PM to hold private meeting with Syrian/Lebanese group

PM Patrick ManningPrime Minister Patrick Manning is to hold a private meeting today with members of the Syrian/Lebanese community, TV6 News reported last night.

The meeting will be held at a top businessman’s home in an upscale area in West Trinidad. It has been arranged at Manning’s request, by UDeCOTT’s new chairman, Jearlean John.

Manning requested to meet with the powerful, tight-knit Syrian Lebanese community, whose members control the majority of businesses in Port of Spain and who have been long-standing financiers of the ruling People’s National Movement (PNM).

TV6 reported that the meeting is a direct response to what Manning saw as the very positive response given to Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her team on Tuesday, when she addressed a Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) luncheon.
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Need for business and politics to mix—Kamla March 25, 2010
Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar says there must be a relationship between business and politics in order to bring about change in the country. She was the guest speaker at the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association’s (Doma) quarterly business meeting at the Jaffa Restaurant, Queen’s Park Oval, Port-of-Spain, on Tuesday. Persad-Bissessar was responding to a statement by Doma president Gregory Aboud during his address.

Kamla extends hand to business sector March 24, 2010
Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar yesterday extended a hand to the business community, urging them to partner with her to move the country forward. Persad-Bissessar, feature speaker at the first quarterly meeting of the Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) at the Jaffa Restaurant, Port of Spain, said the business sector was conducting its business affairs amidst all kinds of conditions that negatively impact on them.

15 thoughts on “PM to hold private meeting with Syrian/Lebanese group”

  1. Is Prime Minister Manning going to assure the Syrian/Lebanese community that his drive to stamp out the illegal drug trade was just political rhetoric and they would not be affected?

    Is Manning going to remind them that the owner of the house at Passy Bay, Monos Island, where $700 million in cocaine was seized from the caretaker’s cabin was never investigated for drug trafficking (See: ‘Escape of big fish alarming’) as proof that he is not targeting them?

    Is he going to reassure them that under his rule, if a ‘silly’ cop who does not know the ‘protocol’ for Whites arrests any member of their community then they can expect to be let off the same as Brad Boyce (See: Ruling was Wrong in the Brad Boyce Trial)?

    Is he going to ask them to exercise more control over their media to stop all reports that do not make him look good?

  2. Do not forget that it is not only ‘Whites’ that our ‘silly cops’ must beware of when it comes to investigations and arrest. Didn’t a certain unmentionable former CJ told he COP to take his arresting warrant crew and run, and won’t they advised to leave a certain former Chief Magistrate as he refused to give pertinent evidence that would have sent this Chief Justice, and his big wig political drinking pal away to Carara for a few deserved years ?
    Of course the members of the ‘selectively outraged brigade,’ would not see this as a problem , as it does not fit neatly into their desired destabilization agenda, yes?
    It is always amusing to see how these comedians find it convenient to lay blame at the feet of our dedicated , and hard working police officers, each time we see on display some of the most callous and wanton acs of power abuse across our nation. Our country would get back on it’s on an even keel,the moment we stop allowing fear and intimidation , by ‘coddled racist,’ to be the norm across the length and breath of our land.J
    ust the thought of hearing the baboon-like cries of racial discriminations is enough to send the dominant majority into a frenzy, and that’s a shame.

  3. The controversial issues facing T&T today transcend racial divisions and do not conveniently conform to the traditional race arguments, espoused by the race merchants, like Sat and Cudjoe. A few lost souls like Neal are stuck on reviving old conflicts like the CJ affair and in doing so; they expose their true racial agenda and deep-seated bias, typical of a certain lost generation. The CJ affair, if correctly understood, was one of the first examples of the PM’s desperate attempts to exercise his “absolute” power. He conspired with, guess who, the returned AG, the “fixer” himself, Jeremie, to get rid of the CJ. The plan failed.
    This conspiracy, involving the PM, the AG and the keystone cops of T&T have since rolled along unchecked. Now the proverbial s— has hit the fan and all is being exposed.

  4. Now folks , pay attention to how the big boys of what I’ve appropriately described as “de selectively outraged brigade,” like to view wanton historical acts of social and political abuses, and criminal activities by fellow tribalist across our nation. PNM is certainly terrible , but we should ignore the roles of Energy Minister Errol Mahabir of Japanese garden fame, or Agriculture / Health Minister Kamal Mohammed ADB loans shenanigans ,and debasement of our health service, yes?
    We should pretend pseudo Islamic Bakr ,1990 barbaric City invasion never occurred , even if the only reason why an overdue comprehensive Commission of Enquiry is not pushed by alleged security , and political stewardship pundits , are because of fear as to what can be unearthed as to the complicit actions of business, religious ,and political closet crooks and bandits.
    No T-Man, do not focus on the real roles of Sat Marahaj and Ponzi scheming CEO executives that led to the destruction of the HCU ,to the detriment of thousand of hard working Caroni workers ,because the PNM led government did not offer an Obama styled financial parachute like was given to CLICO ,because they were apparently dumb racist, and stupidly unconcerned about supporters that kept them in power since 1956.
    Of course we should sleep on this Justice Sharma issue , and your reasons again? Is it because he was the CJ , and is above reproach, simply because he was in your estimation lodge-mates with Lincoln’s Inn frat brother Justice Mc Grady of the British Privy Council? Ludicrous! I must warn you characters however ,that the former Chief Magistrate survived the hospital visits in your prestigious Toronto Hospital , but is quite pissed off at his post testimony silence pariah treatment. Since he still has bills to pay , don’t be surprise that he might still be prepared to go public some day soon and spill the beans as to what really transpired ,so as to keep those alleged incompetent Police, and locally trained DPP officials at bay.
    Can someone please let these fools know that “the night can run as much as it wants, but the day would eventually catch up with it.” So said the wisest woman I knew of all times.
    Thanks Granny, it’s one of the reasons I was never be tempted to be a bribe taker , even as a lowly , financially challenged ,short pants Cop on the beat ,across my beautiful land ,several moons ago. On that note,in the interest of justice and country’s image ,are you prepared to lead a fun raising drive to defray medical and legal expenses for the Chief Magistrate? Let me see what my old schoolmate, Senior Council Peterson, has to say about the statue of limitation on re-instituting charges for wasting police time.

  5. Hadeed: Mafia talk an act of prejudice
    Members of the Syrian/Lebanese community yesterday felt reassured that the country would progress under the leadership of Prime Minister Patrick Manning, after their concerns were addressed in a private cottage meeting.

    Third ‘Summit’ Ahead
    Prime Minister Patrick Manning told the Syrian-Lebanese community yesterday that he wanted to hold a World Business Forum next year in Trinidad and Tobago. He said he had not yet got the approval of the Cabinet for this as yet, but if he is able to persuade members of his Cabinet he would like to host it.

  6. What a noble gesture Mr PM ,although some cynics might venture to say that it does not hurt too much financially ,to offer some semblance of reassurance to our patriotic Syrian / Lebanese, and other Arab Muslim business community. In an era where governments are hard-pressed to deliver on jobs, and other domestic needs, and other unmentionable business entities are simply selling off their fixed asset,then cashing out, and running left , right , and center, for distant shores such as Canada, USA, Australia and Britannia, we in Sweet T&T, aka Rainbow Country,must do whatever it takes to keep our wealthy Arab cousins from running back to Beirut Lebanon ,and Damascus Syria, where every day thousands die daily at the hands of Hamas, Hezbollah ,and Israel intertribal terror squads , without sometimes even a bleep in Aljazeera , CNN, BBC, and other established media powerhouses, since the life of a human being in that region no longer holds as much significance , as is the case in our loving neck of the wood, yes?
    Sometimes you do not know if to laugh or cry when you read some of the nonsense that is taking place in our country as concrete gestures of important discourse.
    In the mean time you asked yourself , what about the desperate masses that make up the majority of our population that have been handed peanuts when compared to these carefree tit sucking , greedy,petty bourgeois elites that ensured the neo colonial nepotistic competitors ,on both side of the so called tribal divide ,remain in power?
    The PM and his corporate minions feign concern for a blowback return to R. Lassale and R. Shah’s 1970, or Abu Bakr’s 1990 ,when the desperate masses were manipulated into pointless reactionary non-actions, yet refused to learn from selfish mistakes made prior, nor wish to get to the heart of the events that occurred on both occasions, via an Independent Commission of Enquiry , and most importantly, possess little desire to punish the true culprits involved where warranted, when and if caught- then and now.
    Good try Mr. PM and lofty heads of our selective power elites! The next time a member of your entourage gets a heart attack , do us the favor of burning all prior medical records of the specific subject , and have a blindfold doctor as well as nurses ,enter the operation room, to perform complex life saving operations- that is if you are as stupid as some – but not me – suspects.

  7. The more is heard, the more is understood of the PM’s plan for the small man. In listening to the PM’s address to the faithfull at the special convention, I could’nt help but thought that my past colonial masters could not have given a better speech. While he makes a point of reassuring the Lebanese/Syrian community of their privileged status in our society, he reminded the faithful that it should not be said that he does nothing for the small man. He emphasised his government’s support for CEPEP, MUST and the many ‘gimme’ programmes that is offered to our people and is yet to shine some light as to why he offered no incentives for the small man to elevate from the ranks of the poor to one of enlightenment. His speech emphasised that all we need is the little bi to remain alive and or beg for our daily lives whilst allow more room for growth of the L/S community. Why cant the people who continue to elect him to office be allowed to elvate?

  8. It’s quite amazing to see some ppl coming in here and pointing fingers at a certain class of ppl just becuase they are financially better off than those that would love to REPLACE them. We know why they are always claiming that the drug trade is controlled by “them Syrians” when the DEA has NEVER asked for ANY member of that community. but has taken away quite a few ppl from the UNC heartland to face jail time in Florida. (as in Guyana as well)

  9. You know ,cousin Mike might just be on to something quite valid here.Generally speaking our Syrian, Lebanese and similar ethnic business entities have been more or less working in conformity with our laws , and no major international law enforcement officials have been knocking at our doors seeking to extradite any for leading, or complicit roles with any criminal activities , so why are we beating up on them when they have generally proved themselves to be just as patriotic and caring like the best amongst us?
    I see mike’s point however about the special breeds of country haters unless -they are holding down political power-that unfortunately will do everything feasible to destroy, and distort the image of their country and anyone that dared to stand in their ways economically or politically.
    Thanks cousin Mike for opening our eyes, and bringing us up to speed to the disgusting behaviors of these our alleged loving nationals. So what you are saying Mike is that we should give them notice that we fully comprehend what their end game is irrespective of how well disguised. It we are not mistaken, it is to highjack political power at any cost, then turn the country into a racist discriminatory cesspit or inefficiency , underachievement , corruption , and criminality ,just like Uncle Jagdeo and party did in neighboring South American Guyana, eh?
    Well, there it is fellow Trinis , you have been forewarned and in essence forearmed come snap, or delayed elections. Guess what, you have only one person to thank for it, and this is Mike.
    I wonder how many of our 1.3 million people in this blessed land can still afford to have a computer , much less access to internet services in their homes ,so as to read these useful analysis, and astute observations ?
    That is a different story for another occasion however, so stay tune fellow people for the corporate agents on Sweet T&T 4th Estate media clubs, needs permission to address any thing sensitive , and that’s unfortunate. By the way Easter is here, and we have Caura curry duck river lime , and wild meat beach jam extravaganzas at any of our country’s remaining clean beaches to prepare for, so Mr PM you are still free to give which ever foreigners you desire the contracts to build what ever government projects you wish-at whatever bidding range you find reasonable – including your spiritual, all inclusive religious temple, for who is it that will dare to stop you, now that the bulls eye is firmly fixated on the enemy? Remember folks in the Blacksungod King James Bible it is said , whosoever digit a pit for the lords anointed , shall fall in it themselves . Matthew 19:90. It’s a good day, so love country always.

  10. Fortunately in Canada, Neal we have laws against the hate speech which you posted above. We just succeed in running Anne Coulter out of the country for similar hate propaganda.Keep her in the USA where similar elements are still directing the “N” word to the President and questioning his birthplace. You sound like an ugly American and if the media reports coming out of the USA are accurate , there is no hope for the racists there!You are paranoid. You are fearful that the “breed of country haters” are about to wrestle power away from your favorite prime minister. Unlike you and your lost generation, hiding in some backward and racist American town, obsessed with race because of your posinous environment, the movement in T&T is fresh and forward looking, willing to embrace all without malice.
    You need to remove yourself from the racist, right-wing, fundamentalist jungle in which you live and put your prejudices behind you. Take off your foggy spectacles and begin to view the world in positive technicolour.

  11. Sex starved Ann Coulter would sell a few more of her boring books ,and increase her future appearance speaking fees ,due to this unwarranted publicity stunt , she and her fellow Conservative desired as it allowed them a chance to steal some of Uncle O’s Health care victorious thunder.
    Some day when I have the time I would try and educate fellow nationals not only as to what is “hate speech,” but genocide, racial discrimination, terrorism , and the vast array of foolish labels they are tempted to level at others ,believing that it would serve them some good in the long run.
    Perhaps I am missing something , for where is that fresh all embracing movement being referred to here , capable of winning an election?
    Ok then,let me also make a note to give lessons as to what tolerance ,or inclusion of others entails , and how a party out of political power ,goes about regaining the confidence , and trust of the people who have supported them in the past repeatedly,and to what end ? Refugee status claims , Abu Bakr , and arrogant commentaries such as ‘this is our time,’ left a bitter taste in the mouths of our voters, even up to today.They are tired , of change talks without meaningful actions.

  12. Neal, for an apparent intelligent fella, you are starting to come across on this website as quite uninformed. I fully understand your blind tribal loyalty to the PNM, but I am confused by your unwavering commitment to your supreme leader Patrick Manning. It seems that you are some kind of agent, anointed by Patos himself to spread propaganda .What more does this destabillizer has to do to arouse your patriotic objection?
    He started out his second term in office by making false allegations against the CJ for raising questions about corrupt practices. He constructs a mansion with 3 million dollar drapes. He praises Calder Hart, enough said. He gives state lands to his prophetess. He accuses the Media of being drug trafficers.He appoints his unelected wife as a cabinet minister. He blocked the promotions of three civil servants and loses the court proceedings related to all three. He fast tracked a radio license for a PNM activist. He allowed the cabinet to mislead the Court of Appeal on the rejected Maha Saba application for a radio license.
    I could continue, but having provided more than adequate evidence, I rest my case.

  13. It often said that “The fool thinks he has won a battle when he bullies with harsh speech,
    but knowing how to be forbearing alone makes one victorious.”
    Samyutta Nikaya I, 163

    I’ll take the cue, and end this futile debate with our Canadian prince T-Man ,as to which ethnic clan ,led by their respective leaders did more to ‘muck up,’ the socio- economic -com political, state of affairs in our land since 1962 when Massa decided, we were then capable of of being in charge ourselves, or which through support of senseless policies , essentially mortgaged our nation’s children’s future , while simultaneously doing every thing possible to ensure that their immediate families, and close pals thrived unabated.
    In the mean time ,Venezuela our oil and natural gas rich cousins , are busy signing lucrative deals with Russia ,in addition to building useful partnership with Iran and using its vast resources to strengthen itself politically ,with thoughts of pushing nuclear energy as an alternative energy option , in keeping with the tenets of globally recognized international laws ,while Trinidad remains a fourth class player , parallel to Haiti, or other backward Caribbean nations such as Jamaica , and even ‘racially tolerant,’ Guyana.
    There is hope for the future however,for Auntie Kamla , to the tune of gyrating dancers , and Tassa drums ,just received the keys to some city in hanging Chad Florida, where 70 % of black folks cannot vote.,118442.html

    Now let’s see if she can have the courage to visit any neglected areas in John John , Morvant , Carenage , Lavantille, Beetham or some place sixty miles north or south of Siparia.
    But hey, in the words of the wise one , “wonders never cease.”

  14. Is it not ironic that the acerbic czar of ciberspace, the indefatigable Neal of posionous pen fame,is now accusing others of “bullying”?
    For someone who continually spews biting critical remarks to all and sundry, I am not surprised to witness your self-pitying promise to withdraw. It is what bullies do when confronted.

  15. What a boring , infantile charade that this T-Man is trying to engage me in. He dismissed me as a borderline intelligent , uninformed fool, then cringe when I deliberately return the favor in kind as to his stupidity, or poke a few holes into the so called lofty image of his exalted heroes.
    That’s the problem with these characters from the ‘me/me, geme/geme,dog-with-a-bone, and selfish crowd.’ Look at ‘dem,’ selectively outraged over inconsequential nonsense while locked away in what they perceive to be a more safe foreign , or domestic fiefdoms.
    Likewise, they choose to do everything possible to debase, and denigrate ‘chocolate folks,’ of the ‘big butt, kinky hair species’, including dismissing their sterling contributions to the development of this country.
    They’ll unhesitatingly attack their leaders ,no matter how stellar , but would do a break neck flip to defend others whose fore parents volunteered to come to this land, to replace those that were kicked off with no compensation , once they became expendable economic burdens.
    I’ve warned them before , and will take this opportunity to do it again ,please “beware of a man with nothing to loose.” History is replete with the bones and carcasses of millions who thought they could do otherwise.
    Love country.

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