are not too different. The Daily Telegraph (See: How Obama, McCain compare on policies at reports some of the policies of the two. Here is a synopsis:

a) McCain whole-heartedly supports the war and occupation of Iraq. Obama, while supporting the withdrawal of troops, is not against sending them back in case of “catastrophe or genocide.”

b) Obama is in favour of talks with Iran but is also in favour of the imposition of international sanctions against Iran to force the country to become more “transparent over its suspect nuclear program.” McCain is against talks with Iran and supports economic and other sanctions “if necessary”.

c) Obama’s view is that America’s commitment to Israel is “non-negotiable” and McCain sings the same tune stating that he, Hamas’ worst enemy, supports U.S. military aid to Israel.

I can understand the euphoria as well as the disappointment and concern about Obama’s election. However, much of these feelings may be misplaced.

What many fail to realize is that the persons operating in the frontline, presidents in some cases and prime ministers in others, are just images that are projected, for instance, to acquire votes. In Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, we have long been accustomed to having leaders look like us, or in many cases, more ‘polished’ and commonly accepted versions of us.

While there may be one or two differences in policies among candidates, the purpose of their election remains the same: upholding White supremacy. In Trinidad and Tobago, for example, we have adopted and continued with the tradition of the Westminster system of government; we have not implemented mechanisms to allow the poor to be empowered, especially since we have totally endorsed the ideals of U.S./European capitalism; we are anti-communist/socialist or any other utilitarian forms of government or attempts to do so, and the list goes on. The same can be said of American politics. While Democrats and Republicans may differ on some issues, they all agree to uphold White supremacy. Would this be any different under Obama’s reign?

I think, to some extent, it would be a good thing for Americans to experience what we here in the Caribbean, and indeed other parts of the world, have been experiencing for decades: White rule with a African, mixed race or Asian face. What we should be weary of is the reasons behind people’s endorsement of Obama as well as their rejection of him. We should just as much be aware that the racial labels people ascribe to him may be based on general misunderstandings or other nasty agendas. For example, I may argue that Obama is mixed race and not Black African, especially since I am aware that America’s categorization of one drop ‘Black’ blood equals Black, was done as an extreme form of racism to protect their pseudo-scientific pure- White race beliefs; to ensure that economic benefits did not get into the hands of Africans through those mixed with African, and to ensure that the White supremacist structure remained intact. What the one drop African blood classification did, in effect, was to further disadvantage dark-skin Black African Americans because light-skin Africans or mixed race individuals were (and are) still preferred by Whites. The net result was that lighter skin ones got more economic and other opportunities, especially with systems such as affirmative action, while Whites could claim benevolence to African-Americans in general. Dark-skin Blacks also prefer lighter skin ones – one of the negative syndromes which resulted from slavery – and so they are inclined to support light skin individuals in positions of power while they, dark-skin ones, continue to feel the bulk of the oppression. Thus, the term Black or African-American was effectively warped making race a political term instead of a strictly phenotypical one. This contributed to making life more difficult for Africans while maintaining the racist pyramidal structure.

We will see what Obama does starting today. I still maintain, despite change of face, change…what change?

24 thoughts on “President Barack Obama: Change…What Change?”

  1. This is rather poor journalism – a very one-sided rant mixed with a number of untruths – the most glaring being the assumption that the war in Afghanistan was illegal, which it wasn’t. Amoral is also quite a stretch when you consider the regime that the coalition forces overthrew and continues to fight against.

    One needs to accept that change comes in increments; it’s ridiculous to say that Obama isn’t black enough when you consider the way in which this inauguration opens doors to Americans of any race to run for the same office.

    At heart, Obama and McCain are less different than their campaigns may have suggested, however the fear was of a second push to the right by many influential republicans. Consider also that the US President is a figurehead as much as he is an executive; there is real power in what he embodies, whether you’re in favour of his policies or strengths. That said, he’s already proven during the transition to be extremely capable, not least able to surround himself with intelligent, pro-intellectual senior staff.

  2. Obama six years ago couldn’t catch a cab from Barry Farms after dark if he had tried. There goes your Black enough theory. In the U.S., 1/8 black is black. You mentioned his hair and skin complexcion as if that is something that helps your argument. It is clear that you have a very monolithic idea of what a Black person is. What are your sources on the preferences of Dark Skinned Blacks? It’s hard to believe that there are still people this ignorant around to spew there hate.
    Obama is President because he was so much better than the opposition and almost politically opposite of bush in ideology. Judging by your rant, it is obvious that you think that you know more than what you do.

  3. Victory must always be viewed in the context of what the competition was at the time of the particular battle. John Mc Cain is a fairly decent man that served his country well, but unfortunately for him he ran for office at the wrong time. He ran a terrible campaign , which also came at a scary moment for many Americans, -namely an economic meltdown / recession remeinescent to the great American depression that affected millions domestically, and globally because of the rippling effects.
    America could not take a chance on another academically challenged individual devoid of ideas outside of his fixation of fighting wars, greedy ,crooked conglomerates , and nut case phony religious fanatics -defined as the religious right. Obama instilled Reaganlike hope, and garnered 53% support , primarily from outside traditional voting bases -especially youths.
    One of the best kept secrets of America is the power of education , networking , discipline, organization , progressiveness political shrewdness., and the insignificance of race per se . Money and power translates to respect if used wisely in the home of capitalism. This was a country that only 42 years ago would have called Obama’s black father and white mom criminals for daring to marry.This was a country that viewed a black person at one time in history to be only 3/5 human.
    Leslie’s article is not as off based as Tom C claims. Nevertheless, even if the President after 4 to 8 years did not achieve 10 % of what he was mandated to do by the voters, it is still a good day and step forward for black and white America alike – especially the young people. Cynnical young blacks can now believe again in education, and see opportunities outside of music and entertainment. They would recognize the importance of family and commitment as displayed by the Obamas over the years. They can see the merit of community service and civil society as practiced by the young Obama. As for the white kids , many have been told that black folks- -particularly males -are mere stupid ,lazy idiots, and buffoons, whose sole purpose in life is to impregnate as many black women as possible and run far away into the arms of lonely white females , once the kids were born. The Obamas proved that to be a lie by their loving example.They were told that most are criminals , unproductive and country hating childlike clowns, whose women are loud youthfully promiscous and a tendency to emasculate their males from birth to the grave.Cousin Michelle Obama sends a different picture.
    Let’s enjoy this historic day in a country where everyone- including the recently arrived immigrant- fully comprehends the meaning of the word PATRIOTISM . With all it flaws , no other developed country in the world can enjoy what we are witnessing today. Baby America Trinidad ,perhaps can find something worth emulating yes?

  4. I’m not even sure what to say, first as a multi racial person, who can pass, I think Herr Leslie has a problem with whites. I find that sad, but typical. I still remember the first time a cousin informed me that my father was a traitor for having kids with a white woman. I have family in T&T and had been considering moving down to start over away from the politics of North America, but it appears the ignorance of leftist intelligentsia is present even on a simple blog from back home. Leftist thought had pervaded and corrupted both the US and Canada, schools are getting shot up, parents cry “where are the police” and then police are barred from regular patrols by the PTA and the same parents who cried. Preachers are threatened with years in jail for preaching the Bible in church or even in private letters or email. Leslie you have terrified me, because now the safest place I could think of, is now a little less safe. I hope St Vincent might provide an alternative to T&T, because the system here is crumbling, and those here when the final straw is placed on the camel’s back will flee.

  5. This article is on point, and before some of you respond to an article, at least have the decency to actually read it through and try to comprehend what is being said. Respondents here did not even bother to clearly point out what they thought was flawed in the article; they just wailed about what was not in the article, projecting their own ignorance and insecurities. Also, the United States of America’s Jim Crow definition of race is not universally accepted, so use some of your brain cells and try to understand where Leslie is coming from.

    Tom C,

    Simply calling the article poor journalism and untruths does not prove anything. You have not refuted what was stated in the article. All of a sudden, change is now supposed to mean Obama is not much different to his opponents and the status quo. Of course, it is quite convenient to now state change comes incrementally so people should be thankful for little things, while the big, corrupt and racist picture remains the same.


    Apparently you are quite confused about race. However, you are part of the majority. Race is about skin color, hair texture and other characteristics that are the result of group history and evolution. So, of course, if Leslie is speaking about Obama being mixed race, WHICH IS A FACT, she is quite right to mention his hair and skin color. Why is that so difficult to grasp?

    Also, because Obama may be ‘better’ than Bush and Mc Cain, does that mean we all should stop speaking truth to power? Should we all just accept that Obama would solve the problems of the world without criticism?


    Your response had nothing to do with the article, so I am left to wonder if you really read the article or was just told to post a diatribe in response to the article (a common organized practice on the Internet).

    I rather suspect that Obama’s online army (organized by George Soros’ Think Tank and other volunteers who do not even grasp issues) would continue in the same campaign vein (quite similar to Israeli apologists) of trolling the Internet looking for comments that do not 100% endorse Obama, to spew venom. Of course, they do not present evidence to support their statements; they simply want everyone else to kneel with blind faith.

    How is that change we can believe in?

  6. Fact 1- If there were no bailout then there would be millions without homes and jobs. One point you may want to note is that there was a high percentage of African Americans facing foreclosure from their adjustable rate mortgages. The bailout has helped many African Americans among others stay in their homes and maintain employment and that is why there were bailouts. Do you think it would be in any countries interest for the United States to fall into a depression? Too many ordinary citizens including African Americans needed relief. Whether it trickled down to them is another argument, but that was the intent.

    Fact 2- Obama is the President of the United States. At the time when he said what he said, he hadn’t been briefed on the intimate details of U.S. security. His comments are reflective of what he knew at the time. We must keep in mind the fact that he has to fall somewhat in line with the general consensus on ideas of national security when the information provided to him and all other Americans is that Chavez amongst others is a threat or at least a pain in the neck. Note that President Obama did say that he would like to open up a dialogue with some Bush dubbed radicals when that was not a popular thought and the opposite of the Bush administration.

    Fact 3- Note my ending statements in fact two about diplomacy. He is willing to engage in progressive dialogue with Cuba which by the way is better than nothing. At least he is taking the first step. See my comments about Fidel’s Cuba. Obama isn’t fully representing the policies of the past. That in itself is a great accomplishment for the Cuban people and all people of this hemisphere. As long as the Cuban people get what they want on their terms in a compromise with the U.S. who are we to criticize? I am certainly not Cuban citizen.
    Fact 4- What is really moral about conflict and war? What is moral about thousands of Americans many of whom are of African decent living in impoverished neighborhoods of the U.S. dying from heroin overdoses from product produced in Afghanistan by people who would seek to destroy all Americans because of outdated U.S. policies that most average Americans know nothing about? Please excuse my run on sentence. What is moral about the children of heroin junkies starving or being born with HIV/AIDS because a product from Afghanistan is readily available? It is true that many of them never had to start using that drug, but he without sin cast the first stone oh righteous one. I believe that it is the duty of the higher power to judge the addict for only he can understand the circumstances and mental capacity of the individual who fell victim to the circumstance of a imperfect society designed to have a permanent underclass. I believe that any country with the military capability to do so should protect its citizens even if it has to invade when sensible dialogue cannot result in agreement from both parties. If anything, this is a continuation of the war on drugs only based on profiles Minorities are most likely to benefit from a Afghanistan producing something that can sustain all mankind without poisoning his mind. Based on the pro black tone that Leslie took in this article one would think that Leslie would be aware of such facts.

    Fact 5-Obvious Leslie doesn’t know that Obama has no legacy of Slavery and that reparations aren’t the only answer to African American prosperity within the United States. Obama himself is proof that you don’t have to be given 40 acres and a mule today because someone in your family was enslaved almost 200 years ago. Do you not like that example? There are many more if you choose to research prosperity amongst African Americans outside of entertainment. What Leslie may not be aware of is the fact that President Obama is the current pinnacle in the movement of young prost civil rights era African Americans who had the audacity to hope and who were not afraid to be called sellouts, Toms, Oreo’s, etc….in order to do what all of our parents tell us to do. I for one wish I would have stayed the coarse, but that’s another story. I’m not against reparations, but if such an act would result in a deflated dollar value then what would be the point. Not only that, the U.S. has bigger problems to deal with than making sure decedents of U.S. slaves get a fraction of the original amount of reparations.

    Fact 6- Nothing in politics is non negotiable. What’s your source for this?

    Fact 7 – This is for you also Heru. As a matter of fact Heru let me start with a response to you. You stated,” Race is about skin color, hair texture and other characteristics that are the result of group history and evolution”. How does Obama look different from what is globally considered “Black”? Didn’t you see his High School Pictures with his Afro? Perhaps the fact that he is darker than many people whom claim African American Heritage who have two African American parents isn’t good enough for you. The African gene is the dominant gene. That is why that rule came about. It wasn’t out of hate alone, but the fact that if a person was 1/8 black, they tended to look more Black than White/ European. Also, in the time before global integration, people evolved physically to meet the survival needs as humans to their environment. Various scientists have speculated that that evolution takes about 25 thousand years without interruption from another race. With that being said, Africans come from Africa, Asians from Asia, Europeans from Europe, Aborigines from Australia, and Native Americans from what is now known as the Caribbean, North, Central, and South America. Aborigines are said to have a different blood type from Africans. I am not confused on race. If anything anyone who equates race to color is misled. Color is a factor, but not the only factor. Why is that so difficult to grasp? Anyone pro Black should be thrilled that in this day in age when many men of primarily African decent seemingly sell their souls to the devils to marry their porcelain trophy that Barack Hussein Obama proudly sought out his African Queen. Their commitment to one another is a step further than the fictitious Cliff and Claire Huxtable. It kind or reminds me of the song by Sizzla where he sings,” Woman I need you, Like never before, African woman your the one I adore”. But I guess for those like Heru and Leslie that that is not Black enough.

    Did I state before now that Obama is better than Bush? I believe that I stated,” Obama is President because he was so much better than the opposition and almost politically opposite of bush in ideology”. I may have implied that he was better, but he has only been on the job a few hours. I’m willing to bet that he won’t be much worse if that’s a possibility. My comment was about the Republicans failure to put forward a candidate that reflected the ever changing United States. The United States has become more diverse and McCain Palin where campaigning on old fears that isolated them from the United States of Today and Tomorrow. That old redneck Whites only America is dying as evidence of the Obama Presidency. I never said that Obama couldn’t be criticized. He stands far left of a particular issue that I feel is hypocrisy of democracy in the interpretation of law enforcement. It does not matter if we like how he is racially defined in the United States. He is the President of the United States. He self identifies as Black and everyone identifies him as Black besides at least two people. Had he been in Rodney Kings Hyundai speeding and pulled over by the LAPD, no matter how many times he would have told them his mother was white and he is half black he still would have been beaten if not killed for making such a claim.

    Leslie stated,” This did not begin with Obama but is a continuation of the problem of colourism which favors light-skin ones in the entertainment industry”. There is so much ignorance in this article that it is almost work responding to every little detail. Sean Puffy Combs, Fifty Sense, Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, Isaac Hayes, James Brown, Shabba Ranks, and numerous others through out Sports, Acting, and music discredit that assertion. Obama doesn’t need cooperation from Italy. If anything it’s the other way around. That’s just the reality of the situation.

    Leslie went on to state,” So, the ‘polished’, mixed race Obama is president, but do his politics represent the interests of the ordinary American citizen? As far as I am concerned, his words have not indicated so. He still upholds capitalism with all its flaws and hypocrisies and has not articulated a real plan for better except his rhetoric of “change” and the ubiquitous slogan “Yes, we can!”” Ordinary Citizens of the United States believe in Capitalism. With that being noted, yes his politics as defined by Leslie do represent the interest of ordinary citizens of the United States. The next lie in the article was to try to tie President Obama to the preservation of White Supremacy.
    These series of opinions become less intelligent with each paragraph. Affirmative Action doesn’t work that way. An employer has to show diversity under Affirmative Action. That could be a Asian person. An employer could employ one dark skinned black person and multiple people of any non white racial group and still be within his guidelines of Affirmative Action.

    Leslie stated,” In Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, we have long been accustomed to having leaders look like us, or in many cases, more ‘polished’ and commonly accepted versions of us.” I say that in the Caribbean Whites are a minority. If you choose leaders like that over and over again the something is wrong with you. When the pain of remaining the same out ways the fear and consequence of change we will elect to move forward with change. It was majority of all types of people in the United States that voted for Obama. It is the responsibility of the people to hold their leaders accountable.

  7. Your response is not refuting what is in Leslie’s article. You are just putting another spin on the facts. There is way too much ignorance in your response, so much so, that a detailed reply would be too long. I would simply respond to a few points that you raised.

    In regards to Obama’s false accusation of Chavez, Curtis said:
    “His comments are reflective of what he knew at the time. We must keep in mind the fact that he has to fall somewhat in line with the general consensus on ideas of national security when the information provided to him and all other Americans is that Chavez amongst others is a threat or at least a pain in the neck.”

    That is a rather lame excuse for Obama’s false accusation of Chavez and it epitomizes the kind of spin-doctoring that is in most of your response. I expect to see more of this from blind faith supporters of Obama. They come over like Obama can do no wrong…so whenever he does something wrong they would blame everyone and everything else but him.

    There are links to the facts that Leslie highlighted, and so far, no one from the Obama camp has disputed what was stated in those articles.

    Curtis asked:
    “How does Obama look different from what is globally considered ‘Black’?”

    When I first saw Obama, I thought he was mixed race and light skin or brown skin, and most people who look like him, I consider them the same. He never looked Black to me. Added to how he looks, I know he has a White mother and Black father, and he looks like a mixture of both of them. I am quite comfortable with Obama being mixed race and being mixed does not take anything away from him. I am also aware of the reason others consider him Black. I simply disagree with them.

    I am not aware that there was a global consensus on ‘Black’. In fact, I am of the opinion that people the world over are still trying to work out the definitions and meaning of race and color, and there are diverse views on these labels (especially when dealing with mixed folks). In my community, Obama or anyone who looks like him is considered mixed race and brown skin. There are also afrocentric people who look like Obama and even lighter-skin and they claim to be Black. I suspect they adopted the US race classification, but generally speaking, people do not challenge them on that. My point is: I do not accept the U.S.’s Jim Crow definition of who is Black, especially when we can draw lessons from the world over and deal with the gray areas of race. Race is not as simple as Black and White. There are many mixed race people who are resisting the Black or African label that they feel does not acknowledge their White/European/Caucasian or other mixed ancestry.

    You are also attempting another spin in order to explain why the ‘one drop black blood equals black’ ‘rule’ was developed. It is absolutely not true that as a general rule people who have 1/8 % Black ancestry look more Black than White. Think over what 1/8 % of a race means. That rule was developed in the Jim Crow era to maintain ‘white purity’.

    You said:
    “Anyone pro Black should be thrilled that in this day in age when many men of primarily African decent seemingly sell their souls to the devils to marry their porcelain trophy that Barack Hussein Obama proudly sought out his African Queen”

    I am not sure what you are trying to say here. I gather that you are implying that because mixed race Obama married a darker skin Black woman that he is somehow more committed to Africans, or that pro-Black folks should be thrilled that Obama made that choice. If I am reading you right, then your argument can spin both ways.

    I am in no way judging or making any pronouncements about how Mr. and Mrs. Obama chose each other. I am offering a different take on what you said.

    For example, if the history shows that Michelle Obama was the more ‘progressive’ person who helped pull up Barack while he was more interested in smoking and playing ball, then she could be the one who sacrificed and choose him in spite of his shortcomings. It could be that she, being more ‘educated’, was the one who wanted the trappings of success including lightening the skin of her family. She could have simply put up with Barack who could have been average and less progressive than other darker skin males around her. There is a historical pattern to this. There are many dark skin people who put up with lighter skin folks of lesser means and treat them way better than they would a darker skin partner. Unaddressed colorism/racism contributes to this.

    I hope you see where this argument can go… I am in no way claiming this was the Obamas’ situation. I am simply showing that based on your argument the events in their lives could be interpreted differently.

    For those interested, here are some articles on colorism:

    “The paper bag test”
    By Bill Maxwell — August 31, 2003

    “Skin tone more important than educational background for African Americans seeking jobs”
    Research by Matthew Harrison of the University of Georgia — Aug 15, 2006,,39415,.shtml

    “Matthew Harrison Speaks on Colorism Research”
    Leslie interviews Matthew Harrison — August, 2006

  8. Heru- What does Obama owe you? What is your stake in his election. Your talking about things above your iq level. Good for you we are all relieved to know that U.S. President Obama shouldn’t self identify himself as Black in the U.S. accordding to U.S. tradition because you Heru dissagree or are uncomfortable with it. I am his complexion and both of my parents are Black. My comment about him choosing a Black woman as his wife given his background and the traditional image of beautiful in regards to woman is not reflective of the current first lady. My comment was simple. I’m sure that in Trinidad you will find numerous examples of men who just love that woman who happans to be another race. Then again you will find men who love their wife and were attracted to her becaus she was/ is a different race. In the United States there was a time when it seemed like a powerful or popular Black man had to have a White wife. Someone pro black recognising the history of Black Beauty in The U.S., and observing Obama should be proud in knowing that Michelle was pretty enough for him and she happened to be Black. I can’t tell you if he would have married a White woman if the situation would have come about. I suspect yes. However, that would have been dismissed as rather typical. The comment was an attempt to demonstrate his committment to his Blackness when so many others who come from two Black parents often times seek comfort in their identity by marrying White women.

  9. Curtis, this last response of yours especially, does not deserve a reply. I’ll end my exchange with you by saying that like everyone else, you are entitled to your position and I, my own. I doubt that my views on this blog could stop the Obamas or anyone else from identifying as they want.

    For others who actually read and care for other views, here is another article:

    Who is Black America’s Moral Emissary to the World?

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford
    January 07, 2009

    “Dr. King and Obama represent opposing moral and political camps.”

    The two days touch: Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday observance and Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration, January 19 and 20, respectively. To many, the juxtaposition is self-evident confirmation of the intersection of the two men’s missions on Earth. Dr. King’s journey, which ended with his murder, and Obama’s ascent to the presidency, are seen to merge as the dates approach to form a perfect, tragic-glorious symmetry – a 48-hour revelation.

    The coincidence of the calendar makes for good copy and grand sermons, but in fact reveals a great moral and political dissonance. It is true that there could have been no Obama presidency had Dr. King and the movement he sprang from not existed, but that simple fact of history does not amount to a King benediction from the grave for Obama’s moral character and political policies. Indeed, Dr. King’s life and words are indelible evidence that he and Obama represent opposing moral and political camps.

    Tens of millions of African Americans – who did not choose the little-known Obama to be their champion, but supported him near-universally at the polls once his candidacy had been made “viable” – will celebrate vicarious attainment of power when Obama is sworn in. Yet when confronted on Obama’s political agenda, enough of which has been put in motion and otherwise made plain since Election Day, few Black Obama supporters can mount a cogent defense. “Better than McCain” doesn’t cut it, anymore.

    “Few Black Obama supporters can mount a cogent defense of his positions.”

    When the New York Times describes the emerging Obama administration as “center-right,” there is not much for an honest progressive to defend – and most African Americans are progressive on economic issues and questions of war and peace. Beyond a ritual counting of the president-elect’s African American appointees, most African Americans seem oblivious to the political nature of his Cabinet, his policy pronouncements and shameful silences. More likely, they pretend to be oblivious so as not to lose that once-in-a-lifetime feeling that happened when the Black man won.

    Blacks who have taken on the task of defending Obama, often wind up revealing themselves as persons of little moral or political substance, in the process. New York’s Dr. Leonard Jeffries is one of the more prominent Obamists, a self-styled Pan-Africanist. In my second debate involving Jeffries, in Baltimore, December 20 (the first was the week before, in Harlem), he repeated his mantra, that Blacks should “study Obama-ology.” I asked him to define this area of study. “Obama-ology,” said Jeffries, visibly exasperated by my questioning of the obvious, “is the study of Obama. How he raised so much money…how he used the Internet….”

    Dr. Jeffries’ response revealed his position to have no political or moral content. He genuflected before Obama because the candidate raised hundreds of millions of dollars (from whom and in return for what?) and created an Internet network (to what end, beyond Election Day?). Most importantly, Obama was a hero because he won. What else is there to know or say?

    “None of the Obamites were even minimally capable of defending their guy’s record.”

    At the Harlem debate, an Obama defender kept shouting into her mic, “Obama won! Black people have spoken!” – as if any discussion of his political positions was extraneous, or racially subversive, on its face. The woman was a leader of the group that organized the debate, but like others in her organization clearly did not really want a debate. None of the Obamites were even minimally capable of defending their guy’s record on the bailout, his retention of George Bush’s defense secretary and plans to expand U.S. military manpower, his positioning of bankers at the controls of his new administration’s economic machinery, his support for AFRICOM, his key advisors’ advocacy of “humanitarian” military intervention – on not one point did the Obama camp offer anything that could reasonably be called a defense, coherent or otherwise.

    It is not simply that the Obamites failed to muster a defense in Harlem or Baltimore or other venues; admittedly, it is difficult to defend the indefensible. What is most shocking – maddening – is their rejection of any political or moral standard for evaluating the soon-to-be Black president. All that remains is the fact of Obama’s power and the delusion that Blacks somehow share in that power. There is no thought of speaking Truth to Power, and certainly no place for a moral compass in such a valueless void.

    We can understand, then, how such people would imagine Obama and Dr. King to be soul mates. The fact that one of these men fought his whole life against the forces of militarism and economic exploitation, while the other empowers, and is empowered by, bankers and militarists, does not register on their anaesthetized moral and political sensors.

    “There is no thought of speaking Truth to Power, and certainly no place for a moral compass.”

    If the Obamites had more presence of mind, they would avoid comparisons with Dr. King, which can only redound to Obama’s great detriment. King’s break with his onetime ally, President Lyndon Johnson, set the standard for both political and moral behavior. When it became clear that the War on Poverty was doomed by the war in Vietnam, which acted “like some demonic destructive suction tube,” devouring all available resources, King publicly declared against the war. In doing so, he severed what had been the most productive relationship between an American president and a Black leader in U.S. history. But the war gave him no choice, since military expenditures made “rehabilitation” of the American poor impossible. Both morality and politics led to the same conclusion: the Movement could not coexist with war.

    The lesson is directly applicable today, but Americans, Black and white, find it difficult to recognize the characters. Obama is Lyndon Johnson. National revitalization, including redress of historical African American grievances, is impossible unless military expenditures are dramatically reduced. But Obama is committed to putting 100,000 new pairs of Marine and Army “boots on the ground,” an expanded war in Afghanistan/Pakistan, a beefed up AFRICOM, and a generally bigger U.S. military footprint on the planet. This, in the midst of global economic collapse.

    Dr. King would find creative ways to confront President Obama’s militarism, and to actively resist further diversion of public wealth to the bankers. Were he to survey the current political scene, King would be most impressed, not with the Obamas party plans for the night after his birthday, but with the way that a daughter of Georgia salvaged Black America’s moral reputation at the beginning of Israel’s assault on Gaza.

    “Not all African Americans have morphed into warmongering clones of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice.”

    Cynthia McKinney’s attempted voyage of solidarity with the besieged people of Gaza on the medical relief boat Dignity, rammed and almost sunk by Israeli warships, reminds the world that not all African Americans have morphed into warmongering clones of Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Thanks to the presence of the former Georgia congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate on the mission, millions of Arabs have been made aware of a different Black America, one that is not silent, like Barack Obama, in the face of a purposely inflicted human rights catastrophe.

    Cynthia McKinney is Black America’s moral emissary to the world. She exemplifies the Black America that consistently opposes U.S. military adventures abroad, a people that recognize organized racism when they see it, and therefore condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinians – the Black America that Martin Luther King came from.

    Some of us are still in our right minds. Hopefully, most of the others will recover, sooner rather than later.

  10. I have learned long ago that winning isn’t always the equivilent to being right. I wash my hands of this.

  11. Your comparison of Obama and McCain’s differences is flawed.

    a) The Taliban remained hostile towards the U.S. because the U.S. helped them when they were at war with the USSR, but afterwards, made no effort to help rebuild the country. Obama is in favor of withdrawing troops from Iraq; however, he will not turn his back on the country as we did with Afghanistan. It wouldn’t be prudent or moral.

    b) Obama is in favour of talks with Iran in order to convince them to stop their nuclear program. If these talks aren’t successful, he is in favor of the imposition of international sanctions against Iran. Personally, I don’t think it’s in my best interests to give other countries the power to terrorize. Yes, the US has nuclear arms. Yes, the US is a superpower. Yes, I am in favor of having it remain this way. I am NOT in favor of arming any ANY other country, muchless a country full of religious fanatics who are constantly fighting for their Jihad. It may not seem fair to you, but to me, this is a logical, benevolent strategy to remain a superpower.

    c) Obama’s view is that America’s commitment to Israel is “non-negotiable” and McCain sings the same tune stating that he, Hamas’ worst enemy, supports U.S. military aid to Israel. This is correct. (And I disagree as well.)

  12. No one human, in three days, can appease, asuage, satisfy the hopes of all who count on him to make their corner of the world better. Rather than talk of “Black enough” and such, (is Black Enough an ideology?)
    let us look at the broad brushstrokes of policy that will change the world, including the world of African Americans, Afro- Caribbean people, Indonesians, Africans ,Hawaiians and all other people.If you looked at the inauguration ceremonies, you would see that his sister is part oriental-Thai, part white. His aunt of the black and white headwrap is totally African, while his brothr in law, his sister’s husband is/looks Chinese. He is called upon to be the leader of the free world, not the leader of the Afro-centered free world.

    We need to trust that he would act in the best interests of all the people, including the people of Iowa (96% white)who gave his his first victory on the way to the White House, and the people of Europe whose rousing welcomes shattered McCain’s hopes forever.
    I suspect if Jesus, the Christ came back and ran for political office, he would not be able to please the people some of the time.

    Meanwhile, this new president is opening his door of The People’s House at 1600 Pensylvania Ave to all who want to reach him. If you have a computer, or access to one, go to, and you can contact him with your views. In that sense, he is unique among America’s leaders. He wants to know what you think. I do not think it is limited to Americans only, or Afro Americans, but it is open to all the people. In writing though, you are limited to 500 words. try to write in good English.

  13. Obama was elected to be president of the United States of America, and not anywhere else. He was not elected to be the leader of Africans or any other group of people and I doubt Leslie or any of the respondents on this blog are under any illusions about that.

    Linda Edwards said:
    “No one human, in three days, can appease, asuage, satisfy the hopes of all who count on him to make their corner of the world better.”

    No one can ever appease or please everyone and especially because of this fact, people who have concerns should continue to raise them and not just shelve them because some people, or even they themselves, like Obama. The discussions and campaigns for improvement should continue. It is foolish for people to leave it up to political leaders to do the right thing on their own. People should continually make their voices heard until their issues are resolved.

    Linda Edwards said:
    “Rather than talk of ‘Black enough’ and such, (is Black Enough an ideology?)”

    People should stop trying to point fingers at those who are highlighting the issues to be addressed. Obama’s race was part of the election campaign, and even if it was not, it is still fair to comment on it. Many people are expecting Africans to line up behind Obama because of the perception that he is Black or African American and not based on any proven track record like Cynthia McKinney (research her). So Obama can easily sell gullible Africans a plan that is not in their best interest which they may not have accepted from anyone else. Obama and his campaign personnel expect him to get racial support but expect folks not to question his race or disagree with how arms of the US media sell his race. That is being quite manipulative. They expect Whites to support him because of his White heritage, the fact that he grew up with his White family and the fact that he is not dark enough to make them uncomfortable. Still, some people feel we should not discuss his race. This is all too dishonest. Apart from which, the article pointed to other concerns and not just issues of his race. Because the issues surrounding race are contentious it is understandable that the race aspect of the article would stir debate, but some people’s resistance to dealing with race issues should not stop us from discussing it. The anger some people may feel by Leslie’s words is as if she tried to kill their saviour.

    Linda Edwards said:
    “We need to trust that he would act in the best interests of all the people, including the people of Iowa (96% white)who gave his his first victory on the way to the White House, and the people of Europe whose rousing welcomes shattered McCain’s hopes forever.”

    We SHOULD NOT give up our ability to think and reason and just TRUST that any leader, including Obama, would do the right thing. If some people are dissatisfied because he is not properly addressing their concerns, they are right to point that out. As the article rightly pointed out, there are issues of international concern that Obama has made pronouncements on and we should critique him. He can improve from the criticisms or continue in whatever manner, arrogant or otherwise, he chooses. It is as though people are always looking for ONE person to be the saviour of everyone else, so much so, that they are trying to elevate Obama to the position of the saviour of mankind who we must follow unquestioningly.

    Whatever the real or imagined benefits that people can derive from Obama’s presidency, it is still up to the public to keep him in check like they should for any other leader. I am sure his major campaign financers are expecting a return on their investment, and usually, satisfying them is at the expense of the majority.

  14. Excellent observations Ms. L re the need for patience beyond 3 days of the new commander in Chief. However as cousin indicated ,this is a very healthy democratic exercise we are conducting of keeping his hands near the symbolic fire as it were ,especially since the other common folks that benefited through the centuries by actions of the previous 43 ,stake their claims for all his attention. Need we say the babaric Gaza military maneuvers ?
    Sorry Somalia, Congo , Sudan , and Zimbabwe , no peace envoys for you just yet and your crisis must take a backseat for a while as the blood of some are more precious … hmmmm?
    Let’s keep these cheerleading fools honest , whereoever they emanate. We the progressive thinkers do not care if Obamaba physical Afrocentric characteristics are supreme reflected in his nose being as flat like a pancake, his lips thick like five Henry street doubles placed together ,and he and many naïve fans still believes that the ‘dominant majority’ (numbers ) voted for him last November simply because of the fact that he so happened to a by -product of his white Kansas mom.
    Unlike others,-especially in our beloved country -that would remain mum to racially skewed corrupting actions or other forms of crookedness and sub par performances from their own ethnic leaders, yet get their blood pressures up at the slightest perceived flaws, and inefficiency from some others they viewed as 5th class citizens , some of us prefer to operate in a different manner in recognition that a country and nation cannot develop to its full potential unless all its people can see the benefits that have for diverse historically accrued only to some .
    The problems with black folks the world over when it comes to political power is that they fail to recognize the uses of pressure groups/ lobbyist/ activities of caring pragmatic activists, or whatever you like to call movements, organization and individuals that seek out their interest by ensuring that elected officials do what they were mandated to do once elected .
    “Get ready for the revolution!” & “Get Organize,” as our dear national cousin Stokley Carmichael aka Kwame Tore would fondly say. The black power pioneer is probably smiling down on the USA today, even if 90 % of the nation would choose to ignore his role in developing the psyche of its citizens as to the beauty, intelligence , and power of Africa and her disperse neglected children .

  15. I worked on his campaign. I was talking from a semi-insider’s view. When was up and running, I sent in suggestions for reform in the areas where I have some expertise, including education and health care for the elderly. So, if you have a concern, let him know. As a management strategy though, I would suggest that you outline the issue, and a suggestion for fixing it. The former is easy, the latter much more difficult.

    He is leader of the free world,if you have any doubt about that, go back to the videos of his European tour, and go to the photos from any of the papers of reaction to his election. American policy and culture, for better or worse, is imitated by the rest of the world. On a recent trip to TNT, I heard a young shopaholic, watching TV saying “Mummy look, Macy’s has a sale,” as if Macy’s was Hi-Lo or Courts.The world recession began with the dominos falling in the USA, and that effect has touched every country in the free world, including China.If Americans do not spend money, Walmart shuts down, if Walart shuts down, a lot of China will go out of business since Walmart is its eight largest trading partner, and this is ony one chain of stores. Watch for the domino effect as Circuit city shuts down, as wellas other American businesses. Then, comment again.

  16. Cousin Obama is the “leader of the free world.” I won’t dare to argue with that assertion and certainly don’t care to. The enthusiasm we saw on what you aptly referred to as his European tour was more an indication as to how disgust folks in the global village were for the mess that was created over the past eight years at the hands of the Texan frat boy , and America’s first MBA President. This clown has tarnished the image of this great country to such an extent ,that it would take a mammoth effort on the part of any succeeding leader to rectify.
    Many of the distinguished alumnus from the two prestigious educational institutions Yale and Harvard where this cocky Crawford kid claimed to be educated, are presently hanging their respective heads in shame in recognition of the fact that George W Bush and no longer Jimmy Carter has assumed the undisputed title of ‘the worst President in the history of the United States.’ One thing we can be ecstatic and assured of is that the stupid collective bunch commonly described as the 4th Estate or American media , would not cuddle, protect the image , and hide Obama’s numerous blunders , peccadilloes, indiscretions’ and blatant mistakes in similar fashion as they did during this past Bush eight year reign. As such he would be well advised to keep his guard up high one day after his 100 days honeymoon. In his case it might be shortened to 25 days.
    The Macys example is interesting , but I won’t fault anyone that can still see humor in the follies of folks of the global South particularly in my blessed country. I was home two weeks ago , putting the pieces in place to register a for profit and an NGO with the hope of creating some employment and trying to alleviate some the pressing social needs in areas where I believe that our government is deficient and greedy local business class and petite elites care little.
    In viewing the present economic crisis / meltdown , you are correct when America sneezes the world catches a cold. It is why I find it so laughable to hear economist and other social scientist speak of China , India and the EU as emerging industrial giants. More diseases have emerged from that pseudo democratic under regulated country call China than one can care to remember. Its support for natural resources to feed its industrial base is huge , as such every tin pan dictator in the globe need not worry about receiving hash sanctions or any reprimand beyond occasional criticism by the UN as long as China gets its way within their borders. Need we say Sudan / Darfur or Nigeria ?
    As for India , with the exception of a few Hindu high cast entertainers, cricketers, technological enthusiast , and perhaps military top brass personnel , over 80 % of the billion or more rapidly growing population lives below the poverty line in similar fashion to China , as its misguided leaders foolishly attempt to outspend Pakistan nutcase Muslims hierarchy on some obscure nuclear arms race. Europeans are prepared to play second fiddle forever for USA as long as the latter’s citizens are too dumb to demand that their own leaders no longer mortgage Super Power citizen’s future to subsidize European far superior health care, education ,and security interest.
    “As a management strategy though, I would suggest that you outline the issue, and a suggestion for fixing it. The former is easy, the latter much more difficult.”
    This is where I intend to part company with you Ms. L . Columbia and Harvard educated Obama and his high profile Princeton indoctrinated wife certainly don’t need advice from the likes of me on how to run his country . I made a pledge years ago to keep my advice to myself when it comes to offering suggestions to fellows of the Diaspora. Africans would look at you with contempt- being children of slaves- and practically tell you to take your Dashiki , kenti cloth wearing outfits fancy advice and shove it saying all along that ‘you cannot understand the African dilemma .’ As for black Yankees or if they prefer African Americans , most if possible would place every west Indian / Caribbean brother and sister on a boat along with the Mexicans and anyone that white America despise and ship out of the country before you can say immigration reform. They see us as pompous black Jews and sell outs , perhaps you should watch your back as you traverse the corridors of power , as you do not want them to mistake you for one of those troublemakers that should join the long list along with other young powerless Caribbean deportees prepared to spoil the wonderful country.
    To be forewarned is to be forearmed. I do not want to make light of this , but I have one goal at this stage of my life , the upliftment of Caribbean people , and most importantly the people of Trinidad and Tobago., as I fervently believe that development begins with you and me.Good luck on your endevors.Highlighting Trinidad’s problems is easy, being part of the solution and placing on record suggestions for their erradication is much more challenging.
    Keep waving the flag .

  17. It’s really interesting to see so much comments on the US Politics and whether Obama is Black enough/white enough; or being able to solve the problems of the US and all that jazz. As Trinbagonians I eagerly await masterful discussion on Trinibago acquiring a smart leader with enough wit, brains and conscions to improve the lives of it’s people.

  18. Obama’s cabinet includes Eric Holder, an American of Barbadian parentage, who will be Attorney General. One of his advisers is Colin Powell, an American of Jamaican parentage, who resigned in disgust from the Bush cabinet after he was allegedly lied to. Those who would drive a wedge between Africans of the diaspora, are doing exactly what the British, French and Germans, among others, did in Africa, and the Caribbean. I support American programs that bring foreigh graduate students to America to study. Among them are people from Tunisia(Muslim) Kenya(Christian) and Malawi(Christian) Some have been overnight guests in my house. One stayed for three weeks. Customs differ. We are all people. As Bob Marley said, it’s one love. Let us come together as one people of the world. The same theme is echoed by Ladysmith Black Mambazo. At the level of a heart transplant, or blood transfusion, we realize the one-ness of all people. Do we have to be at death’s door first? Let the start of the Obama Administration be a new dawn for the world. I, personally, have never met an African who treated me as anything but a sister. Walcott echoes the same idea in Omeros- his epic poem of our journey. Maya Angelou echoes the same in “A Sojourn In The Land of My Ancestors”. Around the streets of TnT, I have heard my Trini people speak contemptuously of dem Africans, but that may well be the racism that has been carefully taught by colonialism. Certainly the present TnT Administration has extended the hand of brotherhood to our African relatives.

    As for wearing African clothes, many well-off African in Houston go to all dress-up occasions except business lunches, dressed in African traditional clothing, including going to church.

    We need to grow up in TnT so that the world would not leave us behind, and now, I must move on. I am limiting myself to three comments. Who has not seen the light, I leave to others to illumine.

  19. I don’t think many get it , to solve US problems means taking one issue at a time., and putting all your energies on the Middle East, Asia, nuclear weapons , pointless space adventures , a bloated underachieving military , senseless wars , and continual cuddling of greedy business conglomerates won’t cut it.
    I personally have absolutely no idea where this President’s heart is on these issues.He ran an excellent campaign , but had no compuction in cutting the throt of Rev Wright – the man that mentored him in the absence of his useless African father, christened his two kids, married him and his yuppi wife, and gave him his start in politics via social involvement / black liberation theology on the South nside of Chicago. I hope that his life can be an example to the one group that color blind America claims he belongs to. It is the only country in the world where black and white equals black . Go figure.
    Perhaps by these commentaries black folks are saying indirectly that they are finally catching up to others and appreciating and accepting who and what they are beautiful, strong , intelligent and if they so desire influential people that are capable of setting global agendas. Think of the possibilities for America if they can finally get some of these million dollar sports and entertainment middle and upper middle crust brothers and sisters on board doing something to elevate their own communities , instead of the common ‘bojangle for dollars’ , that is ther norm across the nation.
    As for Trinbagonians , I have sad news for you Felix , there is absolutely no hope for you or any of us. I and many citizens are therefore resolved to see the PNM in power until 2060 or when future Opposition Leader Mickela finally gets it upon becoming a great grand mother . Remember the old saying that if it aren’t broke ,don’t fix it?
    It is not the successful party in power that needs to get their act together, it is those uncompromising and policy devoid clans that are stuck on the loosing side.
    How could one expect to see a broad based coalition ,meaningful alliances , or more importantly anyone with a brain vote for a party that will not put forth a single idea to advance the country in terms of jobs, security or social development , but feels content to be ctritical obstructionist prepared to nitpick at everything that is proffered , simply because of the fact that it was placed on the agenda by the tribe from the opposite side of the so-called racial/ political divide?
    But what do us good fortunate souls care Felix? After all we are enjoying the good , safe and prosperous life in advance global northern states with cities and provinces named Toronto, Boston, Queensland, and Birmingham ? To hell with the fools stuck in sweet T&T with only sunshine, carnival, Plymouth Jazz festival , and Maracas beach lime to worry about.

  20. As you said Neal sweet T&T with only sunshine, carnival, Plymouth Jazz festival , and Maracas beach lime to worry about” is the one and only central fact that has the country headed in a nose dive and at warp speed. At the time of this posting the murder rate is 39, 5 more than the same time period last year.

    I read an article in Today’s express that was shocking and something I was totally unaware of “Guerra defenders of youths.” Atricle :

    If these are truthful facts then Neal, you are absolutely correct in telling me “there’s no hope.”

  21. Give thankhs to the truth, Leslie.

    You have tapped into the very center of our dissonance. No only are you on point regarding Obama but the issue of colorism just takes it to a deeper level. You have disturbed egotistical comforts that allow many of us to place layers of contrived social constructs over the deep injuries still in place from colonization and slavery. Obama strengthens the venom of America by now involving the wills and energies of those who should otherwise be defiant against the imperialistic capitlist global agenda. He already has women and children’s blood on his hands yet there is not a peep out of all of the “Bush is a baby-killer” complainers. Reason why is ones are busy looking up to the pinnacle/throne of Babylon as an externalization of their egos. We want that KRST…we want that Throne…we want that glory…and they dangled the bait and we bit.

    Amnesia and Anesthesia DO NOT impart healing. Only the cold hard truth that causes introspection can heal the Nation/World.

    This Obama phenomenon is the barometer between who sees the total picture or not.

    Give thankhs to your bold truth-speaking.

  22. Obama’s race was part of the election campaign, and even if it was not, it is still fair to comment on it. – Heru
    Is that a contradiction? After all, race either was or it wasn’t. It’s fair to discuss whatever you like. Is it reasonable? Well that’s another story.

    Leslie was under informed by stating,” This distortion of him being Black African (American) is a product of racist, American Jim Crowism which has yet to be abandoned.” in regards to the U.S. President being called Black. She fails to realize that modern day scientist acknowledge through genealogy that the African gene is the dominant gene. That’s different than Jim Crow.

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