PM responds to Deputy DPP’s Emailgate statement: I am stressed

By Richard Lord
May 15, 2015 –

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-BissessarPrime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday admitted to becoming stressed out after reading the reports of Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul criticism of her over the Emailgate probe.

She made the admission during a Mother’s Day function at the Diplomatic Centre in St Ann’s.

The PM initially began by recalling to the gathering “all the good times and memories” she had as a child growing up. She then recalled a personal incident with her grandson, who had told his aunt that he was stressed.

After the narration about the incident, however, Persad-Bissessar then said: “But I woke up this morning I was like my grandson, I am stressed. I open the newspaper (and) I am stressed.”

Persad-Bissessar said, however, that she opened a new school in Maraval hours before and after her stressful morning, “the day has turned out so wonderfully well.”

Persad-Bissessar did not specify what story or stories stressed her out, but the T&T Guardian’s front page story had the headline “Deputy DPP slams PM for Emailgate claims – No one cleared.”

Roundtable gathering

Persad-Bissessar also commented on Wednesday’s roundtable meeting in Port-of-Spain involving trade union leaders, former prime minister Basdeo Panday and others.

“Recently I saw a lot of men all ganged up and sitting at a roundtable. I saw all these men and their one aim was to get Kamla out,” she said.

“I want to tell you … we women are very strong and with my strength and your support I will be the woman left standing.”

She said she would like to make sure she was not the first and last woman to head a government in this country.

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Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said yesterday she felt happy and vindicated by the release issued by the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Joan Honore-Paul.

A wrong must be corrected
FORMER speaker of the House Nizam Mohammed said Wednesday the suspension from Parliament of Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was “troubling” and set a “dangerous precedent” for democracy in Trinidad and Tobago.

Jack wants Rowley suspension revoked

Rowley calls on PM to reinstate him or call elections

Moonilal: Suspension stays for Opposition Leader

Rowley to sue for Facebook claims
Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley has demanded Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar immediately remove from her Facebook page statements he describes as libellous. He wants the Prime Minister to remove the posts made on May 11 and 12 and apologise, or face legal action.

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  1. AG: Is Deputy DPP protecting Rowley?

    By Keino Swamber
    Friday, May 15 2015 –

    ATTORNEY General Garvin Nicholas is describing as “curious” the timing of Wednesday’s release of the statement by Deputy DPP Joan Honore-Paul in which she insisted that no one, particularly Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and former Attorney General Anand Ramlogan, can claim they have been exonerated in the “emailgate” investigation.

    In a CNC 3 interview yesterday morning, Nicholas said he did not want to say Honore-Paul was being political, but he noted a roundtable press conference, hosted by the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM), was being held “at the same time”.

    At that press conference, former Attorney General Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj accused Government of declaring war on the citizens when it used its simple majority in Parliament on May 6 to have Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley suspended on the basis of claims he made in relation to the “emailgate” affair.

    Nicholas said Honore-Paul’s tone in her statement could be construed as an attempt to protect Rowley.

    “I am just really surprised that the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions would come out fighting in this way almost seeming to defend the Leader of the Opposition.

    “It is just curious that after a week (after Rowley’s suspension) that the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions would seek to comment on it in a very timely manner to the Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and others press conference.”

    He said Honore-Paul’s statement appears to coincide with what Persad-Bissessar has been saying all along, that neither the Police Service nor the Integrity Commission had reported on the matter. The Prime Minister, he said, had a right to present to the public the information she has sourced from independent sources concluding the purported emails presented to Parliament two years ago are false.

    Asked whether Honore-Paul had raised with him any of the concerns she had, Nicholas said no.

    “As you know, the DPP’s office falls within the ambit of the Attorney General’s office. While it is the Office of the DPP has autonomy, the reality is that it falls under the purview of the Attorney General and at no point, since I have been Attorney General, has any of these concerns been raised by the goodly lady.”

    However, later yesterday, Nicholas told reporters Honore-Paul faxed him a letter of her concerns on Wednesday night.

    “I can tell you a letter was sent by the Deputy DPP to me via fax last night (Wednesday) which for the very first time outlined her concerns on this issue. I suspect it might have been sent to me after the press release was sent to you (media) and that in itself has to be questioned,” Nicholas said at the opening of Paramin RC Primary School, Maraval.

    Government Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal, who moved the motion of censure against Rowley, told Newsday yesterday he feels vindicated by the statement issued. He said at no point did Honore-Paul indicate the evidence that was put in the public domain is not real, inaccurate or false.

    “The (Deputy) DPP has admitted now that the emails are fake,” Moonilal said.

    “In fact, a reference to going outside the four corners of the email, suggests that the emails are fake and they are now looking at matters which may arise with a content analysis, which is fine.” Referred by Newsday to Honore Paul’s statement, “Any parallel investigation by interested parties and the public airing of the supposed results are palpably self-serving and bring to mind the need for the legal maxim ‘no man should be a judge in his own cause’,” Moonilal replied, “The DPP has now confirmed that those letters are authentic which I read into the parliamentary record, from Google International and the Justice Department.”

    Moonilal continued, “The Deputy DPP can say anything she wants and the police must do its work. I am not a policeman but a policeman is not a Member of Parliament and Miss Joan Honore-Paul is not a Member of Parliament and I am not the Deputy DPP. So she must do her work.” Works Minister Dr Suruj Rambachan, one of the persons mentioned in the purported emails, said, “She (Honore-Paul) is free to make her statements. One respects her position and respects her opinion.” Rambachan maintained that “enough information has been gathered to prove that the emails were fake and the emails were fraudulent and were mischievous intent.”,211165.html

  2. As a woman she may have “feelings” for the Opposition Leader. She may feel the need to protect him, when she sees him her maternal instinct may kick in. How can that be determined? It is the level of passion by which she dismissed the defence made by the PM. She may be good friends with the Rowleys. As such she may be trying to use her good office to defend him.

    She should take note of the current PM who acted in the public interest getting rid of many notable people when they acted contrary to public good. Some of them were her close friends.

  3. “Nicholas said Honore-Paul’s tone in her statement could be construed as an attempt to protect Rowley.
    “I am just really surprised that the Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions would come out fighting in this way almost seeming to defend the Leader of the Opposition.”
    AG Nicholdass
    Ain’t this something people!
    A simple question for ‘the grateful,yet curious -eat ah fooder Nicoldass,’and I hope that he ,or rather,one of the fans of that PP gang,we still choose to call our government can answer.
    ‘Ain’t Dr Keith Rowley human too,’and doesn’t he ,just like all citizens of T&T ,require protection of his Fundamental Human Rights?
    The last time one checked ,the bias Speaker ,was looking out for his political benefactors in Parliament,didn’t he?
    This same Nicoldass,just like his cooked predecessor,looks out for his PM,and party,ain’t that so?
    I am almost certain ,the Deputy DPP would have his ,that not too closeted White color ,ex First Citizens Bank bandit Howai ,as well as PM ‘s backs,if evidence were to appear ,that showed they were involved in criminal activities,si?
    In other more civilize parts of the globe ,we call that ‘due process,’ Nicoldass!
    Yeah we know ,you political clowns ,’want to be judge ,jury,and executioner ,’as well,but not in my T&T!
    We know what the two undemocratic bastards, Basdeo,and protege Kamla prefer ,but this was not what our Founding Fathers,Sir Ellis,Papa Deffy Eric,or Tobago’s Aaaaweeee Bouy ANR Robinson,envisage/had in mind ,when they created this here blessed Republic,trust me on that.
    We do not wish to see a fat ,ugly ,Indo Trini male,squatting farmer ,leading some mentally challenged woman ,along the roadway,tied up like a Caroni mangey dog,because he thinks she stole his peppers-yet pay no price.

    Sorry Charmanlal Ramlochan,but you ain’t no hero,but just another typical,tribal, woman hating coward,for trying to imitate TV crime fighter ,Ian Allen,as opposed to beating this fat criminal to the ground,and freeing said lady.
    We do not wish to hear ,that the head of the Maha Saba,and close spiritual adviser of our Prime minister,is, with the help of her Education Minister,engaging in blatant acts of discrimination against segments of our population,while accepting citizens tax dollars,to run his schools.
    Thanks very much ,Principal Sita Gajadharsingh Nang,for exposing these racist bums.
    We would have loved to see you,the Ex Ag,and we can throw in the present Deputy DPP,or her boss,stand up publicly,to protect said folks rights.
    However,’water under de bridge’-as we like to say on the streets.

    If that political imbecile Foreign Minister,we have at our UN ,weren’t so busy ,voting yea,and no,on inconsequential affairs,or getting fat ,from eating too much French Fries&frog legs, Russian caviar,Chinese dog testicles/rat brains,American pumpkin pies,and English muffins,he would have taken the time to remind both you,and your equally inept PM,of a sacred treaty,we signed some moons ago,Nicoldass.

    Article 10.Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    ‘Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.’

    If the tribe think, that they can create,what is tantamount to a kangaroo court in Parliament,where ‘you alze,’ with the help of Wade-MBA -Mark ,can embarrass the hell out of the Mason Hall kid,Opposition leader,and representative of the people of T&T,then think again.

    Thanks Guyana for showing T&T the way,on how to get rid of political elements,who wish their country harm.
    They were stupid ,to allow the PPP to last 23 years in power,so as to rape ,plunder ,plant their seeds of tribal hatred,while dividing,and running roughshod over citizens basic human rights.
    As my late ,extremely wise ,Tobago Granny might say re T&T?
    ‘Dis is ah horse of ah different color.’
    Look,to hell with all this!
    Congrats to the President,and PM of Guyana ,Mr David Granger,and Moses Nagamootoo ,in your victory over Socialist political bandit Ramoutar,and his PPP.
    Hey,Kamla ,just do the right thing ,and call the darn elections-if you dare !
    Fact is ,you are just postponing the inevitable,for even my Nepalese Carapichima neighbor ,who landed here recently,in efforts to escape the tragedy in his country,claims he too is fed up with you,and de PP gang.
    Can’t blame him really.

    Long live the Republic of Tobag….ooops ,lo siento,T&T!

    1. Google International and U.S. Justice Department provided evidence that the emails are fake but Deputy DPP Joan Honore-Paul still investigating…. Check her into St. Ann’s immediately and spare this nation such blights. What is she investigating? Keith Rowley is a crook and nothing will change that including statements from Joan!

  4. I see nothing “curious” about the timing of the Deputy DPP’s statement. It is a lengthy statement, in the form essentially of a considered legal opinion. It needed time to prepare.

    As I have elsewhere opined on this blog, she was not only quite right to make the statement, but very brave to do so, as it involves taking on a sitting Prime Minister, and the whole Parliament.

    But the matter is really quite simple, really.

    In the first place, the Google report does not and cannot exonerate the PM and the former AG, still less the other “accused” — Griffith, Rambachan at the least — about whose accounts some other service provider must speak.

    In the second place, the Google report may only speak to facts. It is for the investigating authority to seek to piece together all the facts to form a conclusion.

    In this light, the PM has certainly sought to twist an important fact that may be gleaned from the Google report, namely that the email account, “” does not exist.

    But we already knew that. And it was always easily explained as a transcription error. The whistle-blower, in seeking to keep his identity hidden, did not offer up copies of the actual emails with all header information intact, but transcribed them using Word or some similar software. Thus, typographical errors could have crept in.

    By some irony of fate, the PM’s lawyer made a similar error in rendering the PM’s email address. This illuminates the error in the PM’s too-hasty attempt to exonerate herself. One may not conclude, that because the cited email address, “”, does not exist, there could be no email communication such as alleged. Obviously, a diligent investigator must correct first the typo, and amend or broaden the investigation accordingly.

    That the PM would seek to exonerate herself based upon what may have been no more that the whistle-blower’s typo, in itself speaks volumes.

    At any rate, it is in response to such a hasty over-reach in an attempt at premature exoneration, that the DPP’s office was if anything obligated to issue a statement. (That the response came from a Deputy DPP is at first glance puzzling. But some of the allegations in the emails include mention of a plan to bribe the DPP with a judge-ship. So one may assume that the DPP recused himself, and the Deputy is the voice of the DPP’s Office, in this matter.)

    To conclude: the speculation of the AG that this Deputy is in political cahoots with Dr. Rowley does not bear scrutiny given the first-face facts. The timing of her letter is merely coincidental given its length. And there is plenty to justify it without having to resort to any sort of conspiracy. If anything, it takes some no slight degree of spin and twist to read into the Google report any sort of exoneration for the alleged malefactors.

    Nice try, though.


    1. “That the PM would seek to exonerate herself based upon what may have been no more that the whistle-blower’s typo, in itself speaks”–Yoruba Israel.

      Dear Yoruba please read and understand it seems you don’t understand. The Honorable Prime Minister did not investigate and clear herself. It was Google Inc and U.S. Justice department that cleared her. She simply relay what they indicated to true.

      Please understand that the Ass. DPP had this information but did not deny its contents.

      1. “Dear Yoruba please read and understand it seems you don’t understand. The Honorable Prime Minister did not investigate and clear herself. It was Google Inc and U.S. Justice department that cleared her. She simply relay what they indicated to true.”……..Mamoo
        Could you please explain in detail how the U.S Justice Department and Google have the authority to clear Kamla?
        By your reckoning, we really don’t need an AG, DPP or court of justice. All one has to do is present a letter from what most might reckon as an ‘authoritative source’ and bingo! Set me free! I am cleared! We don’t need to hear anymore! We don’t need process! Process is for the birds!………….What silly thinking.

        1. One of the major problems that this PP coalition had to face since its inception is the contamination of the Civil service, Police Force, and Integrity commission by the PNM and its agents.
          The Civil service, including some Permanent Secretaries began the sabotage of this democratically elected government from the very beginning, starting with the swearing in ceremony of the PM.There are also many cases of corruption which were perpetuated by employees within departments for which the government has taken the blame by the media.
          The PM, with an impending election, could not rely on the Police or the Integrity Commission to conclude this case, especially when the evidence to clear her and the former AG was made available by legal and reliable sources.

      2. @Mamoo:

        You have missed the point.

        If you cannot see the over-reaching illogic in what you suggest, I don’t know what else to say.


        1. Read carefully Yoruba..
          PNM plot against Ganga, too

          A former associate of the US Drug Enforcement Agency, now in protective custody in Venezuela, says he knows who put the five kilogrammes of cocaine and two mortar bombs in United National Congress MP Sadiq Baksh’s water tanks in 2002.

          The ex-DEA man, who has a south Trinidad address but lives in Caracas, said he wanted a meeting with Director of Public Prosecutions Geoffrey Henderson to give him the facts.

          Vernon Paul, 42, in an interview last week in Caracas, said he will give the DPP information that certain high-ranking People’s National Movement politicians were responsible for hatching the plan, together with a former senior man in the Jamaat al Muslimeen, to frame Baksh and Opposition Chief Whip Ganga Singh.

          The intent of that plan was to help destabilise the UNC in the 2002 general election, he said.

          During two days of interviews in Caracas, Paul, who appeared to be well known by top business executives in the bustling city, gave details of how he came to know of the plot and what it entailed.

          Among Paul’s shocking disclosures was that a Venezuelan operative smuggled into Trinidad:
          * 25 kilos of pure cocaine;
          * two boxes of C-4 explosives, each containing five kilogrammes;
          * seven FAL assault rifles;
          * nine hand guns;
          * four missiles;
          * one launcher;
          * 250 boxes of 7.62 mm ammunition;
          * 12 boxes of 9mm ammunition; and,
          * seven hand grenades.

          Paul said of the four missiles and the launcher that came to Trinidad, two of the mortar bombs and the launcher were still unaccounted for, along with:
          * the 250 boxes of 7.62 mm ammo, each box containing 50 rounds;
          * the seven FAL assault rifles, each carrying two magazines taped together;
          * the 9mm pistols with magazines; and,
          * 12 boxes of 9mm ammunition, each containing 50 rounds.
          He said the weaponry was still in T&T, in possession of someone he code-named The B Man.

          Paul gave the dates when meetings were said to have taken place at the homes of certain politicians. The DEA associate said the plan was that Baksh and Singh would be charged with drug trafficking and possession of ammunition after the illegal drugs and missiles were found at their homes.

          Paul said: “While Ganga was talking on the news that cocaine and missiles were found in Sadiq’s water tanks, cocaine and ammunition were also planted at his (Singh’s) home and he knew nothing.

          “The plan was to set up both of them, but the cocaine and ammunition were pulled back secretly from Ganga’s house and he (Singh) did not even know that he, too, was to be set up.”

          The plan, Paul said, was that while Baksh and Singh were busy trying to get bail after their arrests, the PNM would call a meeting at its Balisier House headquarters in Port-of-Spain to discuss the arrests. One of the C-4 explosives would have been planted at Balisier House hours before, programmed to blow up the building before the arrival of any official.

          The intention was that it would look like political revenge by the UNC for the arrests of Baksh and Singh, said Paul. He gave the names of four PNM politicians, whom he claimed brokered the deal to frame Baksh and Singh. He also gave code names for three of the men: Los Angeles, The Institution Man and The B Man.

          “The most stupid and dumbest man I have ever met in my life is The Institution Man. He arranged meetings at the homes of politicians, with politicians,” Paul said. Paul claimed he was “wired” at those meetings and had taped the conversations. He said the tapes would be his trump card to prove the guilt of the people whose names he was calling. He also claimed a whopping US$100 million had been the price negotiated to set up Baksh and Singh.

          Paul said the Venezuelans who smuggled the items into T&T were paid only US$500,000 and that they wanted the rest of their money now. He said that apart from himself, two Venezuelans, one of whom is currently in jail in Caracas, also wanted to talk to DPP Henderson.

          Paul named the actual “planter” of the bombs and cocaine in Baksh’s water tank as dead kidnapper Riad Abdool-Quadir, aka Apache, a former member of the Jamaat al Muslimeen who lived in East Dry River, Port-of-Spain. According to police reports, Abdool-Quadir was shot dead in January 2003 in a “gang shooting” in Princes Town, hours after he was fined in a magistrate’s court for possession of ammunition.

          Paul also said he had evidence that the arms and ammunition found at the Jamaat al Muslimeen’s headquarters at Mucurapo during the police raid last October came from the same batch as that brought into T&T by the Venezuelan operative.

          Yesterday, the Guardian reported that gun and ammunition possession charges against Muslimeen leader Yasin Abu Bakr were dropped. Douglas Mendes, SC, who appeared for the State, said the decision was taken “after carefully considering the evidence.” Bakr had been charged, along with two others, with unlawful possession of a firearm (a high-powered rifle), 569 rounds of ammunition and a prohibited weapon (hand grenade).

          Told that he was fabricating the story for personal gain, Paul declared: “I want nothing from nobody, the UNC or the PNM. I’m no pauper in Venezuela. I own an SUV that is sold in Trinidad for about $2 million, a CL55 AMG Benz and two motor bikes, one an R1 Yamaha valued at US$15,000 and a CBR 1000 Honda, which goes for about the same money. All I want to do is to come to Trinidad and testify against them because politics should not be so dirty.”

          Paul also said certain people in Trinidad wanted him dead, and that contracts were out on his head. He said a Trinidadian hit man had already been arrested by the Venezuelan Guardia Nacional and was “singing” in Caracas. He said he did have security in Venezuela but he was angry that people in Trinidad were trying to kill him. “That’s why I am ready to talk now,” he said.

          Asked why he waited so long, almost six years, to decide to give evidence and call names, he said: “Because I have a conscience and a heart. And because I know they want to kill me.”

          Paul said he willing to take a polygraph test to prove his story and issued a challenge for those whose names he called in his story to take the same test. “If I fail the lie detector test, then let the DPP lock me up for perjury or conspiracy to frame them fellas,” he dared.

          A fluent Spanish-speaker, who also holds Venezuelan citizenship, Paul appears to live an expensive lifestyle, announcing that he wears only designer clothes from Italy. Saying he no longer did undercover work with the DEA, Paul said he now worked with the petroleum industry in Caracas. He did not give details of that job. He said he had worked with a special unit within the DEA, which tracked down “big” South American drug dealers and gun runners. He left that unit in 2002.

          He keeps himself well-informed and up-to-date with the latest news and current affairs in T&T. He boasted that he was the man who got the information about Deochan Ramdhanie’s whereabouts in Tucupita, Venezuela, and the one who led the team of DEA agents and the Guardia Nacional to recapture Ramdhanie, alleged drug trafficker, who had escaped custody in Trinidad.

          He also said he was the man who first provided information about heroin coming into T&T to members of the now defunct Organised Crime and Narcotics Unit.
          Rather bitterly, Paul said in December last year, he contacted a senior member of the Special Anti Crime Unit (Sautt), telling him that he wanted to come to T&T to tell his story.

          He said the Sautt officer accused him (Paul) of trying to frame some politicians. Paul said the officer told him to “deal” with Police Commissioner Trevor Paul. So last week Monday, that’s exactly what he did. Commissioner of Police Trevor Paul was given a signed statement from Vernon Paul.

          Asked two Fridays ago, before he received this statement, if he knew the former DEA man, the CoP said he did know of a Vernon Paul but has never had any communication with him.
          ©2005-2006 Trinidad Publishing Company Limited
          Marcia Braveboy

          1. Mamoo:

            None of this is relevant to the matter at hand.

            If it is intended as a pre-election smear of the PNM, that is your right to exercise as long as the blog Editor gives you the requisite leeway. Taking advantage of rope is not always such a good idea, since people are not fools, and one is apt to tangle oneself in all that rope. But please do continue. There is a proverb about monkeys exposing their behinds; it seems to apply here.

            But however bad the PNM, — and indeed politicians as a class, with the UNC clearly no less reprobate than the PNM at its worst, — it still would say nothing about the probity of the Deputy DPP in this matter.



      Dr Rowley says the emails are real. The Prime Minister says they are fake (a fabrication) and the we the people seem puzzled and confused by all the exchanges from both sides in the media. Now, lets be smart about this
      The people of Trinidad should not be defending any wrong doers in this matter. Not the government or Dr. Rowley. Its to critical to be left up to the politicians involved in this diabolical situation. The integrity commission, The T&T Police and the DPP should release the Google report now and give the people of T&T the Truth before a general election is called. These long letters in the press is all about nothing. THE TRUTH NOW!

      1. It is you, the purveyors of illogic that contaminates details to twist logical conclusions to suit your arguments. You state, “Dr Rowley says the emails are real.” Could you confirm truthfully that that was Dr. Rowley’s claim? I have always read where he said that it was dropped in his mailbox and he brought it into parliament for investigation. Unless our sources of information are different, I am putting it to you that that was his claim. You said “The Prime Minister says they are fake (a fabrication)”, yes that represents her defense. You said “and the we the people seem puzzled and confused by all the exchanges from both sides in the media.” Yes that is true also. But the beauty of the English language is, that we can contaminate truths or facts with the mere changing of a word or two to make the meaning of a statement completely different. If we were to deal with the officially stated reasons, there would be no complexity in understanding the issues. The art of defensive lawyering is to introduce and perpetuate doubt. When that doubt is played and expressed with conviction it weakens the prosecution’s case. And that is what is being played here. There are a few things that should be made absolutely clear also. The constitutional authoritative sources of guilt or innocence lies with three institutions; (1) The Police or prosecuting agency (2) the Integrity Commission and (3) the Courts of Trinidad and Tobago. There are those who (again) intentionally and with conviction state that the U.S. Department of State and Google ‘clears’ the Prime Minister. What comes from these sources are merely a point of reference and may be admissible for determination of the case. How untrue to say that that evidence clears. In order to determine what the U.S. Department of Justice said is to trace and follow the correspondence relating to the original requests. Simply stating that the U.S Department of Justice said and Google said, is not necessarily an admission of guilt or innocence. Up to this point in time the truth is that the defendant, Dr. Rowley’s only action was to bring the emails into parliament and said he wanted it investigated. Thats is all. He has since been condemned as a fabricator, a conspirator, ungrateful, treasonous, bringing the government into disrepute, deprived of his constitutional obligations, deprived the people of his districts of representation etc etc etc. That fool Moonilal has even suggested that he would get representation for that district, how arrogant? Don’t he know that if the people of Diego Martin wanted him or his stand-in go represent them they would have chosen him in the first place? Is he power drunk? Back to the sources that ‘cleared’ Kamla. They came to their conclusions with evidence supplied by the requesting parties(Kamla and Anand), the evidence was weighed and applied according to specific parameters of fact. There was nothing in that act for Dr Rowley to defend or give evidence to. In the OJ Simpson trial, the defending attorney said that “if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit”. It might be true that the glove did not fit, but that does not mean on the basis of that evidence he is not guilty? So, if you guys want to appear logical, use the official facts presented and not the parlayed versions of misconstrued facts.


  5. Director of Public Prosecutions

    The Director of Public Prosecutions, a position created by the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, is the head of the Criminal Law Department. The establishment of this position stemmed from the need for a constitutional post that would always be independent of political and stakeholder involvement in the prosecution of criminal matters. In this circumstance, the independence of this post is constitutionally guaranteed.

    To be the most effective, efficient, competent and technologically advanced provider of prosecution services in the Caribbean Region.

    To represent the State in matters before the Courts of Trinidad and Tobago and where necessary, abroad and in so doing, always ensuring that in the discharge of its functions it is fair, independent and objective.

    Legal Mandates
    The main roles and functions of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) are set out in Section 90, Chapter 6, Part 1 of the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.

    Section 90 (3) vests certain constitutional powers upon the DPP and is stated as follows:
    “The DPP shall have power in any case in which he considers it proper to do so:

    To institute and undertake criminal proceedings against any person before any Court in respect of any offence against the law of Trinidad and Tobago;

    To take over and continue any such criminal proceedings that may have been instituted by any other person or authority;

    To discontinue at any stage before judgment is delivered any such criminal proceedings instituted or undertaken by himself or any other person or authority.”

    Section 90 (5) also vests upon the DPP powers in terms of Appeal matters, and states:

    “For the purposes of this section reference to criminal proceedings includes an appeal from the determination of any Court in Criminal proceedings or a case stated or a question of law reserved in respect of those proceedings.”

    Section 90 (6) enables the DPP to carry out his / her constitutional functions through persons to whom he / she give instructions:

    “The functions of the DPP under subsection (3) may be exercised by him in person or through other persons acting under and in accordance with his general or specific instructions”

    Roles and Functions
    The functions of the Criminal Law Department also include the following:
    Undertaking Criminal Prosecution in all High Courts (Assizes and Appeal);
    Briefing Counsel in the United Kingdom on the conduct of Appeals before the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council;
    Undertaking prosecutions in complex matters and matters of public interest in the forty (40) Magistrates’ Courts throughout the country;
    Formulating prosecution policy;
    Interfacing on a regular basis with Governmental, Non-Governmental and international agencies such as the Police, the Defence Force, Customs and Excise, the Board of Inland Revenue and Town and Country Planning Division. In addition, there is a great deal of interaction with the Public, the United, States Department of Justice, the Crown Prosecutors Service and other prosecuting agencies within the Caribbean Territories;
    Assisting with Extradition requests;
    Proffering indictments before the High Court and preparing and filing other legal documents

    1. “Mission
      To represent the State in matters before the Courts of Trinidad and Tobago and where necessary, abroad and in so doing, always ensuring that in the discharge of its functions it is fair, independent and objective.”

      Fair, independent and objective.
      Is it fair to have information regarding a matter with the Prime Minister and withhold that information from a verdict? Further to pretend the information does not exist when it does.

  6. @TMan:

    “…the evidence to clear her and the former AG was made available by legal and reliable sources…”

    This is the false claim of exoneration that caused the Deputy DPP to make her statement.

    The claim is false because the non-existence of the email address, “” does not provide the exoneration claimed. What if this is a wrong spelling due to a transcription error by the whistle-blower? A full investigation must consider that possibility, clearly.

    And what email address did Google report on, a kamalapb or a kamlapb1? Such typos are clearly easily made. What of Rambachan and Griffith? What report are we getting from

    The Deputy DPP is quite right to assert that the PM and Ramlogan are far from yet being in the clear on this matter.

    As to the claim of partisan behaviour by the Civil Service, frustrating the will of the political directorate, what *publicly* known facts do you have to cite? Somehow they have seemed powerless to stop any number of publicly known rapes of the Treasury, e.g. the million-dollar reclamation of a wrecked fire-truck, LifeSport.

    Quite to the contrary, it seems to me that this investigation was a case of himself investigating himself, with the former AG not recusing himself from the role of Central Authority.

    Moreover, for as long as the Police Commissioner has not been confirmed, but continues merely to act, in his post, there will be cause for concern that he is compromised so far as any investigation involving the political directorate is concerned.

    This investigation could have been speedily concluded mere weeks after the allegations first came to light, had there been the political will. After all, all the emails had to go through local computers, primarily those of, where they would have left the requisite trail. So in principle, the matter could have been disposed of quite long ago, had the political directorate been so minded. That the investigation has taken this long is evidence favouring the guilt rather than the innocence of the accused.

    Again, nice try. But it is unavailing as before.


    1. My impression is that all emails addresses, fake and legitimate, pertaining to Ramlogan and the PM have been investigated.

      1. That is the impression that the PM and her spin-meisters would have us have.

        It was to correct that, *false*, impression that the Office of the DPP had to issue the press release.


        1. There is nothing in Honore’s letter to support you conclusion that all emails were not investigated.

          1. The main point of the Deputy DPP’s statement was that the investigation is not yet complete, and moreover, contrary to the PM’s claim, she and the ex-AG are not exculpated by the Google report.

            If there is some finer point you are driving at, please make it plain.




    Emailgate went before the Privileges Committee of the House of Representatives.

    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar realised early that the Committee of Privileges was the appropriate parliamentary forum for the examination of whether or not the e-mails read into the Parliament records by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley on May 20, 2013, constituted a contempt of Parliament.

    But it was also clear that the Privileges Committee faced major challenges in its deliberations on this matter.

    On Wednesday May 22, 2013, two days after Rowley read the contents of the package of e-mails, which he claimed to have received from a “whistleblower”, it was the Prime Minister herself who moved the motion asking that the matter be referred to the Privileges Committee of Parliament.

    The Prime Minister, who was one of the persons named, alleged that Rowley had “deliberately and willfully” misled the House of Representatives; had “recklessly abused the privilege of Freedom of Speech” thereby bringing the House “into public ridicule and odium”.

    The Prime Minister said then that Rowley “knew or ought reasonably to have known that the document from which he quoted was a mere fabrication”. Speaker Wade Mark ruled that the prima facie case had been made out and the matter was so referred to the Privileges Committee. The Committee met seven times in the month of June before Parliament was prorogued and the work of the Committee died.

    But the Government opted not to ever return to the Privileges Committee in the subsequent sessions of Parliament to reopen this investigation. Speaking on Friday in the House of Representatives, International Waterfront Centre, Port of Spain, Government Leader Dr Roodal Moonilal gave as a reason for this decision (not to return to the Privileges Committee for a determination in the emailgate matter), that Rowley (who had appeared before the Privileges Committee several times during its deliberations on this matter), said he was not prepared to cooperate with or assist the Committee in its work.

    According to the Privileges Committee’s Report dated June 28, 2013 and tabled in the Parliament, the Committee in keeping with parliamentary learning and practice, conceded that there was a high threshold of proof for contempt. “It is well-recognised that there are three elements to be established when it is alleged that a Member is in contempt,” the Privileges Committee’s report noted.

    . Firstly, “the statement must have been misleading” (untrue);

    . Secondly, “it must be established that the Member making the statement knew at the time the statement was made, that it was inaccurate,”

    . Thirdly, “in making the statement, the Member must have intended to mislead the House”, the report stated.

    The report added: “For a misleading of the House to be deliberate, there must be something in the nature of the incorrect statement that indicates an intention to mislead,” the report stated.

    The rationale for the high standard proof in Commonwealth Parliament for sustaining a contempt charge is because it is considered to be a serious allegations against a Member of Parliament.

    But the Privileges Committee grappled with several procedural issues. These included:

    . Whether the Committee had the power to retain the services of an independent forensic document examiner;

    . Whether it was an essential condition precedent that the Committee establish that a misleading took place, in order to proceed with its work;

    . Whether the Committee could proceed to determine whether statements made were truthful by questioning the maker of the statement;

    . Whether the Committee should await the conclusion of the parallel police investigations into the alleged e-mail communications;

    . Whether it is also an essential condition precedent that the Committee establish that a misleading took place, in order to find that a Member has committed reckless abuse of the privilege of freedom of speech;

    . The role of the Speaker in determining that a prima facie case for investigation by the Committee was also considered.

    There was also the issue of whether Moonilal, who was the recipient of one of the alleged e-mails, should have recused himself from the Committee’s deliberations. Moonilal contended that he was not the subject of any of the allegations made by Rowley and therefore chose not to recuse himself.

    According to the Committee report it considered “Advice and Research” (undertaken by the legal unit of the Parliament ), which indicated that “the examination of a Member with the aim of establishing the truthfulness of statements made by him, as a first step of deliberations by the Committee is contrary to the established practice. In keeping with the three limbs of the establishment of the deliberate misleading of the House, the Committee must first determine whether a misleading has in fact occurred”.

    “No precedent could be found for the methodology of receiving only the evidence of an accused person to determine the truthfulness of the statement made by such person,” the ‘Advice and Research’ provided to the Committee, noted.

    “An independent investigation of whether a misleading has occurred is consistent with the established process.” the Advice stated. “Therefore, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the Committee to determine the accuracy of statements made without the aid of some independent assistance from a credible or qualified source”, it added.

    On the issue of whether the Committee should await the conclusion of the Police investigation of the matter, the Legal Unit of the Parliament research included seeking advice by the Clerk of the Overseas Office of the United Kingdom House of Commons.

    According to the Committee’s Report, that [UK] advice, which was deemed to be “instructive” stated: “If there is a parallel police investigation, this would certainly affect the way the Committee conducts its work. The (UK) Committee of Standards and Privileges has stated in principle that where a matter might be determined by disciplinary procedures or through the criminal law, criminal law should take precedence. The Commissioner (of Standards) [an officer attached to the Committee of Standards and Privileges] investigations have been slowed or even suspended to avoid the risk of prejudicing legal proceedings. The potential for prejudice arises because: the Committee (of Standards and Privileges) has power to compel evidence without a caution; publicity around the Committee’s work could prejudice any trial; Parliamentary privilege would mean material generated by the Committee or (the Committee’s) Commissioner could not be used in Court”.

    In the light of this advice from the UK Clerk of the Overseas Office, the Trinidad and Tobago Privileges Committee determined that there was an “untenable risk” with respect to “public confidence in the integrity of the process and decisions of the Committee”.

    The Committee which is chaired by Mark, also comprised Roodal Moonilal; Colm Imbert, Donna Cox, Prakesh Ramadhar; Chandresh Sharma; Rodger Samuel; Tim Gopeesingh and Paula Gopee-Scoon. The Committee held seven meetings between June 3 and June 28 of 2013. There are five Government members (excluding the Speaker) and three O pposition members.

    A perusal of the meetings indicated that: Imbert raised the issue the police investigation having a bearing on the work of the Committee; Sharma and Gopeesingh were of the opinion that the police investigation should be conducted independent of the work of the Committee work; Gopeesingh said Rowley should be asked to appear before the Committee to establish the basis on which he believed the document he read to be true; Imbert however reiterated his question of the Committee’s ability to determine a document’s authenticity.

    With the Committee divided, by a majority vote, a motion was decided that Rowley should be invited to appear before the Committee at its next meeting.

    Rowley appeared before the Committee with attorneys Michael Quamina and Faris Al Rawi and at later meetings with Stuart Young. Rowley, however through correspondence to the Committee, wanted to know, among other things, the documents on which the Committee intended to rely for its investigation and a list of the proposed witnesses it planned to call.

    Imbert argued that every person whose e-mail address was identified in the document referred to by Rowley should be called before the Committee. Rowley, in his letter, also took the position that he would not answer further questions nor commence any defence of the charges until the Committee had called all of its witnesses and the police had concluded their investigations.

    Faced with these insurmountable hurdles, the Government abandoned the procedure of the Privileges Committee. Government in the meantime retained private experts (IT specialists and US attorneys).

    Government added to this “evidence”, its contention that the information provided by the US Justice Department and Google had cleared the Prime Minister and former attorney general of any wrongdoing. The Government opted not to return to the Privileges Committee and resorted instead to a motion of censure which also contained a resolution for suspension.

    WIth Government’s built-in majority it moved the House of Representatives to suspend Rowley on May 6 under Standing Order 55 (16) which the Prime Minister claimed permitted such an action.

    This Standing Order states: “Nothing in this Standing Order shall be taken to deprive the House of the power of proceeding against any Member according to any resolution of the House.”

    1. Thanks for that. Very interesting. It sheds much light on what has happened re Rowley’s expulsion from Parliament.

      Clearly it’s an unconstitutional over-reach. Taken to the logical conclusion it means that a Government can simply get rid of the Opposition and defeat the whole purpose of Parliamentary democracy. These clowns will not see the absurdity of that.

      But it’s of a piece with the picture painted by the purported emails. It is that this is a dangerous regime, willing to commit crimes against its perceived enemies. They will do anything to hold on to power, and the money spigot that goes with it.

      Say what you want about the PNM, they always maintained some semblance of respect for the rule of law and democratic norms. Even the “dictator”, Patrick Manning, did a very democratic thing when he called an election way ahead of time. Some dictator.

      The present regime evidently has no similar qualms. That is why, regrettably, the purported emails have the ring of truth to them…


    1. Ralph Maraj seems to want this public servant to approach the Indo Prime Minister with fear and trembling. He wants her to kiss her feet, as the same Indo PM did to the Indian President.

      No. This brave public servant is under an oath to perform her duties without “fear”. Not even if it’s a Prime Minister that she has the unpleasant duty to rebuke. And yes, rebuke it was.

      And she was well in constitutional crease as she did so.

      Any rebuke of a sitting PM will be read by some in negative terms — e.g. “hectoring”, “strident”.

      I see it differently. Far better for this brave public servant to step on the PM’s feet rather than for her to kiss her feet.

      In this instance that is what her sworn duty requires. And I continue to applaud her for it.

      May God bless and protect her from the onslaught that has already begun.


  8. And now a muzzling…

    Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar claimed last night that deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Joan Honore-Paul showed bias in the release she issued last week and her lawyers intend to file a complaint against her with the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JSLC).

    In a brief interview with the Express at the St Augustine Freeman Road Community Centre, Persad-Bissessar said her lawyers have indicated to her that Honore-Paul should step aside as it pertains to the Emailgate investigations.

    “My lawyers have told me that the deputy DPP in her media release trespassed against the constitutional remit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and the Integrity Commission,” said Persad-Bissessar.

    “Secondly my lawyers have told me that she has demonstrated bias and thirdly they have advised that we would call upon her to recuse herself from these investigations. My lawyers have also told me that they intend to write to the Judicial and Legal Service Commission to make a complaint,” added the Prime Minister.

    Last week Persad-Bissessar had said that she felt happy and vindicated as Honore-Paul’s release had authenticated a letter from the United States Justice Department which stated that does not exist and therefore the emails were fake.

    Reminded of this, Persad-Bissessar said: “She (Honore-Paul) authenticated the letter that’s one part but then all these other comments that she made.”

    DPP Roger Gaspard has already recused himself from the Emailgate probe as he was named in the alleged emails.

    As for the legal action taken by People’s National Movement (PNM) Senator Faris Al-Rawi with respect to her Facebook posts, the Prime Minister said it is in the hands of her lawyers.

    The Prime Minister conducted a number of “whistle-stops” throughout the country yesterday as activists in 39 constituencies held meetings to mobilise for the People’s Partnership grand fifth anniversary celebrations at Constantine Park, Macoya this Sunday.

  9. Check out the double standards of this crazy PM…. have a read…
    Jack: PM has to wait
    Monday, May 18 2015

    INDEPENDENT Liberal Party (ILP) political leader and Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner on Friday said Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has an obligation to await the completion of investigations by the Police Service and the Integrity Commission into emailgate, before declaring she has been vindicated in this matter.

    Speaking with reporters during the tea break of the House of Representatives, Warner said it is “incomprehensible” and “ludicrous” that Persad-Bissessar is insisting she and her administration have been vindicated on emailgate, following the issuance of a statement by Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Joan Honore Paul that no one has been cleared with respect to investigations into emailgate.

    Noting that Government Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal made the same comments earlier in the sitting, Warner said Government still does not understand “the logic and the rationale” of what Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley did on May 20, 2013 when he raised emailgate in the House.

    “He brought some emails here, for verification,” Warner stated. He recalled that on the same day, “the Prime Minister took it to the police and the Integrity Commission and she said so in the Parliament.”

    Warner argued that because Persad-Bissessar took this step, “therefore she who took it there, has an obligation to await their findings.”

    Saying this is the point which the Government is missing, Warner said he assumed that Persad-Bissessar referred emailgate to the police and the Commission because “Parliament could not deal with it.”

    However he said, “Having taken it there, now you bypass them and come back to the Parliament? Something is wrong there. That seems very irrational.”

    Noting yesterday was the third sitting of the House that Opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) MPs have boycotted to protest Rowley’s suspension, Warner reiterated his solidarity with the PNM but said he will not be missing Parliament.

    “If they want me to articulate their views, I will, as well as the views of my constituents of Chaguanas West.”

    Diego Martin North/East MP Colm Imbert has dismissed statements by Attorney General Garvin Nicholas about PNM MPs having their seats declared vacant if they miss six consecutive sittings of the House, without the Speaker’s permission.

    Stating it is public knowledge that the Parliament will be automatically dissolved “in just over a month,” Imbert declared, “So it’s all quite irrelevant.

    We will return if and when we are ready to and we don’t need any lectures from the hypocritical UNC.”

    During the sitting, Moonilal said PNM MPs were “absent without leave.”

    Recalling that Warner and Rowley participated in last weekend’s “March to Chaguaramas 2,” Moonilal warned Warner to be careful about the persons who he was not “making political pelau with.”

  10. Oh AfroBuddhaSunGod,who resides in our hearts,enough already!!
    Hey Kamla ,do the right thing , and just call the darn elections.
    Give citizens of T&T,the opportunity,to emulate neighboring Guyana.
    23 years of PPP in Guyana,was disastrous,as they are now literally,on the brink of being a ‘failed state.’
    Sadly however,’me think,’5 years of your PP,was equally bad,for our underachieving,mismanaged, resource laden- financial surplus to economic downgraded- Republic.
    The people,deserves a chance ,to prevent their country,from suffering a similar fate.
    We in de know,are quite aware,as to what you neo -tribal ,undemocratic,political clowns,are trying to induce,via this beat down of our people,abuse of power,and idiotic over the top, machinations.
    Trust me when I say Kamla,you won’t succeed!!!
    Those two corrupt ,socialist bandits,Jagdeo,and Ramoutar,said the same prays ,and beseech the same opaque gods as you are presently doing-yet failed.
    Otra vez,so,will you!
    Hopefully,when the people speak-as they most certainly will-you ,and your UNC dominant- PP goons ,won’t resort,to similar cry baby tactics,hmmmm?

    I love this land,y tu?

  11. I fail to see the bias that they’re accusing the Deputy DPP of. She was merely protecting the integrity of the still-ongoing investigation.

    She did not telegraph any finding or conclusion, except to say that there was “probable cause”, and that an “evidentiary threshold” was crossed. Without that, there would be no cause for an investigation.

    So Mrs. Honore-Paul is in my opinion well in crease, although the forward defensive stroke was so firm that the ball might well have carried to the boundary.

    I leave it to the lawyers to comment on whether she breached her constitutional purview and trespassed on that of the Integrity Commission and Police Service. But from a common-sense standpoint, that is hard to see. Whatever the investigators’ findings, it is the DPP that must decide whether or not to prosecute. Therefore, it is precisely the Office of the DPP that has the locus standi, as well as the legal firepower, to protect an investigation against no less than a Prime Ministerial trespass.

    These people have got things seriously upside down. An investigation, even a zealous investigation, is not in itself a sign of bias. A prosecution, even a zealous prosecution, is not in itself a sign of bias.

    In our system, the defence will have plenty of opportunity to engage in zealous defence, if it ever comes to that. And it will be for a judge and jury to render judgment. Not the police, and not the DPP.

    Therefore the question of prosecutorial bias ought not even to arise. Certainly not for defending the integrity of an investigation that has not yet run its course.

    This is another example of spin, twist, and ultimately both a political and legal over-reach by this Government. It makes them look desperate.


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