Is this really a pandemic of the unvaccinated?

By Kevin Baldeosingh
November 20, 2021 –

Kevin BaldeosinghIn virtually every statement issued by the Ministry of Health (MoH), the public is assured that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

My question is, how do they know?

If the MoH has been doing contact tracing that proves unjabbed people are the ones infecting others, they haven’t said so.

Instead, it seems that, because the majority of Covid fatalities are among the unvaccinated (or “not fully vaccinated” —the MoH presser team seems unsure which), the inference is that the unjabbed are also the spreaders.

Obviously, this does not necessarily follow, since the Covid shots are now known to reduce deaths but not prevent infections or transmission.
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24 thoughts on “Is this really a pandemic of the unvaccinated?”

  1. I don’t know how to convince stupidity nah. I think a good way to start though is when the statistics are given about fatalities and people in the ICU, instead of giving only that there are so and so many people with co-morbidities, they should give the data on how many people dying or in the ICU are vaccinated or not. Because the data is that more than 95% of the people dying and in the ICU are unvaccinated. People like RamK, who want to emphasize a point, will pick out 1 person dying from Covid who is vaccinated from 100 who are unvaccinated dying from Covid and keep emphasizing it. It’s either stupid or egregious. In the European countries and in America, those who are protesting vaccines, the anti-vaxxers, are either right wing protestors with an agenda or black people with conspiracy theories that are utilizing reverse psychology. In other words, in previous times medical experimentation used black people without any thoughts for their well being to find out about the feasibility of using drugs, they assume it’s the same thing going on, it’s not. There are also genuine religious objectors involved in the battle between science and religion. That is a deeper issue and perhaps needs tomes written about it, both for and against. So I don’t think that issue can be resolved in cursory discussion. If we discount those, we end up with right wing protestors who are fighting a civil war to establish white supremacy against what they perceive as liberal governments. In T&T we are mostly unaware of the politics involved in terms of right wing vs liberal, so we just wander into a civil war not knowing who is fighting who and for what reason. My advice: don’t just look at Fox news, seems like half of T&T looks only at Fox news. Get a perspective. Get out of parochialism. Get more educated. Anti vaxxers have been treated with kid gloves, the riots in Europe are the result of that. What we have there is weak Weimar type states that can’t handle the right wing just like in the Weimar Republic. The result of Weimar was Nazi Germany. That’s what the right wing is aiming at in Europe.

  2. Marcus Parekh, The Telegraph
    Mon, November 22, 2021, 2:35 AM
    Germany’s acting health minister Jens Spahn has issued his strongest warning yet to the country’s vaccine reluctant as Europe’s largest economy desperately tries to avoid another lockdown. “Probably by the end of this winter, as is sometimes cynically said, pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or dead,” Mr Spahn said, blaming “the very contagious delta variant”.

  3. RamK, your political party, the UNC’s puppet team the PDP, has already spoken about the vaccine issue in Tobago. The Mutt and Jeff team of Farley Augustine and Watson Duke have put forward their position. Firstly Duke has advised that the vaccine will kill you, so obviously don’t take it. Farley has rushed to cover up Duke’s statement saying, I think, you never know what he is saying, take the vaccine. That’s how the Mutt and Jeff team operates, one saying one thing, the other the opposite. Like Duke saying he wants independence for Tobago, Farley jumping in and saying he wants “Federalism”, whatever that means. They are just trying to dupe Tobagonians, following their masters in the UNC. So when you see Tobagonians dying from the virus, more than 95% unvaccinated, blame Duke. It’s political, he doesn’t mind Tobagonians die, as long as he could get some political mileage. The PNM position has been crystal clear; they are following the science, the WHO recommendations. Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, get vaccinated. Vaccination is not mandatory, they give you the information, the facts, the data, it’s up to you to get informed and make the right decision. They are not trying to dupe Tobagonians like the UNC and its proxy party the PDP.

    1. The vaccine issue is not static, Birdie.. it keeps changing by the minute… Look at Guadeloupe, it’s too close to home to just ignore… Remember Haiti… anyway.

      France to send special forces to Guadeloupe after looting, arson.

      Earnie and Bert, Abbot and Castillo, anyone can beat this PUPPET SHOW called The Rowley’s PNM. It is sad what ‘allyuh’ turned Dr. Williams’s party into… Shoot, even Parlatuvier/L’Anse Fourmi/Speyside THA candidate Franka Cordner will be … well… let’s see how dat plays out. LoL.

      But Birdie… have you ever seen where Police, Soldiers, so many people that are duty-bound to carry out the Laws of the State are resisting… This is a recipe for … Remember Haiti…

      And Birdie, what Science and WHO recommendations are you speaking of, WHO does not recommend Boosters, 3rd Shots… however allyuh want to call it….. Allyuh faking the people.

      1. Yes RamK, keep up the misinformation, the lies, encourage people to avoid taking the vaccine, tell them like Duke it go kill you, and when you hear that more than 95% of people who are dying from Covid 19 are unvaccinated, make up more lies, give them more misinformation. And when refrigerated trucks are outside the hospitals carting away UNVACCINATED dead people, tell them it’s the government’s fault. And while you are doing that, bad talk the PNM that is trying to get people vaccinated and keep pretending that you are speaking on behalf of black people.

  4. How stupid is this?
    T&’s time to abandon this law. Open the beaches!

    Alone on the beach.
    A man who went to take in the sea breeze at Mayaro on his birthday was arrested by police.

    The man, of Iere Village, Princes Town, was charged with breaching the Public Health Covid-19 regulations, having being found on the beach for recreational purposes and not wearing a face mask.

    RamK, that’s what the scientists were saying all the time, and the facebook PhDs were denying it. Looks like these vaccines are important after all, the more variants develop, the more dangerous the pandemic becomes. But don’t worry, the facebook PhDs will come up with something.

    1. Here Birdie.. try and figure it out.. If the vaccines were that good, It would have protected these vaccinated travelers..

      TT Guardian: Belgium became the first European Union country to announce a case of the variant.

      “We have one case of this variant that is confirmed. It’s someone who came from abroad,” said Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke. “It’s a suspicious variant. We don’t know if it’s a very dangerous variant.”

      Israel, one of the world’s most vaccinated countries, announced Friday that it has also detected the country’s first case of the new variant, in a traveler who returned from Malawi. The traveler and two other suspected cases have been placed in isolation. It said all three are vaccinated but that it is currently looking into their exact vaccination status.

      1. RamK you hear how the hospitals, the scientists, the doctors, the collectors of data, the statisticians, everybody saying how more than 95% of the people dying from Covid are unvaccinated. But they must be lying, ent RamK.

    1. Is this the same country that executed a Nigerian for a 1/2 lb of weed?

      Maybe TT needs to adopt that policy.. then we may get a true picture of who really is dying from Covid in TT..

    1. Here Birdie…

      France postpones vaccine mandate after violent unrest in Martinique and Guadeloupe

      Yuh see Birdie, France knows that they got beaten by a Herbalist (A Bush Doctor, according to Dr. Rowley, as he chuckles) Toussaint Louverture in these very Caribbean Islands (Haiti)… Imagine their Great Napoleon got beaten here… and they can get a beating again… How it go look, Birdie?

      Things are moving at lightning speed.

    RamK you hear what they saying about this new variant “omnicron”. “The WHO suggested omicron could pose greater risks than delta, which is the world’s most prevalent variant and has fueled relentless waves of infection on every continent.” Some of the experts are saying that the variant is as a result of “rich countries’ hoarding of vaccines” and that this “threatens to prolong the pandemic.” The lack of immunization can “speed up spread of the virus, offering more opportunities for it to evolve into a dangerous variant.” They are even blaming vaccine inequity for this problem. “This is one of the consequences of the inequity in vaccine rollouts and why the grabbing of surplus vaccines by richer countries will inevitably rebound on us all at some point,” said Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at Britain’s University of Southampton. He urged Group of 20 leaders “to go beyond vague promises and actually deliver on their commitments to share doses.” This lack of vaccine thing could be real serious.

  7. RamK, “Dutch health authorities announced on Tuesday that they found the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus in cases dating back as long as 11 days, indicating that it was already spreading in western Europe before the first cases were identified in southern Africa.” I think where the variant was incubated would need rigourous scientific investigation to be established. The South African President makes a good point: “South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa said the wider region had been the victim of unfair discrimination…” A foreign ministry statement also said the travel bans were “akin to punishing South Africa for its advanced genomic sequencing and the ability to detect new variants quicker”. “Excellent science should be applauded and not punished,” it said.
    But the point is that the incubation of new variants as facilitated by the uncontrolled spread of the virus, and as the experts are saying get vaccinated to control that. “While world leaders and health experts are urging people to get vaccinated as soon as possible, some countries are struggling to inoculate their populations due to lack of access.”

    1. But, but, but Birdie… Yuh not making any sense…
      You posted this… Not me.

      “First U.S. case of omicron variant is found in California
      The patient, who returned from South Africa last week, had been fully vaccinated and was showing mild symptoms.”

      It is mostly vaccinated people who are carrying this variant…
      I guess now y’all will be making a call for Boosters… When will it end, Birdie?

      Anyway, my issue is really with The PNM’s African Travel Ban.

      The stage is yours… Go.

      TT Express: ‘T&T has implemented travel restrictions, banning travel to T&T non-nationals from eight South African nations.

      No additional travel bans have been announced despite the Omicron variant being been detected in several other countries including the United Kingdom and the United States.

      Deyalsingh said the decision to add any more travel restrictions would be taken if needed, as the situation evolves.’

      1. RamK I know how hard it is to understand this science thing, ent? They are not like these nice conspiracy theories, so sure of their truths. This science thing, they always want to verify this, verify that, collect data here, collect data there. Anyhow the point is that this omicron was first discovered in South Africa, they announced it and governments all over the world, because they want to be safe rather than sorry, banned a number of countries in the South African region. Governments have to protect or be seen as protecting their people. Now the hypothesis had been put forward, early on during the pandemic, that if the virus is widespread and uncontrolled, mutations occur. Scientists have been warning about unvaccinated countries being a breeding ground for mutations and new variants; that is why there has been such a concern about vaccine inequity. Africa is the least vaccinated continent; it has vaccinated only about 6% of its population. So no matter how it may look, there will be a concern about Africa when it comes to controlling Covid 19. “It is mostly vaccinated people who are carrying this variant…” No RamK, false information, if that were the case they would be banning vaccinated people from travelling, wouldn’t they? No RamK, they are only allowing vaccinated people on airplanes. By the way you forgot to include what Fauci said about the case in the same article, “It is another example of the importance not only of vaccination, but also of the booster shot, Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Wednesday at a White House news conference.” You see RamK sooner or later your anti-vaccine theories are going to come up against the globally accepted scientific positions about the virus and the vaccines and you are going to realize that while white right wing antivaxxers have the privilege to do what they want with impunity, they can threaten health workers, government officials, and whoever they want, black people who are following them off the cliff will be dealt with differently. Can you imagine what they will think of a black political leader who says that the Covid 19 vaccines kill people?

        1. What Science, Birdie?
          Like the lady at the train station saying, “I am ‘Fully Vaccinated’, I don’t understand why I must wear a mask?! Go ahead and spin that one, Birdie. Like if I have time to play ‘dolly house’ with yuh, forever.
          You claim that Africa is masking their stats when you are faced with the ‘facts’ there… 6% of the continent is vaccinated, and they are outperforming many places in the world (Some with 90% vaccination rates).. And we have people like you who just want to discount that fact… Anyway…

          News: Fauci says Biden travel ban on African countries should be rolled back ‘as quickly as possible’
 (Morgan Keith) – Yesterday 11:59 PM
          However, the location of its initial detection does not necessarily indicate that the variant originated in South Africa. The country already had a robust surveillance system in place for tracking viral diseases and genetic mutations like HIV, Ebola, and tuberculosis, which put it in a strong position to monitor variants of COVID-19.
          “When we first saw and heard about what was going on in South Africa, we really were blind. We had no idea what was going to happen. And one of the things we wanted to do, which was understandable, was to best as possible protect the American public,” Fauci told Zukerman.-

          Birdie, I think AfroSaxony should be declared a mental health illness… and our constitution (TT) already has provisions to bar people with mental health issues from holding office.
          Look at the video, Birdie… Do you think the PM needs a psychiatric evaluation?

  8. I see the media is highlighting the fact that T&T has been put on a CDC Level 4 travel health notice, and one newspaper is juxtapositioning that fact with another unconnected advisory about crime in the country. Recently, you may remember, the US embassy had to intervene about the politicizing of the issue of crime in the country and its travel advisories. But the THA election is next week and the local media can’t help themselves. So here is some information about what a CDC Level 4 travel health notice means, and I am paraphrasing Suzanne Kelleher in her article from
    A CDC Level 4 travel health notice means that “country is reporting more than 500 new Covid-19 infections per 28 days per 100,000 people”. As of Nov 15, 81 countries around the world are at Level 4 but it is a dynamic thing. Here is a funny thing, if the CDC could add its own country –the United States – the tally would be 82. The US is recording 25 new daily cases per 100,000 over a rolling seven-day average. That translates to around 700 new daily cases per 28 days per 100,000 people well over the CDC’s threshold for Level 4 travel health notice. As I said, it is a dynamic process, countries may be put on the list because of their rising Covid infection trajectory or they may be taken off if they go below the threshold.
    More than 24 European countries are under a Level 4 travel health notice including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany. More than a 20 Caribbean countries carry a level 4 warning, including Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the list goes on and on. So keep cool, what the CDC is saying is to control the uptick of Covid infections to avoid being on the list, and the way that the CDC has recommended to get that done is by getting vaccinated. So what the CDC is saying and has said for long time is – get vaccinated.

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