No to jungle justice

By Raffique Shah
June 01, 2013

Raffique ShahAT all times, human beings must be able to distinguish right from wrong; it is what differentiates us from other life-species. At all times, too, man must have the fortitude to stand up for what is right, to speak out against injustice, whatever the consequences he may face for his outspokenness. Today I feel compelled to make such stand on an issue that many may deem unimportant, and for which I risk being condemned.

Tomorrow, the Privileges Committee (PC) of Parliament is scheduled to meet to consider a complaint against Opposition Leader Keith Rowley. I do not know the specific charge or charges Rowley faces, but I know they stem from the string of e-mails he introduced during the debate on a no-confidence motion against the Government that he piloted two weeks ago.

At the end of the debate on that motion, the Prime Minister moved that Rowley be referred to the PC, saying he had “wilfully and deliberately misled the Parliament by presenting documents which he knew were a mere fabrication”. Speaker Wade Mark, who in similar circumstances in the past took time to consider whether a prima facie case had been made before ruling on the request for referral, did not hesitate on this occasion.

I should add here that Rowley is very capable of defending himself. He proved that when the Integrity Commission accused him of wrongdoing in the “Landate affair’, and in other challenges he faced within the PNM when he ran afoul of then leader and Prime Minister, Patrick Manning. Rowley has publicly stated he is ready to face the consequences of his actions.

Still, what is at stake here is a gross violation of the principles of natural justice against which I must speak out. You see, eventually, Rowley may well have to face the PC or some other judicial body. But justice must be allowed to take its course, and no one must abrogate due process.

The fact is that the Prime Minister, on the very day Rowley read the e-mails into the records, stated in public that their veracity and the serious matters raised in them, some criminal, warranted proper and tho­rough investigations. As such, she formally reported the matter to the acting Commissioner of Police. Although she and the Attorney General, whose names featured prominently in the e-mail trail, denied writing, receiving or exchanging what were attributed to them, they provided no evidential proof of their innocence, just as Rowley produced no proof of guilt.

In accordance with the rules of natural justice, there should first be a thorough investigation to determine whether the e-mails are genuine or bogus—which process has begun, albeit in a contentious environment. Indeed, Deputy Police Commissioner Richardson and his team have already interrogated Rowley. Rowley has also agreed to hand over to the investigators his computers and other IT devices.

Since the investigations began, all parties have agreed there might be the need for foreign expertise to assist. Up to the time of writing this column (on Saturday), the Prime Minister, Attorney General and other Government officials named in the e-mails have yet to be interrogated by the police or provide their IT devices for examination.

At this stage, therefore, we do not know if any of the e-mails are genuine, or if they were fabricated (as Government personnel are suggesting), or if some other devious person or people devised the entire dossier to deceive the recipient and discredit senior members of the Government. I repeat, we do not know the truth—and that is fact.

In this hazy scenario, how can the Privileges Committee, which, as I understand it, comprises the Speaker, a few Government MPs, and fewer Opposition MPs, conduct its own probe and determine that Rowley is guilty of serious misconduct if not a criminal act (or acts)? Who on the PC has the IT investigative skills to prove the e-mails are bogus? Who among them can prove he “wilfully and deliberately misled the House”? None!

If they choose to proceed with the charade, they would underscore a point I made last week, more or less saying that Parliament has been reduced to a house of ill repute. What they will convene is a partisan lynch mob that has pronounced the accused guilty before the trial. And if everyone else in the country is happy with this descent into hell, I am not, and I say this loudly and clearly.

30 thoughts on “No to jungle justice”

  1. The committe is meeting to decide how to proceed. Hopefully their decision would be to await the results of the criminal investigation.I agree with Shah’s “no to jungle justice”; however,Rowley’s rush to judgment under the cover of Parliament, without proper authentication ,warrants some type of reprimand.
    Was it necessary to shut down the country with a no-confidence motion against the PM and her government based on the unverified emails which he presented?
    This was his fourth no-confidence motion in three years,all proved worthless.I am awaiting Shah’s objective analysis of Rowley’s role as Opposition leader and leader of the PNM.

  2. Come on Uncle Shah,we understand your outrage , but as a proud member of ‘de legendary ,Britiania-Sandhurst-Coup School,’ you of all people,would appreciate,Battle fieldish,chess piece,strategic moves,both by ‘Her Madresstrick Queen K,’and her handlers,along with’Awww wee Mason Hall Bouy,Dr Rowley.
    In the face of absence of a coherent ,win/ win ,pro national, sustainable developmental policy, by the PP, this is what else but , ‘classic distraction politics,’and as for the PM in waiting? Well, ain’t we talking about him?
    Biden was in town , securing his oil , and gas flow, in de face of Venezuelan ,Chavez2 dambley, along with several clueless,Caribbean leaders ,with their “blank checks,” and begging bowl in tow.
    Natural resource starved , emerging power China, is parading across T&T , causing gridlocks , left right , and center,for Trini party freaks, and who – no pun intended – is taking media , cent stage? Yep , you got it, Rowley , aka de wajang , Rottwiler!
    Ain’t it funny ,Uncle Shah, de way these computer shenanigans play themselves out in neo tribal T&T?
    Your one time mentor Basdeo ,was treated like a rock star ,by his ardent fans , and media defenders, when then Speaker Sinnanan, had de audacity to demand , that he show some respect for the House.
    You remember that, don’t you? He was busy checking his London Bank stocks, chit chatting with his Scotland born ,grand babies via the Internet , in defiance of rules,and saw no problem with that?If memory served me correct, the UN Security was invoked to address the gave injustice that was levied on Papa Basdeo,aka Nehru reincarnated?

    Then again , that’s the norm for folks who conveniently pretend’s to love Westminster system , but ain’t mind wearing a oily T- Shirt to Parliament ,while conversely would , never hesitate , to put on his best black , pinstripe , London created suit,to go to court, de way of most glorified , elitist ,ego ladened ,bombastic ,Trini lawyers , ennnt?
    Tell you what folks , I love this land , but at times , it take’s a bit of doing / Herculean efforts , on my part, to …, well, ..fill in de blanks.
    We wish our people well, as sad times are ahead!

  3. I am concerned about the hasty decision of the Speaker of House to refer Mr. Rowley to the PC. No one is sure whether the emails are real or fake. I recalled that he took a long time to decide on Warner’s seat. Why the hurry this time. I think he should wait until Richardson concludes his investigation with the help of the IT person. Then we can have more information for the PC to consider. At this time the action looks like a witch hunt. I hope is not.

  4. Making Rowley a Martyr is all the Opposition need to boost its chances.The eMails Rowley read out suggest enough circumstantial evidence which are a history of facts that preceded and followed Sec34. Indeed Journalist(s)was harassed even his/her employer and there must have been communication(s)either linking and or concerning the threats which also suggest(ed) that the Revelation/Revealer(s)were somehow exposed to. There’s hardly thin air here and DR keith Rowley in the interests of public must be afforded the opportunity to engage his own investigator & expertise of choice. I dare the Gov’t!

  5. Rowley as the Leader of the Opposition brought his office into disrepute. The email evidence is nothing but a joke. There are 8 discrepancies on the emails, dates and times don’t match up, the email addresses at least the AG’s is wrong. Dr. Rowley should have taken the emails he had in his possession kept in his back pocket for 180 plus days to a tech firm in Cuba (or elsewhere)for analysis. This was his trump card to bring down the government (lol). At least he should have presented something that was air tight from his secret hacking source.

    The emails itself does not have any power to get rid of elected leaders in a democracy, unless there can be witnesses verify actions taken as indicated in the emails. So Dr. Rowley’s no confidence motion is really for people like Shah and other weak thinking human beings. In the mean time Rowley must disclose the source of these emails and if that source has been feeding him more information. It is a known fact that Manning spied on the current PM when she was Opposition Leader. Spying is now a prominent PNM pass time. Sadly.

  6. “This was his fourth no-confidence motion in three years,all proved worthless.I am awaiting Shah’s objective analysis of Rowley’s role as Opposition leader and leader of the PNM.” ….TMan
    Since when does any citizen has the singular right to determine how many no-confidence motion is right or wrong for our democracy? I recognise that TMan speaks for more than himself on these matters but what we need is more democracy not less. I also agree he speaks for the PP but if you want to be seen in the court of public opinion as transparent and fair, the process that you employ must give that appearance.

  7. This administration seems to have a thirst for wanting to win every issue at any cost. The case of the emails is no different. In this matter most people in the street are wondering “who really wrote these emails?”. The administration is ahead of everyone else on this score, they are not worried about who wrote it, they know who wrote it – Rowley of course! He is the fabricator of this whole story, from beginning to end and he has to pay a high price for this. The issue with this trend of thinking is, just as the presentation of the emails – “show us how Mr. Rowley thought, contrived and executed this idea all by himself?” . With the propagation of this theory, they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Rowley is in fact the inventor of this fiasco and his intentions were evil, disreputable, malicious and mischievous,and meant to cause harm and ill-repute to an unsuspecting administration who had no such intentions. The administration will find out that it’s decision to rush to judgement the taking of Mr. Rowley to the Privileges Committee may not be such an easy task to fulfill as there are just as many loopholes and pitfalls as there is in presenting the case against the administration. In order to gain credibility opinions cannot be considered evidence, the public is into this issue and while the PR has casted in some doubts in the minds of some fairminded citizens they are by no means convinced that the administration is totally guiltless in some of the intentions expressed in the emails. As a matter of fact, it is questionable that some of the intended acts in the emails were not expressed or suggested by officials in the course of explaining policies unwittingly at some time or the other during the course of their governance. The Speakers’ behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, he appeared more enthused by his ruling than saddened by the fact that someone, someplace came up with such an idea to destablize a legitimate government by merely conjuring such a scenario. The PM’s role was just as deliberate – she just had to show the Opposition leader who is Boss! She had to “steal his thunder” by insisting to be the last to have “her say”. The AG’s role is even more blatant. Being named as one of the authors, his role by nature of policy has to be central. He has placed himself as the character the old time calypsonian ‘The Mighty Spoiler’ once referred to as the judge who is trying himself, his position aptly being himself telling himself that he is not guilty. He even went further to state that not even God can find him guilty. Mostly people will have a problem with his choice of words, using God as a judge who must find him innocent. I must say that the administration’s PR is effective in terms of putting the doubts in the minds of its supporters. PR is the PP’s strength because in coming into governance they employed the best minds the media had to offer, in all aspects of its governance. They are competent, purposeful and exact in their timing of execution. On the other hand, PR has always been and continues to be the PNM’s weakest component in terms of controlling and execution of ideas.

  8. The Opposition Leader I am sure is nervous about emailgate. As soon as he submits his personal computer as evidence once his IP address is known all email contacts could be retrieve. All Internet service providers are required to keep data on all and sundry for specified lengths of time. That means all personal communication could be viewed by the police. In addition all websites the person visited leaves an electronic trail.

    Personally I am not comfortable with someone going through my computer files. I don’t look at porn but what if the Oppostion Leader do and what if there is a leak of such information regarding date time and sites visited. Will he be comfortable with someone going through his personal stuff and making it public. It could be potentially embarrassing for him and his family. I am just drawing an illustration but there could be other situations in the line of communication that can be potentially injurious even with Rawi demanding a letter requesting the scope of this email investigation.

    Anyways we all await the result of emailgate, including the rotweiller source and protestations of the PNM mob.

  9. Our resource ladened country, is facing an interesting challenge ,and here it is:- how to continue to evolve as a vibrant democracy- which for de record , did not start , only 3 years ago, upon the elevation, to power , of ‘Her Madresstrick Queen K’-while confronting a multitude of cross tribal,culturally ladened issues,tinged with that unwholesome tendency for pettiness,Lot’s wife / staring over the sholder,finger pointing,idiotic political distractions, and worst yet , a passion for emulating , and or ,get worked up over everything that’s alien, and insignificant.
    How do you teach folks patriotism , while still allowing for their natural adoration particular tribe? How do you make seemingly intelligent , educated leaders ,see the merits of doing all , to further the interest of their country,T&T?
    Well, no one said nation building was going to be easy.
    A word of warning for the folks that presently rule the political roost, and others on the opposite side of the isle , who are hell bent,on replacing them ,come next election.
    In the words of my late , and extremely wise ,Tobago Granny- ” don’t mistake skin teeth for laugh!”
    These Trini masses , that historically , ain’t give a hoot , ‘if Good Friday , falls on a Wendesday,’ might just one day push back the socio – economic – com political cons , and thus say ,’no mas,’and de results might not be too pretty.
    Be forewarned! I ,and a few similar globally savvy others,have operated for years in de trenches, and can tell horror stories,of the dire consequential blowbacks, that can accrue, when Politicians, and their economic handlers ,continue to misread the tea leaves.
    Say no to elitism!

    We wish our people well!

  10. Kian there is one wide stripe of primordial thinking that runs through those assosiated with the PP in T&T and the PPP in Guyana. And that is, they seem to have either inherited, or maybe from time immemorial shared the debased craving for jungle justice when a black man or woman is in their sights. It cannot be by any freak of coincidence that when you juxtaposition the attitudes and behaviours of these two political groups with the right wing in the US, in terms of how their predispostion towards black people, they are indivisable.

    There are some things that one can regard as accidents, and others as coincidences. I will argue however, that in the final analysis when we shed the reluctance to expose sacred cows and abandon political correctness, we will be analyzing how come we took so long to accept that which was forefront and unambiguously evident before our very eyes.

    1. It is interesting that everywhere there is a sizable proportion of people of Indian descent among black conflict appears to take an unprecedented flavour of desperation. When the current government was in opposition, they pushed the idea of PR (proportional representational), which basically means power based on numbers in the population. Today, no such ideas emanates from that source because there is no point in pushing power based on fractional existence when you can have full powers over all!. Fiji, Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago to name a few have the same problem – how to share or surrender power to the Indians. It is a daunting task to address this situation and come up with a reasonable solution that wont be threatening to either side of it’s inhabitants, because the innate fear of one gaining over the other is worrying. Trinidad, it appears is an easy case of study because the black man who, at the time of independence, inherited an unparalleled parity from the colonials, allowed that level of achievement to dwindle in succeeding generations. The black population in Trinidad was never monolithic, it comprises Trinidadians, Tobagonians, Grenadians, Barbadians, Vencentians and some from the French speaking islands. As opposed to Indians, black priorities differed in academics, skills, land use and social behavior. Even more telling is the disparity between the black elites and the black middle class. So too is the difference between the black middle class and the black poor. Whilst there is the delineation amongst the Indians along the caste system, there is an innate understanding of the roles each class play in their development which is not disruptive of their social construct. On the other hand the social and idealogical constructs amongst blacks is less accommodating because one adopts the behaviour of the colonial master, another of the freed slave who strove to educate and move upwardly into the professional world leaving behind those who are yet to be emancipated and are torn between the road to upward mobility and the easier lifestyles. The Indians were probably not monolithic in caste, social awareness or academia but were definitely so in terms of goals, outreach and aspirations. Each wanting their off-springs to qualify in academics so they can join the professional lifestyles. The blacks who did not face the challenges to compete fiercely for resources and opportunities also did not seem to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them. Coming from this background, both races are locked into a battle for governance. There is an Indian base that can be counted on in the electoral challenge to elect a government like the PP. The blacks who by nature are true to the system of fairness also want governance but not the kind offered by the last PM who in his tenure never convincingly courted its black base with a view to upward mobility or promise of a brighter future.

  11. Something is seriously wrong with our democracy, when the Leader of the Opposition can be charged with mischievous behavior for taking an issue to Parliament, that he had already sent (indirectly through the President) to the Integrity Committee, a supreme investigative body in the nation.

    Something is seriously wrong with the thinking or mentality of those who would even attempt to believe that the Leader of the Opposition would, out of the blue, fabricate e-mails, send them to the Integrity Committee and then air them in Parliament.

    1. The Opposition Leader is bent on mischief. In the end nothing will come out of this because it cannot stand the basic test of truthfulness. What else would the rottweiler think of next…

    2. No Frontsman , something is wrong, since many of us prefer to sit on our thumbs , and do nothing about it, but as Kian so wisely articulated , dem Indians ,won’t be as reticent to take actions that threatens their self interest.
      Even if ,since independence , some 200 million Hindus , Muslims ,and similar other South Asians,have murdered each other ,in savage fashion, once living amongst gullible Afrikans ,they bury their hate hatchet, in expedient fashion.
      Something is wrong with our democracy ,when an Afrikan leader , born in Tobago ,with global stature ,get’s shot in his knees ,by a goon squad of phony Islamist , and 20 years later ,no one pays a price , yet we all know what would have been the case ,if his name was Basdeo Panday, or heaven’s forbid , he was instead ,the first female Hindu PM of T&T.
      Something is wrong when his government was undermined , as tribal folks were encourage to flock to foreign embassies, with bogus claims, of refugee status , and yet , never paid a price for their folly. Fast forward to 2013 , and same folks are trying to project our country as the greatest on earth -because …. Well …Kian said it much better, than I ever can.
      Something is wrong in our democracy , when historically neglected Tobagonian brothers and sisters , are treated like fourth class citizens , laden with leaposy , and Afrikan brothers and sisters sits in big brother Trinidad ,and grin in impish fashion , forgeting that the same will inevitably happen to them ,once the ethnic chess pieces are in place- be it in Lavantille , Neetham , Caranege , Los Bajos, or Toco.
      Something is wrong with our democracy , when a State subsidized religious organization, led by the PM’s spiritual advisor ,Sat Maraj, can tell his followers to ostracize ,and abandoned Tobago ,simply because ,they had the audacity to vote against his Party , since they did not buy what they were selling politically, re Tobago’s future.
      Yep , de same Sat , who ‘forth tooth ,and nail ,’to get a Radio station , claiming racial bias , now have no problem in using his religious bully pulpet , to spew anti Afrikan venom, and has even resorted to the point of trying to block young Afrikan pubils ,from attending Hindu primary schools.
      Yet , again , no price to pay , but some say that is democracy.Uncle Makandal Daggar , is that what you endorse for Afrikan folks?
      Need I talk about these folks attitudes towards regional immigrants of kinky head nation , vis a vis those of …., again need I …., or ‘you Allzs ,’get de picture?
      I have travelled the length and breth of Guyana recently , spoke to Afrikan folks in both countries , and came to one conclusion.
      Afrikans have degenerated into a bunch of ‘mamby /pamby cowards,’ afraid to speak up , and push back against evils, that are repeatedly perpetuated on them.
      They prefer to keep waiting for some so called savior, both on earth , and white ,sky god heaven, to empower them.
      In the interim , others who mean them no good , will continue to ‘dig out their eyes,’ will not hesitate to encourage the watering down of their race , in true neo imperial fashion,professing that to be some opaque ,neo progressive ,developmental coexistence. The results? The PP government , and via efforts of an ethnically confuse bunch.
      They’ll entice afrikan socially clueless leaders, to abandon their own ,with a few meager pieces of silver, then discard them, when no longer useful. Pray tell , how is life outside the power arena , Uncle Jack? Yeah we know , just like a cat ,you too have 20 lives,and much dough to beat this rap.
      In the mean time , these Afrikans will keep fighting each other , then run to social media,to whine ,and complain, to no one in particular , since no one cares.
      Worst yet, as I stated initially. They won’t give support to their leaders , in the front lines – and in the specific case of Dr Rowley we know why , as the politically vindictive idiot, in San Fernando East, instead of resigning , and forcing a by election ,get’s another five months break from Parliament- as he tries to throw some more salt ,in the coffee of the Mason Hall Rottweiler.
      It is my conclusion that globally ,Afrikan folks have gorn soft, forgeting they were once a mighty people, and that’s sad.
      Here we are on Trini Center nation ,por ejemplo ,wasting time on this escapist nonsense , that will lead to nowhere , while Ish & Steve , HCU crook ,Harrinarine, and Airport bandits celebrate’s 8 decades on earth , while walking free? Go figure!
      After paying Guyanese $8000:00 in a 15 minuites drive ,from my hotel to the Chedi Jagan Airport recently , I could not find an ATM , to get another 4 thousand,to pay my exit tax.
      I was not too mad about that however , but kept wondering , who is the Father of the Nation , of that country , that got them independence, Chedi , or Forbes, and when is he going to get his honor?
      As I came through Piarco , my thought were , how long again ,before Uncle Bas -unlike Eric Williams – would be honored with his own airport?
      Here we are monkeying around, and a 2 million dollar crashed Firetruck , is about to be extracted at a cost of six million ,to a company – who I can bet my right arm ,it’s head ,an ardent fan ,of the folks in power, and yet, no one cares? Maybe this is the democracy Frontsman is talking about.
      Here we are , led by some life time bureaucrat ,named Dumas ,yapping away about faulty diplomatic protocols,re a Chinese premier visit , but no word on debate ,as far as ending the Privy council reign in Independent T&T.
      People in Beetham , and Lavantille are starving , and yet elite Black folks , are nit picking over foolishness .
      Poor Indo Trini women , and kids , in Central and similar enclaves, are still being sexually / physically abuse , and daily murdered , just like fired former Minister Vena St Rose – a lifetime social worker /activist claimed , but no one does nothing on the taboo subject . Well,this is democracy, and yes we are worried Frontsman.
      Let’s keep it real , hmmm?
      Ooops, we were on de subject of jungle justice in a democracy! Who -my fellow progressives -would bell , dis cat , you ask?,178729.html

  12. “The Opposition Leader is bent on mischief.” Mamoo, that is the Party side of you talking, not the Patriotic side. But you are correct, in the end nothing will come out of this. This is Trinidad, and nothing ever comes out of anything. In Trinidad and Tobago, the truth becomes the victim, and the big boys go free.
    Nothing came out of the Scott Drug Report. Nothing came out of the Dr. Naraynsingh murder trial and former Chief Justice Sharma’s fiasco. Nothing came out of Abu Bakr’s little carnival in 1990. Nothing came out of Mr. Panday’s trial; the Integrity Committee was found guilty.
    Nothing will come out of Jack Warner’s money juggling. Nothing will come out of the $6 million to wreck the fire truck.
    Right now, I am sure, every legal mind in T&T is waiting to trample the truth, and line their pockets if anything ever goes to the courts.
    We will dance and sing and praise our respective politicians and political parties, while we wait for the next elections.
    Sweet T’nT.

  13. We can sit here and write about how worthless the motions of no confidence were. But of what values are the Clico and Hindu Credit Union Commissions of Inquiry?
    We boast that nothing will come out of this, but we expect to see something happen in the case of Calder Hart.
    See how foolish we are as a people, if we can even say we are a people?

    1. It would appear that this remains the only outlet in which to vent our feelings. Many of our fellow compatriots are cowards or are too feeble to vent what they feel inside. Those of us who have got the vernacular should by all means speak for the less fortunate and oppressively under-represented ones. Neal, Frontsman and Rodwell I expect you all to stand firm in there and keep those who read but are afraid to venture, to keep telling the truth and dont allow those politicians like TMan and Mamoo to cloud our higher intellect and the politics which are destructive to our very existence.

  14. Kian my friend, you are absolutely correct, in terms of those of us, unfazed by the guilt trip assaults, standing our ground. Mamoo, TMan, et al are representations of creeping Indian Supremacist attitudes that have gained accendancy in Guyana, Fiji, etc, and is slowly and inexorably extending its tentacles across T&T. Again, I make this statement as a matter fact, Africans have never argued or championed any doctrine of inherited supremacy, and do not do so now. We accept the truism that T&T does not belong to any one or single group. At the same time, we must, and I stress the must, never exhibit fear or reluctance to take on those whose arguments and perspectives clearly and unambiguously reflect the construct that in T&T under the PP, all of us are equal, but they and those who share their ethnicity are more equal than the descendants of the formerly enslaved.

    It has to be more than a mere coincidence that there are close parallels between the operations of the PP in T&T and its replica in GUyana. Even more eerily singular, is the fact that when one take the posts of Mamoo and TMan and change the geography, it becomes similar to what one sees from the Guyana PPP cyber warriors. Their MO is to challenge every critique of the Indian regimes in these two nations are racist, thus allowing them to revel in ethnic egocentrism. Their message to us, clear and unambiguous, “if yo black and aint taking orders from us, yo must stay back”. Me, I say to hell with that.

    1. Evidence of that kind of cockiness follows in Mamoo’s blog, he is ABSOLUTELY sure of Rowley’ guilt in fabricating those emails. HE is just as sure that Ramlogan, Kamla and Suruj are guiltless. That kind of arrogance reeks past arrogance, that is racial supremacist thinking. He is not even advocating impartiality! Given its contents he is not even aware that he is elevating Rowley’s ability to sit down, contemplate, imagine conversations, imagine who the players will be, then constructs conversation, then put in writing on given topics (that at times comes true to time-lines and incidents), puts it in his mail box, gathers it, read their various contents, decides to send a copy to the President’s perusal and action. Wait for action for another six months, then decides nothing is happening, asks for a private hearing in Parliament to bring up a case of no confidence in the Government of the day, encouraging all Opposition members to go along with in inventions and argue a case for the people. The is what Mamoo, Ramlogan, Kamla and Rambachan is suggesting that one man – the Opposition Leader takes it upon himself to do only to make a charge against the government, risking the integrity of elected members of both government and Opposition. COULD ROWLEY BE THAT RECKLESS AND IRRESPONSIBLE? COOULD A MAN, EDUCATED WITH A PHD, ELECETED BY A RESPONSIBLE ELECTORATE THINK UP ALL OF THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOUR BY MEMBERS OF GOVERNMENT, CONCOCT ALL THIS AND SUBMIT FOR THE NATION’S APPROVAL? THE ANSWER TO SUCH RESOUNDING AND IDIOTIC CHARGE OF FABRICATION IS C-R-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! That is what Mamoo, Kamla, Anand and Suruj want us to believe. Anyone who believe the counter charge of fabrication has also to believe that ‘ a crazy man like Rowley also concocted the story, fabricated who the actor will be then made up the conversations!!!!!!’. By the way, what a coincidence with that actions spoken in the emails actually turned out to be true!!!!!!!! I would like Mamoo and associates to tell me how so? If they cant tell how the incidence of truth emanated ferom these emails then, THEY MUST BE TAKING US FOR FOOLS – PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!!!!
      Mamoo and compny, come up with another story line and tell how the emails came into being, will you?


        YES! YES! and YES! but I am prepared to await the results of the formal investigation before rushing to judgment.7

        1. Can you tell this blog where in his long political history there is evidence that he is capable of pulling this heist?

  15. I hope when emailgate falls flat that the bill for wasting police time and bringing in foreign IT personnel will be given to Keith Rowley. I am not an IT expert but I know the 31 emails are nothing but a figment of the demented Opposition Leader imagination. Even local IT experts are beginning to agree with me. The source of this emailgate must be arrested and charge for public mischief. The AG,Mr Rambachan and the P.M. Should not have to submit all their personal information to the police since they are not the ones making the silly accusations. The accuser must declare his source or be charge for public mischief Parliamentary privilege or not!!!

  16. It is no longer a case of hoping e-mailgate falls flat. It will most certainly fall flat. The Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago has hired local IT experts to investigate this e-mail leak. I am not sure who instructed him to do so, seeing that the Prime Minister handed over the investigation to the Police Service, and the President of Trinidad and Tobago had already sent to the e-mails to the Integrity Commission.

    This is a classic case of CYA with the Attorney General investigating himself.

    1. This is why Calypso is so important. The talent of the Mighty Spoiler telling us 50 years ago that there will be the case of people in power who when in trouble, will judge themselves. Here is a classic example of “himself telling himself that he is not guilty”. Wake up people of Trinidad and Tobago, what kind of government is this?

    2. I understand that IT experts and FBI IT experts will look at the emails Frontsman. When the cost of this is tabulated, it is my hope that Opposition Leader would receive the bill for such mischief. Ordinary citizens should not have to pay this bill while he gets a pass. The bill should be made public and sent to Balisier House. Or else every week he can make accusations and engage in public fornication of the political process.

  17. Kian where some Indians are concerned, Mamoo and Tman specifically, if yo black yo guilty and if yo Indian you supremely innocent. This is genned into their psyche, and is normal for them. Because most of those who land into political power seemingly are similarily predisposed, is probably responsible for the problems in T&T, GUyana, Fiji etc.

    To understand them you have to understand their symbiotic kin in the right wing US. Tea Party nuts who were silent when George Bush ran up the deficit, but became rabid when it went up under Obama. You see the same hypocrisy inundating their views and opinions.

    But as long as you understand where they are coming from, then you should give absolutely no credence to their opinions and views, to the same extent you would disregard David Duke’s opinion on the activities of US black leadership. You track them, yes, you respond to them yes. But like Malcolm X said, if you were to give credence to the sayings of these two and their ilk you would end up loving those who had antipathy for you, and hating those who had your back.

    Maybe a mite harsh I suppose, but I have lost all tolerance for oily racist who peddle their wares behind postulations of objectivity. And more and more we are going through an almost deja vu experience we thought had been buried with time and changes.

  18. Rodwell, it is their job to do what they are doing. I am sure somewhere, someone is taking care of them handsomely. As for me, there are times when it becomes over bearing to read the nonsensical nothings that they write, but then again,they understand that if a lie is repeated again and again and again, somewhere in the corner of the mind doubts begin to step in and this is where they hope we will fall. I prefer to have an objective conversation about any given subject matter and welcome an argument with credible opposing views. Not lies, innuendo and subjective spin but commonsense to buttress intelligent discussion.
    We must remember that the people who enjoy power to are the same that emigrated to Canada some years aback seeking asylum because “their women were summarily raped and treated in a way that is un-becominbg of a citizen of this country”. Today, Trinidad is god’s heaven, why? because they have hold of the Treasury and the reins of government. We have an AG who only see “crimes” that are committed by the previous government. He does not $6.8M leaving the Treasury to pay to recover a $2.2M damaged truck, he does not see a man being paid $10M upfront to accept a job as Minister of finance, he does not see a man who walked into CAL with a credit of $150M and in less than a year ran up a debit of over $1b, a government who year after runs a deficit spending that is at least $10b greater than the last one, even though they left us buildings and development programmes that can account for the $49b they spent, he does not see runaway spending to construct the Point Fortin highway, he does not see wastage of government spending on foreign trips such as the PM’s visit to India, he does not see the double spending of tax payers money by the PM using her private home as the PM’s residence and the official PM’s residence as not being used whilst it is staffed. There are many many questionable behavior that he does not see. And yes we as citizens are to listen to the red herrings as the professor who invented the ‘G’ pan must be prosecuted for it, that Wendy, our Miss Universe should be prosecuted because she sat on a board that made decisions that he did not think of as being worthy ones. Those are the people who use to blogs to tell us how worthy they are to govern us!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!! Rodwell, the time will come when we shall be asked to remember these worthy incidents, and we will remember.

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