Congratulations to the New Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar

Prime Minister Elect Kamla Persad-Bissessar

The latest tally is 29 seats to the People’s Partnership and 12 seats to the PNM. The People’s National Movement has officially lost the Election. The Political Leader Patrick Manning has conceded defeat to the People’s Partnership.

Congratulations to the New Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

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  1. KAMALA PERSAD BISSESSAR was born in the Zodiacal sign of Taurus represented by number 6.She is the first woman Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.The parliamentary election was conducted on May 24(2+4=6).Her meteoric rise in politics began from May 24,2009. She has already represented her constituency for the last 15(1+5=6) years.On January 24,2010 she was elected political leader of the United National Congress.
    Her occult number is 58.It may be noted that she has become Prime Minister at the age of 58!
    Number 58 adds up to 4.Number 4 represents her birth number.

  2. Congrats to Kamla Persad-Bissessar and the peoples partnership on their landslide victory and the new government of Trinidad and Tobago good luck and god bless. Out with the PNM and their boldface lies and deceit to the people of this loving country.

    1. Let Me start of by saying Trinidad and Tobago you have once again done it. Also Congrats to Kamla Persad-Bissessar I will hope as our New Pm that you will lookin to the ever long wait time to get a passport In trinidad and tobago I Have never in my life seen a wait time for a passport to be 2 years . Kamla Persad-Bissessar I’m calling on you as our new Pm to fix the mess of our passport at once. And to you god bless you and god bless the twin island of trinidad and tobago.

  3. I do wish the best for the twin Island of T&T . As long as it stay the buisness of T&T and not India or Africa, we were all born in the twin Island let it stay that way. I congratulate you Dame PM good luck and God speed.

  4. I think Kamla should move over racisim.

    The biggest problem of T&T to face with is racism and Kamla is strong enough!

    ccc İnci Siker ccc

  5. Once again I am proud to be in Trini, I know you will do us proud. I have followed your struggles ups and downs. now you are rewarded. god bless you and guide you. you now have an awesome job, you are up to it. A trini in Canada

  6. I’m a Trinbagonian and I must say I am happy that the people finally stood and took their votes seriously. We are a people of different cultures, religions and races that made a united stand and said enough is enough. I hope this new administration learned from the previous administration and don’t get to high and mighty or power struck and forget that they are there to serve every citizen of Trinidad and Tobago in a manner that is beneficial to our prosperity and well-being (physical, financial, & mental). Congratulations to the people and God’s guidance to our new female Prime Minister, make us proud.

  7. Congratulations to you Madame PM, I hope you will strive for equality for all in T&T so we can grow together.

  8. My dear Madam Prime Minister, your predicted victory is an act of God. HE is a just God and HIS work is slow but sure! My PM, you have donated new blood into our long-suffering country and your prayers and tears have fallen on good soil. Do NOT allow the negative influences to make you disenchanted such conduct is also necessary to keep us in check.
    You are surrounded by your colleagues who are also your sisters and brothers within the same family and with a common focus-to take back OUR country from that insane dictator who clearly suffers from delusions of grandeur, and to restore our nation to the paradise it used to be.
    I am a professional living abroad but I’ve started my trek back home so that I can work and volunteer some of my skills to the people of our great nation. I’ll continue to pray for you and your Ministers/families. May God bless and prosper you all.

  9. Congratulation Madam Prime Minister.

    People have great hopes and expectation from you in transforming the economy to TT. Now is the time to develop a dedicated energized Ministerial team who can work effectively and efficiently with out any confrontation to achive the objectives of your party’s menofesto for the well- beings and prosperity of the people and over all development of the economy of TT.

    Good luck


    Mohan S Sudan

  10. I am a former PNM supporter that could’nt deal with the out of touch Manning Admin anymore. I think change is good; Trinidad needed change just like the USA needed change. Good luck to the new Government. Lets hope they keep in touch with, and serve ALL the people and not just those that put them there(thats a dire mistake that a former Government have made in the past). I see this as a healthy democracy. I wish goodluck to Kamla though, its refreshing to see that Trinidadians can show such maturity to not just vote for change but to also elect out first female PM.

    And its about time we have a PM that hails from deep south(Siparia/Penal area).
    Take that inyuh Rookoonkutoongkoong :).
    God Bless Trinidad and Tobago.

  11. To the honorable Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago..CONGRATULATIONS….you deserve this… you are hard working and love people..By putting God First in all that you do …you will find your job much easier…we are so proud of you and your success…remember…God helps us to do what we can….and endure what we must…even in the darkest hour…but more He wants to teach us…that there are no rainbows without stormclouds….and there are no diamonds without heavy pressure and enormous heat////….so hang in there with faith….we love you

  12. Madam Prime Minister, Mrs Kamla Persad-Bissessar, hats off to you and the People’s Partnership, for a victory well earned.

    You have filled me with hope and excitement for the future of my beloved country.
    Never before have I seen any of our former Prime Ministers, in my lifetime, show such genuine compassion, empathy, warmth, concern, humility and sincerity towards the people of this country.

    I pray to God that you will continue to be our strength and our light in these difficult times, and that promises made in your campaign, become more than just words.

    May God bless and guide you always,

  13. Congratulations Kamla, on your remarkable achievement. Your immediate family(Husband and Children)was very supportive and understanding,and you must be very gratefull to them.It was a long, difficult and stressfull road since 1952.04.22,but you showed what courage,patience,commitment,dedication and determination can accomplish.Our dear departed ones must be smiling.However,the really hard work now begins and it will require all your resolve to return this nation to the Paradise it once was.Use the love which you inherited,to bind your team such that they become an efficient,powerfull and cohesive workforce.Govern with honesty,sincerity understanding and equality.All the best to you and the partnership,may Almighty God be with you always.

  14. Contrats to the new female Prime Minister…

    Charlotte, NC

  15. congrats kamla,i wish you good luck,and i hope u do a great job for this country 🙂

  16. Firstly, a hearty welcome to our first female Prime Minister. She is one of intelligence, grace and sincerity and I know she and her dynamic team would make this country proud!
    Congratulations to the People’s Partnership.



  17. Now wait ‘a cotton picking minute,’ it’s either these foreign based Trinis jut got up from a coma , or news is slow in coming to parts of the Canadian Prairies where they resided since 86, and Australian outbacks lands they also stole from my Aboriginal cousins . Listen folks the woman done become PM almost a month now -at lease so it seems.
    Now perhaps Trinis are about to have their own Jamaican Tivole shootout, as our own crooks and bandits , are trying desperately not to go abroad for a trial , as they are at last, extremely excited about their chances in the land of the Hummingbird.
    Now for those of you skeptics who doubted that this “was change we could believe in,” here is ample proof. Eight days ago , not a single Trini would have turned down the chance to be tried in a foreign court , now Queen K is in charge, with her Minister of Legal Affairs, Minister of Justice , and previous no nonsense columnist , now Pit bull AG, and every Tom , Dick , and Bridgelal , are prepared to take their chances with our hang man noose awaiting .
    Now watch out you upstart Bajans , and wet-feet Piranha infested Berbice River Guyanese , who thought you had something on us idiotic Trinis, because you were smart, and truly independent enough to join the Caribbean Court of Appeal, after telling Britannia to kiss your ‘rat-tat-a-tan-tan.’
    Thanks to this new government ,Trinis will no longer be viewed as the typical ,spoil oil rich,stupid , bumbling, gullible fools of the entire Caribbean , for spending 100 million or more per month to house the lofty appeal Courts-to ensure that regional legal respected luminaries daily party like rock stars, around decadent POS-but still yet not a member, because we so enjoy having anachronistic , senile ,old , condescending ,conniving ,and prejudicial British European Law Lords interpret our laws.
    Gridlock is no more , and justice will be served. Sorry Panday, you shall be eating dry smelly , and cockroach infested Burmudez Crix , and oily salted cocoa tea for breakfast and dinner , as you finally serve your time in one of our maximum security prison for your crooked , criminal misdeeds while in power.
    What’s that Mekela, ‘do so ain’t like so?’ Madam K was his right had woman , back then in 95, and is also culpable?
    Too bad , that’s like saying Obama is soft on BP callous oil conglomerates , because he too took campaign finance from their lobbyist while a low end junior Chicago Senator ,and Presidential candidate?
    Listen guyl, don’t you realize that dem Barrackpore chicken thieves , and Carapichima women abusers, are looking for British educated lawyers to defend them as well? Big deal on this score!
    Repeat the ‘BarrackoDrama -com -Madam K’ mantra , again with me , will you? “This is change we can believe in!”
    Listen folks , ‘de man’ , or woman ,who can make me hate ‘dis’ country of mine ,ain’t born yet!’

  18. Congrats to you Kamla,may God guide you. I wish you all the best.Do a greate job for our country,The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. To God be the glory.

  19. Thank you for continuing to make Trinidad and Tobago a beautiful place, where peace and love for each other could once again be what it use to be.I love all the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,trust in God.

  20. So is it Kamla because she ran for office and was elected ,that “make Trinidad and Toabgo a beautiful place,where peace and love for each other could once again be?” Or is it rather the vast array of people that collectively choose to vote for her? These disingenuous gloating characters are so laughable, I tell you. Guess what the implication of Lennox Hyprocrite “I love all the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,trust in God,” is? This would not be the case if his party had lost the election.
    Love country over tribe , and narrow self interest ,my friend. It’s the first step towards ‘nation building,’prudent sustainable development , and efforts aimed at curbing any possible disastrous actions , of lurking ,overzealous ,egomaniacs ,as existing in unmentionable quarters of the globe.

  21. Thank you for continuing to make Trinidad and Tobago a beautiful place, where peace and love for each other could once again be what it use to be.I love all the people of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,trust in God.

  22. The nation of Trinidad and Tobago stand on the cusp of a new dawn. Good leadership could make her safer, cleaner, more progressive.

    It could be done but it will not be easy. Some entrenched behavior and attitudes must be ripped up and overturned.

    It is our fervent hope that the shortly to be installed Prime Minister will preside faithfully, fairly, without ill-will and without favor.


  23. “We succeed in enterprises which demand the positive qualities we possess, but we excel in those which can also make use of our defects.”
    Alexis de Tocqueville


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