Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive

By Glen Ford
December 02, 2011 –

Emancipation“The United States and its allies, principally the French, are positioned to ‘take’ much of the continent with the collaboration of most of its governments.”

The United States and its allies are engaged in an Asian and African offensive, a multi-pronged assault thinly camouflaged as humanitarian intervention that, in some regions, looks like a blitzkrieg. This frenzied aggression, still in its first year, saw NATO transformed into an expeditionary force to crush the unoffending Gaddafi regime in Libya and is now poised to topple the secular order in Syria. Although drawing on longstanding schemes for overt and covert regime change in selected countries, and fully consistent with global capital’s historic imperative to bludgeon the planet into one malleable market subordinate to Washington, London and Paris, the current offensive had a particular genesis in time: the nightmare vision of an Arab awakening.

The prospect of an Arab Spring at the dawn of 2011 sparked a general hysteria in imperial capitals. Suddenly, they stared in the face of geopolitical death at the hands of the Arab “street.” Washington understands full well that the emergence of Arab governments that reflect the will of the people would soon result, as Noam Chomsky is fond of saying, in the U.S. being “thrown out” of the region – the final toll of the bell, not just for the oil-hungry West, but for international capital’s annexes in the autocratic cesspools of the Persian Gulf.

“The prospect of an Arab Spring at the dawn of 2011 sparked a general hysteria in imperial capitals.”

With centuries of Euro-American domination flashing before their eyes, Washington, London and Paris quickly configured NATO to unleash Shock and Awe on the victim of choice in North Africa: Muammar Gaddafi. The momentum of that show of force has led an expanding cast of imperial actors to the gates of Damascus. But Africa is the most vulnerable region in America’s warpath, a continent ripe for the plucking due to the multitudinous entanglements of Africa’s political and military classes with imperialism. The awful truth is, the United States and its allies, principally the French, are positioned to “take” much of the continent with the collaboration of most of its governments and, especially, its soldiers.

AFRICOM, established in 2008 by the Bush administration and now fully the creature of President Obama’s “humanitarian” interventionist doctrine, claims military responsibility for the entire continent except Egypt. The U.S. military command has assembled a dizzying array of alliances with regional organizations and blocs of countries that, together, encompass all but a few nations on the continent – leaving those holdouts with crosshairs on their backs. As the U.S. bullies its way southward in the wake of the seizure of Libya, its path has been smoothed by the Africans, themselves.

The long U.S. war against Somalia, dramatically intensified with American backing for the Ethiopian invasion in late 2006, is now sanctioned by IGAD, the International Authority on Development in East Africa, comprised of Ethiopia; the puppet government in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu; Kenya; Uganda; the de facto French and U.S. military protectorate, Djibouti; and, nominally, Sudan.

“As the U.S. bullies its way southward in the wake of the seizure of Libya, its path has been smoothed by the Africans, themselves.”

This year’s French-led, but nominally United Nations operation to oust the regime of Laurent Gbagbo, in Ivory Coast, was vouchsafed by ECOWAS, the 16-member Economic Community of West African States, including Benin Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Togo.

AFRICOM stages a huge, annual military exercise called African Endeavor, which trains African militaries to use “standard communications practices.” African armies are taught U.S. command-and-control procedures, on American-made equipment, that is serviced by American advisors. In 2009, the militaries of 25 African nations took part in the exercise. This year, 40 nations joined Operation African Endeavor, accounting for the vast bulk of the continent’s men under arms.

More insidiously, through AFRICOM’s “soldier-to-soldier” doctrine, U.S. and African military peers are encouraged to forge one-on-one relationship up and down the levels of command: general-to-general, colonel-to-colonel, major-to-major, and even captain-to-captain. AFRICOM hopes these peer partnerings will forge personal relationships with African armed forces over the long haul, regardless of whatever regime is in power.

In the Sahel, AFRICOM maintains close relationships with virtually every nation along the vast band of land south of the Sahara desert that stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, all under the heading of “anti-terrorism.” These include Mauritania, Mali, Chad, and Niger, plus Nigeria and Senegal. To the north, AFRICOM has similar ties to the Maghreb countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and, until this year, Gaddafi’s Libya.

“This year, 40 nations joined Operation African Endeavor, accounting for the vast bulk of the continent’s men under arms.”

AFRICOM is often the real power behind nominally African missions. AMISOM, officially the African Uni0n’s so-called peace keeping force in Somalia, is in fact comprised of troops from Uganda and Burundi, U.S. client states that act as mercenaries for Washington, and paid for mainly by the Americans. They are soon to be joined by 500 soldiers from Djibouti. For years, AMISOM was all that saved the puppet regime in Mogadishu from instant annihilation in its tiny enclaves at the hands of the Shabab resistance. Today, the reinforced “African Uni0n” fighters are on the offensive, along with Kenyan and Ethiopian invaders, aimed at smashing the Shabab in a pincer movement. U.S. drones based in Ethiopia and Djibouti bring death from overhead. Thus, a force nominally fielded by the African Uni0n is an active belligerent in a U.S. engineered war that has set the Horn of Africa ablaze – a conflict also sanctioned by IGAD, the regional cooperative body.

It is only a matter of time before Eritrea, an adversary of Ethiopia and one of the few African nations outside the AFRICOM orbit, is attacked – doubtless by nominally African forces backed by the U.S. and French. Certainly, the thoroughly compromised African Uni0n will be in no position to object.

No sooner than the last loyalist stronghold fell in Libya, President Obama extended his “humanitarian” interventionist reach deep into central Africa, sending 100 Special Forces troops to Uganda for later assignment to the Democratic Republic of Congo, the new nation of South Sudan, and the Central African Republic, the French neocolonial outpost where the Americans sent Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide after kidnapping him in 2004. Supposedly, the American Green Berets will hunt for the 2,000 or so fighters of the Lord’s Liberation Army – a force the Ugandans themselves could snuff out if they were not busy acting as America’s mercenaries elsewhere on the continent. (Washington’s other loyal hit man in the region, Rwanda, was cited by a United Nations report as bearing responsibility for some the millions slaughtered in Congo.

“A force nominally fielded by the African Uni0n is an active belligerent in a U.S. engineered war that has set the Horn of Africa ablaze.”

NATO’s aggression in Libya was made inevitable when Nigeria, South Africa and Gabon dishonored themselves at the United Nations Security Council by voting in favor of the bogus “No Fly Zone.” The momentum of the Euro-American offensive flows southward, and will soon set much of the continent afire. The Horn of Africa is already a carnal house of flame and famine, engineered by the Americans but fully joined by Africans and their regional institutions. In the west, ECOWAS legitimizes imperial policies, while in the Sahel, Africans scramble to identify targets for the Americans. Each year, most of the continent’s militaries gather round the Americans to learn how to command and control their own troops, thus making their armies useless to resist the real enemy: the U.S. and NATO.

Betrayed by a political/military class eager to integrate itself into the imperial system on any terms, Africa lies naked to the Euro-Americans.

It will be up to the slums and the bush to reverse this catastrophe. If the Americans and Europeans are to be resisted, Africans will have to fight their own governments, first.

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17 thoughts on “Africa Lies Naked to Euro-American Military Offensive”

  1. Africa is already being “gobbled up” by the Chinese. The Americans are late at it, but they realise that Africa is blessed with minerals, such as diamonds, gold, oil, yellow cake (uranium)iron ore etc in abundance. And to crown it all dictators who are greedy, manipulative, longs to keep power, and willing to smash their enemies.

    The US is in economic decline but the Americans will not play an even hand. India has always said to them to treat us as equals. That will never happen in Africa because the Americans can behave as bullies with weapons of mass destruction and distraction.

    The future for Africa is brighter than ever, however, the evils of tribalism still eats away at the African soul. If he can get beyond that and become united under a common cause, then the mineral hungry nations will have a hard time coming with their devalued dollars to take all that they can. Time will tell.

    1. “India has always said to them to treat us as equals.” Yes mamboo ,but the petit elite ,upstart , neo imperial ancestors,of yours, will only get that type of treatment, when they decide to make concerted efforts, to deal with blatant poverty , and social inequities ,that has historically plagued their country.
      There are only two reasons , as to why Hindustan dominant India , has any relevance to America , Europe Russia, or any other major player, my friend. It is the fact that those folks are worried about emerging China. It’s called exploitative ,cheap labor my friend.
      The other is that they , and equally clueless Islamist cousins in PAKISTAN , were able to unfortunately , acquire nuclear technology ,due to a fractured world interplay betweenCold War rivals , USSR, and the USA.
      Today this false pride has evolved into childish, ultra competitive jingoisms , masquerading as anti terrorism, religious superiority , and similar inconsequential trivialities, that will continually take it’s toll on starving folks, within their respective countries, as runaway military spending, continues unabated ,much to the delight of their foreign Euro benefactors, in Washington , and Brussels.
      Do us all a favor my friend , and quit patting your self on the back so generously, by naively believing that Asia , is doing so well, when compared to Africa, since from all the evidence of authentic studies,it ain’t so.Call a spade a spade therefore by saying the following , eeeeh? An Afrikan , self serving barbarian is just as evil ,as an Asian, whether one violently murder 4 million of his own folks, during a 10 year ,tribalist reign , or the other ,do the same via blatant corruption , selfish greed, economic neglect ,or ugly , fake religious ,inter ethnic wars.
      Both continent , remains useful fodder for foreigners, even if they pretend to not be aware of it.
      Let me add, that you fake experts, who enjoy denouncing America so generously, and pointing to it’s premature demise , should pay attention to dem crazy Europeans ,who equally felt that they were the best gig in town since the downing of Hitler ,and the Soviets , even though Americans have heavily subsidized ,their fake stellar lifestyles, for some six decades , at the expense of their own tax payers. What do you know , America has a recessionary hiccup, and the EU , or Euro Zone , is experiencing a pneumonia of epic proportion, while awaiting Americans to lead them out of it. Go figure!
      Our major concern on this board ,should be however to find out what exactly your UNC dominated PP government plan’s are, to ensure our country get on the part to development ,mamboo- nothing else matters.
      Since you have the inside track , as closet cyber spokesman, ask them for me , what mechanisms ,are in place for citizens , who wish to return, and make socio- economic difference ,n terms of prudent investments in our country- a major step towards development? I am ready, and is certain many are likewise- and no we do not wish for any hand outs. What we wish to hear is about political policies that are related to protection of investments,via meaningful regulations, etc. Where is Caricom , or better yet , does the ACP countries mean anything?

      Repeat after me mamboo, ‘nation building,’ is not for weak hearts, and neo tribal , ‘everything about Europeans,are super , kind of folks,’ aka ,none patriots.’
      De proof of de pudding is where again?

      1. There you go again in your diatribe rant Mr Neal. While you sit in your smelly Brooklyn apartment and troll the computer to launch your pungent attack the world you grew up in no longer exist. You are like the duck behaving as a chicken because you believe that is how ducks are suppose to behave.

        The African problems are not tied to India or Europe or America, it is tied to Africa and it’s diminished value of it’s citizenry. Butchers such as Ami, Abacha, Rwandan genocide etc is the real African boggey man. India for it’s part has helped to rescue South Africa by it’s trade and good relations. Uganda is following suite and developing good relations with India. India will always treat your African cousins as equal partners, not so the Americans or Europeans as is evidence by colonialism.

        1. Lets hope India’s ready when Africa’s citizenry decides to assert its value; a la Amin No? Do so eh like so!

          India backs away from Wal-Mart – The government has suspended a plan to allow foreign companies to own as much as 51% of local supermarkets.
          By Kim Peterson on Wed, Dec 7, 2011 2:02 PM

          “If Wal-Mart tries to open its mall anywhere, I will burn it myself,” said Uma Bharti, a former state chief minister who opposes the plan, according to Reuters.

  2. What a hodge-podge of ideas and ideologies. But in general yes, I agree that the colonial powers are reintroducing themselves in areas from which they previously extracated themselves. The new players is the US of A. So the realignment would be interesting.
    Are these new expeditions because they have failed at home and need new revenue streams?? Or are they just building their own lost confidence (noting that all the empires are crumbling)??

  3. n White Racism: A Psychohistory, Joel Kovel describes this drive to conquer and destroy as a ‘cosmic yearning’, ‘a bottomless longing’.

    Samuel Huntington, author of the Clash of Civilizations reminds us of something that we should never forget: ‘The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence.’

    That is the reason why the enemy gets so agitated when we organize armed resistance, because they know how powerful organized violence can be.

    The invasion of Libya and the murder of Qaddafi is what happened to a nation and its leader when they gave up their program to develop ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and opted for a path of peaceful coexistence. In an interview at the beginning of the war, Saif Qaddafi admitted that Libya had been caught ‘unprepared for war’, having not even upgraded their conventional weaponry. No nation will ever make that fatal mistake again. The North Atlantic Tribes can never be trusted. Deterrents of any kind are better than no deterrents at all.

    The North Atlantic Tribes have mastered the art of war and perfected weaponry like no other peoples in history. They are the quintessential warlords.

    In order to carry out this regrab, in their desperate and frenzied attempt to hasten their plunder of Africa and the global south’s wealth, it is imperative for the imperialists to get rid of all revolutionary nationalist regimes that might stand in their way, and ensure that compliant regimes are firmly in place. We must prepare ourselves for what is to come. In his last message, the Brother Leader warned us to ‘hold down our corners’ because if they get past Libya they are coming for all of us. The challenge in this phase is to find ways to cope with the Empire’s collapse and to strengthen our resistance in order to confront the frantic and barbaric behavior which will inevitably characterize their demise.
    Their House is Burning – Not Ours
    At a global economic summit in 2009, former President of Brazil, Lula Da Silva, when commenting on the global economic crisis, stated, ‘This was a crisis that was fostered and boosted by the irrational behavior of people who were white and blue-eyed, who before the crisis looked like they knew everything about economics, but now have demonstrated they know nothing about economics’ He added, ‘The part of humanity that is responsible should be the part that pays for the crisis.’

    Too many of us are still, as Malcolm X put it, ‘house negroes’. The house negro lived in the master’s house and when the master’s house was burning, he said ‘we house burning’. If the master was sick, the house negro said ‘we sick’. And then there was the field negro. When he saw the master’s house burning he said ‘Let it burn’.

    In Africa, South America, the Caribbean and throughout the global south, we have been in crisis for centuries as a result of the imperialists’ endless thirst for domination, plunder and war. It is the master’s house that is burning this time. And we say – ‘let it burn’. The demise of this empire is a welcome thing. We don’t need to concern ourselves with bringing Babylon down, for it is surely crumbling – politically, economically, ideologically and morally, due to its own internal contradictions.

    1. I hear you bro Davy de Verteuil. Samuel Huntington, and his baseless Clash of Civilizations theories, and the other fake intellectual ,Thomas L. Friedeman ,and his ‘Flat Earth’ tripe ,that sees everything Eurocentric , or that emerge from Zionist Israel,as perfect , while all matters Islam ,as pure evil, are some of the jokers, that emboldened many of the Western clueless leaders ,on some of their runaway , top down ,destructive policies, huh?
      Surprise , surprise ,that in Yankee land today , another fat, anachronistic , pro Alvin Toffler blowhard , corrupt, and sadistically immoral, fraud , such as Newt Gingrich , is viewed as some Republican savior, for disgruntled simi- literate ,yet historically duncy , whites , as they prepare for another expensive election next year.
      Their destructions have unfortunately not only limited itself to elitist politicians , corporate bandits ,phony religious, and militaristic zealots, but Civil Society as well, working their supposed magic across the Global North/ South divide,and such is sad.
      Hopefully, we in T&T are smart enough to avoid such escapist , distractions ,and disingenuous gestures ,that some wish to call change, or hopeful- or maybe I am being too naively optimistic, about the folks that are ruling the roost,that think everything foreign ,European , or alien ,is far superior than anything they can produce locally.
      Yes,the ones who think that our country was locked in some time zone ,for the past 47 years, as it awaited their fine stewardship ,to move forward, then become so surprise that no one is buying what ever they are selling .
      Speaking about Gaddafi ,nuclear technology , political stewardship, and lost of power? His demise cannot simply be interpreted under some simplistic explanation , as lack of nuclear weapons, but stay tune for more learned , and logical causes.
      We wish our people well.
      Keep the faith,& Luv Humanity!

  4. And so I ask what happens if we just STOP? Clearly nature never intended for the White man to be an occupier in the South or Torrid Zone. What happens if Black Labor and Black Consumption took a vacation? What, they’ll kill you? You’re dead anyway.

  5. “India for it’s part has helped to rescue South Africa by it’s trade and good relations.”mamboo
    No my delusional friend,your conniving , neo elitist cousins from ‘de Deli .socio economic / tarnished politricks, class fractured ,fake religious cesspool,’did it -most likely =to ingratiate themselves ,with simi senile octogenarian, Uncle Nelson Nelson, and his successive clueless leaders, or more conveniently , due to gratitude ,that every Indo South Afrikab , who historically benefited from white ,genocidal Apartheid , were not placed on a rickety ship and kicked out of that country, by indigenous authentic Bantu Afrikans victims- you, and other ingrates prefer to dismiss as savages.
    Tell you what mamboo, if you can live with criminal minded,pro sterilizer of poor, low caste women ,closet socialist , Queen Indira Ghandhi , and her two half crazed sons Rajiv ,and Sanjay, after they all raped ,and destroyed that country with phony hegemonic forays, or better yet , feel good about the fact that some 100 million Muslims , and Hindus murdered each other ,since Masa England gave that country independence, then I too can live with the idiots ,you lament about, that have saturated Afrika, and tested our moral sense of outrage.
    Once more , let me reiterate , I could care less, if both Asia , and Afrika, were to drift away to Mars,when we wake up in the morning,never to be heard from again , as my prime concern is about this lil twin Island Republic , call T&T,that we share.
    Join me and other progressives if you really care, as claimed ,to stand up for social justice.
    What do you say ,about joining a a perenial global humanist, to denounce all forms of ‘stupid ego tribalist back massaging ,’ and instead denounce foreign Eurocentric evils,as played out amongst our respective people,be it from de Niger Delta , to Madhya Pradesh,Ecaudor/ Brazil Amazon , and waters of Somalia, as the overall benefits,for all of humanity, and by extension , our global environment as a whole,might be more fruitful , yes?

    Let the record show that , many of these demons have little consideration for us folks that exist along the color lines , irrespective of their pretense to the contrary.

    Don’t be fooled mamboo by folks that come bearing gifts, as their intentions are not always noble , no matter how many scholarships, or favorable immigration policies they push our way.

    Yeah, we know you prefer to lap up the western media ,Kool aid, about Somalian pirates, and Nigerian greedy savages beating up and kidnapping poor Shell employees, when they push back, but when your folks protest in the street of London , they are viewed as civil rights , and humanitarian astute activist. Remember , coalitions , empathy , and solidarity always bring better dividends,for those of us with much grander pro nation plans. Doubt me ? If so , ask her Majesty Queen K , de leader , of your PP government.

    I wonder what is the state of environmental in oil rich T&T? Rumor has it that the folks who live in those areas have been suffering from chronic respiratory illnesses ,for some time mamboo.
    Many cannot afford to leave as the compensation being offered might not be worth it , and likewise the companies cannot disappear, since we are so dependent on oil , and gas, with no jobs in sight and all.
    Oh , I am sorry , as you are more concerned with the folks from Karachi, Kashmir, Kathmandu,Colombo ,and Dhaka.
    Luv humnanity.

  6. “With centuries of Euro-American domination flashing before their eyes, Washington, London and Paris quickly configured NATO to unleash Shock and Awe on the victim of choice in North Africa: Muammar Gaddafi.

    Muammar Gaddafi was a dictator removed by the will of the Libyan people. The so called Euro American domination did nothing but povided some important munitions and logistical support to a popular uprising. It was inevitable that Libya would fall because their neigbour Egypt fell and the uprising in Egypt provided the inspiration for the Libyan freedom fighters.

    What is important for all to note, Islam and democracy simply does not mix and the rise of the Islamic brotherhood is seen as the only alternative to Islamic republics. In Egypt and Libya they enjoy considerable support. However in Syria the battle for democracy has seen western power imposing sanctions rather than bombing. Assad despite being a dictator in a nation of some 24 million he has provided protection for various minority groups. The Christian population in Syria has not been involved in the uprising because they know when Assad is gone their churches will be attacked. The Christian population is around 2.5 million. In Syria the Islamic brotherhood is very strong and will most likely be the logical replacement to Assad.
    So it is not a democracy movement in the Arab spring rather it is an Islamic theological government that will rule these nations with Sharia law and underage girls for sex by dirty ole men.

  7. Haven’t a clue where cuz Mamboo, is going with dis but however he said, “It was inevitable that Libya would fall because their neigbour Egypt fell?”
    Oh yes ,I’ll add, the same military that ran that fiefdom for over 40 years, in the interest of American masters , and barbarian , ‘Arab hating,’Zionists neighbors all for a few aid dollars more,were certainly removed ,along with Mubarak, hence the reasons why the still distraught people, who were obviously betrayed , are prancing around in the streets still in defiance, while voting in rigged elections.
    He likewise regurgitated from his CNN/ BBC talking points, “What is important for all to note, Islam and democracy simply does not mix? Let me enquire then,are you saying that Judaism, Christianity, or Hinduism and democracy can mix? Translation, Israel , America, and India a perfect democracies?
    How sad, that Mormons, like Mitt Romney , have to be on the defensive, because he is not a Christian in these United States. It is more than pathetic that Indo American born Hindus, such as South Carolina Nikki Harley , Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal , have to bury their culture, so as to become Christians , then go on frontal attacks on a Black President ,to prove that they are authentic Americans, a la appear more appealing to white masters.
    Most despicable is to see half white ,Barrack Hussain Obama , have to do a break dance, to denounce even the notion that he can be a Muslim ,and worst yet pro Afrikan , in the land of the free, yet you and others view America as some bastion of democracy. Now that’s a tragedy!
    As for India , your so called ,world’s largest democracy? Wake me up when a President, or Prime Minister from that country , can swear on the Koran ,if lucky to assume power, as their lifetime, much adored ,Hazel eyed, Italian Emperor,leader Sonia can ,when ever desired.
    If Israel is a democracy, then so is Saudi Arabia, Russia,Iran, and China, using your definition.
    Oh yes , you hate Sharia laws, where ‘underage girls are turned into sex slaves for dirty ole men,’but have no problem with India’s Hindustani, bride burning , and murder of low caste Hindus, who dared to convert to Christianity , in efforts to elevate their ghastly status.You are one sick puppy indeed.
    I told you once mamboo, to leave grown folks business alone.As you eat your bake and shark ,in frigid Toronto , just promise to stick instead ,to idle talks, about rum slurping, and possible assassination in old mas haven T&T, where real democracy always existed – under Afrikan people’s stewardship of course -so much so that your first Indo Hindu Trini can become PM ,in free and fair elections, after threatening that “if we fail , it is blood that would run in our streets,’ two years prior, while campaigning, in her run for power, two years ago, then proudly swear on the Bhagwad Gita , upon assuming the post, even if she probably never set foot in a temple since she was 12 years old.

    Without question ,there is only one true democracy in the world MAMBOO, and it’s not your Canada, Australia, Britannia , and heavens forbid, Pax Americana, but T&T.
    Remember where you heard it first.

  8. The United States has never left Africa. All of the “Dictators” of the last 40 or so years where placed into power by the Unites States. They served thier mission to make sure that Africa became what it has become. J Edgar Hoover and his lot could not allow a United Africa to wake up and be inspired by the crimes against humanity committed against them as fuel to deter and or destroy thier global influence, and or economic future by joining the communist movement. The cold war still lives on and China is the new face of that evolving ideal. The U.S. is worried about the Chinese and thats why they are in Africa trying to damage control. They don’t have to do much. Not only did western powers experiment with biological warfare in Africa, after they allowed a certain amount of the native population to be sacrificed by these lab manufactured diseases first thought of by the Germans and the then Soviets, the U.S. came along with “cures”, “Vaccines” and “treatments” for the ills that they created. Now they come with the promise of economic investment and true democracies, and the people are so desperate for the change that they refuse to believe that the abusive uncle is the perverted relative that no parent wants for his children. The loyalty of Africans to the United States is astounding.

  9. How does India become part of this conversation?
    To all the people who have such hate for India and Indians, wake up, the world belongs to them!!! There
    There is more caste violence and discrimination in Africa than in India.


  10. No ‘Ron Joseph Ragoonanansing,’ get the fact straight, for it is Indians ,who daily attempt to force feed us via every discussion , about their continent, and it billion plus wonderful nuclear worshipping , mostly starving people.
    The day we can wake up, and never see a topic that involve the alleged victimized , culturally noble , socially independent , law abiding , Indians of the world , would be a good day, my friend.
    I see non need to produce the data to show that many folks on the South Asian / Asian continent , led by over populated India , and China, are often living lives, 50 times worst than anything imaginable in Afrika.
    What we should instead do Ron, is find a way, to draw attention of all global suffering people, and do what we can do, to help stem the tied of any such maladies – while focusing likewise , on our own country , and region, yes?
    Luv Humanity!

    1. Neal, you are a You cant even spel,l your grammar is so poor, I cant believe I am even replying.
      Its not Indians who complain about our past on a daily basis, its Afrika and its children who do this. Get off your high horse and become productive members of society ,like most Indians. Thanks.

  11. “Neal,… you cant even spel,l your grammar is so poor, I cant believe I am even replying.”

    Good job Brothaz ‘Ron J Ragoonanansing,’ but sadly ,that good fellow ,Mr Balwant Baboolal, your former standard 1 teacher, is now ashamed of you , as he turn over in his grave ,for like me ,desecrating de Queen’s English, with your fine Nothumberland lingo.
    Ain’t dis funny folks, two weeks out of the Penal Lagoon, or more appropriately, Caranege Junk Yard, and Ron , is pointing fingers at others?

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