Obama Advisor Denied Entry to T&T

PM Patrick Manning and Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar
PNM Patrick Manning vs UNC Kamla Persad-Bissessar
Obama Advisor Deported
AMERICAN citizen Henry Bernard Campbell, who was part of the political strategy team which propelled Barack Obama to the White House, was deported from this country early yesterday morning, hours after arriving at Piarco International Airport from the US.

American strategist for UNC election campaign blocked at airport

Obama man sent back
UNC Political Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says the deportation of Bernie Campbell—the former campaign strategist of Barack Obama—is an international disgrace that will affect diplomatic relations between T&T and the US.

Kamla: Aint no stopping us
She was referring to the deportation of US political strategist Henry Bernard Campbell as an attempt by the PNM to stall the UNCs election campaign. But she said the team is more inspired and filled with greater resolve.

Joseph denies giving order
Rather, Mr Bernard Campbell, a citizen of the United States of America, was denied entry into Trinidad and Tobago in accordance with section 8 (1) (q) of the Immigration Act, Chapter 18: 01. This states: Any person who from information or advice which, in the opinion of the minister is reliable information or advice, is likely to be an undesirable inhabitant of, or visitor to Trinidad and Tobago.

National Security denies deportation order
The statement noted that Campbell was denied entry in accordance with Section 8(1) of the Immigration Act Chapter 18 (01).

US Embassy wants answers
The American Embassy in T&T is concerned about the grounds on which Bernie Campbell, American political consultant was turned around at the Piarco International Airport on Thursday.

…US Embassy seeking answer
The United States Embassy in Port of Spain has requested information from the Government on the deportation of US citizen Bernie Campbell.

Kamla slams PNM for ‘abuse of power’
UNC strategist denied entry into country
Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said last night that American Airlines was fined for flying American strategist Bernie Campbell to Trinidad and Tobago.

Talk about Calder Hart
CRIME, corruption, Calder Hart and the Uff Report are some of the things Prime Minister Patrick Manning should be telling the country during the election campaign, UNC chairman Jack Warner last night told a large crowd at a rally at Cumuto recreation ground, Rochard Douglas Road in Barrackpore.

PNM vs United ‘National’ Charge

Dick-Forde: New Udecott board being screened
Screening of members for a new Udecott board is already in train, according to Housing Minister, Emily Dick-Forde.

Chamber forms Debate Commission
THE Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce yesterday announced the formation of TT Debates Commission whose purpose is to strengthen the local democratic process by staging debates on matters of national importance which are in the public interest so as to better inform the electorate in their political decisions.

More than 400 constables promoted

No Politics in police promotions
National Security Minister Martin Joseph said yesterdays promotion of close to 500 police officers was not an act of “politicking” by the PNM.

TTTI Intl knocks election advertising $$$
STATE spending promoting the work of Government ministries is potentially corrupt, chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Transparency Institute, Victor Hart, argued this week as he called the practice, “unacceptable in a properly functioning democracy.”

Tabaquite: Give us candidate
Ramesh’s supporters stage protest outside Rienzi…

Vasant, Ramesh fight on
As the coalition of opposition forces takes shape, loyalists of two incumbent UNC MPs—Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and Vasant Bharath—have mounted protests to have them contest their respective seats.

COP fund-raising by ‘text, Paypal
CONRAD Aleong, COPs head of fund-raising, is urging supporters to donate to the party using the novel medium of texting by cell-phone, he told Newsday yesterday.

‘No concerns over UNC/COP crowds’
Imbert: I’ll retain my seat again

Horticultural society knocks balisier destruction
As the election campaigning heightens, the red of the Balisier flower can be seen at every PNM campaign stop.

PM: PNM only stable party

Rowley ‘awaiting PNM green light’
PROSPECTIVE Diego Martin West candidate Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday he was awaiting authorisation from the People’s National Movement’s Central Executive about his candidacy.

Rowley does not want to speak
DR KEITH ROWLEY, who has been selected by the PNM screening committee to contest the Diego Martin West seat in the May 24 snap general election, is not desirous of speaking on the front-line during the PNMs general election campaign, sources close to him this week revealed.

Woeful wooing of the voters
Worst of all, however, has been the transparent racial stereotyping, especially from the Peoples National Movement platform, with Diego Martin North-East MP Colm Imbert going so far as to sing lines from chutney songs referring to rum-drinking. Mr Imberts explanation that he was merely stating that the PNM platform had no alcoholics, apart from being beyond his knowledge, was a perfect example of gutter politics.

Campaign degenerating
The General Election campaign to decide which political party will govern and guide Trinidad and Tobago for the next five years appears to be degenerating to an unfortunate low, with candidates particularly on the PNM platforms making inappropriate remarks.

United opposition can win on May 24

Daaga for Laventille West

EBC urges nomination papers from hopefuls

BIR, Customs support Duke

PSAs Duke fights back in resignation row

Single-sex or co-ed schools?

Digicel must pay $80m to TSTT

$90,000 in tickets for illegal use of bus route

23 thoughts on “Obama Advisor Denied Entry to T&T”

  1. It seems as if the selectively outraged observers, and new aged party handlers are getting their knickers and jockstraps twisted , and out of shape all for this simple ,inconsequential, interplay. Some like our Trini/ British /Shakespearian -Naipaul ,might say if asked ,” much ado over nothing,” or as we might say in Trini Lala land , ‘grasping for political milage.’
    Remember when the other nutty Islamist phonies ,were getting their rocks off on us telling some Saudi alleged diplomat ,to get to hell out of here, and show respect for our country’s laws , as we aren’t upstart Jamaican ,or the phony Bajans , but have oil just us the greedy ,Saudi female Human Rights violators?
    Don’t worry Madame K, you will still get your chance to visit the White house and drink tea with Michelle ,if you are somehow was able to touch the winning tape come May 25th, in our 2010 post election developments, once the people are fully persuaded ,to speak in your political favor. Big brother America , is much smarter than some of you neo British elites, also like to believe, and won’t in this case ,turn this into some major diplomatic faux pas- which it ‘ain’t.’
    If and when you get there , just promise to continue PNM , and loud mouth Venezuelan Chavez ,astute economic policy of sending precious oil, and gas resources , to the Global Hegemonic power , so as to ensure that her citizens get it constant supply of cheap energy , and all will- of this you can be assured . National interest ,and such delicate affairs be considered.Remember too the powerful , don’t really admire pushover leaders and Third world countries that are scared to stand up to her. Believe me when I say, that sovereignty matters are big with them . If you doubt me, then ask Israel, her close ally.
    I wish you well. Let’s keep them honest, shall we folks?


  3. I am kind of relieved that this “strategist” was deported. We should wonder if Kamla is making a deal with the devil by allowing this foreigner to be apart of her campaign. What is the United States interest in TNT? Surely it’s not because of the protest during the Summit of The Americas. What exactly is really going on and why would an employee of the current U.S. president be interfering with the political process of TNT? Even if he (Henry Bernard Campbell) isn’t an employee of the Obama Administration, what is his interest in TNT politics?
    Don’t we have enough Americanization of TNT to not have to go out and hire political strategist for our two island nation? Our people are overly entertained with American pop-culture and are now trying to emulate characters from their television shows in styles of dress and personality. Now we are importing strategist with no connection to our country to overthrow the current administration? I may not approve of the things that the PNM has done, but this is unpatriotic and not the way. Everything that we need in this country to elect who we want into office is here and nowhere else.
    What kind of sideways deals are being made to remove Manning? To me this is a setback only because we are aware of the desperation that some would go through to remove the Prime Minister. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Right is right and wrong is wrong. How can or why would an aspiring Prime Minister choose the aid of a foreigner to remover her current Prime Minister rather than use home grown talent and rely on the wisdom of the populace to decide what direction that they want the country to go in?
    In my humble opinion, this should signal red flags and alerts to everyone paying attention to what’s happening in TNT politics. One thing is for certain about the United States and that is that they want an assimilated world to their norms on their terms.
    Thomas Malthus wrote: “Must it not then be acknowledged by an attentive examiner of the histories of mankind, that in every age and in every State in which man has existed, or does now exist that the increase of population is necessarily limited by the means of subsistence? That population does invariably increase when the means of subsistence increase, and that the superior power of population it repressed and the actual population kept equal to the means of subsistence, by misery and vice.” Please interpret that anyway that you want, but for our sake please pay attention to what is happening.

  4. First of all, Mrs Kamla is within her right if she wants a foreign strategist for assistance and as far as I know she did so according to the law. Based on what I read in the newspaper and saw on news, Mr Campbell is a well known strategist and has rendered his assistance to many other countries and was also well within the law to do so here as well. I thought we were supposed to be a democracy.I cant understand this nonsense about him being a ‘threat to national security’. All I see is that Manning feels threatened by him and they did everything within their power to get rid of the man!It’s as simple as that. No one has given a valid explanation yet as to why he was deported and what exactly did he do wrong? That’s all that needs to be answered rather than making all those fancy comments that’s completely off the point.

    1. It doesn’t make you wonder why she would seek the aid of an “advisor” from the United States that as you stated, “has rendered his assistance to many other countries?” What exactly does that mean? Is it that he interferes with Governments and elections from around the world unofficially of course from the United States Government? It’s not off point to question the goals of people who may control the country.
      Maybe it was just a error in decision making on behalf of Kamlas camp or perhaps it is something deeper. The alternative to Prime Minister Manning should not be a bad deal with the United States government.
      Let’s have some transparency here. What is this advisor getting from coming down here to help us “less fortunate” Trinibagonians figure out our political process? Could his compensation be land, money or power or maybe a new military base to keep an eye on Venezuela? We don’t know that, but we do now know that the American government has an interest in our politics and we don’t know why? We know that maybe a spy was sent to assist the opposition and interfere with the peoples thought process. Trinidad and Tobago will never be a Yankee State or official territory. Anything less than that is not worth having them involved in our political process. Kevin accuses me of making fancy comments, but what about the fancy strategy of the campaign that he obviously supports? Trini’s must wake up and think about where this may be headed.
      I have made statements for change and have questioned the PNM and the bad decisions being made, so that when applicable it is only fair that I at least spark conversation and question the merit, direction, and decision process of what might be the party to replace the PNM. I would be less of a person to not do so.

  5. It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, first of all a campaign strategist is a paid contracted position, it is a position which requires certain specific marketing skills and as such it is left up to the campaign to choose the team of strategist whom they wish to hire be they local or international, it has absolutely nothing to do with interfering with the established political institutions in the country to which they are contracted and everything to do with marketing a political party in such a way to make them appear attractive to the electorate. With that said it is beyond my comprehendsion and understanding how a person according to the rule of international law can be deported from a country when they have not been charged with any crime internationally or even suspected of one, or their name do not appear on any terrorism watch list. They are also not accused of incindiary, inflammatory anti-government rhetoric with the purpose of stirring up insurrection during their previous visit so what is the purpose or reason behind this deportation order. It certainly seems to the casual observer that there is a certain level of political high-handedness at work here. The question that I must now ask is “are we a nation that still operates under the rule of law that all Democratically run countries adhere to, or have have now descended onto the slippery slope of dictatorship and or despotism”.

    1. Vaughn- I understand what you are getting at, but I must ask if the position of the campaign strategist is as defined by you, why then would not choose political strategist that represent our national diversity a little more accurately? Why would they not go with homegrown advisors? We need transparency before our ballots are cast because at the end of the day, UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar is still a politician.
      I may not like the approach of the UNC, but it may not have been enough to deter me from change. I just want to know what kind of change I’m getting.

  6. ‘I don’t have to explain’
    NATIONAL Security Minister Martin Joseph yesterday argued that he does not have to explain why he classed American political strategist Bernard Campbell as an “undesirable inhabitant” and thus forced Campbell’s deportation from Trinidad, even as concerns deepened in diplomatic circles over the impact the incident could have on this country’s reputation.

    ‘Traumatised in T&T’
    US consultant detained at Piarco…

    Political consultant Bernie Campbell is still traumatised by his experience in Trinidad and Tobago, says attorney Anand Ramlogan. And former diplomat Reginald Dumas says National Security Minister Martin Joseph must explain why Campbell was denied entry into this country on Thursday night.

    That Campbell soup
    It is simply not enough for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paula Gopee-Scoon to declare that the action was unrelated to the general election.

    Nasty election issue
    Routine processing by Immigration officials of a visitor arriving at Piarco seems hardly capable of becoming a distasteful incident with potential for exploitation by the political opposition.

    Can you feel it?
    THE PNM Government may ironically and unintentionally have done UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar the biggest favour ever by ejecting her American political consultant, judging from her lacklustre showing at two of her most recent political rallies – St Augustine and Fyzabad.

  7. Curtis,
    Campbell who was a key strategist in the election campaign for then US Senator Barack Obama in his push for the US Presidency, worked for the UNC via Ross Advertising.

    While Calder Hart, a citizen of Canada and the former chairman of Udecott, who is the subject of a criminal probe by police, is allowed to go freely and taken through the VIP channels upon his last entry to this island, the political strategist employed by the UNC, Bernie Campbell, a citizen of the US, was denied entry into TT by the Immigration authorities and escorted by security guards back on a flight.

  8. The foreigner assisting the UNC campaign is not the issue.

    The question is: Did the government abuse its power AGAIN?

    The answer is: YES!!

  9. Hi Vaughn , sovereign states are legally justified and free to decide who they want in their country or not, irrespective of how politically stupid the act might seem , or the possible negative ‘blowback’ consequences.We cannot however be selectively outraged / schizophrenic as to when we consider our country to be law abiding because in this case some foreign political operative is involved from Big brother America. Fellow citizens ,Uncle Shah, Rex Lassal, Abu Bakr and his group, former CJ Satnarine Shama ,one time alleged Human Rights guru Ramesh Maharaj, as well as Basdeo Panday, his wife,and other extremely close criminal pals may all have a different opinions.

    PS. Let’s await the criminal outcome of our foreign Canadian C Hart to see if we are really lawless brother I D.

    1. 1990 was the beginning of corruption in Trinidad and Tobago? I guess that we learn something new everyday.

  10. To me it is sketchy to have a foreigner who has worked closely with the government of a foreign country aid in any election concerning TNT. I do not agree with Calder Hart being able to go free either. However, the Calder Hart issue along with a list of other things should be enough to wake voters up without tainting a campaign with so called advisors from the United States with close ties to the U.S. President and others in Washington. Why do you really think that Political consultant Bernie Campbell was in the country? I don’t know, but I would like to know. What other Countries has he interfered with the electoral process?
    How did Kamla meet these people who have no connection to TNT? Who is Ross Advertising? What is Ross Advertising?
    This is an important quote from this article-”
    Some longtime participants in such delegations are concerned that the Ukraine case and a recent incident involving Cameroon could taint the process of promoting democracy.” I am just a guy asking questions and reading information on the internet that’s out there for everyone. What is really going on with Kamla’s camp?
    Did the PNM waste taxpayer money for the Summit of The Americas? I guess it depends on who you ask. The Prime Minister may think so considering that President Obama’s advisors seem to be working to remove the Prime Minister from power.
    One thing is for sure and that is UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar may want to provide an explanation within the coming days about her new team of Advisors including Political consultant Bernie Campbell. Trinidadians need to know what her intentions are before they cast their vote to remove the Prime Minister. The grass always appears to be greener on the other side. Change that we can believe in may not be the change that we want as seen in the United States who by the way has an increasing deficit because of change that the current administration has given Wall Street, but that’s another story.
    This is not political propaganda but rather one guys quest for answers.

  11. Curtis is confused about the function of Campbell or fails to understand how political consulting firms operate. Political consulting firms offer their services to political organizations all over the world. Their function is to provide advice regarding global strategies to improve the campaigns of political organizations. They provide services related to image improvement, communication and various other public relations functions. Their consulting repertoir is considered global and generic, applicable to any jurisdiction.
    This sort of political advice could only improve the politics in T&T, a place where picong and crass,vulgar humour are considered acceptable.
    The PNM is obviously running scared since they have resorted to tactics utilised in undemocratic dictatorships. The pattern of rights violations is crudely emerging from this failed government.The PM stooped to the investigation of pensioner Villafana, who dared to block him from entering his private property.He foolishly revealed the results of his failed investigation in Parliament, failed because the information provided to him on Villafana was incorrect.This PM has developed the arrogant and kinglike habit of trying to investigate and hound anyone who opposes him or criticises his government.Ask Rowley and several other sitting members of Parliament who were denied the opportunity of contesting the election in their various ridings.Ask Panday who was the only person in all of T&T to be charged for not declaring assets whem meny other public servants were also negligent in their declarations.
    The deportation of Mr. Campbell was a disgrace.
    Who’s next? The bloggers and journalist who objectively criticize the PM and his government.
    T&T is fast becoming the “Animal Farm” as Napoleon tolerates Snowball(Rowley) and waits to expell him.The propaganda machine is in place and the Pigs have begun to get rid of the other “animals”.

    1. Tell me why a European Country that has to grow America’s number 1 cash crop indoors with special lights and such has a legal right to do so, but no other country in the world especially those in the Caribbean and South America where that same crop can grow naturally are not allowed to do so? The U.S has spent trillions in the region to prevent such a thing while Amsterdam has gained trillions. Don’t give me any bull about not knowing Campbell’s roll. It’s his role to ensure that a puppet government is installed so that the U.S. can control or influence unofficially without being present. All of this has been done for the economic security of Europe and the United States and for no other reason. Who for example would want to go to Amsterdam if they could enjoy the same crop in the Caribbean or somewhere warm and sunny?
      The plant is just one example and not necessarily applicable for TNT. I’m just saying that we should sometimes look at the big picture when discussing the influence of America on the political process of other countries. Saddam Hussein, Mbutu Sesso Seko, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Charles Taylor, and a countless list of others have been supported by the U.S. government to destabilize governments and regions around the world for the best interest of Europeans and the United States.
      The Prime Minister and the PNM aren’t even close when it comes to being a threat to the serenity of a region as those previously listed are. So why would the United States need to be involved in the political process of TNT?
      Back to the United States number one cash crop (FOR EXAMPLE), the United States is spending an excessive amount of money considering the war in Afghanistan, double digit unemployment, home foreclosures, and economic uncertainty on Wall Street, fighting drug trafficking in the Western Caribbean, Central and South America. They must make sure that the Eastern Caribbean doesn’t open up to such trade.
      It’s just something to think about and another reason why change in TNT must have transparency.

  12. Talk about beating a dead horse with this stupid Campbell story, or is it a donkey similar to that he T-Man probably grew up riding to school during the August holidays, in the bushes of Toco.
    Are we not lucky that these subpar governmental scenarios as laid out by the ‘whiner in chief,’ will all end come May 25th?
    Listen to this guy show his shallowness in thinking ,by implying that Panday must be somehow innocent , due to the fact that low end civil servants were not charged for ALLEGED petty offenses.
    In essence, this joker cannot distinguish between the acts of a Prime Minister, elected by the masses , who could not keep his hands out of the kitty, and underpaid, overworked public servants.
    Here he is trying to let us know he is a recent fan of George Orwell, by quoting ‘Animal Farm,’ a classic work of fiction. Did he forget which of our five past Prime Ministers was a lifetime closet socialist , com Trade Unionist and eventual high end political elite?
    A word of caution to this excitable John Agitation, online comedian cousin,do not place your household items in storage , or send the Canadian top cross country to boarding school as yet . Winning elections are very easy T- man , but as 1986 proved ,working together as a team to run a country , can be extremely challenging. I wish you well.

  13. I am not confused, but highly aware of the capability of the U.S. government to interfere with the electoral process of other nations disguised as business among other things. I was just hinting at that before, but it appears that it has to be spelled out for you. At either rate, we won’t know what kind of back room deals were made until after May 25th.
    Cambell interfered in Ukraine to aid the side that the U.S. (unoficially) wanted to win and the same thing in Cameroon. What other countries has he advised in? I wish they would thorugh us a bone and allow us to specualate his intent a little further.

  14. Campbell returns May 25
    UNITED STATES political strategist Henry Bernard Campbell, who was deported from the Piarco International Airport last Friday, will return to this country on May 25, the day after the General Elections.

    1. Whatever he needs to take care of can be done electronically anyway so his deportation was symbolic at best.

    “Winning elections are very easy T- man , but as 1986 proved ,working together as a team to run a country , can be extremely challenging.”
    Correct, but nevertheless that NAR government lasted a full term and was defeated because they applied some bitter medicine to avoid the complete failure of the country.

  16. T- Man with this response you have now proving to be either mad , or pretending to be some alien creature related to E.T. from Saturn, without any knowledge of the political realities in our country. You just cannot be serious in trying to offer this ridiculous, and paltry explanation, that the real reason for the NAR demise ,was solely linked to tough belly tightening policies that they attempted to implement during the period.
    Listen buddy, if I had my way I would ensure that Panday,and close loyal sidekicks Saudama , and Ramnath ,never get a single dime of a pension , and every bit of their property confiscated , while I deport all three to Haiti, Sudan ,or Afghanistan , for the rest of their life , for punishment they inflicted on our country during that period.
    As a matter of fact, I’ll throw in his and Abu Bakr’s one time lawyer Ramesh aka Human Rights Guru,Chief Whip , and AG into the mix ,for good measure, in hope of preventing this conniving , immoral, creature ,from ever having and impact on the political scene of my country and people ever again. Hopefully , Madame K was better schooled ,on how to hold power, and influence people, as she too, along with any proposed government , would suffer the same fate. Funny how the actions of 1986 , came back to haunt him in 2000/2001. Talk about Machiavelli ,revenge ,and the cold dish, as administered by Robbie,aka ‘Ah we Bouy.’I wish you well.

  17. UNC adviser can come here
    BOWING under pressure over his unexplained decision to use a rarely-used section of the Immigration Act to deny entry to UNC campaign adviser American Bernard Campbell, Minister of National Security Martin Joseph yesterday announced the ministry has cancelled the ban which prevented Campbell from entering the country last week.

    Joseph backs down
    National Security cancels deportation order against Bernard Campbell

    Govt must tell US ‘sorry’
    UNC political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar last night called on Government to issue a formal apology to American political strategist Bernard Campbell, his family and the US government regarding his recent denial of entry into Trinidad and Tobago (TT).

    Ministry cancels order of rejection
    Meanwhile, the release revealed “the facts” regarding Campbell’s denial of entry.

    Something wrong with PM, says Kamla
    Slamming the Patrick Manning administration’s ‘bullying tactics’ and ‘high-handed action’ which saw Campbell’s deportation last Friday, Persad-Bissessar called on Government to state why Campbell was deemed to be an ‘undesirable’.

    Kamla gives minister week to explain action

    Kamla: What made Campbell ‘undesirable’?

    National Security Ministry statement on Bernard Campbell
    The Ministry of National Security wishes to advise that the Rejection Order against United States citizen Mr Harry Bernard Campbell has been cancelled.

    Entry ban fallout
    Unless and until the Minister of National Security can convince us differently the following has to be said. Bernard Campbell was not allowed to enter the country because the PNM was afraid that he would successfully help the UNC coalition win the election on May 24.

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