Rowley: Plot to cover up section 34

Plot to cover up section 34

By Gail Alexander
May 21, 2013 –

Dr. Keith RowleyOpposition leader Dr Keith Rowley wants the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Integrity Commission to probe e-mails purportedly bearing the names of frontline government officials who allegedly wanted to tap the DPP’s phone after the Section 34 furore. Rowley also claimed the e-mails revealed moves to shift the DPP to the judiciary and further discussed intended intimidation of a T&T Guardian reporter who broke the Section 34 story last September.

The PNM leader alleged the contents of the e-mails were all part of a conspiracy which was afoot among Government’s frontline members last September to deal with the heated situation the administration had to face when the Section 34 issue broke. Rowley dropped the bombshells when he launched yesterday’s Parliament debate on his motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her Government. In an immediate response, Persad-Bissessar announced that she had written acting Commissioner of Police, Stephen Williams, to start a probe into the claims.
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By Andre Bagoo
May 21 2013 –

SCANDAL broke out in the House of Representatives yesterday as Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley piloted his motion of no confidence against the Government.

As the nation watched the broadcast of the opening of the motion live on television, and in front of a packed public gallery which included primary school children, Rowley read from documents which he said were email exchanges sent between officials in relation to the Section 34 affair. At times, however, Rowley read out jarring obscene language contained in the emails.

The emails read out by Rowley alleged a conspiracy which, at various points, mentioned: the offices of the Prime Minister, Chief Justice, Director of Public Prosecutions; Attorney General, Local Government Minister, the Prime Minister’s security adviser; the spy-unit Strategic Services Agency; PP Government Facebook campaigners; email exchanges in the dead of night and, apparently, one attempt to bribe by way of a plum judicial appointment.

Rowley’s contribution also suggested a plot to murder a female reporter. The emails read out by him also purportedly related to sensitive and personal events in that woman’s life.
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Prime Minister: It’s a total fabrication

By Miranda La Rose
May 21, 2013 –

PRIME MINISTER Kamla Persad-Bissessar last night described as “total fabrication”, emails purportedly sent by herself and Government officials on the issue of Section 34. The Prime Minister hastened to add, at a press conference, that she has written to Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, asking that an investigation be undertaken into the authenticity of these emails.

“I want to say that it is a total fabrication, as far as they (the emails) implicate my name,” Persad- Bissessar said at the Noor Hassanali Room, Office of the Parliament, Tower D in Port-of-Spain.

Persad-Bissessar added that she has also been advised, that emails purportedly from Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and her security adviser Gary Griffith, “are also fabrications.”
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UPDATE: MAY 22, 2013

‘Rowley emails’ a hoax says Griffith

By Andre Bagoo
May 22, 2013 –

GARY Griffith, national security adviser to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, yesterday described as a “hoax” the purported emails presented in Parliament by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley and called on him to resign.

In a press statement yesterday, Griffith categorically denied Rowley’s claims, even denying one claim that he had referred to Attorney General Anand Ramlogan as his boss in an email. Griffith called on Rowley to make his claims outside of Parliament, where he would not be shielded from slander lawsuits.

“Further to the irresponsible and deeply unfortunate statements made by the Leader of the Opposition about emails being sent between the Attorney General and myself, I hereby challenge him to make the same statements outside of the cover of parliamentary privilege,” Griffith said as he categorically denied the allegations.

“The Leader of the Opposition made spurious statements based on a trail of emails he claims were transmitted between me and the Honourable Attorney General,” Griffith said. He said the emails were a hoax.

“The so-called trail of emails are littered with inaccuracies and the following are just simple points to show that this entire scheme was a hoax, and has caused irreparable damage to the image of the country by those who have an insatiable craving for power at all costs, inclusive of via lies and bogus emails,” Griffith said. He said Ramlogan was not his boss.

“As stated in one of the false emails, the Attorney General is not my boss, so I would not refer to him as such, nor would or could I give him instructions on how to operate, as was stated in the list of bogus messages,” Griffith said. He said Rowley was “set up”.

“It is quite obvious that Mr Rowley was set up, probably by elements in his own political party who want him out, upon which he easily took the bait, and by him rushing without getting the facts to verify this hoax, has led him to a narrow path with no other option now than to submit his resignation as Leader of the Opposition with immediate effect,” he said. Griffith continued, “This unacceptable action compounds the scant regard the Opposition has for citizens in their continued abuse of parliamentary privilege. If Mr Rowley can be so reckless and unprofessional to call a motion of no confidence on a government, based on emails that were not sent or did not belong to any government official, then he should do the honourable thing and tender his resignation forthwith. He has embarrassed the country with his inappropriate actions.”

He said the style of the text of the emails attributed to the Prime Minister did not fit.

“I have worked side by side with the Prime Minister for three years and she has never used anything remotely close to obscene language,” Griffith said. “I spent over 15 years in the Defence Force as a military officer, inclusive of being in command of the intelligence unit, so I am fully aware of the easy infiltration of emails, so why would I make such a stupid mistake to discuss such matters on emails?”

Griffith said his private information was being intercepted under the PNM. He further denied access to any “intercept activity” by the Strategic Services Agency (SSA).

“I have never had any access to any intercept activity with SSA, and even if someone wanted to, it simply cannot happen based on the Intercept (Act) legislated by the Government to prevent the abuse of such systems, and a re-occurrence of what was done by the previous administration.”

He questioned why Rowley did not report the matter. “Why was this matter not immediately reported to the police, if Mr Rowley claims that he had this information several months ago?” Griffith asked. “Did Mr Rowley have soft copies of these so-called emails, or were these printed emails, which can be done by any person who can just run a trail of bogus emails, as was seen on the blogs with a fabrication of a conversation between two Opposition MPs, using their email addresses?”


26 thoughts on “Rowley: Plot to cover up section 34”

  1. Dr.Rowley should have taken this matter to the police, but that is not the way the “Rottweiler” operates. In a democracy people are allowed the freedom to communicate. It is a known fact that the former Prime Minister had a number of spies in SAUTT who was spying on the President, Opposition Leader etc. They continued to spy and report to Manning. Now I suppose they are reporting to Keith if these allegations are true.

  2. These are serious allegations of criminal activity conducted by high government officials including the AG and the Prime Minister. The PM and the other government officials have all denied being involved in this alleged email scandal. The PM has taken the correct course of action by immediately sending the file, including all the emails provided by Rowley, to the Commissioner of Police to conduct an investigation, describing the matter as criminal.
    Computer forensics today could determine the facts with regard to senders and receivers of these emails. If these emails prove to be authentic, those involved should immediately offer their resignations, resulting in the fall of this government. If they prove to be false, the credibility and the judgment of the Leader of the Opposition would be forever destroyed.

    Dr. Rowley claims that he received these emails six months ago. Was his only course of action to bring a non-confidence motion to the House?
    Did he forward the emails to the police for a complete investigation six months ago? He apparently forwarded the emails to former and the present President. What action did they take?
    Why were these emails not leaked to the Media? Investigative reporting seems to be flourishing in T&T these days.
    Dr. Rowley’s brazen exposure of these emails in the House during debate on a no- confidence motion against the PM would suggest that he has thoroughly authenticated the emails and is confident that his information is completely and totally accurate.
    An efficient, speedy and complete police investigation is the only solution. The results will determine our future as a nation.

    1. “Dr. Rowley’s brazen exposure of these emails in the House during debate on a no- confidence motion against the PM would suggest that he has thoroughly authenticated the emails and is confident that his information is completely and totally accurate.” ….TMan,coming from you I must admit that I am rather astonished that you would make such a statesmanlike comment and I wish to commend you for at least attempting to put this conversation on a mature plain. If I may continue in the same vein, I would like to say that as one whose profession was IT, there need not be any real need for name-calling and condemnation of the reputed emails. Whilst the internet offers safe and friendly correspondence, it is just as accountable and accurate in terms of origination and destination. And this makes it very easy to “know the truth”.
      My disagreement with you though, is the advice of “taking it to the police”, I’m not sure that even you believe that taking any matter to the Police is worth the effort – not Trinidad Police. I think every citizen has a story that he or she can tell about the Police that is NOT complimentary.
      The thing to do, if the PM and AG really want to clear their names, is to send to the US Dept of Information Technology to get an unbiased analysis of the contents and it would be a starting point to resolving the problem. As far as my personal beliefs are concerned I am prepared to wait and see how the story progresses.

  3. Well yes this is bacchanalia at it’s roots…or summit if you choose to look at it differently. Rowley is a politically brave soul to bring forth such allegedly damning allegations. this is sink or swim for him politically. I get the feeling that the Gov is shi**ing in dey pants. How on earth did Rowley get his hands on this? Is all this true? Is there a nasty spy in the Govs’ midst?
    I’m going out on a limb here and declaring it to be true…well at least somewhat. I’m doing this on a hunch. I’m using all the political misstepping and tripping the Gov has inflicted on itself as a guide. A lot of people on both sides are probably saying “Oh Oh”. Rowley probably checked and double checked and then some on this one….he would because the AG caught him on the boundary before and he still has not paid up on that one. People this one looking like it gone clear of the boundary..Anand the bowler scratching he head….Kamla the keeper hoping Anand come up w/ a better ball nex time… COP lookin fuh de ball…Volney de water boy lookin to thro away he water cart…Rambachan still nursing he wounds from Jack’s allegations…and Jack?….well he done give up he wicket arready and lookin to bat again 🙂 de only question is fuh who? Stay tuned peeps this is a Test match that could turn and twist like de Caroni river on any given day.

  4. These are emails. Rowley would have checked to see whether the email addresses are actually those used by the people in questions. He might even have had an IP check done on the emails, if he received them electronically, to see if they had a location. All in all I cannot see him going public in Parliament without a positive frame of mind that the emails were genuine.

    And if these are genuine, then how can these be explained. What innocent explanation can there be for someone airing his financial ambitions to have a helipad on his roof. This is the Guyanacization of T&T, where the powers in Government are seeking to enrich themselves beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. And Like their PPP counterparts in Guyana, these boys and girl sets no limit on how much they intend to squeeze from their political positions of power

  5. In Trinidad, everybody is innocent. Nobody ever gets punished, nobody goes to jail. The only person who feels the heat is the person making the report – lies, fabrication, political mileage, you name it.

    The Scott Drug Report, Randolph Burroughs charges, the situation with the former Chief Justice all went down the Trini way. Even Jack Warner is innocent.

    Rowley will be called all sorts of names. He will be questioned more than the people he is reporting. It has already began, “why he did not go to the police?” Does anyone go the police with anything? Meanwhile, none of the alleged will be asked to produce their computers for a forensic audit.

    This Government has to be careful, there is a a serious traitor on board.

    A HELMET, gloves and safety glasses were pulled out of a bag by Government Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal yesterday in Parliament, meant to be props for use by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley whom the Whip accused of being a fabricator.

    Roasting for Rowley
    A con job fabricated by the People’s National Movement (PNM). With that dismissal, People’s Partnership (PP) House leader Roodal Moonilal yesterday detailed what he said were glaring inconsistencies in the e-mails which Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley produced in Parliament on Monday.

    5 MPs call for investigation into Rowley’s Section 34 revelations

    Prakash happy PM denied e-mail allegation

    Experts query authenticity of e-mail addresses revealed by Rowley
    Among the issues are wrong dates, time and format, an imaginary e-mail address, and the ease with which the entire document could have been typed, printed and faked.

    DCP Richardson to probe case
    Deputy Police Commissioner (Crime) Mervyn Richardson has been appointed to lead the investigation into the authenticity of e-mails read by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley in the Parliament on Monday.

    PM: Opposition getting desperate

    Independent probe the best option—Dana

    Warner on e-mails: It wasn’t me
    Former National Security Minister Jack Warner has denied any involvement in the series of e-mails made public by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley on Monday as part of his motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister and People’s Partnership Government.

    US Embassy unaware of any murder conspiracy
    THE UNITED States Embassy yesterday said it was not aware of any murder conspiracy involving a reporter who may have had contacts there, as it maintained that diplomatic relations with Trinidad and Tobago remain strong.

    PM did right
    PRIME Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has doubtless done the right thing by handing over to the police a batch of purported emails offered to the House of Representatives on Monday during a no confidence debate against the Government.

  7. The plot thickens and really serious allegations to be made in the House. The question arises what forensic audit or verification of authenticity has been done when these e-mails (electronic or hard copies) were in the possession of the Opposition Leader during the 6 months? Just as Shadow composed that ditty on the traitors in the PNM, Sugar Aloes better get ready to do same for the UNC.

  8. “Total fabrication,” huhMadame PM? So , even if we still won’t promote him-for all the tea in Sri Lanka-we nevertheless,Luv our Acting Commissioner Stephen William , and his Police Service, with all of their short comings, to the extent that we want him to invistigate,alleged malfesence against the present regime, and not , this time around prefer to bring in more adored,inteligent blokes, from say, Sweden, Dublin Ireland,Queensland Australia,or Minnisota Amerika?
    That’s it , in the face of this ‘Caroni/SipariaGate Scandal,’I am personally starting a one man protest, to denounce the opaque , most powerful female list, that saw this former East Europe, German woman, winning again. Why ain’t ,’Her Madresstrick Queen K,’not on this short list, is what I wish to know.This systemic beat down of Black people ….. Ooops… ‘folks of alleged color,’must not be allowed to continue,eeh T&T?
    It’s a beautiful day in T&T people, but let’s do everything in our power to ensure the halting of policies , aimed at Guyanarization of T&T,si?
    As an addition, let me add a few words from de wsest woman dat ever lived , in my late Granny. ‘When your neighbor’s house is on fire burn yours…+oops, wet yours. Just good to be back home!

  9. Well if Rowley pulled the trigger before he veried that gun was loaded he will pay the penalty. But if this was the PP making disclosures about the PNM, the Princess kamla cheering section would have been screaming that were there is smoke there is always fire. When it comes to performinbg acrobatics in response to inconvenient truths, these bhais are Olympic Champions.

  10. After bringing a no-confidence motion in the Parliament and investing three valuable days of Parliament’s time, the Raging Bull stampeded out of the chambers followed by his damaged herd.
    Dr. Rowley admitted that he did not authenticate the emails in question because he claimed that he is a “technomoron”. His opening remarks called for the resignation of the PM and AG based on the information which he gleefully presented. His closing speech boiled down to requesting an investigation by the Integrity Commission, not by the Police whom he suggested was incompetent to handle an investigation of this nature. And this is the same Opposition leader who accused the Government of undermining the Institutions of the country. He shifted his argument to the contents of the emails rather than the authenticity. He repeatedly misused the word “whistleblower” without fully understanding its meaning.

    When the PM stood up to speak in keeping with the Parliamentary rules, the Raging Bull went out to graze with the Media, taking his reduced herd behind him. They never returned to vote on their own Motion. The three day absence of Colm Imbert from the House was quite noticeable.
    The debate ended with Rowley’s referral by the Speaker, to the Privileges’ Committee for an investigation of his abuse of Parliament
    The PM outlined that this is a criminal matter which had to be investigated by the Police, not by the Integrity Commission, since criminal matters were beyond the jurisdiction of the Integrity Commission.

    The results of this investigation would prove to be detrimental to either the Leader of the Opposition or the Government. Regardless of the outcome, Dr. Rowley’s mishandling of this email file demonstrates his questionable judgment and his inability to lead effectively.


    It does not get any worst that this folks,and for the record, if ‘De Rott,aka WajangMason Hall kid,’did not do an intense investigations, to ensure that these documents were authentic, then shame on him, and maybe , he ain’t as smart,as many of his ardent fans ,would like us to think. He will surely pay a dear price,while likewise vilified, by political enemies-in and out of power.
    If on the other hand ,this public charade,is the equivalent of Caroni/Siparia gate,and the jig and dance,done by the subjects of’Her MMadrastrick Queen K,’then hopefully they would be exposed,even by a historically compromised media,and Justice would eventually prevail$
    Surprise ,surprise, as a few clueless folks, are demanding Independant Commission of Enquiry , over what is evidently, a simple matter to investigate.
    It’s sad but true, as perhaps, 1000 such enquiries were initiated since this PP regime assumed power- including the political distraction ,once led by -Pro. Islamic fake Doctor Mohammed -on that 1990 debacle,re the activities of Trini islamist criminal,Bakr, and fellow goons.
    Not certain if another Commission ,would help much. Just when would self serving leaders ,get out of the way ,and allow public servants to do their jobs? Compromise actor or not ,’me think,’ Commissioner Stephens Willims ,and his maligned officers, can do the job. Stay vigilant folks,as our democracy is treatened- many much wiser than myself think-by morally repulsive, agenda driven, cretins.long live the Republic of T&T!

  12. It is historical in nature that Rowlie uses parliament to beat pan music again. His tune is section 34. It has been his favorite tune since it first hit the road march, via Volney’s exhuberance to jump ahead. Rowley has been an undefined leader whose claim to fame has been torturous at best. Acting like the devil accusing the PM of poor hiring practices, nepotism, etc. Unfortunately those are the same things that shape his world view, starting with CEPEP where only PNM party card holders got contracts, next housing where $20 million disappeared and still remain unaccounted for, his former boss Manning saying he sent it to the Cayman Islands. Along with materials in the Landate affair ending up on his property…

    The emailgate was suppose to be the trump card to bring down the government. He kept it under lock and keys, sending the Enquirer type communication to Max for further action. Max send it under a deep cloak of presidential secrecy to the Integrity Commission for further action. Six months later the rotweiller decided to strike and launch a vociferous attack on the Prime Minister, using obscene language in the process to make his point. A shock Prime Minister sat stunned at these revelations.

    The rotweiller had his 15 seconds of fame. Then in perhaps the most bizarre moves in TnT political history, the PNM walked out on their own motion. The days of the grand charging Rottweiler suddenly boasted a quick retreat in the face of the Iron Lady of TnT politics KPB. It was perhaps the most severe cut tail the Rottweiler ever got in his strange and Colorful political
    history. I am sure there is more to come. We all await his natural end.

  13. Where do you all think the investigation will start? With Rowley of course. I am yet to hear any member of the Government offer to have their computer, Blackberry or what have you, audited. This is little Trinidad, but do you think that anyone of the individuals named will have subjected themselves to a lie detector test? Until any such action is undertaken or attempted, I am not buying their laughing game.
    Rowley’s move might have been mis-timed, but he is not stupid to fabricate things on such a grand stage. Then that leaves us to wonder if he was set up.
    I have a feeling that there is more to come, because the source might not like being laughed at.

  14. Motion flops

    Friday, May 24 2013

    THE Opposition did itself no favours by walking out on its own no-confidence motion against the Government on Wednesday in the House of Representatives.

    Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley, put the House through three days of debate on the contents of a batch of purported emails that alleged wrongdoing by top Government Ministers, but at the end of it all, rather than let the debate conclude by a statement from Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, he led the Opposition MPs in a walkout. This was all very theatrical, but like the motion itself, the walkout showed that Rowley knew that all was lost, that he had been out-manoeuvred by the Prime Minister and faced with defeat he took the cowardly way out.

    Rowley bemoaned that the walkout was in protest at Persad-Bissessar having the last word in the debate and so not subjecting herself to examination by the Opposition. However there are two reasons he should not have acted as if he was so offended. Firstly, as stated clearly by Speaker Wade Mark, the House standing orders clearly allow a Minister to join a debate even after the mover of the motion has wound up. For Persad-Bissessar to join the debate was not some strange aberration or any twisting of parliamentary rules but was in fact the plain intent of the original drafters of the rules of this Parliament.

    Indeed, under the unmistakable heading, “Right of Reply”, standing order 34(2) plainly states, “A Minister or a Parliamentary Secretary may conclude a debate on any motion which is critical of the Government, or reflects adversely on or is calculated to bring discredit upon the Government or an Officer thereof”.

    Rowley has gambled by seeking to spin the walkout as a gesture of taking the moral high ground, but the downside of his act of protest is that the official parliamentary record now records that not one single vote was made in favour of his no-confidence motion, which was defeated by the 26 Government votes “against”. Notably among these votes was that of back-bencher, St Joseph MP Herbert Volney who despite his own issues still backed the Government.

    In the sitting the House rejected the emails presented by Rowley as being “fabrications” in the words of Chief Whip Dr Roodal Moonilal, as being akin to a “Hollywood script” according to Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh, and as a possible “cyber-crime” according to Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Dookeran. Persad-Bissessar damned the emails as “a great hoax”. She said the purported emails showed many “obvious errors, inconsistencies and major discrepancies which suggest it is a wholly sham document”, created to make mischief and to mislead the House. Indeed the emails contained dates that simply do not exist on the calendar, plus no-existent email addresses such as ending in “dot.con” rather than the usual “”, and possessed too few characters to be valid.

    As it stands, Speaker Mark agreed with Persad-Bissessar’s view that enough proof exists for a prima facie (“on the face of it”) case to send Rowley to the House’s Privileges Committee. Accusing Rowley of “deliberately and willfully misleading the House”, Persad-Bissessar said he knew or ought to have known the emails were fabrications.

    Otherwise, the emails themselves have been sent to a six-person team of police officers to investigate. In the meantime, the People’s Partnership (PP) which today marks its third anniversary in office has won the day.

    When the debate started on Monday we were stunned by the revelations. But as the debate progressed it became obvious that all that glitters was not gold and that Dr Rowley’s emails raised more questions and required a great deal more scrutiny than Dr Rowley was prepared for. He certainly did not expect the Government members to challenge him for proof of their authenticity, a challenge he clearly could not meet. So by Wednesday after being subjected to bruising attacks against the PNM’s record in dealing with the Judiciary, the DPP, the Opposition and the media, Dr Rowley must have realised that all was lost and now face the consequences.


  15. I just want to say that I would like to read objective comments on the matter at hand. I cannot quarrel with someone who thinks that the PP is the best thing since slice bread – their opinion …their choice. But to belittle the the section 34 issue into partisanship is another matter. This matter goes the heart of our constitution. When something is voted on and passed through our houses of law after debate, it is to be proclaimed. In the case of section 34 whilst the word ‘proclaim’ was used, in actual fact it silently ‘proclaimed’ into law. IN the dictionary the word is described as follows: “declare, announce, pronounce, state, make known, give out, advertise, publish, broadcast, promulgate, trumpet, blazon.” No matter how much you may like your government, laws should NEVER proclaimed in a manner that is not descriptive of the word. I am sure most right thinking people would agree that the laws that govern us must be promulgated in the ways set forth by the rules and process that govern our constitution and when such procedures are abridged, each and everyone of us must be MAD AS HELL and shout to the top of our voices that we want to be governed by laws and not secrecy.

  16. Well we expected the supremacist would scamper to the defense of their kith and kin. I mean these guys are really pathetic. They became slaveringly vicious at every alleged eruption against the PNM heaping accolades on the UNC sycophants who presented it. Now the tables are turned and their kind is in power, and the allegations are coming from someone outside of their community, one can clearly discern the hypocrisy that inundate their response.

    Well it seem that a bug might have been found in the office of the DPP, giving life to some of Rowley’s claims. This is the Guyanacization of T&T, and when one scrutinizes the absolute criminality that passes for Governance in that nation we in our twin Island Republic need to be very worried about the developing trends we are witnessing.

    They say all power corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. What is very troubling about regimes constructed like the PP in T&T and the T&T in Guyana, is that they exhibit a seeming unquenchable thirst for absolute power. And people with that craving seek that power so that they can do whatever they want and not be held accountable. And that is the trend we can clearly discern from the actions of the PP, and its pundits and cyber warriors who run interferrence in an attempt to obfuscate and divert attention from the core of the issue.

    1. I would be most willing to agree with my friend when and if specific , incriminatory evidence is presented .
      The “bug” apparently “discovered” in the DPP’s office occurred six months ago. Newsday reported that the DPP claimed that he has no knowledge of any discovery.
      There is and has been even before this email scandal, many unsupported and vicious rumors of corruption flying around against this Partnership government. I agree with the PM. Bring the evidence and investigations will take place.
      Like the email scandal….investigate and let the government fall if they are guilty.

  17. The bug discovered 6 months ago in the DPP office, Rowley holding these e-mails 6 months ago and his friend Al Rawi (legal representative for the opposition) reading it a week before presented to Parliament reflects sadly the mentality of our Representatives in the house. The expression you can take someone out of the gutter but not the gutter out of them appears to be appropriate here. The people of T&T appear to be more logical and stable minded than the representatives that sit in the House. The question remains why would you hold a hot potato in your hand without verifying the authenticity during the holding time of 6 months? The answer is: If you are deliberate in setting back progress for the growth and development of the people of T&T through these tangential ploys then it is sad for the woven web we choose to spin around ourselves. I need to make a point here to my fellow bloggers: I do enjoy reading some of the objective comments but when it is tarnished with racial innuendos then it becomes un-necessary pollution and diatribe that defeats objectivity. Let’s keep our comments healthy please.

  18. One wonders about the power hungry Rottweiler mental state. Bringing emails to Parliament with at lest 8 discrepancies (1) Timing- email dates don’t match up,(2) Actual email addresses (not consistent) some of it wrong. (3) Gaspard said no one approached him to become a judge,despite email claims,

    Just those three items is enough for a judge in a court of law to say “case dismissed”, but the saga continues. This brings me to the question about the Opposition Leader mental state. The cut-tail he received was so severe that he bade a hasty retreat not even having the courage to stay in Parliament supporting his own motion. How bizarre!!!

    To the AG and P.M. credit they have said they would fully support an investigation. The police for their part are already back tracking citing possible lack of cooperation in this case. But from who? The PM and the AG pledges full cooperation, could be that the Leader of the Opposition is “back peddling”. In that case we all have to wonder about his mental state because it is not the first time he exhibited such “bizarre” behavior…

    1. Mamoo, the only thing you have not yet accused him of doing is writing it himself or had he made or changed one letter then he would really be the “fabricator”. If a man brings something the way he got it – he is to be punished??????
      Where are we going with this kind of democracy? I see sick minds at work and really wished I could understand the rationalization of many of the comments posted. You must be the only person who questions Mr Rowley’s mental state. I think your comments are high handed and infantile.

      1. I am not here Kian to beat up on Rowley, but these emails cannot past the “litmus test”. Leaders are expected to be a notch above the public when using a public institution to make their point. As such when they fail they are subjected to ridicule.

        A government cannot fall because of a series of emails, democracy simply does not allow it. The right to communicate using whatever means is a democratic right. The nature of the communication does not mean a thing unless there is a provable connection with action, meaning I can a thousand things but unless those things are corroborated with action then I can only be viewed as a rambler. So in a practical sense it means nothing if the communication is coming from the PM office, unless there is clear evidence pointing to action, then all the drama is just that…

  19. These neo tribal ,Cyber Lawyers, and clueless Bollywoodian, Crime scene investigation experts,led by who else, but de Mammoo,and Loyal Trinis of the world , are beyond comical, and or , delusional.
    Here they are , ready to wrap up this disgusting matter ,or rather , sweep same under the mat, simply because ,their AG,and boss, Auntie K,pretend’s that where there is smoke, there cannot also have fire, as my late , and extremely wise Tobago Granny ,warned me about.
    Let me guess guys- even after firing , and not replacing local Transparency international head guru, Ms King , your UNC dominant PP government ,is the epitome of political transparency , simply because they found a convenient way ,to get rid of one party financer , weeks before an important state visit by a Royal member of Uncle Sam, in Mr Biden ,yes?
    We in the know , unlike the braying ,donkey Uncle Jack, expected his demise a long time ago, what we wish to see now , is serious action against the two remaining Party financers ,Ish , and Steve. We have no problem in seeing heads roll, involving those CLICO bandits.
    At the same time, they are cashing their last pension checks,Caroni , fleeced workers , want to know, what would be the outcome of their savings, stolen in the HCU, by that cuddled , white color bum ,Harinarine.
    In short , what’s good for the Central Carapichima Duck , is also good for the St Anns turkey,eeeh?
    It can get a bit challenging, but tell you what folks , I still luv this land. It is why I remain committed , to ensure that De ‘Guyanarization’ of it ,never occur.
    Trust me when I say , that ain’t too pretty a prospect.
    Long live de Republic of T&T, and it’s mosaic of peoples.

    1. I maybe comical or delusional but coming from you I have to take it as a compliment. Explain yourself as to what is ‘Guyanirization’? and then explain yourself as to the atrocities committed in Wismar, is it part of your innuendo? If your mental state becomes questionable I suggest you go to your Granny to get some bush tea to curb that malady.

      ‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’

      I say – “The best predictor of the future is past behavior”!!!!!

  20. You guys need to take that crap back to India. The only time you label comments racist is when they are critical of the PP. All of you Indianist and sycophants post a litany of racist accusations against the PNM, but the instant one points out the abject racial prejudice that inundate the psyche of all of you, you cream and cry wolf. Well I aint buying that.

    You will hear it or you will do what you have to do. Africans will no longer engage in this farce that allow you supremacist to define reality according to the skewed and mishapen logic you apply to everything.

    More people died from the Sun Chapman Bombing that the fighting in Wismar. The PPP has cadres trained in Cuba committing a whole heap of terroristic acts across the nation of Guyana. I do not get my knews and info from racist Indian sites that call black people all kinds of names.

  21. A hand so badly played

    By Michael Harris
    May 26, 2013 –

    I HAVE no idea as to whether the e-mails produced by Dr Rowley during his contribution in Parliament on the motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister last week are authentic or not, but I find myself in complete agreement with the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard on the implications of the matter.

    DPP Gaspard stated in an interview published last Saturday that the e-mails, “disclose acts and intentions, which if true, have the likely potential to undermine public confidence in the holders of high offices, especially since the alleged e-mail messages reveal conduct that is serious, far-reaching and criminal. Alternatively, if false, the effects are unlikely to be any less deleterious’’. What DPP Gaspard did not say, but which must be made absolutely clear from the position he has taken, is that so serious are the implications of the e-mails that, should they be demonstrated to be authentic, then there can be no question that the entire Government should resign.

    These e-mails raise frightening allegations and no government implicated by authenticated evidence of such crimes should be allowed to remain in office. And this has nothing to do with any charges which may be brought in the criminal or civil courts.

    By the same token however, if the e-mails are demonstrated to be fabrications then there can be no question that Dr Rowley should immediately resign as Leader of the Opposition, as political leader of the PNM and indeed from Parliament itself.

    For it would have been an act of colossal irresponsibility and contempt of Parliament and of country to have brought such allegations into the public domain without demonstrating that he had sought to conduct the requisite due diligence with regard to the verification of their authenticity.

    I fully support, therefore, those voices which have been raised demanding that the investigation into the authenticity of the e-mails be placed in the hands of an independent computer forensics expert of international repute to work in conjunction with the police investigation.

    I do not however hold out much hope that such an investigation would prove to be conclusive one way or the other. Too much time has elapsed allowing too much opportunity to tamper with too much of the evidence.

    I sincerely hope that this is not the case but if it turns out to be so then we shall be left with a nasty stain on both the Government and Opposition of this country and the primary responsibility for this must be placed squarely on the shoulders of Dr Rowley.

    Simply put, Dr Rowley must have been aware of the fissionable material which those e-mails represented and should have understood that it was his absolute responsibility to make every effort to substantiate the veracity and authenticity of those documents as far as possible before throwing them into the public domain.

    We have been told by PNM PRO, Faris Al-Rawi, that Dr Rowley apparently knew the whistleblower who assured him that the substance of the e-mails was true. But it would be appalling to believe that this alone would satisfy Dr Rowley as to the veracity of the e-mails. Mr Al-Rawi has also indicated that he himself pointed out to Dr Rowley that there were some discrepancies in the e-mails and that Dr Rowley did not “seem surprised”. This would indicate that Dr Rowley knew about the discrepancies.

    So, if Dr Rowley knew about the discrepancies, if he understood the frighteningly serious nature of the contents of the e-mails and if, as we now know, he had the documents in his possession some six months ago, how in God’s name could he come to the Parliament to read into the public record the contents of those e-mails without the results of a strenuous and scrupulous investigation attesting to their authenticity?

    Such an investigation should have been conducted even before passing those documents to the President. What does Dr Rowley expect the President to do with them? The President has no resources of investigation and the President acted correctly in passing them on to the Integrity Commission.

    If Dr Rowley’s intention in passing them on to the President was to get rid of the bomb and absolve himself from any responsibility for action then he should have left the matter there. But he himself has stated that he considered it his responsibility, once nothing was forthcoming from the Integrity Commission, not to let the matter rest.

    If that was his opinion then he should have ensured that a forensic investigation was conducted. And Dr Rowley does not dare say to the population that he had no resources for that.

    If the Political Leader of the PNM, the main opposition in the country, an institution that boasts about being in existence for 50 years, that is seeking to return as the government of the country, cannot find within its ranks, or know where to find outside of itself, the resources and expertise to conduct at least a preliminary investigation, then it might as well fold its tents and slink away.

    As it was Dr Rowley came to the Parliament and allowed the Government, in its several responses, to point to numerous technical discrepancies—which he should have been able to dispense with in his opening address—and thus create a cloud of obfuscation which leaves the entire population full of anxieties but without any clarity.

    Dr Rowley has done himself, his party and the country a great disservice. For if the allegations contained in those e-mails are true, but cannot now be substantiated, then he has contrived to save a government which should be hounded out of office.

    Dr Rowley has sought to defend himself from charges that he acted irresponsibly and recklessly. In this matter, however, I consider those charges to be true. It would have been far better, if Dr Rowley felt that he had no resources to conduct a proper preliminary investigation, for him to do nothing at all.

    Dr Rowley was dealt a difficult but potentially game-changing hand which he has played very badly. But politics is not a game of all-fours. It is serious business and it is incumbent upon those who aspire to lead this nation to act with responsibility and honour even when, particularly when, you consider that those who oppose you have none.

    • Michael Harris has been for many years a writer and commentator on politics and society in Trinidad and the wider Caribbean.


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