Christopher Columbus Exposed: HIS-STORY

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
October 24, 2023

Dr. Kwame NantambuAs Americans have already celebrated Columbus Day, this article presents the real Afri-centric truth/analysis in regard to the so-called ‘Discovery’ of the West Indies/ New World by the Euro-centric historical criminal, Christopher Columbus — real name on his Spanish birth certificate is Cristobal Colon from whose surname are historically derived European systems such as Colonialism, Colonizer, Colonized and Colony.

Truth Be Told: The fact of the matter is that 15th century British historians translated his Spanish name Cristobal Colon into the renown Christopher Columbus.

Indeed, for the past five hundred years and counting, HIS-Euro-centric STORY has promulgated the historical misnomer that Columbus ‘discovered’ the New World in the A.D. era. Well, was there an Old World?

Specifically, OUR-Afri-centric STORY categorically/ definitely proves that Africans were in this region, the Americas between 1,000 – 700 B.C. traveling to Mexico in large boats. In fact, the original inhabitants of this region were the Olmecs, Aztecs, Mayas and Incas— non-Europeans. These people built pyramids and 100-ton stone heads.

Historical Fact: On 29 May 1453, Muhammad 11, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire captured Constantinople – capital of eastern Roman Empire. Ergo, the fall of Constantinople closed the old sea route between Europe and the East so that a new route to Asia by sea had to be found/ discovered to meet the demand for Asian commodities such as jewels, spices,silks, drugs, and perfumes.

Columbus therefore set up a master-plan to meet this economic demand. It must be emphazied here that neither Columbus nor the Spanish Crown King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella called his effort ‘voyages’. Instead, they were aptly called “Business Trips”: as part of broader scheme titled “Enterprise of the Indies.”

Ipso facto, Columbus then set out to search for spices so that his fellow Europeans could season their meat. Let it be very, very, very, clear, Columbus already knew that meat needed to be seasoned because he saw Africans seasoning their meat when he studied navigational skills in Guinea in 1484, period and full stop.

Columbus first business trip was called a “Survival Mission” by the Spanish Crown.

To his credit, Columbus had a very successful first business trip —Demand = Supply.

However, things began to change afterwards. Once Columbus realized the enormous resources were located in the places he encountered, his typical euro-centric mind-set immediately set in and now, his primary motive became to christinize, civilize, colonize, and enslave these heathens. It is at this crucial juncture in world history that Euro-centric global mis-education albeit edjumacation did step in and falsely labeled Columbus’ later exploits as “voyages.”

Nevertheless, Columbus’ most significant exploit was his so-called second ‘voyage’ 25 September 1493 – 11 June 1496 in which he took 12 missionaries “to spread the Christian faith to the natives throughout the New World.”

Columbus’So-called voyages:

1. 3 August 1492- 15 March 1493
2. 25 September 1493- 11 june 1496
3. 31 May 1498- December 1500
4. 5 May 1502- November 1504

Disgrace of Columbus: As the correct history of all European supremacist reveals Christopher Columbus is NO different. And this fact rushes to the fore when one examines the reality that along the way Columbus was becoming the typical European slaughter of non-Europeans and this is evidenced in the fact that as a result of the treatment of the Arawak slaves in Hispaniola and the truism that the Spanish Crown felt that “Columbus was becoming too powerful.” Ergo, the Spanish Crown then sent Admiral Francis de Bobadilla to Hispaniola to investigate the matter. After hearing both sides Columbus and the colonists, Admiral Francis de Bobadilla ordered that Columbus “and his two brothers (be put in chains) and sent as prisoners to Spain.”

Christopher Columbus Sunrise -1451; Sunset 20 May 1506.

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is Professor Emeritus Kent State University.