Keep Adversarial Domestic Politics at Home

By Stephen Kangal
August 22, 2022

Stephen KangalI am patently unsettled and indeed very surprised that CCNTV 6 saw it fit to feature and to give The Leader of the Opposition of Guyana Mr Aubrey Norton in its Friday last Morning Edition a window to level false and misleading criticisms against The Administration of Guyanese President Dr Irfan Ali for T&T consumption.

The latter was in POS in the midst of paying an Official State Visit to T&T that included participation in the Agri Investment Forum with the Prime Ministers of Suriname, St Vincent, Barbados and host T&T.

Cheap domestic Opposition adversarial politics must never encroach on the external relations environment of a State where a unified front is expected and indeed has become a practice and protocol in international relations.

I have never witnessed before this break with sensible tradition even though it was a ZOOM TV Hook-up with Georgetown. Mr Aubrey Norton if he had any loyalty to his Guyana homeland should have refused to participate in this interview.

Opposition Leader of Guyana Aubrey Norton on TV6 ME
Opposition Leader of Guyana Aubrey Norton on TV6 ME

TV 6 has set a bad precedent and ought to have known better than to cast a suspect damper on the unfolding of TT/Guyana Relations and achieving Regional Food Security.

Mr Norton (APNU-AFC) appeared to be very narrow in his political outlook and all the false accusations that he levelled against the PPP/Civic were more applicable to the practices and lack of competence of the current Rowley regime including discrimination, divisiveness, political patronage to party members in the disbursement of cash handouts, procurement legislation, politicization of the Public/Police Service and rigged elections.

In fact Vice-President Jagdeo rubbished all of Norton’s false claims in Georgetown.

His TV appearance on ME today was meant to discredit the President HE Mr Irfan Ali while he transacted and developed relations with T&T, Barbados and Suriname to attain the noble target of food security by 2025.

When asked to comment on the Food Security Initiative, Mr Aubrey fumbled and reverted to the discredited, infamous and brutal Burnham era. He had nothing of substance to add except cheap politicking on the multilateral process of Regional Food Security.

Imagine the Opposition Leader of Guyana accusing the Ali regime of politicizing both the Public Service and the Police Service of Guyana when that is the norm here in T&T.

Or did the PNM have a hand in arranging this undiplomatic and indiscreet TV appearance by Mr Norton given its current CCN leverage?

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  1. Mr Kangal. U cannot have your cake any other way. The last time i peeped into Guyana, they were part of the Caribbean Community. What is ironic, is that the same brand of divisional politics in Trinidad, can be seen in the vast muddy low lands of BG. Having gone to bat with the aim of not divulging domestic agendas, any blind person can navigate through your SAFFRON intent. Trinidad and Guyana is being poisoned by everything wrong COLONIALISM. In your DARKNESS Mr Kangal, it is your impression that no LIGHT should be shone on the ILLS of Guyana’ politics, including the effects it has calibrated. Your mind have to be very sick to be living in a DARK captive space.

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