Sorry, Not Sorry: The Business of Racism in T&T

By A. Hotep
August 15, 2020

No RacismThe Supermarket Association of Trinidad and Tobago (SATT), and by extension the business community, was never interested in addressing racism. Poor working conditions and poor remuneration packages are all part of class and racial discrimination which, at the very least, renders many members of the business community complicit. Now that people are prepared to take action to deal with racism, the business community should not be allowed to set the standard for redress. This was made clear by SATT’s quick backpedalling of its boycott of Ramsaran-branded products after calling on the company to “[seek] the appropriate remedial action in a consistent and satisfactory manner.” Aside from the Ramsaran’s text-book apology and “firing” of the owner’s daughter, how has the company demonstrated appropriate remedial action?

Business owners are attempting to hold the public to ransom: they claim that the public’s boycott of their businesses, for their racist behaviours, will affect the livelihood of workers. Even if businesses lose revenue due to protest action and workers experience initial hardships, efforts to address and redress racism and other social ills, including their work conditions and salaries, would benefit workers in the long-term.

Owners of business should be made to meet with Black groups to discuss financing development in underprivileged communities. There should also be compulsory annual training for staff on equality and diversity, racism, inclusion, mental health, and other issues. Moreover, businesses should pay for counselling for owners, management, and staff when these issues arise. They should also address healing and education by giving employees access to occupational therapy and an effective HR department to address all grievances which occur within and outside the work environment that can affect both workers and companies. These are some of the ways that businesses can demonstrate remedial action beyond hollow apologies and “firings”.

I am also not in support of the Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith’s attempt to quell racist comments online and offline. A while back, he referred to people as cockroaches. He is part of the problem and should be condemned for using such a term to refer to anyone, regardless of how he perceives their conduct. This type of language emboldens the police to abuse their power, especially to commit extrajudicial killings in poor black communities. He should follow his own advice when he called on persons to “tone it down”.

Another senior police officer in the press conference mentioned using the sedition laws to arrest persons who incite hatred. This should not be endorsed nor tolerated. The sedition laws should be repealed; they are backward colonial tools used to stifle efforts to seek change. Dr Tye Salandy adequately addresses this in an article (September 22, 2019), “Sedition and other Nonsensical Colonial Laws“.

We must be mindful of those who were never interested in addressing racism now telling us what they feel is the appropriate redress.

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    1. Discrimination in State Media
      By A. H. Hotep August 26th,1999
      The genesis of this goes way back in our colonial past. The PNM government that led this country to independence never understood the importance of history in bringing people closer together. They, in trying to appease the smaller East Indian community, allowed them limited access to the state media to promote their culture.

      Oh.. How times have changed. What took a Bright, Brave lawyer 24 hours to do, 20 years of The Black Agenda could not or, have not done… It shows the power of social media…
      Real people doing 'Live' … wow…
      Maybe it time to do the TriniCenter Network…

      1. This is the same A. Hotep, who berated and gaslitighted african people for dreading the UNC/PP’s leadership in 2010? A. Hotep is an NJAC joke! It always amazes me, the cognitive dissonance and ignorance of NJAC and characters like A. Hotep, who drape themselves in classical african history and names, but cannot muster the self respect to reject indian racism and dishonest, anti-african narratives. A. Hotep, NJAC, and people like them, live in a fantasy world where indian racism isn’t thousands of years old, but a ‘misunderstanding’ because of colonialism and ‘PNM’ governance. You cannot placate Brahmsn-ists (“Hindus”) with ancient history lessons about the african root of their society. All other nationalistic ethnic groups are self respecting and independent minded, with a strong sense of SOVEREIGNTY.However, the NJACs ,the A. Hoteps and other pseudo ‘black’ nationalists in trinidad especially, want to continuously beg other ethnic groups for love, unity, acceptance….and their daughter’s hand in marriage!!! What a joke!! The truth is that the africanist black nationalist drapes that they don,are superficial, surface level esteem boosters that seek to hide the self loathing underneath and an incapacity to override the conditioning that has them scornful of african featuresand pedastalizing other ethnic groups!

      2. A. Hotep, in 2010, being the N JAC that he is, literally spoke DOWN to african people about jack warner being proof nothing was to be dreaded about UNC/PP’s governance and that,get this…african people are just as racist and shouldn’t fixate on indian racism (paraphrase ). Did he ever speak out between 2010-2015? NO!…eating ah food no doubt, and then after the election…. PRESTO! he’s back with commentary! NJAC’s fantastic delusion is the indian community isn’t racist…it’s the “PNM” their goal is not self respect and psychological, spiritual and economic sovereignty for african people, but trolling for UNC at the foot of their table. I will bet a king’s ransom that their wives don’t look like them.

        1. These days, I usually do not respond to comments that are not founded on some measure of truth. But rather than allow you to distract these discussions by your unfounded allegations, I am putting it on record that I have never been a member of NJAC, and I have never spoken in support of NJAC in the PP alliance. However, I do understand NJAC’s reasons for its former political allegiance and I would not condemn them outright for that. There is more to these issues that any one narrative, and it requires action from people with different perspectives to achieve the common good. Reasoning should facilitate working these things out, but it takes integrity and respect to reason well. I cannot take responsibility for everyone who posts under the name Hotep, and for that reason, I usually use another of my other legal names for international commentaries. I am usually quite active offline, and I share my perspectives on local talk-shows where many Trinidadians and Tobagonians are already familiar with me as Hotep.

  1. There is only one race the human race. All descendants of Noah and his generation. You did not come from an ape or a chimpanzee as taught in schools today under “evolution”.
    So where did racism started. In the heart of Northern Africa when Nimrod built the tower that became the Tower of Babel. There language and ethnic diversity emerged.
    Later the Europeans believe they were superior and sought to engender racial superiority globally. We must stop that…

    1. I would suggest that you research history and try to cultivate a narrative that is founded on facts.

      1. LOL! LOL! omg… I formally apologise and retract my accusation about A. Hotep speaking down to africans about trusting the UNC, because jack warner’s token presence.
        This is the article i incorrectly attributed to A. Hotep, but, the actual author was HERU. I apologize

        The Indo-Afro Political Dynamic

        1. Nothing there said that I was a member of NJAC, but I understand how you could have thought so. The PNM and its supporters were never interested in addressing racism. Back then, the Christian leadership of the PNM was not opening space for a better dialogue. Therefore, removing the PNM from power allowed them the chance to experience the consequences of taking African activists voices for granted. The comments in that article did not give wholehearted support to the UNC or the Partnership but attributed a “somewhat difference” in the partnership due to the presence of Jack Warner. Warner was not just a token presence but was also the chief financier and driver behind its leadership. His presence, primarily, and, to a lesser extent, the presence of NJAC curtailed the extreme elitist and racist voices in the UNC.

          Most PNM supporters have little awareness of the religious and other cultural contexts for the racist behaviours of many Indians — the most extreme of which come from certain Hindu secs. Many PNM supporters are also prone to making racist, anti-Indian and anti-African comments themselves. None of the political parties was/is poised to address these deep-seated concerns.

          It is also foolhardy to totally dismiss the concerns of Indians who want to see reflections of what they look like in leadership. Indians, like Africans, are not homogeneous, so the different viewpoints of all should be considered and challenged when trying to address our social issues.

          1. A, Hotep,
            In my entire lifespan in and out of trinidad, i am yet to meet a single, racist african. I have met many africans, who have prejudices against cultural aspects of indians. However, never have i ever met africans who despised indian GENETICS ..(straight hair and facial features), so much so that they banned their children from inter-marrying wity them or were capable of trying to block, undermine or harm indians as a group. However, indian societies, are infamous for their anti-african racism i.e. a deep seated hatred of african GENETICS (Hair and facial features) and a desire to segregate CHILDREN because of their white-supremist obsession. Racism is not about individual vocalization of prejudice, but about GROUP ACTION based on GENETICS! Indians have a political culture of melding culture and race to cry racism. If an african expresses a feeling of cultural superiority over indian food, dance, music dress, that is NOT RACISM! I will not play the “Both Sides” game, because it is unjust to african people, culture and history. African people are globally the bottom of the white-supremist hierarchy and UNDERNEATH indians as a group based on GENETICS.This fact, along with their religion, gives a superiority complex over africans that inevitably ends up in racism. Africans’, like indians’ reputation, speaks for itself.., globally, africans are known to see all straight hair groups as their superiors, and facilitate their own subjugation. However, indians are INFAMOUSLY RACIST against africans and promote apartheid!

            “Indian racism towards Black people is almost worse than white peoples’ racism” An Interview with Arundhati Roy · Dalit Camera

            South Asian anti-black racism: ‘We don’t marry black people’ – BBC News

            African victims of racism in India share their stories | India | Al Jazeera

            Being African in India: ‘We are seen as demons’ | Racism | Al Jazeera

  2. It has been said that what is in the dark will eventually come to light. The underlying truth was finally written in black and white. While we want to look at Ramsaran’s daughter as “bad”, she was merely openly expressing what she learned in her circles. Some Indians in Trinidad despise non-Indians and will go to any length to try to belittle them – even cheat re the marking of exam papers to maintain their notion of superiority and suggest feeding them filth. “Firing” her and posting letters of apology are a start; they merely put a band-aid on the fresh wound, but are they sufficient to deal with the deeply entrenched beliefs and deep seated despisement that flows from one generation to another? This situation has created a lot of distrust which the SATT is trying to sweep under the rug because it may hurt them financially if a long term boycott is put in place. To the non-Indians, another slap has been firmly administered across your face – it’s time to wake up and do something. Create your own businesses – your roti and doubles may not have the same flavour, but they will be clean. Don’t be so dependent when you are quite capable of producing your own. I am sure that Ms Ramsaran has never missed a day of work – she is just no longer on the payroll of her father’s company (or still there under a different name). Let this not be a shock, but a wake up call to look the truth in the eye and be proactive, not just reactive, in your collective response.

    1. Firstly, who cares if the heiress to a company and it’s fortune works there? That is a deflection! I find it hard to believe she did not learn that hatred from family members since childhood, who blankmen and blankwomen have been enriching them for 70years. The irony is that the drinks that they sell have been appropriated from african culture…’punches’ in the caribbean has always been african.

      1. The other irony is that people from the African culture have allowed the misappropriation of their culture, to some extent, by not using it in beneficial (financially successful) ways. That’s why I said it is time to recognize the ongoing wake up call and make proactive changes.

    2. Time4change,
      It is not that indian society despises all “non-indians” (xenophobia), indian society LOVES &WORSHIPS syrians, chinese, whites etc (literally). It is unmixed african people (dark skin and african facial features), that their vitriol is directed at. India has been a violently white supremist society for 3,000 years and these are RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

      1. I agree fully. It is a shame that we sometimes have to lump everyone under the umbrella of “society”, as you clarified it, because there are positive, accepting individuals as well as negative individuals in all races. Unfortunately, sometimes the core values of “society” over rules everything.

  3. Inconvenient Truth,

    I beg to disagree with you: African people can be racist. They are, however, not usually tagged with racism because they lack the economic power to do harm to other groups of people. While Black people are not usually the propagators of institutional racism, they have learnt the same European ideas about the inferiority of non-whites and often operate with the same implicit biases against others. Further, Africans do make racist comments about Indians and people of other races. Quite often, it is reactionary because many are uninformed about racism, the origin of the White race, and Indians as a non-homogeneous group.

    I believe that anti-Indian rhetoric by Africans in this country is largely a response to their distrust of what is perceived as Indian people’s non-Christian, ‘pagan’ culture (pagan is not really a derogatory term but most do not know that). In this political landscape, distrust is also due to many Africans believing that Indians are inherently against the PNM. Ironically, Africans who are not well-informed are often the same ones who disparage traditional African names and religions.

    It is not my intention to come over as though I am beating up on the main victims of this racist system. But if we are to forge a more equitable society, our narrative should reflect all available truths.

    1. Africans cannot be racist, because they lack economic power? Why don’t they have economic power in the first place?Africans self-loathe and do not like building things exclusively african.Economics has nothing to do with it…why didn’t the PNM use the treasury to exclusively enrich black skinned africans? That is the obvious thing to do for racists in power…and yet they didn’t.The reason africans are not racist tagged as racist is because of the psychology of the white supremist system they have been raised in for 1300 years via 800+ years of light skinned eurasian/mulatto “arabs” , + 500 recent years of european and its decimarion of all who look african and are raised within it! It’s also because of african religious beliefs being egalitarian (christianity, islam traditional beliefs) . The famous 1940’s psychological ‘doll test’ used in the brown vs. board of education case, is irrefutable proof that african people as early as childhood cannot possess the racial self-esteem to be racist! Take a look:

      Doll test – The effects of racism on children

      The other obvious reason, is that those very children in the doll test, have already developed a perverse sense of beauty, that invalidates their group from being considered as the pinnacle of beauty. This rooted childhood sickness manifests itself in who black, african men in particular, see as worthy of dating or marriage. It’s acrippling, embarrassing reality, that specifically the ‘black power’ ‘radicals’ pretend has no significance. Everybody observes this A. Hotep take a look:

      Black men’s love for Indian, mixed & white women – Caribbean Life News

      Why do i have to educate someone with a vlassically african name? This one of my stated pet peeves…black consciousness is about the experiences , heart and soul of black/african folk, and this is mostly lacking in the ‘hotep’ community! How else does one explain the behaviour of NJAC and the contemptuous narratives about africans also being racist? That is why all other ethnic groups in trinidadian/caribbean society, especially indians, are rampant RACE SOLDIERS…all except african. Race-Soldiers masquerading as journalists, academicians, intellectuals, educators etc, but NONE among the self-titled ‘conscious’ folk like NJAC. It’s self-loathing masquerading as ‘principle’ and ‘fairness’…Frantz Fanon knew the african mind well! Sorry, A. Hotep, your constant attack on PNM as a reason for indian-african disunity is ahistorical and downright suspicious. That is the same narrative of NJAC,who have exposed themselves as UNC Tampons! I’m also suspicious of you implying that NJAC and warner had any type of benefit to african people when uncopp reigned 2010-2015, that is ludicrous, the racist abuse was EPICLY RAMPANT and they never (just like Davis abdullah) expressed remorse to african trinidadians. This issue is not about hypothetical possibility of an african racist (agains other ethnic groups), this is about the historical reality, up until present day…Africans as a community, have never been anything other than loving, supportive, and desperate to form communities with and gain acceptance of indians. Any narrative counter to that, is ahistorical, ignorant, dishonest and unjust!

      1. Most of the information on the links that you have shared make sense, but they do not make the case for your stated positions. I also disagree with your interpretation of the doll test as proof that Africans are not racist. What the doll test proved was that African children, from an early age, have inculcated racist White ideas of beauty and acceptability and, as such, are inclined to ape racist White attitudes towards blackness.

        I am not going to engage in a back and forth debate to prove African racism. As I previously stated, many Africans, especially Christian supporters of the PNM, were disparaging Africans who reclaimed African names and wore African clothes, and generally, they were not interested in African educational programmes. PNM, like UNC, has not done much, so far, to alter the education system to assist in raising the awareness of people towards addressing deep-seated racism.

        1. A.Hotep, if we’re talking about africans being racist against other africans that is the only reality that exists. If you are telling me that ANY straight haired/curly haired group are anything BUT BENEFICIARIES of african on african racism, i say HOGWASH! Have you ever lived in other societies? Latin America, europe, africa? I do….All of the theoretical idealism goes away in the face of reality….STRAIGHT HAIR IS KING! If you are an indigenous looking african you will experience LESS VALUE than indians of whatever colour! Go to ANY state in africa and you will see the reality of african ‘racism’… all of the states have indians, arabs, asians and mulattos/other mixed ruling over ‘pnm people’ like GODS AND SUPERIOR BEINGS! It is NOT economics! That is secondary to the fact that the eurasian/mulatto arabs and europeans have driven the social stock value of african genetics to the pount that indigenous african genetics is undervalued as a whole! This is why african women go to the ‘beauty’ salon to purchase the hair shaved from an indian woman’s head to have it woven into her roots, so she could fantasize about being seen as a woman the way indian, white, syrian women are. A.Hotep is your wife a black skinned, african woman? I also have no desire for back and forth, with those less learned than i on the issues discussed. There are many well accomplished african psychologists, such as frantz fanon, amos wilson and frances cress welsing, whose work validates the points i’ve made and that’s enough. African racism…not prejudice…RACISM, (group action) against any group that doesn’t look like them in trinidad is MALICIOUS POLITICAL PROPAGANDA or ignorant COONING by africans seeking acceptance! If you could find a racist african in trinidad’s history, name what racist ACTIONS he and his fellow racist (group action) did? Africans have never racially abused indians (as a group), and if you can factually name one or some they are unsupported anamolies! Name a single african religious, economic, academic social or political group that has excluded indians because their indian! (Anti-African) Racism in indian society emanates from religious,economic, academic,social and political INSTITUTIONS….it’s not random individuals or groups but very DEEP , ORGANIZED ACTIONS based on their prejudices. Not a single church, mosque or school an african can find kinship and shelter for anti-indian racism…it would not be tolerated or accepted…Unlike indian society.Racist language is impotent without ACTION… “most” of the links made sense? cognitive dissonance or ignorance?

          THIS IS RACISM;
          Racism at Torrib Trace Presbyterian School

          Trinidad & Tobago Instiute of Technology: A Racket Exposed

          Probe SEA Results

          Jack Wept

          The Indianization of the Society

    2. Quite true – we NEED to look at all sides of the equation. Another point is that the African Trinis are too fragmented. They do not always come together for the overall common good in the same manner as other races in T’dad. It almost seems as though there has to be a new awakening of – we are Africans, this is our belief system, this is where we ought to go, this is how we will achieve it etc… Most importantly, there has to be serious meaningful dialogue, commitment, and the “every-man-for-himself” mentality must be replaced by togetherness. Young Africans must be empowered to rise up and reshape their society incorporating the guidance, assistance and wisdom of unbiased, more mature folk. Working towards a common good with communal support and encouragement are important.

  4. *Inconvenient Truth Said :However, never have i ever met africans who despised indian GENETICS ..(straight hair and facial features), so much so that they banned their children from inter-marrying wity them or were capable of trying to block, undermine or harm indians as a group.*

    I’m trying to wrap my head around this African Genetic thing… I have come to the conclusion that ‘African’ transcends ‘Genetics’. The Jawara, The Aeta, Paupa, W. Paupa, and the millions of ‘African’ people of the Pacific, are more ‘Genetically’ related to Ms. Ramsaran than the ‘PNM People’ that she wants out of her face. Many of my E. African peeps are indistinguishable (straight hair and all) from many of these ‘UNC Indians’.

    Is it only me alone that’s in this state of confusion? Help..

    1. Ram K,
      The only people that should have to explain the convoluted insanity of racism, are the those who believe and practice it. Howeve, let’s not pretend to know what the racist hierarchy globally recognizes as ‘african’ genetics..the darker your skin the thicker your hair, the wider your node and the thicker your lips!You know what, instead of me articulating a three dimensional reality to you of anti-african racism, why not got to any elite club’s committe or any uber elite social group in T&T or the caribbean. And tally the type of hair texture, facial features and skin tones that you see and correlate them to ethnic groups defined in T&T, caribbean and tell us what you have gathered.

  5. For the record, I am not Corey…

    The Manu-Script of Black Inferiority was created in India by the Hindus..

    “Black skin is impious” (Dasam varnam adharam [Sanskrit]) ****
    – Rigveda, Book 2, Indra 12.4 (2.XXII.4) [ Muir Pt.I, p.43, II, p.284, 323 etc. ] [ Anna. 114 ff ]

    I see they removed that horrible video of Laxmi Orang and her people being attacked on Beltola Road… Lite version here..

  6. RamK…
    Great post!…THOSE tortured souls in that video, back in 1845, heard the british indentureship system was going to take them to far away lands in T&T, and jumped at the chance to sign up and escape that abuse! Generations later in T&T, their mis-leaders like Satnarayan Maharaj, who emulate those torturing their kin in that video, are trying to get us to believe that they were tricked into indentureship and they wanted to stay. However, as sorry as you feel for them, they repurposed the Vedas on the caribbean’s african population. How do you feel knowing that there are now VED-IC schools in T&T?

    India Untouched: Stories of a People Apart

    “Sanctified Racism” MUST WATCH ENTIRE LECTURE!

    1. But the state gave Sat a forum over the airwaves of TT… I can still remember him saying, “It is Ma-Ha-Rajjj”. With the emphasis on ‘Rajjj’ on the taxpayers dime…. at 91.1 fm, Trinidad….. Waxing his BS on unsuspecting minds..
      It is because of these failures by the state we can have Ramsaram dem boldly proclaim their ‘superiority’ today..

      Anyway, it’s amazing the lengths they went thru to access these ‘untouchable’ women..
      They say between 1870-1885, ever single indentured Indian woman was recruited from it..

      1. This speaks to my problem with the PNM, besides the corruption: they left their mostly African supporters unprepared to face racism in its many forms.

        If the government had bothered to listen to what SDMS’ pundits were preaching on the state media, they could have justifiably denied them a broadcast license because they were promoting racism. They gave them ‘free’ reign, paid for with taxpayers’ money, to preach anti-African racism to politically galvanise Indians. Then, they were forced by the courts to grant them a broadcast license and, to add insult to injury, compensate them with taxpayers’ money. In this way, they were also compensated by victims of their racism.

        The PNM was never interested in allowing Africans to learn from African history, and about racism so that they could become better prepared for the challenges they would face. PNM became the protector of White Supremacy.

        Not understanding racism, and having accepted the status quo of colorism, renders most Africans complicit, at best, in anti-African racism.

        Many today are saying that we should have open discussions about race and racism. Why did the PNM government refuse to entertain this dialogue decades ago?

        1. 120% TRUTH

          The only differencce is that ‘PNM’ is the mindset produced @ FATIMA QRC, ST. MARY’S, PRESENTATION,NAPARIMA
          The NAR was horrible, TAPIA & ONR harboured rambachan, tewarie etc. The SDMS is singing from the same bhajan book, as alllllll the other brahman-ist “Hindu” groups….They all read the same VEDAS’ scriptures and the Bhagavad Gita! The same self-loathing, white/indian/arab minded negroes that are in the PNM, have the SAME SOURCE…Elitism cloaked anti-african loathing of premiere schools, neighbourhoods and social groups! The PNM is a deflection and SCAPEGOAT, just as the SDMS and brahman-ism/”Hindu-ism” is for indian racism. Indian racism originates from brahman-ist religious texts and ideology,BUT,over a millinia, it has seeped into indian cultural mindset as a whole. Indian muslims and christians produce mindsets indistinguishable from Satnarayan Maharaj, even though they do not read it in the bible and quo’ran…! This is why the brahman-ist, “Hindu”, and “indian” varna/caste/race hierarchy/system is used interchangeably.Many indians and muslims, traditionally join the PNM out of SELF-INTEREST, not because of an absence of anti-african racist mindset. The brahman-ists have traditionally, even in T&T , tend to demean the converted muslims and christians, so they know to avoid being under their control.

  7. In india to this day, the brahman-ists(“Hindus”) who convert to christianity, do so, more cosmetically than anything else and bring their varna/caste(white supremist/racist) mentality with them in their ‘new’ religion (christianity,islam etc), which becomes hybridized. Now, look at the videos by ram k and myself, and you decide if T&T is different..remember, unlike T&T, brahman-ists(“Hindus”) completely control the state, public servise and armed forces………………YET!

    Laxmi Orang – Voice for identity

    Racism at Torrib Trace Presbyterian School

    Being African in India: ‘We are seen as demons’ | Racism | Al Jazeera

  8. In terms of politics and voting, the Indians who support the PNM are usually Christians and Muslims. Brahmanist Hindus would not support the PNM. They are generally opposed to any type of Black leadership.

    Many Sadhu Indians who came to the Caribbean during indentureship bonded with Africans and they contributed to the development of Rastafari.

    The “Kabir Panthi Movement” was another group in the history of Trinidad and Tobago that preached about the equality of all people and worked against prejudice and intolerance, thereby attempting to undermine the Caste system of Brahmanism. There are other Hindu groups in T&T that do not follow Brahmanism.

    There are also other groups in India that are working to rid themselves of the Caste System. Many of them are Dalit activists who seek solidarity with Pan-African groups.

    In Trinidad and Tobago, some sects of Hinduism that have African members were driven to the fringes by a lack of funding, and by having some of their temples taken over by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS) under the leadership of the deceased Satnarayan Maharaj. For political and financial reasons, he wanted all Hindus to accept Brahmanism, and by extension, his leadership. The PNM government in their quest to appease Indians made the mistake of almost exclusively funding the SDMS which used monies, apart from taking care of its schools, to expand its base and exclude other groups that were not in line with Brahmanist Caste ideology.

    The main fault I have with Indian groups in Trinidad and Tobago that are opposed to Brahmanism and the Caste system is that they do not publicly challenge the SDMS and other Brahmanist groups. Although I understand the fear of speaking against a well-funded dominant group, their silence renders them complicit.

  9. This is the crap that i spoke about…This guy is naming himself A. Hotep, but all he does is peddle ahistorical, romantic fairy-tale versions of trinidad indian-african historical relations. As early as 1869, the keenan report exposed indian racism. Keenan, an irish headmaster, met with the different groups in Trinidad, to find out what was needed by them, to join the british education system . He reported that indians as a group, REFUSED to send their children to be educated in the samd space as african children, which they told him would be “a violation of their SACRED LAWS” The laws they were referring to are MANUSMIRTI (The Laws Of Man), and considered the LEGAL TEXT of brahman-ism. These laws are nothing less than apartheid and are equivalent to christianity’s commandments. Can someone be a Christian and deny that the commandments are the moral core of their faith? There is no good sect vs bad sect in brahmanism, and there is no such thing as a “Hindu”, which is why i always use the inverted commas. The term “Hindu”, was created by invading muslims, who generalized all peoples east of the indus river, hence “hindus”.Brahman-ist nationalists use the term “Hindu”, deliberately to imply that all true/relevant indians follow their religion. The most revered and famous untouchable, Bhimrao Ambedkar, famously addressed these issues in a shelved speech titled “the annhilation of caste”, as he was addressing all the self-proclaimed moderate or left wing brahman-ists(“Hindus”), who claimed to be different, but the RELIGION ITSELF IS BASED ON VARNA/CASTE/RACE SYSTEM, and cannot be ‘rehabillitated’ to non racism. This led ambedkar to rally a movement to PUBLICLY convert 1,000,000 untouchables to BUDDHISM,TO ESCAPE RACISM/CASTE-ISM OPPRESSION IN BRAHMINISM! Are you aware that buddhism, is a social protest movement of the racism in brahman-ism? Do you think the buddha’s african features and dark skin was a coincidence? If only ambedkar had the genius of A. Hotep, to teach him about brahmanism…! Another fact ambedkar researched and publicized, is that to be a brahmanist, one HAS TO BE BORN IN RACE/VARNA/CASTE…Untouchables and african people HAVE NO CASTE, HENCE THE TERM OUT-CASTE! The untouchables are literally designated the colour black and they are treated as sub-human slaves beneath the varna hierarchy. You know what let an actual untouchable explain and rubbish your fantasies.
    Dr. Velu Annamalai Lecture
    See?You do not understand what you are talking about, because you are too busy romanticizing indian-african relations with pseudo intellectual baubble, fed to you by dishonest or ignorant brahman-ists and your blind desire for a race free utopia. The Hare Krishna movement, is NOT BRAHMINISM, and as i explained “Hindu” is about as non-sensical as saying someone is a good-wood-park-ians, with the implication of a single race, religion and culture. In india, as we type, there are self-titled moderate brahmanists, who lie about wanting to end the caste system in an attempt to protect their belief system from criticism from the international community…THEY LIE! e.g. How many years have you hears of the “Hindu” Muslim divide in india? It is an open-secret facade…90%+ “Muslims” and “Christians” in india are former RUNAWAY UNTOUCHABLES! The real reason the problems exist, i.e why the brahman-ists hate “Muslims” is because they know who they are and see them as circumventing brahman-ism’s divine racial/varna/caste hierarchy, when they should be slaves beneath them! Muslim and christian is indian code for untouchable. Ironically, both brahmanists, muslims and christians hide this truth for different reasons from the international community. The same trickery exists in trinidad, where everyone rallies behind sat maharaj, while claiming to be different. Rabindranath Maharaj is a trinidadian brahmin turned christian, who wrote a book titled “Death Of A Guru” in the 70’s, that discusses his former racist beliefs, although he still holds back, he talks about the dishonesty…READ THAT! All of my information comes from multiple, credible sources, not feel good romantic gossip! So….Rastafarians held hands with the sadhus and presto! Rastafarian-ism was born? Steups!Like most africans, you project your Marxist-Leninist abrahamic ideas of unity unto people, who clearly do not share your ideas.Imagine if african men, spent half as much time and energy as they do, begging for unity with other ethnic groups on building up and defending their own.

    1. Perhaps you should share a link to your website to show off how much you think you know about Indian history. You clearly revel in being adversarial and disparaging everyone with whom you disagree. I am not here to engage in a fight to prove intellectual superiority, but you are welcome to do so with whomever else is interested.

      You have not posted anything about India’s history that I am unfamiliar with. This information is freely available online and is worth sharing for those who are unaware. However, your strategy of spewing information without directly responding to points raised is, at the very least, intellectually lazy and at most, deceitful.

      Why participate in discussions if it is not to promote greater understanding on an issue? Is it really worth it to have your discussion points shrouded by your obnoxiousness?

      1. Lol….
        Deceitful? Obnoxious maybe…but, deceitful? Intellectual superiority? Intellectual laziness? Really? I read your article about ‘dialogue’, and how you acquired books on hindi and began translating what was coded on the radio.However, only bhojpouri was spoken among indentureds in the caribbean. Again, that hindi lie has been told for so many years, to claim upper-caste status by sat maharaj et al… even in fiji these lies are told. So how did you translate bhojpouri with a book on hindi? That would be like someone who doesn’t speak english, using a classic english dictionary, to translate jamaican patois by ear! Deceit? Truth is hotep, i’m tired of the weak, treacherous mindset of many african trinidadian men whose loyalties are elsewhere, but insist on speaking for the group with narratives that undermines them. T&T is a racist society, with a varna/caste hierarchy that has phenotypically unmixed africans as the pavement, with ‘mixed’ and indians ontop of them. As a result, all trinidadians, including africans, subscribe and patronize the system. Most of the time, people focus on the legal and economic aspect of this system, but i want to highlight the psychological aspects, or symptoms of this racist eco-system. Whenever there is any dispute in T&T, between africans and indians, whether social, political or economic, everybody, icluding africans rally around and support, make excuses for indians and/ or force blame on african people. The indian community, even though clearly wrong with the racism in government, opposition, private/public institutions, businesses or as individuals against african people, are always treated as victims or at best, ‘partially’ to blame along with the victims…africans. There is this prevailing, ignorant belief, that non-africans and non-indians, are automatically unbiased, fair and fit to be judge, when, in reality, that is the furthest from the truth. “Arabs”, whites, chinese and self-titled ‘mixed’, all show partiality to indians over africans. Observe the elite social groups of T&T, the interracial dating and marriage patterns…it is quite obvious who’s not invited to utopia. Contrary to the romantic, immature NJAC-ian feel good propaganda…on a group to group level, africans have never had the pleasure of genuine allies against racism or colonialism in T&T. Which is why it is so aggravating, when africans turn on their own community’s narratives. Why is it that just, honest criticism of the horrific racism running rampant in indian society, is interpreted as hatred of their race? It’s gaslighting and psychologically abusive.Why do africans always have to jump in to not defend against the racism, but to neutralize the criticism or muddy the waters with elf immolating blame eating ? I am very distrustful of supposed ‘conscioud’ men injecting that “some africans are anti-Indian” narrative. Indian anti-african racism , pre-dates european colonialism and their exodus from india. It is disingenuous to blame african people or the PNM for the disharmony their religious beliefs and culture createsamong african people in Fiji, uganda, kenya, tanzania, south africa, mauritius, guyana U.S., or Canada. The complaints are almost identical…racism!

        1. Inconvenient Truth said: “I read your article about ‘dialogue’, and how you acquired books on hindi and began translating what was coded on the radio.However, only bhojpouri was spoken among indentureds in the caribbean. Again, that hindi lie has been told for so many years, to claim upper-caste status by sat maharaj et al… even in fiji these lies are told. So how did you translate bhojpouri with a book on hindi?”

          This is what I mean by your responses being deceitful at best. It is well-known that Bhojpuri was spoken among indentured Indians. But, how does stating this challenge what I said about what was being shared publicly on the airways in Hindi and the literature that was being used and promoted by Sat and his pundits in T&T? To challenge what I stated back then, you would have to show that my statement was incorrect, and that Sat and his pundits were communicating on the airways in Bhojpuri to spread racism.

          The rest of your response, which is unrelated to what I have stated, misses some important points. Firstly, the ‘White’ community has benefited the most from the PNM, followed by elitist Indians, then PNM politicians and their friends. Most poor Africans in T&T are victims of PNM’s anti-African policies that continue to this day. How does cussing Indians and voting PNM fix this? And, what is your plan for the upliftment of anyone beyond cussing Indians and other Africans who disagree with your approach?

          1. Thank you A Hotep.
            Inconvenient Truth is a firestarter not a builder. He fails to consider the realities which patriots confront on a daily basis. He spews vitriol, hatred and division. He litters the Blog with numerous articles which present ideologies which suit his biased agenda. He is full of hatred and destruction. He is a not a nation builder but a destroyer willing to leave scorched earth behind him.

          2. The heart rendering truth about the PNM and T&T politics that many africans dare not face.

            Now, more than any time period, since the end of apprenticeship, african trinidadian SOCIAL cohesiveness is at an all time low. Selishness, self-loathing and COONING, are seemingly the dominant traits in 2020. The lack of respect and loyalty to the group, are SOCIAL manifestations, of psychological issues like rampant self-loathing among africans that are merely REFLECTED in the PNM. This is why the africans in the UNC and the other african-vote-trap parties , from experience, are MUCH worse than imaginable when in office.If the PNM, and not the breakdown of african community was the problem, both NAR & UNC would have never been unelected thrice. NAR allowed the drug trade, anti-african racism in education, and anti-african, racist immigration to penetrate the state’s apparatus. The UNC IN 1995 Expanded those three aforementioned policies by a wide margin, that african trinidad is yet to recover. The UNCOPP literally stole the last bit of T&T’s oil wealth reserves and enriched the most prolific anti-african racists in the indian community, at the expense of africans.Those africans who try to imply that the PNM , and not africans’ anti-communalism is the SOURCE of the problem, are political agents like NJAC! African people are not presently capable (socially) of creating a new party, so the judases merely cling on to which new, shiny UNC Trojan Horse african-vote-trap is en vogue. If africans want change, they have to change the PNM, from inside, instead of running away towards the molestation and face rubbing bamsee of the brahman-ist, indian party. NJAC, TOP, MSJ, all turned out to be about SELF and NEVER spoke out against the anti-african racist abuse! T&T is already a fixed society and all the parties that spring up are UNC Illusions and supporters!There’s a saying in the U.S., If you can’t ‘make it’ there, you cannot make it anywhere. This is the truism of the PNM, and T&T politics…If africans cannot make it in the PNM , where they dominate…They cannot make it wity other parties in power!

    2. ” Ironically, both brahmanists, muslims and christians hide this truth for different reasons from the international community. The same trickery exists in trinidad, where everyone rallies behind sat maharaj, while claiming to be different.”…. Inconvenient

      That statement is so true. Before retirement, I worked in an environment that brought in many brahmins from India. I had many conversations with them about their culture and history and one of the topics they almost never wanted to discuss was
      that of the dalits or untouchables. They always insist that such
      disparities does not exist (in India). It is true also that in Trinidad some of our notables spend too much time trying to show how much they can “unite” with the Sats of today, while investing no time in educating those with whom they share a common identity. We need to look no further than our own professor.

  10. TMan,

    I do not disagree with most of the information that “Inconvenient Truth” shared. I really wonder if engaging in personal attacks and distortions is the best people can do to share. When posters like “Inconvenient Truth” are not around, the blog easily gets overrun by a racist Indian slant from posters who are themselves very intolerant of views that do not fit their narrow agenda. In these debates, poor conduct seems to be the norm. Having said that, persons can create their own spaces to conduct themselves however they want.

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