Sex and Blackmail

DJ marked for death, Rajaee both knew ex-Govt official

By Asha Javeed
December 07, 2014 –

Sex And blackmailRadio DJ Kevaughn “Lurbz” Savory was possibly saved from being a statistic.

But the question he’s being constantly asked now is: who would want you killed?

One week after police uncovered an alleged plot to kill him and swiftly charged six people, including ex-Life­Sport co-ordinator Rajaee Ali, 27-year-old Savory sat down for an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express yesterday.

Ali was detained by police shortly after the murder of former senior counsel Dana Seetahal seven months ago. He also had a charge of possession of wild meat.

He had told the Sunday Express he did not kill Dana Seetahal.

What did Ali, a member of the Carapo Jamaat Al-Muslimeen and Savory have in common?

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5 thoughts on “Sex and Blackmail”

  1. “On the other hand T&T is gradually becoming accustomed to the feminine leadership…. the PM; she listens before acting; she has brought a motherly and grandmotherly approach to governance.” Capil Bisson

    Yeah right Capil! We now know ,but could not figure out what it was all along that folks such as Golda Meir,Margaret Thatcher, Eugenia Charles,Indera Gandhi, Benizia Buttho,and now this Kamla woman ,was attempting to show us, all this time,until you enlightened us.
    Sorry buddy,but this romp slapping ,apologist mantra,for sub par stewardship by Your Siparia Queen Kamla, ain’t convincing anyone,but gullible folks ,of the Sat Maraj , UNC youth club.
    Trust me when I say no self respecting male leader in any country across Her Majesty Queen Liz , entire Commonwealth ,would have allowed handlers, to erect billboards, bearing photoshop images of themselves ,in efforts, to entice voters,in an upcoming elections.
    Your Kamla did it.
    None likewise ,would have visited another country,then proceeded to kiss de feet of another politician,irrespective of how highly they think of them .
    Your Auntie Kamla did,much to the consternation of sensible, patriotic citizens.
    None would have fired 16 ministers ,that they initially hired/signed off on ,in one term of office.

    We share your disgust Dr James. This neo Owellian folly,is beyond despicable,be it from a a male ,or female Trini.–in-political-propaganda-286814731.html

    With election fast approaching ,and the PM ‘s handlers ,now in desperation mode,due to the dismal PP track record, and political failures,of leadership on all fronts, one thing we can be certain of is dr following:-.This jig and dance /tassa whine damblay ,along with Xmas hamper hand outs ,was not aimed at members of de tribe ,such as ummmmm,Royal Trini,TMan,Mamboo, de Mayaro ,lifetime drunk,and de Unmentionable Yankee educated, Suspect lawyer, from smelly Richmond Hill,Zoo York, by way of Barackpore Trinidad.
    They all ,together with most of .de tribe ,would vote for the Kamla led , UNC dominant PP,even if she was wearing one of Queen Victoria l’s petticoats,along with a blur seem ,Caroni rice paddy cro cros bag, over her head.

    Someone should however warn them, that de cry across Afro neglected areas, and even in many Indo trini circles is this -‘fool me once ,shame on you,fool me twice ,then I am the idiot.’
    Ain’t happening again. Ummmmm,I say/reiterate …’de Guyanarization of T&T must never be allowed to take place!’
    I luv dis land, Y tu?

  2. Your vitriolic statements and personal attacks reek of racism, sexism, and classism (and likely homophobia). I understand your anger because change is difficult, especially for those that hold dearly to those byzantine views about politics.

    Change is here and we need to encourage young people to get involved in “grown up” politics and its discourse. Politics and laws must involve children and the poor (regardless of race) because they are part of economic development and the future of any country. It’s a shame that the government of T&T does not encourage children to get involved in learning the politics of T&T.

    You refer to “Zoo York, Barackpore, smelly Richmond Hill…etc.,” words that reflect your bold hatred for those that have succeeded in building a sense of culture in the melting pot of NY. You obviously had your children educated in NY and took advantage of the smelly system so why all the hate??

    Your personal attacks deride the integrity of this website.


    Now on to more pressing affairs ,as we like to say on de streets,as I for one ,have no time , for childish debates ,with a suspect Carapichima educated lawyer,without any clue ,as to which way is up.
    Oooops,lo siento…..I mean, Yankee trained!
    Water down ,and politicized, as it may be, under this Kamla led , UNC dominant -PP regime, I say,show some respect for our boys ,& Gals in Blue /grey-whether it’s our micro-managed acting Commissioner, or two low down SRPs,clouting an indiscipline creature into submission,like one of White Christian Massa ,common ,plantation slaves,back in de day.
    We ain’t care if you are an insignificant, PP Junior Minister ,in the Ministry of National Security.
    Quit hiding behind your new found political power ,as you refuse to be subjected to a breathalyzer test ,when requested ,that numerous citizens , across T&T ,must endure ,when caught driving,under what appears to be ,de influence.

    We don’t care if you are some unfortunate ,suffering quadriplegic ,that fell on hard times ,over the past four years ,of Her Madjesstrick Queen K ‘s rule .
    Suck it up ,and better yet ,save your foul mouth unruly ,disrespectful behavior, for when you visit Jamaica ,or Venezuela.
    Yeah we know ,’you allze,’are following de lead of Carbal controlled, UNC dominant PP,goons ,who had no problem, in paying a White ,phony expert Alberta Canadian ,more money than all the previous Commissioners put together, since Tony May,but choose to treat Uncle Williams ,as if he is some tongue tied ,Sea scout.

    Yes ,we know the precedent was set,by an Unmentionable Sando Political Clown ,who is trying desperately, to die in office ,like his mentor ,Pappa Deffy Eric,once Castro medical experts ,gives him the green light to fight on.

    However ,that does not give anyone the excuse to do as they wish ,when our law enforcement blokes ,are on the prowl.
    Why is that so you ask?
    Well ,they won’t take god out of their thoughts -if he truly exist ie-and defy an order ,much less disrespect ,one of our Tethron boys ,in gangrene, if they wish to live to talk about it ,to their grand kids, do they? If you doubt the veracity of my statement ,then ask Uncle Shah.

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