Rowley: Hosein’s name on letterhead of PM’s lawyer


By Anna Ramdass
May 25, 2015 –

Dr. Keith RowleyIsrael Khan SC has denied a claim by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley that the letter he (Khan) wrote to the Integrity Commission (IC) demanding that the Emailgate probe be concluded had Zainool Hosein’s name on the letterhead.

Retired Justice Zainool Hosein is chairman of the Integrity Commission and worked in Khan’s Justitia Omnibus Law Chambers as a consultant before he was made chairman of the IC in November 2014.

Khan has challenged Rowley to head to the courts to seek justice if he believes that the Integrity Commission’s decision to terminate Emailgate was questionable.

Khan is Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar’s attorney in the Emailgate affair.

Khan said yesterday that he did send letters to the Commission with Hosein’s name on the letterhead-but this was prior to his appointment in 2014.

“The day he (Hosein) was appointed we removed his name from the letterhead and from the building,” said Khan.
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Rowley: Any letter with Hosein’s name worrisome

By Ria Taitt
May 25, 2015 –

Any letter leaving the Chambers of Israel Khan SC dealing with the Emailgate issue which bears on the letterhead the name of Zainool Hosein, now Chairman of the Integrity Commission, is worrisome.

This is according to Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley who maintained yesterday that Hosein ought to have recused himself from this investigation.

“Israel Khan is a senior Counsel, is he pretending not to know about apparent bias?”.

Rowley referred to one of the letters on which Hosein’s name appeared on the letterhead.

That five-page letter, dated May 2013, was written to former Integrity Commission Chairman Ken Gordon in which Khan asked Gordon to “disqualify” himself from any participation in the Emailgate investigation on the grounds of “apparent political bias”. The letter called on Gordon to recuse himself from “any and all complaints and investigations pertaining to members of the Government and the Opposition”, noting that “your participating in any process …is bound to lead to applications for judicial review on the ground of apparent political bias”.

Noting that Hosein was part of Khan’s law chamber when that request was made by Khan, and when a number of letters were written to the Integrity Commission on the Emailgate matter on behalf of the Prime Minister and others, Rowley asked: “How come they all them knew about apparent bias then? How come they were quick to call for Ken Gordon’s head? But now they (Government) can see no conflict of interest, no apparent bias?” (Gordon did recuse himself from the Emailgate probe and Justice Sebastian Ventour, who was then Deputy Chairman, took the lead in this matter).
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Rowley on Emailgate probe: Hosein’s name on letterhead of PM’s lawyer

By Renuka Singh
May 25, 2015 –

A red tide swept through the Queen’s Park Savannah [Nelson Mandela Park in St Clair] yesterday as thousands of People National Movement (PNM) supporters gathered for the party’s annual family day. Dubbed a day of fun, it quickly took on the look and feel of a political rally by the time Opposition leader Dr Keith Rowley took the stage just after 4 pm.

Rowley kept his finger on hot political topics including government misspending, Section 34 and the recent collapse of the Integrity Commission. He said the Prime Minister’s attorney, Israel Khan, wrote to the Integrity Commission calling for the termination of the investigation on a letterhead that bore the name of chairman of the Integrity Commission, Zainool Hosein.

“So the law firm looking to request the termination of the investigation a person listed on the letterhead of that law firm, is the person to terminate the investigation,” he said. Rowley said if the investigations showed that the e-mails are fake, so be it but he criticised Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar for retaining a criminal lawyer, to pressure the Integrity Commission for a statement.

“The Prime Minister decided it was time to exonerate herself,” he said. Responding to Persad-Bissessar’s claim that she did not interfere or influence the Integrity Commissions decision, the PNM leader declared: “Madam Prime Minister, you are not speaking the truth.” Rowley further claimed that Khan had interceded on her behalf.
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MSJ leader: Presidents getting appointments wrong

By Nikita Braxton
May 25, 2015 –

Abdulah said: “Nobody has trust and confidence in the three persons who remain. We have seen press reports where, horror of horrors, the letter that was sent to the Integrity Commission by Mr Israel Khan, senior counsel on behalf of Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar with respect to the Emailgate issue, that the chairman of the Integrity Commission, former Justice Zainool Hosein, his name appeared as an attorney on the letterhead of the chambers.”

MSJ’s political leader said the only course of action will be for President Anthony Carmona to remove the three remaining members of the present Commission and appoint a new one.

“If he fails to do so, he would have failed the people of Trinidad and Tobago,” said Abdulah
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20 thoughts on “Rowley: Hosein’s name on letterhead of PM’s lawyer”

  1. Kamla denies interfering
    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday categorically denied influencing the Integrity Commission in its decision to terminate its Emailgate probe.


    Morally and legally wrong, says Khan

    By Rickie Ramdass
    May 22, 2015 –

    IT was just under three weeks after Senior Counsel Israel Khan wrote a letter to the Integrity Commission, calling for the swift completion of the investigation into the Emailgate scandal, the commission announced the investigation was terminated because of “no or insufficient grounds.”

    Khan, who is seeking the interest of Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar in the investigation, sent the letter to the commission on April 29, saying justice and fairness demand the investigation be completed “and the public be informed of the commission’s findings as soon as possible”.

    “I am of the view that it is morally and legally wrong to have this matter hanging over the head of my client, especially in the atmosphere of a pending general election, and I respectfully call upon the Integrity Commission to expedite this investigation if it is not yet completed,” the letter stated.

    Khan said it was now approximately two years since Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley made his “nefarious and scandalous” allegations against Persad-Bissessar and others of serious criminal conduct.

    “Both the police and the Integrity Commission are conducting investigations into this matter. And I write to you for an update, whether the Integrity Commission has completed its investigation and, if not, why? And, if yes, why my client is not yet informed. Sir, your investigation will reveal that it was the Hon Prime Minister who called for a police investigation into the sinister and diabolic plot to scandalise the Office of the Prime Minister and her Government with the false allegation of criminal conspiracy,” Khan wrote.

    The attorney said Persad-Bissessar was willing and ready to give further information and assistance to the commission if such was needed to complete the investigation.

    On May 19, in response to the letter, the Integrity Commission wrote to Khan, stating under Section 35 of the Integrity in Public Life Act, it could not disclose any information or evidence that was unearthed, but based on the information received, if any, the commission agreed the investigation should be terminated.



    Hosein upset over media hounding

    By Renuka Singh
    May 23, 2015 –

    The prime minister’s attorney Israel Khan, SC, yesterday confirmed that Hosein worked in his private law chambers.

    He, however, denied all claims that Hosein acted with any bias when he issued the statement clearing Persad-Bissessar.

    But he said he respected Ventour’s right to his opinion.

    “My view is that he is entitled to his opinion,” Khan said.

    He said that while he did not know how the Integrity Commission operated, it comprised five members and there must have been a consensus before the statement was issued.

    “If there is a claim of bias, then the decision could be taken before the courts and nullified,” Khan said.

    He said, however, that any speculation that he and Hosein acted in cahoots was “ridiculous.”

    “This is a small country and everyone knows each other or someone that knows someone. The man worked in this chamber but he is a man of impeccable integrity and character,” Khan said.

    Khan said if there was sufficient evidence found against the Prime Minister, then even as her lawyer he would call for her to be “locked up.”
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  2. Rowley calls for Caricom observers

    By Kim Boodram
    May 25, 2015 –

    Referring to his suspension from the Parliament three weeks ago, Rowley said: “Let me tell the President if he didn’t know, Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar has thrown the Opposition Leader out of the Parliament.”

    Rowley. who said his suspension was an “abuse” of the Parliament, noted the resignations of two members of the Integrity Commission, including its deputy chairman, retired Justice Sebastien Ventour, over the Emailgate matter and said he expects to see more vacancies pop up in the commission.

    Ventour and commission member Dr Shelly-Anne Lalchan resigned after the commission wrote last week to Persad-Bissessar’s attorney, Israel Khan SC, and stated that its investigation into the scandal had been terminated.

    Those vacancies in the commission can’t be filled by presidential appointment without the Opposition Leader being consulted, Rowley said.

    Any such appointment would be ultra vires the Constitution, he said, adding that he stands ready to be consulted on the appointment of a brand-new Integrity Commission.

    Rowley said it was also interesting to note that the letter that left the office of the Prime Minister’s attorney, to call on the commission to terminate the investigation, featured at the top of the letter, in its letterhead, the name of the commission’s chairman (Zainool Hosein).

    He said the letter asking for the termination of the investigation is also the person making the decision to end the investigation. He had earlier stated that Persad-Bissessar was “too involved” in the investigation.
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  3. Keith has no vision so all he does is attack, attack and attack. The IC is his latest pet project, thankfully third party already clear the PM. It is a fact what the PNM can’t control they destroy….

  4. Rowley said that the issue must now be filling the vacancies on the Commission, which cannot be done without the consent of the Opposition leader. Since he has been suspended from Parliament by Persad-Bissessar, he was curious to find out how President Anthony Carmona will fill the spaces.

    Renuka Singh, Guardian, May 25:

    Good question raised by Dr. Rowley. Is he even still the Opposition Leader? The Constitution (Section 83(2)) provides that

    “The President shall… appoint as Leader of the Opposition the
    member of the House of Representatives who…”

    Is Rowley still a “member of the House”? If not, then it would seem that he is automatically disqualified to serve as Leader of the Opposition.

    So that the Prime Minister has in effect turned out of office someone appointed under our Constitution by the President. But the President says nothing, and was not even consulted, so far as the public is aware.

    It is under a UNC Prime Minister that such a trespass has taken place. But Mamoo (“It is a fact what the PNM can’t control they destroy….”) likely will not see the irony…

    Now the IC — another creature under the Constitution of the President — has collapsed. And without a duly seated Leader of the Opposition, the IC cannot be put back together.

    And why has the IC collapsed? It is because a criminal lawyer, serving as counsel to the Prime Minister, appears to have tampered with said IC to secure a ruling favorable to the Prime Minister. It would appear that that counsel to the Prime Minister, Israel Khan, lied when he claimed not to know that IC Chairman Zainool Hosein was a member of counsel’s own chambers. (See Renuka Singh article, Guardian, May 22, and compare with her May 23 article where Khan amended his statement).

    It was a little lie, but a revealing one, because it is such little lies that betray consciousness of guilt, for the guilty conscience leads one to engage in cover-up behaviour, even when the cover-up is entirely unnecessary.

    For her part, the Prime Minister’s denial of tampering with the IC was carefully framed to exclude actions by Israel Khan, while seeming very broad, because it included all “members of her Government”. (See Anna Ramdass article, Express, May 23). It was not a lie, but certainly it was a prevarication.

    The prevarication was necessary because she is guilty, through her lawyer, Israel Khan, at the very least of bringing pressure upon the IC to find in her favour, before the conclusion of the investigation. It might even amount to a tampering.

    I hope the President has taken note, and that he has the moral mettle to “do what is right, because it is the right thing to do”, under the circumstances.

    May God protect the innocent, and continue to expose the wicked, in this matter.


    1. Yoruba – Mamoo is as small minded as they come. He cannot see the big picture in anything.

  5. The Prime Minister:

    We will wipe the opposition off the map of T&T

    Even supporters of a Government should do a double-take when their leader makes such a statement.

    (Could you imagine the uproar if Prime Minister Patrick Manning had ever dared to make such a statement?)

    The simple fact is that the UNC and its supporters are culturally incapable of brooking any opposition. They do not understand the concept of a “loyal” opposition. They do not even understand the presumption under a republican constitution that the government itself is supposed to be loyal to the polity it is supposed to serve.

    They understand only tribal warfare, albeit in jacket-and-tie and with parliamentary trappings.

    They are themselves not a loyal government, rather a tribal party for the moment controlling the reins of power. Therefore, they cannot understand and appreciate the need for a loyal opposition.

    So this wicked one does not even understand how wrong it is, at many levels, to wish to “wipe the opposition off the map”.

    May the Most High God, Yahweh, continue to expose the wicked, and protect the innocent, in this land.


    “Now David had said, Surely in vain have I kept all that this fellow hath in the wilderness, so that nothing was missed of all that pertained unto him: and he hath requited me evil for good” (1 Samuel 25:21).

  6. Emailgate – Is it Pursuing the Truth Or Seeking Vindication from the Truth?

    (A)”Sir, your investigation will reveal that it was the Hon Prime Minister who called for a police investigation into the sinister and diabolic plot to scandalise the Office of the Prime Minister and her Government with the false allegation of criminal conspiracy, ”……Israel Khan, Prime Minister’s lawyer
    (B)”The prime minister’s attorney Israel Khan, SC, yesterday confirmed that Hosein worked in his private law chambers.” Renuka Singh
    (C)”He said that while he did not know how the Integrity Commission operated, it comprised five members and there must have been a consensus before the statement was issued.”…..Renuka Singh quoting Israel Khan
    (D) In an interview with Anna Ramdass recently about the Emailgate affair, the Prime Minister reiterated that when she took her oath of office, she swore on the Gita.
    These incidents by themselves mean absolutely nothing or may seem to be nothing but words. But they are in fact well calculated words. Meaning to say, this is what I am saying about myself or who I am as the Prime Minister.
    In an earlier blog I quoted Sam Adams of Forbes magazine, speaking of how liars operate; I reiterate my quote “Sam Adams of Forbes magazine writes …..” Liars often respond to questions with truthful statements that cast them in a favorable light.”
    (A) It is obvious that in representing the Prime Minister, Israel Khan is saying two things (1) The Prime Minister WILLFULLY asked the Police to investigate the Amailgate affair … This is a blatant LIE because in order to save face she was forced to do something or appear to be doing something.
    (2) Khan stated in the quotation above, in part “a police investigation into the sinister and diabolic plot to scandalise the Office of the Prime Minister and her Government with the false allegation of criminal conspiracy” …. Again a blatant twisting of what was entered into Hansard. Dr. Rowley asked for an investigation into what was contained into the emails. But Khan’s intention is blatantly trying to confuse us by saying something else. His words while appearing to conform to the request to investigate, is definitely meant to confuse if not to tell a blatant lie in terms of what was the intentions of the requests made to PARLIAMENT.
    (B) Israel was specifically asked in an earlier interview to state his relationship with Zainool Hosein, then he evaded an honest reply by saying that This is Trinidad and one can expect anything (or words to that effect). A clear case of evasion.
    (C) In reply to Zainool Hosein’s declaration that the IC stopped the investigation and his views on it, Israel Khan stated a fact; that the IC comprised five members, based on this fact, it is possible that the IC came to a consensus before the statement was issued – (an implication of fact). As one who was an associate of Zainool Hosein and having written to hims asking for the same thing that Zainool Hosein gave him (the reply); can we assume that Israel is telling the truth? – we can’t say for sure but one can easily imply but what is known, he may not be.
    (D) The Prime Minister made it a point to remind Anna Ramdass that when she took the oath of office, she swore on the Gita – a point of fact and a poignant one at that. The majority of Trinidadians were nurtured on the Christian/Judeo/Islamic concept of Peace, Reward, Fatality, Morality and Ethics. As a consequence of this truth, the Bible and Quoran (being accepted as the Word of God or Jehovah or Jah or Allah) is the standard by which we measure our behavior in relation to our allegiance to the Almighty God. We take special notice of the fact that God wants us to be faithful and to give thanks to him and that we should fear him for he is a jealous God. In reminding us that she swore on the Gita (a book unlike the bible), Kamla is in fact telling us that her virtues were born out of a different understanding. And for all that we have seen and read about her, she governs with a difference that we have seen through our history as a nation. She claims that the Gita formed the basis of her beliefs. We were never privy to her views on the Caste System but recently, I viewed a Pundit (from India) who explained the importance of the Caste System where he explained that; in their beliefs of gradings of human beings, the Caste system represented the Brahmins and being born of the mouth of God and the Dalits as being born from the foot of God. Interpretation – God meant that the Brahmin should ALWAYS rule and be at the top. The dalits, well, God has ordained them to be always at the bottom. If we are to draw any conclusions from these understandings, we may arrive at the views that this is firsthand foremost in her thinking and thus the UNC (who represents the Brahmin) should always be in command, thus being duly constituted by her belief. The PNM (the dalits) are not fit to rule as being stated by her at every turn she makes. In addition to that we must remember that the Judeo/Christian/Islamic concept regard ONLY ONE GOD. Whilst the understanding to which Kamla adheres, believe in many and varied Gods. Thus one god may not share the same purity and adherence to the same commonality of belief as another. Kamla’s behavior is complicit in this regards. She is NEVER WRONG OR SORRY. IN EVERY INSTANCE OF WRONG DOING, EVEN THOUGH HER BEHAVIOR BEFITS DISHONESTY SHE BLAMES THE PNM. In the case of the IC verdict those who adhere to the same beliefs as her, shares a common bond that Judge Ventour, who many of the Christian/Judeo/Islamic beliefs would regard as honest and forthright, the instead blames Judge Ventour for doing what he did. They say he had no right to do that!.
    What a calamity! In Western tradition, Judge Ventour would be revered and cited for commendation for his act of courage. Yet, as per Kamla’s beliefs system – he is wrong. We do not have the luxury to be wrong and right and the same time. nThus one is either wrong or right. BUT KAMLA IS NEVER WRONG! How does one reconcile such blatant mutually exclusive behavior? She wants to be seen as Christian if it is in her opinion it would benefit her. On the other hand, to solidify what she observes as her base she is something else. That is why she made it a point to tell Ramdass that she swore on the Gita.

    It is not by mistake that Kamla’s administration is filled by people belonging to the law profession. What does the the skills of law entail? – Skirting as close as possible to the written word while not necessarily embracing it. Thus we have seen that, whereas the Emailgate affair was presented as a project to investigate. It has turned in fact to be an effort of Vindication first and foremost and by virtue of that undertaking, if there is vindication, then the act of presentation must be fake.! This is the spin that the public has been accepting and adhering to for the past two years. The 4th Estate is totally dumb to the real issues. They have in fact taken ‘spin’ and made truisms out of it. The have advanced concepts of lawyering to the detriment of real fact finding. The subject is so well muddled now that truth seems far away from what is REALLY the case.

    1. Typical tribal thinking. From all the nonsense you wrote. Answer me one question. Why haven’t Ventour, Honore come out and say if the emails true or fake? That is what the public wha know.. Google inc has already pronounced… Google inc deals with thousands of request every day yet it took them less than 2 years to say the emails fake….

  7. Re swearing on the Gita…

    “…the Nation of Trinidad and Tobago is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God…”

    (from the Preamble to the Constitution).

    Therefore, when one takes an oath, and in particular an oath of office, one is acknowledging the supremacy of God, calling upon God as a witness, and inviting God’s judgment, if one does not perform as one then swears to do.

    Strictly speaking, it is unnecessary for this purpose to bring any “holy book” into the matter. For God is Spirit, and knows all and sees all.

    Therefore, there is no profit in prevarication when an oath is taken. Quite the opposite, to prevaricate — swear falsely — is to mock God. And we know that God is not mocked, although His judgments may in His mercy take time.

    Neither does one escape the consequences of an oath by being an unbeliever. For unbelief in itself is an affront to God:

    “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good” (Psalm 53:1).

    The wicked ones get no free pass. We know the ones who are of the devil by their fruit. They lie and prevaricate because their father, the devil, is indeed the father of lies.

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it ” (John 8:44).

    So she may swear on whatever. God will still in the end enforce the oath. The “Bible” per se does not enforce it, and neither can the Gita disannul.

    The consequences may be escaped under His mercy, only if there is true repentance, and one seeks forgiveness through and under the blood of Yeshua, as the only means given by God for the propitiation of sin.

    “And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world” (1 John 2:2).

    There are no other means given. Look high or look low.

    We the “Negro” of the West are among the scattered Israelites spoken of in the Bible. See for DNA evidence.

    But in truth, “prophecy” DNA is to my mind more compelling. We have suffered the curses, because our forefathers the sons of Israel failed in their/our obligations to God under the Holy Covenant. Therefore, we have suffered the prophesied curses (Deuteronomy 28, Leviticus 26). That indeed is how we were to come to know, to a certainty, that we are the children of Israel and of God; the curses were to be for a “sign” (Deu. 28:46). We the “Negro” scattered to the West are a fulfilment of every one of the curses, and indeed uniquely so.

    Among those curses is this one: “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low” (Deu 28:43). So the UNC has come to rule over us as the fulfilment of a biblical curse by God upon His own people.

    Our redemption is near, but we too, and indeed especially we, the physical seed of Jacob, must avail of God’s mercy through the means provided — the blood of Yeshua. We must acknowledge the sins of our forefathers, and our own sins. And we must take care to “do the right thing, because it is the right thing to do”, trusting God to take care of the consequences.

    May God protect the innocent, and expose the wicked.


    1. “So the UNC has come to rule over us as the fulfilment of a biblical curse by God upon His own people.” (YORUBA)

      Your statement above as you relate it to the Bible is an open admission of how some uninformed Afro-Trinboganians view the present government and explains why they are so desperate to discredit the PM and the government. The statement even severs the UNC from the coalition in order to illustrate that reference is being made to Indians as rulers of “Negroes” as mentioned in your comments. To further describe this incorrectly perceived dominance “as a fulfilment of a biblical curse by God” is sheer madness.

      1. Hey Tman,you are free to talk until all dem South of de Caroni water Buffalos come home ,but the fact remains ,that no self respecting, Afro Trini,will cast a vote for your Kamla,and her culturally deprave,morally repugnant, UNC dominant,PP goons,after their disgusting performance,over the past 5 years-and absolutely no one can blame them.
        Just in case you forgot,let me remind you,of their track record:- They have raped,plundered,and embarrassed our country, at every opportunity,be it domestically,regionally,and on the high end ,international front.
        Not only has our country regressed economically,but the social well being of the majority of our citizens-irrespective of color,race,creed,and class.
        It’s obvious why the two tribal bandits ,Monilal,and Howai,aka de not too closeted ,First Citizens Bank,by way of our National treasury Fox hound-chicken eating criminal,are talking up a storm ,due to our recent downgrade,but fortunately,no one is buying any of their silly,idle stories.
        We want them all gone,and efforts made ,to lock up,and freeze all stolen assets,where appropriate.
        Translation:-if Kamla,and her PP ,can cancel OVP ships ,and La Brea ,job creation smelter plant,three seconds after she finished swearing to her Bagwas Gita,the new PM ,can cancel all contracts accorded to the tribe, from Sasca Singh fake window cleaning,hush/hush money payouts Biz,to a certain Integrity Commission Chairman son’s ,wink ,wink ,deal.
        Wats dat,Chairman Hosein only crime is to have his name on some letterhead?
        Got it!

        Yes Rammy Anan Logan ,we coming for dem 8 expensive,Range Rovers,you acquired,on an a Minister salary,and brought into our country tax free.
        Yep,someone is going to jail ,for dem $500 million state oriented,legal briefs ,to unmentionable law firms ,with close links to government ,power mongrels.

        Yes,I want to see that Basdeo Panday Airport theft,and illegal,London foreign bank accounts case ,quickly reopen ,and his pals ,Ish ,and steve ,extradited to Obama country,where federal,6ft 5 ,300 lbs ,African rino looking-prisoners,are eagerly waiting, their respective turns ,to tear dem both ,new holes ,under their armpits ,jawbones ,tonsils,and lower back section.
        Just like neighboring Guyana,disgusted citizens will grasp the opportunity,to quickly do the right thing come next election.
        I am talking about kicking these corrupt,self aggrandizing,political clowns,to de curb.
        Thanks goodness,most of my fellow progressive bloggers,don’t have to hide behind commentaries, from paid operatives,to justify Kamla,and her PP return to power.
        Again ,her track record,speaks volumes-as we like to say on the streets-in ,and of itself.
        Using any evaluating yardstick available ,to make an assessment,it’s more than obvious,that this Kamla led ,PP regime,has been nothing short of abysmal,and si,a mammoth failure.
        Good riddance!
        Stay vigilant,T&T!

      2. That God put a curse on his own people is certainly what the Bible says.

        “But it shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee, and overtake thee…” (Deu. 28:15).

        Note carefully that the curses were conditional upon failure to obey His laws. That they were directed to the children of Israel and all the later generations is clear from the context. They were addressed to the children of Israel brought up out of captivity from Egypt under Moses.

        Exodus 19:3-6. 3 And Moses went up unto God, and Yahweh called unto him out of the mountain, saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the children of Israel;

        4 Ye have seen what I did unto the Egyptians, and how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.

        5 Now therefore, if ye will obey my voice indeed, and keep my covenant, then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the earth is mine:

        6 And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy nation. These are the words which thou shalt speak unto the children of Israel.

        This is crystal clear: “Unto the children of Israel”.

        Evidently you are not a son of Israel. So it applies to you only if you also “take hold of the covenant”:

        Isaiah 56. 6 Also the sons of the stranger, that join themselves to Yahweh, to serve him, and to love the name of Yahweh, to be his servants, every one that keepeth the sabbath from polluting it, and taketh hold of my covenant;

        7 Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.

        This promise has been further consolidated and promulgated as part of the Gospel of Yeshua. Clearly, the stranger may “opt in” to the promise of the Holy Covenant. But for the children of Israel, the covenant was binding upon us the day Moses came down from the mountain with the stone tablets. We have no opt-out clause.

        That is why, it is important for the children of Israel today, to know who we are. For like it or not, we are still under the Holy Covenant. For certain, we have suffered the curses under the Covenant.

        We may be identified by those curses, as God intended; Deu 28:46. We the “Negro” scattered to the West uniquely satisfy all the curses; see Deu 28:15-68. This identifies us as children of God and Israel.

        It is also now evident that we may be identified by physical DNA as well, specifically the E1B1A Y-DNA haplotype and its sub-clades. See the youtube video I already provided a link to:

        This is hardly madness. It is rather the clear fulfilment of prophecy. “The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low.” (Deu. 28:43).

        And this has happened to the “Negro” everywhere we have been scattered, though the specifics as to the “stranger” in question of course varies from place to place.

        The great promise of the Covenant though is that as a people we will be redeemed out of the curses, and will rule the nations with Yeshua as kings and priests. Just as surely as we suffered the curses, we will be raised up to fulfil that prophecy also … a consistent thread that runs from Genesis to Revelation, and is there throughout Scripture.

        That will be seen as madness no doubt, by all who think ill of the “Negro”. Surely such a one as he cannot be the Israelite of Scripture upon whom rests the promise. Not the n**gers! Well, the clear answer, according to Scripture is yes. As a matter of fact, Yeshua is one!

        That is another reason that in these latter days, the real sons of Jacob will come to know who we are. Kt is part of our being raised back up to assume our prophesied role; Hosea 6:2, Daniel 7:18, elsewhere. The so-called (and fake) “Jew” that currently “dwells in the tents of Shem” fulfils Genesis 9:27, but are not the sons of Jacob upon whom the promise rests. Truth be known, they are the “synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9, 3:9).

        But when we are raised to rule, we must rule in righteousness. No doubt that is in part why Yahweh has ground our noses in the dirt, not once, but twice and more. First under Pharaoh, then under the trans-Atlantic and trans-Sahara slave trades. And when we had opportunity to rule, as in Trinidad, he sent strangers from afar to rise “high above us”, to grind our noses in it some more.

        Why? Because we have rejected the knowledge of who we are, and continue to follow all manner of false gods, not least being the sort of nonsense peddled by NJAC, the “Afro-centrists”, Egyptologists, “black nationalists” and etc, not to mention “white Jesus” gentile Christianity. For example, today was the Day of Pentecost under Yahweh’s Law, which kept me busy performing relevant duties on my own behalf and that of all my brethren.

        (Yes, I am called to do so. It is a manner of “standing in the gap”. “And I sought for a man among them that would stand in the gap and make up the hedge before me that I not destroy this land, but I found none” (Ezekiel 22:30). How many of my brethren were even aware that this was the day Yahweh required us to observe the Feast of Pentecost?)

        The simple truth is that the Bible is our book, written by our forefathers, telling our history and our destiny.

        Now, the stranger who chooses to bless us, God also will richly bless. That is prophecy also, and like the curses, will certainly come to pass.

        So when the Indo in these parts treats with us, they ought to be put on notice, as I have been called to do, and have already done, that they are indeed dealing with the children of God. See

        2 Esdras 15. 46 And thou, Asia, that art partaker of the hope of Babylon, and art the glory of her person:

        47 Woe be unto thee, thou wretch, because thou hast made thyself like unto her …

        How it turns out is up to you as a people. Jonah’s experience at Nineveh is the indication that that “woe” may be stayed. The key thing is whether you continue headlong on the path seeking to out-Babylon Babylon “in all her hated ways”.

        When I call upon God to expose the wicked, this is potentially for their benefit, since God is a merciful God and will forgive sincere repentance.

        Since I’ve made that prayer we have seen in very minute ways how He has exposed Israel Khan, Zainool Hosein, and the Prime Minister. Even on this blog, He has exposed you too, TMan, when you made the minute error of saying how you would “caste” (sic) your vote. The subconscious has revealed there where your true spirit lies.

        So we shall see what we shall see.

        The PNM does not get a free pass either. I said before that I am unequivocally anti-UNC, but that does not mean I’m pro-PNM. Whether or not Keith Rowley becomes Prime Minister will depend. He too must bare his soul before God. Like any of the rest of us, he will have sins to confess. I pray for my people, the “Negro” …children in fact of God and of Israel … that the nightmare of this venal, corrupt, Babylonish rule come to an end. But as long, as a people, we remain mired in vice, and reject God’s covenant with us, I expect we will have to take whatever is coming. We get the Government we deserve.

        So I am heartened in recent days to see examples of courage and righteousness displayed by various public servants, quite in contrast to the devilishness displayed by some who for the moment bear rule.

        May God protect the innocent, and continue to expose the wicked.


        Are we the “Negr

  8. Let’s deal in facts and not religious and racial bigotry as expressed by some ex-pat Trini American bloggers. Check out this piece by Capil:

    PNM sleeper cells are now in full battle cry. They seem to be everywhere, operating on cue, in the most surprising places and are shamelessly singing from the same hymn-book.

    When I listened to retired Justice Sebastian Ventour, deputy chairman of the Integrity Commission, uttering the tell-tale mantra that he believed not in the form but in the substance of evidence, I shook my head. He spoke with such conviction that I did verily believe he was a lifelong advocate of this new-found theology.

    When I beheld the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions genuflecting before the altar of the form versus substance argument and a strange perspective of going beyond the four square of the evidence, I knew I was on to something. Not to be undone was the acting Commissioner of Police.

    So when it dawned on me that a Deputy Commissioner of Police was, in the morning so to speak, an unbiased very senior police officer and therefore an impartial public servant (like the acting Commissioner of Police) and, in the afternoon figuratively speaking, morphing seamlessly into a PNM candidate for Toco/Sangre Grande, I literally, like the little boy from Scotland, stood in my shoes and wondered.

    When I was reminded that a former chair of the Integrity Commission held a clandestine meeting at his residence with the Leader of the Opposition Dr Keith Rowley when the same body was to investigate a matter in which he (Dr Rowley) was involved, I knew I was in PNM country.

    When I saw a very distinguished member of the clergy marching in front of our Parliament thereby adopting a posture identical with that of the PNM, I knew that even the hallowed walls of the clergy had been breached.

    In the interest of balance, that selfsame clergyman, much younger then, did not see it fit to march when former minister Sadiq Baksh was the victim of a certain cell whose job, in my view, was to frame the minister with a cocaine possession charge.

    Many of us will recall the late Friday evening of July 2006 when the police attempted to arrest a sitting Chief Justice, the Head of the Judiciary, one of the three arms of government. Everyone knows the significance of a Friday evening arrest.

    This attempted arrest occurred after the then Prime Minister summoned the Chief Justice to his office and demanded his resignation. How did the sleeper cell know to make what appeared to be a very timely arrest.

    As a teenager, I recall that fateful April 1975 morning known as “Bloody Tuesday” when the police came out in full force to beat people. The victims included trade union leaders, one of whom, George Weekes, was fond of telling any who would listen about the might of the PNM. Until that day, he never knew what police could do in support of their beloved PNM.

    PNM apologists are most energised when they repeat their mantra: “Great is the PNM and we shall prevail”. I now know whereof they speak. Their tentacles are everywhere and have infiltrated almost every institution. The PNM invented the concept of sleeper cells even before Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

    It is no wonder that Rowley myopically did not want us to co-sponsor the UN resolution on terrorism. He perhaps did not wish others to learn about the sleeper cells concept.

    Sleeper cells by definition blend into the community in which they live. They do not stand out. They are indistinguishable from others. They go about their lives normally and for all intents and purposes are normal everyday citizens. The only difference is that they owe a primary loyalty to an organisation, a religion or a cult.

    There are many otherwise normal citizens in Trinidad and Tobago and even in the Diaspora as well as public servants who owe a primordial and cult-like, primary loyalty to the PNM. This by itself is not strange, since the PNM has been in power for most of the 50-plus years since Independence.

    Sleeper cells are trained to await a signal to act either on offence as in the case of the person who fabricated the e-mails; or on defence as in the case of those who uncritically have adopted the form versus substance mantra.

    This is why our country needs a further five years of the People’s Partnership Government to wipe out all vestiges of the sleeper cells and inculcate a spirit of loyalty first to Trinidad and Tobago.

    1. “PNM sleeper cells” is what you call dealing in facts? I have to confess that I did not read past the first line.

      Biblical prophecy is what you call “racial and religious bigotry”? The only question my friend is whether or not it is true. That is what requires examination. And when you find that biblical prophecy, alone among all the so-called holy books, actually corresponds unerringly with history as it has actually evolved down through not just centuries but millenia, the intelligent observer must sit humbly in awe before God. You fail to do so at your peril.

      May God protect the innocent and continue to expose the wicked.


  9. In reminding us that she swore on the Gita (a book unlike the bible), Kamla is in fact telling us that her virtues were born out of a different understanding. And for all that we have seen and read about her, she governs with a difference that we have seen through our history as a nation. She claims that the Gita formed the basis of her beliefs. We were never privy to her views on the Caste System but recently, I viewed a Pundit (from India) who explained the importance of the Caste System where he explained that; in their beliefs of gradings of human beings, the Caste system represented the Brahmins and being born of the mouth of God and the Dalits as being born from the foot of God. Interpretation – God meant that the Brahmin should ALWAYS rule and be at the top. The dalits, well, God has ordained them to be always at the bottom. If we are to draw any conclusions from these understandings, we may arrive at the views that this is firsthand foremost in her thinking and thus the UNC (who represents the Brahmin) should always be in command, thus being duly constituted by her belief. The PNM (the dalits) are not fit to rule as being stated by her at every turn she makes.

    Of course this is the seminal construct of the belief system rights and lesser rights by many in T&T, including the bloggers on this page that argues the construct that as the Brahmin Queen, she is always right even when she is wrong. Especially when the issue involve dem “Dalit” PNM people.

    This Caribbean region is entering a dangerous stage where we are being threatened with a system of apartheid founded on religious constructs on who is superior and who is inferior. And underneath the facade of the TMANs and the Mamoos, it is transparently discernible.

    To ignore this is to contribute to the stratification of T&T as an outpost of ancient India, where the assumed Brahmins rule over the ascribed Dalits. Our forefathers did not struggle against and resist their enslavement for four centuries to see it being re-instituted upon their children. Champion equality yes, but do not be guilt tripped into silence over the vomitings of the litte Eichmen trolling these blogs and arguing a feverish narrative subsumed with their primitive racist acculturations.

  10. Hey folks! listen to this. This is a quote from our Dear good friend TMan chastising foreign ex-pats, I quote:
    “Let’s deal in facts and not religious and racial bigotry as expressed by some ex-pat Trini American bloggers. Check out this piece by Capil:” Let us first ask the question, who is Capil?
    Answer: Capil (Bissoon or Bison) whatever his name resides, in Toronto and writes for the UNC. His intellect is not challenging nor are his arguments, but TMan is using him to criticize those whom he describes as foreign expats. Aint that something? Some arguments eh? Please TMan use someone like Bhoe Tewarie or Hamid Ghany or cmmmmmmm… Deviant Maharaja but Capil? Give me a break!

  11. Mamoo and TMan have stated ad infinitum that Kamla has been vindicated by the Integrity Commission, even though it was a purposed act by leaving out two of the five members of the Commission. This can be translated that a win, is a win… a win….is a win. But is it really a win? or a vindication as they like to put it? From a strictly legal perspective, yes the verdict has to be taken as presented, ‘a vindication’ in the jaundiced eyes of the law. One of the first and foremost concepts of abiding by law is the that we should abide by fulfilling laws because we understand and appreciate the spirit of the law. Laws by themselves without anybody or anyone to adhere to them don’t mean a darn thing. Nada. Nyet. Then why make laws so complicated that there are so many deficiencies? There can never be enough laws to befit every situation that may arise in life, so in instances we MUST by necessity deal with circumstances where law exact it has to be altered to suit the circumstance. In the case of the Integrity Commission, while their decision was lawful. It can be argued that it was a willful act to circumvent the spirit of the law to arrive at a prescribed decision. Let us use a few examples of the application of laws. In the areas of Sports the application is very stringent and does not leave too much room for an improper application to occur. In particular, I want to deal with the laws regarding substance abuse for the purpose of winning. Even though the purpose of sports is to win, the application to arrive at that point is not necessarily to come in first and rake up the most points. To be considered a winner, one must first be able to abide by the rules. How you get to be the winner must also be important. It has to be assumed that you have not done anything beforehand to allow you the advantage of winning, like taking steroids or power enhancing substances. In order words to be considered you must be seen as HONEST. THAT IS A CASE OF APPLYING THE SPIRIT OF THE LAW AND IN SO DOING YOU ARE SEEN AS HONEST, USING YOUR SKILLS LAWFULLY AND APPLYING IT LAWFULLY.
    In the construct of forming decision making bodies, there are rules and regulations to be guided by also but in making decisions there is usually a numerical base of how many directors or members have to be present in order to arrive at a decision.
    ANY HONEST AND RIGHT THINKING EXECUTIVE WOULD AGREE THAT in the decision making process of a board or executive body, they always seek to have maximum representation in order to arrive a true outcome. In other words every responsible executive body, always want to get the benefit of the expertise and experience of it’s directors and members, to arrive at the best and most profitable decision that they can come up with. In every instance of commissions and body forming enterprises this is the norm, not the exception. THE EXCEPTION. THE NUMERICAL BASE OR QUORUM is the least amount of people allowed to make a decision. This is essential for a variety of reasons, none of which, one should intentionally purpose a meeting to only get and use a quorum or numerical base attendance of members or directors. There are good and valid reasons why all members may not be available to attend a meeting, such as sickness, travel, unavailability etc etc. But before arriving at that point (to accept a quorum), the Chairman must make every effort to inform and apprise all members of the meetings. Based on what we know and read of Zainool Hosein, the Chairman of the Integrity Commission. Nowhere was it mentioned that he made any effort to include Ms Lalchan and Judge Ventour into his decision making effort to arrive at his stoppage of the investigation. Based on Judge Ventour’s statement, he was not made aware of it. It seems obvious that Ms Lalchan wads not there also. So, here we should ask the question, why did Zainool Hosein find it fit to call a meeting without the knowledge of Ms Lalchan and Judge Ventour?. Was it only that he could have a quorum (numerical base) of members present? Did he make every effort to do so?
    Why would he find it convenient to make that decision in their absence? Was he paid to do it? Did he intentionally call the meeting knowing that those two members would not attend? Could he have waited on the attendance of all the members present to make that decision? These and other questions are pertinent in understanding the decision that Zainool Hosein made. Not even taking into consideration the other incidentals such as; was he promised a favor in return for his verdict? or why was his letter head in Israel Khan’s office etc. Can we honestly say that Zainool Hosein applied the spirit of the law? Can we say that he made every to involve all members rather than just a quorum? Were the pertinent questions to be in the affirmative, I am quite sure that many may have been disappointed but satisfied that Judge Zainool Hosein applied the correct process in coming to the decision that he is credited to have been made. But failing the application of the spirit of the law and deliberately making that decision just because he could do it, many right thinking people have doubts, that Zainool Hosein acted objectively to pursue the best decision the evidence allowed.


    “Bad boy,bad boy,what you ganna do gonna fo,whem dey come for you?”
    Inner Circle

    Hey ,Kamla,Jack-FITA-Warner,Basdeo ,Ish/Steve,they coming.You criminal bums,can run ,but can’t hide.
    Without these 2 political bums,Jack Warner,and his billions of loot,won’t be politically relevant.
    His eventual elevation to Cabinet prominence,gave him some tenuous protection,from the long arms of the Yankee law.
    Once he ‘got too long for his breeches,’he was (in typical fashion)dumped, by the Caura/Caromi riverside,like a putrid ,digested,curry duck meal,that was previously consumed, by a drunken, Los Bajos limer,4 hours before.

    In like manner,well known ,UNC high financiers Ish ,and Steve ,would be in jail by now ,had they not gotten some semblance of protection ,by the PP regime,that almost ended in a bogus law ,to free them forever.
    How about that Section 34 fiasco-that Uncle Rowley ,is attempting to inform the nation about-as pushed by ex AG criminal, Rammy-dirty- Lagoon ?
    We know he went off into de sunset,like a bandit,but can the PP enables ,of the Airport scandal monstrosity,continue to run ,and hide forever?
    We de people ,hope not.
    Do yourself ,and the nation a big favor Kamla.
    Call de darn elections-if you have a conscience,dat is.
    Unpatriotic bums!
    To say I am disgusted by dem,is an understatement!
    Stay vigilant people!

  13. Asked if he made a complaint to the executives of GML about De Leon, Rambachan replied: “I don’t think I should comment on Paige De Leon, my purpose is to ensure that the Government wins an election and that’s what I am about.”

    (Express, May 27:

    Another of the wicked ones exposed. By their little lies and prevarications you shall know them.

    May God protect the innocent, and continue to expose the wicked.


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