7 thoughts on “‘Yes Patrick Loves You’ – PP Ad”

  1. Well Mrs Kamla , You have just lost my vote, for being a member with Mr Jack, I don’t even want to call his full Name. I am so disappointed with what i see on the TV. He for a big man Representing Trinidad and Tobago and tell a Reporter about his Mother. I think u should not be so emoral , any way Mrs Kamla, you were the one that take punishment out of school, look at our children today,and once again you about the make a next mistake with being members with these emoral people,they have a old saying likes attracted likes. So if you are a wicked person you would like wickness. I am really sorry for you an your member.

    1. And Manning has your vote for aligning himself with Calder Hart, right?

      In spite of all the allegations of corruption surrounding Hart, Patrick Manning rabidly defended him. He even fired Rowley in defense of Hart and resorted to calling Rowley names.

      I guess you support Patrick Manning annexed to Calder Hart who corruptly spent OUR money and incurred over 4 billion dollars in cost overruns.

  2. I must say… fantastic ad! Great way of showing the contrast of what PNM says and what they deliver. And I love their motto at the bottom of the screen throughout the entire ad- shows how they REALLY care for us. Play this up on the airwaves for the last 3 days!! Maybe people will finally come to their senses, and realise that THIS is what we’re actually getting with them.

  3. Heru Yes all the way, Mr hart and Mr Manning , what is right and wrong we will soon get to know, but you know some thing The UNC MEMBERS all are rats, please if you are real you would admitted it yourself,let me ask you this question?would you like Mr Jack Warner to call your Mother a Prostitute on National TV, and have a son who Mr Jack is taking from, the footballers of Trinidad and Tobago. Please see the Truth in it’s color, don’t be blind.

    Our children can at lease benefit from Education.

  4. Blacks first go to school and learn to spell “immoral”. You all talk about thieves but who is the biggest thief….. dollar for dollar is UNC… property tax PNM….. no work for our citizen….PNM…. High prices in supermarkets….PNM.. I do not agree with Jack on call people names but as you say align yourself with people who are just like you manning and calder hart thieves they rape…no they not only rape but the bugger the treasury. Taxier…. she have no integrity …. take all clico share holders money so yes Black you are like who you align your self with thieves.

  5. Thank God it’s over, if he was a business man instead of prior PM the entire country would be bankrupt. Good ridiance to BAD RUBBISH.

  6. Use the oil money to fix our homeland, let city workers plant some trees and grass, use the pitch and gravel to fix the roads, higher some engineers to rebuild bridges and sidewalks, buy some paint and garbage cans, get the FBI, Scotland yard, the army on duty till the criminal fill the jail and pick ugarbage for the rest of their natural life, respect the homeowners don’t dump. The madness is OVER.

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