Keep race out of criminal behaviour

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
September 02, 2011

State of EmergencyIt is ridiculous for some public officials to opine/conclude that “the only reason (Trinbagonians) were charged under the Anti-Gang legislation was because they are black.”

Such public insanity was further compounded when the leadership of the Emancipation Support Committee (ESC) also publicly contended that the People’s Partnership (PP) government’s anti-crime policy was “treading on slippery slopes” in regard to the targeting of African communities in T&T.

The stark reality is that 99.9 per cent of the prison population is made up of African-Trinbagonians. In addition, 99.9 per cent of the gang population/membership is also made up of African-Trinbagonians.

However. the salient points that are being totally missed are that the afore-mentioned has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the policies of the PP government. And, moreover, the current crime infested “hot spots” existed before 24 May 2010.

The fact of the matter is that the afore-mentioned is just the hard core facts about crime and criminal behaviour in T&T.

The significant policy reality is that the PP government took the bold step and bit the bullet by declaring the State of Emergency and curfew. That’s the crucial issue— not the ethnicity of the perpetrators of crime.

And if such a national crime policy severely impacts a certain ethnic segment of society, then, so be it— such is the reality of dealing with the exponential surge in crime in T&T.

This writer asserts that racial sentiments/remarks should not be used to trivialize criminal behaviour, lawlessness and societal mayhem in T&T.

Furthermore, it is Euro-centric for public officials to utilize an alien paradigm to analyze the crime situation in T&T.

Sanity suggests that the population dynamics in T&T are totally different from the United States; ergo, the pronouncement by these public officials tantamount to an attempt to fit square pegs into round holes.

In the final analysis, the only modus operandi to analyze the crime situation in T&T is “to localize it”; any other method would overtly represent an exercise in futility.

Shem Hotep (” I go in peace”)

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of labour and Co-operative Studies.

24 thoughts on “Keep race out of criminal behaviour”

  1. So, 99.9% of those in prison are Black, and 99.9% of the criminal element responsible for the crime surge is Black, therefore, 99.9% of those bringing in the guns, and the cocaine, and controlling the seaports and airports where these musst somehow enter the country must also be Black.

    Therefore, –or ergo– all the fish, that is, all the small herring, the bigger baracuda and the mighty sharks, both great and small are Black!

    Good God! Some characters are spoiled by failure; heere, for all the world to behold is one who remains totally unspoiled by it, possessing a retail mind with which to assess situations which require at the minimnum, a wholesale one.

  2. Destruction of the African male

    Posted: May 07, 2004
    By Dr. Kwame Nantambu

    “The fact of the matter is that African-Americans account for only 12 per cent of the national population but a whopping 67 per cent of the total prison population.

    The stark reality is that the same parallel scenario also plays itself out in TnT today in regard to the prison sentencing of African-Trinbagonian males vis-?-vis middle-class, “Trini White”, “Redman” Trinbagonians.

    Something is also wrong with this prison sentencing picture here in TnT.

    In the words of the African-American representative from South Central Los Angeles and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, Maxine Waters:

    “I think it is unconscionable that the intelligence community or the CIA could think so little of people of colour that they would be willing to destroy generations (of them) in an effort to try to win the war in Nicaragua. And they lost it anyway.”

    So it is no accident that drugs also found their way into the ghettoes and communities of TnT in the 1980s.Everything was a concerted, planned and perfectly orchestrated effort.

    So the plight and self-destructive behaviour of young African males in these communities, at Home and Abroad, have their genesis in the 1980s. And the sad, scary legacy is that these two communities have not yet recovered from this Euro-American master-plan.

    Gang-turf warfare, murders, daily killings and drug-trafficking are now a natural way of life for this target group of African males. This is no accident.

    As a result of President Reagan’s genocidal, Mein Kampf, Third Reich foreign policy, the African male in these communities in the United States and TnT are brain-dead, brain-damaged and revolutionary comatose and apathetic.

    He is just walking around like a spaced-out zombee with a self-destructive, self-inflictive, self-hateful and classical haemorrhaging state of mind.

    His life’s motto is “get rich or die trying”; instant, quick-pick gratification is his only game-plan. His life has no meaning or beginning and he really does even care how it ends.

    President Reagan’s policy should best be regarded as a crime against humanity, but since under the rubric of European supremacy, the African male is a non-human being, then such a racist, ethnocentric policy fits right into place.”

    1. In TNT’s case it is a copy cat Indo-Trini & Syrian Lebanese -well I wouldn’t call it ;Master Plan, rather their greedy indulgence to fast money. Euro-American master-plan have absolutely nothing to do with the drug situation in the Caribbean except as a transshipment point to European &US markets-Yes Markets. This Euro-American master-plan hails and stems with the Elites in South & Central America to all pot heads across the spectrum. Drugs is not just about social engineering as it is about dollars. Many Western Govs are scrambling to shut this menace down entirely save the Military and Intelligence services of the big Western powers, which had incorporated base on security compromise in their war of empire also the proceeds got past war efforts without their Tax payers having to bare the full cost of their illegal wars through Congress or house of representatives. This Euro-American master-plan took root via the Italian Mafia and it came under attack when White children from the Elite classes began toying with the dope. Of course it goes deeper but as far as TNT is concern we were never a target and I can testify with my life that the US & UK ambassadors were quite or equally concerned-Wikiyleaks might testify to this too.

  3. From the facts submitted the herrings are black. The assumption that the barracudas and sharks are of a different race can be ascertained to facts once the incarcerated herrings start speaking up.

    1. And, after speaking up, where will they hide? Keep silent and live must be their motto, but those who eat rare stea and tuna at the expense of the Mr. Bigs must forget their gullets and stand up for their country.

  4. There is only a small percentage of people involved in crime. However crime only increases when it is not restrained. The restraint in society is the police, the law,the church, the family, the school system, the friends (provide they are good friends), most of all our conscience. When all these restraints are remove the door is open for evil… For instance if the police are not doing their job of arresting criminals then they will only expand their enterprise. If a mother and father is not available to raise and discipline their children then they would go astray. If your friends have the right conversations and discourage you from pursuing a pathway of crime chances are you will be less criminally inclined. All these areas within a culture must be celebrated and expanded for the good of society.

    Crime is not a black/white issue and it must not be seen this way. After all there are good decent people from all strips of life. People who help and contribute to the betterment of humanity. Sure in the prison the population may be a bit higher of one ethnicity but it will only be a small percentage when taking in consideration the entire population. However, today with the information age and instant connection to news our world has change and we are more connect to each other and the story. So more people are talking about these issues, but it must not be overly viewed as a plague on a generally good nation. Perhaps some more positive stories are needed to balance the negatives.

    1. “There is only a small percentage of people involved in crime. However crime only increases when it is not restrained. The restraint in society is the police, the law,the church.”
      Yeah mamboo, we agree wholeheartedly , as they are only so much party financing big wig criminals in the country. Thanks Dr Brown , for telling it like it is.

      What exactly am I hearing from one oh dem ,selectively outraged, socially immoral , country hating frauds, in mamboo? Do you guys really need our local police to curb crimes, when dem weed smoking tethron boys are there to do such a fine job, along with your Edmonton Security expert Gibbs, and the comedians from Scotland yard? Did he say that should be a restraint on society? How about your Hindu temples, and terrorist ladened Mosque mamboo? I get it ,they are exempted.
      In essence folks , what this character is claiming, is that the misguided citizens of our country wasted their votes in supporting Queen K , and her party/ government, as they bear no responsibilities in initiating prudent , progressive , job creation policies, which can alleviate the pain, and suffering most of our cross racial /inter ethnic poor , and desperate are experiencing , on a daily basis.

  5. Loyal Trini, c’mon, c’mon! Try and get with the program, ok?!

    According to Nantambu’s argumentation, an unbiased observer can thereby also objectively conclude that 99.9% of those facing extradition in T&T are also Black.

    And that 99.9% of those able to finance politicians into Parliament are also Black.

    You get the point?

    “Ergo”–a phrase Nantambu uses when all else fails, and also because its Latinized patina legitimizes him as part of the intelligentsia–99.9% of those incarcerated must therefore also be Black.

    And, if the objective observer might subsequently add, these Morvant-Lavantee Black Trinis, living in what appears on the surface to be squalor, deliberately make themselves appear to be living in poverty as a ploy to hide the hundreds of millions of ill-gotten wealth secreted in offshore accounts.

    Ergo? Ad absurbum, et absum!

  6. This post by the author seems to be one written by a seven year old, not one who wrote a thesis and has several years of study and analysis in order to achieve the title “Dr.”. No reports of studies presented, no reliable sources of publication presented no government papers reported etc. This bog is child’s stuff.

    1. So Kian, right one if you feel you could do better! What I despise most is people who criticise without foundation.

  7. Without realizing it you are stereotyping and culturally conditioning thinking to accept an association of crime with a race. One need to step away from this alleged statistic to see the big picture.

    There are many ways one can categorize the perpetrators of crime in Trinidad, but none of these categories are absolute. That arbitrary 99.9% statistic, based on conjecture could apply to any one of the categories below.
    – 99.9% likely Afro Trinidadian?
    – 99.9% likely low income resident in the East/West corridor?
    – 99.9% likely not religious?
    – 99.9% likely younger than 35?
    – 99.9% likely unskilled and not academically inclined?
    – 99.9% likely dress a certain way?

    If you single out individuals based on any one or group of these categories you would likely detain innocent individuals as well exclude perpetrators. The first 17 guys brought before the court were young guys with no prior records or specific evidence of criminal activity. This tells me the vetting process was flawed. As indicated by the PNM the vetting process should be more surgical based on evidence, rather than arbitrarily picking up guys in a neighborhood that fits some profile.

    The fact that it was flawed was not a coincidence. This can easily be accomplished by the selection of hot spots. There are several abnormalities in the hotspot points with a skew
    towards Afro Trinidadian communities and an illogical exclusion of some Indo communities:-
    – Many of the San Fernando areas were not high profile
    – The Indo community of Cedros excluded (entry point)
    – The Indo community of Caroni excluded even after Ian
    Alleyene located 21 guns and ammo. A find larger than the 15
    produced from all of the hotspots combined, thus far.
    – The Indo community of Penal excluded despite an attempted
    kidnaping, which was downplayed

    In the light of these inconsistencies and the detention of the first 17 guys one has to conclude there is a major flaw in the process and the racial component should not be trivialized.

  8. I do not like to disagree with another child of the African Diaspora, but, people outside of Africa are programmed to see crime when they see an African face. It happens in England where inordinate numbers of African youth are rounded up on SUS. (Suspicious behaviour, which could simply mean walking the streets in twos or threes). It happens in the USA where my friend the late Dr. Telma Adair, of Columbia University,and who came to Trinidad with the Peace Corps Training programme in 1969, was given seven tickets seven days in a row, when she bought her new car while living in Harlen. This white police officer waited around the corner of her street, and ticketed her as soon as she passed him. Because she was a professor at a university, she took the time off and went to court on each case. The judge noted, “You again, Dr. Adair?” She responded that she would keep on coming as long as this jealous racist officer kept ticketing her. After her fifth time in court, the officer was reassigned. The tickets stopped.
    My friend, a trini, a medical doctor, was driving home late one nght when an officer pulled him over and challenged “This Black man driving a Lincoln.” He pointed to the medical insignia called a cadeusus, on his license plate, which the officer could not recognize.”You, a doctor?” incredulously.
    An Ethiopian taxi driver in Houston recorded his being berated by a white police officer, who told him he ought to go back to his own country and learn English. In the TV interview with his lawyer at his side, the Ethiopian spoke perfect English. When I wrote to the mayor demanding that the officer be fired, the mayor’s office assured me that he already was. Right now, there are four Houston police officers fired, and fighting to avoid jail, because they were caught by a CCTV camera running over a suspect with their car, jamming him up against a fence and repeatedly kicking him. These tapes do not lie.The young man was fifteen.
    Now, what does all of this have to do with Trinidad you ask? We are part of that great Western Theftocracy that stole African people from their homeland, and forced them to work for free in the West. And ever since that time, no matter what an African achieves, he is seen in terms of derogation, an isolated case. We seem to be the only ethnic group worldwide, whose success does not pull the group up, but is seen as an exception to the rule. I was at the book launch of my friend, a Columbian, when two white Columbians were saying something in Spanish that I did not understand. The tone told me they were speaking ill of my friend. one repeated it to a third woman and they laughed. I memorised what they dsaid. LAter after his speech and other testimonials, we were dancing together, and I asked him what did this mean.I repeated it phonetcially. Who said that? he asked and I told him of the women who were sitting in front of me. What was said was ” For a Nigger, he rally reach far, not so?” He is from a town on the Pacific coast of Columbia, where only Black people live, and where amenities are few. The OAS does not hold its conferences there.
    The Gifts of Tobago, raised three sons- Professor and PhD, lawyer and engineer. The McNishes raised three: World Bank employee. Corporate Manager and Entrepeneur in the USA.They do not collectively or singly pull the young African man up. The society persists in seeing him as a criminal. An African walks into a room, people hold their purses tighter. But the big thieves of the world are not African they are the banks that made their fortunes selling Africans- Barclays chief among them. Te BAnk of New York a close second, they are the Bernie Madoff’s John Stanford,and other crooks, they are the investment companies- I could call the names of those I lost money in: ING , Ameriprise Financial, and others. The young African in the west, suffering from cultural anomie, snatches a purse, and those who conspired in snatching his ancestors make a hullaballoo about it, but the price gougers at the grocery store and other business places who empty that same purse by other means are never exposed. All the media houses are part of this worldwide conspiracy. Few of us are even aware of it, much less to challenge it.

    So, race matters in the perception of Crime, my friend. You manage to get yourself arrested for any little thing, and see how big a criminal they will create you to be.
    Anyone believing anything else, is nonensical.
    I once went on a trip to CAnada with a group of educators from the USA, and out in Peterborough, ON.. I kept my purse close to me. One of my friends thought I was afraid one of the group would steal it. I simply pointed out to her that as an African originated person, and an immigrant to the US and thus a visitor to CAnada, I was the only one in the group who could not get by on my driver’s icense(Pre 9/11) therefore I held my purse close. My passport proved who I was. My open minded Blonde friend blushed from the roots of her hair all down her neck. As a white woman, she had never had to deal with that sort of universe.
    Africans involved in law enforcement, and to some extent the judicial system, buy into this white perception of the African man, in order to show the powers that they understand that certain folks are to be protected, and certain folks treated like throw-away people. There is alsio a sexual gene pool connection here. Running down the African man mkes him less likely to mate with others and dilute the pool of whiteness, indianness whatever. If you do not think this has anyting to do with it, I should not be talking to you. We are no longer on the same wavelength.Now, I hope I have explained this to your satisfaction, Kwame.

  9. It amazes me how my nationals will continue to ignore the evidence of our own eyes, the compiled statistics, the volumes of written information on criminal behaviours in our society and still look for a scapegoat…the ‘big fish’ that you seem intent on blaming, why do you assume that these ‘professional criminals’ in our society are not the very persons that you seek? or is it that we still believe that blackmen/women do not have the mental capacity to engage in criminal enterprise and therefore must be directed by another (race)? what is wrong with us? why do we continue to absolve them of the blame for carefully thought out action?

  10. Here are the correct statistics provided ny Minister Sandy in his speech yesterday:

    Sandy said when one looked at the prison population, of the 2,678 prisoners in 2006, 1,532 were Afro-Trinidadians (57 per cent); in 2007, of 2,726 prisoners, 1,464 were Afro-Trinidadians (54 per cent); in 2008, of 3,012 prisoners, 1,610 or 54 per cent were Afro-Trinidadians; in 2009, of a total of 1,886, 1,776 or 57 per cent were Afro-Trinidadians; in 2010, of 2,412 prisoners, 1,300 were Afro-Trinidadians; in 2011, of 1,734 prisoners, 890 or 51 per cent are Afro-Trinidadians.

    1. Statistics…try this one on for size….

      My big shock was when I realized there have been almost 5000 murders in T&T in the last 10 years. And the 2011 prison population is only 1734?????
      And I suspect only a small percentage of those incarcerated are actually there for murder.
      There are literally thousands of guilty murderers running around T&T laughing at the society and culture that has until now tolerated such inept policing, courts and government policy.
      At least now steps are being taken to clean things up.

      As for the racial aspects of statistics…the truth is the truth.

      1. The reason for such is quite simple Pelal, and here it is . Every time someone from your tribal caste, was arrested for any crime , your lawyers, political activist, editors , religious gurus, and country hating escapees only to European dominated countries , would continually cry ‘racially motivated prosecution,’ or worst get genocide , to any who cared to fall for such foolishness, then beg , borrow, or steal ,from the heavy reserve war chest,hidden under the papa bed,to get high end lawyers , such as Israel Khan, Ramesh, pre AG Rammy , the present COP pit -bull etc to free them.
        In the interim , the low end Afrikan , illiterate, idiots , that fell prey to police action, would do time , as they lacked similar options, and so the vicious cycle continued, as such bums , must of necessity, commit more crimes ,to get bail, or find one of our many, unscrupulous Trini lawyers.
        Hopefully ,you are capable of fitting your brain around such sound logic Pelal, because you too, made good use of our education system ,that produceD women PM’s, such as Queen K, Trade Union PM such as Basdeo, Geologist PM such as Patios, , and aspiring Geologist PM , such as Dr Rot, de. Wajan.
        Yeah , de truth is the truth, and this is it. Boy, ah tell you , these budding neo tribal triumphalist,that enjoys regurgitating erroneous information, are something to behold- not you of course ,Pelal.

  11. TMan, stats by themselves say anything an interpreter wishes them to.

    For this reason it is truly said that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics!

    Your idea is that Blacks are criminally-minded and therefore, these stats prove your point. Are Blacks also genetically conditioned to perform well in basketball and not in chemistry?

    In some schooling districts in Huntsville, Alabama, no Black child could be faileed in Phys Ed, while no Chinese could be failed in Maths.

    Was it that Blacks could not do matrhs, and Chinese not do Phys Ed?

    No, it was not curriculum that determined who failed in one and succeeded in the other. What maade the difference was teacher and societal expectation. This became a self-realizing prophesy in that Black sstudents seeing Black players in Basketball, etcc., saw themselves in the same light.

    In short, what the PP government is now doing and having lost souls like Sandy confirming, thus giving iniquity a legitimacy as a Black that Kamla as an Indian could not, is reinforcing this societal expectation of Blacks being seen not as [toductive citizens but as louts and criminals.

    Therefore, when my son, a medical doctor goes int a supermarket, guards follow him around … even Black ones … because society has conditioned them to see Blacks as criminals, and the conditioning is so perverse that it is internalized by Black youth to see themselves thus, even when they are not.

    When I asked my son what is today to be a Black young man, he said, “Daddy, you don’t want to know …” In a way I do for even as an old Black man I still have security guards sometimes following me in stores. On one occasion, I challenged him telling him if he will follow me he mightv as well carry my bags.

    So, stats can say whatever the user wants them ro say, and especially when one of the interpreters is a Black man.

    Surely, when considering the way i which Sandy is being used aand is using hyis Blackness, the African proverb rings even more true that, when the trees saw the axe come into the forest, some of them said, “its ok. The handle is one of us.”

    Sandy is an example of an axe-handle Black man.

    1. Never make assumptions. My purpose for posting these stats. was to show the inaccuracies presented by Nantambu. The actual correct stats do not reflect as poorly as Nantambu would have us believe by his exaggerations.
      The sensitivity of you guys posting on this website is overwhelming. It is not always necessary to debunk every myth or to become an apologist for every Black man.


    IN England, recently there was all different races rioting and looting; yet they made it look like a mainly black thing.
    It appears that the English forgot they set the example of how to loot and riot when they first went to SOUTH AFRICA AND OTHER COLONIES, YET THEY PLAY PRIM AND PROPER AND LOOK DOWN ON THSE PRESENT RIOTERS.

    ALSO A PREVIOUS GOVT REMOVE THE THE YOUTH CAMPS AND OTHER TRADE CENTRES THAT HELPED TO FOSTER, a hope and a future of a livihood for many young black men who may have droped out of school.!!! With no direction and positive role models in their lives these young men ended up in a life of crime.
    These are MAINLY LATER GENERATIONS of people who were brought here from the islands FOR VOTER PADDING and were not properly integrated into the society.

    SHOULD one needs to examine the country these individuals parents came from to determine, whether they have the same problem with these young black.


  13. What does T&T , aka Rainbow country have in common? You be the judge.
    Hey T-Man, you know what you , and similar others ,can do with your statistics.
    An old , but wise Valsayn Teachers/Political Science A’ Levels teacher of mine , back in the days, used to warn us his students , about the unreliability of statistics, by saying the following, which is most appropriate I think ,for this social mess , the racial triumphalist ,such as T-Man , and his fisherman buddy mamboo, are yapping about, like excited hyenas , and here it goes:-
    “Statistics are like a woman’s bikini , it reveals quite a lot , but conceals that which is vital.” So let the power mongrels , keep arresting , and abusing the human rights of Afrikan folks , under all sorts of guises, but someone please tell dem, that at some point , these folks would have to be released, and guess what ?
    They would me angrier , and more desperate to the point that fake islamist Bakr’s 1990,and Uncle Shah’s 1970 would look more like kindergarten child’s play , in comparison.
    Be forewarned, and keep digging dem holes for other , with stupid draconian laws , while tinkering with our constitutions ,mr / mrs divider, but rest assured , dis Sande Grande ,Mapipi snake, would return at some point down the road , to bite ‘you alls,’ where you don’t want it to.

  14. God made us all in His image and likeness and breathed his spirit in all of us at birth. I deeply feel as some bloggers are saying …some by their experiences …the African male in societies like Trinidad were perceived as threats and were targeted …even by the “uncle” toms. The world now has reached the point where the truths will be revealed… as we would say …you can run but you cannot hide. In my lifetime Africans have shown the world so much talent especially in sport and music and some have become afraid of how powerful they can get so what is happening in Trinidad re crime etc is the reflection of this thinking. The work of yesterday is bringing the results of today. It is not difficult to see the connection unless you are not for the truth.

  15. Jerry C. Hussain said ,”In my lifetime Africans have shown the world so much talent especially in sport and music ….” Cuz Hussain , are you attempting to antagonize someone on dis here information highway with your suspect complemnts? If so, save it. Afrikans have given the world ,also educators, scientist,nobel prize poets/ novelist , lawyers, doctors, inventors, world reknown innovators ,progressive social activist , in addition to as you claimed , musicians, and sporting heroes.
    Just in case you forgot ,they gave us great political minds, such as Belmont boy Stokley Carmichael, who fully help, liberate Afrikan Americans ,from savage Europeans . They gave us intellectuals ,such as Eric Williams , whose Doctorial thesis , made a lie of obnoxious Europans Christian criminals , who prior to his research , fed us all lies, as to the real reasons why slavery was eventually ended.
    Every living tryant of a country from Libya , to Sudan, Serra Leone ,Zimbabwe, Syria , Egypt, Bahrain , Burma, and maybe T&T , and Guyana, pretty soon, are quaking in their boots because of the effort of one man whose sterling efforts, brought into existence the ICC.You know him ,as perhaps the most despise man in T&T , ANR Robinson, for doing in 1986 , exactly what Queen K is presently attempting today. Namely , exercise his mandate – that is until , your Uncle Panday, and company destroyed his government, and the jury is still out on the criminal Abkr , break dance with national power mongrels ,who as usual came out smelling like roses.
    They gave us astute political minds , and leaders in both South Africa , and T&T. It was due to noble attitude , and efforts of Mandela and successors , why every South Asian , in that country ,was not hacked into pieces , then place on ships back to their ancestrial homes, as was almost done in Sri Lanka ,India’s neighbor, once independence emerge , due to their not too subtle participation with white barbarians , as beneficiaries in both countries.
    It was due to the efforts of Afrikan leaders , WHO RULED THIS COUNTRY T&T ,FOR 45, out of the 49 years of it’s independence , why , though somewhat flawed, we have one of the most peaceful democracies ,in the entire planet, and Queen K ,was able to inherit such a treasure, two years ago, dispite the typical braying of too many national ingrates , who suddenly wish to take all the credit, while shifting their symbolic carcasses, from the few social ugliness.
    I just love it when these comedians all come out of the wood work folks , and are laying aspersions, left ,right ,and center, pointing fingers , and yet taking no responsibility for the state of our country.

  16. Most of the responses to articles published on the SOE on this website seem to be coming from expatriates who are presenting a foreign view to race relations which has little or no relevance to T&T. The fact is that 78% of those polled in T&T are in support of the State of Emergency and the curfew modifications. This simply means that a hell of a lot of Black people are supporting the SOE, probably because they have to live with the state of crime in T&T.
    It probably means that they are not preoccupied with various theories of race relations, race dynamics and other historical irrelevancies. Their primary concern is safety and restoration of law and order and they do not care “how it go look.”

  17. Well someone has spoken up. When you condition a ppl to a state of war violence and hostile State mechanisms ppl will adapt, thus measure up to the situation on the ground-Hence it took GB many years after its colonial quest be4 it place guns on its patrol cop. This Gov is fast stepping us into a Mexican whirl of violence which will be untenable in the not 2distant future.
    It is true that the Gang Laws are yet 2b used much less explored because this Gov carries a baggage of hate and resentment for all things done under the previous parliament and is undoing everything that doesn’t enable it 2say-What the PNM did was in the interest of the country. I am not and was never with the PNM but I do revere Dr. Eric E Williams as he is T&T, our true founding father whilst I can’t say this for the PP Gang as their founding Fathers objected to Independence and AfroTrinis owning land. I stand to be challenged by any historian from either side of the fence.

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