Dr. Browne, you will grow old too

Minister of Social Development Dr. Amery Browne
Minister of Social Development Dr. Amery Browne
Monday, April 26 2010

THE EDITOR: The recent rumblings and overt tumblings in the PNM serve as just testimony to an increasingly alienated Prime Minister, largely divorced from the lives and challenges of the populace. To hear him on the campaign trail speaking of Makandal Daaga as a virtual has-been, whose prominence occurred 40 years ago, comes as no surprise to many regarding his attitude toward nation-builders and freedom-fighters that played a vital role in accentuating liberty in our land.

But it is his Social Services Minister that warrants due criticism in this brief missive. It was with shock and umbrage that the nation heard the learned Dr Browne berating seasoned contributors in our country as he chastised the UNC hierarchy for appointing Dr Suruj Rambachan, Mervyn Assam, Wade Mark and, of all people, activist Verna St Rose!

Our dear Minister’s tirade was filled with the implicit and solid discrimination based on age as he was highly successful in projecting himself as a Government Minister who believes that once someone’s youth has passed, they are of no benefit to the nation!

How dare you, Minister Browne! How dare you wear the label of Social Services Minister when you clearly believe that “old” people cannot contribute to a developing society! Shame on you for attacking valid citizens whose voice echo loud and clear for the voiceless in our society.

One wonders how you can show your face in public again as you will have cause to interface with senior citizens, social activists and the elderly.

And one day, sir, you too will grow old! What should the youth say about you then?

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Browne, you will grow old too”

  1. Without the knowledge of older generations and their wisdom gained from past experiences, there is no future for the youth. These idiots are running around trying to create something new they are forgetting about the past and neglecting anything that reminds them of yesteryear. Little do they know that the over all quality of life was better 40 years ago than it is now. Why don’t these college educated idiots know how to reinvent that? I suppose you can’t if you have never acquired the wisdom from those who came before us.

    1. It is unfortunate indeed, that under the leadership of Prime Minister Manning, that these green and young Ministers
      wade into the intelligent, gifted, hardworking, seasoned older folks as they do. It is really disheartening to see them disrespect these persons through their endless diatribe and at the same time have nothing of substance to offer the people.
      What is instructive is that there will be a 25th May, 2010 and careers will be made and destroyed on some of those political platforms by the stance that some take.
      It reminds me of a bible story where the people preferred to choose a thief over integrity, peace,justice and transparency. Most unfortunate.

  2. Well cousin Curtis , your point might be valid , but I would not go so far as you did ,in exalting past decades ,over today’s ,as been so glorious. We must avoid the possibilities of opening pandoras boxes as it were , by going down those slippery, unsubstantiated road. I do not have the facts and can only depend on the words of a possibly skewed editorial, without the benefit of context. If what it claims is true , then the Minister should be chided for his naivety, and over zealous pro youth,commentary.
    If however as I suspect, he was only attempting to subtly say to new age head change agent guru, Madame Kamla, that one cannot be a serious advocate for change as professed, while at the same time – due to political expediency -choose to embrace , the likes of entrenched political elites ,’with ax to grind,’ such as , Suruj Rambachan, Mervyn Assam, Wade Mark ,and activist Verna St Rose, then this is fair play, and some much wiser than us ,might conclude that he might be on safe grounds.

  3. I will have to think about that for a while Neal. We see a certain attitude everywhere in regards to the past and age as if everything “new” is better just because it is new when clearly it’s not.

  4. WHATS UP WITH WIN TV………………………………

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