Jack is Acting Prime Minister

Acting Prime Minister Jack Warner
Acting Prime Minister Jack Warner
By Clint Chan Tack
July 02, 2010 – newsday.co.tt

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar once again demonstrated her continued trust in Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner when she yesterday selected him over more politically experienced members of her Cabinet to act in her stead while she is out of the country next week.

Making the announcement at the post-Cabinet news conference at the Office of the Prime Minister, St Clair press secretary Garvin Nicholas said Persad-Bissessar leaves Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow to attend the Caricom Heads of Government meeting in Montego Bay, Jamaica from Sunday (July 4) to Wednesday (July 7).

Nicholas said Persad-Bissessar will address the opening of the meeting at the Rosehall Resort and Spa on Sunday in her capacity as “a newly elected head.” The meeting will be her first Caricom leaders meeting since being elected as Prime Minister on May 24. Last month, Guyana President Bharath Jagdeo paid a courtesy call on Persad-Bissessar ahead of the Jamaica meeting to discuss new forms of economic cooperation between both countries.
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Warner to act as PM
Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner is to carry out the duties of Prime Minister of T&T during the absence of Kamla Persad-Bissessar from Sunday to July 12.

No rotation of leaders to act as PM
Arrangements within the People’s Partnership grouping do not mean the Prime Minister will rotate the leaders of the various parties in the PP to act as Prime Minister when she is overseas, PP press secretary Garvin Nicholas said yesterday.

Dookeran should have been chosen–Panday
The appointment of Works Minister Jack Warner to act as Prime Minister, shows who’s really in charge, according to former UNC leader Basdeo Panday.

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  1. I wonder why Dooks, leader of the COP and a leader within the coalition, was not given this honor?? It seems like everything important staying within the UNC ranks….I’m not the least bit surprised though!

  2. dookeran doesn’t want power years ago when he had a chance to lead , he choose central bank. jack mr. fifa knows how to lead and deliver give him chance to fail or succeed.

  3. The wisest woman who ever lived , would refer to this as “playing dead to catch corbeaux alive ,” keeping it realer. The objective is to throw you cats off the hunt into a state of complacency, then wham ,bam , bam, the barbarians are suddenly breaking down the gates , with their laschievious eyes on the national choice socio economic and political spoils.
    Dooks was not given the honor , for the same reason that Dr. Goopesing the neo racist, cry baby , was given the Ministry of Education , as opposed to Health , due to the fact that he would have lack credibility in the eyes of the thousand of folks he was expected to be in charge of,after he proclaimed that Indo Trini were subjected to systematic , phantom genocide, and discrimination ,at the hands of their more robust, animal like Afro Trini counterparts, just because a few of his former students ,were by passed with respect to jobs, in favor of a few Cuban and Nigerian doctors.
    Hopefully our kids , like their desperate parents, can endure these characters for over the next few years, with all their mental faculties in tact.

  4. Mr. Jack and his FIFA have given THE GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA until Monday to withdraw the ban imposed on Nigeria’s football team, The Super Eagles, for their lack of super performance at the World Cup, or else?
    Or else what, Jack? Does FIFA have an army capable of effecting a coup against Mr. Goodluck Johnathan, President of Nigeria? Last time a country was “disciplined” for some reason by an international sporting body, it was South Africa under aparthied, for its racist policies. That ban had some teeth bacause racism is such a heinous situation. Will the other football teams of the world back Jack and Blatter(Jackass and Blubber)?

    FIFA certainly has the funds to hire some French mercenaries to stage a coup and go beat Mr. Johnathan up, they certainly have the money to put a contract out on him for his impertinence, but they would have to have all the other members of the Football Federation on their side.

    The constitutional implications of this situation are interesting. It may well be the petard on which this member of a commonwealth of Nations Government,who has to take action against another Commonwealth Head of State- in a situation that has nothing to do with running a country, but of the power of a government to decide if its funds should be continuously used by eleven “losers” kicking a funny ball around less well than a number of other elevens, hoists himself.

    Now, that is a long sentence, but I know Jack ‘s reading comprehension is good. It is his contempt for heads of state like Mr. Johnathan, a contempt that he shares with Mr. Blatter,that I have a problem with.
    Mr.Johnathan was elected by millions of legitimate Nigerian voters.FIFA is not a democracy.Waiting on Monday. This could start a jihad.

    1. FIFA also behind the French government. What interesting is Jack now have three (3) positions. What even more interesting is that undoubtedly Mr. Warner will take leave to South Africa for the World Cup finals. Will he still be the acting PM then?

  5. Warner’s capable and able—Kamla

    By Richard Lord
    July 03, 2010 – guardian.co.tt

    Works and Transport Minister Jack Warner says questions about the non-appointment of Congress of the People leader and Finance Minister Winston Dookeran to act as Prime Minister should be put to Dookeran and not him. “Ask him, don’t ask me. Keep trying,” Warner added. Warner said that during a question and answer session on the steps of the Hall of Justice yesterday. Warner said he accepted with humility, Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar decision to have him to act while she is out of the country from this weekend to July 12.

    Many people speculated that Dookeran who was the most senior minister in the Cabinet was likely to get the nod over Warner. Warner said because of the acting appointment, he would not be attending the World Cup finals in South Africa next week. Warner said concerns about his ability to carry out the additional responsibilities should be raised with either the Attorney General or the Prime Minister.

    “All I know is whatever they have asked me to do is legit (legitimate) and within the law.” And Prime Minister Persad-Bissessar came out in defence of Warner’s acting appointment yesterday. Speaking with reporters during a news briefing in a Committee Room in the Parliament Building, she said it was not a matter of who wasn’t chosen but who was. She said: “Mr Warner is the chairman of our party. Mr Warner is the man who won the highest number of votes in the country. I think he is capable and well able to act in the position at this time.” (RL)


  6. Correction “Realer”: FIFA is angry at the French Team and their boorish behaviour. They are not issuing ultimatums to Mr. Sarcozy. Europeans treat each other quite differently than they do Africans. Had David Cameron, acting on behalf of Her Majesty, ordered his team of “losers” out of action for two years until they get their act together; would Seth Blatter issue an ultimatum to Her Majesty Elizabeth 11? That is what racism is. Sometimes we commenters seem to feel that the head of state of African or South American countries, are less worthy of respect than Europeans.We gie Europeans their appropriate titles, and refer to others as Chavez, CAstro or Lula D Silva.

  7. Speech by the Acting Prime Minister~~~~~~~






    Brothers and Sisters:

    I must begin by again thanking you for the resounding victory of the People’s Partnership in the General Election on Monday, May 24, 2010.

    Thank you, my brothers and sisters!

    Thank you, Trinidad and Tobago!

    Thank you, very much.

    Now, I want to thank you – in advance – for another resounding victory for the People’s Partnership on July 26, 2010.

    You know the saying, once is never enough.

    For the People’s Partnership, and for all our communities, let us do it again in the Local Government Elections.

    You changed the government of our country on May 24.

    You changed the political landscape and the political history of Trinidad and Tobago on May 24.

    You changed the structure of gender empowerment in our country when you voted on May 24 for the Honourable Kamla Persad-Bissessar to become our country’s first female Prime Minister.

    You gave us a Prime Minister who is a People’s Prime Minister.

    You gave us a Prime Minister with a heart filled with love for all of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

    You gave us a Prime Minister whose political life has been focused on mobilizing the strength in our diversity that can come when we unite as a people, with love and compassion for one another.

    You gave us a Prime Minister who, on her first working day, put on cargo pants, rubber boots and a hard hat and, with a caring heart, braved the flood waters of Caroni to come to terms, close up and personal, with the distress of the thousands of people in our communities who were flooded out when the first rains came; after the long drought of the dying months of the PNM.

    Has anybody ever seen the former Prime Minister in knee-high rubber boots wading through flood waters to visit people in distress in our communities?

    The answer is “No!”

    You ever saw any Prime Minister before the last one wading through flood waters, to visit communities in distress?

    The answer is “No!”

    To borrow the words of De Fosto, our previous Prime Ministers lived in “a palace state of mind”, while the majority of the population had to contend with the real world of taxes, high prices, deadly health services, dilapidated schools and classrooms, suffocating traffic jams, and constant fear that a loved one could be the next victim of violent crime.

    Last night, the nation saw the luxury, the splendour, the opulence, that Patrick Manning created for himself and his wife in that $300 Million imperial palace.

    This past Sunday, you saw our Prime Minister in knee-high boots, leading the way in the Clean-up and Beautify T&T campaign, which she piloted.

    You saw our Prime Minister with infants and their parents in the Beetham on Sunday; as you saw her with parents and their young children in Laventille six weeks ago.

    On the matter of C&B/T&T, Orville London, Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly, and a deputy leader of the PNM, said this week that he did not think Tobago should be part of the Cleanup and Beautify Trinidad and Tobago effort until the Minister for Tobago raised the issue with him a few days late last week.

    That distance from the people is not only a Manning state of mind.

    It is PNM state of mind.

    That is why the nation never heard a single voice in the PNM, at any level, across the board, Keith Rowley included, in protest against the repeated and indefinite suspension of Local Government Elections by the PNM.

    Keith Rowley and every man and women on deck in the Patrick Manning Administration knew exactly what the PNM plan was for Local Government.

    The PNM was bent on dismantling the Regional Corporations and replacing them with Special Purpose Companies run by handpicked insiders on their way to increased wealth.

    All of this would have been with no participation, no input from you, the people, who have been short-changed for long in the delivery of the basic public services to which you are all entitled.

    Think UDECOTT, and you will get the picture the PNM had devised for the Special Purpose Companies to take the place of the regional corporations; complete with Calder Hart as the Local Government Czar.

    In that scenario, local government would have suffered the destruction that we have witnessed at that other PNM project at Guanapo Heights.

    Thankfully, the people would have none of that.

    That is one of the reasons for the country’s rejection of the PNM on May 24…………..and why you must reject them on July 26.

    The PNM has callously consigned our local government institutions to the graveyard.

    In the campaign for the General Election, the Prime Minister gave the nation a categorical undertaking that Local Government Elections would not be postponed under a People’s Partnership Government.

    The leader of the People’s Partnership said what she meant; and as you have seen, she meant what she said:

    Local Government – Back to the People!

    It is up to the people to take back local government after it had been hijacked for so many years by the central PNM government.

    The PNM is a shameless bunch as you know.

    They operate with the mindset that the people of this country all have shallow memories; and that they can fool most of the people all of the time.

    They are as bold-faced, as they are hypocritical.

    They are a bunch of “Pontius Pilates” trying to wash their hands of the crimes the PNM government has committed against the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

    They are all whining like Shaggy:

    “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!”

    Brothers and Sisters:

    After giving wholesale support for the virtual death sentence on local government, PNM candidates and activists will come to you to ask you to vote them into local government office.

    You know what to do when the anti-local government PNM troops approach you.

    Do so: (Villafana cross).

    Yes, when the PNM approach you for your vote after consigning Local Government to the ashes, you know what you have to do.

    Do so: (Villafana cross).

    Do so: (Villafana cross).

    Brothers and Sisters:

    I have to warn you to be as vigilant in the Local Government Elections as you were in the General Elections in May.

    As always, the PNM’s principal election weapons will be deception, division and defamation.

    We have already seen attempts to rewrite history and to pass the buck to Patrick Manning for everything.

    We must not permit that tactic to work.

    In the General Election campaign, the People’s Partnership used Keith Rowley to help bring down the PNM.

    Rowley is now taking comfort in Patrick Manning’s cowardly silence on current issues such as the destruction of his joint project with Juliana Pena at Guanapo Heights.

    One of the factors in Manning’s downfall was his arrogance.

    Keith Rowley and Patrick Manning are equally arrogant.

    Make no mistake about it.

    In Manning and Rowley, you have “Arrogant One” and “Arrogant Two”.

    Manning and Rowley are two sides of the same devalued PNM coin.

    Rowley and all the sitting and defeated PNM parliamentarians and party executives have been saying “Is not me!)

    I say to them, “Don’t try that!”

    They are all collectively liable and responsible for the killing fields and the extravagances of the government that the people rejected on May 24.

    The blame for what the PNM has done to the country cannot fall on one man.

    They all knew what was going down; and they all liked it so.

    They are all still shouting “Great is the PNM!” at the end of any party speech.

    You will never hear us saying “Great is the People’s Partnership.”

    We believe in the declaration “To God be the Glory!”

    We are seeing attempts to sanitise Rowley and present him as a born again politician.

    We see their pathetic attempts to distance themselves from their former leader, former Prime Minister and their former Emperor.

    At the same time, as they have always done, Doctor Rowley and all the other male PNM Members of Parliament are turning up in the House of Representatives wearing their Balisier ties.

    You cannot do all of this and try to distance yourselves from the administration that has raped the treasury and neglected the population.

    That is why when PNM agents approach you over the coming weeks you have to “Do So!” (Villafana cross)

    Rowley only attacked Manning after he was fired from the Cabinet.

    Dr. Rowley was a willing accomplice in the passage the Property Tax.

    The Property Tax was a harsh blow to property owners in every community, in every village, in district, in every town in Trinidad and Tobago.

    The People’s Partnership pledged that we would rescind the killer Property Tax.

    The Property Tax no longer threatens you.

    We promised the widest participation of the people in their government.

    That is why your government has acted so swiftly in giving local government back to the people.

    You have to expect efforts to downplay the importance of the Local Government Elections.

    The PNM will be pushing this head through their various mouthpieces.

    You will see all sorts of commentaries about low voter turnout in local government elections.

    We have to change that.

    We must not take the risk of allowing the PNM to sneak into any local government electoral district through stealth campaigns.

    Let the light of the People’s Partnership so shine that it will be a beacon to everyone 18 years and older will see the need for voting local; as well as voting national.

    Local Government is not just a matter of getting minor roads fixed and clearing drains.

    Local Government is ensuring that the environment is protected and enhanced for the enjoyment of all.

    Local Government is Early Child Care and Education Centres within our communities.

    Local government is the presence of health care facilities within easy reach.

    It should not be necessary for ailing citizens to have to travel to San Fernando and Port of Spain to get vital medication.

    Local Government is the creation of jobs within our communities.

    Local government is the mobilization of creative talent micro and small enterprises within our communities.

    Local government is recreational and leisure facilities for the enjoyment and improved wellness of all in our communities.

    Local government is the fostering of togetherness and kinship within our communities.

    Local government is the establishment of community policing in which the people and the trust each other and assist one another.

    This is vision of the People’s Partnership for Local Government.

    For the People’s Partnership Administration, Local Government is about strong families in strong communities as the critical bedrock for a strong nation.

    All of this is in contrast to the PNM approach of substituting community facilities with large centralized special purposes companies, which only pile hardship on people who have to travel long distances for services that should be just down the road.

    Brothers and Sisters:

    Tomorrow, our beloved Leader and Prime Minister will go forth where no woman from this country has ever gone before.

    She goes to the CARICOM Summit as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and as Chair of the Heads of Government of the Commonwealth.

    I predict that at the CARICOM Summit, the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community will be talking not only about our Prime Minister’s beauty grace, but also about the strength of her intellect, her forthrightness, and her decisiveness.

    Our Prime Minister will bring a welcome wind of change to regional affairs.

    Let us wish or beloved prime Minister ‘God Speed’ on her journey to Jamaica, to Miami after that, and on her journey back home next weekend.

    And let us pledge to our Prime Minister, another resounding People’s Partnership victory on Monday, July 26.

    Do we all so pledge?

    Local Government – Back to the People!

    Local Government – Back to the People!

    Local Government – Back to the People!

    Thank you, my brothers and sisters.

    May God bless you all.

    May God bless our Prime Minister.

    May God bless Our Nation.

  8. Posting speech live from Princess Town!!!






    Brothers and Sisters:

    I must start with greetings from our beloved Leader and esteemed Prime Minister, who attending the CARICOM Summit in Jamaica.

    Our Leader wants you to know that she is with us in spirit tonight.

    Our Prime Minister wants you to know that she expects no less from Princes Town in the Local Government Elections than you delivered in the General Election on My 24.

    And the Leader wants you to know that she will be coming to Princes Town sooner than you think ! ! ! .

    When we came to Princes Town in the General Election, Princes Town delivered Big-Time for the People’s partnership.

    On Monday, May 24, Princes Town voted 14,149 for the UNC against 5,051 for the PNM and in Mayaro the UNC voted 12,846 for the UNC and 7,330 for the PNM

    That is a difference of 10,000 votes and a Two-to-One victory for the UNC over the PNM in Princes Town and a difference of some 5,000 votes over the PNM in Mayaro

    Clifton de Coteau decimated the PNM in the General Election and Winston Gypsy Peters decimated the PNM in Mayaro.

    And tonight here in Princes Town we have declared the candidates for the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation as well as the candidates for the Princes Town Regional Corporation

    What we are saying is that we want an encore in the Local Government elections in both Corporations.

    I want to put Mayaro and Princes Town on warning tonight.

    In the Local Government Elections on July 26, we want People’s Partnership : We want All; For PNM : None.

    Princes Town and Mayaro, are you ready to make it All for the People’s Partnership, None for the PNM?

    Brothers and Sisters:

    I want you to shout it out loud enough so that our Leader can hear you in Montego Bay in Jamaica.

    It’s All for the People’s Partnership in Princes Town and Mayaro – None for the PNM!

    Let our Prime Minister hear it Jamaica one more time.

    All for the People’s Partnership in Princes Town and Mayaro – None for the PNM!

    My Brothers and Sisters:

    As we meet here at the Triangle in Princes Town tonight, the People’s Partnership is hosting ten other Local Government public meetings across Trinidad tonight; right now; simultaneously.

    I have to repeat that.

    As we meet here at the Triangle in Princes Town tonight, the People’s Partnership is hosting ten other Local Government public meetings across Trinidad tonight; right now; simultaneously.

    As we speak other People’s Partnership teams are hosting public meetings in Biche; in Morvant; in La Horquetta; in Blanchiseusse; in Balmain; in Moruga; in Erin; in Chickland; in Cap De Ville; and in Felicity.

    As you can see, we have the country covered.

    The only way to describe this is Shock and Awe for the PNM!

    It was shock and awe for the PNM on May 24.

    Is more Shock and Awe on July 26 for Rowley and the PNM.

    It will be Shock and Awe and Thunder for Keith Rowley and the B team he is leading to guaranteed defeat in the Local Government Elections.

    Rowley wanted leadership of the PNM.

    H wanted it so badly, he was an active agent in the fall of the PNM.

    At the opening event in our Local Government Rally on Friday night at Mid Centre Mall, I predicted what was to be expected from the PNM under Rowley.

    I warned that as the nation knows, the PNM is a shameless bunch.

    I said that the PNM operates with the mindset that the people of this country all have shallow memories; and that the PNM believes that it can fool most of the people all of the time.

    I did not mince words.

    I said that the PNM are as bold-faced, as they are hypocritical.

    And I predicted that, as always, the PNM’s principal election weapons would be deception, division and defamation……….the famous 3Ds

    I made those predictions on Friday night.

    Less than 48 hours later, the PNM leader was behaving precisely as I had predicted.

    I said on Friday that if you saw Patrick Manning as Arrogant One, Keith Rowley is Arrogant Two. [Show digits]

    Dr. Rowley lost no time in demonstrating that he has allowed failure to go to his head.

    The whole nation has seen and heard Keith Rowley condemning the corruption in UDECOTT as being ten times worse than in the Piarco Airport project.

    This same Keith Rowley, the man who worked so hard to help the People’s Partnership bring down the PNM government on the question of corruption, was proclaiming that there is nothing that the PNM ought to be ashamed of.

    Does Keith Rowley really believe that there is nothing that the PNM ought to be ashamed of?

    Is Keith Rowley a man of such vanity and such arrogance that he believes that even the most die-hard PNM supporter agrees with his extraordinary assertion that the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of?

    On the hard evidence that has come to light, to date, and as deemed to be the case by the people of Trinidad and Tobago in their voting decisions on May 24, the last PNM administration was and is the most corrupt government in the history of Trinidad and Tobago; if not in the history of the English speaking Caribbean.

    Keith Rowley says the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of.

    What manner of man is Rowley?

    Are we looking at a clone of Patrick Manning?

    Is there a sudden flight of common sense and integrity and intellectual honesty that afflicts every PNM leader?

    In the front page feature in today’s Guardian, Ken Ali reports that in a scandalous $55 Million package of property deals, the PNM government entered leases on four high priced properties from private interests within the three days immediately before and three days after the General Election on May 24.

    The PNM government rented two of those properties within 72 hours before the General Election.

    PNM agents in the government rented the other two of those properties after the PNM was voted out of office on May 24.

    And Keith Rowley says that the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of.

    What manner of man is Rowley to say that the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of?

    There are hundreds of thousands of square feet of empty office space in the government owned Calder Hart Towers on Edward Street, Richmond Street and Wrightson Road.

    With all that empty space in those multi-billion dollar government buildings, the PNM tied up a $55 Million deal for the rental of properties owned by private interests with PNM connections.

    And Keith Rowley says the PNM has done nothing to be ashamed of.

    You have to ask the question, what manner of man is Keith Rowley to say that the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of.

    Is he, too, in total disconnect from reality.

    Is it simply that now that he sits on Patrick Manning’s Balisier throne, Keith Rowley can see no evil, hear no evil and admit no evil where the PNM is concerned?

    It has come to light in the front page report in yesterday’s Newsday, that two construction companies with connections to the CH Development – which had family ties to Calder Hart’s current wife – secretly received some $2 billion in UDECOTT contracts.

    And Keith Rowley says the PNM has done nothing to be ashamed of.

    You have to ask the question, what manner of man is Keith Rowley to say that the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of.

    You could understand if Keith Rowley has blanked details surrounding his involvement in National Quarries from his memory.

    Keith has reasons to blank his involvement in National Quarries.

    But what you must never accept is the substandard crumbling, shifting, housing that Keith Rowley inflicted on poor people when he was Minister of Housing.

    And Keith Rowley says the PNM has done nothing to be ashamed of.

    You have to ask the question, what manner of man is Keith Rowley to say that the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of.

    I reported to Parliament on Friday on the $50.1 million spent on repairing a ferry that is yet to taxi one passenger between Port of Spain and San Fernando………….and $14 million more is being asked for so as to do additional repairs for which there can be no guarantee.

    And Keith Rowley doesn’t think that the PNM has anything to be ashamed of.

    Four years now the PNM renting a building on Ramsaran St Chaguanas from a party hack at over $100,000 per month . This was intended for the transfer of the Chaguanas court and 4 years later the building does not even have a pencil or an eraser in it and the Chaguanas court is still the same place.

    And Keith Rowley does not think that he and his PNM have anything to be ashamed of………

    I suppose as long as Keith Rowley can keep singing his Shaggy song, “It wasn’t me!” he will keep saying the PNM has nothing to be ashamed of.

    I must tell you, however, that as somebody with Tobago roots, I feel ashamed for Keith Rowley.

    Rowley has no shame, but I feel ashamed for him.

    Brothers and Sisters:

    Rowley supported the PNM’s indefinite suspension of Local Government Elections.

    He was a party to the denial of the democratic right to the burgesses of our City Corporations and our Regional Corporations.

    The PNM plan was to replace the institutions of local government with special purposes state companies, on the UDECOTT model.

    That was the PNM vision for the future of Local Government.

    Keith Rowley was one of the planners.

    Now, they are coming to you to ask you to vote for them.

    You know what you have to do.

    Rowley has done nothing for Local Government.

    He has done nothing for you.

    And he can do even less for you now.

    He is in no position to anything for you or for anybody………..for long long time.

    The sensible thing for voters in the Local Government is to vote for a representative who will work with the government to get things done for your communities.

    Let us work together for:

    * Pipe borne water for all homes
    * Regular garbage collection
    * Safe sidewalks on all streets
    * Clean rivers and drains
    * Protection against flooding
    * Clean streets and neighbourhoods
    * Registered food vendors and handlers

    · New abattoirs and produce and fish and meat markets with high sanitation standards

    * Adequate and advanced road signage
    * Removal of overhanging branches which can short circuit electricity lines
    * Ensure adequate parking in highly urbanized areas
    * Community policing for safe neighbourhoods
    * Community Administrative Centres to reduce the need for travel to access government services
    * Village Festivals that can generate economic benefits through local tourism
    * Removal of derelict vehicles.
    * Special access for differently-abled persons
    * Community centres that can be converted to emergency centres if necessary communities
    * Ensure Members of Parliament have regular community meeting with constituents
    * Regular Town Meetings involving councilors, aldermen, members of Parliament and residents

    · Protection and enhancement of the environment for the enjoyment of all.

    · Early Child Care and Education Centres.

    · Health Care facilities within easy reach.

    · New jobs within our communities.

    · The mobilization of creative talent in micro and small enterprises within our communities.

    · Recreational and leisure facilities for the enjoyment and improved wellness of all in our communities.

    · Togetherness and kinship within our communities.

    · Community policing in which the people and the trust each other and assist one another.

    All of this is only part of the vision of the People’s Partnership for Local Government.

    For the People’s Partnership Administration, Local Government is about fostering strong families in strong communities, as the critical bedrock for a strong nation.

    We will achieve much of this very swiftly when local government and central government work in harmony for the upliftment of our all in our communities.

    It will only happen if you vote even more solidly UNC and COP than you did in the General Election.

    The PNM cannot help to make it happen.

    Rowley is exactly the way Manning has described him, a canine warrior and an obstructionist…………..a wajang

    He will not build bridges.

    He will burn bridges even before he reaches the ravine or the river.

    He cannot build

    He will only destroy…………..he will destroy your hopes, your dreams and your aspirations

    Rowley does not understand the principle of partnership.

    Matter of fact, Keith Rowley does not understand the meaning of principle.

    That’s why he can say that the PNM has done nothing to be ashamed of.

    For this alone, you know what you have to do when Rowley’s agents approach you:

    Do So! [Villafana cross]

    Do So! [Villafana cross]

    Do So! [Villafana cross]

    Brothers and Sisters:

    Even in these early days, it is easy to recognize that Keith Rowley will be one of the best things the People’s Partnership will have going for it.

    Let us make the best of the opportunity by giving the Rowley PNM an even worse thumping than we gave the Patrick PNM.

    Let’s get ready to give them a licking on July 26.

    Let us beat them in Mayaro them.

    Let us beat them in Princes Town.

    Let us beat them everywhere !

    My Brothers and Sisters, I Thank you.

    God Bless you all.

    God Bless and guide our Prime Minister.

    May god bless our nation.

  9. Well it seems to me like a good speech from Mr. Warner we look forward to seeing these corrupt officials place before the courts in Piarco airport style. Mr. Warner keep working for the good of the people. The guilty must be made to pay.

  10. Posting the Acting Prime Minister’s speech

    Speech at Emerald Plaza
    Acting Prime Minister Hon.Jack Warner

    July 9th 2010


    It is a pleasure to see so many of you out here tonight in Tunapuna offering your support once again for another People’s Partnership victory on July 26, 2010. Your presence clearly indicates that you are committed to this partnership; yes, committed to see it work. It is your commitment that will ensure our success and guarantee that we will never fail and it is in this regard I say welcome, not only to you my people but also to the many glued to the airwaves or watching in the comfort of the living rooms on WIN TV.

    The Cause

    Tonight my people, we have gathered to signal to the national community that the People’s Partnership is all about doing the right things and doing the right things right.

    Since 2003, our nation has been deprived on four separate occasions of seeking to elect its leadership at the local government level. With spurious claims of local government reform, the People’s National Movement denied you your right to elect your leaders and through a parliamentary majority forced persons upon you who possessed neither the will nor the imagination to develop our communities in a way that would instill pride in you the citizens.

    Such a wrong was frowned upon by the People’s Partnership. We were no longer prepared to continue to deny you of your right to vote. Democracy must always be of the people, by the people and for the people and to delay your right to vote would not have only been wicked but immoral. You must never forget the wickedness and spite of the PNM and how they tried to usurp your right to choose your own local government leaders.

    This is why, we need to go back to the armoury, take out our weapons and when Rowley and the PNM B-Team comes around with lies to steal your vote “Do So” and tell Rowley like Patrick Manning, he too must go.


    1. The PNM lacks Integrity

    Integrity is defined as doing the right thing even when no one is watching. The question that faces us today is: Where were Rowley and his motley crew when Patrick Manning for the past seven years denied you your right to vote?

    On four occasions they came to the parliament to extend the life of local government. On four occasions they used their numerical supremacy to deny you the people your basic right. For four years Keith Rowley, Alicia Hospedales, Marlene McDonald and Dr. Amery Browne voted to usurp your right to select your local government candidate but now they are coming like wolf in sheep clothing begging for the very vote they denied you?

    Beware my people, for every single time they denied you your vote “Do So” four times and tell them go. This is the time for your voice to be heard; when they come for your vote, you tell them no.

    2. Their leader lacks consistency

    Rowley was a sitting Member of Parliament and Senior Government Minister in the PNM when over 160 promises were made by them and he never called on his government any day to deliver on one. That is hypocrisy.

    Rowley’s last stint in government from 2003 – 2010 lasted for 2556 days and during this period he never called on the PNM to deliver on the 160 promises they made. Why ?

    Where are the Two Renal Dialysis Centres which ought to have been erected Keithos, where are they and could you tell us when you publicly asked Patrick to deliver these?

    Your party promised the erection of 150 new Early Childhood Care and Education Centres (ECCE); promised to commence preparatory works for a further 150 Centres and refurbish existing Early Childhood Care and Education centres (ECCE) centres; Could you tell me whether these promises were kept Keithos?

    The PNM promised a new Port of Spain Port to be constructed along the waterfront at Sea Lots, which ought to be fully operational by the third quarter of 2010. After 2556 days in power Keithos, where is the promised port?

    Where is the promised implementation of the National Parenting Programme to educate young people on the role of parents and the ideals of good parenting? Keithos if you don’t know, you think any in your motley crew could help and tell us when you called on Patrick to keep his promise?

    New sporting facilities were to be constructed in Diego Martin, Sangre Grande, Toco, Point Fortin, San Fernando, Arima and Santa Cruz; these were promised since 2005 and we are still waiting for their delivery today but during your 2556 days in office as both a sitting government Member of Parliament and a Senior Cabinet Minister I did not hear you raise your voice to ask for these. Why Keithos ?

    Those aspiring to be leaders ought to be consistent Dr. Rowley for the people around you to have any measure of integrity. Your lack of consistency in behaviour raises many questions that is why unashamedly I can call upon Tunapuna one more time to “Do So” when the PNM comes around and say no to Rowley and the PNM B Team and without fear or favour let Keith Rowley go.

    3. But Dr. Rowley watch the difference.

    After more than 2556 days in office the PNM has more than 160 broken promises for which to answer, after 49 days in office the People’s Partnership is shining. Let me give you three:

    Local Government Elections in 49 days

    Children’s Neediest Fund established in 49 days

    The oppressive Property Tax my people is no longer a threat to the citizens of this country after 49 days in office

    A Ministry of the People was promised; in 49 days the Partnership delivered

    Why the PNM must go

    My people never forget how the Tunapuna Regional Corporation under a PNM leadership embarrassed the People’s Partnership during the General Elections and locked us out of the Park in St. Joseph when we had our public meeting. Let’s now lock them out of the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation. Vote them out, for this must never happen again

    Curepe is fast becoming the nastiest suburb in our city. Garbage overflowing in the streets, rats infesting the city, stray dogs everywhere and crime forever rampant. Vote them out, the PNM must never be allowed to be a part of government again.

    Flooding, clogged waterways, unkept recreation facilities, poor garbage collection, noticeable increases in mosquitoes and flies yet no response form local government. You need to vote all PNM Councillors out and give the People’s Partnership the opportunity to do better much better.


    I listen to the radio and I hear the many talk shows addressing some statements I have made. That is ok but the truth needs to be told and re-told. For seven years the PNM was in power; a sum total of just over 2556 days; they did nothing for you.

    For over seven years the PNM was in power; during which time they spent more than 300 billion dollars yet they did nothing for you.

    For seven years the PNM was in power; during which time they set up over 15 special purpose companies to undermine the local regional authorities. So money that should have been spent to fix T&T and communities in Tunapuna was placed in Calder Hart hands and you tell me is them people you want to vote for?

    If therefore they offered you no help when they were in power, what sense it makes voting for them since they cannot make any promises, which they can keep for no longer are they in Central Government? Don’t waste your vote. Vote for the People’s Partnership. We can help and we will help. Tell Keith Rowley to go.

    The People’ Partnership believes that nepotism, cronyism, racism or discrimination must go, and we owe it to each other to root it out.

    We believe that the color of one’s skin, sex or heritage does not make someone a better leader,” but rather achievement, which is neither limited to, or determined by, one’s race or politics, but by one’s skills, dedication, commitment and character.” We show you that we can deliver. It is time for us to move on and get rid of our PNM oppressors who have kept us in bondage.

    Since May 24, a weight has been lifted; people have become more courteous and once again our country is starting to believe………….starting to smile. The arrogance of the creeping dictatorship has been replaced by the humility of a new regime. Let us complete the change my people and vote the People’s partnership into government.

    We deserve better roads upon which to drive. We deserve a more consistent removal of solid waste from our communities and a more environmental friendly disposal of our garbage. We need pavements that can meet the ability needs of our children, the elderly and the differently-abled.

    When I say vote for the People’s Partnership, it is because I am angry that these simple things were denied you and what is worse is that the people who voted to deny you your right to change non performers are now coming back to you for your vote.

    Come July 26, 2010, come out in your numbers and vote for the People’s Partnership and let us build a nation together.

  11. How does a young teacher, graduate of Mausica Teachers’ college in the early 1960’s become such a powerful millioniare, almost single handed?Now acouple of others have aso done wellbut they had something going for them, in one case an affiliation with the MAyor of Arima.. CAn his finances stand up to a forensic audit? forget the Jennings guy.I mean a Lindquist type of audit? Perhaps it can,but I watch a number of other “politicians” who have risen to fame and fortune, apparently single handedly, and their hands are dirty. Some launder their money through the church, and some through politics.Until somebody ready to talk, let us wish him well.

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